Star: George Clooney enabled the sexy reunion of Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston

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This story is so dumb, but let’s get into it because why not? Star Magazine’s cover story this week was inevitable: Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt’s secret hookups. The new element here is that George Clooney is the one who encouraged them to reconnect because George hated Angelina Jolie because Jolie banned Brad and George from hanging out.

Sources say George Clooney is not only back in Brad’s orbit, but he’s been playing matchmaker for his old pal by setting him up with his first ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston!

“They’ve been secretly getting together for late-night hookups and it’s all because of George,” a pal tells Star. “George was the first person to call him when his marriage to Angie imploded. After Jen and Justin announced their split, he encouraged Brad to reach out and give their relationship another chance.” Apparently, George had been “thinking about trying to reunite Brad and Jen ever since he heard her marriage was in serious trouble.”

George engineered the exes’ first undercover rendezvous on March 3, when he and Brad attended a private pre-Oscar party in Beverly Hills. “The plan was to head over to Jen’s place afterward for a nightcap, but of course George would just drop Brad off,” spills the source, adding that Aniston was so excited that she lent George her bodyguard for the evening so he could drive the duo to her Bel Air mansion: “Jen really wanted this to happen!”

Despite the years apart, “their evening together was very relaxed and lowkey,” tattles the tipster. Jen and Brad “reminisced about the past and had a lot of laughs. It seemed just like old times, only better. Brad doesn’t regret marrying Angie, and Jen doesn’t regret marrying Justin, but they both realized they had a good thing when they were together – and still do.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Sources go on to say that Brad left Jennifer initially because of her ambivalence about having children, and now that he has six kids with Angelina, he “may start to see his first love as his soulmate once again.” Wait, Jennifer was his first love? What about his “angel” Gwyneth? What about Juliette Lewis? As for this story… I follow gossip about The Artists Formerly Known As Brangelina quite closely. I honestly don’t know how Brad spends his time for the most part. I want to believe he would not backslide but I really and truly do not know. I know for a fact that Jennifer is a backslider though: her thing with John Mayer proved that. Also: I don’t think Clooney really gives a sh-t who Brad is sleeping with.

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  1. Mary says:

    Fake news

    • Rachel in August says:

      Almost pathetic what they try to cash in on, isn’t it? lol

      • Go Figure! says:

        Don’t know what in the world her PR people are doing, but this needs to stop. It makes her look desperate and pathetic. Have people forgotten she “lived with” Justin for a period of seven years? Cause I, for one, don’t believe they ever married.

      • Jayna says:

        @Go Figure, it’s freakin’ Star Magazine. You believe her people are behind this story? LOL It’s made up. I guess there really are people that believe Star Magazine and buy it? I always refuse to believe anyone is that gullible.

      • Rachel in August says:

        @ Jayna … people ARE that gullible, and that’s why tabloids sell.

    • Esmerelda says:

      Fanfiction, with the nice twist of “George the matchmaking Mary Sue”… it’s good for a laugh, admittedly. 😉

    • LetItGoo_ says:

      This is fake news on steroids. Lol
      Funny, I’d always heard Clooney couldn’t stand Aniston and considered her a phoney flake, ever since he exec produced a movie she starred in 2005’s ‘Rumor Has It,’ and saw writer/dir Ted Griffin leave because of her demands to have better lighting and make her look better in the edits. Rob Reine was brought in. But Clooney was said to be over her and the film, and couldn’t believe how insecure and lame she was- or that Brad was with her.Tate Donovan is also one of Clooney’s ‘ best friends going way back so he saw up close how she callously dumped him for Brad Pitt.

      He would never. For many reasons.

      But most of all, even if neither one of them found her objectionable – Clooney and Brad would ever inflict that kind of tabloid nightmare hysteria from her bitter betties onto the world, and more importantly the kids.

      • Jegede says:

        That’s odd, Clooney & Aniston have been pictured together (not including the plane pictures) and have many mutual friends in common.

      • magnoliarose says:

        How about no one cares about the past and Clooney would not get involved. If he did it would be introducing Brad to someone new he thinks might be of interest to him. They could do projects again and hang out in Italy.

      • LetItGoo_ says:


        You answered your own musing. Lol “Mutual friends.”

        Not really odd when you consider Clooney is dude oriented. Not saying he’s gay. Or that he’d ever admit it. Lol
        But he enjoys the company of men…socially, workwise, etc. I lay you 10 to 1 there are no pics of Aniston and Clooney hanging out *without* Kimmel (FOC – friend of clooney) or Theroux (FFOC) or some other dude who knows and hangs with dudes he’s close with.

