Miranda Lambert’s new boyfriend’s estranged wife is having a really tough week

Staci Felker Instagram post with husband EVan

You’ll see an Instagram from Staci Felker above. Staci Felker is the estranged wife of Evan Felker, and the IG is from a happier time in their marriage. Evan Felker is currently Miranda Lambert’s new boyfriend/hookup. Everything seemed to happen all at once back in February: Miranda got dumped by Anderson East, Evan left his wife Staci and then more than two months later, Miranda and Evan are “coming out” as a couple. We see you. We’ve been seeing you. Anyway, Evan’s estranged wife is apparently devastated. She posted this message to her Instagram Story yesterday:

Staci Felker Instagram story screenshot, says If Staci Felker can make it through this week so can you

Us Weekly has more details:

Evan Felker’s estranged wife, Staci Felker, may have just broken her silence on his relationship with Miranda Lambert and the reports that he was unfaithful to her with the “Tin Man” singer.

“PSA: If Staci Felker can make it through this week, so can you,” Staci, who filed for divorce from Evan a month after he started touring with Lambert, wrote alongside a teary selfie on her Instagram Story on Thursday, April 26.

Us Weekly exclusively revealed on Tuesday, April 24, that Lambert, 34, is dating the Turnpike Troubadours frontman. A source told Us that the duo are “very much involved.” Another insider revealed that things just “happened” between the two of them on Lambert’s Livin’ Like Hippies tour, which started in January and runs through June.

They “started spending a lot more time together while on the road,” the insider added, noting that Lambert was still dating her now ex-boyfriend Anderson East at the time. Us Weekly exclusively revealed earlier this month that the “Automatic” crooner and East split after two years of dating.

[From Us Weekly]

So Miranda and Evan started touring together in January and by mid-February, her relationship with Anderson East was over and Evan had left his wife. I mean… it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to put all the pieces together. Here’s my question though: is Miranda Lambert some kind of sorceress or something? How is it that seemingly every man she encounters, regardless of marital status, ends up falling madly in love with her? Also: I wonder if Blake Shelton is going to tweet some more shady sh-t about karma?

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  1. Lemon says:

    In the immortal words of heath ledger in 10 things I hate about you, “Does she have beer flavored nipples or something?”

  2. Toc says:

    The worst part is that besides having a divorce, she will have to see the couple flaunting PDA for pics and articles saying how they are lovely together. If at least celebs just shut their mouths when they screw up, but the need to look angelic is higher than any respect or empathy for the people affected by their actions.

    • Tulip Garden says:

      Yes, this is true! It isn’t horrible enough to do this to someone, phase two is rubbing it in! Blake and Miranda did it. Miranda and this guy and the next guy and the guy after that will do it too. I do think that in the throes of first, illicit passion, these people mistake that feeling for having found something special. It’ll wear off. That feeling isn’t what upholds long standing relationships. That feeling often comes and goes if you are in a relationship long enough.

    • Yeahright says:

      Meh it won’t be for long.
      This relationship will not last.

    • Kim says:

      Even though the whole thing gives me a major case of side-eye, I sort of appreciate how Diane Kruger and Norman Reedus handled their screw up. They stayed respectfully apart in the public eye for about a year, I think, and Joshua Jackson didn’t have to see them sucking each other’s faces off on tabloids until he’d at least had some time to recover. The dumpster fire referenced in this article, however, is just disgusting.

  3. KeWest says:

    It’s bizarre to think that a woman would continuously become involved with married men.

    It’s show business I guess but still gross

  4. deets says:

    Does Miranda ever comment? We’ve heard from everyone else, how does she frame it? I’m guessing she’s an all’s fair in love and war kind of gal.

    • Lady D says:

      Sooner or later she will run into a real warrior. #Karma

    • Kim says:

      Isn’t this the same woman who wrote that obnoxious song about being cheated on, destroying someone’s personal property and being really proud of it? Call me crazy but I don’t think she does all that much contemplating of her own motivations and issues.

