Cardi B announced her pregnancy by showing her sizeable bump on ‘SNL’

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I don’t think this will come as an enormous shock to anyone, but Cardi B is pregnant and very far along. People have known that Cardi is pregnant for months, honestly! She’s been hiding her bump but people figured it out, and Cardi made a lot of allusions to her pregnancy in interviews and on social media too. So how did she finally confirm it? By wearing a body-con Christian Siriano dress while performing on Saturday Night Live last night:

Cardi was on SNL because her album (Invasion of Privacy) just dropped last week and it’s already a huge hit. Cardi is only 25, did you know that? She’s having the biggest year of her life… and she’s having a baby. And she’s engaged to Offset, but God knows when they’ll have the wedding. This is Cardi’s first baby but Offset has three other children from previous relationships (and he’s only 26). Offset posted this after Cardi’s SNL performance:

So how does Cardi feel now that she’s confirmed her pregnancy? “I’m finally free!” She looks so happy!

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  1. Mrs. G says:

    So many people are being so hateful a baby is a blessing congrats to her .

    • Llamas in pajamas says:

      For real, were people ‘worried’ about Adele when she was pregnant at a high point of her career?

      Congrats to Cardi!

  2. Idk says:

    Man I feel so bad for her. Her boyfriend’s cheated so many times and publically too yet she thinks he’s the best she can get.

    • still_sarah says:

      @Idk : She seems to have a pretty stable sense of herself and I’m glad for that. I wish her lots of success. But when your cheating fiance has three kids by other “relationships” and is only 26 years old, I think she needs to prepare herself for single parenthood. I think she will do fine whatever her future brings but putting too much of her future plans on Offset seems like a bad idea.

      • Electric Tuba says:

        The name Offset is baffling to me. It’s like calling yourself Snooze Button, Upload, or Reboot. I don’t see a real future between her and Malware Virus Protector. Perhaps she can get it on with a System Upgrade later on in life?

      • magnoliarose says:

        @Electric Tuba
        I almost choked with laughter. STAHP!!!

      • Athyrmose says:

        @electrictuba It baffles me that a tuba has opinions about an offset.

  3. aims says:

    I keep hearing about this woman,but have no idea who she is.

    • AnnaKist says:

      Me, too, aims, but I put it down to the fact that I’m in Australia. Good luck to her, though. I think she’s gonna need it. He sound like a real arse.

    • Mama says:

      I don’t know… there’s this thing called Google….

  4. Astro chick says:

    ugh, she seems like an uneducated trash. Why does this culture praise such people?

    • joanne says:

      not having an education doesn’t make you trash anymore than being educated makes you a good person. how do you decide what makes someone trash? what are the qualifications?

      • Astro chick says:

        Obviously I didn’t mean a formal education or an Ivy league diploma, jeez.
        It saddens me that people like this get publicity, fame and praise. But after Kardashians managed to get famous and made their way to the B-list nothing surprises me anymore…

      • otaku fairy says:

        @Astro chick: Remember, the first word in a sentence is supposed to have an uppercase letter.

      • Astro chick says:

        “ain’t no one telling ma what to put first in my sentence.” I would say if I were looking up to someone like her

      • CN says:

        I’m here for Cardi B all day long, bad grammar, heavy accent all of it. This girl has pulled herself all the way from being a stripper to setting and breaking records musically (I think we can all admit that those odds weren’t great for her). Trash is the last thing this girl is and I hope she keeps rising and rising.She’s worked really hard and continues to do so and she’ll keep improving. This, by the way is part of her message “to work hard” along with “being yourself and letting other people be themselves”.

        She’ll make mistakes for sure, everyone does, but I’m rooting for her. She said she wanted to have kids and here she is with one on the way. I’m not sure that Offset was the best she could have done, but we’re here now and I hope it all works out.