        Besides Clooney isn’t reckless, he’s not going to publicly diss such a historic CAA cash cow, he’s a gentleman and would rather be civil than un-civil. He wouldn’t dismiss her or ignore her to her face- he might even go out of his way to be friendly as cover since they have mutual friends.

        But in private behind closed doors, he thinks she’s a pill. For real.

      • Nancy says:

        I have never heard of discord between Clooney and Jennifer. I did, however, hear there was a mutual dislike between he and Angelina. It never appeared there were too many couples nights with those two. But then again, you NEVER know what is true and what is bullshit, probably somewhere in the middle.

      • Darla says:

        Yeah, I don’t think it’s true. I think a lot of people really have a hate-on for JA, so I don’t believe much I read in comments about her. It’s so weird. Personally, I really like both the ladies.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        “But in private behind closed doors, he thinks she’s a pill. For real.”

        LetItGo – you know this how?

        I don’t get it. you go on and on about how much Clooney hates her and thinks she’s lame and insecure, as if it’s public knowledge (oh, I’m sorry…you say “I’ve always heard…”), and then say “but he’d never do it in public” and that you know better.

        are you friends with him? friend of a friend? you’ve “always heard” from who, exactly?

    • citney says:

      This story is so absurd, starting with the fact the cover is a photoshopped picture where JA’s head is superimposed on Angie’s body, Angie being the woman Brad is actually kissing.

      What man would want to have anything to do with the woman who hired the slut, Handler, to crucify the woman he loved and the Mother of his only children. And let’s not forget said woman called Brad’s daughter a “monkey” and said horrible things about his sons and all his children, even calling the twins “retarded”.

      All the while JA sat and grinned like a demented Cheshire Cat.

      Hopefully Brad is healing and getting his life together for his family, while Huvane (JA’s PR slut) is having a field day planting outrageous lies in every tabloid he can find.

      JA is STILL using Brad and Angie 13 years later, what a pathetic person she must be.

      • Carmen says:

        I remember that photo. It was taken while Angie was filming In The Land Of Blood and Honey.

      • Mellowyellow says:

        Wow, calling a woman a “slut” no matter how revolting their behaviour is pretty gross. Racist yes, rude, horrible, sad yes yes yes but a slut? That says more about you than anything.

      • Caroline says:

        Jeez, that’s a preposterous behavior coming from Handler. I read that she’s not the nicest person in the world but I’d never think she’d have such nasty thoughts about innocent children that have nothing to do with this “triangle love story” thing, I can’t believe she said those things.

      • launicaangelina says:

        Yep! Lame.

      • citney says:

        JA’s PR “man” Huvane is the slut, it fits, believe me, as does calling HoHandler a slut.

      • Jared says:

        I don’t care about either Brad or Anniston. I will say this though. This is why I don’t buy Chelsea handlers new found liberal/ resistance hero status. I remember when she repeatedly was acting like a homophobe towards Mark Ronsons sister Sam ( called her a man etc). I remember when she made fun of the adopted kids of Brad and Angelina, and was racist about it. That woman has said just as disgusting things as trump. unlike him she realised its not acceptable in HW to be a racist and homophobe but some of us ( read not white straight people) remember her true colors.

  2. tracking says:

    That cover is a hoot. Better photoshopping job than most!

    • Rinny says:

      I feel so old and gullible lol

    • Skoochy says:

      Photoshop? How very dare you. Clooney is such a natural he even reunited Jennifer Aniston with her 2001 uncombed out loose curls. It’s ALL real! Even the seamless and natural (snicker) flash of grey in Brad’s hair.

  3. Lela says:

    God I love these old school photos. I doubt they would get back together, his relationship with Jennifer “fit” during that period of his life, where he was sexiest man alive and was the biggest movie star in the world. Then his relationship with Angelina “fit” for his next stage of life where he was the serious artist and committed family man. I think next is a reclusive lifestyle with a low key lady.

    • booRadley says:

      exactly this ^ !!!!!!!!!!!
      some low key none celebrity is what he needs now, he needs his own Camilla Alves.

    • KBB says:

      I think you’re spot on.

    • hogtowngooner says:

      Ding ding ding! I think you’re right about that!