    • Carrie1 says:

      I knew someone very similar. Ditched her friendship fast as soon as I figured it all out (long story). Anyway, she has everyone close to her convinced her ex did something horrible to her and has slammed and scapegoated him for nearly 30 years now. Then he called her up recently and she couldn’t even talk to him – pretended she was someone else and said he had wrong number. He didn’t want to marry her and THAT seems to have been the issue. Pretty sure I’m the only one who knows. Ever since, she’s all up in other relationships causing havoc and sorrow for families, partners etc. The hammer will fall for her and it’s not going to easy as she’ll be old then finally. I don’t wish her ill but it’s been stunning to process this.

      I see Miranda in similar light. It’s good the healthy people are letting their wandering partners go. They deserve better. Anyone engaging in a train wreck like this just causes pain for themselves and everyone close.

  5. Jay says:

    I know that I’m showing my immaturity bc relationships and people are so complicated and as far as actual involved partner relationships my experience is a bit limited but … I just think Miranda Lambert is a bad person.

  6. naomipaige says:

    She must be really good in bed!!! :)

  7. Millenial says:

    Drag him, Staci. He deserves it. Alas, she’s probably too classy to do it!

  8. Pam says:

    Miranda is going to fall in love for real one day and he’s going to break her heart into pieces just like she’s doing to these women. You can’t keep this up forever girl. Paybacks gonna bite your butt and I hope it hurts you bad! KARMA!!!

    • Nancy says:

      She looks like Mr. Potato Head, that is one wide face. But…I think she still does love Blake, the guy who dumped her. She learned how it feels since she said in a 2005 Dateline interview she knew Blake was married, but their chemistry was undeniable. BS. All the single people out there, and some are just attracted to the ones that are taken. She will get burned again, same m.o. The wife should be happy to get rid of a cheater and know this marriage will never last and she will have the last laugh.

  9. adastraperaspera says:

    More likely he’s always cheated on the road. Then along comes Miranda. She’s a power player in country music. Turnpike Troubadours have bragged about not needing the big spotlight. Maybe he’s changing his mind on that.

  10. Veronica S. says:

    Considering he was married when he scurried off with Miranda, Blake, uh, may want to cool his jets on believing “karma” is coming her way.

    I feel sorry for the ex-wife that she wound up married to such a jackass. Hopefully, she moves on and finds someone who treats her right.

  11. Kitten says:

    I feel so bad for Stacie. This is humiliating and devastating, no doubt.

    That being said, her IG is a reminder to all of to never post sappy-ass shit about your partner on social media. Just don’t do it, people.

    • Wren says:

      Always makes me cringe, and then it makes me cringe again when the shit hits the fan. Or when I hear about the object of the mushy posts complaining about their partner. That never fails to make me feel awkward and cringey. I get divorce lawyers advertised to me on social media because I hardly ever post about my husband. I find it funny, really.

    • delphi says:

      THIS! It will always come back to haunt you. ALWAYS.

    • Adele Dazeem says:

      Agreed kitten! It’s always the sappy over sharers that end up eating their words. Sad but true.


    • Shasha says:

      You know what though, I’m actually glad that she posted all that sappy ass shit. It’s obvious she gave her whole heart to him and she was all-in for their marriage, no reservations. Everyone should be able to do that without fear in their marriage and I hope she’s able to do it in her next one without being afraid.

      There is nothing embarrassing for her in those sappy posts, it’s only embarrassing for him because it really highlights what a colossal ass and scumbag that he is and what a huge betrayal it was.

  12. Reef says:

    While I don’t condone affairs, I get why people do it. What I don’t get is wanting someone else’s husband long-term in a relationship. He has shown you he is not a good partner. Act accordingly.

  13. Oliviajoy1995 says:

    His wife is prettier than Miranda. I actually used to like Miranda. Now I think she is vile.

