Meghan Markle’s dad was staging those ‘paparazzi’ photos, how shocking!

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Attend Anzac Day Services

At this point, I think we can safely say that the Markle side of Meghan Markle’s family is utter trash. Meghan’s half-siblings are greedy, dumb and amoral a–holes who sell her out on a daily (if not hourly) basis. They write “letters” to Prince Harry and give those letters to the tabloids. They write dumb books about how Meghan is “pushy.” And on and on. This whole time, Meghan’s father Thomas Markle has barely said anything publicly, other than a joint statement with his ex-wife when the engagement was announced. We don’t know if Thomas is trying to tell his kids to cool it with their dumb drama. But now we know for sure that Thomas Markle is just as shady as his kids: the Daily Mail has proven that Thomas set up those “paparazzi” shots that have been published exclusively in British tabloids (like the Daily Mail).

Meghan Markle’s father has secretly collaborated with a British paparazzi photographer to stage a series of pictures – despite pleas from Prince Harry for the media to leave his future father-in-law alone. Thomas Markle, who will walk his daughter down the aisle at Windsor Castle on Saturday, has been caught on CCTV willingly posing for faked photographs that have been sold to newspapers around the world. Together with other pictures taken with his co-operation, they will have netted up to £100,000.

The astonishing footage obtained by The Mail on Sunday shows the 73-year-old former lighting director arriving at an internet cafe with photographer Jeff Rayner. Minutes later the pair are seen preparing to photograph Mr Markle while he is sitting at a computer looking at a news story about his daughter and Prince Harry. In one revealing frame, the photographer, just feet away on the other side of the cafe, can be seen aiming his lens at Mr Markle, who is peering at a photograph of the engaged couple.

The staged photographs come despite Kensington Palace issuing a warning to publishers to respect Mr Markle’s privacy, saying he had been ‘harassed’ by paparazzi. A Mail on Sunday investigation has established that the internet cafe pictures are just part of a series Rayner took of Meghan’s father. They have been published in newspapers, magazines and on websites around the world. In all of them Mr Markle appears to be unaware they are being taken. But we can today reveal they were in fact contrived and shot with his co-operation. It is not known if he was paid to take part.

[From The Daily Mail]

And on and on – you can see the footage and read the full story at the DM. Thomas Markle set up the photoshoots where he’s being “measured” for his wedding suit, reading about British landmarks, working out with weights and more. The DM makes the argument that the Kensington Palace press office shouldn’t get all pearl-clutchy about paparazzi photos when Meghan’s father is out there, working hand-in-hand with paps. And I’ll admit it: that IS an issue. This wouldn’t be as damaging or scandalous if Harry and Poor Jason weren’t so filled with rage towards the press and the paparazzi.

Anyway, none of this is surprising – the photos were so obviously set up, and anyone who has any idea how paparazzi photos work could see that. What’s interesting is that the DM did this whole big, dumb investigation to “out” Thomas Markle in this way. It’s just another way the British tabloids are doing the most to embarrass and malign Meghan in any and every way ahead of the wedding. I’d also like to point out that Thomas Markle is far from the first royal-adjacent shady-relative to try to profit from his soon-to-be-royal relation, nor is he the first to stage paparazzi photos. Remember after Will & Kate’s wedding, how we couldn’t go a f–king day without seeing Pippa Middleton? And she still pulls that sh-t all the time. Not to mention all of the weird “just like us, normal and middle-class” paparazzi photos of Kate taking the train and going grocery shopping. Come on.

Update: TMZ is reporting that Thomas Markle now plans to skip the wedding. We’ll have more tomorrow.

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  1. Zapp Brannigan says:

    I think he was extremely selfish to stage and sell those photos, her life is going to be tough enough entering into the Royal family as a divorced woman of colour without her dad making it even tougher, the Royal family is surrounded by snobs and hangers on who will be looking down their nose at Meghan Markle and her own dad has just handed them even more ammunition. Does nobody remember how the surrounding people treated Kate Middleton because her mother worked as an air hostess, her nickname was “doors to manual” so what are they calling MM behind closed doors.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Those comments came from Williams friends, not his family – his friends notoriously did not like her or her family, although they later came to disprove of the disgusting way he treated Kate.

    • LAK says:

      I always err on the side of defending various members of the family because there are so many negative public assumptions based on public’s own prejudice, but i feel like i should extend that to the courtiers because despite the ‘grey men’ image fostered by Diana and Fergie, the courtiers aren’t snobby. Quite afew are BAME including the Queen’s equerry.

      They might be pedantic about how things are done, but that is not the same thing as being snobby.

      • notasugarhere says:

        The courtiers want the monarchy to survive, otherwise they’re out of work. They know how the royal machine works; the royals would be smart to listen to them.

    • notasugarhere says:

      The “doors to manual” comments came from the Middleton PR hack, not William’s circle. The Limpet came from his circle.

      • Wowsers says:

        What’s your evidence for that statement, NOta?

      • Rhys says:

        What does “the limpet” nickname mean? Non-english speaker here 🙂

      • LAK says:

        Rhys: Limpet has several meanings.

        1. a type of marine mollusc that clings very tightly to rocks. Hard to remove.

        2. Noun= as a description of a person who clings tightly to things or people.

        3. Pejoratively = Grade A clinger!!!

      • Rhys says:

        @LAK, thanks! I thought, judging by the sound of it, Kate had a peculiar way of walking or something 🙂

      • MrsBump says:

        If Will’s friends was this condescending towards Kate’s mum for *gasp* having a job, i shudder to think what Harry’s friends are saying about Meghan’s family.
        Poor Meghan! Nobody deserves to be embarrassed like this just before their wedding.

      • LAK says:

        MrsBump: William’s friends have jobs, few of them grand or lucrative, so it’s nonsense that they’d look down on someone else for having a job.

        The ‘doors to manual’ thing was a PR campaign about snobby aristos vs plucky, hardworking middle class gal who was exactly what the royal family needed.

        It wasn’t about Mrs Middleton’s job per se, but how far she had climbed in terms of class.

        The abuse that Kate and or experienced can be traced to source eg Wisteria sisters (Tatler Magazine) or Mattress (William’s RPOs) or Waity Katy (Royaldish forum) or Not wife material (mother of one of Pippa’s exes) etc

      • MrsBump says:

        So the subtext here is that carole middleton planted that embarrassing nickname herself to garner sympathy for Kate? Isn’t that a little far-fetched? She’s a social climber for sure, not machiavelli.

