Laura Ingraham offers half-assed apology to the teenager she cyberbullied

Laura Ingraham Speaks at CPAC

As we discussed yesterday, Laura Ingraham is a C-U-Next-Tuesday. She always has been, but in the cold light of day in 2018, it’s good to see that the children are our future and that a 17-year-old is perfectly capable of handing Ingraham her ass. It all started when TMZ did an interview with Parkland survivor David Hogg, a 17-year-old who has become one of the most vocal of the Parkland survivors, and one of the big organizers and speakers of the March for Our Lives. TMZ’s interview was about Hogg’s future, a brief moment where he just got to be a 17-year-old kid talking about college admissions. Hogg listed the California universities which had rejected him, and listed the universities which had accepted him.

Conservative sites picked up the interview and put their own spin on it, laughing at David Hogg for “whining” about being rejected from his first choice colleges. Laura Ingraham picked up the story and posted it on Twitter, using the word “whining.” Even Harvey Levin was aghast, and he tweeted at Laura: “David was not whining. I called him about the story. He was not feeling sorry for himself in the slightest. It was my idea that colleges should consider applicants who are so committed. Did you watch the video???” People were calling Ingraham out immediately in her comments. David Hogg responded by getting his hands on – and posting – a list of her advertisers. Her name was trending on Twitter all day. And so she offered this weaksauce, bullsh-t apology for cyberbullying and misrepresenting a 17-year-old survivor of a massacre.

“I apologize for any upset or hurt my tweet caused him”… bitch, sit down. That’s not an apology. And “in the spirit of Holy Week,” you should have checked yourself before you even tweeted that crap. But here’s the truly beautiful and inspirational part of the story. You know how Hogg tweeted out a list of Ingraham’s advertisers? Yeah, they’re dumping her like the plague, even WITH her apology.

At least half a dozen advertisers on Laura Ingraham’s primetime Fox News show pulled their support on Thursday in response to her comments mocking Parkland, Fla., shooting survivor David Hogg over his rejection from colleges. So far, six companies have announced they will no longer support the program: Nestle, Wayfair, TripAdvisor, Expedia, Joseph A. Banks and Nutrish, a pet food brand.

“As a company, we support open dialogue and debate on issues,” Wayfair told the Daily Beast. “However, the decision of an adult to personally criticize a high school student who has lost his classmates in an unspeakable tragedy is not consistent with our values. We do not plan to continue advertising on this particular program.”

A Nestle spokesperson told the website, “We have no plans to buy ads on the show in the future.”

Nutrish, which is owned by celebrity chef Rachael Ray, was the first to abandon “The Ingraham Angle.”

“We are in the process of removing our ads from Laura Ingraham’s program, as the comments she has made are not consistent with how we feel people should be treated,” a spokesman for Nutrish told HuffPost.

[From The Hill]

I could nitpick and wonder why these companies were even advertising on the state-run media outlet of a fascistic banana republic, but I’ll save that for a rainy day. In the meantime, good for you, Nutrish, Wayfair, TripAdvisor, Expedia, Joseph A. Banks and Nestle. Oh, and David Hogg didn’t accept Ingraham’s apology either.

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  1. grabbyhands says:

    God, why even BOTHER? It is such a transparent attempt to deflect criticism and calm the advertisers! But the right will eat that Holy Week shiz up with a spoon.

    Every adult currently mocking, bullying or criticizing these kids should be required to sit their own kids down and explain to them while their life is worth less to their parents than some violent or mentally ill stranger’s right to by a bunch of guns unquestioned and shoot them at whomever they choose.

    • Kitten says:

      Yeah I completely agree with you, especially your second paragraph.
      I’m still reeling from the comments I’m reading on social media.
      People that I previously thought were normal, semi-rational folks are buying into the Deep State Crisis Actors narrative. I feel like we’re living in a Zombie Apocalypse where any day someone you know can get bitten by the Fox News virus and turn. I still cannot wrap my head around adults bullying these kids after all they went through. The thing is, the joke’s on them because these kids are more media savvy, tech savvy, and politically savvy than the average delusional deplorable.