      • Astro_chick says:

        For the record I never said anything about her personal life or her choice of a partner (unlike many commenters here). I criticize her public persona and what she puts out in the world as an artist (her interviews are a part of that). Her real personality can be different from that.
        Statements such as “she can make her own choices” are too obvious to even comment on

    • deets says:

      “I think probably kindness is my number one attribute in a human being. I’ll put it before any of the things like courage or bravery or generosity or anything else.

      Brian Sibley: Or brains even?

      Oh gosh, yes, brains is one of the least. You can be a lovely person without brains, absolutely lovely. Kindness – that simple word. To be kind – it covers everything, to my mind.
      If you’re kind that’s it.”

      I agree with Mr Dahl.

      • Astro chick says:

        @deets, kindness is definitely not the message she promotes (Angelina does, for example. regardless of her deviant past which I don’t judge and don’t have the right to judge in both cases).
        Cardi promotes the shallow and superficial idea of “success”, selfishness and fixation of wealth

      • magnoliarose says:

        Yes, I agree. Kindness goes straight to character and the heart of a person. It isn’t even about saying nice things all the time it is about actions and how someone lives their life. It doesn’t mean being a doormat or accepting of everything or perfect just simply kind.
        She may or may not be, but I see many comments are not.

      • otaku fairy says:

        A person can like flashy cars (or other unnecessary luxury items) and still be kind though. I don’t know Cardi B, so I don’t know if she’s nice or not, but I wouldn’t automatically assume that a newly wealthy person who grew up poor was unkind just because they wanted to indulge a little bit.

      • Astro chick says:

        Everyone indulges. Who says you can’t spend the money you earned the way you want. that’s not what I’m saying. I’m talking about the message she puts out in the world. “I know I’m talented and rich and I can get any man I want” – says a nobody. Massive eyeroll. Have you heard someone truly talented say that? Like Rihanna or Beyonce?
        Actually, the fact that someone likes Cardi tells a lot about how this person knows nothing about rap and how amazing it can be

      • Megan says:

        Cardi B is an up-and-coming singer with her first album on the market. She is saying outrageous things to drum up interest. It’s basic PR and it is working. People are talking about her, and, more importantly, buying her album.

    • Reef says:

      lol, you really woke up on this Sunday morning and hit submit with confidence after calling someone uneducated trash. Wow…just wow.

      ANYHOO, so Invasion of Privacy is full of BOPS. I’m so proud of her. She’s come a long way. I wish she would leave Offset alone but everybody is flawed.

      • MellyMel says:

        Yes IOP is really good! I finally listened to it yesterday. I think it already went gold if I’m not mistaken. She has a lot to be happy about right now!

    • Ayra. says:

      Wow. Aren’t you a ray of sunshine? Disgusting, smh

    • JustMe says:

      What the hell is wrong with you Astro Hick?

    • Jane says:


      Such a mean comment, I would be ashamed of myself for saying ignorant trash like this.

      I’m no fan of Cardi B, but I wish her the best in the world.

      I value kindness more than any other quality in human nature and it costs nothing.

      Education doesn’t equal class, it equals knowledge of certain things.

      I would try to avoid having a child before the age of 30, so I could obtain good education, establish my career, travel, gain some life experience and prepare as best as possible financially.

      I genuinely don’t understand why some women like guys like Offset.

      Why make your life harder?

      • Astro chick says:

        kindness is definitely not the message she promotes and I obviously didn’t mean formal education. Plenty of brilliant people don’t have diplomas.
        Cardi is so classless it hurts and promotes the shallow and superficial idea of “success”, selfishness and fixation of wealth

    • JennyJenny says:

      Ugh ~
      I’ve known some highly educated people who were tactless, classless and mean. Book knowledge offers NO guarantee the person is better.
      I’ll take the kind, thoughtful, good hearted person ANY DAY!

    • Astro chick says:

      OMG, I obviously didn’t mean a formal education. Her values, the way she expresses herself and the way she acts speak louder than any diploma she might or might not have. Speaking of kindness and class – she obviously doesn’t have either.
      It saddens me that people like this get publicity, fame and praise. But after Kardashians managed to get famous and hoed their way to the B-list nothing surprises me anymore…

      • i, pet goat 2 says:

        oh we heard you just right, astro chick.