  14. Jayna says:

    She had posted in January about being busy with work and missing her husband, hashtagging him. Little did she know what was to come.

    Miranda is a huge country music star. There was a source that said Miranda had reached out to him personally about opening for her. Usually management does that. Then she started talking to him about writing with her. He was excited.

    I think his head has been turned about taking his band to the next step famewise and successwise, and that’s the big lure of cute Miranda. But it appears that Miranda had her sights set on him by that source, probably Staci’s friend, who said he had even shown all of Miranda’s private texts/DMs maybe to him which started to become overly friendly and/or personal. He even asked her to come on tour with him, supposedly because he was becoming uncomfortable with Miranda’s attention in the DMs. Staci has a career and couldn’t be off traveling with him. I guess him being so open about it made her trust in her man, that he wasn’t interested in Miranda.

    But ghosting his wife once he started a full-blown affair not long after going on tour shows me a weak man in character. He’s not a young, immature guy in his early 20s. That was cruel,

    His wife is very pretty and appears to have a lot more class and dignity than those two. They were only married a couple of years, but apparently had been together much longer than that. Miranda is the new shiny toy with lots of money and fame in the country music world as part of the allure.

  15. Merritt says:

    I feel bad for Staci because being cheated on sucks and to have be so public is likely even worse. But I find that PSA on her selfie to be obnoxious.

  16. JA says:

    Miranda doesn’t have a magic V! She simply pounces when the target is vulnerable ie when the married man is touring away from his wife, he’s probably partying with his boys and she swoops in with her money/fame/willingness to do things for him/to him. PLEASE don’t take this as an excuse for the mans actions as he’s a weak ass pig as any man who cheats…just saying this is Miranda’s MO & not because she’s magical, she’s methodical. Hope karma and the next women she screws over punches her right in the face.

    • Jayna says:

      And she’s a famous country music star, who is an A-lister in that industry. She’s got a lot of power and connections. So that is attractive for people like him who think hooking up to her will benefit their own career. Superficial, but true.

  17. No Doubtful says:

    How awful for his wife… (and for Blake’s first wife, AHEM). In time she will be glad to be rid of him…but in the meantime…spill some tea girl!

  18. Tiffany says:

    *sigh* BALLS !!!!!

    Where does this come from.

    Edit: This was to a comment that has since been deleted.

  19. mtam says:

    I know that the married person is the one responsible for homewrecking their own shit. But getting involved with married men seems to be her M.O. so it’s not like she’s innocent in this. Especially in this case, she’s the bigger star, and technically, his boss while on tour. If he tried to flirt or get close to her, it would have been easy for her to shut that down quick (let’s remember she was in a serious relationship too!). But my guess is she went for him, and let it be known she was open to his advances. They’re both guilty.

    Honestly it’s not that hard to turn down a married man or one in a relationship. You can easily and immediately create boundaries that let’s them know it’s not cool with you.

    But Miranda though, ugh, i just know women like her. i had to stop being friends with them because the immaturity and drama just got to be too much. They definitely do get some sort of thrill for being the one the dude they target eventually choses.

    I remember having a conversation with one of my ex friends about why she always flirted and teased guys she wasn’t into, especially when she knew her other friends were, and she very nonchalantly said, “because I just like to win.”—That’s Miranda.

      • Ladiabla says:

        Yep..I’ve known a couple of women like that as well. There are women who are flirtatious and harmless and then there are some who are malicious flirts like Miranda. It’s a game to them, and they’re always pruning themselves on their “conquests”. In my case, I had to give those triflin’ ass b*tches the boot. You are completely aware of their antics but men rarely, if ever, are, or else they’re just up for the game. And forget about confronting them, then YOU’RE just jealous of their allure, their looks, etc, etc 🙄

    • mtam says:


      I’m gonna have to start introducing “triflin’ ass b*tches” to my vocab haha.

