Brigitte Macron: Melania Trump is really fun & funny but she ‘can’t go outside’

President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron plant a tree in Washington

Do you think Melania Trump has any close friends to talk to? I think she probably did have some close friends at some point, but they were jettisoned over the years, and the last remaining friends left her in disgust at some point over the past three years or so. Melania doesn’t have many people around her, that’s my point. She has her parents and her son. She has a skelton East Wing staff to handle her FLOTUS duties. And that’s it. So it is not that surprising that the French First Lady Brigitte Macron made Melania sound like the saddest sack in the entire deplorable country.

Far from the stern, even glum image she presents to the public, Melania Trump in private is excellent company, according to Brigitte Macron – but unlike the French first lady, her US counterpart cannot so much as poke her nose outdoors. Speaking to Le Monde at the end of the French presidential couple’s three-day state visit to Washington, Macron said the 48-year-old former model from Slovenia was “actually really fun. We have the same sense of humour. We laugh a lot together.”

But Melania “cannot do anything”, the French first lady said. “She can’t even open a window at the White House. She can’t go outside. She’s much more constrained than I am. I go out every day in Paris.” Brigitte, a former French and drama teacher who recently celebrated her 65th birthday and is 25 years older than Emmanuel, her former student, insisted that contrary to popular opinion, Melania, who is 24 years younger than her husband, was “kind, charming, intelligent and very open”.

It was understandable she looked grim in public, she said. “Everything is interpreted, over-interpreted. She’s someone who has a strong personality, but works hard to hide it. She laughs very easily, at everything, but shows it less than I do.” The French first lady said she, too, was aware that she had to “be careful what I say. I have the impression that every word is a word too many, I’m constantly holding myself back. That’s the hardest part: there’s never really any time off, never a moment when you can be completely calm.”

Macron said she tries to lead “a normal life”, continuing to see her son and two daughters with her first husband, banker André-Louis Auzière, and grandchildren. “I haven’t changed in my head,” she said. “I’m still the wife of Emmanuel Macron, not of the president. I don’t feel like a first lady.”

Even if “at my age, I have nothing to prove”, she said she tried to be more than just a decorative “vase of flowers” in her husband’s wake. But it was not easy: the tailored Louis Vuitton outfits she wears on public occasions were like a “skin” shielding her from the incessant spotlight, she said.

[From The Guardian]

I mean… Michelle Obama had a constrictions on her day-to-day movement too, but no one was ever like “oh poor Michelle, she can’t even leave the White House!” Probably because Michelle found ways to be useful and to inspire girls and women around the world. Melania is just a sad sack trophy wife who hates her life. And no, I don’t believe Melania has much of a sense of humor. As for Brigitte Macron… French first ladies have completely different “roles” in the public sphere, as compared to FLOTUSes, don’t they? By that I mean, here in America, we expect First Ladies to take up (non-controversial) causes and charity work and serve as America’s Hostess. I feel like French people don’t expect that of their first ladies?

President Donald J. Trump welcomes President Emmanuel Macron

President Donald J. Trump welcomes President Emmanuel Macron

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  1. BitingPanda says:

    I refuse to accept any narrative that implies sympathy for Melania.

    • BFGig says:

      Fair, but I refuse to accept any post that doesn’t describe Mme Macron as a child predator. Hopefully Melania kept her far away from Barron. That kid has enough to worry about.

      • Mrs. Wellen-Melon says:


      • Merritt says:


      • ORIGINAL T.C. says:

        I’m sure Barron was left in the safe arms of the usual WH assortment of White Supremacists, rapists, wife-beaters and crocks. He will be fine.

      • Bev says:

        So the French First Lady is a child molester because she is a woman who married a man 25 years younger than herself, but Jabba the Trump is not a child molester for marrying a woman 25 years younger than him? Double standard much? I hope you are a male, because if you posted that being female you should be really ashamed of yourself.

      • Tassie says:

        @bev They’re referring to the fact the she became involved with Macron when he was fifteen. When his parents discovered the affair, she refused to end it.

