The Sun: Brad Pitt ‘will absolutely’ want to introduce Neri Oxman to his six kids

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At this point, it shouldn’t be shocking that every tabloid and every weekly gossip magazine is covering Brad Pitt’s romance with Neri Oxman. It’s worth noting that we only heard about Neri Oxman for the first time on April 5th, which was when Page Six published their exclusive. Since then, People Magazine, Us Weekly, E! News, the Daily Mail and The Sun have all run exclusives about Brad and Neri and how their love is once-in-a-generation and everything is sunshine and roses and deep, intellectual conversations about architecture. I don’t even know what to say at this point, so just enjoy these quotes from The Sun’s “insider.”

Brad’s series of upgrades: “Brad always does a lot of soul-searching after a break-up, analysing how he can find the perfect partner. Each time he goes looking for a new relationship, his wish list of demands gets longer. Friends joke that he is almost upgrading each time, until he finally settles for good. For years, he has been content to look within Hollywood for his next girlfriend. But after the split with Angelina, he was encouraged to look outside of the Los Angeles fame bubble. This has led to him falling for Neri. It is very much a meeting of minds first — it is not just physical attraction. Their chemistry is hot.”

After a year of “loneliness,” Brad was ready for Neri: “Brad is besotted with Neri and cannot wait to shout their love from the rooftops. He is mesmerised by her intellect, her cool philosophy on life and of course their shared love of arts and design. He is also saying she’s the sexiest woman he’s ever laid eyes on.”

Brad doesn’t want to rub it in Angelina’s face: “Brad and Angelina made a pact when they split that they wouldn’t step out with other people until their divorce terms were formally agreed. That didn’t stop either of them from quietly dating other people but he has been very clear about not rubbing her face in it and vice versa. Of course, this goes beyond image. Their biggest concern here has always been the children. The last thing any of the kids need is to see Mommy or Daddy dating other people while they’re still technically married.”

Brad will introduce Neri to his kids: Our source adds that Brad is keen to introduce Neri to his six kids “at the appropriate time… Once the dust has officially settled on his and Angelina’s marriage, he will absolutely want them to be introduced. This is a sensitive subject and he will be respectful to Angelina but, make no mistake, he is seeing this as a serious relationship. That will eventually mean she’ll meet his kids, for sure.”

[From The Sun]

The idea of Brad “upgrading” with each relationship is… an interesting idea. Was Gwyneth an upgrade from Juliette Lewis? Was Jennifer Aniston an upgrade from Gwyneth? Was Angelina an upgrade from Aniston? Is Neri an upgrade from Angelina? Is Neri “sexier” than Angelina? I don’t have the answers, don’t look at me.

As for Brad and Angelina not wanting to rub their new relationships into the other’s face… well, Angelina isn’t dating anybody. There was that rumor – possibly pushed by Brad’s team – that she was quietly dating a real estate agent in LA. But she’s in England now with the kids, and that’s where she’ll be for months. I hope she does find someone nice (and British). And it will probably be a while until Brad even sees the kids, much less introduces them to daddy’s new unicorn lover.

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  1. Cheshiresmile says:

    It feels misogynistic and silly that a “specimen” like Brad Pitt is slowly weaning down America’s offerings of “perfect women” until he has found “HER.” Encapsulating the problem with every dating site ever: the urge to upgrade. The tyranny of choice. It’s an attempt to push down Angelina as outdated and less-than, and it’s gross.

    • LizLemonGotMarried (AKA HufflepuffLizLemon) says:

      I have to agree. Gross is the only word for it.

      Neri Oxman is gorgeous, and I’m sure she’s fascinating. But Angelina LEFT his butt after some sort of major issue, and went scorched earth on him. He’s not “upgrading,” he’s dating someone new. And Angelina wasn’t an “upgrade” on Jennifer Aniston, any more than Jennifer was an “upgrade” on Gwyneth. These are beautiful women, each with their own unique personality and things to offer, and this constant narrative is gross.

      My husband’s first wife and I are nothing alike beyond having dark hair and being extremely bright. That’s it. She’s no-makeup and a women’s studies professor with all sorts of degrees-I’m crazy feminine and thrive in the corporate world. Neither of us look at the other one and compare ourselves-we’re totally different, and that’s ok. She’s a great person, and I don’t have to make fun of her or feel like an “upgrade” to feel confident in myself. The whole idea is just awful, and feeds into the larger misogynistic concept that women are accessories to men. Vomit.

      • Scotchy says:

        If there was an up vote button I would up vote this plus a million. You are spot on!

      • NoShame says:

        This is so on point. Unfortunately, there are women out there who play a huge role in this sexist storyline. They love to pit (sorry) women against each other. I lost track of how many people here trashed Jennifer Aniston just to build up Jolie, as if these two women couldn’t exist on their own…in their own ways.

        What people are finally learning is that Pitt was the problem. He loves fostering this competition because it makes him the center of attention, a man desired by all women. And sadly, commenters happily played into it.

        How ironic now that Jolie is becoming the new Aniston in his PR narrative. This is literally the same playbook he had back in 2005.

