Ben Affleck bought a $19.2 million estate down the street from his family’s mansion

Paparazzi agency X17 is reporting that Ben Affleck has bought an estate for $19.2 million just down the street from the compound where his family lives, and where he’s stayed, off and on, in the guest house. He’s rented other homes in the area and was seen house hunting with his girlfriend, Lindsay Shookus, at least twice over the past few months. Maybe that’s why we heard the rumors that Affleck had moved back home – he was getting his stuff. The estate has seven bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a guest house, movie room and gym. It’s also right near his BFF enabler Matt Damon’s house, who lives in the same Pacific Palisades neighborhood. Here’s more, thanks to Bobby Finger at Jezebel which linked this story and had the photos from the listing. You can see the photos here, on and X17 has pics of Ben leaving his new white mansion.

Ben Affleck has swooped up this $20 million Pacific Palisades mansion, and it’s conveniently located less than half a mile down the street from his ex Jen Garner! The actor’s new pad comes with seven bedrooms and seven bathrooms, which is the perfect size for him, girlfriend Lindsay Shookus, and all of their combined kiddos. There’s also a gym, movie room, wine cellar and guest house. The Batman star and his SNL producer lady love shaking up is just the latest evidence that they’re serious. A source tells X17: “It was important for Ben that Lindsay felt included in the decision about which house to buy. He told her that he wanted plenty of rooms, so that all three of his kids could have their own, and her daughter could also have her own when she comes to California and stays with them. He’s happy to have a home base.”

[From X17]

I try not to get jealous of celebrities but when I see the inside of their homes I imagine soaking in their giant tubs and cooking in their immaculate kitchens. (They never cook though, they have people for that). I wonder what it’s like to wake up to those views and walk into a closet with designer goods organized by color and type of event. Imagine what Lindsay already had and imagine what she’s giving up for Affleck and his mansions and bulls-t though. Maybe she wanted out of her marriage but are things going to be better with Affleck or are they going to be harder but with more expensive stuff? At least she gets to stay on the other coast most of the time. Do you think he’ll ask her to marry him once he’s divorced finally? I think he’ll get engaged but not married again.




photos credit: WENN and Backgrid

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  1. Honest B says:

    Someone is going to need a ride on lawnmower

  2. Svea says:

    So little for so much. The windows are weird.

  3. minx says:

    Half a mile is really close.

  4. Kaye says:

    I don’t care how much it cost – I would hate living in that house. It’s too stark and sterile. I’d have to spend that much again just to redecorate.

  5. TheOriginalMia says:

    About time he provided a home for his kids to visit him in.

  6. Meg says:

    God, Garner has such awful taste in clothes. She always looks cheap, yet she lives in a $40 million house. People are really buying her poor me act

  7. jferber says:

    Can’t fault him for this. It’s nice for the kids that he’s just down the street, depending on the time he actually spends there. Something he genuinely cannot/will not do: help Jennifer find closure about their status as a couple (defunct) so that she can move on to her own romantic life that does not include Ben (although he’ll always be part of her family as father to her children and ex). I think a divorce would help and I can’ t understand why they don’t just do this (have they?)

    • JoJo says:

      Yeah, I feel like this permanent proximity might make it hard for her to move on, given what she’s already said about how she didn’t want this single life/situation etc. But … who knows.

      • Jenfan says:

        The house is a full mile away, not next door. So while this makes it easy for pick-ups and drop-offs, hardly like she will be waving to him from the mailbox. Fyi on there is a 30m estate for sale either right next door or across the street.

      • pamela says:

        Jenfan is right. These sites are trying to make it seem like he moved in on top of the family home, but he didn’t. It’s a mile away and it’s not within walking distance for children.

      • JoJo says:

        It can still be hard knowing that your ex is right down the street – and a mile away is pretty much “right down the street” when it comes to emotional entanglement. My Dad and his second wife just recently moved back to my Mom’s general area after twenty years of living in NYC, and even after all that time, even though it’s two towns away from my Mom, it was still an adjustment for her – knowing that they were somewhat close by, etc. The fact that he’s set up permanent residence now – separately from them – and will be there with Lindsay at times, of course that would be a difficult adjustment for her, and for most people. Doesn’t matter if it’s not directly across the street.