      • Helen Smith says:

        @ Bev

        I think BFGig is referring to the fact that Brigitte was Emmanuel’s high school teacher when they met and she knew while Emmanuel was a student that she wanted a romantic relationship with him. Brigitte’s reaction to meeting Emmanuel, who was her underage student, is creepy. What you think of Trump’s attitude toward women and minorities doesn’t reduce the creepiness of how the Macron’s met.

      • asfasl;dfja says:

        @Bev No, because Macron was her Emmanuel’s teacher when he was underage. I believe Melania was over the age of 18 when she met Donald.

      • Krakken says:

        Co signed. She’s a Mary Kay Latourneau but somehow because the boy she groomed grew up to be President it’s acceptible? The idea that if you’re persistent enough in insisting it’s love and not pathology it in some way stops mattering? Times up on that shit.
        As a post-40year old mom of post-15 yr old even the idea of being attracted to someone my kids age makes me ill. It’s a no go. It hasent stopped either as he ages up well into adulthood, so does my cutoff age of men I am attracted to. This is called healthy boundaries. Bridgette macron doesn’t have them. . I’m curious to know if she has other victims.

    • Nn says:

      I am sick of the infantilazation and victimisation of fully grown adult Melania.
      People act like she is in her own version of ‘not without my daughter’. This woman has the resources and protection should she divorce her husband.
      She told us not to feel sorry for her and that she was wanting to be first lady and couldn’t wait to become first lady in all her Anderson cooper interviews.
      She even said she knew trump would be president!
      She is exactly where she wants to be but she knows if she pulls sad face in public she will get the mean people off her backs and they won’t expect anything from her and will even sympathise with her annd make exsuses for her #freemelania etc.
      Very manipulative, she learned the American way quickly when it comes to WW.
      She knows with every move we are watching her. Those slapping of trumps hands are on purpose to get us on her side and feel sorry for her so she can once again get away with doing nothing and living outside of the white house in a mansion in Virginia with her mother and son with nanny’s and housekeepers costing taxpayers how much?
      She reads everything, she said. She knows what gets people on her side and she plays it up.

  2. minx says:

    I’m assuming Macron was trying to elicit some sympathy for Melania, didn’t work.

    • Helen Smith says:

      Yeah. You can’t be a model forever and Melania chose the trophy wife route like to many other models.

      • Raina says:

        Yep, trophy wife was literally what she aspired to. She comes across like everything but lunching, Pilates and her son bore her.
        As far as intellect; Lol.
        Sense of humor? The French first lady probably saw her look at some cheese on a platter in different sizes and say,” Oh look how cute.”
        Then the French first lady replied,”Hehe, yes.”
        And boom, sense of humor established.

        Yes, I know her name but I enjoy saying French first lady.
        God, I miss you Michelle Obama.

      • Janet R says:

        Raina, I cry real tears whenever I see something about the Obamas and remember how nice it was to feel proud of our first family.

  3. adastraperaspera says:

    2028 Headline: Ex-Trump spouse Melania lives a quiet life at her 26.5 million dollar mansion in the south of France

    Also, Melania moved her sister, mother, father and other family members to the U.S. to be with her, so she’s far from lonely. They breezed through the process to become permanent residents, unlike the millions who are hiding from ICE agents today.

    • Tiffany says:

      And the GOP damn near had a stroke when Marian Robinson moved in to help with the family transition.

      I can’t qwhite put my finger on what the difference is on this.

      • Betsy says:

        It’s really a stumper isn’t it? I mean, Mrs. Robinson was just there to soak off the taxpayers! /s, in case that isn’t abundantly clear.

      • Berry says:

        @Betsy The Obama family paid for Mrs. Robinson to live in the White House.

      • Tiffany says:


        Betsy knew that. She was just being sarcastic.

  4. Léna says:

    French first ladies are given a lot of advantages and money and I personally wish they would do more. They have offices, money, staff… They could and should do much more in my opinion.

  5. Neelyo says:

    Is the implication that she can’t go outside because she’s so hated? Because that’s probably true.

    • Helen Smith says:

      There is an interesting analysis of Melania’s Instagram feed. It shows Melania lived like a bird in a cage before becoming FLOTUS.