      • Helen Smith says:

        Deleted my comment. I agree with you ladies. I just didn’t articulate myself well and I couldn’t delete my comment. I will say that I remember an interview during the mid-Angelina days where Brad said that you need to revamp your image every 7-8 years or the public becomes bored with you. This situation with Angelina and Neri reminds me of that interview. So sad Brad throws the women in his life under the bus to keep his career in the spotlight. Yes, the bloom is definitely off of the bush for me when it comes to Brad. Now, I feel sorry for Angelina and Jennifer and I want to send out a word of caution to Neri. In a few years at the most it will be her turn to no longer light Brad’s fire and it will be her turn under the bus.

      • Bloop says:

        No name, I’m gonna have to disagree that Angie is the new Aniston. Maybe Pitt and his team think that way. But he is very much in the Aniston role. Dumped and desperate to not look like the lonely cat lady. She jumped in a relationship with Vince vaughn and Brad Pitt’s team have been saying he’s dating since last year. He’s pathetic and probably wants to look like the first one dating,., the one who’s moved on but when one truly moves on you act like Angelina Jolie. She hasn’t released anything about dating or being happier… Just living her life. And ain’t it funny how all of this stuff always comes out when she’s busy doing something humanitarian far far away from him. He’s pathetic.

        I’m just shocked at all of the negative comments all over the web about him. He’s used to the women being hated. How is he going to handle this if he truly is dating this woman? She’s not going to get hate the way Angie and Jennifer did/do. She’s not going to be the scapegoat.

      • Tulip Garden says:

        It actually makes me mildly incredulous/nauseous to see certain posters suddenly have a single good thing to say about Jennifer Aniston. At this point, it would probably be less hypocritical and more of a sincere regret to just leave her out of it altogether. She doesn’t need the validation and compassion now, if she ever did.

      • tracking says:

        Agree with noshame and tulip. In fact I never gave Aniston much thought until I started feeling sorry for her with the drubbing she took after the Pitt split. I never understood it, the belief that Pitt somehow deserved an “upgrade.” It was gross then, and is gross now.

      • magnoliarose says:

        @TG, noshame, and tracking

        I have to agree too.
        There is so much myth and lies surrounding the split with JA. There were things I didn’t like on her end just out of personal preference. I was never a fan and had some criticisms, but it was never because of her marriage to Pitt. I have never really understood the need to make anyone a villain. I never thought of her as less of a woman. Insinuating that is terrible.
        Again this is a tabloid, and I highly doubt the Sun has real sources but they want to sell papers, so here we go.

    • Rumi says:

      Cheshiresmile completey agree.

      • @tulipgarden
        Very well said.
        Jennifer Aniston Finally made it out of the Triangle of Doom. Doesn’t seem fair to pull her back in.
        Angelina, Pitt, and Neri are now the Triangle of Doom until Angelina makes it a rectangle or Neri exits and Brad stands close to or acknowledges friendship with another woman. Then said woman will be the new 3rd party to the Triangle of Doom. When Angelina does date then said fellow will get to be compared to Pitt and the Triangle of Doom will then include Brad and Angie meeting up and proclaiming their undying love behind the backs of their respective rectangle members!
        Not sure Aniston ever married Justin. Think she’s dated enough men to know being your own d@mn unicorn is the best!

      • magnoliarose says:

        Lol @winteriscoming

        Yes of course this will happen. Then AJ’s fans will hate BP even more and the new woman but defend her choice of man and try to make him look awesome. Then when said guy exits he will be hated too. JA will be thrown in as good tabloid fodder.

      • Tulip Garden says:


        I love the idea of being your own Unicorn!
        *snaps twisted up, painted, and glitter covered old paper towel cardboard onto forehead* **preens** :)

      • Tulip Garden says:

        @Winter & Magnolia,

        You two do know that what you wrote is so funny because it is both pathetically predictable and, yet, tragically unavoidable ;)

    • tracking says:

      Yes, exactly the same playbook and yes, it’s beyond gross.

    • citney says:

      I honestly think Brad Pitt is ruining his image with this Neri Oxman PR debacle.

      He is gross and disgusting with all the PR leaks. If he has met someone, keep it quiet until the divorce is final, (which it is NOT), for his children’s sake. Not that Brad Pitt cares about anyone but himself, which he has proven over and over.

      I wonder just how many of his children would be willing to meet their father’s “unicorn upgrade” after all the PR dissing of the Mother they adore. I’m willing to bet very few if any.

      • Bloop says:

        Citney, I am happy that people are finally seeing that it was him all along. They always blamed Angie for the “poor Brad, Aniston doesn’t want to have his baby” narrative. It was always coming from Brad and his shady team. So glad he’s falling. He hasn’t had a hit movie in years , btw.

    • Veronica T says:

      Oh, my God!! I want to scream at whoever wrote that misogynistic claptrap! An upgrade with each woman? How to find the perfect woman? Is this supposed to make Brad sound good? Cause he sounds so douchey, I can’t stand it.
      And he and a Professor from MIT a “meeting of the minds”????????????
      I just can’t.