    • magnoliarose says:

      Why are you trying to make sense? lol

    • Nancy says:

      Exactly. However, the usual suspects will get their gloves on for Jennifer, who is probably trying to rock steady considering she is divorcing a different dude. FFS, the rags suck. *In their “time,” they kind of looked like sister and brother*

    • citney says:


      Brad’s life at that time also fit JA’s lifestyle, the constant drugs and drinking. Brad was able to break himself away from that toxic lifestyle then, he’ll no doubt be able to heal again.

      Unfortunately JA’s lifestyle is still the same, drinking, drugs, and actually believing her magic mirror that tells her she’s 30 years younger than her age.

      • BrandyAlexander says:

        @citney Ummm… Didn’t Brad just admit to a drug & alcohol problem some 12 years AFTER he left his marriage to Jen? Yet you say he broke free from her toxic life style? I guess it was Angelina that reeled him back into it then… (sarcasm) Maybe, just maybe, Brad was the one who was toxic to his own life.

      • citney says:


        Brad did admit he’s been drinking everyday since college, but how many drinks can make a world of difference. JA’s crowd loves to drink and do drugs, that was when Brad was at his lowest, he cleaned up as best he could for Angie. How do you know if Angie had not come along Brad wouldn’t be dead from cirrhosis or an overdose of drugs.

        What made Brad start drinking heavily again we don’t know, maybe he held his anxiety and stress from all Angie’s heath problems inside and tried to deal with them with alcohol. That’s just something we do not know.

        I agree, Brad Pitt is a 54 year old man responsible for keeping himself sober, hopefully the last 19 months of therapy have helped him understand why he drinks. Also maybe the family therapy has helped Brad, Angie and all 6 children who need both their parents to be healthy.

      • Brandy Alexander says:

        That is just a lot of suppositions. Jen and her crowd look pretty healthy to me. I don’t think they’re the raging alcoholics/meth heads you’re portraying them to be. And I will reiterate – Brad is to blame for Brad’s problems. No one else.

  4. Dee says:

    Is that pic for real? Were they at least together and pecking on the cheek recently?

    • Len says:

      Lol. That photo is photoshopped. He was kissing Jolie in the original photo though when she was shooting that Blood and Honey movie she did overseas.

      • KBB says:

        Yeah, I think it was Brad and Angelina in Budapest in 2010. The original is likely from this set:

        Not sure where the Aniston portion originated.

        ETA: Actually, it may not be that set because he has some light facial hair in those photos. I’m not sure if they photoshopped that out or if it’s just a different photograph.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        KBB, those are the ones I pulled up, too.

        look at Jolie’s hand on Pitt’s shoulder, and then look at “Aniston’s” hand. IT’S THE SAME HAND.

      • KBB says:

        Lol I just saw that. It’s insane that they can get away with that. More proof that is, in fact, the original photo.

      • Trying Again says:

        OMG!!! You are right! It is the SAME HAND but reversed. Isn’t this illegal, or did the rag make sure not to label the photograph as ‘real’. So disgusting!! This is how Trump won the election, fake news for sure.

      • magnoliarose says:

        HAHAHAHA! I mean why? No one believes this. She was never his soulmate. His two big loves were Gwenny and AJ. Though I heard something hilarious the other day. One of the things Brad and AJ bonded over and are still in agreement with is how much they despise Gwenny. AJ hated her referencing her and Brad to get attention, and she knew what really happened, so she wasn’t cool with that. Brad for good reasons and he hated how in her attention seeking she had the nerve to speak about AJ at all.
        This person had some sad things to divulge about AJ and BP, but one thing is they are dragging their feet because they really can’t let go. The split is much sadder and heartbreaking than the tabloids make it seem because you know can’t have AJ looking sympathetic. I know Kaiser is a stan and the site is sympathetic to AJ, so I thought it was ok if I told it. The person permitted me to share it.
        It made me sad.

      • susiecue says:

        OMG. I just got SO SAD looking at the Budapest Brad & Angelina kiss pics! The way she is looking at him! The wound is fresh all over again *sob*

      • Maya says:

        @MagnoliaRose: I can totally believe that Brad & Angelina still loving each other. But unfortunately, alcoholism has ruined hundreds of families and the damage is very hard to heal.

        I mentioned it before, the only thing I never liked is the way Brad dealt the media game after the divorce announcement. I still think he is a good man and good father and he really seems to have conquered the alcohol. If he actually gave up on alcohol and drugs and he truly amended his relationship with the children and Angelina then good for him. If they get back together after that then that will be wonderful as they have 6 children they adore.