  6. Amelie says:

    The French First Lady role is so different from the American First Lady role. I’m not well versed in it but considering Francois Hollande and Valerie Trierweiler weren’t even married and that French people seemed to be okay with him bringing his mistress turned girlfriend into the Elysee Palace with him, it’s a role that is viewed very differently. BTW I’m not talking about the fact Hollande cheated on Valerie Trierweiler with a French actress which was well publicized. It was never mentioned in US media when that story blew up that Valerie was previously his mistress before his presidency! (Which is why I did not feel the least bit sorry for her) I’m talking about the woman he was with BEFORE Valerie, Segolene Royal, another French politician, who he cheated on with Valerie. This all happened before his run for the French presidency and was not publicized at all in the American media but it was well publicized in France as Segolene tried to run for president 5 years before Francois Hollande did. The rumors that they were separating and he had taken up with Valerie came out right around the time Segolene conceded to Nicolas Sarkozy.

    As for the not being able to open windows in the White House, I distinctly remember Michelle Obama bringing this up in an interview so that wasn’t exactly news to me. But there does seem to be way more restrictions on the American First Lady than in other countries. But there are good reasons for that (JFK’s assassination being a prime example).

  7. Sofija says:

    I think that only in America people care about family of president. I believe that things are different in Europe. In my country people really have no idea who is wife of our PM or how his children look like. Or how children of our President look like, I think I saw one picture with her husband.
    But Melania is not some poor hopeless woman, she knew very well what kind of man she choose to marry.

    • kittylouise says:

      It’s true that in Europe it’s not really expected that the spouse of the PM/President acts as a hostess in the same manner as in the US. They generally keep their own jobs. Theresa May’s husband in the UK still works, as did all the wives of previous PMs, they all had their own careers (going back to I think John Major’s wife in the early 90s, I don’t think she worked) which they carried on when their husbands were PM. As it should be really.

    • Léna says:

      It’s true. Look at Merkel’s husband. We know he exists but I have no idea what he looks like or even does and we don’t care, and Merkel has been in Office for a long time now

      • Valois says:

        Fiy, Joachim Sauer (Merkel’s husband) is a pretty esteemed scholar in his own right. He’s a professor for quantum physics I think. A friend of mine read some of his papers for a course last year and didn’t even know he was Merkel’s husband. He really is super private and not interested in a public role, probably because he’s found his own role a long time ago.

    • oh-dear says:

      Canada too, with the exception of the Trudeaus – although I am too young to remember much about the Mulroneys who seem to be very social. They generally keep their families out of the spotlight for the most part.

      • Nic919 says:

        The press went after Mila Mulroney hard when she redid the furniture at Sussex Drive. She was mostly known to have expensive taste in shopping. They also went after Margaret Trudeau when the marriage went south.

        Most other PM wives tried to stay out of the spotlight, even Aline Chrétien, who saved her husband with an Inuit statue when an intruder broke in.

        I am okay with generally dull spouses. Even Sophie is fairly low key. They don’t have an official role per se, which is probably best as they are unelected.

  8. Tess says:

    I mean no she can’t drop Baron off at school and then settle in for a long day of spa treatments, shopping, and lunches, but I had the idea she was pretty free to explore her pet causes and set up meetings and such. You always saw Michelle Obama doing something or another, i think she was the most visibly active FLOTUS of modern time. And even she found the time to sneak offf to Target on occasion.

    • minx says:

      From what I’ve read Melania doesn’t really have pet causes. In NYC the Trumps didn’t do much of the charity circuit (shocking, I know). She’s a superficial woman who got what she wanted and isn’t interested in much else.

    • Nn says:

      “i think she was the most visibly active FLOTUS of modern time. ”

      No, not at all, in fact not even close.
      She was just the most visible because she’s black which gave the appearance that she was everywhere at everytime. We actually rarely saw her.
      Same thing with Jackie. You would think Jackie was out and about everywhere but we rarely saw her.
      Michelle and jackie just stood out, each in different ways.

      • Pam_L says:

        No, Michelle had a lot of projects and was always appearing somewhere to support them. Barack and Michelle both also had no shame in going on Talk shows to push their agendas/projects. The other Presidents/First Ladies did as well, but not nearly as much as the Obamas. And let’s not forget all the time she spent in the White House garden (that she planted) with kids from schools all around Washington, D.C.