      • Shannon says:

        LOL that ‘meeting of the minds’ BS just made me laugh so hard!! If I were Neri, I would run so far and so fast. She’s beautiful and independent and intelligent, she can’t be hurting for money – run, girl, run! You don’t need this BS.

  2. Snap Happy says:

    This is so gross. Can someone give him an IQ test? It sounds like Angelina and Neri are smarter than him.

  3. minx says:

    The Sun employs some flowery writers.

    • Tulip Garden says:

      Right?! Everything about this article is cringe worthy and unbelievable.

      • citney says:

        @Tulip Garden

        Pitt or Neri Oxman would look better if they addressed these rumors. Just issue a denial if not true, if for no more reason than for the children’s sake.

        I can’t imagine how awful it would be for the kids to see this splashed on every newsstand in the world. This is their parents, not celebrities, in their eyes.

      • Tulip Garden says:

        I feel for the JP children and always have. They have been tabloid famous and tabloid fodder since each of their own beginnings in the family. I cannot imagine growing up in front of the world with fans, and detractors, for no reason besides who your parents are.

        Sadly, both of their parents have been the target of tabs for the whole of the kids’ lives. Each parent accused of cheating, leaving, crying, fighting, something all the time. The difference being now their parents are separated but I would hope each child knows to ignore this stuff already and is reminded by either/both parents how little any of these stories have ever had to do with reality.

        Also, their parents know that responses just added fuel to the fire. If stars respond to tabloid stories than doesn’t it just encourage more stories?

      • magnoliarose says:

        It is the Sun, and they have no shame. Celebrities can’t respond to tabloids all the time and assume we are bright enough to understand the source. I wait to see the next time The Sun has a ridiculous article if that will be believed too.
        These stories are bizarre.

  4. BJ says:

    The Sun is about as reliable and truthful as my cousin Chris who is a career criminal.

  5. Hikaru says:

    When you are starting to sound like Taylor Swift but you are a 55yo man, you need to stop.

    • LadyT says:

      Please don’t tell me you think Pitt said any of this nonsense. It’s The Sun for goodness sake. Maybe he’s dating a woman named Neri but that’s about it for truth. The two weeks worth of crazy embellishments in the gossip news are just click bait.

      • NoShame says:

        Puhleeez. Pitt is pushing this…HARD. The dude hasn’t even denied that he married Aniston in Missouri last weekend. He wants to appear like women are literally fighting over his love.

      • LadyT says:

        Do you think Jolie planted the story about dating Garrett Hedlund because he was a hotter, younger Pitt? I sure don’t. I think she politely smiled at an acquaintance at the Golden Globes and the tabloids made up a nonsense story for a week or two of clicks. Some things are just too silly to bother to deny.

      • ORIGINAL T.C. says:

        Yeah, I feel like the tabloids are simply reading responses from the female public like last week on Celebitchy when we were all “enough about dating, where are your kids? Are you still a father? Why are you acting like a single dude with no kids flying the globe for dates instead of an almost divorced middle-age parent?”

        The world has changed since he was last single. Divorced or separated men with kids are now getting some backlash if they look like they are not spending time with their kids. More women are seeking sole custody. So my guess is the tabloids are realizing they can’t sell Brad of the 90’s in 2018.

    • citney says:

      @ORIGINAL T.C.

      Brad has accomplished an almost impossible task, he has single handed made Ben Affleck look like a compassionate father and ex-husband.

  6. Jenns says:

    I’m so over men trying to use women to improve their own reputation. I feel the same way about George and Amal and their relationship roll out.

    Both Brad and George used women to get what they wanted in the past, and then when their reputation takes a hit, they use their PR machine to drop stories about how they’re now ready to find a woman that’s on their level. Boys, please. As usual, it’s all about them.

  7. NoShame says:

    “Their love is once-in-a-generation” LOL.

    This is the SAME EXACT playbook Brad and Angie used to market their relationship throughout most of their relationship.

    Looking outside of Hollywood is code for…my last wife was simply too dumb and shallow for me. It’s literally the same exact playbook he used on Aniston.

    The only difference now is that Angie isn’t in on the marketing this time.

    • @noshame
      I completely agree with you. I do think Angelina was complicit in the “upgrade” theory if for no other reason than to distance her own reputation as a mistress first (yes, I know a man can’t be stolen unless he wants to be. Also a woman decides for herself if she wants to be involved in a less than above board relationship with a married man.)
      Brad’s PR is exactly the same. Everybody once again can choose a team whether is “Team Angie” she’s a completely honest, bad ass, humanitarian earth mother or “Team Brad” he’s a good guy, completely honest, easy going, laid back man who who bought everything Angie was selling and lived to regret it.(Brad Used to be all about not living a boring life but Angie solved that so now he’s all about being an artiste with intellectual leanings albeit with sweet midwestern roots.)

    • Tulip Garden says:

      Jolie and Pitt’s have shared a life/playbook for a long time. It’s like in The Princess Bride where your “opponent” knows all your moves!
      @Winter, I’ve think you’ve fleshed out the team party lines nicely! Amazing how the 2 people described just couldn’t make it work. You think maybe, just, maybe, neither was perfect and the whole thing eroded over time until the last death spasm on the plane? Naw, that’s too average.