      • A says:

        @LAK, I always take issue with the whole “William’s friends work” line. Let’s not kid ourselves here. The men work, often in positions they get vis-a-vis their social circle. The women work until they get married, in jobs like PR, and spend way more time taking pictures of their vacations to put on Instagram. You think someone like Kitty Spencer would work as a flight attendant? After their parents paid for them to go to all those public schools? Please. None of them would know what hard work is if it hit them in the head disguised as a daiquiri on a yacht in Ibiza.

        I still remember that interview the Duchess of Rutland gave, where she “hoped” that her daughters would “have careers.” What a thing to hope for, in a day and age where women having careers is perfectly ordinary and expected, even necessary.

      • LAK says:

        MrsBump: Carole Middleton didn’t plant that narrative herself, their publicists did. Articles are still up.

        Despite the strides made by the royals to be one of us, it was still considered inconceivable to the public that they would stretch to a regular person for the heir.

        And playing the class card was part of the strategy to make her acceptable because middle class, working people were better than aristos who were branded indolent by virtue of their class and in desperate need on an injection of Middle class values.

        A: Irrespective of how they got those jobs, the fact remains that they work. A discussion about the nature of their work is a separate issue.

        In the case of Carole, that ‘doors to Manual’ taunt was about her class and not about the actual job. If it was about her job, then Diana who worked as a nanny, kindergarten teacher and cleaner would have been utterly declasse.

        Regarding the Duchess of Rutland, i’m surprised she said that given her own middle class background and her working life prior to marriage AND her taking charge of the family estate which she’s turned into a profitable enterprise.

      • notasugarhere says:

        A, those historic piles do not support themselves. Many aristocrats work, and work hard, to try to save the family inheritance. Land rich, money poor.

      • Wowsers says:

        So I see still no evidence at all Carol’s PR planted the story. Keep trying with your fanfic!

      • A says:

        @NOTA, you’ll forgive me if I don’t have a whole lot of sympathy for a privileged group of people who managed to inherit more land than most of us will ever dream of owning out of nothing but luck.

        @LAK, I think I should have been clearer, because I think maybe we’re both getting at the same point.

        No one in the aristo set is going to be doing the type of work that constitutes having a career in the same way that Carole Middleton did. It’s that particular sticking point that people are making fun of. Diana’s nannying stint was never her permanent career. She didn’t need one, considering she had money and her mother purchased an apartment for her 18th birthday, and she held down five different jobs in the two or so years before she married Charles. You’re right that this probably comes down to a class issue, but like I said, girls like Kitty Spencer, or Violet Manners, or Mary Charteris–they’re never going to be working as a flight attendant because they have to in order to pay the bills.

        Kate fits right in with them when it comes to having a spotty and questionable employment record, imo, as does Pippa. Trying to pass them off as middle class is pointless. Carole shouldn’t have bothered, and I think her trying to rewrite her life story in this way makes her seem rather insecure. Perhaps if she had just let it be, the aristos wouldn’t have been so snide about it.

        I don’t blame the Duchess of Rutland for saying what she said. I think her words were honest about the cultural norms among aristocrats. Personally, out of all the aristos I read up on, I like her and Lady Dalmeny the best.

    • Noddles says:

      Meghan was an actress and plenty of people she’s worked with, if not Meghan herself have staged/arranged paparazzi photos. Sure it’s a stupid thing to do but Meghan can’t really say much.

      • Veronica T says:

        I think she probably knew the pictures were staged, but what can she do?? Say, “Harry, dear, please ask the palace to NOT put out a statement about my father’s privacy, cause he is staging those pictures???” At what point does the palace say, “Oh, Lord, Harry!! What have you done?”
        I don’t blame Meghan for her trashy family, but she did some stuff like this, too, with the spooning bananas, and the bracelets, etc. They are all fame hungry, the whole bunch of them.
        And I just saw on the DM (I know) that her father isn’t coming to the wedding now cause he had a heart attack?? I actually feel really bad for him of all of them. He didn’t ask for this. Meghan did. And he is paying a price for it.

    • Rhys says:

      I don’t see her how father’s actions are surprising. Meghan is a social climber so why would her family wouldn’t be crafty as well? Personally, I salute Meghan for getting to where she is in life. I think people shouldn’t just rely on luck though in her case she clearly got very lucky. Not every hustling actress gets to marry a royal.
      However! Why wouldn’t other members of her family also be social climbers? Not everybody is the same, obviously, but we all share some similar traits with our family.

      • MrsBump says:

        Except that Meghan’s social climbing didn’t cause anyone harm.
        Her dad, brothers and sisters on the other hand are embarrassing her in front of the world for a quick buck. Doing this to your own flesh and blood is beyond pathetic.
        If they had a modicum of intelligence between them, they would have known that they would have benefited in the long run from Meghan’s connections, instead, they’ve burnt any possible bridges by being short sighted money grabbers.

      • LAK says:

        MrsBump: Intelligence is clearly lacking there.

      • Megan says:

        How broke are these people? They appear to be willing to do pretty much anything for a quick buck. Why not gush about how wonderful Meghan is and sell cute baby pics? Profiting from a relative like this is sleazy all the way around, but if you have to do it, do it in a way that can be forgiven down the road. Sheesh.

      • Rhys says:

        @MrsBump “If they had a modicum of intelligence between them, they would have known that they would have benefited in the long run from Meghan’s connections, instead, they’ve burnt any possible bridges by being short sighted money grabbers” – not the brightest bunch, for sure 🙂

      • Veronica T says:

        Mrs.Bump, how is her father making a few bucks from pap pictures of him doing innocuous things harming anyone. Harry is marrying an actress who played the PR game for over a decade. What you see with Meghan and her family is what you get.

      • Tina says:

        As if the royals never play the PR game. They invented the PR game.

      • Cberry says:

        “If they had a modicum of intelligence between them, they would have known that they would have benefited in the long run from Meghan’s connections, instead, they’ve burnt any possible bridges by being short sighted money grabbers”

        @MrsBump- Meghan is marrying into Harry’s family. He’s not marrying into her’s. This will always be the case with marrying royals, unless one were to abdicate their royal position and all it’s privileges and $.
        Meghan is more or less estranged from her father’s family. There’s no close relationships there. It’s only the wedding that’s bringing them into her life right now. Why would she bestow anything to them, connections or otherwise? And if she were to, the press and British public would be all over it. They obviously don’t expect anything from her, so they’re cashing in now on the only thing they have to sell, their familiar association with he, which will matter less and less after the wedding. They’ll still get press coverage, but everyone will see it’s just to sell some rags.
        It seems this is the way of our times. The whole Royal wedding is a cultural spectacle and business boom. Basically everyone’s cashing in so no one should be surprised that her estranged family would accept a lot of $ for their bs stories. If someone is willing to pay, there’s always’ someone that’ll sell.

