Something fishy (and edgy) is happening between Justin Theroux & Emma Stone

Celebrity arrivals at the 2018 Costume Institute Gala in New York City

I’ve been ignoring this crap for long enough, because I actually like Emma Stone and I’ve always trusted her to make good choices for herself and her career. The last time anyone checked, Emma was dating an SNL writer named Dave McCary. But Emma has been spending a lot of time – a suspicious amount of time – with none other than Edgy Justin Theroux. They both represent Louis Vuitton now, but that business association only explains so much. According to People Magazine’s summary of Rihanna’s Met Gala after-party, Justin and Emma arrived at the party at the same time and “danced until the early morning.” And then this E! story happened:

Who knew Justin Theroux and Emma Stone were such good buds? Photogs spotted Justin and Emma leaving together from Rihanna’s 2018 Met Gala after-party at the Up & Down Club in NYC. Of course, the friends weren’t alone—the two left in a chauffeured car with Big Little Lies star Shailene Woodley. A source tells E! News that in addition to leaving together, two also arrived with each other to Riri’s fun-filled bash last night and “were together all night.”

“They mingled with guests and both drank Armand de Brignac,” adds the source.

This isn’t the only time that the stars, who recently worked together on the upcoming series Maniac, have spent time with each other in recent days. Last Wednesday, Justin and Emma were spotted out and about in New York City. The two high-profile stars donned baseball caps and low-key ensembles for a late-night dinner at Blue Ribbon Sushi in the Soho area of Lower Manhattan.

[From E! News]

I’m getting a weird vibe. There’s the obvious association of two celebrities who choose to call New York City home. They also represent Louis Vuitton, and have to attend events like the Met Gala on behalf of their LV contracts. But they’re not contractually obligated to party together and leave the after-party together. The only reason they’re hanging out is because… they actually enjoy each other’s company. And after Justin’s Edgy Tour following his split with Jennifer Aniston, how in the world is Emma someone with enough “edge” for poor Justin? LOL, this is a mess and Emma needs to stay far away. Justin is in the midst of some kind of edgy midlife crisis.

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  1. Cate says:

    She turns 30 this year, so even if they are together it’s probably ending soon.

    • Ravensdaughter says:

      If something is happening, it’s just a lark for her. She’ll break his heart.

  2. Lucy says:

    Needless to say, she’s too good for him. Hopefully it’ll go away soon enough.

    • Seraphina says:

      I agree, she is too good for him and I like her so! Emma, stay away from the edgey cliff!

  3. Laura says:

    To be fair, Emma stone seems a lot more edgy than Jennifer Anniston, relatively speaking. She’s got that ingénue thing, or whatever.

    • tracking says:

      Well she’s young and she likes NYC. So they have one thing in common.

    • Erinn says:

      That’s what I’m thinking. A lot of people we wouldn’t consider ‘edgy’ are more so than Aniston.

      • citney says:

        At least this is a major upgrade for the “edgy” Theroux.

        Maybe Emma is just getting back at Aniston by humiliating her by picking her up on the GG red carpet, therefore making her look ridiculous.

      • Rescue Cat says:

        Maybe Emma and Justin’s eyes met across a crowded room and they instantly knew they had found
        ‘The One’ 😍

      • Rosalee says:

        Women are not cars or aircraft seating sections, there is no such thing as an upgrade. Simply different.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        “humiliating” her? “ridiculous”? hardly.

        I saw those pictures and both of them are smiling/laughing.

        to add, I don’t think Aniston cares who Edgy Justin dates next, so I don’t think this is any case of her “getting back at” anyone.

        is that how you do it? if someone “humiliates” you, do you go after their ex to get back at them? I really don’t understand that mentality.

      • citney says:


        What was Emma supposed to do when Aniston, who likely was high as a kite, picked her up as if she was “Conan the Barbarian”, slap Aniston?

