People now think that Duchess Kate will give birth to a boy named Thomas

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, take part in preparations for a Commonwealth Big Lunch at St Luke's Community Centre, London

One of my gossip predictions for this week was that the Duchess of Cambridge would do something to remind people that she exists just as Meghan Markle was making an appearance at the Commonwealth Youth Forum. That didn’t happen! But Meghan is due to make another public appearance on Friday, and it’s perfectly possible that Kate is saving some story for that appearance. Kate is currently chilling out and nesting and preparing for the birth of the third Cambridge baby. Her last public appearance was on Easter Sunday with the Queen, although in the weeks leading up to that appearance, William kept talking about how the baby was due any day now. I’m still vibing on… this weekend or the coming week. Marie Claire UK has a theory that the baby will come two weekends from now. Who knows?

As Kate’s due date – whatever it may be – fast approaches, people are still placing bets on the sex and the name. For months now, people have been vibing on the idea that they’ll have another girl and they’ll name her Victoria or Alice or Mary. But there’s been a late surge in betting for a second son, possibly named Thomas?

Royal pundits are placing their bets on Kate and William giving birth to a healthy little prince sometime this month. Prince Thomas has emerged as a serious candidate among the list of firm favourites, according to bookmaker Ladbrokes.

A rapid flurry of last-minute bets slashed the odds for Thomas from 66/1 down to a strong 20/1 overnight. Jessica Bridge of Ladbrokes said: “Prince Thomas of Cambridge does have a nice ring to it, even if the name doesn’t immediately spring out as a traditional, regal name. However, Kate and Wills are modernising the Royal Family, so it wouldn’t be a huge surprise to see them opt for a ‘normal’ name.”

But the name is still well behind the nation’s firm favourites of Arthur at 5/1 for a boy and Mary at 6/1 for a girl.

Some of the other touted candidates include James at 8/1, Frederik at 16/1 and Diana at 20/1.

[From The Daily Express]

We haven’t spent as much time talking about baby-name possibilities this time around, and as I keep saying, I haven’t felt any particular vibes for the sex of the baby so far. But as I was reading this, it did hit me: I do think she’s going to have a boy this time around. As for names… I still think it was so old-fashioned for them to name their firstborn “George”. It’s just TOO traditional, in my opinion. So I could see them pushing aside Albert and Arthur just because… well, they’ve already got one kid with an old-man name. Why not go for Thomas? That’s a nice name. Matthew would be good too. They won’t go with James – Kate already has a brother named James. And Frederik is too Germanic. I’m locking in my gossip prediction: a boy named Thomas Arthur. There. We’ll see how wrong I am! I’m curious though: what are your predictions? Lock them in now!

Catherine Duchess of Cambridge visits Pegasus Primary School in Oxford

Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News.

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  1. Cupcake says:

    There will me more than one middle name for sure, likely two. Girl named Alice or Mary.

    I like Thomas for a boy for Kate too!

  2. Sayrah says:

    Girl named Mary Alice born 4/25

  3. Sherry says:

    I think she’s due any day, because I doubt Harry and Meghan would have set their wedding date so close that Kate wouldn’t be able to attend. She’ll have a good month of recovery if she gives birth in the next few days.

    I’m going against the grain and say she’s having a girl and her name will be Victoria or Alice.

  4. perplexed says:

    ” It’s just TOO traditional, in my opinion.”

    Are there any royal names that aren’t too traditional? They all sound like the names of former kings and queens.

    Even Harry’s real name is Henry. I can’t even count on one hand how many Henrys I’ve met.

    Weirdly enough, I think George has grown into his name. Somehow it…fits him now. I don’t know how it happened but he kind of grew into his name.

  5. Danielle says:

    I cant believe how close this birth is going to be to the wedding! I thought for sure that when they announced the 19th of May as the wedding date that Kate would give birth at the start of April. I feel bad for her having to parade around for the wedding so soon after giving birth. I’m not usually a Kate apologist, but I’ll give her this one!

