Dua Lipa: ‘You learn so much more about yourself when you’re completely alone’

Please don’t ruin my day by telling me that Dua Lipa is terrible or controversial or whatever. I really don’t know much about her other than A) I like her look and vibe and B) that “New Rules” song always gets stuck in my head. She’s only 22 years old, she’s Albanian-British and she seems pretty cool. God, I hope she isn’t problematic, but we’ll see! Dua covers the latest issue of Elle UK, mostly because her biggest success has been in Britain and because she calls London home. If you’re like me, Dua is a blank slate and you’re eager to hear her thoughts on love. If so, enjoy:

Dua on the single life: “There’s so much fun in being single. When I’m single, I end up having so much more time to do a lot of other stuff… I think you learn so much more about yourself when you’re completely alone and you have no one to go to for help for certain things. You learn to rely on yourself in a different way.”

On saying “I love you”: “As much as I tell myself not to rush into things or be careful to say I love you too fast without really knowing if there’s any substance in the relationship, I think it’s really important to go with your gut. Life is too short not to say, ‘I love you’”

On love: “I’m such a firm believer in love. I blame my parents for that, because they have a really good relationship and I think they’ve set my standards high.”

[From Elle UK via The Sun]

I agree with her about the single life – it’s honestly amazing to have that time to yourself, to do everything that you want to do with no compromises, and not have to depend on anyone else. Dua Lipa: cool or nah?

Oooh, look at this Instagram! Now I get it: she looks a lot like Emily Ratajkowski, and yet… I like Dua Lipa’s “look” so much more. Emily is such a dead-eyed exhibitionist and Dua just seems… cooler, somehow.

Instagrams courtesy of Elle UK, Dua Lipa.

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  1. Julia says:

    I can’t stop listening to “new rules”. And I feel no shame. I’ve also watched the video about 15 times. I’m 36.

  2. Naddie says:

    It’s not that she’s controversial or anything, I just think she’s another pop star whose looks are better than the music.

  3. Léna says:

    She is good when she sings live. And I appreciate that!

    • amyston says:

      I walked through my grandparents’ living room when Dua Lipa was performing on Ellen. I had no idea who she was, but I thought she was astonishingly bad.

  4. Khadija says:

    Looks like a blend of Emily Ratajkowski and Emma Roberts to me.

    I think she has zero stage presence (a bit like Ratajkowski has zero screen presence on film so more EmRata parallels there too) but does have some catchy songs. I’ve been told her stage presence has got better lately though.

    Regarding being problematic: it depends where you stand on white people singing the n-word.

  5. Lucy says:

    She has a killer voice and is STUNNING. Also, I’m pretty sure she’s on the good, “woke” side, if you will, from what I know about her (one of my friends is a huge fan).

  6. Pandy says:

    She’s very pretty. Don’t know her music tho. Dua Lipa translates to two lips?

  7. Egla says:

    She is 22 and growing in the spot light. She seems to be cool in general end yes she can sing live and is getting better and better. Hope she will have along successful carer

  8. Elisa says:

    her family is from Pristina, the capital of Kosovo. She seems cool?

  9. c-no-mu says:

    I’m about to divorce my husband of 8 years. I’ve never lived alone. He’s moving out Memorial Day weekend. And I. Cannot. Wait!! I’m so looking forward to having my own space and only having to take care of myself (and the cat). Also I’ve never heard of Dua Lipa but she’s pretty!

    • Ladykeller says:

      I remember when my ex moved out after nearly 10 years together. I was scared but also excited. I slept on the floor in the living room with my dog for the first 2 nights. The house seemed way too big for just me and it felt weird to be in our old bed room. But I quickly moved on and did all kinds of things I had given up doing because he never cared about them or wanted to.

      You’ll do great. I really hope you rediscover those pieces of yourself you have lost over the years. Good luck!

  10. perplexed says:

    She’s way prettier than Emily Ratjakowski.