      It’s definitely a game to them. It was such a revelation when i finally became aware of that. Such toxic behaviour. And pathetic. just sad. It’s kind of ironic they think you’d be jealous, when really you wouldn’t anything to do with them and their petty dramas.

  20. Happy21 says:

    Damn I wish I didn’t get booted from that fan page so I could see what they all be saying now!

    • Valentina says:

      I went to her insta and it is full of people saying they love her and want to be her. What’s wrong with people!

      She’s clearly a horrible person.

      Of course, there was a fair bit of comments on her homewrecking ways. She’s a homewrecker, but her new piece who ditched is wife is also a loser and is just at fault. She’ll dump him eventually and he’ll go running back to his wife. Hope she doesn’t take him back.

      I feel like she most be a very self conscious miserable person inside to feel the need to go after married men. Likes she’s trying to prove that she can get what she wants.

  21. ASHBY says:

    I don’t find Miranda at all attractive outside or inside.

    That huge face and pointy chin, yikes.

    I think that both people are responsible for cheating, not just the married person when cheating is going on.

    Don’t do to others what you don’t want to be done to you.

  22. Jayna says:

    Maybe he could leave his wife easily, but how could he leave their fur baby Brutus? My heart melted. He’s so cute.


  23. CK3 says:

    Eh, 10 bucks say the husband has a string of groupies w/ their own stories. The only difference seems to be that Miranda has status/exposure and will not be a groupie.

  24. A says:

    I’m still surprised at the vitriol against Miranda Lambert. Not that she doesn’t deserve it, but I would have thought that it would be equally levelled against that Evan person as well, considering it was his marriage he checked out on and his wife whose heart he broke.

    Like, the man didn’t *have* to hop into bed with anyone. No matter how magnetic a personality they may have and how sexually adventurous they may be. He could have said no at any point. Lots of men do. Lots of men and women refrain from emotionally fraught situations like this one and focus on their marriage provided that’s what matters the most them. Clearly his marriage didn’t matter enough for him to do that, which is why this happened. There’s no way he didn’t know Miranda Lambert’s MO, if he works in country music.

    I feel bad for his wife.

  25. LittlefishMom says:

    Perhaps she could suck the chrome off a bumper….

  26. Lilith says:

    I don’t understand Lambert’s apparent irresistible appeal, physically or personality wise.. Evan’s ex wife on the other hand, is striking.

    Who knows anymore

  27. LincLinc says:

    I like Miranda in general, and her music very much. This news about the affair is disappointing but not surprising. But let’s not break her down on her physical appeal – perhaps they connected on the MUSIC? I am NOT in any way excusing her (if she did) getting with a married man, but he was married – HE must be accountable as well. But as a fan, please Miranda, do not say another word about your “broken heart” when accepting awards. Also, Blake, when you tweet about gossip, you are NOT taking the “high road” brother.

  28. Jayna says:

    RIP Miranderson (Miranda/Anderson East) Maybe he can ask Staci out. LOL

    I assume he wrote this song about Miranda. I actually have this song on a playlist. I loved this performance and song. I was like, “Day-um.”


    • Truthie says:

      Anderson East did not write this song. Ed Sheeran & Johnny McDaid (of Snow Patrol, Courtney Cox’s beau) wrote this. The duo behind Shape of You. Anderson does an amazing job, no question.

      • Jayna says:

        You’re right. Thanks. I knew they were involved, but I didn’t realize they had written the song before it was ever brought to Anderson. Apparently, Anderson asked permission to rewrite some of the lyrics to make it more personal to him, and they agreed. So Anderson has co-writing credit on it.

        Yes, his vocal delivery is amazing on it.

        From Billboard:

        “So I went to him (Ed Sheeran) and said, ‘Hey, would it be okay if I played this for Anderson? I’m really really excited about this record we’re making and maybe it’s a song he would consider cutting.’ And he said sure.”