        Michelle also kept a busy schedule ‘inside’ the White House including a music series (from jazz to opera, for kids and adults) and reading sessions. And on top of everything else she did, her main focus, with Jill Biden, was Military Families.

        The Obamas also didn’t have nannies. They were hands-on parents and brought Michelle’s mother into the White House with them to help with the kids in their absence, which is also why she traveled with them everywhere (people complained a lot about that, while nearly nary a peep about frequent trips to Europe and elsewhere the two Trump boys and Ivanka take on the public’s dime). I could never understand why people were so enraged about Mrs. Robinson moving in with the Obamas. Having one’s mother/mother-in-law live with you is a normal thing in this country.

      • kacy says:

        Nn, versus Laura Bush who was seen for an entire year during the presidency??

      • Krakken says:

        I’m not sure if you intended to sound completely racist with that statement. But yup! You did.

      • Nn says:

        I didn’t say she wasn’t productive.
        She was a great first lady and went above and beyond.
        However, certain people like to say she was “shoved down our throats” and everywhere when she had just as much visibility as jackie kennedy.
        They both had IT factor so people saw a lot of photos (or so they thought) but it was really them just being seen because they stood out from the rest.
        You can look it up for yourself. She was not seen as much as other first ladies like hilary clinton who was everywhere and not only with Bill. It was one of the reasons she was referred to as president hillary or ‘two for one’ another infamous nickname of hers.

        @krakken i am black myself and I should know about visibility. Black women are a minority in America but we are hypervisible so people think there are more of us than there actually are. Michelle obama had IT and that along with being black makes you stand out. It made her stand out

      • Kelly says:

        I’m sorry – what in the world does that mean? She’s “Black” so she stood out? Speaking about Michelle Obama? That’s a strange thing to say…

  9. Sherry says:

    I think she was referring to the role of FLOTUS being restrictive more so than just Melania. She referenced walking the streets of Paris whenever she wants. The FLOTUS can’t do that here, because of security concerns. The Secret Service is on constant alert for a possible assassination attempt. It doesn’t sound like that’s a concern for the French.

    You couldn’t pay me to live in that fishbowl.

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      D’ya think Brigitte Macron (or any French first spouse) has some kind of security detail, though? Seems like that would go with the territory, but they all go out in public, discreetly, whereas in the USA the First Family is really kept under wraps.

  10. lightpurple says:

    Many of the women who have been First Lady have commented that it is a confining, rigid, goldfish bowl. Michelle mentioned several times that she couldn’t wait to drive a car again. That said, all of Melania’s predecessors made the best of it and tried to do the “job.” But not Melania, she reduced the size of the First Lady staff by almost 2/3s and those who have participated in the events the First Lady’s office hosts (the inaugural luncheon, the Easter Egg roll, the holiday parties, the congressional picnic) have said chaos has followed. The office of Protocol also falls under the First Lady’s jurisdiction and that has been a disaster from the Bride of Beetlejuice getups to meet the Pope to mistakes with names of South Korean ambassadors.

  11. MerrymerrymonthofMay says:

    Awww, poor rich lady can’t go out to play. Sigh.

  12. Beth says:

    I have no pity for Melania. If she’s unhappy, then leave.

    I keep hearing that the tree the two couples planted together has disappeared. If Melania can’t go outside, I guess she didn’t move it or wouldn’t know where it is now

    • Swack says:

      It has been reported that the tree is now in quarantine. From Reuters:
      “In fact, the tree, from Belleau Wood in France where almost 2,000 American soldiers died in a World War One battle, had been dug up not long after it was planted. It was put in quarantine, according to U.S. and French officials. The problem: Parasites on the tree could spread to others on the White House property.”
      I kept looking for an explanation because it seemed weird that they would just dig it up for no good reason.

    • BearcatLawyer says:

      The tree is in USDA quarantine. Standard procedure for any foreign plant imported to the US, even as a gift from a head of state.

  13. FLORC says:

    Melania never had many friends once she moved to the USA. She had an incredible work ethic in her chosen field of modeling. Even though she wasn’t very good at it at all.
    Long before all the Trump running for public office ever came up. When she was just dating him and recently engaged much was covered in her.

