Brandi Glanville has nerve damage on her face from a botched laser hair removal

Celebrity Big Brother's Bit On The Side

When I recently covered a Brandi Glanville story – about how her dad kept saying she worked as an escort – I included a video of Brandi on her latest reality show (Marriage Boot Camp) where she looked… different? I mean, I’m not a Brandi Glanville expert and God knows, most of the Real Housewife-types seem to be leaning heavily into that overly-Botoxed, overly-fillered look. But even among those tight faces, Brandi’s face seemed to be notable. Well, as it turns out, she had some kind of issue with laser hair removal and now she has nerve damage on her face?

Brandi Glanville revealed why her upper lip doesn’t move. The 45-year-old stunner explained a hair laser removal procedure caused permanent nerve damage resulting in partial face ‘paralysis’.

‘Everyone wants to know why my top lip doesn’t move. I had laser hair removal, I got a third-degree burn. That is why I have some nerve damage and scar tissue, so I talk out of the side of my mouth,’ she said during her Bicoastal Beauty Unfiltered podcast on Tuesday.

‘My face on the right side doesn’t move the way my face on the left side moves. If you don’t like it, suck my d*ck,’ she continued.

[From The Daily Mail]

This is the kind of story that makes me terrified of laser hair removal, something which has always interested me. I’ve never wanted to have all of my unwanted body hair removed by lasers, but I’ve often wondered how my body and my sensitive skin would handle it. After this… nope. Not going to happen. Now, do you think that a botched laser hair removal is the *only* reason why Brandi’s face doesn’t move that much? Eh.

Here’s a recent interview with Brandi and once you know that her upper lip nerve has nerve damage, you can’t un-see it.

Celebrity Big Brother's Bit On The Side

Screencaps from ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Betsy says:

    Color me skeptical.

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      Eh, simple things can go wrong. Many years ago, I was having botox injections in my scalp /hairline for migraine treatment, and a facial nerve branch was involved- I have a tiny droop in my left brow, and a little divot in it due to muscle tone loss, but it was worth it for the migraine relief at the time ( thankfully, they were hormonally related and are no longer an issue ).

      • Domino says:

        I am so happy for you your migraines cleared up! They are hell, aren’t they?

      • NeoCleo says:

        First–I really like your name! Second, when I was peri-menopausal and my hormones were all over the place I would average 3 migraines a month. I lived on sumatriptan. Anyone who has that kind of pain will try whatever they can to be functional again. I’m glad your treatment gave you relief.

      • Betsy says:

        I don’t disagree. What I disagree with is her claim that it was solely a botched laser removal and not repeated surgery, fillers, or botox going badly awry.

      • effeff says:

        I’m thinking about doing this for pain relief from TMJ because I don’t want to have to manage it continuously with muscle relaxers. It’s nice to hear success stories.

      • fubar says:

        I also get botox in my scalp for migraines. I was averaging 21 migraines a month. So strong I would throw up.

      • MigraineFreeQueen says:

        EFFEFF – for your TMJ pain wear a mouthguard at night made by your dentist. This is paramount. Also visit a tmj physiotherapist. After one year of daily tension migraines, caused by an extremely tight tmj, im pain free. It’s about reducing the tension in your scalp, neck, jaw. And this takes time to teach your muscles to relax as default. I wanted to give up bc i didnt see immediate results. Myofacial Dr’s suggested painkillers, botox, migraine meds…it was a long hard journey. But relaxation & avoiding jaw clenching is key. Dont sleep on your stomach, avoid tough foods, warm compresses, and that mouthguard will save your life. It takea time. ALSO ACUPUNCTURE! Amazing for migraines & jaw pain. Do it twice a week you wont regret it, there are many medical journals that advocate this.

      • Izzy says:

        Another tip from a fellow migraine sufferer: Get your B12 level tested. Even if it’s at the low end of the normal reference range for the lab results, it can still contribute to migraines. I was put on a daily supplement of Methyl B12, and went from 3-5 migraines a month to less than one a month.

      • Lady D says:

        My vomiting migraines come from smelling perfume. Sometimes they are so bad, I go blind in my left eye for hours. Usually however when the migraine strikes, I’m to busy trying to breathe through swollen lips, tongue and throat. I hate perfume, so bad.

    • Ghelge says:

      Brandi is a toxic joke. I care less about her face than her absolutely HORRID, personality. She is such horrid person, her outside is starting to match her terrible, hateful personality.

      She was a pretty lady in her 20′s, but has totally messed her face up with so much work. Her face looks like a bad facelift or partial lift. She has had so much work done and the over-work on her face is so obvious.

      So happy RHWOBH threw her off.

      • Mrs Odie says:

        Everyone is pretty in their twenties. It’s called YOUTH. The sad thing is our culture of “You’ll never believe what this twenty year old looks like now, 20 years later!” as if it’s a damn crime to grow old. Carrie Fisher was particularly eloquent on this subject.