  6. MeghanNotMarkle says:

    I like Thomas but I think they’ll go with something like Phillip or Albert. I love Alice for a girl. Doubt they’d use Diana since Charlotte is Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. But who knows. I just want that baby born so I can focus entirely on the big wedding.

  7. Addie says:

    I have no idea as to the gender but these are my name choices:
    Rose (or Rosamund) Alice Mary
    Louis Phillip Charles

    PS: I’m still wondering what William and Kate have done/are doing to modernise the monarchy.

  8. Penfold says:

    I like Arthur!

    But I’ll guess it’ll be a boy and they will name him Alexander.

  9. homeslice says:

    My son is a Thomas :) :) Great name!

  10. Other Renee says:

    Girl. Victoria Mary Alice.
    Boring AF.

  11. Anna says:

    No joke, we named our first child George after my father and two months later Prince George was born. We named our daughter Charlotte and then six months later Princess Charlotte was born. I am due in October with my third (and last) child and my husband is dead set on naming the baby Alice if it’s a girl after his grandmother.

    For that reason alone, I am going to say it’s a girl and her name will be Alice.

  12. Citresse says:

    If they go with a different name it’ll be Michael. But I think they’ll continue the traditional kind of stodgy names. Mary Alexandra if it’s a girl. Arthur Albert if a boy. The baby will weigh 8lbs 7ounces my guess on that too.

  13. Ladykeller says:

    Normally I’m super accurate about guessing what people are going to have. But with this one I can’t figure it out. I’m leaning slightly towards a girl. I don’t know why I am so invested in this pregnancy but I can’t wait to find out.

  14. Adele Dazeem says:

    Baby boy named Philip Arthur Something something on Friday 4/20

  15. MellyMel says:

    I think it’s a boy. And I’m gonna go with Matthew, Michael or Arthur.

  16. imqrious2 says:

    I still think boy: Arthur Philip Richard Thomas Albert (?) lol
    lf a girl: Alice Victoria Mary Frances
    (since Char has “Diana”, if this is a girl, perhaps her middle name for this one).

  17. klutzy_girl says:

    Girl named Alice Victoria Catherine or Victoria Alice Catherine (possibly born April 21st, the Queen’s birthday)

    Wait, Harry and Meghan’s second appearance at CHOGM *is* today. Anybody know what time?

  18. M.A.F. says:

    Considering how many names now-a-days are insanely stupid (especially those of celebrity kids), a “traditional” name is refreshing.

  19. Lucky Charm says:

    I think it’s a girl. As for names I see Caroline, Eleanor and/or Frances in there. I also think she’ll give birth by Tuesday.

  20. koko says:

    I’ve felt boy since she started showing. So I’m going with boy, Thomas is nice, I also like some of the above choices, Matthew, Michael, Louis and Alexander. No Arthur, Albert or Philip, save those for middle names.

  21. Citresse says:

    I don’t think it’ll be Prince John. The Royals stay away from that name since the sad story of Prince John, the epileptic Prince who didn’t survive into adulthood. Locked away, shunned til his death, it was cruel. Note QE2 avoided that name John in naming her three sons.

  22. Oliviajoy1995 says:

    I think if it’s a boy Alexander. Not sure what the middle name will be, since it’s like 6 middle names. For a girl I like Victoria. Or Diana. But they won’t name her Diana. Mary and Alice are so plain but traditional.

  23. Eliza says:

    Her belly looked like mine and I had a girl. But then again everyone swore I was having a boy (didn’t find out till delivery).

    As for the name, it will be traditional regardless of gender. Not just because of being a future monarchs child, but because they are the living example of beige and they like it that way.

  24. whatever says:

    I think the name Francis/Frances will one of the middle names regardless of gender. Both Kate’s dad and Princess Diana have Francis/Frances as middle names so it could be a tribute to both if the name is included.

  25. Amy Too says:

    For a boy I like Theodore and they could call him Teddy, which I find adorable for a baby/child. I also like Frances for a boy. But I’m feeling like they’ll go with either Charles or James if it’s a boy—does George have either of those in his middle name?