      • otaku fairy says:

        “Her values, the way she expresses herself and the way she acts speak louder than any diploma she might or might not have….It saddens me that people like this get publicity, fame and praise…But after Kardashians managed to get famous and hoed their way to the B-list nothing surprises me anymore… ” Ah. So you only want those who submit to respectability politics to get attention, and women who don’t speak your kind of English or practice your values when it comes to female sexual modesty and how they spend their money are beneath you. Got it.
        You’re not exactly coming across as kind. Kindness doesn’t tend to involve thinking that your dialect and your chastity elevate you over other women.

      • Astro chick says:

        You are trying to make this woman versus woman while it’s not. I don’t think she’s “beneath me” as a woman and I don’t think about my own “chastity”, please, don’t project you insecurities on me. Her level of modesty or her past has nothing to do with what I’ve said about her. I never mentioned anything about the way she prefers to express her sexuality (you did, btw).
        There are ways to be successful, own your sexuality, expose as much skin as you want and still be classy, giving and a role model (Rihanna, for example).
        Cardi is a caricature, not a feminist. Her expressions reek of shallowness and blind hunger for fame and money at any cost.

      • osito says:

        “Obviously.” You keep using that word, yet you don’t seem to know what it means. If the number of reactions to your comment hasn’t clued you in yet, your intent was not “obvious.”

        Ditto for “uneducated.” As you keep pointing out, there are all kinds of education — the one that Belcalis Almanzar received taught her that financial security and the ability to take care of one’s family are important, and that claims of feminism are bullshit if that feminism is not intersectional. The one that you received taught you to deflect criticism for publicly sharing an overreaction to a pregnant woman attempting to make a living.

        If you want to talk about the inappropriate value placed on entertainment, we can do that on every. single. article. ever written about any and all celebrity ever. And I wouldn’t have an issue if that were your style. But picking on one — and when you feel attacked, lumping in the Kardashians like they invented the genre of looking better than you behave for money — just makes it seem as though your motives aren’t ultimately very pure.

      • Astro chick says:

        So the fact that many other celebrities have problematic behavior makes this one better? Nice logic.
        I said “obviously” in response to zillion comments like “having an education doesn’t make you a good person” – duh
        It’s a well known fact that most celebrities out there chose career in movies/music over university education because both are very time consuming, so it would be weird to expect everyone to have a diploma (especially from someone like Cardi *cringe*)

      • osito says:

        “So the fact that many other celebrities have problematic behavior makes this one better? Nice logic.”

        Nope; that’s just you getting another L for comprehension. I was pointing out that *your* argument linked celebrities that you consider “uneducated trash.” The concept of celebrity itself is arguably troubling, and it deserves dialogue about where we, as a society, place our attention and our values. But that’s not the point you were making. You were just exposing your own lack of self-awareness. If your issue is with one or two famous people and whether they’re “deserving” of fame, and not the concept of fame in and of itself, it says more about *you* than it does the focus of your contempt.

      • Astro_chick says:

        How do you know if I focus on her and on her only?
        “one or two famous people” – oh, you know me so well! Your analysis makes no sense as you don’t know anything about my preferences or dislikes. Believe it or not, people can dislike someone without having personal issues. If someone says that Charlie Sheen is garbage I don’t automatically assume this person is secretly attracted to him. So why when one woman dares to criticize another one there are dozens of commenters assuming I am prudish or am “threatened” with the way she prefers to express her sexuality. I never ever commented on her personal life (unlike most commenters here) and I never mentioned her past. To me her public persona is not talented, not sexy, (maybe in a clownish, tacky way) and I have zero issues with how much skin she exposes or the fact that she used to be a stripper. Stop projecting your insecurities on me. I don’t think she’s “edgy” or “different”, I think she’s tacky and basic. And her music and her public persona IS trash (her real personality might be different though)

      • osito says:

        I just saw your response on the second thread that I responded to, and honestly, that read as a higher level analysis of the work you dislike, rather than an attack on her as a person than what you led with: ‘I prefer “different” and artistic when it comes to art and its expression. I like real authentic rap and real music. To me her public persona is not edgy or different, it’s tacky, dumb and basic and I would say even boring. if you add undeserved sense of entitlement and tacky expressions to the mixture, you’ll get where “trash” comes from.’