    • Susannah says:

      I wonder if the BRF will ask him to give the money he “earned” to charity as a way of making recompense? He can say he’s sorry and to prove it he’ll give the money to one of the charities Meghan and Harry are asking for donations to in lieu of wedding gifts.

    • RoseMary says:

      The rumor is DM was outbid for the pictures, so they are making a scandal of it. Somebody paid more than DM was willing to pay.

      • A says:

        I’m still laughing at the absurdity of the DM “exposing” this scandal. As if they don’t have a hand in the exact sort of tabloid culture they’re so scandalized by right now. Please.

      • Leveson 2 is needed. This media companies are completely out of order.

      • PrincessK says:

        I totally agree the Daily Mail is going to pay for its wickedness! Yes Leveson 2 is required. DM has had a relentless anti Meghan campaign for months and months . The Markle family have been hounded, goaded, aided and abetted by the media . I heard that the photographer who set up the pictures is known to be one of the most unscrupulous paparazzi. Poor Mr Markle was trying to get one over the horrible media and I still believe he could come out of this. His decision to pull out of the wedding is wrong. Heaven knows how all this will end. I cannot imagine how Meghan must be feeling. So many people totally hate the Daily Mail and its gutter journalism, I say to the Daily Mail, …”A Plague on Your House!!”

    • imqrious2 says:

      Article (and just now on local news) Thomas Markle WILL NOT attend the wedding to avoid being an “embarrassment” to Meghan. Uhmm… horse, meet barn? A little too late, but, better than nothing.

      It would be nice if her mom walks WITH her (as opposed to “walking her”, semantics, but still… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ), or better still… she walks alone, like the strong, independent woman she is.

      • Becks says:

        I just saw this! Her fathers side of the family is a mess. Talk about a total shit show! I figure it’s best that her father doesn’t attend the wedding.

      • Veronica T says:

        And what will you all say if her mother gives an interview about how her poor daughter has suffered at the hands of the British press and people to Oprah?? What would you have said if Carole M had done that??
        That will be fun to see here!

      • Tina says:

        Doria has conducted herself elegantly and discreetly from the get-go. I can’t imagine her doing such a thing. (And I have little time for Carole Middleton, but she would never do such a thing either).

      • Carmen says:

        I have a feeling the BRF uninvited him and told him he wasn’t welcome.

  2. Digital Unicorn says:

    I’m a bit sad to see this – I tried to give him the benefit – but the half sister has now come out and said that its her fault as she put the dad up to it to try and counter the negative press that he was getting. Dunno if I believe her, am sure she was getting a cut of the money.

    • MCV says:

      I wish journalist woud stop giving that woman a platform to speak.

    • Charlie says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that the photographer worked with the DM to set him up for this last big weekend scoop. Of course the internet cafe had CCTV…

      • Tourmaline says:

        EXACTLY!!! I agree the photographer double crossed him too with it perfectly timed to be revealed one week before the wedding

      • I Get the feeling the press probably set him up to to get back at harry and also get the last scoop. Daily Mail Daily Mailing.

      • PrincessK says:

        Yes, the photographer who took the photos, is known as being totally ruthless as far as paparazzi go. And yes, we were always expecting DM to come out with a nasty story just before the wedding, could this be it, or should we brace ourselves for more?

    • notasugarhere says:

      Looks like the only person in her family she can trust is Doria.

      • NameChange says:

        The Markles may get a pass because they’re white; so I’m glad her mom is staying clean.

      • imqrious2 says:

        The two people you’re supposed to be able to trust with your life, your parents…and one of them sells you out for a few dollars. It is so beyond my scope, I truly have no words. How can he even face Meghan after doing this to her? I don’t care if he did it at her nutcase sister’s urging. He HAD to know how wrong it was on so many levels. He’s not a stupid man by all accounts. SMDH… my heart goes out to Meghan. This should be the happiest time of her life…

      • MissMarierose says:

        Which explains why she’s so close to her and not her father.

      • homeslice says:

        I honestly don’t even know why she included him. I think she felt pressure to conform to the norm, dad walks daughter. It seems from what we have learned, they are not that close. Personally, I think given the fact that she is a self supporting woman, she should just come down the aisle by herself. This giving away stuff is antiquated anyway,
        There is definitetly something not right about dad. Something mentally unbalanced perhaps? Me thinks he will have “handlers” at the wedding.

      • Susannah says:

        I wish they had just let Meghan have her Mom walk her down the aisle as she seemed to have preferred from the start. I know it’s unconventional but it’s pretty obvious Meghan made the right choice cutting the Markle’s out of her life or at least limiting contact, years before she met Prince Harry.

      • Whaaaaaaatttt? says:

        Wasn’t Meghan doing the same thing last year wearing the M&H necklace, going to yoga, when she was wearing Erdem, in Kensington going grocery shopping, buying flowers. Come on now!

      • CharlieCanada says:

        And don’t forget about all Pippa’s pap strolls in the years before she got married. Those were set up with the paps too. It’s no different than Thomas Markle. I don’t condemn him at all. Meghan probably approved them, or she wouldn’t have invited him to the wedding.

      • Veronica T says:

        And what if her mother gives Oprah an interview? You still going to give her a pass??

        Whaaaaaaattttttt?, don’t forget the spooning bananas and the Union Jack coat on her dog. Don’t ever forget the bananas. 🙂

      • Olenna says:

        I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the spillage from this latest Markle debacle doesn’t tarnish Doria’s image, and I still think she needs to get a restraining order.

        Regarding MM doing so-called pap strolls, what was she supposed to do? Try to please the naysayers by staying home, not shop for groceries, and not do the things she likes such as yoga or shop with her friends? Nothing she does or doesn’t do will ever change the minds of people who don’t like her.

        On another note…
        Wow, that Schadenfreude must be like Green Crack for some people.

      • PrincessK says:

        Can you imagine what DM would be doing if the Markles were black?

    • bluhare says:

      They are a shitshow. And she’s trying to make him look like a doddering old man who was taken advantage of by the media. He knew what he was doing; he posed for those photos. And whether she took all the money or not, they are the ones taking advantage. That entire family has no shame.

      • passerby says:

        Geez Veronica. Once you pick a talking point you really dig in. :/

        Personally I would have zero problem with Meghans’ mother doing an interview with Oprah, with Meghans’ blessings of course. Also, SO WHAT if Meghan did photos ops in regards to HER relationship! That’s quite normal in their (royals, celebrities etc) world. Not to mention silly things like the spooning bananas are posted alllll day by normal/non famous folks.

  3. MCV says:

    I said it in the other post. I KNEW IT.
    This is so embarrassing for her, what a mess of a family.