      But yeah…these are scary times. This forum is still one of the few places of sanity left in my life. The 45 virus is pervasive AF.

      • Kitten says:

        Oh wow thanks, C/B! 😺😺

      • lightpurple says:

        Well said, Kitten!

        ETA Last night on Twitter, I saw a woman who was bullying David Hogg say that she wanted to know who paid for the travel to the March so she could boycott their companies. I responded with Robert Kraft, owner of Rand Whitney Group & International Forest Products. If you buy anything in a package, that packaging probably was made by Kraft’s company and you probably can’t get Patriots tickets so good luck with that boycott. She fell silent.

      • jwoolman says:

        I was seeing a lot of NRA supporters claiming that this was censorship and that they and “all their followers” supported Laura. I explained to one of them that it’s not censorship when you’re not put in jail for it and you can freely continue to say what you want. But others are free to decide not to spend their money on supporting your platform to say such things. So that’s one thing to do – pick a nonsensical pro-NRA/pro-Laura post and answer it politely.

        I saw a headline saying that NRA donations have tripled over this – wonder how much of that is coming from their Russian member?

        The list of advertisers was very helpful. He had a sensible suggestion, also – just pick one from the list and contact them to say what you think.

        I don’t recall him actually saying the word boycott, although some people spontaneously decided to stop buying the advertiser’s products and services. That’s a normal reaction, I did that when I learned how deeply involved in the military industry and nuclear weapons General Electric was. I wrote to them and told them that I had always bought their products and wished I still could because the other options for light bulbs in my area just didn’t have the same quality. But I just couldn’t do it until they got out of the weapons business. At the time, half their business was weapons and half consumer goods, increasingly including pricey medical equipment. Other people reacted similarly and eventually an organized boycott came out of it. They may not have minded losing my light bulb purchases but they were getting problems with purchasers of the pricey equipment. GE did eventually decide it wasn’t worth it and switched gears… Always wondered if they found other ways to profit from war (old habit for them) and haven’t kept up with it. But have to reward relatively good behavior so will buy GE if needed now.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Excellent post kitten and the above thoughtful responses. I love lightpurple’s shut down. Jwool I didn’t know that about GE. Thanks for the head’s up.

        I think these adults are in for a rude awakening. They are so used to bullying and getting away with it, but they chose the wrong victims and woke a lot of people up to what the NRA really is and what the right is doing.
        They are scared. The GOP depends on the NRA for money and influence. But now they are going to end up in trouble for their ties to Russian capital.

        All of this is happening because some children asked to be able to go to school and not worried about being shot. They asked for reasonable gun reform. Two articles about the attacks and who is doing it and why.
        Finally, the public is opening their eyes to gun laws and the conservatives don’t like it.

      • GoodGrrrrl? says:

        Well- at least now we KNOW that cyber brainwashing isn’t a theory (why all the faux news zombies?)- brain washing occurred and is a noxious weed that grows itself with little maintenance. Cambridge Analyical- illegally harvested the brain algorhythms of millions of people. Cambridge analytics was so sophisticated, it can know how to predict thoughts “better than a person’s spouse”. So why all the zombies? This was an organized attack and trumps campaign manger, Steve bannon the hutt- created this zombie apocalypse.

    • Veronica says:

      I actually had a come to Jesus moment with my cousin on Facebook because he posted something that made light of these kids, and I was just like…stop the knee-jerk second amendment bullshit and think about what you’re actually reposting here. You are literally mocking a teenage victim of terrorist activity. Sit the f*ck down and think before you hit that share button because you’re increasingly alienating people like me who are moderate on the gun issue.

      • Jayna says:

        Good for you. What was his response?

      • GoodGrrrrl? says:

        I had a cute age appropriate man “friend”me and several women just to snare us into the debate of demeaning the Parkland survivors. He lured us to an online trap, a creepy “fishy flirting” thing from cults of yore. Once we had been in “parenting posts”, etc he posted his “let’s discuss this 17yo’s hypocritical ideas”, and when I and all the other liberals called him out for bullying, about an hundred of his gun nut buddies started calling us the usual “Libtard” this and “snowflake” that. FB can get troll infested, still, I’m going to stay and keep connected w the Resistance!!

