Does Tom Cruise want Katie Holmes to do a Judy Garland dance tribute?

We were having the debate earlier this week as to whether Katie Holmes is pregnant again, or if she’s just bloaty, slouchy and a bad dresser. If she is pregnant, I feel really bad for her, because she’s got a couple of strenuous projects lined up for the next few months. If she’s knocked up, I’d imagine she’ll be sick as a dog. Of course, she already tends to look like a zombie Stepford wife with no fashion sense. So “sick as a dog” might be an improvement.

Before Katie, Tom and Suri fly off to Australia so that Katie can film a creepy thriller, the rumor is still going strong that she’ll appear in an episode of “So You Think You Can Dance? Granted, it’s a hit show on Fox. The downside is that Katie used to be a promising actress… and now she’ll be guest-starring on a dance reality show. No fears! MSNBC’s The Scoop has the “real reason” why Katie has signed onto the dance show: because Tom Cruise really wants Katie to do a tribute to Judy Garland. Hand to God! Tom Cruise loves some Judy Garland. Cough cough of course he does cough.

The reasoning behind a Katie Holmes’ song-and-dance tribute to Judy Garland is a bit more complicated, though. This is the year of the 70th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz, and MGM is doing a lot to promote the reissue or something. MGM and Tom Cruise are tight… so Katie is doing a Judy tribute to be a good wife. Or something. JUDY!!

When you’re Katie Holmes and you’re spotted walking around the studio lot of “So You Think You Can Dance,” wearing an outfit that looks hijacked from the set of “Fosse,” word will spread quickly.

Holmes has yet to confirm her “SYTYCD” participation, and Fox is steadfast with a “no comment” response, but several sources say that you can expect Holmes to both sing and dance on the reality show.

“She’ll be doing a Judy Garland tribute,” says a source who became close to Holmes when she performed in “All My Sons” on Broadway last fall.

The logical follow-up question is: Why would Holmes want to be part of the show? One theory: she’s playing the part of the good wife.

It’s the 70th anniversary of the iconic Judy Garland film “The Wizard of Oz,” which is an MGM property (and here’s where it becomes complex — stay with me). MGM and Holmes’ hubby, Tom Cruise, are closely linked since the studio was behind the resurrection of Cruise’s production company, United Artists.

MGM, which isn’t a runaway financial success right now, has high sales expectations for the “Wizard of Oz: 70th Anniversary Ultimate Collector’s Edition” DVD, which comes out this September.

Cruise doesn’t have any films from United Artists in theaters any time soon, so the pressure is on for him to contribute to the bottom line. One way to drum up publicity: have Holmes help where she can.

“It’s a lot of dots to connect, but for one, she’s his biggest cheerleader, and she had her eye on the Weinstein Company’s Judy Garland project, but (the role) went to Anne Hathaway,” said another source. “She has talked about doing musical theater for some time now. And even though it feels strange that she’d do ‘So You Think You Can Dance,’ it could be good for the next phase of her career.”

Holmes’ performance, which MGM says is not a promotional one to benefit the studio, is expected to air later this summer, but there’s no official air date yet.

[From MSNBC’s The Scoop]

Is any of this true? Perhaps, but I find that the thread connecting the rationale (Katie Holmes to Tom Cruise to MGM to Judy Garland to So You Think You Can Dance?) a bit confusing. I think it’s much more likely that Katie just likes to dance and be girly, and she thought the whole thing would be really fun. F-ck it, it gets her out of the house, you know? A woman can’t live by Xenu and barley water alone.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are shown on 6/22/09 during the ceremony for Cameron Diaz’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Credit:, Fame Pictures and PRPhotos

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  1. CandyKay says:

    I was just thinking the other day about how much Britney Spears has in common with Judy Garland. Early fame, exhausting schedules, ill-chosen martial partners, drug use to help facilitate peformances, collapse, isolation, desperate unhappiness.

    Katie Holmes, I don’t see the resemblance so much. Maybe she should do a dance tribute to Ronnie Spector instead.

  2. sarcra says:

    I think I read somewhere that she had already taped the SYTYCD appearance? Maybe that was just speculation. Anyway, if she already taped it, that’s one thing off her list.

    She looks pregnant to me in that pic, though it’s also baggy clothing which can play tricks on you. I remember Nicole Kidman joking after the divorce that now she could wear heels, but Katie doesn’t seem to have a problem with it. She towers over him!

  3. Neelyo says:

    If Tom really wants to help out MGM, why doesn’t he don the mesh tights and fedora and do the Judy number? Now that I’d watch.

    Katie’s got a small but pleasant singing voice and is an okay dancer, but the whole thing doesn’t make any sense. The show is on Fox so why do they care about helping out MGM and Judy Garland, though a good dancer, isn’t legendary like an Ann Miller or Cyd Charisse. No, I think this has to do with Tom’s obsession with Judy. He probably coached Katie himself on capturing her every gesture and nuance.

  4. CandyKay says:

    Neelyo, I would also be very pleased to watch Tom dance in mesh tights and a fedora. What a YouTube hit that would be.

  5. geronimo says:

    LOL! Yes to Tom’s tights donning, that I would watch. (O/T, just checked, JG’s height on imdb is given as 4’11 1/2″. Was she really that small?)

  6. princess pee says:

    I am going crazy over this rumour. SYTYCD usually highlights professional dancers in an attempt to get more mainstream attention to the variety of dance out there. It is annoying me to no end that the producers would give stage time to an actress who’s been taking a few dance classes. That’s what Dancing with the HasBeens is for, right?

    Also, if it’s a tribute to Judy Garland, specifically to Judy in Wizard of Oz, wtf is a Fosse-esque outfit doing in there? Have you SEEN Wizard of Oz, because I don’t remember the jazzy leather and lingerie bit.

  7. tasteT says:

    Who cares what controlling midget boy wants??

    can he even act?? what has he been in that was a hit LATELY??

    poor Katie, RUN! its not worth the money.

  8. mMm says:

    Damn, Katie is looking a whole lot like that woman on Reno 911 in those pics.

  9. Renee says:

    HA! The reference to Deputy Trudy Weigel (Kerri Silver) made me LOL!

  10. Magsy says:

    Is Cruise constantly playing pocket pool? Why are his hands always in his pocket?

  11. snorkey says:

    I really do not care about Tom Cruise, I think he is nothing but a narcissistic completely self centered man who was not anything special as an actor, except he did give his all, he’s now aging and how he will be able to handle it is going to be a problem, Katie, i’m certain now knows what a huge mistake she’s made and hindsight tells one as much by that immature statement she made”he is the most amazing man in the world”that is something a child would say, cause that’s what she was, then. I feel w/ yrs. passed by,she sees how young and unknowing she was, then. I feel she has become a woman now and has other intent than she had prior to. So what Tom says i really don’t think has the impact it had. Maybe I’m all wrong, but I doubt it. This stuff reg. dancing, who cares.