Carrie Underwood describes accident: ‘I was taking the dogs to go pee, I just tripped’

Carrie Underwood has been criticized for gradually releasing photos after revealing that she suffered an accident at home last November which required over 40 stitches to her face. She made her first public appearance at the ACM Awards last Sunday, where she performed her new song, “Cry Pretty,” to thunderous applause. Most people said she looked the same and wondered why Carrie was so secretive following the accident. There have been unfair whispers of plastic surgery gone wrong or some kind of nefarious cover up. In an appearance on Radio One’s Bobby Bones show yesterday, Carrie talked about her accident, about claims that she was hiding, and about what part of her face she injured. You could actually see the scars around her mouth, which is where she suffered the injury. I found her very upfront and matter-of-fact about it. Here’s some of what she said and you can watch the full video of her interview here.

How do you hide?
I don’t think I hide. There’s always stuff to do, even if it’s not necessarily playing shows. I’m kind of a homebody.

The first picture we saw was the girl at the yoga place
We were on vacation. I was like, ‘can we like stand in the shadows?’ I made my friend take the picture from far away. The only thing my brain has trouble dealing with – I just forget [I'm famous]. I’m like at the grocery store and somebody comes up to me and I’m like ‘oh yeah.’

Tell me about [Cry Pretty]
As humans we’re expected to have our crap together all the time… Every once in a while there’s just a bubble over of emotion. We’re kind of discouraged from doing that in life. Sometimes you just have to. It might be unattractive, a sad/ugly moment, but it has to happen and it’s ok.

What happened to your wrist?
I fell down. The most frustrating part was trying to work out with a broken wrist.

How did you fall?
I was taking the dogs out to go pee pee one last time, and I just tripped. There was one step, and I didn’t let go of the leashes. Priorities. So that’s why my left hand’s fine. But I went to catch myself and I just missed a step. If I had fallen anywhere else I would have been personally fine.

I don’t see [any difference in your face]
Thank you. I’ve been very fortunate in the healing process. I was lucky when it happened [that] everything was kind of shutting down in the music world, the holidays [were coming up]. I was at a point where I didn’t know how things were going to end up. I didn’t know what it was going to heal like.

Where did you fall?
Around my mouth. You just don’t know how things are going to heal or end up. It was important to me as I started to resuming life again… I was like ‘somebody is going to creep on me at the grocery store… post it on Instagram.’

[From the Bobby Bones show via People]

As I’ve mentioned before, I love Carrie’s new song “Cry Pretty.” The way she explained the song touched me and it also captures the impact of it. We all lose our sh-t sometimes. Carrie said that her safe place for crying is in her car. Mine is the bathtub! She also said she was worried that her son, Isaiah, 3, would be scared of her after the accident but when she’s wearing makeup he says “mommy your boo boo is all gone.”

Carrie discussed her husband’s return to hockey after retiring briefly last year. She encouraged him to go back and she said she expects The Predators to win the Stanley Cup. As for her new music, her album is “almost done,” but she wants to write a little more because it’s hard to stop. She’s a control freak and she didn’t want the scars to show. It took her a while to come to terms with her injury and she’s still processing it. I’m here for Carrie’s new music and for her comeback.

Here’s a segment from her interview. Some of these photos are screenshots from the YouTube video.

today with @carrieunderwood • full interview at link in bio!

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  1. Jillian says:

    I don’t think she looks any different.

    Something about her fall is suspicious.

    • Celebitchy says:

      In the video you can see scars around her mouth. Zoom in on the photo at the top, you can see them.

      • madonami says:

        I haven’t been following this story much, so I feel like, huh? Why was she getting sh*t on for “hiding?” Maybe I missed something. But anyway, I think the last info/guesswork we had was that she’d hurt one side of her face? Turns out it was her mouth. I feel like that changes things a bit.