        Sometimes you have to lose something completely before you come to senses and get rid of addiction.

      • magnoliarose says:

        They said all that passion and emotion drew them together but tore them apart. But that when one was down the other stepped up, and they had been a real team.
        After the split and they kind of calmed down and decided to try to work together, there were a lot of tears, and there are times each misses the other.
        These stories about them seeing other people is sort of the signal they are moving on for real. Of course, a bunch of other stuff goes on, but that was the main gist.
        Oh, and the split has been devastating for the children. So it made that planted L and S story even more despicable.
        People forget they are complicated human beings, but they have feelings.

        I have no skin in this in any way. Or have any interests of my own or motives. But I knew devoted fans like you would appreciate it. 🙂

      • citney says:


        It was Brad and Aniston who bonded over their mutual hatred of Putrid. JA hated her because Putrid called her “that teevee girl” , plus she knew she was Brad’s first real love. Brad hated her for sleeping with other men behind his back, which forced him to kick her to the curb.

        JA knew Brad was only with her because he was still stinging from Putrid’s betrayal. In fact, JA would not let anyone around her utter Putrid’s name, she was that jealous of her, even refused to step foot in the house Brad and Putrid lived together in, Angie had no problem moving in the same house.

        As far as I’ve heard from those in the know, Angie has never had a problem with Putrid, they did a film together with Jude Law, but rarely saw each other because they had only a couple scenes together until the film was promoted. There’s no story regarding Angie and Putrid.

      • magnoliarose says:

        It’s the truth. It has nothing to do with JA. JA has her own reasons.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      looks like the pic was from this series. looks like they just “reversed the negative” (much easier to do in photoshop these days…lol) and put JA’s face in there.

      even the hand on his shoulder is the placed the same from the pics with Jolie. as in, it’s Jolie’s hand.

      Hope the link is OK – Popsugar from Germany.

    • KBB says:

      And here is the original Aniston photo from the set of The Switch with Jason Bateman

    • Dee says:

      Oh my gosh – that’s outrageous! How is this allowed?!?
      Well done Celebitchinis in sourcing these!

    • citney says:


      Please tell me you didn’t think for a moment that cover was real. Smoke and mirrors, the tabloid’s specialty.

  5. Squirrelgirl says:

    This is one of the dumbest stories Star has put out there and it’s STAR.

  6. LORENA says:


    I cannot see either going back to eachother

  7. Pho sho says:

    Did you know Brad’s underarms usually stink so bad that a film crew called him Brad Pitts. 😷

  8. Red Snapper says:

    Backsliding, ffs. It’s been twelve years. I’d love to see Jolie’s head explode if this is true.

    • minx says:

      Why would her head explode?

    • Maya says:

      The only reason Angelina would explode would be because Brad being disgusting by getting together with a woman who laughed at racist jokes aimed at their children.

      This is obviously not true but I would be throughly disgusted if Brad got together with Jennifer. Especially after she spent years attacking Angelina and most importantly, she approved when her friend Chelsea called the children by racist slurs.

      • NoShame says:

        @Maya. When did Aniston laugh at racist jokes aimed at the kids? Can you please point me to a link from a respectable source?

      • magnoliarose says:

        It would never in a million years happen. Never. I can’t even stress how never. For one he isn’t vindictive and still has a love for AJ.
        He never missed his life with JA. For another, it would bother AJ after years of negative stories planted about her from JA’s team. It damaged her career and painted her as a villain constantly which pissed him off.
        Sure he would do that to the mother of his children.
        He’s not interested in Cabo vacations.
        So since no one cares about EdgyJustin it is time to flog this stupidity.

      • Maya says:

        @MR: exactly – I don’t like the way Brad behaved during the divorce with his importance has image more than his children’s and Angelina’s. But he will never jeopardise his children and their mother that way.

        @Noshame: I have something even better, a video evidence. When Jennifer came on one of Chelsea’s E Show, Chelsea introduced Jennifer by saying some racist slurs about the Jolie Pitt children. Jennifer came out laughing hysterically at the joke. That’s when I cancelled Jennifer. It’s one thing constantly attacking Angelina but it’s never acceptable saying things about children especially racist slurs.

        I will have to search for it but the video it out there – maybe on YouTube.