    • jwoolman says:

      I doubt that she will get those advertisers back. They took a look at the other crap she’s been spouting and I imagine it unnerved quite a few of them.

      I picked four out of the list to tweet about it, since I had some connection to them. Nutrish/Rachael Rae and Nestle have already pulled their ads, still waiting to see what Hulu and Bayer do. I was pretty sure Rachael Rae would not want to be associated further with Laura once she realized what she has been saying about this and other things. Really isn’t her approach to the world.

    • bettyrose says:

      Yeah, what really annoys me is that I’d never heard of this woman two days ago. She’s lost some sponsors, but now she’s a household word. I’m guessing that’s mission accomplished for her.

      • Nancy says:

        Consider yourself lucky. She is everything horrid you’ve read and more. I think Ann Coulter is getting jealous of her number 1 spot on the fu list, it usually belongs to her.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      My childhood friend’s older brother was about 7-8 years older than us. He used to hold her by her feet and drop her on her head. He punched my body repeatedly in the back of the bus. He told his sister he shot her dog, but really he gave it away to one of his friends. He used to hock big spit balls on her face, trying to get it in her mouth. He verbally abused her every single day.

      He is now posting memes against bullying (on the irony!), while also posting memes of Stormy Daniels and Anderson Cooper, asking why “a porn star and a gay man” should be talking about morality. He posts memes making fun of David Hogg, with a pink “pussy” hat crown on his head.

      The hypocrisy is just too much. I try to give people a chance, thinking maybe they aren’t the same jerks at 45 that they were at 17, but some people never change.

    • Shotcaller says:

      I have no words. Despicable.

  2. lisa says:

    when it is holy week and your sponsors walk away, what a lame apology. and if she doesnt know better by now she never will. Eff her.

  3. Naomi says:

    The usual non apology, apology. Too late though those advertisers are pulling out. People need to boycott companies associated with Fox and her ilk.

  4. FLORC says:

    This was amazing and I’m still smiling over it. She was held accountable.
    Her apology is forced because they only way to counter is to attack the money flow. Shes hardly sorry. Her words are not supported by her actions. And he has every right to call her out on that.

    • Kitten says:

      It is amazing in a way, isn’t it? The Faux News fembotz have made a living off of saying obnoxious and cruel things in an unapologetic and arrogant way. This smart kid knew that he could never get her to apologize out of moral conscience so he hit her where he knew she would feel it: right in the wallet. I’m telling you–these kids are five steps ahead of these crusty old conservatives.

    • Darla says:

      Yes to all of this. I am so happy to be witnessing this. Those foxies have become more and more depraved year after year. The filth they have spewed, the cruelty they have employed! Ingraham herself said terrible things about Trayvon Martin.

      And now they faced something they never have before: Consequences.

      Imagine how shocked they must be?

    • magnoliarose says:

      It feels great after enduring their disgusting, hateful behavior for years and now they have shown how we can make them accountable. What they spew is hate speech, bigotry, and misogyny. To advertise with them is supporting their views. It shouldn’t end with just her.

      • Nancy says:

        The tides will turn though….they always do during the next cable news cycle. Doubt she will be the topic at too many Easter dinner tables. But, conversely, she will eff up again, they always do. Right, Meghan Kelly. The Fox Bitches

      • GoodGrrrrl? says:

        My bio family has faux news on 24/7 multiple TVs. I can’t, in all consciousness, bring my young children for extended stays. My family is utterly brainwashed and think I’m an “evil liberal” anyway. No matter how thoughtful or kind or loving I behave – they have preconceived ideas and shade motivations. When they start drinking their ugly comes flowing go out. I have t been to visit since the election campaigns.

  5. Natalie S says:

    I grew up in a devout family and when I hear the way these people use religion as a shield … That is lightening bolt territory, referencing the holiest time in the Christian calendar for an insincere apology really intended to keep your sources of money.

    • Cran says:

      I’m not religious but her non apology incensed me no end. Her behavior was wrong in the spirit of ANY week. To use ‘holy week’ as an excuse to apologize is an affront. In doing so she has now included all of the people in observance of some of the most holy days in their respective religions in her original offense.