        Of course, Emma had to laugh or risk being embarrassed even more.
        Aniston made a fool of them both. It was NOT funny, it was a pathetic attempt by Aniston to get attention which backfired. I was embarrassed for them both.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        on what are you basing this assumption that she was “humiliated” and was actually not happy with what Aniston did?

        I mean, I’m basing my opinion on the pictures. I’d hardly say it was Conan…it was a playful thing that they both laughed at. you say that they looked ridic…ok, your opinion. I say they looked like they were having fun (again, based on the pictures). you say Emma was “embarrassed” and “humiliated”, but there’s no indication from those pics that she was. were there others you saw where she did look annoyed or embarrassed? did she give an interview where she said as much? were there other celebs there who indicated they felt that what Aniston did was not cool, and that it was “humiliating” to Stone? I mean, JA doesn’t really need to call attention to herself so that reasoning doesn’t really make sense.

        I’m just trying to figure out why you have this take on it, other than your obvious (here and on other posts) dislike for JA.

  4. SKF says:

    Apparently they have a TV or movie project together. Probably just friends.

    • minx says:

      I may be wrong, but I can believe they are just friends who like to go out to dinner.

      • Esmom says:

        Me, too. It seems like they have a lot of common work obligations and interests. I don’t necessarily think romance is the only possible conclusion.

    • Chrissyms says:

      Well that is easy to pull off when you are 20 years younger. I don’t know many edgy 48 year olds…

      • ChillyWilly says:

        Right? He is way too old for her. He is Mr. Mid-Life Crisis and it’s not a good look. I used to think he was so hot and now he makes me cringe. Emma is young and probably just having fun. Doubt it’s serious.

    • terra says:

      Yep. As the article says, they “recently worked together on the upcoming series Maniac.”

      Let’s hope they’re just friendly after working together. Despite Emma working with Woody Allen I do still want to like her. The fact that even *she* seemed to know that her Best Actress win was ridiculous helped in that regard quite a bit.

    • KB says:

      Yeah, the Cary Fukunaga show with Jonah Hill. I’m sure they’re just friends.

    • Milla says:

      Hope it is just pr thing. Otherwise, she is really dumb. She will end up in scary Terry’s studio…

    • MagicalDay says:

      I’m not feeling it w these two. Look at their body language at the fashion show, she looks strained and is leaning AWAY.

  5. Slowsnow says:

    Theroux has a LOT of friends, male and female. He met Stone, they share awkward experiences being photographed for a big ass company, they’re friends, end of story. It’s like a guy and gal can’t be friends!

  6. Mgsota says:

    I don’t buy it. He was just photographed with that young “edgy” photographer chick that he’s supposedly been seeing.

  7. Chrissyms says:

    I read a blind that insinuated that Emma dated Ryan Gosling……true?

  8. Maya says:

    Don’t you mean FEDGE😂

    And what do you know, it seems Justin got most of the “friends” in the split..

    • BrandyAlexander says:

      Or, he kept his friends and she kept hers. Pretty standard in a breakup. I didn’t associate Emma Stone with either of them while they were together.

      • citney says:


        From what I’ve read about Aniston she seems to have a group of very close friends that have been together for years. It seems most of Aniston’s supposedly BFF’s talked about in tabloids are nothing more than other members of the stable of actresses Steven Huvane represents.

    • Jayna says:

      How is that so? Jimmy Kimmel and wife are still friends with her and hang out together. She’s been with them a few times since the split. Justin Bateman is one friend I would love to have, and he is Jen’s, along with his wife. She’s hung out with them since. She went to the amazing birthday party Ellen’s wife Portia gave that was star-studded. It looked like once of the most fun parties because it was so eclectic as far as the celebrity guest list.

      I never associated Emma as a Jen bestie. Emma is working with Justin on a TV series.

      Maya, your Jen-hate is showing. LOL

  9. K-Peace says:

    This near-50-year-old looks absolutely pathetic hanging out with these 20-somethings like Petra Collins, Selena Gomez, and now Emma Stone.