    • Michelle says:

      @RedSnapper sorry to burst your bubble. Jolie is relieved she’s not with him anymore. Pitt & Aniston are better suited. Jolie was more beautiful & too intelligent for pitt. Aniston’s just about right. They can be malibu barbie & ken again.

      • magnoliarose says:

        That isn’t true. Sorry but she isn’t relieved. They don’t dislike each other. At all. The bitterness is only in the fantasies of fans.

      • Maya says:

        @MR: sorry I seem to stalk you but I am surprisingly agreeing with you a lot today 😂

        Last year I was going through a horrible time personally and I was abused verbally by my now ex husband. Once he crossed the line to physical abuse I divorced him.

        The reason I am saying is because I only decided to see Angelina’s side of the breakup. Maybe because I was going through one myself and I hated my ex husband and kind transferred that to Brad as well. Now after I got rid of my ex and after months of healing, I can see that there is another side as well. And after Weinstein revelations, I can still support Brad. I cannot cancel him for choosing his image when there are other very horrible people in Hollywood who needs to be cancelled.

      • citney says:

        @ Michelle

        The only problem with your theory, Brad doesn’t agree.

    • Amanda says:

      Eh. She dumped him and never looked back. I highly doubt she gives a shiz about who he’s banging. I bet she can’t wait to get this divorce over with while he keeps asking for an extension.

  9. Bridget says:

    Clooney just wants friends he can kick back and drink tequila with while hanging on Lake Como.

  10. lucy2 says:

    Yeah…no. No.
    I doubt either of them would want that.

  11. Jussie says:

    I kind of wish they’d go get coffee together or something, just because the online meltdown on both sides would be endlessly entertaining.

  12. Ravensdaughter says:

    OMG, the hair! Brad had a mullet!

    • whatWHAT? says:

      lol..while hilarious, it’s not really a mullet as much as a “Darryl-on-Walking-Dead Hair”.

      SO unattractive.

      • Delta Juliet says:

        Darryl was my first thought too lol

      • Kelly says:

        It could only be Daryl if it hasn’t been washed since pre-zombie apocalypse.

      • citney says:


        When Brad was with JA, he looked unkept most of the time, greasy hair, nasty clothes, probably because of the lifestyle he was leading.

  13. Jacky says:

    I love both

  14. Juls says:

    That throwhack photo of Brad with long hair is giving me Norman Reedus vibes. That’s all I’ve got.

    • KiddV says:

      Yeah, that was not a good look for Brad. Nor is it for Norman Reedus.

    • Lady D says:

      I was trying to figure out who he reminded me of, and you’re right. He doesn’t look great in either of those throwback pictures truthfully.

  15. Candies says:

    Lol no way. Clooney there?Laughable .they won’t be more than friendly at the most. Just drop it i dont think he is that stupid lol i dont know why the mags wont pair ja with some older dude who already have his kids and have some wealth etc much believable story it makes IMO.
    And if mag needs their real money shot then they need to find who is actually brad is seeing etc IMO

  16. HK9 says:

    Oh gawd, here we go….this must be a slow news day for Star.

  17. Frosty says:

    LOL. Fun news. Given his habit of attaching himself to performers whose careers are on the upswing there are some candidates i’d like to see him gossip coupled with. He’s aging out fast though. He needs another kickass. Maybe Rhianna, if she’d lower herself to dating an old guy.

  18. shellie says:

    bad Photoshop….. we’ve all seen the original

  19. Maya says:

    I will cancel Brad completely if he ever went back to Jennifer.

    As mentioned above, Jennifer laughed and approved when her friend called the Jolie Pitt children with racist slurs.

    It’s bad enough he is friendly with her, if they get back together then he is disgusting.

    No real father will allow their children near a woman who is racist.

    • kate says:

      Sandra Bullowk is raising black children and is friendly and with that racist nutbag Chelsea Handler. It seems that some white parents don’t understand the kind of responsibility that comes with raising black children in our racist society and the kind of damage their carelessness can do.

      • Maya says:

        I cancelled Sandra and Charlize Theron after I found out they are friends with Chelsea.

        In my opinion, you aren’t a true parent if you let you children near people who are racist or says racist slurs.

    • Darla says:

      Aniston is not a racist lol

    • Anonymous says:

      You were asked to provide factual links to a reputable source that Aniston ever laughed and approved racist jokes about the children? Where are they?

      Either you read this online from a reputable source or you were there during these conversations……I’ll wait…….