      One really has to work to be so oblivious. She has driven the concept of not being self aware to a new low.

    • jetlagged says:

      My paranoid alter-ego reads the “holy week” comment as an anti-semitic dogwhistle. The far, far, right (the same ones that are pushing the crisis actor conspiracy theory) have tried to minimize the tragedy at Stoneman Douglas high school and marginalize the students speaking out by highlighting the fact that the high school has a high percentage of Jewish students. Never underestimate the alt-right’s ability to stir up fear and paranoia among conservative Christians by telling them in a myriad of different ways that there are legions of “others” waging some sort of holy war against them and their values.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Yes, you heard right. I try to point these out here, so people are aware of what they are doing. Most people don’t get the antisemitic dog whistles because they haven’t been the target of them.
        Passover starts today. So you got it. Holy Week.
        She got one in even with her apology. David Hoog is Jewish.
        She is one hate filled bitch.

      • Darla says:

        Oh wow, this never occurred to me. Thanks.

    • Christin says:

      It bothers me as well. She should have said she was WRONG, period. Regardless of the faith she (supposedly) practices, her behavior was completely wrong, yet she sidestepped that simple admission.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        because she doesn’t actually believe that she IS wrong. she’s just “apologizing” because she’s losing $$$.

        she believes that she did nothing wrong, just like she believes she’s a Christian.

  6. damejudi says:

    Really? “…in the spirit of Holy Week…”

    Because there’s no way that “upon reflection” she decided just to be a decent human being.


    • CactusWren says:

      This exactly. Gross, calculated phrasing.

    • imqrious2 says:

      And if it wasn’t “Holy Week”?? This not even half-assed “apology” is just a punt to try and keep advertisers. Let’s face it, these kids are WAY better at media usage and mobilization than these hate-filled Republithugs. GO KIDS! I will continue to do my bit and write/boycott. One voice may not be heard, but all of us together will be a shout they can’t ignore for long. Like it was said above, you hit them in the only place it hurts: the wallet.

    • magnoliarose says:

      It was a dog whistle and insult with an apology. Passover starts today, and Hoog is Jewish. Basically, she is saying If I have to apologize to a Jew I will at least put him in place. The alt-right must have loved it.

  7. lightpurple says:

    She used her Fox News show twitter account to launch her attack on David Hogg. Why hasn’t Fox suspended her? Because Fox News supports attacks on these kids.

    And that fake apology admits no wrong, just “Holy Week.” Not an apology at all. ETA: David was right to reject it.

    • Domino says:

      She and Fox are also vile because her apology and putting poised in quotes is a dog whistle to those who believe Hogg is a crisis actor.

  8. Hazel says:

    I’ve been very impressed by the Parkland survivors & find hope in the future after all. And I think we can all recognize by now the non-apology apology. Hit ‘em where it hurts, kids, in the advertisers.

    • Ninks says:

      They are absolutely remarkable, and it’s so clear the right wing gun lobby puppets are terrified of them. They have no answer for these children except to mock them and throw out the ‘crisis actor’ accusations against them. Why put the poised in inverted commas? It’s a dog whistle for those who believe these kids are Soros employees. She didn’t mean a single word of her apology.

      • minx says:

        I’m in awe of the Parkland survivors. I get teary and emotional about them.

      • Nancy says:

        Same. They are doing everything possible not to be swept under the rug like all the other victims. These are some strong kids and gives you hope for the future. But at what cost….the tears are real.

  9. Snowflake says:

    Good. How can you attack kids for voicing their opinions on an issue? Obvs they hit a nerve.

  10. Indiana Joanna says:

    In the spirit of Holy Week . . .

    Golly, so Christ-like, so virtuous, so Mother Mary.

    She’s a cretin and despicable.

  11. boredblond says:

    Not being a religious person, the concept of doing the right thing based on the calendar escapes me..

    • Elkie says:

      For me it’s the whole idea of how anyone can claim to be a follower of Jesus Christ whilst also being affiliated with a political party whose central tenet of “f*** you poors, I got mine” is the exact opposite of everything he preached.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        these people are Christians in name only. they DO NOT act Christ-like…they may ask WWJD but then do the exact opposite.