      • rr says:

        @Jojo, do you want him to move to another planet or something? How far away would be “far enough” for you? Traveling and traffic in LA is terrible. I can tell that you’ve never been here and have no idea. He was always going to stay nearby and let me tell you, a mile in LA is plenty far. It’s not like either one can see the other’s house from their lawn or something, my god.

      • JoJo says:

        I simply said it might be hard and an adjustment for her having him nearby, whether it’s across the street or a mile away. It is always hard in a divorce when you you have some of those final “nails in the coffin” – like knowing your ex now lives down the street from you and no longer with you. Of course he should be near his kids, so it makes sense!

    • emilee says:

      Jojo, I hate to break it to you but he does not live down the street from her. He lives about 5 streets over and it’s more than a mile away. It’s fine. Considering how long he lived in the guest house (and then in Brooke Shields’s rental next door) when the divorce was still fresh, I’m sure Jen will be okay with this arrangement. She probably thanks you for your concern.

    • soc says:

      I do think that even if Ben moved to NY or Mars, there will still be people making a case about how Jen can’t move on and what a pathetic doormat she is. It seems to be a standard comment around here on any single article even unrelated to Jen. Ben buys a house and suddenly it’s all about Jen struggling to move on. That statement in December about not wanting to be in this situation, that people love to circle back to, could also be taken in a different context. Jen seems to be in love with the ideal family life. It could very well be that she just never envisioned raising kids in a broken home. After that Vanity Fair interview, all we’ve seen is a woman trying to move on and establish herself again in her career. Helping an ex go through his addictions is good for the kids. And so does maintaining a peaceful co-parenting relationship with him. It’s always been said out there that whatever Ben does that makes the kids happy, she will support. It doesn’t make her a doormat. It makes her the better person rather than the bitter one.

    • TheOtherSam says:

      The house is less than a mile away but is on the other side of Sunset. Jen is north of Sunset, up near the mouth of Sullivan Canyon. Ben’s new place abuts the Riviera. Close enough to pick up and drop off the kids in very quick time, but far enough away to not be ‘in the same neighborhood’.

  8. Lindy says:

    The house is perfect for Ben, the wine cellar is fab. Just was a recovering alcoholic needs.

  9. LittleWing says:

    The house is ok. It does the job. It’s a minor detail but I appreciate that the half windows in the bedrooms and baths. They’re set high so you have a little more privacy without sacrificing light.

    I don’t see him marrying Lindsay. She’s not loyal. She left her kid to chase him.

  10. Pamsicle says:

    $19+ million has to be a lot of $$$ even for Ben Affleck, no?? Geez seems crazy to me.

  11. Jenfan says:

    The says it’s either in contract or with an offer but still on the market. From the pics of the exterior and the x17 pics it looks like the paps will have a field day. Very easy photo ops, unless he totally re-designs the front to put in the type of privacy he and jen had on their old house (I guess now her house). The new home appears to be right off the street with no extensive driveway.

  12. Lala says:

    Jennifer’s fashion choices..JUST SHAKES MY VERY SOUL!!!! WHY LAWD…WHY?!?!?!

  13. Mia4s says:

    So Ben and Lindsay are going to live a half a mile from Garner and the kids in a not-gated community? Oof. This is going to attract more paparazzi than the Ivy, LAX, and Mr.Bones Pumpkin Patch combined. The neighbours must be just over the moon…or calling their realtors.

    • kate says:

      Not if they don’t call the paps themselves. For a time after the separation, Jolie and the kids lived very close to the Kardashians yet they were never papped in the area. Those who want privacy have privacy. The Affleck, Garner and co don’t.

  14. $mama says:

    he better make sure that pool is covered and he’s watching the kids when they are in the back yard is my first thought. The pool is too close to the grass.

  15. mannori says:

    I love Bobby Finger. That’s all I got here. Because for all I care Affleck is done and I can’t really believe although I’m not surprised that they gave him yet another leading role and allowed him to fit his schedule with his rehab for the Triple Frontier movie. A woman or a POC would be done after all his personal and professional failures.

    Also: that property seems to be overpriced for what it is, for half that money you can do so much better in Brentwood and Pacific Palisades the property is not even gated and right on the street.

  16. ValiantlyVarnished says:

    I usually hate all white houses but that house is GORGEOUS! The traditional details like the crown molding and ceilings keep it from being too cold and stark.