        I mean, I get any celeb (or civilian) being freaked out by how 40 stitches to the face is going to turn out. But a singer f-ing up their mouth area? That could potentially be worse than cosmetic and, even if just cosmetic, it’s an area where ppl are going to focus on when performing.

        No question, she was WAY more resources for dealing with such an injury than civilians, IJS, if I was famous, and I had 40 stitches to the face, and had the luxury of laying low for a good while, I’d do so.

        I’m currently doing a series of facial chemical peels and the high points of my face abrade more than the rest, I’m peel-y AF, can’t really wear makeup, etc. My co-workers are probably terrified of me. (Yes, I know that’s totally different from a fall, stitches, broken bones, etc., IJS, if I could just stay home until the various hideously unattractive phases of the peels are done, I would!)

    • Goats on the Roof says:

      Her teeth are different and her upper lip/under nose are scarred. I can see it even through the heavy makeup.

      Some people are just unkind

      • Layla Beans says:

        Yes, they are. Especially about this.

      • Katie says:

        Thank you. I just do not understand the reason for being suspicious. I have to undergo facial surgery for basal cell removal and they’ve told me flat out – there is no way to know how this will heal. It will take 6 mos to heal and 1 yr to settle. I’m freaking out – yes, for vanity. It sucks. If I could hide out until it’s coverable, I would. Totally understand this. And who knows what really went down, but accidents do happen. Why pick a time when someone is down, to kick them?

    • suzi says:

      Carrie did a second radio interview with Storme Warren on the same day. Storme said on the radio that Carrie had shown him a picture of her face before it had healed. He told everyone that didn’t believe it was that bad, that it was really bad. I know some people will never believe her unless she posts that picture.

      • Kelly says:

        Even that wouldn’t be enough for some. I wonder if the dislike is due to an assumption that she shares the politics of the typical country music fan.

    • mamacita says:

      what exactly is suspicious to you? I fell recently waking my dogs during the day on a flat street. no stairs, no rain, no alcohol involved. one of my dogs crossed by me to be closer to my other dog and I tripped over the short one and fell hard. tore my hands up, tore my knees up, pulled my back muscle but didn’t break a bone or the coffee cup I was carrying. I was lucky. and because you’re holding the dogs’ leashes and concentrating on them you can hurt yourself even worse because your reaction is different and not as fluid as it would be if you were alone. so everyone needs to back off the judgment on carrie and be a little more compassionate.

      • Esmom says:

        I fell last summer while out jogging. It came out of nowhere, my mind must have wandered too far and suddenly I was on the ground. I cut my knees and my hands and broke my phone and had to walk a mile home literally dripping with blood and limping. Had I not been able to stop myself in time, my face would have hit the pavement, too. I don’t think people realize how quickly a fall can happen and how serious the injuries can be.

      • OriginalLala says:

        I tripped whilst out running and fell into a ditch. Completely messed up my knees externally and internally. 7 years later I still have the scars, and my knees are still a bit messed up. I previously never would have thought that tripping and falling would have caused such long term damage.

      • slowsnow says:

        My mum always fell, all the time. Nothing neurological, nothing with hearing imbalance. She is just clumsy. Luckily, she never seriously hurt herself but one day I visited her and she had a huge bruise on her face and a cut.
        My point is: these things do happen. However, the way it was handled seems to point to extreme insecurity and a certain PR spin in case things turned out more serious.

      • lucy2 says:

        I fell on my stairs last year while carrying stuff. Totally destroyed my ankle, required surgery, lots of metal in there now, months or rehab, months out of work, etc. Over a year later it still hurts. Bad injuries can happen in the blink of an eye. I consider myself lucky it was just my ankle.

      • tealily says:

        My mom just fell last week when we were walking my dogs on a flat sidewalk, a block from my house. She got a massively huge, swollen black eye and sore ribs, but thankfully nothing worse. She says she wasn’t sure what happened. She was looking at the house across the street and tripped over her shoe or something. Sometimes it seems like the worst accidents are something so stupid, and they happen so quickly.