        I F*CKING HATE these faux Christians who have to tell you at every turn that they are one (“in the spirit of Holy Week”) because they NEVER act like one.

        “in the spirit of Holy Week”…b*tch, how about “in the spirit of how Jesus comforted the sick and ailing, I won’t ever mock or demean a CHILD who has just survived a mass shooting where his friends were killed”. because that is actually what Jesus would do.

      • Thank you Elkie and Whatwhat? for telling It like it is. You said everything I wanted to say About conservative Christians but was afraid to do so. thank you so much for handing these people their butts on a platter.

      • flan says:

        Yeah, you should see all those Faux Christians bullying kids online and then claiming how much they love Jesus.

        Most hypocritical people on the planet.

    • KiddV says:

      Or doing the right thing because a book tells me I’ll burn in hell if I don’t. How about doing the right thing as a decent human being, period.

  12. Eric says:

    Laura’s translation:

    “In the spirit of holy shit I’m losing my advertisers; I’d better say something decent or imma end up like O’Reilly. Best I can do now is have my career die in the world of podcasts, where none of them thar deplorables listen anyhoo. Come back Nestle!”

    • Kitten says:

      Lmao. Accurate.

    • lightpurple says:

      “And in the second part of my tweet, after I really don’t apologize and put it on him for being overly sensitive if he felt any upset, I’m going to take credit for making him famous because I put him on the air first, never mind that he wouldn’t have anything to talk about if another kid hadn’t shot up his high school. ”

      She issued both the attack and the fake apology on the twitter account with the handle of her Fox show, which means it is Fox’s account. This was work related. It is Fox’s statement unless Fox takes disciplinary action against her. Fox has failed to do so.

    • magnoliarose says:

      Just to make sure it is clear. Her apology using Holy Week was a dig at David because he is Jewish. Because the Jews killed Jesus in their tiny minds, the antisemites like to use this as a basis for their bigotry. All of the racist stereotypes and hate speech stems from that. Taking over, sneaky, conspirators and want to abolish Christianity and control everything blah blah. We supposedly want to kill Jesus again.
      It is the same message that has been presented in different ways by different people to suit their agendas for over a thousand years.

  13. poppy says:

    leave Jesus out of this, b¡tch please.

    last time i checked he had words for people like her and they were repent or GTFO.

  14. hezzer19 says:

    I’m sorry but “poised”??? She puts poised in freaking quotation marks? Could she be any more condescending?

    • Domino says:

      It is a disgusting dog whistle to those who believe Hogg is a crisis actor.

      She is a sociopath, truly incapable of empathy.

  15. Reef says:

    So if it wasn’t Holy Week, it would’ve been “F, that kid and his grades”? lol, these people are truly awful. *sigh*

  16. Spring says:

    Nope. As I wrote in yesterday’s comments: Now that she’s lost a few advertisers, Ingraham’s issued an “apology” for “any upset or hurt” that follows the predictably Sorry-Not-Sorry playbook by NOT acknowledging and taking responsibility for her ad hominem attack. And she includes an obligatory, gratuitous religious reference as if that makes it all good. Sure, whatever.

    I love that she’s being held accountable & having to feel the heat of losing advertising revenue. And I love that her advertisers got called out for their association with her. I definitely want to support those who dumped her ass like a radioactive hot potato.

  17. Frida_K says:

    I hope that this güera gets fired from her show. She’s been evil since forever. I read an article about how she outed gay students at her college by going undercover to one of their meetings and then printing everyone’s name in the student paper. What kind of evil person does this? And it’s clearly been downhill for her ever since.

    Her head must be spinning right about now though. After a lifetime of being a privileged white woman, thin and blonde and *cough* “Christian,” she is now suddenly learning what it feels like to be disempowered. Ay, ¡pobrecita!

    Maybe she and Bill O’Reilly can do podcasts together from a basement somewhere after she gets fired.

    I hope that she gets fired.

    • lightpurple says:

      The twitter account uses her Fox handle so it is a work-related account. Fox has done nothing.