  10. Hank says:

    Justin is the opposite of Ryan Gosling, who is cool AF without trying so hard. Emma can do better

    • Jussie says:

      Hah. I suggest you avoid Gosling’s directorial debut if you want to hold onto to the idea he’s effortlessly cool. That thing is Theroux’s performative edginess x 1000.

      • Hank says:

        It doesn’t matter to me. I’ve met the guy and know people who have worked on sets with him, he is the nicest guy. So humble, funny and sweet. I’ll always have respect for him. And he has never had any cheating rumours despite being a heartthrob for many years.

    • Adele Dazeem says:

      Both guys are performative cool edgesters if you ask me.

      • KLO says:

        @Adele yes.
        Still love Gosling for being a good hubby to Eva Mendes though. I have always had a soft spot for Eva.

  11. Feebee says:

    Or maybe she’s fucking his brains out and having a great time and it’ll be over when she starts her next movie.

  12. Caitlin Bruce says:

    Well I don’t think it’s true. But I mean her and Andrew were both in relationships when they worked together and fell in love. So she’s not as perfect as her fans like to think.

    • Ada says:

      I had no idea about this! Please tell more?

      • Caitlin Bruce says:

        They started working together on Spider-Man when Emma was dating Kieran Culkin and Andrew was with Shannon Woodward. Andrew, Emma and Shannon all left the 2011 golden globes in a car together. Emma and Andrew filmed for a few weeks in NY and they were spotted going to the cinema together Then Kieran and Emma spilt up a few months later then in the May it was announced Andrew and Shannon had split up after 3 years but Shannon was going around saying it was just a break. Fast forward a month and the Andrew/Emma rumours start saying there hookimg up. Which is all fair if they waited till they both broke up with their partners but during TASM promo both made it obviously that the feelings were there from the start. I mean Emma said the main reason she wanted to do the movie was because when she audioned with Andrew she didn’t want anyone else having the part and that he was so incredible, Andrew said “I woke up when she came in.” I mean it’s pretty obvious if they didn’t phycially cheat they deffo emotionally cheated.

      • KB says:

        She was with Kieran Culkin, he was with Shannon Woodward. They started filming Amazing Spider-Man in December of 2010. She and Kieran broke up in April of 2011. He and Shannon broke up in May of 2011. He and Emma started dating a month later.

      • Darla says:

        They were obviously in love. I strongly disagree with the idea that just because you involved with someone, especially when young! you can’t break up with them because you fell in love with someone else while with them. As long as you break up before it gets physical it’s totally fine.

  13. Lyka says:

    The edge is her youth.

    • KLO says:

      She seems so old to me. I am talking about her mannerisms and general vibe. I was schocked to hear she is not even 30 yet.

      The only thing I love love loved her in was Zombieland.

  14. hkk says:

    Why does it feel like everyone in that picture is trying to get away from the person next to them?

    • tealily says:

      Ha! I thought the same thing. That picture alone makes me believe these two aren’t dating.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      lol. just what I noticed.

      and since when does Justedge drink? thought he was straight-edge.

  15. Jenns says:

    In the end, I think he used Jennifer Aniston for his career. And it worked to a degree,

    So I’m sure he’s looking for another high profile name to date so he can take the next career jump.

    • kate says:

      You are probably right. But I cannot see Emma being that stupid.

    • Pandy says:

      My thoughts too. He wanted a leg up and no one else was biting. Same thing now. He’s getting old and wants to look relevant.

    • citney says:


      I think Aniston and Theroux used each other, he used her to meet people in the industry based in LA, she used him as an escort to stop the “poor Jen” narrative.

      I sincerely doubt either are heartbroken by their breakup.