    Photographers she worked with. Ex model roommates. Acquaintances. They all said the same thing. She was driven to work as a model and marry wealthy. That’s it.
    She was too stiff and eventually too old for the jobs she was competing. The wealthy men also didn’t find her to be what they wanted.
    She found Trump… quit modeling. Had a child. And by every account over the last decade shes almost never put with friends. She is only a prop to play a role. And if she speaks casually to anyone it’s her son.

    Meh. I dont believe shes even in DC much.

  14. Bettyrose says:

    Gawd, I so wanted to see Bill Clinton wearing frilly fashions hosting tea parties for non-controversial causes and playing a devoted spouse at public events. Regardless of opinions on Hillary, don’t lie, that would’ve been awesome.

    • lightpurple says:

      And he would have had a terrific time doing it.

    • Lala says:

      What HRC had planned for Bill…was for him to take over the initiative of finding and building employment/education infrastructures in rural/urban sectors that have always been wholly under served…and considering that I am STILL benefiting from the Executive Orders that POTUS Clinton signed in the 90s…which enabled me to get FREE business application software/IT training… This is the thing…that breaks my heart…THE MOST!!!! What he & she…COULD HAVE DONE!!!!

      • Who ARE These People? says:

        “Of all the words o’ mice and men, the saddest are it might have been…”

      • Betsy says:

        Really? That makes me so happy for you! And breaks my heart just a little bit more about 2016, were such a thing possible.

      • Kitten says:

        I hadn’t heard that about Bill’s role. Interesting. I think he really would have relished being able to contribute without dealing with the bureaucratic BS and public scrutiny that the average POTUS is required to endure.

        That’s awesome that you were able to get free business software and training. Back when the government helped The People…sigh.

  15. ichsi says:

    The woman who groomed the French president says words about the complicit trophy wife. Great.

    • Astrid says:

      good one!

    • Dee says:

      Seriously. Cant take anything this woman says seriously. I look at her and literally cringe. Why is what she did so overlooked?

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        I know – she was obsessed with him (she is often quoted as saying she knew he was destined for great things) and continued to pursue him after his parents moved him away and asked her to leave him alone. He was a teenage boy with a crush on his teacher that would have passed if she had discouraged it but she didn’t, she encouraged him all the way.

        I have zero problem with the age gap but i do have a problem with the fact that she basically got away with grooming a child.

    • liriel says:

      Exactly! For me her fault is much bigger than Melania’s

    • minx says:

      She is revolting, I can’t even look at her.

  16. Floydee Mercer says:

    I choose to believe that after President & Mrs. Macron retired to their overnight accommodations upon departing Trump & Company that they were snuggled up and guffawing hysterically as they watched late night hosts Colbert, Kimmel, and/or but especially Seth Meyers hand Trump his ass and dish their daily Fickled Finger of Fate Award for Most Absurd. I imagine they laughed and laughed sooooooo hard. That is until they came to the realization that the maniac is likely to torpedo the agreement with Iran for giggles.

  17. Anastasia says:

    A trophy isn’t meant to do anything but stand on display, looking as perfect as possible. A trophy isn’t meant to have a personality or work for causes or have emotions. Just stand there. Looking pretty. The end. How anyone ever thought she’d be a real First Lady baffles me.

  18. OriginalLala says:

    I live in Ottawa and I’ve seen our PM’s wife Sophie out running (with security detail trailing her in a black SUV) in the Vanier/New Edinburgh area near Rideau cottage where they currently live

    • Linda says:

      I hope she keeps running to a new country and stays there and take the prime minister with you please. Our country is turning into a disaster.

      • Jaded says:

        A disaster? Try living in the U.S. We’ve got it pretty good in Canada compared to many countries.

      • vauvert says:

        Well, I hope they both stay. What disaster is Canada turning into exactly?? Please be detailed, I’m waiting…

      • Erinn says:

        Yeah, it’s an awful place. Our domestic bigots and asshats are now expected to behave with civility. Alberta isn’t treated like the be all and end all like it had been when Mr. Bowlcut was ‘leading’ the country. And it’s such a shame that we don’t have minors being rushed from the prime minsters house with alcohol poisoning like the ‘good ol’ days’.

        Nobody will ever agree with everything a PM does. Trudeau annoys me at times – and it’s impossible to please everyone – but as a whole I’m proud to have him leading our country.