      • Jennifer says:

        I fell at a dog park and ended up needing surgery on my hip. Three years later I fell again 3 times while walking the dog and as a result needed the same surgery on the other hip. Falls are no joke, yo. I’m still healing from the latest surgery and my back, knees, and hips have never been the same.

    • Rhys says:

      It really might be a clumsy fall. One time I jokingly slapped my colleague on the back but did it so awkwardly, I hurt my finger. It swelled up the next day and wouldn’t wiggle so I took myself to the emergency ward. A sweet lady who looked it over hinted that there were some brochures on domestic violence in the bathroom if I needed. I was extremely grateful for her concern and I’m so glad people like her exist who help scared women in the world but n my case it was just that – a clumsy self-injury.

    • Sequinedheart says:

      I will say that even the most subtle repair work can completely change how someone looks, and affect their self esteem. A friend had a terrible accident, which luckily she is still here to tell the tale, and she had a tiny bit of reconstructive work on her face and she does look different now. Not like a whole other person but looking at the before and afters, you can tell.
      However, I too am suspicious of this, maybe because we’re so conditioned to oversharing celebs.

    • april says:

      I agree it is suspicious. Why didn’t she say that the first time around? Because of her fame, I think the story has been changed to protect her career. I definitely believe she had a fall, but there’s missing info. Maybe she was drunk, or some other undesirable thing happened.

    • Louise177 says:

      I’d hate to be a celebrity. Everybody assumes you’re lying and covering something up. When the fall was first reported so many including this site claimed domestic abuse, drugs, and elective plastic surgery. People assume zebras not horses. Although Carrie made it seem more scandalous by always covering her face and releasing a statement about not looking the same.

  2. Lurker says:

    She needs to get a grip.

    • MamaHoneyBadger says:

      Exactly. She’s gotten a lot of mileage out of this nothingburger of a story. She can go away now.

    • mamacita says:

      maybe she is being more sensitive than you would’ve been. however in her career world, looks and appearance are paramount. not saying that it should be that way but it is. so instead of being critical, try compassion and lifting another woman up with your support.

    • Margo S. says:

      Lol Lurker. True. So true.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I’m shocked by how many heartless comments are on these stories. People have no compassion anymore. Judging people for being injured in a fall is so unnecessary, I just don’t understand the reach to be so negative.

  3. Clucky says:

    She looks the same. I don’t get all this fuss.

  4. Liza says:

    Either she is a makeup wizard or she’s pretty much healed up already.

  5. JG says:

    She has spoken in the past about how self-conscious she is about her skin and its imperfections, and Mike makes her feel better about it. This accident had to have made her feel awful. She is lucky to be married to a hockey player, facial lacerations and scarring are just a day at the office for them.

    • TheRickestRick says:

      Ha that’s true, hockey players sure would be understanding about facial scarring! That is nice, he will be super supportive in that way!

  6. lobstah says:

    She’s lying.

    I think she still looks beautiful and I would never have cared so much about why someone fell, if she hadn’t made SUCH a big deal about all of this. But, she’s lying.

    • MerrymerrymonthofMay says:

      She sounds very sad and small to me in the interview. Not the Carrie I’m used to.

    • IsaidwhatIsaid says:

      What do you think she’s lying about?

      • lobstah says:

        How she fell. She’s acting so sad and meek, like she’s trying to cover for someone or something.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Or maybe she sounds sad and meek because people are so judgemental and unkind? Maybe she knew there are people out there who would judge another human negatively for something as mundane as a fall and an injured face?

        These types of comments translate to:
        “Why’s she so defensive while I attack her?”

    • Kelly says:

      Lying liar is a liar. Every single story I hear about her around town starts with how she makes sure everyone knows exactly who she is at all times. I don’t trust a word this woman says.

    • minx says:

      Yes, she’s the one who strung this story out!

    • CatMum says:

      I read somewhere that it could be domestic violence.

