Khloe Kardashian debuts one-month-old True Thompson on social media

💕Happy One Month True 💕

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Can you believe it’s already been a month? True Thompson is one month old! It feels like it was just last week when Tristan Thompson was outed as a serial cheater who was banging every Instagram “model” he encountered. But True is one month old, and to celebrate, Khloe Kardashian posted a photo of True’s face. I’m of the belief that most babies look alike, that especially true of Kardashian-Jenner babies: they all seem to be versions of the same dark-haired baby. But they’ll be able to tell True apart from Chi West and Stormi Webster because of True’s ENORMOUS baby cheeks. Look at how full her little face is!! Very cute.

As for Khloe’s plans for life with baby True… no surprise, Khloe is still in Cleveland with Tristan. Apparently, Khloe and True are probably in Cleveland alone right now because Tristan is in Boston today for the playoffs.

While the majority of the Kardashian-Jenner family will be celebrating Mother’s Day together in Los Angeles, new mom Khloé Kardashian will be thousands of miles away.

“The family is still not happy with Tristan and they have no desire to spend Mothers’ Day with him,” a source tells PEOPLE about Khloé’s boyfriend and father of her child, Tristan Thompson.

So, Khloé will either stay home with baby daughter True Thompson or possibly hit the road with Thompson, who is traveling to Boston for the NBA playoffs. In April, Khloé, 33, welcomed her first child days after cheating allegations swirled around her NBA player beau. Amid the ongoing allegations, Khloé has decided to remain living in Cleveland, Ohio, where Thompson, 27, plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

“Khloé’s decision to stay with Tristan has definitely caused friction. Her family hasn’t visited her for weeks. It’s been hard for Khloé, but she is doing what she believes is best for her family,” the source says.

[From People]

I’m an only child, so I don’t know the highs and lows of sisterly bonds, but I imagine it would SO difficult to sit idly by as your sister made such sh-tty life decisions. How is Kim not screaming at Khloe on a daily basis over the phone? How is Kourtney not flying to Cleveland to shake some f–king sense into Khloe? I don’t know.

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  1. Franny Days says:

    I think it’s so weird they debut their babies with Snapchat filters on them. Why do they do that?

    • FLORC says:

      It is weird. And it’s not unexpected with them.
      Filter aside… that baby is beautiful.

    • annabanana says:

      I was wondering why the baby looks like that, looks blue eyes to me, and lips doesn’t look normal too pale pink. Didn’t cross my mind immediately that filter was used. I agree why introduce your baby in that manner? Kinda disturbing that she thinks it’s necessary to do that to her daughter. Unless she has some kind of agreement/contract to use filters?

      • Ellaus says:

        +1 the baby is adorable, and does not need the flower, the flower and freckles to be so. But if I recall correctly that filter doesn’t change the eye color it just males them lighter and brighter… Maybe True has that undefined grey eye color babies have for the first months and the flash and the added lightness of the filter they look dark blue.

      • isabelle says:

        Most babies are born with some blue in their eyes and it eventually fades out.

      • Justme says:

        Tristan has said that her eyes are green as of now.

    • Beth says:

      Only a Kardashian who is completely plastic and fake looking would use Snapchat filters on the first picture the world sees of her baby. Too bad Khloe doesn’t want us seeing True looking natural. Does she already think her baby isn’t good enough and needs things done to make her cute?

      • Rachel in August says:

        Something like that. Kylie did the same thing, gussied up the real baby with Snapchat filters. Insane.

      • still_sarah says:

        @ Beth and Rachel in August : Of course, they used filters. Those unfortunate babies are their latest products and they have to be promoted in the right way (sarcasm intended).

      • Jordan says:

        It’s because they still have the squished newborn features. They’ll stop using the filters once she’s six months old.

    • my3cents says:

      I was just thinking if using filters on babies is ok. I think babies are so cute and beautiful naturally why start so soon?

    • Spicecake38 says:

      I know the flower is fake,but I’m a real dummy when it comes to spotting all the fakes in peoples photos.Does the baby have an adorable smattering of freckles,what color are her eyes-navy blue?brown/black that show up blue or is she filtering the heck out of her beautiful baby girl WHY?

    • Mgsota says:

      I agree. It’s immature. Are they thinking my baby doesn’t look cute enough? I need to add a filter to give them glowing eyes and freckles??! I don’t get it. She’s adorable.
      As for Khloé, I just want to shake some sense into her. My God.

    • Cupcake says:

      The filter REALLY bugs me too. A baby’s sweetness should be allowed to shine! Keep your pictures Khloé if you’ll only use filters.