      • Frida_K says:

        We’ll see how it plays out. I don’t expect Fox to do the right thing out of a sense of decency but if they start losing enough money on the proposition…maybe.

        Vamos a ver, we’ll see.

  18. Who ARE these people? says:

    What is this thing about apologizing not for one’s offensive actions but for the offended person’s feelings? How did we reach this point? I found myself on the receiving end of one of these glib non-apologies lately and found it so deeply unsatisfying.

    • lucy2 says:

      It’s the PR version of an apology. The “I still think I’m right but this is going to hurt me financially so I have to say something” apology.

      I was thrilled to see how fast people mobilized and got these companies to kill their ads. I’m disgusted any of them advertised on her show to begin with.

      • Who ARE These People? says:

        It’s so obvious and so awful. Same on the advertisers.

        I wonder how people feel they can get away with these non-apologies in real life, private relationships. That’s what happened to me. I noticed it started to happen maybe in the 80s-90s, right alongside expecting the oppressed and victimized to “forgive” their oppressors. I noticed it more among the more church-going people in my life too. It seems like a total distortion and a slick way to avoid taking responsibility. If I were going to get old-fashioned about it, I’d say it’s not a mark of good character.

    • Trashaddict says:

      Well actually it’s a pretty common tactic of sociopaths, second only to stating how tortured they have been over the consequences of their actions, while not really addressing how crappy they’ve made other people feel.

    • hogtowngooner says:

      It’s absolutely disingenuous but I think there is also a legal aspect here. Basically, if you apologize for your actions, you are admitting wrongdoing and would then be open to a lawsuit. I could be wrong, though. If there are any lawyers about on this thread, please correct me if I’m wrong!

  19. Veronica says:

    I love that older conservatives really think they can outmaneuver young people on the INTERNET of all things. Like they weren’t raised on it or something.

    • lightpurple says:

      Right? I was listening to a radio announcer yesterday read off the dates when various social media platforms started or went public and then the dates these kids were born. Most of the platforms are older or around the same age as the kids.

  20. Nancy says:

    If I were David, I’d rather be ghosted by her than hear her bullshit, gratuitous apology. The strength comes in the advertisers pulling away, I don’t like Rachael Ray and can cook better than she does, but now I just might try one of her 30 minute meals…lol, good for her and all of the advertisers not standing for this immoral twit’s hatred. Fox should suspend this woman, whose ugly insides correspond with her face. She and her network, I can only suspect are amongst those who claim Sandy Hook was a hoax and the children were actors. Holy Week, my butt, put holy water on her face and she would go blind.

    • jwoolman says:

      I used to watch Rachael Rae’s 30
      Minute Meals on the Food Network even though I wasn’t really interested in cooking anything. She was just fun to watch. Enthusiastic to the max. I can see how all the perky could be annoying, but for some reason it didn’t bother me.

      She’s right about prepping produce for the week, though. She was thinking larger scale than me, of course. Now I try to actually use plastic bags like snack packs and sandwich bags to divide up bags of pre-fab pre-washed veggies and it does help me eat better if I can just grab the right amount out of the fridge without having to do anything. Much less spoilage that way also. The bags can actually be washed and re-used most of the time. I just put on a cartoon and fill little bags appropriately.

      I’ve started doing the same thing with frozen veggies right after buying so I don’t have to spend ten minutes chopping a portion out of the frozen lump after the first serving…. The same works for canned stuff, actually, especially rinsed beans. I also get those microwaveable packs of various types of rice and finally realized that I can get twice the acceptable portions out of them (four instead of two, seal up little bags of the portions and toss in the freezer) since I just fill up the bowl with other stuff anyway and don’t need that much of the rice itself. Anything to avoid actually (gasp!) cooking. Back in my younger days, I would cook up a lot of something and end up eating it every day for a week. Now I can have a lot more variety by freezing portions.