  7. IsaidwhatIsaid says:

    I can definitely see something different about her mouth. I believe her story about the fall and I think it affected her deeply. Her beauty is a huge part of her success. A fall like that would upset anyone but I suspect with her it would be considered a life altering accident. I know it was way over-dramatized b/c of her going into hiding and the media making it a big deal with so much speculation (the drug/husband beating theories). I think it really boils down to her feeling that she would end up being severely disfigured so it really has been very traumatic for her. I get it.

  8. Appalachian says:

    Was she wearing big silly heels and drinking? I fall a lot and catch myself even though I’m horribly uncoordinated. Now, when I’m drunk or when my sister is drunk (love her! Lol) and we fall….we don’t catch ourselves. At all….Just rag doll down the stairs.

    • GeekLuva says:

      Appalachian 😂
      I feel that with the right protective gear I’d like to hang out with you and your sister!

    • Jayna says:

      I wasn’t drunk, not even a sip, when I jumped up from the couch to answer a call. The phone was across the room. My foot caught in my pajama/yoga pants wide bottom. It propelled me several feet across the room. I didn’t catch myself. The hard corner of the console table against the wall caught me — well, caught my face. Luckily, it missed my eye. I went down to the floor in agony. I thought I had broken my cheekbone the pain was so severe. The whole side of my face was swollen, very bruised, and discolored from below my eye to the bottom of my face by the next morning. I had to go to work the next day where it looked like I had been severely beaten up.

      No alcohol, no catching myself. I don’t know why people find her story “unbelievable.” Things happen. From comments on here, I guess some didn’t believe my story and must have been suspicious. How sad!

      • Redgrl says:

        I remember hubby and I were on holiday sleeping in a bed that was a different height than our bed at home. I woke up to go to the washroom- it was pitch dark and I went to slide off the bed to get up. Well because the bed was lower I lost my balance and fell. Couldn’t see a thing, couldn’t tell which direction I was falling. I had my hands flailing out just falling in the darkness – strangest feeling- until I smashed my mouth against the floor. Tooth went through lip, massive bruises. Floor was carpeted. Hurt like hell but the scariest part was that feeling of falling and being unable to see and not knowing what part of me would hit the ground first… so yes, falls can be flukes and just bizarre…

  9. naomipaige says:

    Her face looks totally different. It looks rounder. Am I right?

    • Mari says:

      I wonder if she cracked/broke her cheekbone and received a cheek implant? It also looks like a few teeth were knocked out and replaced, as well.

      • naomipaige says:

        Thank you, Mari.
        Agreed. Whatever happened, it could have been much worse. She’s still beautiful, regardless

    • mamacita says:

      it looks like she may have gained a little weight in her face. probably because she hasn’t been able to work out as much after her wrist injury.

  10. Merritt says:

    I think a lot of people are being weird about her face, as though they own her and it is creepy. It is her face and she gets to decide when to release pictures or appear in public.

    • Audi says:

      I get what you’re saying, however, it is Carrie who’s made such a huge deal of this. If she had said little to nothing about it, the public would have given it a thought & then forgotten. Now conspiracy theories abound. Ugh.

      • Merritt says:

        Doubtful. People can be ridiculous and some comments on this post illustrate that.

      • Trillion says:

        @ Audi: totally. There are people who are horribly disfigured after accidents. I don’t like how she’s handled this at all.

  11. MissMarierose says:

    Much ado about nothing.

  12. Jayna says:

    Her upper was cut, and the scar goes up from there. With makeup, it’s not that noticeable.

    She milked this in an opportunistic way with the early post, even though a fan saw her and didn’t notice anything, and a few months later a photo from one side and then came the photo with the bandana over half of her face (big eye roll from me) not long before the big unveil on the awards show. So don’t act surprised with a bit of backlash.

  13. Wellsie says:

    Maybe it affected her teeth, too? This is one of my nightmares (daymares?), so I feel for her. It’s not hard to imagine that someone would sell photos of her injured face and they would be plastered all over the internet… so maybe let’s give her a break.

