Kendra Wilkinson filed for divorce in the afternoon on Friday like a famous person


Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Bassett’s marriage is over. No joke, Kendra filed for divorce on Friday like all the A List celebrities do. Only A-Listers don’t broadcast, repeatedly, that they are divorcing prior to filing papers so that there is zero shock for anyone reading. But she did, and then she issued her own statement via Instagram:

Today is the last day of my marriage to this beautiful man. I will forever love Hank and be open but for now we have chosen to go our own ways. I’m beyond sad and heartbroken because i did believe in forever, that’s why i said yes but unfortunately too much fear has gotten in the way. We are both amazing parents and our kids will be happy n never know the difference other than seeing mama smile. Sometimes love looks funny. We are told to make sacrifices in life if it’s true love well in this case it’s me. I want to see happy Hank again… i miss that. Marriage was just a piece of paper and a piece of jewelry but our hearts will always be real. U will prob see us together a lot but it’s because there’s no hate. Love wins in this case it’s just looks a little funny. Thank you Hank for a beautiful 8 years of marriage and 2 beautiful kids. I feel so thankful and blessed. ❤️

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Wait – what? I appreciate Kendra is trying to put a positive spin on this but the message is – odd. She’s divorcing Hank so that he can be happy? I thought he was cheating and that made her feel insecure. I don’t want to beat her up too much because clearly she’s working through something. I like that she’s coming down so strong on co-parenting, though. I’d love it if they did actually keep it amicable.

Following her announcement, Kendra posted a pic of herself drunkenly gaming Fortnite with a bunny filter. That’s not too bad, blowing off a little steam after announcing a divorce isn’t unusual. Even posting it isn’t that bad. But I’m still worried about Kendra because I don’t think she can live her life off camera anymore. A few days before she filed, Kendra published another Instagram Story where she’s crying into the camera. In it, she talked about how she “did everything” she could and “it wasn’t good enough.” She repeatedly spoke about being scared and reiterated that she will “always love him” and her “heart will always remain open for him.” Regardless of how I feel about these public sob stories, I can see she’s really is taking this hard. But what’s truly breaking my heart is I don’t think she can start healing when hundreds of strangers are commenting on her every emotion. I really hope she has the support network she says she does because she’ll need it.



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  1. Millennial says:

    well she’s either been a Bunny or Hank’s wife — as in, those are the identities she’s taken on. So that’s gotta be hard. Waking up at 30+ and realizing you’ve never been single. I think she’d be best served to take some time for herself and her children and figure out what’s important and what she wants. Buuuut, that probably won’t happen.

  2. Mia4s says:

    “..filed for divorce in the afternoon on Friday like a famous person”

    While I don’t know who either of these people are and don’t care even a little bit; I had to click to compliment @Hectate on this thread title. That is MASTERFUL shade right there. 😁

    • Helenka says:

      THIS!!! Loved the title

    • agnes says:

      I only comment to leave my compliments for the title.

    • Ames says:

      I thought the headline was pretty rude: like, obviously she is famous enough for this site to cover! But the article explained better. It’s not that she’s not famous enough, it’s that her oversharing shows she’s not really interested in privacy or avoiding the news cycle.

    • LizLemonGotMarried (AKA HufflepuffLizLemon) says:

      The SHADE is the only reason I clicked. What would the Honorable Kara Brown say?

  3. Peg says:

    People are wondering if Kendra is divorcing Hank, to get another season on her show that was not renewed yet.

    • Victoria says:

      Exactly my thoughts as well. How many times do you need to tell the world you are divorcing your husband? Hank, take the kids to your parents and let Kendra be. She only knows how to be a ‘reality star’.

      Side note grumpy old lady get off my lawn: can’t believe I live in a world where there is such a thing as reality/YouTube/IG etc. Star 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  4. Reef says:

    lol, I didn’t even read this post, but the title alone has me in tears. It’s so shady. Kudos to you, Hecate.

  5. jwoolman says:

    I would worry more about the kids, if Hank is still the main caregiver. Kendra has issues, shall we say.

    The cameras really need to go away. She obviously disagrees, but these dreadful “reality shows” are deadly for relationships and delay/prevent maturity in troubled souls like Kendra.

  6. JA says:

    Ehh, marriage was just a piece of paper and jewelry to him which is why he cheated and repeatedly lied even after the transgender women he cheated with spilled EVERYTHING! Btw mention the transgender because Hank refused to fess up that he knew she was trans which he did but wouldn’t admit to it! This couple was a mess to begin with and I guess she got tired of faking it for the cameras. Plenty of drama and thirst will come no doubt and plenty of posts about it!

  7. aerohead21 says:

    And yes, there are already posts on other sites about them out and about with the kids after filing for divorce, both with smiles on their faces.
    I do think they are going through something.
    I also think it’s part of the show.

  8. Rachel says:

    I’m sure Hank Bassett can breath easier now that he’ll actually go on doing something for himself for a living; other than just being Kendra’s Personal Assistant!

  9. Oliviajoy1995 says:

    I believe she does everything for attention. She wants her show renewed for another season where the storyline will be her and Hank divorcing and their journey to co-parent together.

  10. JRenee says:

    You have to wonder who will step up to be the primary care giver for the children now.
    Sounds like she’s mentally not in a good space.

  11. Pandy says:

    Oh yawn!! Great headline tho.

  12. No Doubtful says:

    She’s so dramatic.

  13. Muprhy says:

    Kendra you can’t afford to get divorced.