    For a girl, I think it would be cool if they went with a name that is tradition, but still interesting like Adeline or Gwyneth, but I think they might include names like Catherine, Ann(e), or Mary.

  26. Pajala says:

    Rose Victoria Alice Cambridge
    David Francis James Cambridge

  27. minx says:

    I didn’t have a sense of what she was going to have until recently, now I think it’s a boy. No clue on the name but I think it will be here by Monday 4/23.

  28. hnmmom says:

    I will jump on the boy bandwagon. She carries so small with all her pregnancies that it is tough to use any wive’s tales to try and guess. I say she will have the little prince on Sunday, April 22nd. As for name, I will go with Arthur Leopold Michael.

    I think Alexander and Louis are out, as George has those as middle names. Alexandra was Kate’s rumored fave name for a girl but once they used a variation for George, they did not use it for Charlotte. So I think they stay away from repeats. I like Arthur, I think it’s a nice name. All my kids have what would be considered traditional names but with a little more flair than the Mary’s, Michael’s and John’s.

  29. LAK says:

    Frederick is actually pretty commonly used name for the royals. There are several Princes Frederick in the history of the BRF, and one in the current generation, namely Prince Michael’s eldest son.

  30. Laura says:

    I think the baby will be a girl and that she will be named Mary.

  31. Other Renee says:

    I just thought that Margaret might be in there somewhere to honor the Queen’s sister. Maybe a middle name instead of Mary. Maybe I’ll change my choice to Victoria Margaret Carole.

  32. Starryfish says:

    No clue on the name other than if it’s a boy it won’t be James. I’d put some money on her being induced in time for the baby to share the queen’s birthday though.

  33. Keepitreal says:

    Please, no Frederick, there already is one and one is enough. German much? Frederick Sax-Coburg-Gothe Battenberg?? No and no! No need to go with a musty name like this or Albert. George is already the heir, so Thomas is just fine.

  34. Jayna says:

    I could see Philip after William’s grandfather.

    I love the name Mary. So I’m officially rooting for Mary. I am hoping it’s a little girl. Victoria is a pretty name also.

  35. kellyrae says:

    My guess is girl and they will name her Victoria. I think she’ll have the baby this weekend or early next week. I agree that they would have given her a month to recover prior to the wedding.

  36. Anastasia says:

    Girl. No idea as to the name or date.

  37. Skylark says:

    Boy. Philip Thomas James. Born on 21st Apr.

    My tea leaves said this earlier today and they’ve never been wrong.

    PS. Although the ’1′ in ’21′ could have been a ’7′. Tea leaves can be messy.

  38. Amelie says:

    If it’s a boy, I feel like they will name it Philip. They honored Elizabeth and Diana with Charlotte and they didn’t do that with George. Or at least Philip will be in the name. I would prefer that over Arthur or Albert. So something like Philip Michael Louis (so Kate’s dad gets a mention too).

    Everyone keeps mentioning Alice as a contender for a girl and while I don’t mind the name per se, it’s not my favorite. I also did some research and realized it’s Prince Philip’s mother’s name who had schizophrenia. So I think they would avoid that name for a girl based on that. So I say Victoria or May for a girl or a combination of those names. Though I honestly think Mary is such a boring choice.

    • LAK says:

      Actually, in a sly way they honoured Elizabeth and Diana with George though of course it could be purely coincidental.

      His full name: George Alexander Louis….
      1. George after the Queen’s beloved father and Grandfather,
      2. his full names are the first names of the eldest son of each of Diana’s siblings ie George (Son of Sarah Spencer), Alexander (son of Jane Spencer) and Louis (son of Charles Spencer)

  39. Anna says:

    while lovely, Thomas is also Meghan;s dad’s name so highly doubt they will use that for the baby

  40. Kelly says:

    Why is everyone set on Arthur? It seems like a bad luck name.

  41. spidee!!! says:

    Philip would be my choice for a boy though of course they can’t have Philippa for a girl unfortunately.