      • Crimson says:

        Both of my brown-eyed sons had blue eyes at birth. They changed within the first few months. I was told by nurses this is common in babies, that the eyes can appear to be dark blue as they change.

        True’s eyelashes and freckles appear to be added. Hmmm…

      • Godwina says:

        Yep. I rarely meet a (white or biracial, at least) newborn who doesn’t have dark blue eyes at birth, however temporary.

    • Abby says:


  2. Ayra. says:

    Her cheeks aren’t that big, it’s the filter that made them look huge and gave her freckles.
    There was another picture of her (still with a filter) where her cheeks looked pretty normal

    • Mariposa says:

      Who puts a filter on a BABY?! Are they not cute enough?! Wtf

    • Ankhel says:

      Well, True’s a Kardashian. Of course they had to give her big, fake cheeks.

    • ORIGINAL T.C. says:

      Well then what featured on the baby are real? That’s a bizarre thing to do to your baby’s image. Like already starting plastic surgery…

      • Ayra. says:

        Filters a weird.. You can look absolutely terrible and a filter will have you looking great.
        Anyway, her eyes aren’t blue, they look very dark, her cheeks aren’t as big either.
        Here’s another picture of her:

        But again, this is another filter.

      • KB says:

        Looks like a completely different baby. What a weirdo. I guess it’s not surprising when you look at the photos Khloe posts of herself vs paparazzi photos of her. Some kind of weird Instagram dysmorphia.

      • Lala says:

        @Ayra…now see…that picture looks more true to life! Cause True looks JUST like her Daddy in that one…and a bit how KK ORIGINALLY looked

    • FHMom says:

      The filter makes her over the top adorable. On any other baby I would assume the parent was trying to protect her privacy, but this is a Kardashian so I’m going with enhanced adorable ness.

    • isabelle says:

      The Kardashians are damaged women and filtering their babies pics proves it. They’re messed up plain and simple.

  3. trillian says:

    Well Kim is married to Kanye West and Koutney’s baby daddy is Scott Disick so who are they to talk? All of them have a track record of picking idiots.

  4. Lela says:

    God I can’t believe I’m typing this but Kylie seems to be the smart one. She has a baby with Travis and they have their “family vacations” and whatnot but she’s smart enough to keep her own home and it seems they are okay leading seperate lives really, she’s not pushing this idea of a traditional happy family. They are together when they want and do whatever they want the remainder of the time.
    This is what’s sad about Khloe, if she had some sort of open relationship or whatever with douche canoe it would be one thing but she’s really trying to push the happy together family narrative.

    • Sherry says:

      She might be able to pull it off if she hadn’t done the exact same thing with Lamar. All that time she was presenting their relationship as this perfect, loving marriage, but now we know what was really going on in that relationship.

  5. LittleWing says:

    Beautiful baby.

  6. Carol says:

    Why would they yell at her when they are all on the same script?

  7. lightpurple says:

    “The family is still not happy with Tristan and they have no desire to spend Mothers’ Day with him,”

    Not sure the family has a choice in this matter. His contract with the Cavaliers puts him here in Boston today through very late Tuesday night, if not Wednesday morning, not wherever they are. And if he were free, who says he wants to spend Mother’s Day with them and not with his own mother?

    • Crimson says:

      @lightpurple – All good points. I’m anxious to watch today’s game. I have a soft spot for Boston since my son attended school nearby. I traveled there at least a dozen times to watch his games and grew to love that city. Even scored some Bruins tickets when my fave team was in town. The fans were stellar… knowledgeable and passionate.

      • Lightpurple says:

        Thank you! We do take our sports seriously. These kids on the Celtics are amazing. They’re defying all expectations. It’s so much fun and great for any city when a team goes deep into playoffs.

  8. JA says:

    Cute babies don’t need filters! It shows you can’t even show your child without wanting to “add on”. All children are precious some just a bit more cute than others so yes the baby is no doubt a cutie, STAHP with the stupid filters

  9. BJ says:

    They would put filters on all their mirrors if it was technologically possible.I hope their daughters don’t grow up to be as insecure as their mothers.

  10. Snowflake says:

    Why the filter on a baby’s first picture? Cute baby. I think Tristan is pretty fine. I wonder if his package matches the size of the rest of him. 😀

  11. Bee says:

    Am I seeing things or does that baby wear pink shimmer eyeshadow? That can’t be from a filter.

    • Baebae says:

      Most Snap and IG filters add makeup, freckles, enhanced checkbones, slimmer nose, etc…

      As if the baby isn’t already beautiful without it. Odd family. Their kids will grow up with a distorted sense of self and zero appreciation for their natural features (just like their moms).

