Ruth Negga & Dominic Cooper have broken up after eight years together

Dominic Cooper and Ruth Negga

When Ruth Negga was doing the promotional tour and the awards circuit for Loving, I remember being disappointed that she didn’t walk any big red carpets with her long-time boyfriend Dominic Cooper. I remember when Ruth and Dominic got together too, because it was the first time I heard her name: Dominic had been dating Amanda Seyfried, and then suddenly they were over and he was with Ruth almost immediately. That was eight years ago!! Ruth and Dominic were a cool, under-the-radar kind of celebrity couple though – there were occasionally photos of them at events or out to lunch, but for the most part, they really didn’t promote themselves as a couple at all. And now they’re over.

“Preacher” co-stars and off-screen couple Dominic Cooper and Ruth Negga have amicably parted ways, Page Six has exclusively learned, after eight years together. A source says that the perfect-looking pair remain friends.

They began dating in 2010, and have starred together numerous times — most recently in the AMC series “Preacher,” as well as a UK National Theatre production of “Phèdre” in 2009, and the 2016 Universal video game adaptation “Warcraft.” But pals say the off-screen romance ran its course and the two are moving on.

Dashing Cooper next stars in “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again” — with another ex, Amanda Seyfried. Negga was nominated for a best actress Oscar in 2016 for “Loving.” Their reps did not comment.

[From Page Six]

Looking back on it, I wonder if this was a long time coming, considering her reticence to have Dominic around during the 2017 awards season. Still, eight years is a long time together and it’s more than possible that they just grew apart naturally and there’s no huge drama about it. Also: now I sort of want to see Ruth end up with Joel Edgerton, just because they had so much chemistry in Loving, and in real life as they promoted the movie. I know that’s dumb, but I f–king love Joel Edgerton and I would love them together.

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26 Responses to “Ruth Negga & Dominic Cooper have broken up after eight years together”

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  1. Dorothy#1 says:

    Oh no! I love them on Preacher.

  2. Maria F. says:

    oh nooooo. I liked this couple. Bummer.

  3. lightpurple says:

    That’s sad. Liked them together.

  4. grabbyhands says:

    Well that is a bummer-they seemed great together. On a purely selfish note, I hope they’re still cool enough with each other to continue working on Preacher.

  5. deets says:

    I love Ruth. Hope she’s okay. Going to make some weird Preacher, but I guess Dexter managed, so can they. Hell of a terse note though. I think Tater and Dewan’s break up memo had 10x the character count.

  6. BaBaDook says:

    I always secretly shipped her with Fassbender. They were both Irish people based in the UK, talented up and coming actors and he notoriously had a “type” that Ruth fit into back in the day. Plus, vintage Fassy was hot and they’d have been hot together. Sadly, Fassy has passed his heyday and Ruth is hopefully just hitting hers so…I guess she dodged a bullet not living out my fantasy?!

  7. Kiki says:

    Weren’t they together before Amanda “broke them up”?

    • Kath says:

      The other way around, I think.

    • Katya says:

      This is what I seem to remember. He was with Ruth back in the UK then started dating Amanda during Mamma Mia and the two ladies didn’t know about each other. He then dumped Amanda when returning to the UK, where he was still seeing Ruth. That’s the story the tabloids were peddling at the time anyway.

  8. Léna says:

    Isn’t like the famous divorce lawyer technique, announce your seperation a few days after a bigger break up so the focus is not on them?
    I kind of see the pattern now.

  9. Birdie says:

    I clicked on this article to remind myself who Dominic Cooper was and I was shocked, because I still remember him with Amanda Seyfried like yesterday and now he is broken up with another lady after 8 years?! What is time??

  10. Lucy says:

    Sad. They were hot together!

  11. Rose says:

    I had to look it up , she’s 36?
    I really thought by these photos she was 50-60, her awful style is so aging .

  12. Yeahright says:

    Joel better jump on that! She’s adorable!

  13. Flatsy says:

    I think Joel Edgerton also wants to get together with Ruth. Don’t know how she feels.

  14. willowisp says:

    She’s drop dead gorgeous and I never got his appeal.

  15. Danielle says:

    I think he dated Amanda and Ruth at the same time for awhile.

  16. ichsi says:

    I was really rooting for them!!

  17. Redgrl says:

    She was amazing in Loving. So was Edgerton.