  8. FU Pay Me says:

    Who cares what the old dog, Brad thinks or wants to do with women? The bleached blonde crone should consider himself lucky that she even looked his way.

  9. Felicia says:

    Where is the info coming from that Jolie is in England with the kids?

    Upgrading from the last woman… *snort*… nice way to insult every single woman he’s ever dated. Maybe he should stick to cars if that’s his attitude.

  10. Lala says:

    Whenever I read these stories regarding Brad, that I think have a LOT OF TRUTH to them…I think of the famous scene in the iconic movie…”The Hustler” where Paul Newman pushes ALL THE WAY up on the divine Piper Laurie…and she pushes him back and says…

    “You’re too thirsty”…

    That’s how Brad is coming off to me…thirsty AF!

  11. Darla says:

    Oh god kill me now. I have to stop clicking on these Pitt pieces.

  12. Teriffic Terry says:

    When Angelina finds someone else, her friends need to say she has finally found someone who doesn’t ignore her kids nor is he violent/abusive towards them, teetotal, hasn’t been investigated by child services and last but not least, he won’t copy her hobbies, piloting, getting tattoos….. He is the one she has been waiting for her whole life. Plus he gets on well with the two older boys.
    Who wants to add more in case I left something out?

    • .. says:

      Well….no shame mentioned gaslighting the exes…..which we all agree with.
      And then there’s the narcissism….

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      That they are the best lovah ever! Oh and they pick their socks up off the floor, that should cover everything.

    • crazydaisy says:

      Angie has yet to trash talk any of her exes. I doubt she’d start with the father of her children. And to be fair, Brad himself has not outright said anything disparaging about Angelina. I feel like the last thing he directly said about her was, “You should go see her movie (First They Killed My Father), it’s incredible.” Isn’t it possible that the gossip industry machine has it’s own agenda, is making all these stories up, and Brad’s “team” isn’t pushing any pro-Neri/anti-Angelina narrative at all? Or am I just hopelessly naive?

      • Bloop says:

        Actually, he allowed his lawyer to say she was missing a self regulating system. Which is funny since she wasn’t the one who was investigated by cps or has had o have supervised visits with her kids for 2 years now. Once I read that from Pitt and his lawyer I knew Angelina wouldn’t look back. It’s funny how this site was full of support for Pitt but after it turned out they were wrong and the 10 therapists and two judges still didn’t give him any type of custody they’ve been silent. They don’t even mention his kids anymore. Lmao

    • endoplasmic_ridiculum says:

      ..doesn’t look increasingly like Falkor, flying companion of Bastien..

  13. Cate says:

    I would love if this was secretly some sort of plot between Neri and Angelina where Neri will eventually somehow dump his ass and make him look like a complete fool in public. I was a huge Brad Pitt fan back in the day but he just leaves a bad taste in my mouth now.

  14. Pandy says:

    Blah blah blah. Not buying any of it until I see them out on a date holding hands.

  15. Dr Mrs The Monarch says:

    This PR is so terrible. How can Brad be so oblivious to this? Six kids, especially the teens are going to eat her alive and she will dump Brad too. Either that or Brad will just become more estranged from his kids. This is lose-lose for him.

  16. Joannie says:

    I’ve read lots of comments from this site that have said various people are trading up. Now when it comes to Angelina its a gross comment? I think if he’s seeing NO its definitely more his type of companion. I never thought he and Angelina were a good fit. Too fast, too many children too quickly without establishing a relationship. Never works long term.

  17. CAYUUTEE says:

    My theory: Angelina doesn’t want anything to do with him anymore because of what happened and how he wanted Hollywood and not the kids. She shut him out. They only have contacts through their people to pass on the messages. He is in desperate need to have contact with her but he can’t get through, so now the only way he can hurt her is to bring out all of this boring ass stories about how he’s doing soo well dating doctors, and blah blah blah. LoL. Angie still has the upper hand. Any leaks from her about Brad will damage his image. But she’s not like that. She cares about the kids and how they feel. The truth will come out in 10 years when the kids are older. PAX will be the one to tell ALL because I’ve noticed that he’s the strongest one of the bunch. That’s all I got.

    AND is it just me or does it seem weird that Brad is only publicly alone with the kids when they were younger? I don’t see much pics of Brad with the three older ones. He doesn’t go public with Zahara alone, I barely see Maddox with him, alone. Does he only like babies and toddlers but hates pre-teens and teens? Maybe because they see through his bullshit and don’t want to be near him. 🤷

  18. Teriffic Terry says:

    Has it been confirmed that she actually broke up with her billionaire boyfriend?

  19. Mia4s says:

    Upgrading? Ummm, Jolie is the one who dumped his ass.

    How about rather than worrying about introducing her to your kids Brad you worry about getting back to a place where your older kids actually want to see you? Brilliant architect that she is, I’m not sure this new woman is THAT smart if she hasn’t clocked the myriad of problems here.