      • Nancy says:

        She had her time. She kind of got put on the back burner (God I hate my puns) with all of the new shows. Good tip with the bags! Ina will always be my fav. If I had that woman’s pantry, she has everything! The Pioneer Woman is kind of like Rachel, basics, but never stops smiling, which I guess is a good thing. I love to cook so watch a lot of the shows to get ideas when I can with two exceptions, Valerie Bertinelli and Giada. If you want to see boobs, watch that other station! Lol

  21. Maria F. says:

    When I read his twitter about boycotting the advertisers I would have never thought that within one day he had half of the sponsors withdrawing. That is amazing.

    And I respect his choice to not accept the apology. People need to be held accountable for what they do and in the times of social media we cannot just say whatever comes into our minds and apologise for it later and expect all to be good. Think before speaking or writing.

    • Lady D says:

      I am seriously impressed by this young man, too. It’s heartbreaking to think he is this lad because of a tragedy. I get the feeling going forward that talking heads are going to be a little more cautious and respectful in their encounters with him.

  22. BJ says:

    Girl Bye
    You knew it was Holy Week when you said it.

  23. Neelyo says:

    I hope I’m remembering this incorrectly, but I believe the children she adopted were minorities. They will have Stockholm syndrome after being raised by her.

    • Domino says:


      This woman is a sociopath. Truly incapable of empathy, and she manipulates and gaslights instead of saying she is wrong. Disgusting.

      Her and Russian bots have the only talking point that “if he wants to go on the news and tqlk policy, then I get to go after him like an adult!” because she and they can’t stand the fact that he is an actual victim.

      If her kids say school shootings scare them she probably gaslights them too, or takes them to a shooting range.

    • MerrymerrymonthofMay says:

      @Neelyo, OR they will grow up and see through her bullshit and reject everything she has taught them. Wouldn’t that be karmic justice???

  24. Ladykeller says:

    I am loving these kids. They keep getting better and better. The right should just stop egging them on. These kids have serious social media game.

  25. Anna says:

    She could have at least apologized for actually sending out such a vile tweet, instead she decided to apologize for the upset or hurt it caused? You just *know* she doesn’t regret bullying David. Asshole-woman.

  26. Doodle says:

    Since moving to the States I’ve noticed that (sweeping statement) republicans tend to be a bit “harder” and nastier – not really in line with the Christian values they spout, but therebit is. Democrats seem to be a bit too gentle in their approach to everything. Now we are seeing kids who grew up online, where being anonymous afforded a certain amount of nastiness to come out. Basically, the Republicans are going to be hit with their own medicine in this upcoming generation, and they’re not going to like it because they’re not used to it.

  27. Ms. Lib says:

    I love those pesky kids! Laura Ingraham is an ass wipe.

  28. MoAnne says:

    “In the spirit of holy week,” I won’t say how I really feel about Laura Ingraham.

    Stop using religion as a cover to spout hate-filled tirades against people you disagree with. “Blessed are the peacemakers”…right, Laura?

  29. No Doubtful says:

    She’s disgusting and so is anyone who supports her. If you don’t believe with his political views, fine, but no need to attack his education or intelligence.

  30. Other Renee says:

    This woman is despicable. There are Republicans calling her out for her insensitivity and callousness.

    When I read some of the abuse being hurled on these kids (much of it aimed at Emma Gonzales), my heart hurts. These are kids in school. And all they are asking for is the right to go to school and feel safe. Anyone who has a problem with that doesn’t have a conscience.

  31. Renee says:

    This young man schooled her! David’s maturity in handling her showed how she underestimated him & the other kids of these senseless tragedies.

  32. mannori says:

    good god bless these kids. They’re ON in the best way they could be and is glorious.

  33. mannori says:

    oh BTW: f*ck HULU.

  34. SM says:

    America is such a weird country. Just saw a Time Magazine headline that Nicholas Cruz is getting fan mail in prison….while his victims get hate not only from some teens but from adults. With jobs. And kids of their own….

  35. Rileyy says:

    I don’t support Laura but this kid is coming across whiny. I work for one of the places he wants boycotted. What if my livelihood is affected because this kid has to make an issue about every little thing? Also, it seems like he is acting like an adult so let’s treat him like one.

    • BJ says:

      I personally would have more of an issue with the company I work basically supporting an ignorant vile bigot.