        I can understand that, and I’m inclined to agree with you because I like all of those things in rap, hip-hop, and all the other genres of music that I like. And, like I said, I’m not running to get into new shtuff, especially if the teenagers I work with are in love with it, because I know it probably won’t speak to what interests me at this point in my life.

        I hope that you’re able to see that what you originally posted is different, both in tone and presentation, than what you posted later. The former read like an ad hominem attack, while the latter was an effort to explain why you don’t like the brand/product that Cardi B is creating (or allowing to be created for her, which is a whole other very interesting topic to discuss when we talk about the problematic nature of celebrity). The problem with ad hominem attacks is that *no one* takes them seriously as a form of persuasive rhetoric. People aren’t crazy or dumb for reading your first post the way they did — no one can simply divine your intent, and what you wrote read the way it read. You have to own what you say, one way or the other, and say exactly what you mean. Thanks for clarifying in the second thread; that’s just what you should have posted in the first place.

      • otaku fairy says:

        ‘I don’t think she’s “beneath me” as a woman.’ So what you’re trying to say is that you see yourself as trash too? That’s strange.
        ‘… please, don’t project you insecurities on me…So why when one woman dares to criticize another one there are dozens of commenters assuming I am prudish or am “threatened” with the way she prefers to express her sexuality.’

        Secure women who aren’t prudish or threatened by the way other women prefer to express sexuality (your words, not mine) typically don’t go around referring to those other women as ‘trash’ and ‘h**s’ while lamenting the fact that they aren’t marginalized enough. By the way, don’t forget to end your questions with a question mark. Charlie Sheen- a privileged white man- gets called garbage because of his abusive behaviors toward others and punching down, so your comparison isn’t apples to apples.
        Cardi B never claimed to be a feminist, by the way. She commented in an interview about what her belief on that is and why she doesn’t call herself one. Interestingly, your type of comment is an example of why she doesn’t bother with that label.

      • Merritt says:

        @Astro Chick

        You made it about woman versus woman when you referred to women having “hoed” their way to fame. And when you made fun of Cardi B’s vernacular as somehow lesser than your own.

      • Aaliyah Bin Soud says:

        You are an extremely mean spirited person. No judgement just an observation.

    • Bethany F says:

      “uneducated trash”?

      wooooooow @Astrochick, you must not know anything about cardi, she’s plenty clever without any degrees or whatever you consider education to be. and to call her trash says way more about YOU as a person than it does about cardi.

      • Astro chick says:

        it only says that I’m against praising shallow and stupid people who are famous for nothing.

    • Mgsota says:

      Disgusting @astro chick and the more you try to clarify your point, the worse it gets.

    • Betsy says:

      She is in fact a very popular recording artist. That’s not “famous for nothing.”

      • Astro_chick says:

        That’s exactly my point. We are making stupid and shallow people popular. Her popularity is a testament of that

    • Bridget says:

      Take the L and pack it in. None of the additional points that you’re trying to make are helping, rather it just paints you as mean. Take a moment and step outside of yourself: if every single person doesn’t ‘get’ what you’re saying, perhaps the issue is with you.