    • Nicole says:

      I said the same thing and people thought I was being mean. It was so obvious that it was staged.
      Meghan should’ve just stuck to inviting her mom and her aunt (I think) that she’s close to and call it a day. Poor thing.

      • Squirrelgirl says:

        I read somewhere that Meghan wanted her mom to walk her down the isle but someone over at the palace said no way. I think she was forced to invite her father at the end of the day.

      • Nicole says:

        If so that should tell her what she needs to know about the family she’s marrying into. I would never but godspeed to her. She’s going to need it

      • MCV says:

        No wonder she wanted her to be the one to walk her down the aisle.

      • Aurelia says:

        Camilla didn’t need anybody to walk her down the isle to chuck as an older second time around woman. . Don’t see why the soon to be 37 year old Meghan at her THIRD wedding needs her father to hold her hand if she isn’t that close to him anymore. Yes third, her first marriage to joeseph goldman gulliano was annulled).

      • passerby says:

        SECOND, it her SECOND wedding , Aurelia. But you already knew that.

        I see you edited your comment. Links to this supposed annulment, from a creditable source.

    • Clare says:

      Agree – this is so sad, and kind of gross that a father would do this. I don’t care that families of others have done the same. I’m talking about THIS instance and THIS bride-t0-be and HER family who have tried to capitalise on her marriage at every turn.

      It’s pathetic and I hope she keeps her distance from these losers moving forward.

    • KBB says:

      Wait, there were people who thought he was just caught reading a picture book about England? Lol of course they were staged.

      I don’t always read the Royal posts, but I am surprised anyone thought they were real. Why would he be getting measured for a tux OUTSIDE for any reason other than a photo op?! The Royal PR people had to know he was in on it when they saw those. I don’t understand why they put out that statement when he was so clearly a willing participant.

  4. Lahdidahbaby says:

    Oh shit. This is disturbing in so many ways that it makes me tired just thinking about it. I had really hoped Meghan’s father was a cut above the other Markles, but…newp. Just as tacky and shady as the rest.

    This story makes me feel all kinds of awful, but most of all I feel sad for Meghan. How mortifying for her, and at such a vulnerable time.

    • Alix says:

      ITA. Too bad her mother isn’t walking her down the aisle… none of her father’s side of the family should be anywhere near her, as they keep trying to make bank off her, regardless of the cost to her. She’s a cash cow to them, nothing more.

      • Lahdidahbaby says:

        Sure seems like it. So terribly sad.

      • minx says:

        I can sympathize with her, I had a frosty relationship with my father that thawed slightly before I got married. To keep the peace I let him walk me down the aisle, but only with my mother, too. I refused to have just him.

      • Sophia's side eye says:

        That was very kind of you, minx. Don’t know that I could’ve been so gracious!

      • Lahdidahbaby says:

        That was lovely of you, minx, and wonderful that by including him you didn’t feel forced to leave your mother out. I like that idea better anyway — for both parents to walk the bride down the aisle toward her new life partner — and it’s nicer symbolism anyway, than for one man to be handing the bride over to another man.

  5. RBC says:

    So is anyone really surprised that Meghan prefers to keep some distance between herself and her father’s family? What a shady bunch

    • Tonya says:

      Exactly RBC…exactly…but people will jump through ‘hoops’ to justify his treachery…

    • MissMarierose says:

      It really does explain a lot, doesn’t it? When you grow up in an environment where you know you can’t trust the very people you should be able to trust (i.e. family), it does a number on you.

      I feel so bad for her. There are apparently so many people in her life (“friends” and family) that she can’t trust. I hope she finds happiness with the RF.

      • Carrie1 says:

        Yep. I can’t wait for the buildup to this day to be over. Meghan and Harry can do a lot of good in the world. I’m looking forward to seeing them happy with focus on them and no in laws anymore.

    • morrigan01 says:

      Frankly, there were clues when Harry said the Royal Family were the family she’d never had, and then refused to take the statement back when the media (via Sam Markle) pitched a fit over it. And given how screwed up the Royal Family can sometimes be . . .

      Doria was seemingly right to get her baby girl out of this when she was 2 (and completely legally when she turned six). Her dad wasn’t at her first wedding, but her mom was. And I’m just counting down the minutes till Tom Jr. sends out yet another letter saying he should walk Meghan down the aisle. IMO, it should be her mom, who Meghan clearly wanted to be the one to do it in the first place. I’m betting the palace forced her to have her dad. Honestly, I think Meghan is maybe holding up very well at this news. She’s clearly known for years what her father and his side of the family have been about and what they are. It’s only us, the wider public, who are seeing it all know.

      • Carmen says:

        Why does a 36 year old woman need anyone to walk her down the aisle?

      • morrigan01 says:

        Carmen, she doesn’t. But I’d suspect the Royals are all traditional and stuff. Plus I’ve seen comments from former brides who said they appreciated the support when they walked down the aisle. So if she wants someone to support her and not walk by herself, then she should have it.

  6. Ayra. says:

    This has got to be the most dramatic road to a wedding I’ve ever seen. Jeez.

  7. Splinter says:

    I almost feel sorry for him. To think that he still has to meet the Queen and give his daughter away under such scrutinity, and now this has surfaced.
    But I have to give props to the tabloids, they managed to find the security videos, they were actually good at their job of being mean.

  8. Skylark says:

    It’s not a great look but the irony of the disgusting DM getting all in an outraged snit over a handful of entirely harmless, staged photos when they’ve been hounding and sneering at the poor man for the best part of a year.

    For Thomas Markle, this is embarrassment with a very very small ‘e’. He has a long way to go before he comes anywhere near the levels of embarrassment caused by a large number of members of the family his daughter’s marrying into.

    • LAK says:

      1. The DM is part of centuries’ tradition of tabloids behaving badly. The targets aren’t supposed to join in.

      2. When the media turn on MM as they will, this episode will be used against her.

      3. Markle senior just gave them ammo to use against her.

      Ask Fergie.

      • grizzled says:

        Fergie’s father was caught getting a happy-endings massage, as I recall. I hope the fuss over inviting paps is less detrimental to Meghan than a sex-scandal was for Fergie. But yeah, not good.

      • Skylark says:

        @LAK – re the DM’s history, so the eff what? Are you seriously trying to suggest that because of it, people should live in fear of their likely retribution? Good Lord.

        Anyone who considers something so benign as ammo for future negative ref/use is not worth a second’s thought.

        Only those who want this small glitch to matter will allow it to matter.

      • LAK says:

        Skylark: There is a way to manage it without living in fear.

        Poking the bear is not it.

        And this episode WILL be used in the future against MM.