    • citney says:


      So true, Pitt has completely rewritten the “break-up” of his marriage. It was Angie who kicked his drunken ass to the curb while he was whining to the public how “blindsided” he was and how he did not want a divorce.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Citney, ITA, but the difference is that now, many of us are wiser and sites like these a lot more prevalent, so we see through all of his BS when we might have fallen for it in 2004 (I sure did!). IDK how much time publicists’ assistants and tabloid writers spend reading comments, etc., but if they do, they will realize this strategy is nonsense and no one is buying it.

        Huvane should retire, and whoever Brad’s PR person is should go off into the sunset with him. Unfortunately I think Brad is taking cues from George Clooney 🙄

        ETA: I will give Brad’s people props for one thing: he has not been dragged like Tom Cruise has been for not seeing his kids. Maybe he’s seeing a lot of them in total privacy and we just don’t know it (doubtful IMO), but every so often there’s that “Tom hasn’t seen Suri in 1,200+ days!” or whatever plastered on magazine covers and so far Brad has dodged that completely. It will be interesting to see how long that lasts.

      • Carmen says:

        I think the difference is Brad SAYS he wants to see more of the kids, whether he actually does or not (I’m betting not), whereas the minute Cruise’s marriage broke up, he acted as if Suri could drop off the face of the earth as far as he was concerned.

  20. loislane says:

    I think this whole Neri rollout came to divert from the 2018 Most Influencial People list.

    Noticed how Angle is Still on top, the most Influencial woman… While… Brad is out of the top 20 or more.
    He was in there when they were Still together.
    What does that say about them ? That Angie is the real star here and Brad was making the list only because of her ?
    I tend to think so.
    Must be hard for him to realise that.

  21. Jess says:

    “ It is very much a meeting of minds”

    She’s a professor her brain is way bigger than his. It’s pretty rich to suggest they are intellectually on the same level. Also i find the use of the term upgrade offensive and misogynistic. He could at least treat his ex wife with some respect for the sake of the children. He’s really coming of like a misogynistic old white male here.

  22. BooBooLaRue says:

    She reminds me of Nicole Kidman. Lovely

  23. Joannie says:

    Just because we don’t see Brad out with his kids doesn’t mean he doesn’t see them. He may have a very good relationship with them. Out of the spotlight. As it should be!! Not dragging them out for PR.

    • Booie says:

      Yes I’m sure those kids love staying cooped up in his house all day. Because that’s the only way he could possibly see them apparently.

      These kids are literally followed when they are without their mother and just stepping out with bodyguards. AJ does not need them for publicity.

    • citney says:

      Oh please, if Brad Pitt could have an exclusive PR pap stroll with his children he’d be all over it. Either he isn’t allowed to be alone with them or the kids just do not want anything to do with him. Pitt has proven there is no level he will not sink to.

      • Lorelei says:

        Exactly!! If Brad was seeing the kids regularly, you can be certain that he would make sure there was photographic evidence and that we would alllllllll know about it.

      • tracking says:

        I’m not sure I agree with this. He may be genuinely remorseful about how his relationship with them deteriorated, and want to work on that out of the spotlight. I don’t think the living a mile apart arrangement was so that he could then proceed to ignore them. In other words, until we know for sure, I wouldn’t assume he treats them the way he treats his exes.

      • Bloop says:

        If he didn’t treat them the way he treats his exes he would make sure to keep his supposed relationships and dates private. Like Kaiser said the kids are in England — he ain’t introducing them to anyone. Lmao

    • .. says:

      He’s such an image fame whore…,there would be photos.
      Look how he’s playing he media now…w no regard for little eyes that might see this. His undertone of shade for his exes media wise would prob hurt his children if they read it. Yet on he goes. Not a wholesome guy. Not even an average guy. Even jerks can leave the kids out of it…. then there’s this guy.
      He should keep his midlife crisis to himself. His arrogance is astounding.

  24. Mirage says:

    I’ve looked up Neri Oxman, she is a fascinating woman, so talented and accomplished.
    She is way, way too good for Brad, who really, is a slob who needs to be worshiped or loses attention.
    I hope she sees through him!

  25. Fa says:

    She already got papped and she is not shy with the camera. Brad is copying from Clooney. She has packages with her, last week she was in LA she was photographed with him in restaurant and after she went to UTAH for a conference then come back to LA when he was photographed at the baseball game.

  26. Truth hurts says:

    Photographed last week.. not.
    Let Pitt be. I saw that shot of Dr Oxman being papped in Boston, she is loving the attention. Too bad it is gonna eat her alive. Bet! Bad sign. When she meets the real Pitt she will regret it like all the rest.
    Angie is and will always be alright in her own element. Just hate the kids have to endure all the media . I think she doesn’t need to date seriously right now. She has the kids to raise. Mad is almost an adult. Those adopted kids don’t seem to close to him I wonder why?
    Unlike Aniston his team don’t have the same ammo in Jolie. The only thing they rely on is the US opinion of her is home wrecker, evil, etc. Remember his lawyer advised her lawyer of that in that email. Jolie isn’t crying the ocean and whining he is the one.