      • Astro_chick says:

        actually, lots of commenters below agree with me. (scroll down to see for yourself)
        thanks for not using even more basic responses that people use when they don’t have any real arguments (such as “take a seat”)

    • Sunny says:

      Astro chick, I love Cardi, and I’ll tell you why. Cardi, like me, grew up in The Bronx. She had immigrant parents from DR and the islands. I had parents from the islands. Thank god my parents sent us to Catholic school. We all went on to university and have at least a BA, three of us went on for grad degrees. We were blessed with a great education.
      Cardi is the kind of person I would be if my parents didn’t have the ability to give us a great education. I wouldn’t be famous or rich mind you, but I’d have struggled a lot.
      Cardi was in a DV relationship and pulled herself out by working as a stripper. She observed how the music industry works and looked for opportunity and worked hard. It’s a difficult industry to break into- my son is a musician and believe me it takes drive and ambition.
      She wrote her lyrics, networked with rappers she met, and some were impressed enough to perform some of her music with her. She made her demos and became successful the hard way. She had no family connections in the business like the Kardashians did.
      She is self made, talented and hardworking. Not only that, she is herself. She doesn’t pretend at being something she’s not. She is rough around the edges but it endears her to me because I see her honesty and pride in who she is, where she came from and what she’s accomplished.
      She can indulge all she wants, it’s her hard earned money. If I won the lottery I’m sure I’d spend crazily initially and maybe by something flashy ( I don’t like jewelry or cars but maybe I’d buy a few homes).
      Whether you appreciate her music or not, she’s talented, she’s self made, she is unrepentantly honest.
      As the years go by She’ll likely lose some of her rough, tough Bronx talk, as I have since moving to the west coast, but I think she’ll still be that girl who knows the value of struggling to make it in a mans world.
      I don’t agree with all her stances on issues but God damn I absolutely love her.

      • osito says:

        Thank you for pointing out what I and others appreciate about her, even if we’re not into her music.

    • magnoliarose says:

      Astro chick.
      I think the mistake you made is about wording and not realizing how it comes across. Women of color get disrespected and put down constantly and accused of being lesser and not good enough. Latino and black culture are appropriated but not respected or understood as well dismissed and unsupported. Trash is a loaded word.

      When I see women like Cardi, I really do “pray” for her success. I know exactly where she came from and to get out is hard especially for women. All the cards were stacked against her, but she did not give up. She is a product of her neglected neighborhood and environment, but it should not be a judgment on her because access and opportunities were scarce.
      I wish I could remember the name of the book that is a good read and eye opener for people who don’t understand her reality. It was written over decades and followed a Latino family in the Bronx.
      I don’t want to write a novel, but kids in her situation learn very young not to expect much from life and often have women as role models who aren’t empowered at all.

      You don’t have to like her or her style or her persona because it isn’t your taste or whatever but intentions can be one thing, but words can seem like something else.

      • Argonaut says:

        was the book by chance “random family”? i read it years ago and it was amazing.

    • Natalie S says:

      @Astrochick. Whatever your opinion on Cardi B, the way you expressed it is trashy. You’re denouncing someone for being trashy while demonstrating trashy behavior. In light of that, it’s not really a mystery why “trashiness” whatever it is, is celebrated in our culture. If you still can’t figure it out, ask yourself why you felt the need to express yourself like that.

    • Lizzie says:

      Since you woke up today ready to call someone who is not our president uneducated trash – you won’t mind me pointing out you’re a real POS

  5. ORIGINAL T.C. says:

    Well age 22-26 is about the standard time American women have their first child so at 25 she is right in the norm. It’s sad bringing a child into a situation with a known cheating man, I guess hoping for him to be more faithful or for him to stay (ahem..Jennifer Garner-Affleck anyone).

  6. Nev says:

    Uneducated trash?!!! Whoa. How rude. And so mean.

    Yayyyyy Cardi!!! Enjoy your moment!!!

    • Lama Bean says:

      Education, intelligence, and smarts are three different things. Cardi definitely has smarts as she’s gone from exotic dancer to reality star to best selling artist. I’d encourage you to rethink your narrow-minded judgmental characterization.

      To all of you saying how sad it is bc Offset publicly cheats—
      Part of being a feminist is being able to make your own decisions outside societal constructs. If she knows he cheats and doesn’t care or chooses to stay with him, that’s her business. Same for HRC. You can’t project your values onto someone else then follow that with an assessment of her self-esteem. She is making the choices that are right for her. That’s feminism.

      • JustMe says:

        This!!! ^^^^^^^^^

      • BAILIE says:

        It’s her life, her choices.