        Not saying it’s right, but that’s how the tabloids operate. That’s how it’s worked for centuries.

      • Veronica T says:

        LAK, You are right. I don’t think many here are as old as I am. I am the age Diana would have been. I saw what the British press did to the “breath of fresh air,” and “delightful” Fergie. And SHE was one of them! Meghan is American, so it will be even worse.
        But hey, this is what she wanted. Sadly, it does come with the turf. She could have asked Chelsy Davy.

      • A says:

        @LAK, “the targets aren’t supposed to join in.” More like, the public shouldn’t know when the targets join in. All of this tabloid song and dance operates under a strict illusion. We know the RF utilizes the tabloids when necessary, sometimes to great effect.

    • notasugarhere says:

      I’ve like Markle senior to remove himself from the UK immediately, and Doria walk Meghan down the aisle.

      • milky says:

        Lol, the man who helped Meghan get to where she is today should be removed?!

      • notasugarhere says:

        If he was a good father to her when she was little, that doesn’t mean he’s responsible for where she is now. It seems pretty clear that for the last 15 years, she’s the one who has been responsible for the direction and success in her life.

      • milky says:

        I was talking more along the lines of Meghan’s good education and the embassy internship. It was reported that a Markle helped Meghan with his connections to get her the Argentinian internship role. She has always talked about it. Meghan praised her dad on her blog, on numerous interviews and articles, without being prompted to do so. I don’t think she was lying. It would be really odd if he was removed altogether and didn’t attend the wedding.

      • Olenna says:

        I agree, nota. I hope they escort his ass straight to the airport right after the wedding. There is no excuse for his behavior. He worked in one of the meanest, cutthroat industries in the US and should know how powerful the paps and tabloids are when it comes to public image and perception. If he had access to email or a even frakking burner phone, he could have contacted MM (or KP) and asked for advise on how to handle being stalked. But, if you notice, we haven’t seen any really recent pics of him except the ones he allegedly arranged, so where are the paps he was trying dodge? SMDH. Right now, I’m telling myself, “Let’s just get the f*ck on with the wedding ’cause if I hear or read one more thing about her effed up family, I’m not watching sh*t.”

      • Tonya says:

        Olenna, you took the words right ‘out of my mouth’.

        The viciousness evident in the half siblings radiates from the father. Thomas Sr. revealed his ‘true self’… Why did he take his photographer to Doria’s house???

      • Olenna says:

        Those flowers he personally delivered to Doria’s house? Now, that’s truly some ignorant sh*t right there. His dumbass stages his own pap shots in Mexico, then he (can one person be both Dumb and Dumber?) quickly stages another shoot in CA at Doria’s, stirring up more drama and dragging her into it with him. Tabloid-wise, I don’t think Meghan is ever going to be rid of these parasitic evil Markle clowns but Doria, being left here to fend for herself, needs to get a restraining order with every damn Markle (but Meghan) listed on it so that they can’t come within 500 feet of her or her house.

      • Lorelei says:

        Omg you just reminded me that supposedly both of Meghan’s parents are already in London. So he was THERE with Meghan, Harry and Doria when this was revealed? Jesus…I wonder how that went down.

      • Masamf says:

        it was confirmed that NONE of the parents were in London by end of Friday May 10th/2018. They will arrive this week. Im not sure if Mr. Markle will be arriving anywhere after this, but mom is expected to arrive week of the wedding.
        Personally I think this was a well planned plan but the tabloids to embarrass BOTH Harry and Meghan. Meghan is really not the target, Harry is, due to the ongoing contention with the British tabloids. The shady Markle family is just icing on the cake for the British tabloids. The DM reported that Markle Sr. had never been to that internet cafe, he had never met the guy that “measured” him for the “wedding suit”. So, why that particular cafe? Why that particular guy? The paparazzo came looking for Mr. Markle, (just an assumption) but why did this guy particularly come to him? How and why would mr. Markle trust a guy he didn’t know? Or did he know him before MM started dating Harry? So many unanswered questions. IMO, Mr. Markle was taking instructions from the paparazzo, who clearly already had a preconceived plan to double cross him and embarrass BOTH Meghan and Harry. However, having said all that, Mr. Markle should have known better. Meghan shouldn’t abandon her father just because he made one mistake, her like everybody else, is only human, humans error. And Im not sure how much protection and/or guidance this senior had had in terms of how to deal with these people. One day he was living a quiet life in Mexico, the next day he was being hounded by paparazzi and being made offers he couldn’t refuse, poor guy I feel for him. IMVHO, there needs to be ensured protection for this elderly guy, he can easily be taken advantage of, IMVHO.

      • Natalie S. says:

        I hate the Doria pictures. The manipulativeness and entitlement that the estranged brother and sister have is also clearly evident in Markle senior. What nerve to rope his ex-wife into his staged pictures. So creepy.

      • LAK says:

        Masamf: Are you saying this man who lived and worked in Hollywood all his life has no idea how paps and self-promotion work?!

        Do i have a bridge to sell you!!

      • morrigan01 says:

        @Olenna, thank you. Tom Sr. worked in Hollywood, and lived in LA. (He still has a condo there). How the paps and press and PR work here is no secret to anybody, especially if you work in the industry.

        The fact that he tried to rope Meghan’s mom into this with that staged flower delivery is something I could see Meghan and Harry (who clearly think’s Doria is amazing) neither of them really forgiving. Especially after the Daily Mail falsely reported she had given an interview to Oprah (something Oprah’s reps denied).

      • Marr says:

        Lucky that Doria wasn’t home at the time. Whether it’s the Markles, the tabloids or both that were behind this, seems to me like some people really don’t want to see Doria in any official capacity at the wedding. I wonder why lol.

    • Sherry says:

      I agree @Skylark – I think this is relatively harmless as “selling out” goes. He hasn’t sold stories to the tabloids about Meghan. He worked with a pap on some photographs of himself to make some quick cash. It’s not ideal for Meghan, but he wasn’t putting out dirt on his daughter.

      That said, after learning of this, the whole bringing flowers to Doria for Mother’s Day left a bad taste in my mouth. I wonder how much money he thought he’d make from those photos?

      Poor Meghan having to deal with this when I’m sure her stress level is already at maximum. I can’t wait for Saturday!

      • Tourmaline says:

        @Sherry – exactly: the dropping flowers off at Doria’s doorstep in LA as a “peace offering” (huh?) is cheesy AF and must be part of his whole pap photo scheme. If I was Doria I would be particularly pissed that he lured the paps to her doorstep for that! SMDH

      • Amelie says:

        Woah seriously he staged photos of him leaving flowers on the doorstep of his ex-wife for Mother’s Day? Omg! First of all 1) How cheesy 2) What exactly does he think he’s getting for these pictures (apart from money). If his older daughter (Meghan’s half-sister) really did advise him on staging photos to “make them look good” this only makes him look incredibly bad.