    In any case Pitt is never gonna be happy. If he needs a woman to make him happy he is sad. I told you you guys Angie got tired of his shenanigans.
    Plus wait on those two boys to be introduced if you want! Lol

    • All lies says:

      Yeah, AJ was tired of his fooling around the last couple of years with him living like a bachelor going to motorcycle races all around Europe and art exhibits et… She didn’t mention his name or heaping tons of praises on him in her last interview for BTS. She was trying to weather the marriage until the kids are older. But the incident did it in. I do believe that he did something really bad on the plane for her to pull the plug on it and never looked looked back. Probably abusive yelling towards the adopted boys.

      It’s pathetic and sad that he needed a woman to make him happy. But as we know it’s short life and everything is gonna faded eventually as no one is perfect and he wll move on to the next. He has to be happy with himself first. Until then he will keep searching for that happiness with someone for the time being. Or rather settling with someone like JA untill someone else more exciting, AJ, come along.

      I think he no longer wanted to be with AJ for a while cause he said he’s content with their marriage, not happy since it’s overrated. He didn’t know how to get out of it thus his drinking was spiring out of control and what’s with 6 kids. He didn’t want to break up the family and be blamed for it. He was very miserable. No way out.

      Now he’s looking for someone else to make him feel alive again. And the cycle begis. I give it no more than 3 years on this new one. If they don’t have kids together. She’s 42 year old so…

  27. All lies says:

    It’s weird how all the tab stories are written in the same tone like he’s so happy to meet her finally. A real woman. Years of soul searching and they all had something in common with him.. , whether be it humanitarian purpose or interest in design etc.. it’s gotta be from his team leaking all over place.

    It’s also funny that he copied whatever AJ was doing, trip to Disney, attending baseball game and then from his HW friend George in finding his perfect Amah. He is not Mr Original at all.

  28. Sussy says:

    He looks so much better, healthier, and happier. But why the eff can’t he change his shirt?

  29. JarltyI says:

    I actually thought there was something when I saw that group pic where Pitt and that girl stood together but I thought she’s just a PhD student. A professor OMG!

  30. Fa says:

    Something comes in my mind maybe the professor has a big ego and Brad and his teams are trying to please her. She wants to be judged differently than is exes.

  31. Halle says:

    They make a good looking couple. Plus they have something in common. I hope they find love, I`m sure there is a flame there. Just waiting to be….

  32. Candies says:

    He dated actress all his life I dont see why its bad to change it up. Two big movie stars never seem to work anyways. May be for little while at the most.
    Its the sun so it sound a little bit off on discribing the situation other than that i dont see any thing negative personally.

  33. Sandy says:

    Beautiful woman Brand… God bless you on the matter.

  34. .. says:

    Love the probrad comments. Lmao.
    Brad….you’re on fire.

  35. .. says:

    Well his six kids want nothing to do with him….so I doubt they’ll be getting to know whomever he’s currently banging.

  36. .. says:

    Maybe he can have a relationship w M a r ions kid.

  37. Fatty says:

    He and Angelina started out as friends, which seems to be the smartest way to start any romantic relationship, so who knows if this is just a friendship and whether or not it leads somewhere

  38. All lies says:

    Look at her newest pic where she got papped from the photogs coming back from somewhere with big luggage and in real life without Photoshop, she looks attractive but nothing out of ordinary like this perfect woman his team had been overselling. She may be beautiful based on academic standards but amongst the HW beauties , nothing to rave about. A low standard at best just like GC’s wife Amal.

    • ComeON. says:

      So true @alllies

      She’s attractive, but no great beauty. Definitely in the Amal category. Actually more along Pitt’s preference pre-Angelina. Pitt was never with great beauties before Angelina, he liked them average (Aniston) to moderately pretty (Paltrow) at best, probably just so he could be called the pretty one in the relationship, lol –. then he got tired of that and was hut by a thunderbolt known as Angelina…he went for something he usually doesn’t…the ultimate beauty. But I still don’t think really beautiful women like Angelina, are his comfort zone. He naturally gravitate to moderately attractive/pretty

    • magnoliarose says:

      There is no need to be nasty about the woman and insult her for the sake of gossip. She has done nothing to deserve it.

  39. .. says:

    Brads history has been written. We’ve seen enough over thirty something years to make our own assesments of Brad…………from robin givens, to Juliette and the Various 15 year olds when he was 26or so…..and on and on…. he has been using women.
    The I want to be a dad shenanigan was the last straw. The way he did Aniston, and most ESP Jolie and those kids is unforgivable. And he is still shoving himself down our throats …but there are six kids involved now. The line has been crossed.
    He got famous on looks alone and in the nineties when the movie standard bar wasn’t so high. He is still selling that 90s cr ap …..and its 2018. We’ve moved on from shallow pretty boys. As a society. Not that he is pretty or a boy. He’s pushing 60. He is a pariah now to any project or person he attaches himself to.
    His tone deaf, out of touch pr shows you exactly where his heads at. Up his @ ss.