        I just don’t want to hear complaints from her, because she knew who she chose.

        It makes me sad how some women make their lives much harder than they have to be.

        I wish her the best in the world.

      • otaku fairy says:

        Mic drop. People need to remember this not just in conversations about how a woman handles cheating, but in other conversations about sexuality, romance, and female modesty too. “You can’t project your values onto someone else then follow that with an assessment of her self-esteem. She is making the choices that are right for her. “

      • magnoliarose says:

        She is absolutely free to make her choices and in this case too. But a child isn’t just about her and who a woman chooses as a father won’t only affect her. And Offset isn’t a run of the mill, not such a great guy. She can move on and start fresh, but a child is saddled with a crap parent for life. How do you explain to a child that they have half-siblings by different women all born in the same year? He isn’t even a good father to the children he already has. It isn’t the kind of mistake that can be changed or altered or control after the results.
        Being feminist doesn’t mean I can’t have an opinion as long as it is about the decision and in the context of I think it is a mistake. It isn’t a character judgment. I would say the same about anyone in this same circumstances no matter who they were.
        An abusive cheater can derail her career, and that gives me concern because stardom is a fragile thing. I hate to see any woman make a poor choice in a partner.
        Just to be clear my concerns are about his violence toward women and his malignant misogyny. Choices about a cheater are whatever. If it were only cheating, I would shrug.

    • Astro chick says:

      why the hell everyone thinks I mean formal education?? there are plenty of people who never went to university but still express themselves with dignity and class. She doesn’t. Her past or being a stripper has nothing to do with what I’ve said about her.
      In my book she belongs in the same group as Kardashians – people who don’t deserve any publicity, praise or fame. It’s sad that the definition of success became so superficial these days

      • MellyMel says:

        We got what you said the first time. You don’t need to keep repeating yourself. It was rude the first time around.

      • otaku fairy says:

        You did refer to women as ‘h**s’ in a comment complaining about women like Cardi B getting attention, so people wouldn’t exactly have to reach to assume that part of your judgment is about only wanting a Certain Kind of Girl to get attention or praise from the public.

      • Nev says:

        Why doesn’t she deserve fame?!!!!
        She’s been hustling and rapping for years and she finally had a massive hit and her new album is happening and hot.
        You make no sense. Have a seat.

      • osito says:

        @mellymel +1000000000000

        @astro chick You’re making yourself look dumb. Stop it.

      • Astro chick says:

        @otaku that’s what she calls herself. See, I already got influenced by her “music”.
        I imagine what it can do to someone younger.

      • otaku fairy says:

        “…that’s what she calls herself. See, I already got influenced by her music.”
        This is a pretty pathetic cop-out. Instead of owning your use of slurs that are used to dehumanize women for being immodest, you’re blaming someone else and hiding behind “They reclaim the slur in their music!”. (Actually, looking back, it was the Kardashians you called h**s… in the context of calling Cardi B trash and going on about the kind of woman you don’t want getting attention).

        So if a male or female pop star calls himself or herself a f*g or a d*ke in a song, folks will then have a pass to use expressions like that as insults while complaining about the types of celebrities they don’t want to see getting attention too, right? I’m calling BS on your claim that this is a slur you just recently learned in a Cardi B song. You probably learned it from your parents, grandparents, or whatever you call your church leaders.

      • Argonaut says:

        stop digging @AstroHick you’ve reached the bottom of the barrel here.

        to put quotes around “music” too? wtf, it is 2018. hip hop is music. rap is music. don’t be such a snob.

      • Naddie says:

        I have to disagree about the Kardashian comparison. Cardi B makes music, what do the Kardashian bunch actually do? Their brand is based on… a reality show? Selfies? Plastic surgery?

  7. Jussie says:

    She seems happy, so that’s nice, but I do feel sorry for her. Offset is such a gross, homophobic douche bag, and he’s been a lousy father to to his other children. She’s pretty much said that being a cheating deadbeat dad is normal, that that’s just men. It’s depressing to see someone settle for trash because they don’t think there’s another option.