      • Lady D says:

        Well that explains the look on Doria’s face when she spotted the paps right after seeing the flowers. She looked pissed and perturbed about them being there. When do you suppose was the last time he gave her a Mother’s day gift, peace offering, or a gift of any kind? I bet she is furious with that whole family.

    • Chaine says:

      Right, other than the fact that he made money off the photos, they’re only embarrassing in the way that a high school kid might be embarrassed for their friends to see their schlubby old dad doing schlubby old dad stuff. If this is the worst scandal that he has going, Meghan is lucky. Look at the Duchess of York whose father had a prostitution scandal, or Pippa and her father-in-law with the rape allegations. Meghan should be lucky all her dad did was sell a cheesy photo of him looking at a picture of her and Harry in an internet cafe.

      • Canadian Becks says:

        You’d be really naive to think she or anyone in that circle would think of it as “lucky he only did that”.

        It’s a slippery slope. He’s openly been shown as having broken trust – any future leaks will have people looking at him first.

      • Masamf says:

        All this is starting to look and sound really suspicious to me. It really seems like this senior was taken advantage of ; it seems like he was taking instructions from someone telling him to do.

    • PrincessK says:

      Yes, what her father did is totally insignificant compared to things that have got into the press about the royals.

  9. Lindy says:

    As long as he doesn’t start tipping off the paps about Meghan and Harry I don’t see anything wrong with what he did. The paps were stalking him and he probably thought if they are going to take my picture I might as well make some money from this. As far as we know he didn’t sell out meghan by selling pictures of her or giving interviews about her like her step brother, sister and ex friend.

    • Canadian Becks says:

      Or….one could look at it as, at least the siblings were honest enough to own up to saying what they were saying, in public.

      If the cctv footage hadn’t aired, and basically put it beyond any shadow of doubt, might he have continued to lie to Meghan and Doria and professed his supposed ignorance of how those photos were obtained?

      Your justification of his motives are very ….generous.

    • LAK says:

      What Canadian Becks said.

      The general public was on his side about being ‘stalked’ by the paps. He had alot of public goodwill because of it.

      This revelation removes that because he is benefiting from the situation, and it turns out he isn’t being stalked because the media has only been printing the pictures he has been setting up.

      Not forgetting that KP put out a statement asking for the media/paps to respect his privacy.

      • milky says:

        I assume Harry and Meghan were doing the same thing with their pap photos? Obviously, not profiting from the sales, but Meghan hasn’t been stalked by the paparazzi – either here or in the US. Her pap pics were all pre-arranged, including the date night pics with Harry. Those pics weren’t spontaneous. I just wanted to clarify this because people keep saying Meghan was harassed by the paps. Harry made sure she wasn’t chased down the roads like Kate, Chelsy, etc. He let them take photos/publish the photos, but only when they had arranged it all beforehand…which is actually a good thing.

      • notasugarhere says:

        It appears he may have duped a lot of people, Harry and Meghan included.

      • LAK says:

        Milky: Exactly.

        Parts of a letter Harry / MM’s lawyers sent to the IPSO were leaked last year. It threatened consequences if MM was stalked or numerous *articles were written about her that generated more tabloid speculation. Worldwide, not just Britain. It’s still up online, but the website has become a pay-per-view.

        The result of that letter was a shutdown of such articles. Any and all pictures that we saw during the courtship were approved by the couple. Including Botswana.

        It’s the reason the relationship was conducted ‘lowkey’ ie there was an enforced embargo.

        Speaking of Botswana, did you know that their privacy law was reinforced because Harry asked them to? A reporter confirmed the impetus to the changed law because it was such a random change by a country that isn’t exactly overrun with paps.

        *the media changed tack by writing articles sourced from relatives which could be argued were generated by the relatives as opposed to the media.

      • milky says:

        Lak, thanks for the reply! I am guessing it was the same for their initial relationship leak. People still think somebody else leaked their relationship to the media! And also the little tidbits about their relationship that got out to the tabloids.. where they go, what they do, how they feel about one another, Diana’s diamond brooch, etc. As I see it, those stories weren’t all made up by the tabs.

      • LAK says:

        Milky: It never stops surprising me that people assume the royals wouldn’t or don’t work with the media to push their narratives. It’s not all official Palace statements. And it’s usually easy to spot the tells when it’s Palace generated.

      • Veronica T says:

        Harry, Kensington Palace and the Queen really seem to have a hard time learning one simple thing: never pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel – Mark Twain, I think. 🙂

    • Evie says:

      @Lindy: My reaction was the same as yours. As long as Thomas Markle keeps his lips zipped and doesn’t say anything about Meghan and Harry and sell photos of them, I see nothing wrong with him getting his own back from the tabloids. They have been stalking the man for the better part of a year. So if he wants to stage photos of himself at an Internet cafe and someone wants to pay for them, what’s the harm? What are the tabloids getting? Harmless photos of a senior citizen getting measured for a suit, walking with weights and sitting in an Internet cafe staring at a photo book of Great Britain. Stop the presses!

      • LAK says:

        It wasn’t just the internet cafe. Most of the pictures of him have been staged.

        The cafe is the one where he was caught.

        You don’t want to play with the UK media because they vicious in revenge.

        Ask Diana.

      • Erinn says:

        I’m on this side of things as well. If he starts selling actual stories about them, or something like that, I’ll change my tune. But right now, I think it’s hilarious that he’s getting paid for such basic photos of HIMSELF. They’re so desperate to keep churning out MM related stories that they’re printing absolute non-stories based on photos of her dad. Might as well cash in on that and bank it away.

      • Canadian Becks says:

        So the fact he’s offered only himself up as a commodity, so far, is a point in his favour?

        He hasn’t made it into the inner circle yet, maybe that’s why he’s commoditized the only thing he has.

        Once people have made the conscious choice to cross that line and do questionable things, usually the only thing they are truly sorry about is getting caught.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Evie, it’s not harmless. It might not be AS loathesome as what the half-siblings have been doing, but he used his daughter’s proximity to the BRF to make a profit for himself. He’s shown himself to be untrustworthy. Definitely not harmless as far as the palace is concerned.

    • CharlieCanada says:

      ITA, Lindy.

      • CharlieCanada says:

        ITA, Lindy. I see this as akin to the Pipster’s staged pap strolls. They’re harmless. As long as Markle doesn’t give interviews or childhood photos of Meghan to the press, what’s the harm in him making some money off some photos of himself getting ready for his trip to England? It’s just no big deal. Did the Fail throw a hissy fit like this over all Pippa’s staged pap strolls? No, they gobbled them up. What hypocrisy on the Fail’s part. And yes, go Pops!

