Eddie Murphy shirtless: buff but unappealing

There are people with gorgeous bodies who are still completely unappealing. A terrible personality can overshadow even a high level of attractiveness. All you’re left with is a bad mental aftertaste that makes any kind of fantasy involving the person impossible. Such is the case with Eddie “you’re being presumptuous” Murphy. He’s got a great body, but who really cares. I’d rather see/do/marry just about anyone that I’m not related to than consider getting with Eddie Murphy. I also heard his overinvolved live-in mother comes long with that fine but heavily tainted package, and there’s no way I’d want to get involved with that.

Murphy famously dismissed his then-pregnant then-girlfriend Melanie Brown by telling a Dutch interviewer in December, 2006 that it was “presumptuous” to assume Melanie B’s baby was his and adding “we’re not together anymore.” This was apparently news to Mel, who learned that she got dumped through the media by reading text messages from her friends asking about it.

Murphy then had some sort of commitment ceremony with his next girlfriend, who he most likely was cheating on Melanie with, Tracey Edmunds. They had a faux wedding on the island of Bora Bora in early 2008, but broke up just two weeks later, with People Magazine reporting that Eddie was yelling at Tracey multiple times in front of their guests. The National Enquirer said that the non-wedding was so bad “there were actual screaming matches between relatives.” At least Tracey got out before it was too late, but it’s unfortunate that she didn’t take a chunk of Murphy’s fortune with her.

After that relationship crashed and burned Eddie could have stepped up and tried to have a relationship with his daughter with Melanie Brown, Angel Iris Murphy Brown, now two, but as far as I can tell he’s never met her. He was ordered to pay $51k a month in child support in February of this year after DNA determined that Angel was definitely his biological daughter. He acknowledged that Angel was his daughter but doesn’t seem to want to see her at all. Murphy also has seven other children from three other women, including his ex wife.

So here’s Eddie Murphy strolling along the beach in Hawaii on Sunday, showing off his nice body. It’s too bad his head is attached to it.

Photo credit: Fame Pictures

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  1. Because I Say So says:

    I just don’t understand why women were with him in the first place.

  2. Iggles says:

    He is disgusting. Plain and simple.

  3. Ursula says:

    He is too to ugly on the inside that nothing on the outside can erase that image.I thought tracy edmonds was making a huge mistake. I quite like her. This man had better ork on his image, otherwise his career has been in free fall and going by the latest BO numbers, he should be closing shop soon.

  4. nick says:

    51K a month? Great Scott!

    Tracy Edmonds was slumming with Murphy. She probably has more moolah than Murphy has too. Isn’t she a big producer and can green light movies?

  5. Tia C says:

    LOL!! That’s really funny and I know exactly what you mean, Celebitchy. I’ve known a couple dudes like that in my time. Good looking, but the personality totally ruins it!

  6. Nebraska says:

    “mental aftertaste” I love that phrase. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Beauty is as beauty does.

  7. Please tell me…How is it that he does a movie about being a dad? When I see the promos for the movie, I just can’t believe anyone would want to see it!!!

  8. Bobby the K says:


    Back in the day, when he had an edge, he was huge. He inhaled deeply and it made his head super big.

    And later on there was the big head thing.

    This guy didn’t jump the shark, he railed it.

  9. BOGART4017 says:

    He probably should be with a young girl because its clear that real women give him problems.

  10. LT says:

    Yes, watching the trailers to his newest flick were just sickening…do the studios/producers whoever, think we are that stupid to “buy” into Eddie Murphy playing a great caring ‘funny’ dad??? It’s insulting to our intelligence. He has become what he uses most…a dick. I would never ever go see another movie he was involved with…split from your ex…never split from your child!

  11. gg says:

    I don’t think his image can be rehabbed. He’s gonna be banished to the cartoon voice-overs.

  12. hairball says:

    He is disgusting. His nose is totally gross and distracting.

  13. Jazz says:

    I know exactly what you mean about unappealing men. My friends will be like “but he’s hot!” and I’ll like “I don’t care, he’s a a**hole!”. The same could be said of not so good looking guys. If they have great personalities, it can make them seem more attractive.

  14. cool dude says:

    The thing that gets me most is that he does films about being a good samaritan and a loving father like his newest film ‘Imagine that’ but in reality he cant even take responsability for his own child. if the interior sucks, the exterior means nothing! he is a disgusting person treating women like Mel B as if they are nothing. these type of men need to grow up!