  2. Patricia says:

    Wait, cue Leanne having some nerve damage in three… two….
    Where is that crazy woman btw? Laying low?

  3. Jayna says:

    She gives a lot of reasons for things. Many people in the industry called bulls t on this excuse.

    I’m sure all of the overstuffing of her lips doesn’t help. They are gross. Between that and the botox and the excessive use of filler in her face, it’s a wonder any part of her face can move.

    • Harryg says:

      I’m watching that French show Call My Agent on Netflix and it’s so gooooood – and it’s so wonderful to see actors with normal teeth and skin that looks like skin and hair that looks like hair. Nobody looks embalmed, with baby skin when they are eighty.

      • Sullivan says:

        I’m with you, HarryG. I find ‘real’ so refreshingly attractive. Embalmed is not a good look for the living.

      • Angela says:

        I looooove Call My Agent too!! It’s perfect.

      • Betsy says:

        I rewatched the Lisa Kudrow episodes of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and almost literally clapped for joy at seeing Lisa Kudrow who has apparently aged naturally and well. She’s stunning. (I can’t watch that horrible Gracie and Frankie on the other hand, with their totally immobilized faces. Shudder).

      • Jayna says:

        @Harryg, I’m watching the Danish TV show called “Rita” on Netflix right now. I love it. I don’t mind the subtitles. She’s an edgy, ballsy teacher, single mom with three kids, two out of high school, one a teenager. No botox or fillers in her face. She’s attractive with some lines.

      • isabelle says:

        The not real human overly white chalk teeth are the worst. More distracting than the overblown lips. HATE them with a passion.

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      I would agree in that the nerve damage is more likely to be due to a needle truncating a distal nerve branch. Happened to me with migraine treatment, above.

    • Ain’tNoTelling says:

      The thing is, that almost anything can happen when you are constantly having facial work done.

      I’m not sure about facial hair removal. It’s extremely safe and non invasive, but again, things can go wrong.

      Deep laser treatments for skin rejuvenation go much deeper than a hair removal laser does, as do needles.

      Something definitely happened and she might be experiencing temporary Bells Palsy or nerve damage.

      It is so disheartening to see women doing all of this stuff to themselves. And they’re starting really young now. Young girls with perfect faces are flocking to Med Spas in order to have bizarre tattoos in order to fill in their eyebrows, and are injecting their lips up to resemble balloons. They’re also doing Botox regularly.

      I never even considered Botox until I hit 40, and even then, it took me years to finally try it.

      I hated the way it changed the expression of my eyes. For me, it just wasn’t what I wanted.

  4. Sullivan says:


  5. minx says:

    Not buying it…probably Botox.

  6. kimbers says:

    I have never watched any real housewife type show and o my know them frim this site.

    With that said

    Even I can see that she had too much work done and now looks scary weird and what? can’t move her face? girl got issues.

  7. lucy2 says:

    I’ve never heard of this happening with the lasers. Maybe is has. But she has injected so much stuff into her face, including her lips…could something else have caused it? Or reacted with the laser?

    • Nic919 says:

      The only bad reactions I have ever heard with lasers has been burns which may cause scarring, but it wouldn’t affect your nerves. What she is claiming would mean her upper lip was burnt off basically and we would see that for ourselves.

      • Wren says:

        The upper lip is a sensitive area with not much tissue there, so I suppose it’s possible……. I don’t know. A bad enough burn there might cause nerve damage. I’m personally inclined to believe it’s due to whatever she’s had injected in there, but who knows.

      • lucy2 says:

        Right – a 3rd degree burn is through all layers of skin and requires immediate medical attention.

      • Nic919 says:

        I have had it done there. The area near the nose would be more sensitive…the lip isn’t as full of nerves. The attendant would have to be holding it for more than a few seconds (which they don’t do) to cause the nerve damage she is claiming.

    • Sonia says:

      I’ve had laser hair removal on other areas…lasers zap the hair follicles. Nothing to do with nerves. She’s full of sh*t. I love her, but girlfriend had some bad Botox or filler or something. It isn’t hair removal!

  8. angie0717 says:

    Sure, let’s go w the LEAST evasive service done to her face as the reason for her partial face paralysis. The copious amounts of poison she injects into her face has nothing to do w it, including a paralyzing substance called Botox!?? Wowza girl, u need to know u are enough just as u are and make ur health top priority.

  9. Esmerelda says:

    I’ve had laser hair removal… and for a third degree burn to happen she must have being going to a complete butcher. Even if there’s a minor accident a competent professional will stop it immediately.