        “Anderson, Nadel says, was interested as soon as he heard it. “It has a lot of elements of stuff we’ve been talking about,” he says, “but he really wanted to also make it his own and add his own lyrical twists that he could relate to more personally. Ed, Johnny and everyone was open to that idea so Anderson went in and started working on some of the verses.”

  29. Julie says:

    First off, I am a Miranda apologist, simply because her music has meant the world to me. I think she’s crazy talented and her latest album is, for me, a masterpiece.
    That being said, I find her private life and issues to be one huge mess. Seriously, girl has huge issues. But then, did she ever claim anything else? Listen to “The Weight of These Wings” and all you hear is a very flawed human being – being very honest about her flaws. I don’t get where people see that she’s playing the victim – where exactly does she claim to be a victim? Sure, she sings about having a broken heart, but can’t your heart be broken even if you were the one to mess it all up? She has issues and she brings those issues into her songs which is what makes her music so incredible, relatable and touching. For me, at least. Again, NOT condoning her having an affair with married man; just pointing out how the narrative people are referring here never really came from her.
    Secondly, like I pointed out earlier in this thread, what the hell does her appearance – her face, her curves, her anything – have to do with this? Pointing out her physical flaws just seems so bitchy and irrelevant. It has nothing to do with her hooking up with a man who obviously didn’t respect his own marriage, vows or wife.

    • Jayna says:

      I am not a fan of other music I’ve heard from her. But I love “The Weight of These Wings.” It’s fantastic.

      I have never expected the musicians and artists I love to be perfect, always kind people. LOL I have heard bad stuff about probably every singer/band/guitarist, etc., I love. I love and follow these performers for years and their music brings me great joy, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been cruel and selfish at times in their real life. I think it’s when it’s an artist we love sometimes people tend to make apologies for them, but I basically most of the time just accept them for who they are and don’t even rationalize their behavior — or all of their bad behavior. I can understand some of it. People are human. I usually defend them as far as there are good sides also And just because they put it in music doesn’t excuse them or make them better people for doing that if they continually keep on hurting people in the process . Their self-inflicted pain sometimes just brings forth music people relate to or tap into because of where they are in their life. but if there is no growth from it, the next album won’t have the same impact, like hearing her sing again about her broken heart when we remember that wife Staci or her great love for her latest married lover.

      I like Miranda, but I can still stay she is probably a woman that wants a man when she wants him and couldn’t care less about the damage done. One time I get. I honestly do. But a pattern like hers is what makes me think that way. I wouldn’t want her around my man. Let’s put it that way. I know women like her. I would still buy her next album if it’s a good as “The Weight of These Wings.”

      As far as looks, I must be blind according to some on here, because I’ve always thought Miranda was really cute. She has a sparkly, open face. It’s a sweet face. It’s probably how she gets away with some underhanded behavior. His wife is beautiful. Miranda is pretty and talented and rich and famous and powerful. I think his reasoning has many layers to it for jumping in with Miranda. Let’s face it. I don’t think much of him dumping his wife so coldly. He’s not a young guy. He’s in his 30s. And it appeared she reached out to him, had her sights set on him, and he was happy to reciprocate that interest..

      • Julie says:

        Jayna, I agree with pretty much all of the points you made. And again, I am not trying to make any excuses for Miranda here. I think this whole thing is a mess and I think she has a really unhealthy and hurtful pattern. I was merely pointing out how I think the majority of the people criticizing her attitude here don’t really know a lot about her attitude or how she is actually pretty honest about her issues – to a certain extent, at least.
        And yes, I think she’s cute, too. In fact, I think she can be stunningly beautiful. But I didn’t ever think that before I started listening to her music so I’ve always just assumed my infatuation with her looks came from my feelings for her music.

    • NotTodaySatan says:

      Totally with you. As I said in a post yesterday ….I am totally Team Miranda the Artist. And I agree……this woman puts her stuff out there in her art, in no way does she play cutesy, claim to be perfect, or really even pretend to hide her flaws, her mistakes, her vulnerabilities.