      • Lady D says:

        It was on one of Chelsea’s shows. I imagine if you were to google JA’s guest appearances on the show, it could be found.

    • citney says:


      There is no proof he has even spoken to JA in years. All the tabs say Brad’s family has kept in touch with JA, Doug Pitt put out a statement saying NO one in their family had had any contact with JA since she tricked his Mother into coming to her house.

      Brad’s Mother left quickly looking angry, with JA screeching out afterwards looking angry. (JA and her PR conveniently had paps there to witness Brad’s Mother arrival). It seems doubtful JA and her PR slut anticipated Brad’s Mother’s reaction upon leaving. (The Pitt family were staying with Brad and Angie during the Mother’s Day holiday)

      • Anonymous says:

        Citney, you must literally make things up? How can you possibly know what happened between Brad Pitt’s mother and Jennifer Aniston during a meeting?

      • citney says:


        Did you not see the pictures? Jane Pitt was clearly pissed off. When JA drove off like a bat out of hell minutes later she was not a happy camper. It’s all there in clear pictures, thanks to slutty Huvane and his crew of paid paps.

  20. kate says:

    Photoshopping Jen’s head in place of Angelina’s if FemaleFrist kind of crazy.

  21. Sherry says:

    Fan fiction at it’s best. I really feel sorry for Jennifer, Brad, Angelina and B&A’s kids. Imagine heading out to Target and this is what’s greeting you as you wait in line.

    • kate says:

      Well, it’s better than all the headlines about Jolie’s looking so frail, dying any minute now or how she’s turning Shiloh into a man.

      • minx says:

        Ugh, the Shiloh headlines are the worst. The tabs need to leave the child alone. She appears to be a happy kid.

  22. Lizzie says:

    hahahaha jennifer anniston DOES NOT WANT KIDS. it is what broke them up in the first place. she certainly isn’t signing up for six of them. maybe she goes back for a weekend for a nostalgic deep dicking – but i will eat my hat if they get back into a relationship.

    • Darla says:

      From pictures floating around don’t think anyone’s getting it too “deep” from Pitt.

    • Sullivan says:

      … and why would Brad want to get involved with a woman who doesn’t care to be around kids? He has six. Moot point because there is no way he’d go back to Aniston. Hopefully, she would have more dignity than to consider going back to Brad, but she went back to John Mayer, for god’s sake.

  23. Sage says:

    I bet Huvane would love a Brad and Jen reunion. Aniston playing stepmom to Jolie’s kids would be a tabloid dream for him.

    • citney says:


      He is certainly sending enough garbage to the tabloids to try and make it appear someone wants JA, especially since she has once again been dumped by a man.

  24. Vanessa says:

    I hope Brad is with Jen.

    • kate says:

      Why would you wish that on Jen given that she has said that time in her life was awkward and that he called that period boring?

    • Maya says:

      For his children’s sake I hope he never lets that woman near them.

    • BrandyAlexander says:

      I think it would be fun, just to watch the heads explode. But really, I think Jen deserves way better than Brad.

    • Carmen says:

      After the way he dumped her, why would you want her to demean herself by taking him back? What makes you think they even want each other back?

  25. Jay says:

    He looks like Norman Reedus in that bottom pic with the flat ironed hair! LMAO!

    • Stevie says:

      I was just scrolling down to say that! and as everyone knows that he always has the haircut of his partner he must have been stepping out on Anniston with Reedus lolol

  26. Rebecca says:

    Maybe Brad Pitt will make amends to Aniston because he is supposedly in a 12 step program, but this will be the extent of any future relationship they have. They might see each other at a party or two afterwards and be polite to eachother, but nothing more. I cant see them ever getting back together. He did call her boring and her friends talked a lot of smack about Angelina and his kids. You don’t ever completely trust someone who’s gone after your kids.

    The part about George Clooney trying to get Brad and Jennifer back together is hilarious. Like George Clooney has nothing better to do.

    • Pat says:

      What 12 step program? Lol. His team was also letting the world know that he’s sober and has cleaned up so he can share the children’s custody but every photo of him at a party has him hiding his one hand behind his back holding a drink. There’s a reason why he still has supervised visitation with his kids and why he still can’t get a joint custody.

    • Kelly says:

      Well to be fair, Rebecca, Brad “went after” one of his own children – Maddox.

  27. Darla says:

    I definitely believe Clooney has better things to do. He doesn’t care about Brad. This is silly.