  10. Nic919 says:

    She is lying her ass off. I have had last hair removal done on my upper lip and there is no way this happens unless you have a sadistic and criminally irresponsible attendant. First they test the area before you even start the sessions and if there is a bad reaction you can’t proceed. Usually it works and you start at a lower level the first few sessions and gradually move up a bit. There is no way you get burns if your initial test area showed no issues and the gradual increase also prevents any serious issues. As for the nerve issues, there are not the same concentration of them there as compared to the wrist area or ankles.

    Unless she starts a lawsuit against the laser hair removal company she is full of shit.
    Laser hair removal works best on dark hair but it is worth it especially if you don’t want to wax or shave all the time. Ignore her lies if this is something that interests you because it worked for me.

    • Tw says:

      Total bs, agreed. There’s a blind item about this on blindgossip.

    • Kitten says:

      So my mom recently went to a salon to inquire about getting laser done on her face and they said they can’t because the hair is too light. Does anybody know if this is true and if so, any suggestions for an alternative? I sent her links to shaver devices on amazon but she said no, because the hair will just grow close worse…

      • lucy2 says:

        Yes, it works best on dark hair and lighter skin.

      • tw says:

        I’ve had laser hair removal >10 times on my upper lip. My hair is light and it is less effective. I would say it worked about half as well as it worked on my bikini line, which is dark. TMI lol. Point is, it still works, but less.

  11. Chaine says:

    eh. I kind of doubt it. I’ve had all kinds of laser hair removal, never even heard of it causing nerve damage. I did get a bit of a burn once because I hadn’t properly shaved, but that’s it. I think the greatest risk is changes to pigmentation, I haven’t had my facial hair done because of the pigmentation risk.

    • Jag says:

      I’m worried about the pigmentation problem as well. No one believes me about my heritage or my sensitive skin, so there’s no way I’m going to risk being permanently disfigured. Watching the stories of women who are permanently scarred and worse made me realize that hair is just hair, and most of us have it, so it’s no big deal.

      Same with the eyelash prescription product that can “sometimes” change eye color. No thank you because what else is it doing to eyes if it can change the eye color? I once took a medication that was too close to a tricyclic-base and it made my eyes get a semi-brown color near my pupils, and that was enough to make me stop taking it. So my theory is that it’s actually causing eye damage somehow, allegedly.

  12. halah01 says:

    Kaiser laser hair removal is THE BEST! I see a lot of people saying BOTOX but the effects of that are temporary so for her to say it’s permanent damage…I feel like it’s a combination of messing with with that area too much with too many injectables!

  13. Jayna says:

    Yep, I agree with others that this is grounds for a lawsuit, nerve damage and partial paralysis to her face. Nada. No such lawsuit. I bet she doesn’t have one second opinion that confirms this was the cause. Such bullshit from her that laser hair removal caused it. So much for the “truth cannon.”

    • Bridget says:

      It depends on how recent it is. She *could* be consulting a lawyer, and the process does take time. But yeah, if she decides not to pursue litigation at all then we know it’s BS. It’s kind of a big deal to mess up like that.

    • Naptime says:

      She is lying but even if this really happened there probably wouldn’t be a lawsuit, as the vast majority of medical malpractice claims are settled quickly and privately.

  14. Wren says:

    Her face makes me sad. All of the Real Housewive’s faces make me sad. They just look so tight and painful and unnatural. The pursuit of beauty and youth is so bizarre because they achieve neither. You just end up looking like a crazed puppet, a caricature of yourself.

    • isabelle says:

      Think of Sharon stone, who looks stunning because she hasn’t gone the plastic route, even wears her natural hair. Natural aging looks more youthful than the plastic bots with hair extensions, lashes, and everything fake.

  15. WhatThe says:

    I read in several places that she is saying this happened in 2009. I watched her on the kitchen show and she was fine. Not so for CBB. It was obvious there was a problem. I’m calling bad fillers or botox. That being said, I’ve always been a fan, loved her books and think she got screwed over big time. Lately though since she broke up with DJ what’s his name, she appears to have gone off the rails with the F everyone language and inability to get along with anyone. She says she quit her Podcast. Why would she lose a source of income unless they canned her. Not fun to watch someone implode. Very sad.

    • Deanne says:

      She quit her podcast? Why? It kept her relevant and was a source of income. I’ve always tried to be sympathetic, but choosing to move into a place that doesn’t accept pets. when she has two dogs, quitting a legitimate job and lots of other things of late have made me rethink my opinion of this woman. I’m sorry, but she could have found a place that would have allowed her to keep her pets. How horrible for her kids and for the animals.Telling everybody to go f%ck themselves, any time she’s criticized, isn’t exactly helping her either. It isn’t a “truth bomb”, it’s incredibly immature.

  16. Christin says:

    If she had such a burn, did she have to lay low for months or cover it somehow? She’s been photographed fairly regularly, right?