      • The Original G says:

        A disaster? Sigh. Let’s not import the current tone of American rhetoric. We’ve got issues, but or the most part we’ve got great lives. We need a little more gratitude, a little more compassion for the less fortunate and total repudiation of personal insults.

      • SilverUnicorn says:

        A disaster??
        Try living in UK now!!
        Politically and economically it is a disaster; we just got a new Home Secretary today, apparently another xenophobic pro-Brexit loony who will deport more people… in the meanwhile I see my husband losing his job, our neighbours losing their jobs (or they are already at home, with their benefits being slashed every 6 months) and the whole country going to hell in an handcart because “those pesky EU citizens annoy me, GAHHHH!!”

        Let’s make a deal: you come to UK until up 2020 and we come to Canada. Then we can exchange opinions where the biggest disaster is (I don’t even mention Italy, my native country, which has been without a government for the last 2 months!).

  19. Hollz says:

    Honestly, I do have sympathy for Melania.

    Sure she’s at least partially responsible for her situation, but are you guys really going to be that harsh on a woman who is clearly in an abusive relationship? I firmly believe that the only reason she hasn’t left Trump is because he is threatening her – threatening that she’ll never see Baron again, or that he’ll have her and her family investigated by ICE agents.

    It’s hard enough to leave an abusive relationship where the man has even a tiny bit of power or influence, and Donald has long had enough money to buy influence. As president, he is arguably the most powerful, influential man in the world. She’s trapped and powerless.

    • minx says:

      Trump doesn’t want Barron, he doesn’t do childcare. And I would bet Melania has FAR more dirt on him than he has on her. I think it’s an uneasy alliance and the minute he’s out of the WH she’s gone.

      • Hollz says:

        Minx, he might not want Barron, but he’s enough of an asshole to keep him away from her. Keeping Barron away from her does not need to involve personally having the kid. As for her dirt – I don’t think he’s above gaslighting her in to believing that her information is worthless.
        I agree she’s gone the minute he’s out of the White House, but I don’t think it’ll be on her terms.

      • minx says:

        Hollz, to keep Barron away from his mother Trump would have to exert some kind of effort. He’s always been a disengaged father until his kids become adults. He’s a narcissist who is too busy calling Fox and Friends to trouble himself with personal details like ordering his wife a present, let alone taking on the care of his son, such as it is. And where would Melania go? You’re saying he would just banish her? She would be blabbing everything to the press. No, I think they have a financial arrangement in place until he leaves office.

    • ORIGINAL T.C. says:

      Where did you get this investigative information from? If it’s legit, Melania would be safer if you leaked the information to the press instead of Celebitchy.

      • Hollz says:

        Original TC, what did I say that isn’t obvious to anyone that’s paying attention?

        I don’t think anything I said requires a deep dive in to either of them. His body language and his well documented record of mistreating women make it clear he’s an abusive ass, and her body language towards him makes it clear she’s terrified.

      • minx says:

        I don’t think she looks terrified at all. She looks irritated. She’s the one pushing his hand away. I mean, anything is possible but I think she’s just biding her time until he drops dead, gets arrested, resigns or finishes his term.

      • ORIGINAL T.C. says:

        @ Hollz

        I’m a pretty observant person but no, it’s not “obvious” that Trump’s body language towards Melania is threatening nor hers of fear. He always looks like he is begging her to show him affection and she either ignores his presence or acts with disdain towards him. Your “obvious” sounds similar to Trump’s “everyone is saying”. Meaning you two are speaking for yourselves in a bubble that no one else sees. Again if you have facts to drop, report it to NYT or New York Post.

    • Hollz says:

      But that effort isn’t about Barron, it’s about hurting Melania. And to be clear, I’m not saying he’s going to do this, but I can certainly see him threatening her. Telling her he can strip her of her falsely earned citizenship and have her sent back to Slovenia without Barron, since he’s a natural born citizen, and that she’ll never be allowed back.

      The man is president, he doesn’t need to actually put in any effort to have her under his control, he just has to make plausible threats. He has all the power in this relationship – especially since it’s become obvious that his supporters don’t care about any of the dirt she might have. Mueller might, but that means Mueller might start investigating her.