    • virginfangirl says:

      Acting like an adult may have a different meaning to me it seems. A debate about gun control should be based on conversations that pertain to that subject matter, not about hurling insults that have nothing to do with the subject. It sucks that you work for a company that supports her behavior, & we all know sometimes we have to continue with our employers regardless of whether we agree with their morals because we all need to feed our family. But let’s lay the blame on the right people if you do end up unemployed, and that would be with Laura and the owners of your company for supporting her.

    • Arwen says:

      Rileyy really? Your livelihood vs him and his peers wanting to be able to live and go to school without fear of being shot. He’s not the one whining here…..

    • magnoliarose says:

      Your livelihood is not connected to advertising on her show. Not advertising on her show which is a small corner of the market will not affect the companies at all.
      Treating someone like an adult doesn’t make her words any better. She shouldn’t have said it to anyone.
      Do you trolls get the same memos in the morning or something?
      Attacking a child is ugly, so you think if you can convince people to see him as an adult then you all get a pass. It doesn’t work that way. You should spend your time asking why HER words are the problem.

    • hmmm says:

      You sound like a whiny bot.

    • naomipaige says:

      I think you’re being whiny in your post. Shame on you!

    • whatWHAT? says:

      “What if my livelihood is affected because this kid has to make an issue about every little thing?”

      oh TOTES MAGOTES…I mean, how dare he actually try to make a difference after surviving a mass shooting where he saw his classmates slaughtered. I mean, a mass shooting is no big thing, right?…next thing you know he’s going to actually VOTE or something. Sheesh, what a drama queen!


  36. virginfangirl says:

    I guess adults bullying children is where some finally draw the line?

  37. Rileyy says:

    I’m not going to quit my good paying job because they advertise for her. Boo hoo, someone said something about your GPA that you tweeted out yourself. Grow up. If we boycotted every company that has done something we don’t like, then there wouldn’t be much left to choose from. Also, how does boycotting her advertisers help these kids? This kid isn’t trying to help his fellow students, he’s looking for his 15 minutes

    • virginfangirl says:

      Did someone ask you to quit your job? Boycotting and quitting a job is certainly a personal decision that is yours to make. To answer your question “How does boycotting her advertisers help these kids?” It already has. She kind of issued an apology & she & others who have a huge platform to bully others will certainly think twice before doing so, which means they will actually have to stick to facts and the topic when debating gun control.

    • Snowflake says:

      Oh please. I’m sure he loves being harassed and bullied after watching his fellow classmates get killed in front of him. Not! Lot easier ways to get your 15 minutes of fame. Why won’t people put kids before guns? Why all the attacks against him? Did he Hit a nerve, youdon’t like the message he’s spouting? So you want to attack and discredit him? Pretend he’s an actor? Anything to stop stricter gun control. The NRA brainwashed you well.

    • magnoliarose says:

      Your post is a great example why more people like Laura will continue to be boycotted. She is on vacation which usually means it is curtains for her. You aren’t used to people fighting back, but you should learn to be because it isn’t going to stop. You will be held accountable for your actions.

    • hmmm says:

      You sound just like Laura I. Your argument is not terribly logical.

    • naomipaige says:

      Time for you to ZIP IT!

    • whatWHAT? says:

      all of this was said in “the spirit of Holy Week”, right?

  38. Shannon says:

    She is so pathetic, I mean it’s mind-numbing. Not a big Harvey Levin fan, but good for him for taking up for David. She’s disgusting. And I dropped Hulu and have to quit eating at Arby’s. But better that I have this information now. And ‘in the spirit of the Holy Week’? Bitch, please. Get God’s name out of your mouth.

  39. Holly hobby says:

    Finally those horrible people have met their kryptonite! These kids are social media savvy and they managed to turn the tables on these creeps. They’ve been spewing garbage for so many years and now they are speechless.

    Orange a$$ has never commented so I think he’s afraid of them. They’d use social media to tell him to shut up.

  40. britt mezher says:

    She’s a piece of shit. With much love from Australia. x

  41. LIONOHHHH86 says:

    Good. People (especially ones in the media) need to realize actions have consequences. Too bad this couldnt happen with ASSleigh Banfield and that tragically tone deaf “open letter” to Ansari’s accuser