    • still_sarah says:

      @ Jussie. I have gone through my life seeing women who put too much faith in a man who do not deserve it. And then they wait and wait and wait and accept a life that is less than they deserve. I hope she skips that step and just goes on to make her own life (a good life) for her and her child. If he wants to come along, great. If not, don’t waste your time looking for this man-child to grow up.

    • magnoliarose says:

      He’s horrible and has no respect for women. Any man who treats women the way he does hates women and does not value them at all. They are there to use and throw away when he is done.

  8. minx says:

    On a superficial note here—I liked her original nose better, although obviously she didn’t. She looked cute.

  9. HK9 says:

    Though this pregnancy was the worst kept secret ever-congrats to her. I hope she has a healthy pregnancy / baby, and a great system (accountant/lawyer) keeping track of her money because she’s going to need it.

  10. Leyton says:

    It’s a good thing she is making money now but she is young, just starting out with her career, and is currently engaged (are they still engaged?) to a young immature man who already has three kids by three different women and was recently caught cheating her. A baby is the LAST THING this “relationship” needs right now. I wish her a happy and safe pregnancy but she clearly did not think this through.

  11. Rileyyy says:

    I agree with Astrochick. Cardi is trash who got lucky there are people dumb enough to think bodak yellow is a good song

    • Astro chick says:

      thank you. Trash “music”, trash person.
      There are so amazing artists who are underestimated

      • Nev says:

        I don’t think your very smart.

      • Naddie says:

        I think it’s too precipitate to say she’s a trash person, although I agree she’s not as good as so many rappers around and her lyrics are the worst. I’ll give you some credit and will assume you mean her public persona, not her, her.

    • Astro_chick says:

      @Nev says a person who doesn’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re”, very ironic.
      @Naddie, exactly, I criticize her art and what she puts out in the world. It’s true that her real personality can be different from that

      • Nev says:

        My grammar might need help Still I don’t go around calling people trash. That’s a bigger personal issue of you ask me.

      • Astro_chick says:

        But you just called me stupid. Oh, the irony again.
        Maybe it’s hard to comprehend for you people, but I’m criticizing her public persona, not her personality. I don’t know her personally and neither do you. Her public persona and her music IS trash and has zero substance.
        If you are a public figure and your art and your interviews are for public consumption – be ready to face criticism. In this case I’m being harsh only cause she deserves it.

      • Bridget says:

        Just stop. Now you’re being a dick.

      • otaku fairy says:

        @Astro-chick: This whole conversation began with you forgetting to put a capital letter at the start of a sentence and calling someone “AN uneducated trash.” I’ll be kind and avoid dragging some of your other errors, but this is kind of funny since you’re also trashing someone for not speaking the right kind of English.

    • osito says:

      Your dislike of a person’s work doesn’t make that person “trash.” I don’t know her work (I’m trying to gracefully age out of her demographic), so I’m not saying it’s any good. It’s just so distasteful when we use shorthand to conflate a person with their persona/behaviors/outputs, and it says so much about our inability to critically engage with the art and entertainment media of our times.

      • Nev says:


      • Astro_chick says:

        you’re making assumptions about my preferences. I’m a young person, not prudish in any way. I prefer “different” and artistic when it comes to art and its expression. I like real authentic rap and real music. To me her public persona is not edgy or different, it’s tacky, dumb and basic and I would say even boring. if you add undeserved sense of entitlement and tacky expressions to the mixture, you’ll get where “trash” comes from.

      • otaku fairy says:

        “I’m a young person, not prudish in any way. ” Wait, you think only people 30, 40, 50+ are capable of being prudish and sexist? There are plenty of ‘virgins’ who can’t drive who swallow whatever the religious right or the SWERfs feed them.

  12. Brittany says:

    It’s actually thought that Offset has 4 children… 3 that he claims and 1 born just a few months ago to an Instagram model that he has yet to claim.
    Cardi deserves more than Baby Mama #5

  13. No Doubtful says:

    I wish her the best with her child, but the guy she’s with is a loser. I think she stayed with him because of the baby because she seems too smart to put up with his cheating (among other issues).