      And when she turns them into art like The Weight of These Wings—a fabulous, platinum, award winning album that I’d take to a deserted island — I am able to embrace her for it.

      Sue me.

    • Carrie1 says:


      Hurt people who refuse to face their pain end up hurting other people. That’s why all the criticisms of Miranda. She’s hurting loads of others because she’s too stupid and weak to deal with her own pain. She is a female version of men who hurt women. No passes for Miranda.

    • Patty says:

      What stands out to me is she wanted a dream wedding. She was at that age where she needed / wanted to be married. Clearly there were issues all along. And this is all on the hubby, not Miranda. People committed to their relationships, marriages, and spouses don’t “abandon” them after less than two years.

      That essay makes her sound immature in my opinion and both were looking to fill some kind of void. Those types of marriages almost never work out.

  30. kelly says:

    Miranda has serious issues. She should be held responsible for who she falls in loves with. People don’t keep falling in love with taken people by accident. You have a boundaries you set with new friends that are married. This is just cruel and selfish. She needs to go to counseling and figure this out so she can have a blessed life and stop hurting so many people around her. Doesn’t she realize she isn’t that special. Karma will get her and probably already is.

  31. Lulu says:

    Both, Evan and Miranda are a piece of work.

    Yes, Evan is the married one in this situation, so clearly his culpable.

    But so is Miranda in my opinion, because she knew that he was a married man and didn’t seem to mind.

    People who are in committed relationships can’t cheat without people willing to cheat with them.

    You need two to TANGO!!!!!

    So, they are both responsible, Evan and Miranda for causing heartbreak to Evan’s wife.

    I don’t care what wonderful and sweet music Evan and Miranda may create, it doesn’t excuse the mess they created for others to clean up.

    I never want to hear from Miranda or Evan about heartbreak, if you lay with dogs, please don’t be surprised when you get flees.

    Selfish people deserve everything they get from the universe.

    I don’t find Miranda at all attractive, very big wide face and that spikey chin.

    And this kind of callous behaviour makes her very unappealing on the inside too.

    She should have seeked help long time ago, so she would stop wrecking innocent people’s lives.

    Maybe she should write music with another GREAT ARTIST Kanye,
    his excuse for supporting The Orange Unqualified Bigoted Nightmare is his genius, I guess Miranda’s is sleeping around with married guys.

    Maybe she gets a taste of her own medicine one day!

  32. Betsy says:

    Miranda’s gotten some work done it looks like.

  33. Rebecca says:

    From Miranda Lambert’s ex Jeff Allen to Blake Shelton: ““You know, i’ve always given you the benefit of the doubt and chalked it up to just being human, But you must be one arrogant SOB to pop off something like this, when I know damn good and well you were cheating on your wife and Miranda was cheating on me when you two started up,” Allen wrote in a now-deleted tweet to the “God Gave Me You” singer on Thursday, April 26.” (I think it’s a tweet)

    I understand why she is the one being labled a “homewrecker.” It seems she has cheated on everyone she has dated or married with married men or men in relationships.

    Country singers are usually conservative Republican Christians, correct? What ever happened to “Family Values”? I’m not saying I’m perfect and haven’t made mistakes, but I don’t belong to a political party in which people who belong to the party have pointed their fingers at everyone else for years and shouted about Family Values. There is no judging here from them after years of judging progressives? Are they allowed to judge after voting in Donald Trump? I don’t think they can ever use “Family Values” again.

  34. Sarah says:

    I know for a fact that Staci is very much NOT a trump supporter. But also that she doesn’t judge others based on their political affiliation.
    I’m unfortunately not shocked that people were attacking her earlier in this thread because they read a post incorrectly and assumed she voted for someone they didn’t vote for.
    She liked Bernie if I do recall…

  35. LT says:

    Awwww….I want to give that poor woman a hug.