  14. Jaii says:

    I have a nearly two inch or so length scar running along above my top lip on my right side of my face and despite having it now for Over a decade since my early teens I have never stopped being self conscious about it . As scars go it’s very neat but still the moment someone looks a little long at my face I have to fight to raise my hand to cover my mouth so I will never criticise Carrie for how she reacted to her injury .

  15. Mle428 says:

    From the placement of the scar, that was likely a horrific injury. I used to work in plastic surgery, and I’m sure she had the best team available. To still have a scar that visible, with the skill level of the surgeons she likely had working on her, means that it was gnarly. I suspect she probably had part of her lip torn off.

    I can’t believe the insensitivity I’m seeing here. I’ve cried over a bad haircut. Imagine having to have your face put back together!

    • Mel M says:

      Totally agree. People have no idea what it’s like to be famous, a famous woman, a famous woman who is beautiful and expected to be so at all times. With all of the pressure women feel to look flawless these days especially in the entertainment industry I can’t imagine how terrified she must’ve felt. Her face is part a major part of her career. It’s the first thing everyone looks at when they look at you. I’m sure when it first happened and she had no idea how it would turn out she wanted to get ahead of the gossip and let everyone know that she may look different. She had no idea what she was going to end up looking like. If it wouldn’t have healed as well and she did look a lot different would everyone be happy then? What would’ve happened if she said nothing and suddenly showed up with a huge scar? She made one statement, which I think was just to let everyone know and prepare in case it was worse and the media ran with it.

      Her scar reminds me of the one Shawn White has now on his lip from an accident he had practicing right before the olympics. I’m not a fan of his but I watched a story on it and there is video of it, it is a really horrifying fall. I believe he had around the same amount of stitches as her as well so I can understand how terrified she must’ve been and how bad her fall must’ve been. Even he wouldn’t look at his face right after it because he was too scared to see the damage and he’s not even in a career that has anything to do with looks.

    • Betsy says:

      No…. it’s just that as a few people said a few days ago (a few people who work with vets), her injury may have been horrific and I believe you that injuries around the mouth are, but there are people who lose their limbs, have their faces burnt or melted, and have their genitals blown off. She’s entitled to have her feelings: one-upping people’s pain is tacky. But at the end of the day she’s still gorgeous.

    • Jag says:

      My issue with it at first was her “will she or won’t she reveal her face?” posts on Instagram. She kept milking it that she might look different and then kept posting teaser photos, even up to the day of the awards show. Now, she’s making statements like she didn’t know if she could go on and such, and without any context other than what she’s put out there so far, it seems dramatic.

      Had she posted that she was injured and needed some time to heal, she would’ve gotten good thoughts and prayers. And then if it turned out that she looked different, people would have understood. Yes, some people would still be cruel, but the majority of us out here wouldn’t be miffed about how she’s handled the situation.

      As it is, with her not saying where the injury was, telling people it happened until much later, and then doing the teaser posts and photos, it looks like a big PR stunt to get her name in the news to talk about her new album. Even the reports about the accident when it happened said that she had some “cuts and abrasions,” not a “facially disfiguring, horrific injury” as she says she had.

      If she truly were hurt, I hope that she heals completely and gets any mental health help if she needs any. I’ve fallen before, too, and still need my knee repaired. I have scars from accidents as well. But I’m not posting teaser photos about it on Instagram; that’s why I’m sounding so cynical.

    • Jennifer says:

      Thank you! My sister was in a car accident, thrown from the vehicle and didn’t suffer any injuries except for some cuts under her nose and then a vertical clean cut right down her forehead. None were super deep but needed stitches and work of a plastic surgeon. Specifically because she was left with noticeable scars on her face as a teenage girl, she / my parents were awarded a very large settlement from the driver’s insurance company (he was ticketed and considered at fault for the accident). They quantified the emotional cost for a young woman having facial scars for the rest of her life & they valued it very, very high. So yeah, people saying she shouldn’t be upset b/c other people have lost limbs, etc are incredibly insensitive. It’s not a competition. Being left with scars on your face as a woman in this f*cked-up world that places such a high value on appearances is a minf*ck I’m sure. Try a little sensitivity!!