  42. Rainbow says:

    NO to Mary Alice. That’s the name of one of the Desperate Housewives character and that’s all I can think about when I hear those names lol

    Caroline after Carole.

    Victoria Frances Caroline/Frances Caroline Victoria.

  43. Maria says:

    I knew a family who had three daughters: Faith, Hope, and Charity,

  44. Tiffany says:

    A jar of chutney named Rosenberry.

  45. ZigZags says:

    I’m going to toss out Mary Adelaide Victoria with the nickname Mavis for a girl. Why not?

    For a boy what about Nicholas Francis William?

  46. snarky_lurker says:

    Ever since someone pointed out that the the sweaters they were given in Norway (I think) were colour coded and the one for the new baby matched William’s and George’s I’ve thought boy. (Plus there’s the little possible slip last week where William possibly alluded to the baby being a boy).
    Anyway, I think/hope Alexandra (despite George’s middle name) for a girl and I do like Thomas the most for a boy, but feel like they’ll go Arthur. I would love for them to choose something a little less fussy this time though.

    Anything other than Albert please!

  47. Miasys says:

    I just hope she has a healthy baby, and maybe keeps some of the weight on after. Her face looks so much younger & softer right now- it’s a good look for her.

  48. Vava says:

    Something is wrong with me. I’ve pretty much lost interest in Kate and William. I don’t care what they name their child, what they wear, or what they do. HELP ME, I’m a Royal Follower!!! LOL

  49. Mrs. Smith says:

    I’m still going with a girl (despite Williams’s flub about the gender). Born by Tuesday, April 24. Margaret Mary in honor of QE’s beloved sister and mother.

  50. Liberty says:

    Michael Philip William Ben

    (Just kidding about the Ben)

  51. DameEdna says:

    I stumbled upon this the other day whilst deleting ancient bookmarks. It still makes me howl.

    My favourite bit…”Paul (Burrell) had confidently predicted the baby would be called Margaret. Who knows, maybe it still will be.”

  52. Em says:

    I doubt very much it will be Victoria , there is an old Mother Shipton like prophesy, I can’t remember the exact wording but something along the lines of that QE I and QE II would be great Queens and Victoria I would see a great empire but Victoria II would see the end of Britain.

    William, George and Charlotte would have to out of the picture for a baby Victoria to become QV II, but I don’t think they will take the chance. After all it has been well over 100years and no girl with a chance of becoming Queen of GB has been given the name Victoria. Many of Victoria’s grand daughters were given the name but as male precedence ruled and there were plenty of them it was not envisaged that one would become Queen.

    I wonder if they might go with Arthur if it’s a boy.

  53. paddingtonjr says:

    Prince Philip Michael Thomas of Cambridge! Maybe I shouldn’t be watching Miami Vice reruns ;)

  54. Sarah Anne says:

    I have a secret fear that they are gonna go so basic. Princess Sophia Margaret Alice. The name Charlotte was so disappointing to me. It’s a lovely name, it just felt tired to me. Like Sophia.

  55. Doc says:

    ‘’Prince William and Kate are modernizing the Royal Family’’ lol 😂 😂

  56. alittlesugar says:

    George was always going to have an old fashioned and traditional name – as future monarch that’s a name that would do well for him. Plus it was the only available ‘traditional’ King name left, since the others (William, Henry, Charles, Edward, James) were taken.

    As for new baby – I’m hoping maybe they would go for a less traditional name that is also popular (like Theordore or Thomas). But I’m not keeping my hopes up. Will and Kate seem to love a lot of traditional.

    Based on their other children’s names, a predictable guess for a baby boy would be something like Arthur Philip Francis or Arthur Philip Michael. Francis is Michael Middleton’s middle name and Frances was Diana’s. Maybe Frances/Francis would come into play with this one.

  57. Anare says:

    I’m guessing Margaret Anne Mary or some combination of those names. Or James Arthur Edward. I have no feeling for what it will be but maybe William’s flub tipped us off that it will be a boy.