      • minx says:

        You don’t think anyone would care if he did that, banish her and keep their son from her? Even the Deplorables might object.
        She’s got the goods on Trump. He knows it.

      • starkiller says:

        Sent to Slovenia? Oh god, what an awful fate! A stable country with universal healthcare, the lowest wealth inequality in the world, a rich culture and a beautiful landscape (none of which the US has, btw)? Wish someone would threaten to send me to Slovenia!

      • Kitten says:

        I would argue that our national parks are some of–if not the most—“beautiful landscapes” in the world.

      • SilverUnicorn says:

        One can say everything about USA… but surely not that the country has ugly landscapes!! I’d say stunning 😍

    • Missmarirose says:

      Stop. You have no idea whether they are in an abusive relationship.

    • Amelie says:

      Investigated by ICE? Melania is a citizen, they can’t deport her back to Slovenia. Maybe she was illegal when she first got here but as far as I know, they can’t take back citizenship just because they feel like it. I’m sure there are cases where US citizenship is revoked in extreme cases but Melania overstaying her visa or what have you is relatively minor. If she were not a citizen I’d agree but she is so they can’t really kick her out of the country. And Trump has no power to revoke her citizenship himself, that is done in extremely rare cases (and there would be a lot of outcry if he tried to). As for her parents, I have no idea what their legal status is but you would hope they would be in good legal standing.

  20. liriel says:

    Brigitte, shut up. You groomed your husband yet you feel morally superior and in a position to judge Melania. Melania is a trophy wife, at worst complicit while Brigitte is a predator. Yet she claims higher moral ground.
    Can’t stand her!

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Am no fan of Mme Macron but she is also a trophy wife, who gave up her career (what was left of it) to be the ‘supportive wife’ to her ambitious husband.

  21. Adele Dazeem says:

    One thing I definitely agree w in this article is the role of First Lady is sexist, antiquated and out of date. Mobama really made me see it clearly.

  22. No Doubtful says:

    I know I shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but I can’t see this woman having any fun or any sort of personality. She looks miserable. I don’t think it’s just the case of “resting b–ch face” either. She oozes unhappiness.

  23. JennyJazzhands says:

    44 other women before her have done it with grace, dignity and nary a complaint. Nor, did they have the luxury of bankrupting the secret service so they could live separately from their husband. Get. Over. It. She barely touches any of the events, jobs or initiatives first ladies do. So, no. She doesn’t get this narrative.

  24. JennyJazzhands says:

    And I’m curious to see one legitimate picture of Melania modeling anything prior to trump. Advertising her services does not a model make.

  25. Stacey says:

    don’t feel sorry for her or sarah sanders

  26. Berry says:

    Melania claimed to be fluent five languages, including French. The first time Macron met Melania, Brigitte tried conversing with her in French. Melanie was lost. She is a liar just like her vile husband.

  27. jferber says:

    JennyJazzhands, your comments are perfection. And the only “pet cause” Melania has is herself. Be very clear about that. Very clear. No sympathy for Melania. Only blame for her greed, shallowness and complicity. I dislike her a lot.

  28. HannahF says:

    Melania’s life is constrained and, like other First Ladies before her, it will never be the same. On the other hand, she has an amazing opportunity to undertake a cause and make a real difference in people’s lives. A good example of that is Nancy Reagan and the “Just Say No” anti drug campaign or Barbara Bush and her literacy work. Betty Ford was known for her work with breast cancer awareness, the ERA and awareness of addiction including her own struggles amongst other things. Melania has done NOTHING. To say she is a great FLOTUS is beyond absurd. And partisan politics has nothing to do with this. The First Ladies noted above are all wives of Republicans.

  29. Jonesy says:

    Melania can kick rocks for that Obama-birther bullsh*t she spewed because her p*ssy-grabbing husband told her to do it. Once she apologizes for that garbage I’ll reconsider my stance on her. Until then, she can suffer in the hell she walked into with her eyes wide open.

  30. Sue says:

    If you look up the White House on Wikipedia, the yards are quite open. Fenced off, but with high visibility in. So it doesn’t surprise me she can’t go outside without heavy security or open the windows. The Elysee Palace by comparison, has a courtyard at least.