  28. Darla says:

    I don’t believe this story. BUT…Lainey’s TL is very interesting. Regarding this story about Jolie having a low key real estate bf. It’s interesting because if she’s right…Brad started his “slow roll” right about when we know JA and JT split but were keeping it quiet.

    It would be gossip gold. But I still don’t believe it. I’d need proof.

    • Frosty says:

      Curious specifics – March 3, her bodyguard. I question Clooney’s involvement, but willing to buy the general story that they are speaking. Sure, why not?

    • KBB says:

      One thing about Lainey’s take is that is doesn’t mention the timeline of ETs stories yesterday. The initial story was just about Brad having dates at his house. It didn’t mention Angelina at all. Then three hours later it was updated with Angelina dating a new guy. Why wouldn’t that be in the original story if he is the one who wanted that information out there?

    • magnoliarose says:

      I don’t understand what you mean? I don’t read Lainey or ET. Please enlighten me. I am confused. 🙁 Help a girl out. lol

      • Darla says:

        magnolia, Lainey has this theory that the story about Angelina having an “older” bf who is a real estate agent, was planted by Brad because Brad is doing a slow roll out of a new girl friend. And that he has been planting stories preparing to come out in the open with it for about 3 months.

      • citney says:


        That story has been going around since Angie kicked Brad out. So far not even a picture taken with a cellphone of Brad with another woman.

        Who knows, Brad and Angie live a mile apart, they could be hooking up and no one would ever know.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Oh ok. I was trying to put it together and couldn’t. lol
        Thanks 🙂

  29. Adorable says:

    I’ve said this before & I’ll say it again,I see Brad with someone like Charlize theron(just sayin)As for jolie jealous?….Please….She dumped him & never looked back!

    • citney says:


      Charlize is very pretty, but she has demons (her Mother shooting (and of course killing) her father in the head with a double barreled shotgun in front of her at the age of 15) she needs to deal with. Plus she likes her drugs and alcohol, she admitted that in a recent interview.

  30. Jayna says:

    Neither one want to go back to the other. That ship sailed a long time ago.

  31. Iknowwhatboyslike says:

    Like Jennifer Annistan want to be around 6 kids. She didn’t even want to have one with him.

    • citney says:


      According to Courtney Cox it was Brad who would not agree to have children with JA, and she should know.

  32. Claire says:

    These two look good together. Brad should have stayed with her and saved himself the grief.

    • Welp says:

      Yes, he should have stayed with her and then 6 kids and Angelina wouldn’t have had to be investigated by CPS & FBI. Angelina and her kids would be free to travel whenever they feel like it instead of having to stay in La while daddy dearest tries to fix himself while making movie after movie.

      Hey, here’s a thought… Brad Pitt should sign his rights to Angelina and move in with Jennifer Aniston so he can help raise her dogs. 😂😂😂

  33. Betsy says:

    I can absolutely believe they’d get together for the good night here or there that means nothing special to either of them, a la Don and Betty at camp. They both seem like good time Charlies. The rest, with the orchestration and whatnot? Eh.

  34. Welp says:

    Just more distraction from the FACT that Brad Pitt STILL doesn’t have custody. His fans who were Brangelina fans but took his side against Angelina and her children don’t have inside information about that, do they? Those same ex Brangelina fans are dying for Angelina to take his abusive behind back. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. let Aniston have him… He’ll just cheat on her AGAIN anyway. lmao

  35. Shannon says:

    Honestly, imo, that’d be more of a downgrade for Jen than for him. And she is not trying to be the step-mother of six kids with her (at least in the media) arch-nemesis. And yeah, I’m sure George Clooney and him are tight, and George may or may not have been crazy about Angelina, but I really don’t think he’s going out of his way to hook Brad up with his ex or anyone else. Brad’s a big boy, he’ll figure his own life out. This is just silly fan fiction.

  36. Anonymous says:

    There’s no video evidence of any racial insults between Chelsea and Jennifer. Let’s not continually make things up.

  37. Felicia says:

    I don’t think Clooney and Pitt are anything more than work-friends. Pitt was not invited to Clooney’s wedding. And Clooney discovered that Jolie had filed for divorce “live” on TV. He had no idea.

  38. Sara says:

    I am sure these type of stories will continue for years now that they are both single. These stories sell the magazines no matter how many times proven false. That said, I am sure that they do speak to each other occasionally, and maybe will start to cultivate a friendship. After all, I think they were friends before they were lovers. I don’t see anything wrong with that.