    • Ankhel says:

      Yellow powder, I think, to warm and highlight. On inner eye corners, forehead and sides of nose. Sun powder for light contouring on temples and sides of cheeks. A little peach eye shadow. Pink lip gloss, and just possibly one layer of brown mascara on top lashes.

      Khloe, your baby is fine as she is. Honestly.

  12. Louise177 says:

    Maybe the family has yelled at Khloe and made their feelings known. Besides I don’t think it’s appropriate or a good idea to attack somebody just a couple of weeks before and after they give birth.

  13. Other Renee says:

    Cute baby. I’m on the conspiracy bandwagon here. Kid looks at least two months old. She didn’t post pics soon after birth because no one would have believed the child was a newborn. She’s figuring a month later it would be more difficult to discern a one month old baby from a two month old baby. She’s wrong.

    • minx says:

      Exactly. And another fake bump pic.

    • Rachel in August says:

      I’m not even a mother and can certainly tell that baby is much older than one month. Is there an end to this family’s BS and lies? Never mind …

    • lily says:

      What about Duchess Kate’s baby Prince Louis? True looks like a newborn compared to him.

      • Rachel in August says:

        You think? I’m just saying True looks older than a month. No none can trust a single word out of any Karadashian/Jenner mouth though, right?

      • minx says:

        It’s not the size of the baby so much as the alertness, the developing features, that sort of thing. I had big babies so to me Louis looks about average 😂. But he still looks very young. True defintely looks older.

      • Other Renee says:

        Lily, the others are right. It’s not the baby’s size we are looking at. Louis looks like a large newborn. True is at least two months old. You can see by her features.

      • lily says:

        Lol. On 2 pics from Char’s birthday Louis is sitting almost upright and that is very… strange.
        But maybe you all are right about True. On that pic above I do got a feeling Khloe could be wearing fake belly.

      • KB says:

        If she wasn’t pregnant, why is her ass triple the size?

      • Other Renee says:

        Lily, in those photos, he’s propped up on pillows or his sister’s arm. He wouldn’t be able to hold up even his head at this stage.

      • jwoolman says:

        Maybe the filters are to obscure the true age of True? Maybe the same was the case for Kylie, did she use filters? It seems so overwhelmingly strange to use such filters on an infant. Or on anybody… but it really doesn’t make sense for babies and young children.

  14. Danielle says:

    It’s pretty impossible to talk someone out of leaving a bad relationship. Khloe will need to be ready to leave on her own timeline.

  15. Svea says:

    To me, filters are something pre teens or early adolescent girls use. But the Kardashians all seem to have emotional and psychological arrested development so it fits the profile.

  16. MousieBrown says:

    Behind the baby’s neck you see Khloe’s nasty long claw. How do you take care of a sweet soft newborn with nails like that?

    Also, when she talks about being so happy to be back in the gym, she doesn’t mention anything about childbirth-specific body changes.

    She also doesn’t talk about labor or giving birth itself, and this woman certainly would if she had! Remember the infamous sniffing her sisters’ vagina scents – there is no “filter” when it comes to info she has blabbered in the past.

    • Rachel in August says:

      LOL At least after Beyonce “gave birth” she did say she “had 60 lbs. to lose!” (har har)

    • HelloSunshine says:

      I totally don’t understand how she has those talons on. I kept my rings off because I didn’t want them to catch on my baby’s clothes or, god forbid, scratch him, I can’t imagine having those things on.

      Also think she would be the one to be oversharing about birth and stuff. The whole situation smells off to me tbh and I usually take celeb conspiracies with a grain of salt

    • Bridget says:

      Yeah, your body does CRAZY stuff after giving birth, and that first gym trip back is super weird – not to mention, at 4 weeks post partum? Most docs give clearance at 6 weeks – not saying it’s impossible, but there’s a reason why it’s at that point because your joints feel super wobbly, your core is shot, and your pelvic floor is healing. And yet we’re supposed to believe that her doc was so conservative as to have her stay in Cleveland in a situation that was so stressful it triggered her labor and not just help her get the hell out of there, but has her go into the gym immediately?

      Khloé is a sham.

  17. Nacho_friend says:

    Why does she call her baby “mama”?

    • mamacita says:

      it’s a term of affection. I call my girlfriends that.

      • Ummm says:

        Yeah, I’ve called my babies all sorts of nicknames like that. My mom called my sister “granny” when she was little. I can’t remember it, but she had a reason why it fit lol.

  18. NotTodaySatan says:

    I’m LOL @ the concept that either Kim or Kourtney are in any position to judge Khloés life choices. C’mon……none of these women have stellar track records when it comes to men.