  16. kate says:

    Dating Jen A’s ex so soon after they announced their split would be a huge mistake for Emma. Whoever JustEdge’s next gf is, she will be ripped to shreds by tabloids, Jen A’s fans, etc. Emma is smarter than that and knows how to avoid controversy (look at how she escaped any kind of criticism for working with Pedo Allen and playing an Asia woman).

    • ORIGINAL T.C. says:

      Doubt it. There is no outrage PR machine working this time around and if it’s a “nice” Celebrity like Emma Stone it will be fine.

      • citney says:

        Also, it’s not as if Theroux fell madly in love with someone else and wanted to legally end his dead-end marriage that had been nothing but a sham for years.

        Oh, wait a minute, except for the part where Theroux falls madly in love with another woman it seems as if it’s exactly like Aniston’s first divorce.

  17. Hoping says:

    A bunch of disoriented dolphins just landed on my doorstep because my inner NO to the possibility of this relationship was so loud that it broke the barriers of ultrasounds.

  18. Bethany says:

    Is it possible the “edgy Justin hates Jen’s L.A. life and friends” story came from Jennifer Aniston’s camp. That way, their divorce was due to his rejection of her lifestyle, and not a rejection of her. Then we don’t have to feel bad that ANOTHER man left Jen. Instead, he left the life.

    • tracking says:

      Oh, I definitely think he wanted to live in NY and she wanted to live in LA. The story was likely only cover in that I bet he cheated too. Don’t think she wanted that “poor cheated on Jen” narrative again.

  19. Darla says:

    Emma can do a lot better, that’s all I say.

  20. Feedmechips says:

    How does one dance edgily until the early morning?

    • Guest says:

      He took off his shirt and had a t-shirt underneath. And it was reported he had something on his arms to make them glow! Definitely wants attention!

  21. Anguishedcorn says:

    Petra is fine n all, but he needs the next profile-enhancer.

  22. SlightlyAnonny says:

    “… I’ve always trusted her to make good choices for herself and her career.”

    Um…did you forget the whole white woman playing Asian in Aloha? Emma’s choices are not always the best.

    • Vegramen says:

      That movie was so bad and she was awful in it, along with the other main actors, due to poor direction probably.

  23. Bella bella says:

    The body language in that photo is not a person leaning *in* to someone she is interested in. Who knows? Maybe they live near each other? And sharing a cab is easy? My guess is Emma is smart and funny and that would be appealing to Justin. I hope it’s nothing serious.

  24. lucy2 says:

    They’re working together and hanging out. Maybe just friends.
    Even if they are dating, what’s the big deal? Both are single.

  25. mellie says:

    I like how when he was with JA he was anti-paparazzi, always scowling like he was the original badass, and now here he is at the MET ball and out on the streets hamming it up for the cameras…what a tool.

  26. Jayna says:

    He was recently photographed with that “hipster” photographer. So maybe he and Emma are just friends – for now. He may be chasing her, though. I could get why she might become interested. It’s easy to develop chemistry with someone you work with on set for months on end. She’s a catch for him. He’s talented as an actor, so I get why watching him on set acting might make him more attractive to her.

  27. Elle says:

    i saw them together in Sept 2017 at the AA Admiral’s Club in LAX airport. Nothing salacious. They seemed like good friends (and there was a 3rd person w/them). She sure is tiny…and he’s pretty short/slim as well.

  28. Claire says:

    He’s a good looking guy. I don’t get the edgy comments. That’s his style.

  29. JoJo says:

    Emma might not be “edgy” but she lives in/likes NY, and definitely has more of that hipster type of vibe than Jen A. (who has aged out of the demographic anyway.) She seems more like Justin’s type, although there’s a big age difference – but if they’re having fun, whatever. They’re celebs.