  17. Cee says:

    I can’t believe that’s a mansion, though. It must have 3 floors (1 underground) for all of the rooms it boasts.
    And I don’t understand why they need so many different sitting places? I counted 4 living rooms.

    I hope he redecorates because THERE’S SO MUCH WHITE.

  18. A says:

    The divorce must be close to finalizing. I’ve read that the home where the kids live is valued at $40m. Since all must be fair in CA divorces, he’s allowed to purchase a home or two in that neighborhood. This house plus the $21m NYC apartment that he has with LS makes it equal.

    • Jenfan says:

      He does not own the apt in NYC. It’s s really posh rental. What about all the vacation homes – Montana, Bahamas etc – do they get copycat homes there too. They also supposedly owned an apartment in NYC

    • rr says:

      When it comes to property value and a divorce, things must be divided equally. If they cannot agree on an equitable distribution, one person must buy out the other’s share or they will sell the properties and split the proceeds. Since they apparently plan to continue to use/share their Montana and Bahamas vacation homes (at least for the foreseeable future), I’m going to assume that ownership will change to a trust/timeshare type of thing with agreed upon usage schedules. Unless their divorce docs are publicized (I doubt it), we won’t know for sure. But don’t worry about Ben not getting that share, while Jen and the kids live in a $40m home. He’ll get his money elsewhere. I guess that’s the good thing about CA divorces — neither party is allowed to keep the lion’s share of assets.

  19. lucy2 says:

    The house is ok – I’m always jealous of people in climates like Southern California who can have the big opening doors and have an inside/outside space. Too many mosquitoes here on the east coast.

    It’ll be good for the kids to have both parents so close. Hopefully Ben is still working on himself.

  20. Zondie says:

    The instability and the alcoholism would give even this lovely house a sad vibe

  21. emilee says:

    This property is really nowhere near Jen’s if you know that area and where both homes are. She won’t be driving past it to get to a main road. Relax.

  22. Carolnr says:

    Nice that the house is close to Jen’s. The children did not have to be uprooted from their friends or school! That made this transition for them much easier!
    Unfortunately because of the lack of privacy(hopefully Ben can change that), his children will be constantly papped coming & going out of that home!
    As for Lindsay, long distance relationships are very challenging & seldom work . Back & forth on both coasts will get very old. Her daughter will be starting school &that dynamic will change. I do not see her wanting to give her life/ career in N.Y.. Maybe that is what is so appealing to Ben! She is a challenge & I think that intrigues him!

    • Jenfan says:

      By a lot of accounts Ben has been in a relationship with Lindsay since 2013/14 – so it looks like the long distance thing works for them. Maybe that is all they are looking for, gives each one of them a lot of freedom.

      • mela says:

        I think their relationship works a lot because of the distance and the fact they don’t have children together. She seems independent enough and has her own messy family to deal with half the time as he deals with his mess with Jen.

        They do adult things together and party kids-free, travel etc. when their estranged spouses have custody.

  23. JRenee says:

    13k square feet is definitely a mansion. Just built in 2017. This is decorated to have mass appeal…This is a lot of house for a single guy, but seems close enough to have kids spend the night occasionally and not disrupt school schedule etc..

  24. Carolnr says:

    @ Jenfan
    I believe that Ben was in a relationship with Lindsay since 2013-2014 BUT I think they were on-again/off again as well(Probably when Jen thought they were working on their marriage)
    Rumors are that she also dated Jon Hamm & Chris both during that time as well. I think she is only dating Ben now but I could be wrong!
    When her daughter reaches school age, Lindsay will have to make a choice if she wants her to stay in N.Y. or move to LA. I assume she would want to be where her daughter is attending school so she can attend her school activities, etc.

  25. aerohead21 says:

    Being close to the kids and their lives is super important if your kids are your priority, and honestly I believe that’s true for both Ben and Jen. I’m divorced and if I could live closer, I would. It’s very important to me to be able to coparent well while still being very involved in our kids’ lives.

    • I tend to agree. LS seems to get some vague mommy shaming regarding who is with her daughter when she is with Ben.

      The reality is two sets of divorced parents which means FOUR people that are going to move on with their lives, careers, locale etc. and are going to need to work together on logistics to make that work and continue to co-parent (in a perfect world). Kinda gross how this relationship started if all the gossip is to be believed…but they have the means to all be involved parents.