    • Oxygen says:

      I agree with you for the most part though I don’t dislike him and would still catch his films as he picks good ones; however, I still don’t believe he abused his kids or his behaviour amounted to abuse. Obviously hard to know if you’re not an insider but I think his pr team was being honest when they said he’d pushed their son out of the way.

      • Bloop says:

        It’s hard to believe it wasn’t a big deal when even his sources are saying he only has supervised visitation. 2 years later. Don’t be surprised if his kids change their names in the future or his team starts claiming he only has 3 kids. It was probably verbal about them being adopted … Whatever it was it was serious enough for ten therapists and 2 judges to drag it out this long. Don’t forget He’s a rich white man and even that didn’t help him.

        Or maybe that evil Angelina used voodoo to trick the entire system. 😂😂

  40. All lies says:

    You can tell he is desperate to reclaim his top superstar status once AJ decided to pull the plug on their marriage. He knows without her support , which his movies were good at it’s best but mediocre as a whole, his acting would suffer. With her world fame and their super power as THE couple, no matter how bad was the movie, they, the fans, would still show up. Without her and his mediocre acting, his movies tanked big time, see Allied and War Machine. He won’t get the Best Actor award. The best he can hope for is Lifetime best Actor award, lol.

    Now, his time will run out soon with his fading good looks, he needs something different and fresh to rehab and repair his tarnishef public image. People are starting to see the real BP via his monster PR:s tactics and they are not impressed nor do they liked it. He pretty much had to pay tabs to push out these stories. Just like JA. They both work a lot to pay off their PR’s teams. And they are not cheap.

  41. Candies says:

    No he wasnt better with her by the end imo i dont think he fair worse in the future either.
    What monstor pr? Werent similar things happened for the likes of him? We saw it with gc, tc, jd etc when they seem to take on a new relationship?

  42. All lies says:

    Wonder What is going to be their coined name? Braneri? Braderi? Doesn’t matter much cause only them will know the meaning of it since they are going to sound very smart. Two intellects coming together.Boom. Betcha the professor already came up with one since she’s the expert in coining things.

  43. Lorelei says:

    I think that he took that huge round of applause he received at the Golden Globes — which I *think* was his first appearance, post-separation? — as some sort of clear sign that he was still HW’s Golden Boy, or whatever he currently fancies himself (hipster architect now?). I’m sure Angelina’s people noted it as well; at the time, it did sort of seem as a big, public stamp of approval.

    But things change, and if he is truly an absentee father to six children, I believe the tide will turn against him. Look at Tom Cruise now (no Brad isn’t in a cult but still!).

  44. Truth hurts says:

    Ouch Bradley. Did anyone catch The Wueens Planet. Angie and the kids were cool.

    • Bloop says:

      Everyone was raving about Angelina flying the plane and how cute her babies are. LoL btw, when AJ and her kids were filming that Brad was at Glasgow said by the sun to have had his hands all over Sienna Miller. 🙄 He really needs to get over it. Angelina’s career didn’t die without him like his buddies at page six said it would- she still gets loads of attention and -gasp-he doesn’t have to be with her. So next time she has something big going on he can shut up and do what he does which is focus on himself.

  45. All lies says:

    People say this woman is not smart if she wants to go along with his game. She is cunningly smart because he is rich and has plenty of fame to share. There are always some women like her. Looks at our first lady., Lol. BP is not the worst of them but he just fooled a lot of us into believing he was all that and more. Not again. We ain’t stupid. Seen it once seen it all.

    And people need to remember that the kids wanted them to get married in the first place. So seeing their father moving on with someone else while the divorce is still pending? Of course they will feel bettrayed by him and distrust of the new woman who come between their parents. He doesn’t care at all about their feeling or this woman’s. He does miss the sensitivity chip after all.

  46. Bloop says:

    The difference between AJ and brad Pitt’s Pr stuff shows he is way out of touch. Angie is focused on being a mother to teens and being the breadwinner now. Meanwhile Brad is focused on himself and dating. If his team had any clue they wouldn’t want the dating stories to get out since no one has spotted him with anyone it would be easy but they seemingly want the public to forget aboutnth years he was using the role of best daddy in the world to sell his image and movies.

    Hopefully he gets rid of his angie tattoos before he really starts dating. Sorry I wouldn’t want to be with a man who when he takes his shirt off is covered by memories of his ex wife and baby momma.

  47. Fa says:

    Her UTAH lecture General admission tickets were only $12. Now she is dating every him lecture ticked will go up.

    • Fannie says:

      Yes, it seems she needs the fame to get more tickets sold to her speaking engagement and maybe she really fell in love with Brad, who wouldnt? He is still hot and very charming and of course, he is fckng Brad Pitt, very good for her ego and for her career. I really think she is the luckier one, not Brad Pitt getting her. I mean, not many people know her before Brad, and she got married to this not so good looking composer and yet she had to pay him and give him everything they had to get a divorce. She is lucky that Angie dumped Brad and had the chance to meet him and be with him. I bet she would hang on to him until gets tired of her. Brad had already been lucky and as he said, he won the lottery with Angie and the kids but now had lost it. So he really needs this for him to have some life, I think he was really devastated when his family left, so he will be with this new woman, until he realizes what he has given up. Maybe he can still have a child with her, but at 42 yrs old and she never had one before, maybe a bit difficult. So im not sure what they will be talking about when he had already heard about her chaise chair, her glas design, her masks, silk pavilion, 3d printing, etc. Because it seems the Professor has not been doing anything new since 2014; and all her presentations are the same. She is more of a designer than an architect, but a designer of it seems ugly art pieces of which the materials are inspired from nature? She must have been wasting so much money of the funders of her lab, because its 2018, all they have are for exhibits and very weird stuff that has not been used to build anything that will benefit mankind.