    I just think Jen A’s lifestyle was probably too closed off for Justin – living in Hollywood, drinking wine at intimate dinner parties, avoiding going out on the street/in public, vacationing in Cabo all the time, etc. It’s actually reminiscent of that comment that Brad Pitt made about his marriage to Jen and how he felt like he was always sitting on a couch, smoking a joint and hiding out and not actually living an interesting life, etc. Granted, that comment was a dbag move by him, and it’s not Jen’s fault that these guys decided to enter into relationships with her, but there seems to be a pattern there. She needs to choose a different kind of guy next time – one who is on board with her lifestyle from the start.

    • citney says:

      I’m not defending Pitt, but the comments Mayer made about Aniston’s lifestyle was even worse.

      Saying someone only wanted to “sit in the kitchen and pet dogs” was really cruel and how Aniston wished it was “1998” again. OUCH!!

      • Anonymous says:

        I dont think any comments out of master douche John Mayer’s mouth should be used in any conversation where you are trying to portray JenAn badly but good try. John Mayer had go go hide in the woods with his dog for a year to get a grip on his own life

      • Vegramen says:

        Citney = TLOL1365

      • whatWHAT? says:

        saying someone wanted to sit in the kitchen and pet dogs is “cruel”? I guess we have different definitions of what is “cruel”.

      • citney says:


        It was a cruel statement, Mayer was saying Aniston was as boring as Pitt had already stated.


        What the heck is “TLOL1365”?

      • Vegramen says:

        TLOL1365 = Sidney (on the DM) = Citney and Letitgo (on CB)

        Hi Angie!

      • Vegramen says:

        SIdney on the DM (not Sidney).

      • citney says:


        I will kindly disregard your comments since you seem to be implying I am posting as different people.. I assure you I am only known as “citney”, (an amalgamation of family names) and I post nowhere else but here.

        I sincerely hope you have a nice day.

    • Jayna says:

      She was seen in NYC with him. She didn’t want to live there, but she was there at his condo with him at times.. It’s not like she didn’t go there. Most celebrities in LA go out to dinner, etc. There’s back entrances if you don’t want to bother with paps. It doesn’t mean there isn’t a social life because we don’t see it and that it’s only at dinner parties in homes. She and Justin were in France together, Germany together, Italy together, Hawaii together, Bora Bora together, in Telluride, Colorado together, the Bahamas together. I guess that doesn’t go with the narrative, though, of Jen staying home all the time.

      They went to Mexico about once a year. Big deal. And it was with people he liked Jimmy Kimmel and wife, Howard Stern and wife, Jason Bateman and wife.. She visited him on set for his TV show when he was filming. I know in one interview she once mentioned she was in England.

      Maybe she lives her life in a way that it’s not intrusive to her as far as paps.

      • citney says:


        Didn’t Aniston always stay at a hotel the rare times she visited NYC?

        A couple pictures of Aniston emerging from Theroux’s apartment where she was paying for renovations does not mean she actually stayed there with him.

  30. angie0717 says:

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong w him. Truth be told, the worst thing about him was JA. Odd match from the start. I would just really appreciate if he wouldn’t date women in their 20’s, cause so predictable douche bro of him to do…

  31. Rescue Cat says:

    It has been scientificly proven that Shia Labeouf is the true Edge Lord. Theroux is on the next rung down with James ‘Art’ Franco.

  32. Vegramen says:

    He’s more orange than The Orange One. Odd couple.

  33. Guest says:

    It’s all a PR stunt for LV and Maniac

    It was reported Justedge attended 3 after parties while Emma attended 1. That’s not dating.

    And Emma was filming in NYC for another installment of Maniac.

  34. Kate says:

    I used to really like Emma, but not now, after how she “dealt” with Woody Allen situation. She didn”t apologize, she didn”t say that she would never wokr with him again. She can go down in falmes for all I care.

  35. serena says:

    Oh hell no.

  36. JA says:

    Over Emma. I used to dig her but the more I read about her the more disingenuous she seems. Also I know rumors aren’t always based in facts but heard she regularly hooks up with married costar Gosling when they’re ever in the same city for films despite his marriage and children. Like I said, I’m over her