  19. Boopy says:

    That baby is not very cute at all

  20. Bridget says:

    I think this is hilarious. Tristan is stuck with Khloé – she’s not going anywhere, and I’m betting his team and his agent just wants him to limit the damage of this fiasco by nominally staying with her. At this point he should have known what he was getting into when he got with Khloé and bailed on his other pregnant girlfriend. And I have no sympathy for Khloe. She’s going to cling as long as she can. She knew who he was but wants the status of being with a baller.

  21. Electric Tuba says:

    I think they have a contract with Snapchat but I’m not interested enough to go dig all the info up on the ole google machine.
    Good luck in this world new babies everywhere.

  22. LittlefishMom says:

    My only sister was in a terrible relationship/marriage for twelve years. As much as I tried as her sister to help, listen, advise, navigate- it’s very very hard and could ruin your relationship with your sibling. All they can do is be supportive of her choices. I’m sure she is aware of their feelings. The baby is beautiful.

    • Crimson says:

      @LittlefishMom – You are so right in your observation. Adults make their own decisions and must live by them. Nothing we can do or say can change them until they WANT to change, whether it be quitting smoking, losing weight, or dumping their partner. It’s the offspring we can/should be concerned about if a loved one jeopardizes their safety or wellbeing. Then we can make a difference and force a change.

  23. thaliasghost says:

    It’s entertaining to watch how these women are incapable of choosing decent men. Now there is a whole roster of women we can watch making horrible decisions as well in a few years time.

  24. Egla says:

    One thing is certain: you can’t make someone leave a bad relationship. I have a lot of stories to prove that. It is the decision of the person in question to make. If you push to hard can ruin your relationship with said person. We don’t really know what is going on with her and her family but sure as hell she will go back to mama one day and pretty soon at that. That baller of hers has bailed out a long time ago me thinks.

    As for the baby I think it’s a cute baby regardless of the filters. Wish her a good life. One thing for sure she will not want for anything financially.
    What I don’t understand is why bring babies into the world with random dudes. Aren’t there decent man these woman can marry or even date???

  25. Jordan says:

    True has OJ’s head shape LOL

    I’m done.

  26. cate says:

    these babies from this family stand zero chance of being normal, productive people. they are barely born and already thrust into the spotlight for more likes and attention. so beyond gross. they have no sense of boundaries at all. sad for theses kids to be honest. what a gross, unhealthy, narcissistic family to be born into.

  27. Ariana says:

    can the media drop “allegedly”? we all saw the tape with our own eyes.
    anyway, let me tell you this – not all babies are cute. Which is fine cause it doesn’t matter. A weird looking baby can grow up to be a gorgeous adult and wise versa. who cares

  28. Elofromthablock says:

    I mean why don’t they get on her for her shitty life decisions?
    Not sure there is much room to talk-
    Kanye and Scott Disick…

  29. Kitty Bermuda says:

    I have to call BS on this one. The Kardashians aren’t the best decision makers, and anyway, why are so many folks acting like Khloe getting cheated on while pregnant is the worst thing to happen to a person on earth. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but did she not date Tristan while he already had another girl pregnant? So why is it suddenly such a huge deal? She’s obviously a proponent of such behavior.

    No comment on putting filters on the baby pic. However, filters or not, the baby is a cutie pie, like all babies.

  30. Kim says:

    I am always and probably will always be baffled as to why these seemingly independent, intelligent, self-made, unmarried women continue to give their own children the names of the strangers who happened to father them.

    • Skoochy says:

      Co-sign. I don’t get it.

    • AmunetMaat says:

      Tristian is a stranger though. He was/is in a not-really-but-she-believes-it-is-committed-relationship. He’s not a one night stand she never saw again or barely knew his name. This man held/holds a significant place in her romantic story and as a result, she created a child with him. Therefore, it’s perfectly reasonable for her to want their child to have his last name. He may be crap boyfriend and person but he still has parental rights and she still wants a family with him.

  31. Anastasia says:

    I am beyond disturbed by that filter. Like any one month old has freckles! This is the best, dewiest skin this child is ever going to have, and you’re putting a FILTER on it????

    They are so f*cked in the head, every last one of them.

    • AmunetMaat says:

      No joke, I thought the freckles were real. Lol, I had no idea it was a snapchat filter until I read the comments. That is a little sad. When my son was 1month old, I thought he was so beautiful and gorgeous. I took tons of pictures and never once thought about using a beauty filter for his features.

  32. Vinot says:

    Am I the only person who is less offended by the filter and more offended by the camera light that is clearly too bright for that newborn? When True winces at the light, that’s a sign that it’s too damn bright for newborn eyes. Damn, give the baby back to the trained nanny already.

  33. JaneS87 says:

    Looking at the link to the second Insta pic, and to me, the bottom half of True’s face is 100% Kris?