  16. HelloSunshine says:

    I feel bad for her, I really do but I feel like she’s definitely invited these theories and stuff from people on the outside because of how the situations been handled. Not that she needs to be showing us her pre op pics or something but the roll out of this was sketch and that invites gossip.

  17. NGM925 says:

    In medical school, we get trained to spot inconsistencies between people’s injuries and their stories. I’ll just say that from a purely mechanical perspective, if you fall on an outstretched hand (such that you break your wrist), your face is usually going to be protected. Furthermore, if the damage is really from a fall, your nose (the most protruding facial component) is going to get banged up before your mouth does, so these “scars around her mouth” seem pretty suspect to me. Plus she’s making unnecessary justifications like, “So that’s why my left hand’s fine.” This is concerning.

    • Margo S. says:

      What you are saying makes so much sense. Great explanation.

    • LNG says:

      Except she fell down stairs, and that changes the mechanics of everything. You have much more momentum and catching yourself with your hand doesn’t break your fall enough to protect your face. Especially where you only have one free hand because you’re holding your dog’s leashes in the other.

      • Anon33 says:

        Didn’t she say she missed the bottom step? She didn’t fall down an entire flight of stairs.

    • Fie says:

      Just gotta chime in here — I believe her. Every fall incident can have unique dimensions to it. I had a really bad fall at home (slipped on a cat toy when I dashed into the kitchen). Slammed so fast and hard into the hardwood floor that my hands couldn’t get into place — I really had no idea what had happened. Suddenly I was on the floor with cartoon birds tweeting around my head. Huge bruises on the right side, bit through my lip in two places. It’s a miracle no facial bones were broken. I had stiches on the lip and looked like the f**king Joker for 2 months.

      The worst thing is you hide inside because if you’re a woman, everyone thinks you were beaten. You feel ashamed as if you were some troubled, battered woman. Even I hastened to assure people that I wasn’t in some weird situation. I hope no one doubted me and my landlady could vouch for the incident because she took me to the ER, but if you all smell overcompensation it could be because the assumption of abuse is so strong that it takes a campaign to counter the abuse suspicions.

      And kids, be careful — falls are terribly violent. It’s like getting beat up by a 2×4 or god forbid a concrete slab. I’m freaking lucky I still have my face — my ER doc was a genius with needle and thread. She saved my lipline.

    • Jag says:

      I agree that her consistency seems to be lacking. First it was 40 stitches, and then it was 40 or more, and then 40 to 60. I don’t know if the tabloids or she were the one changing the number though. Her details are weird about the step, too.

      As for the nose being busted up with such injuries, I will say that it doesn’t always happen. My sister and I both fell while rollerskating outside at different times. She lost half of a front tooth and I cracked mine. I think that the tip of my nose got scratched, but I don’t remember that she had anything wrong with her nose at all; I can definitively say that neither of us broke our noses or had black eyes or anything more than a fat lip. So yes, fall injuries can be different depending on how it happens.

  18. Bkat says:

    AI robots look more real than she does. She needs to stop obsessing about her dang face.
    Scars are beautiful.

  19. Lisa Giametti says:

    Shocking how everyone is doubting her story and the toll it took on her YET, on another thread, lauding another woman for doing an eyebrow transplant. Talk about superficial! If anyone takes the time, you can clearly see her upper lip is very scarred and her lower lip too. Sorry that her face wasn’t mutilated enough for some of the people who lost here.

    • Christine says:

      Exactly! Some of these comments are disgusting. Vanity truthers

    • Jag says:

      The issue is that the other woman didn’t put teaser photos on her Instagram for months and even the day of a big event, saying that she might be doing a face reveal where she might look incredibly different after a “disfiguring” injury – and then come out looking almost exactly the same as she always has.