    Whoever did her laser hair removal probably isn’t going to be happy, if it’s questionable what caused the lip issue.

  17. Beth says:

    I think a third degree burn would be pretty noticeable and probably leave a scar, so I don’t believe her. Some just don’t know when to stop messing with their face and body. She was naturally beautiful and like Kim Kardashian, ruined her looks by going too far with plastic surgery

  18. Cheshiresmile says:

    Plastic surgeon here with a Medispa that actually does LHR: and NOPE. Nerve damage doesn’t happen. She either had a facelift or Botox gone bad.

    • mela says:

      what do you think about her look?
      obviously a lot of woman like her look in socal but i think it’s very over done. i see so many girls in SoCal with these huge, drooping lips.

      just wondering your opinion

  19. queenE says:

    she’s starting to look like the Madame Puppet

    • brutalethyl says:

      Oh, you really need to apologize to Madame. And Madame’s mouth still moves congruently, thank you very much! lol

  20. El says:

    I’ve had laser hair removal with an actual laser and with an IPL device. With the IPL treatment I was burnt quite badly by a well-known clinic in my area (Defy Time) by an egomaniac who I asked to stop the treatment when I said the treatment was burning me, but instead she told me ‘I know what I’m doing, I’ve been doing this for over 10 years’ and continued burning me- and one point I thought I was going to pass out and broke out into a cold sweat as she continued with the treatment.

    I’ve since found out that other people also haven’t had positive experiences from there either and I always felt that I should have made a complaint. Having spoken to laser professionals and through my own experiences, laser is always better than IPL for results and less side effects- and always do your research on the clinic beforehand.

    • Anon33 says:

      I don’t get this. If I asked someone to stop a Treatment because it was injuring me, and they said no? you’d better believe my ass is standing up and walking out and calling the police.

  21. aenflex says:

    Literally and figuratively taking out the side of her face.

  22. Ina says:

    Brandi was very naturally beautiful and it’s no wonder Leanne was jealous of her. She had a gorgeous face and a sick body, but I guess living in LA makes you question yourself.

  23. mela says:

    i loveeeed brandi in the love triangle saga with leann and eddie

    she should really lay off the plastic surgery, she looks horrible!

  24. Cheeky Squirrel says:

    As a rehabilitated fuzzy girl here, there is no way she got nerve damage from it. A burn, sure; there are some technicians who are careless. I have lasered a lot, including my face, and nothing has ever happened to me like that. Plus, I have rosacea and very sensitive skin too! I highly recommend it if it’s something that makes you self conscious, like in my case.

  25. jferber says:

    Whatever happened to her, I hope the paralysis is reversible. She must be devastated by it. Whatever she did/didn’t do to her face, no one “deserves” such a terrible outcome. I understand that there are risks with procedures, but some of the comments are over the line for me, being judgmental and smug. I have genuine sympathy for her.

  26. april says:

    She looks like a young Charo (goochi goochi) from the Love Boat in the video.

  27. Nicegirl says:

    I have nerve damage in my face, I’m dealing with it right now. I had a total disc replacement surgery on my cervical spine in 2015 and the prosthetic has failed, which has caused nerve impingement- my face is paralyzed in several spots, it sucks. I just wondered about her nerve damage and I’m hoping mine is not permanent.

    I have lots of friends who have had laser hair removal and swear by it. I’ve never heard of any of them have a palsy type complication.

  28. ouizy says:

    yeah, that paralysis isn’t from laser hair removal in 2009 because she didn’t have that bells palsy look until last year, so… some truth cannon.

  29. Jstfyd says:

    I stopped reading when the quote said she was a stunner.

  30. Yo says:

    Laser hair removal would cause nerve paralysis – I’ve had it done in my face. There are no needles involved. More likely botox gone wrong

  31. OnyxXV says:

    Really? Does anyone care??

  32. A Fan says:

    Good grief woman, QUIT IT. Just stop with your plastic face.

    Can you imagine someone arriving from a different planet and being told that people here inject crap in their faces/asses/tits/lips and chisel their noses down to an inch of their lives…all in the name of looking good? Seriously, what the f-ck is wrong with people?


  33. Shannon says:

    I used to wanna get my eyebrow pierced and then knew someone who got some facial damage from it. With Brandi, I’m skeptical but her face, her story. At this point, I’m just like, ‘stay away from my face with needles or lasers, period.’ I’ve got enough problems in my life.

  34. Bahare says:

    What happened to the rest of the tip of her nose? Why oh why do these pretty women never leave well enough alone.Makes me afraid to ever start.

  35. Q T Hush says:

    The only “nerve damage” is that Brandi’s so pathetic in her attempts to gain fame and fortune. Hope her boys are in therapy and learning how to deal with their devoted (to herself) mother. She’s such a liar and loser.