  10. QueenB says:

    I am all for some harmless drama. We need another summer with mindless silly gossip like Taylor and Tom so selflessly provided.
    Bad for her and Harry but also funny how amateurish the whole thing was. Measuring the body outside, the weird angle of the monitor etc.

    Also Meghans family is shady but you know she is marrying into a genocidal family.

  11. Snowflake says:

    I don’t have a problem with him staging those pictures. I mean, all the photos in the celebrity stories are staged. He’s not sharing personal information about Meghan like Samantha. I think that’s her name. Or any of her other family members. I say go Pops.

    • Whatabout says:

      Same! Plus that’s a lot of money. I would tell my father to try and eek out a tear and he could probably get more!

      Also we all know the Middleton family did this before and after Kate’s marriage.

      • anika says:

        That her family got money for photos? Any proof? Yes Pippa loves a pap walk – but for money?

      • LAK says:

        Anika: Google all the Hello exclusives of Kate and the Middletons. Ditto Pippa.

        Pipoa’s wedding was definitely monetised, not just publicised. All those paps following her on honeymoon and the lead up to tue actual wedding.

      • Polly says:

        The difference is the Middleton’s weren’t (to my knowledge) complaining about the paparazzi and there were no appeals for their privacy issued by Kensington palace.

      • anika says:

        Some of Pippa’s from the honeymoon might be.
        But not the wedding – I think the medias got them free of charge – KP/Jason even sent a statement concerning Pippa‘s wedding on Kate, William, the kids and Harry. I really think Harry and William would have a problem with money from paps.

      • notasugarhere says:

        anika, the stories about the wedding were monetized, as in the Middletons got a huge discount in exchange for stories “getting out” about the enormous rental pavilion flown in from the Continent, etc.

        Polly, in one famous case the Middletons brought the pap a blanket and food while he was photographing Kate playing tennis. Photos published, William pitches a fit, only then did she file a complaint against the photographer.

        No wonder Niraj Tanna has a grudge against them.

      • LAK says:

        Polly: Actually they did intermittently. The paps were blamed for Kate’s lack of a job despite the middletons having a pap on speed dial. Their court case against him simply confirmed the relationship.

        Her jigsaw boss also confirmed that she cooperated with the paps. As did every nightclub / bar owner despite providing her with ways and exits / entrances that would allow her to avoid them.

        KP issued a statement on Kate’s 25th birthday asking for her privacy because that day was the height of media speculation that an engagement was coming and it had caused an upswing in the number of paps following her.

        I think William, specifically, was played where the paps chasing the Middletons was concerned. That court case was brought at his insistence and everyone speculated that the Middletons were extremely reluctant to bring it.

        Tina Brown, Diana’s biographer, went as far as saying that Kate suing the paps was William’s test.

        Anika: the wedding day pictures were free, but not the lead up or the honeymoon ones.

        Also, all those lovely details of the wedding eg the glass marquee etc were free publicity for the brands in exchange for discounted goods to the Middletons.

      • Wowsers says:

        Hah. A lot of wishful fanfic here. I’d love to see any evidence for these claims about the Middleton’s profit taking, getting discounts etc. there isn’t a shred (and no, an anonymous statement on a Royal forum from 2004 doesn’t count)

      • Wowsers says:

        “Also, all those lovely details of the wedding eg the glass marquee etc were free publicity for the brands in exchange for discounted goods to the Middletons.“


      • LAK says:

        Wowser: I used to post evidence of these things. It became wearing after awhile.

        I suggest you go find it yourself. We have the same tools and skills.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Yet another brand new poster on here claiming the Middletons are innocent as new fallen snow.

      • MrsBump says:

        The middletons did it better at least. I’m getting second hand embarrassment just looking at those cringey photos. a lot of people would try to benefit from royal connections but Mr Markle went at it with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer. Meghan is entering a notoriously classist, even racist family as a biracial, older,divorced, american bride. How dumb and greedy does her father have to be not to see that. I understand better now Harry’s comment about her growing up without much of a family around her. Apart from her mother, they are all vile. Thank god her black relatives are showing more class.
        Poor Meghan will have to walk down the aisle with that greedy fool, you can bet your last cent that this incident will be brought up again during the wedding whenever Mr Markle is shown on screen.

      • Lady D says:

        LAK, Nota, you have both been providing ‘proof’ for years. You have both been more than generous with your time, your patience and knowledge explaining how the royals work to us novices. You’ve both provided proof and pictures, of links, history of the family, jewels, clothing, castles, ancestors, fortunes, delicious royal gossip and info on the everyday workings of the Royal family. Neither of you have to prove a damn thing to anyone, anymore. As you said, LAK, people are capable of doing their own research.
        Okay, to be fair, I have gone to both of you for info rather than research it myself, but neither of you have ever steered me wrong, and I have the knowledge now to know to find answers, so thanks for that and all your info.

      • Masamf says:

        In terms of who got paid for what, neither is there concrete evidence that Mr. Markle was paid for these pictures, its all speculation. The DM is speculating that the pictures might have earned in the close vicinity of $100,000, but they have no proof for that or whether the paparazzo got all the money and just gave Mr. Markle a cut, so there’s that to consider too.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Lady D, that is very kind of you. LAK is the one who is so good at posting articles and she has a memory like an elephant! As she’s explained before, she was raised in a household where you have to take everything apart, look at sources and motivations, and back up your argument with proof.

        LAK’s done that time and time again on here. It is only the newest batch of posters who are now demanding, yes demanding, receipts in an attempt to what? Get her to stop? To decrease the credibility she’s built in this community for years?

        While most are not like this, I find it is the Kate Middleton fans that tend to be the main perpetrators in this. KM was an anomaly in recent married-ins. She was the only one without a career before marriage. She spent a decade doing nothing but vacationing and waiting, and has chosen a very slow start to being a working royal. Some of her fans spun the idea that that was ok, normal, etc. while ignoring the cases of Maxima, Letizia, Mathilde, etc.

        Now that Harry has chosen a woman who worked for a living, and one who has worked 5 x more than KM did during the lead-up to the wedding? Some KM fans are on the attack against Meghan Markle, as though working straight away in this royal role is a bad thing. IMO if MM inspires the rest of them to get off Their Royal Bums and get to work, more power to her.