  20. homeslice says:

    I really need her to go away…

  21. Annie says:

    I fell last spring at the dog park. I was watching all the cute doggies instead of where I was going. I was walking up a a small grassy incline hiding a shallow hole and down I went. Each of my feet rolled off either side of the hole. I broke my left foot in three places and my right ankle. It was crazy. The ankle was good, clean break, would heal. The foot was more complicated but after having x-rays, a CT and seeing two different ortho docs for evaluation because the first guy said the injury “was above his pay grade” the second doc said “let’s let it heal and not muck around in there”. So that’s what we did and he was right. It healed fine without any mucking around. My point is that if you saw the hole causing the fall, no way would you think it could cause injuries like I had.

    • Cynical Ann says:

      My friend got knocked down at a dog park-she’s very petite. Because of the way she fell, she broke her nose, and has a scar-and has now had 2 surgeries for it. They also thought she’d broken bones in her hand. Crazy things happen.

  22. Pandy says:

    I totally believe her fall story because that kind of stuff does happen. She’s too young and gorgeous to need plastic surgery.

  23. Margo S. says:

    I’m sorry but I’m a bit annoyed about all this. Some people have really severe facial deformities. My mom was born with a clef lip and that is a permanent distortion to your face. No amount of surgery (especially when you were born in the 60′s) will fix it 100%. I was born with missing teeth and teeth growing in the wrong places. Had braces for 10 years. That is hard. Carrie looks the same as before… She looks friggin fine. She looks beautiful. She doesn’t know what it is to have an issue with your face and have people stare. Stop being a princess.

    • joanne says:

      would you be happier if her injuries were more severe? what would be bad enough for you to have compassion for her? i really don’t understand people who devalue someone else’s trauma because others have had worse. you don’t know the extent of her injury and scarring but it obviously affected her. the judgement here is scary.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Stop being heartless and have some compassion. Are you really going to start a competition of facial injuries? Yes, some people have it worse than Carrie. That doesn’t mean a terrible injury that has since healed somewhat wasn’t hard to deal with.

  24. Cee says:

    Of course she has scars. And of course facial injuries are traumatic, even if hers healed better than expected. She has to get used to the minimal differences, to the texture and colours. It’s no joke.

    When I was 15 I had a silly fall at home and ended up slicing both my upper legs, needing reconstructive and plastic surgery to repair muscle and tissue. I forget about my scars until someone points them out to me. Imagine having to see that every time you look in the mirror.

    • LNG says:

      Agree completely.

      I have a large scar on my face that is more than 8 years old. I still see it every time I look in the mirror and I still feel it every time I move my forehead. The responses here are insane. Especially with these new photos where you can very clearly see the scars. This would have looked absolutely awful when it was fresh and is probably still a very angry red underneath the makeup.

  25. Bridget says:

    This website used to be fun. This is really distasteful. This woman suffered an injury and you’re covering her like she has something to hide, or is a criminal. It’s realky just … I don’t even know. It’s wrong.

  26. Sophia's side eye says:

    I knew a guy who played football his whole life, it was all he ever wanted to do. He was drafted by the Canadian league. First time out on the field for practice he was running and stepped in a dip in the grass he didn’t see. His ankle broke in several places and his knee was completely blown out, and that was it, no more football ever. Freak accidents can change your life, just like that.

    Part of being a famous woman, especially in this day and age, is a lot about beauty not just talent. I think Carrie was afraid she wouldn’t heal well and was probably trying to prepare for an eventuality that was the worst case scenario in her mind. Maybe people have trouble empathizing because she’s so naturally beautiful? I don’t know, but pretty people have feelings too, so I’m glad she’s okay, and I hope her scars are minimal.

    • Snowflake says:

      I agree with you. I think a lot of people are being harsh because she’s so pretty. As if she’s being a princess to cry about a not very visible injury. But professional makeup can cover a lot. Without makeup, it’s probably a lot more visible.