    As for her album…it’s quite good! She could work on her flow, but hopefully that will improve over time.

    • minx says:

      Speaking for myself, if I was going to have a baby and pretty much raise it on my own—because I had the means to do so—he would, um, not be a guy I’d pick. Even if you have money you’re linking yourself to this person for life.

  14. HeyThere! says:

    I live by this: Do not Judge a person by degrees on a wall, but by how they treat others around them.

    • MellyMel says:

      Say it louder for the people in the back…or in this case upthread!

    • Astro_chick says:

      No one ever said anything about her degrees. it would be weird to expect a formal education from celebrity (most of them didn’t have time to obtain one). Stop using this argument as it makes no sense. I’m talking about a person who raps “Talk shit, I’ll f**k your man, send him back hella broke”, I guess she deserves to being criticized in a harsh manner

  15. Defaultgirl1 says:

    I second the trash comment, go right ahead and get mad NOW!!! I’m so tired of her and a bunch of others. When my hubby thought she was a dude in drag on SNL last night. I almost lost it laughing so hard. Lol

    • CN says:

      What is your definition of trash though? I just see a girl who has worked hard to get out of her stripper days. A girl who acknowledges that she has a lot of work to do to become a better artist and is doing so. She’s also open and honest with her opinions and not afraid to speak her mind.

      Where is the trash factor?

  16. Hikaru says:

    Poor kid.

    • Astro_chick says:

      well, hopefully the kid will not be poor in monetary sense. And that seems to be all commenters care about here: “she’s a hustler”, “She’s earning money” as if it can justify her “art”
      But there definitely will be some deprivation in values or spirituality

      • Bridget says:

        I find it odd that you are so judgemental, and yet so angry when called out on it.

      • CairinaCat says:

        You’re a classist bitch
        Yes, we can ‘obviously’ tell you think you’re on such a higher level.
        Calling someone trash, says way more about you.

      • jjva says:

        Astro_chick knows Cardi personally, has been to church with her and found the strength of her faith lacking to the point where she had to come on the internet and talk shit about the woman for a whole Sunday and counting!

      • otaku fairy says:

        It’s clear that whatever brainwa- I mean, values & spirituality- your parents exposed you to growing up didn’t do much for you when it comes to kindness.

  17. everlyB says:

    Can’t y’all leave that woman alone for having Offsets baby? It can happen to all woman regardless of age, race or education, being naive to think their love story will be any different and a known cheater will change.
    I don’t know Cardi or her music but we all know a girl like her and can predict the outcome of such a situation so please stop it.

  18. MRsBump says:

    I’m not American, so i may be off base here, but to me, any singer male or female that sprouts the sort of lines Cardi B does, is trash. Nothing to do with her background or clothinh choices, her persona as an artist is cheap. I’m surprised that this point is even up for debate.
    Reading the discussions above was really eye opening in terms of what is prized within society. Since she earned a lot of money through hustling, has a good rags to riches story, then she is above reproach, even if her art is ultimately demeaning to women.
    Good for her, no doubt, good for other women, I’m not so sure.

  19. Rileyyy says:

    I’m an atheist liberal so don’t hit me with that brainwashing garbage. She’s trash—no other way around it. Her rap lyrics are demeaning to women. However, if this was a white male rapping what she raps, there would be a lot of angry women in here. But since she’s a black female, she gets a pass.

  20. Cupcake says:

    Maybe she just wanted a baby and is basically cool with single parenthood?

  21. LIONOHHHH86 says:

    I think she’s Basura. She’s not that lyrically skilled nor is she unique. She’s a copy of a copy of a copy…

  22. heh says:

    Do not come for Cardi. Period.
    Your mentions will be in shambles.

  23. Naddie says:

    I think it’s probably because it’s a job where the clients are misogynistic d-bags who see them as meat. In my country most of them are also violent.