  48. CAYUUTEE says:

    Omg, his PR team got me! Why didn’t I see it before? This came out at the same time as the documentary of the Queen’s Green Planet. It has Angelina and the kids planting trees in Namibia. Wow! Brad really, really is a leach. He is trying to stay relevant so bad.

    • Bloop says:

      Yep. He’s doing the tit for tat laineygossip always blamed on Angelina and Jennifer. Angelina ain’t gonna bite back. My guess is we won’t see or hear from her for sometime as her movies are both filming at pinewood. Next time she should do a surprise humanitarian trip so he won’t know and won’t be able to jump into the tabloids and attempt to take her thunder. Haha

      I think he really believed the page 6 article his team wrote up about how he won Hollywood and she’s nada without him. Angie didn’t care. She dumped him to save her kids and as it turns out she still has Hollywood, the Queen, Namibia, Cambodia and everything else she had before he got his claws into her. Good luck to whoever his next victim is. Just happy it won’t be Angie anymore.

      And to the people who think this is a triangle between Angie and Brad …pump your breaks. Now the tabloids are saying Jennifer is crying because Brad dumped her again and there is no way she could live up to the new chick. LoL truly ridiculous. Oh yeah and in touch says Aniston and Brad are moving in together… They’ve realized they are true love. Hahahaha

      • CAYUUTEE says:

        His PR is “every woman” wants him. He got Jen and Angie fighting over him. That triangle was probably all him. He probably told Angie it’s all Jen. Wow! This guy is really a bitch. And I doubt that he confronted Harvey about that Gwen thing. Imagine him confronting another man. I remember Mike Tyson said he saw Brad and Robin together and all Brad did was stay in the car. Haha! And Shia saying they can’t punch Brad in the face during Fury, but everyone got punched but him.

  49. Oxygen says:

    Referring to changing partners until you find the right one an ‘upgrade’ is demeaning for both men and women!

  50. Gal says:

    Gorgeous looking woman, hopefully it eventually works out for them in the long run!

  51. All lies says:

    The media already dubbed her as AJ’s look-alike with her being a brunette and now her dressing all in black for her first public sighting, they all say BP has a replacement in the professor, lol. Not sure what’s she going to think but it’s going to be a tall task to fill and annoying AF to have no identity but being his ex wife duplicate/shadow.

    Am still unsure why they leaked the story first before they were seen together as a couple? Never mind the group pic. No one suspected at the time so it’s not the main reason. He went to great lengths to avoid being pap in Boston going in and out of her place so why of all sudden? Had to be a reason for this mad rush to all the outlets with all the leaks on their love story. Hmmm. Inquiry mind wanna know. Don’t tell me it’s due to AJ documentation with the Queen, nah not big of a deal to him or that they are very close to finalizing the divorce and he wants to come out as a winner as having a new woman. Never mind she gets the sole custody for the kids. Remember he would rather have a custody of HW than his children’s.

  52. Hmn says:

    Those marriages and relationships rarely work. She’s lovely and seems he’s found a woman who shares his interests.

  53. Portlandmermaid says:

    Am I the only one who hates the term, “rub it in his/her face?”

  54. Shannon says:

    Oh, bless his heart. He wants to be seen as so deep and intellectual. Normally, people who ARE deep and intellectual don’t go around telling everybody about it and trying to portray that through their choice of partner. And FFS, upgrade?? These are people, not cars.

  55. Truth hurts says:

    I don’t know. This little rollout would have been ok until his team wanted to insult his exes and our intelligence.
    He upgraded and wants to hang with intellectuals stirred me the wrong way.

    How can a poser,drunk and weed head upgrade? Plus I don’t care how happy they say he is every pic I have seen him in he looks sad. People don’t want to admit his but he did loves Angie and those kids even though it went terribly wrong in the end. He had a different swagger about himself. He just doesn’t look right now. His eyes tell how his heart feels.

    Just think Paltrow just praised him last year now he is insulting her😏

  56. Juju says:

    The media/rags are making her look like a stalker. Sort of like that brilliant astronaut stalking the love rival. Except now it is the brilliant 3D printing not really an architect appearing to stalk. Not a good look.

  57. serena says:

    Meeting of minds.. what? Why are people putting him up to a MIT professor? He may be a smart producer and actor, but sure as hell he is NOT at Neri’s level. Also, he’s upgrading his gf? What about upgrading himself first?

    By the way, he’s the only one ‘rubbing’ a new relationship on Angelina’s face, and I’m sure she doesn’t care much, but he should at least shut up for his kids’ sake.