  27. Ann says:

    Having a face injury is horrible. It takes (it seems) forever to heal. It is traumatic to have tons of needles to numb the pain sticking into your face while they sew you up. You are usually awake during the surgery. You will never know unless it has happened to you.

  28. Becca says:

    I also have facial scarring from a fall. I was hiking with my husband, tripped on a small rock I didn’t see and fell hard, face first. I was carrying things in my hands so wasnt able to break my fall with them, and my face connected with a large rock alongside the trail. I’m lucky I didn’t lose an eye, my sunglasses were shattered but protected my eyes, thank God. I suffered an orbital fracture, my left eyebrow is now noticeably (to me) lower than my right, and I have scarring around my mouth very much like Carries. It was traumatic, and took a long time to heal. Your face is the first thing people notice about you, so to damage it feels as if you’ll never look or be the same again. I also met my now husband’s entire extended family days after the fall, some made “jokes” about my husband causing my injuries. People see a woman’s battered face and automatically think domestic violence, I know I do, even my boss at the time made jokes to clients that I “fell off a bar stool”. All this to say that I feel for Carrie. She is photograpped constantly, she must have been terrified that her career would be affected, and no doubt knew people would make assumptions and insinuations about what caused her injuries, as so many have commented here. I hope she comes to accept her scars and knows she’s just as beautiful as before, and that people will be more compassionate and accept these things really do happen, and affect each of us differently. She has the right to talk publicly about it as much or as little as she chooses.

    • Fleur says:

      Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. That sounds hugely traumatic and I agree with everything you said. I agree that everyone’s first thought does go to domestic violence–I was bending to vacuum recently, got up too quickly and ran into the edge of a large piece of furniture. The bruising on my arm was large, wide and dark and took weeks to heal, and it really WAS an innocent, clumsy accident, but unfortunately the pattern on my arm mimicked exactly what would happen if some large guy violently grabbed me. At work, I realized I could feel multiple coworkers eyeing my bruises during meetings, and two coworkers approached me and bluntly ASKED if someone hurt me. I spend my evenings cleaning, I’m not even in a relationship, and when I said “I ran into some furniture while cleaning” even I was like “oh shit, that sounds like the classic abuse victim coverup”.

      Also, I get why Carrie’s self conscious about the scarring. I have two permanent marks on my face that I always cover daily with heavy makeup. These marks have been there forever, since I was old enough to look in the mirror and consciously see what was there. I’ve tried every concealer out there from the age of 13 onward to cover them up, but no concealer completely hides it.The makeup makes them less visible, but not invisible. My whole life I’ve been self conscious of this. I’ve envied every other girl my age with their “perfect” skin–even the ones with acne—because they didn’t carry around the same permanent imperfection. For so long I thought it’s the first thing people see when they see me. It’s taken me a long, long time to accept these marks on my face, to see them as vulnerable and sexy, but it’s been a journey. All I’m saying is, I sympathize.

      • otaku fairy says:

        Any time a famous woman appears to have some type of injury (minor or severe), there will speculation that there’s something traumatic and scandalous behind it- whether it’s something on her face (domestic violence) or scrunchie marks or scratches on arms and wrists (cutting). That’s gossip for you. I believe her though. The way she’s handled getting this injury is understandable.

  29. Trillion says:

    Does anyone believe she’s into Motorhead?

  30. Svea says:

    Am completely bored by this face story. It’s overkill. Methinks thou protestest too much.

  31. ... says:

    It just seems like she fell onto some glass for it to cut her mouth like that. Might have had a bit too much to drink and passed out ….or run into something ……or fell ….while the glass was raised to her mouth.

  32. Justwastingtime says:

    I have bad scars on my back from a spine surgery 6 years ago to replace a crushed vertebrae with a titanium cage. (From an accident, long story) I have not worn a bikini on the beach since, so who am I to judge her for freaking out out about her face. Wish her fast healing.