      • Rhys says:

        @LAK says:
        “Actually they did intermittently. The paps were blamed for Kate’s lack of a job despite the middletons having a pap on speed dial.” – I will never understand WHY the Middletons just didn’t put her on the payroll at Party Pieces. It would have been the absolute ideal and respectable solution to the “lazy Kate” problem. Why they haven’t done that is a mystery.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Rhys they pretended to. They said she was the photographer, except all the photos were credited to the real PP photographer, Millie. That’s the one who got the gig photographing W&K’s wedding reception and gave a sanctioned interview afterwards spilling the details about the loving couple. Nice way of paying her off for her silence about being the real PP photographer, setting up a new career as a wedding photographer?

      • Polly says:

        Thanks for the links LAK, and notasugar I enjoyed the anecdote. The Midds are opportunists for sure, but for some reason I still like them. I guess they’re just better at playing the game than MM’s father.

      • Tina says:

        You like them because they’re good-looking. We all like people better who are good-looking. There is no other explanation for Kate, who has no other redeeming features.

        And I have such sympathy for Meghan’s father, because he physically looks like my own darling Dad, and I will punch anyone who says or thinks that I am embarrassed by him in any way. I was absolutely honoured to be walked down the aisle by him, and I hope he knows that, and I will tell him so at the first possible opportunity.

        I feel so sorry for Meghan, and her father, and everyone involved except the opportunist siblings who can rot, as far as I am concerned.

      • Merritt says:


        Then why did the CEO of Starlight say that the organization had meetings with Kate and Party Pieces? He has no reason to lie for her.

      • PrincessK says:

        The Middleton family have made more money from RF connections than the Markle family ever will.

      • PrincessK says:

        The Middleton’s have the advantage of being British wealthy middle class and well connected, so you cannot compare them to the Markles and the ugly messy way they have gone about trying to make a bit of money. The Middleton’s know how to play the game without getting dirty, but I know the Palace didn’t like the way they were courting publicity for their own benefit.

    • LV487 says:

      @LAK… I used to post evidence of these things. It became wearing after awhile.
      I suggest you go find it yourself. We have the same tools and skills.

      So you throw a statement out referring to it as fact, but you want others who question you on those facts to simply look it up themselves. A sure sign those aren’t facts but instead opinions, and we all got ’em.

      • LAK says:

        LV487: I’ve been posting proof for years. And or i provide enough clues in my comments so that people can search for it themselves.

        I’m not foolproof, and i have been corrected on a number of occasions which is perfectly fine.

        What is not fine is for people to demand it and for their supporters to abuse me because i’m exhausted at being asked to give proof of the same thing. Again.

      • Tonya says:

        Lak, I read your many posts for a long time. You have always been a source of reliable information ( & whenever you made a mistake – you apologized)… I respect you because you are unbiased & write ‘facts’.

        I recently started posting & I’ve noticed that even after I present facts with proof (links) people choose to ignore or distort the FACTs…

        Thank you for your input!

      • LV487 says:

        @LAK What is not fine is for people to demand it and for their supporters to abuse me because i’m exhausted at being asked to give proof of the same thing. Again.

        You’re extremely thoughtful to link as many articles as you can, you just linked two to Polly. Wowsers was not demanding, simply asking for verification of the statement you made about the Middleton’s.

      • notasugarhere says:

        You may read it as asking, I perceive it as demanding in an argumentative fashion.

      • LV487 says:

        You need to re-read Wowsers post, it was not demanding, accusatory, argumentative or shrill. It was a request, nothing more.

      • notasugarhere says:

        I repeat, to me it was a demand clearly with a certain intent. An intent that is obvious all over these threads.

      • LAK says:

        LV487: Wowser called us (me included) fanfiction writers in the post right above that one and then demanded evidence.

        They went as far as implying that we might be using sources from a blog written in 2004. Doesn’t say which blog, but their contempt of whichever blog they imagine we might use as source material comes through loud and clear.

        In my world, if i want someone to provide me with evidence, namecalling, demanding and accusatory is not where i’d start.

      • Maria says:

        Both LAK and Nota are always well informed. I always learn something new from them. Never boring.

  12. Jussie says:

    The problem here is that a big fuss was made about her family’s privacy, and the paps were admonished for intruding on her father.

    If he was just getting paid for the pictures it would of course be tacky, but as you say, the kind of tacky that’s extremely common among the royals and the in-laws. The reason the DM actually investigated this rather than just throwing in a few snarky comments is the way it was presented, like the press were a hideous burden on him rather than the one’s writing him cheques. Money hungry fame-whoring would be mostly ignored, but an outlet like the DM was always going to jump on blatant hypocrisy.

    • Keepitreal says:

      ITA! One can always rely on family to eff things up! Was it so hard for him to just get himself organized, get a nice suit and a haircut and show up…I guess it was. Now ready he claims that he won’t be going because he had a heart attack?!

  13. C. Remm says:

    I hope they tell him to stay at home, because if he comes and walks her down the aisle, this will all get worse. I feel very sorry for her.

    That was the political correct answer and the political incorrect answer is:

    I could wring his neck! What an idiot! B*s***d!

    • MCV says:

      The palace announced he’s going to walk her down the aisle so I don’t think changing that now is a good look, also, you don’t know how would he react. Better to keep him close and happy.

      • Carmen says:

        He annnnounced this afternoon that he is not coming and gave poor health as an excuse.

    • loislane says:

      I think he is coming. Mr Markle not being there would be worse: who will replace him? No matter who does that fact will upstage everything else.
      Better have him there and Let peeps talk about what he did then focus on the wedding rather than not having him and make people speculate. It would just blow things out of proportion.

    • Keepitreal says:

      ITA! One can always rely on family to eff things up! Was it so hard for him to just get himself organized, get a nice suit and a haircut and show up…I guess it was. Now according to some reports, he claims that he won’t be going because he had a heart attack?!

      • mela says:

        he sounds like a total loser. That heart attack story is total BS. My father has had a heart attack and he was hospital bound for a month. I had to help him urinate at night even. he couldn’t get up to pee even.

        I will tell you that he would NOT Have been able to carry that large flower pot he put in front of Doria’s house either two days after a heart attack.

        He is a manipulative loser. I hope Harry stands by Megan

  14. Tan says:

    Interesting family dynamics
    The half sibilings haven’t gotten over their father choosing another woman and the daughtee becoming so successful ans famous ( compared to them atleast)

    As for her dad, Meghan got those hustling skills from somewhere

    Anyway 2 months after the wedding no body will remember any of it.

  15. Christine says:

    Well I thought the photos were photoshopped when I saw them so it’s no surprise at all. Is the dad just not that sophisticated to know how it would look or is he shady but quieter than his kids? I’m sure the palace has many staged photos planned for him next week so it will all go away.

  16. Purplehazeforever says:

    I just watched the coverage on the today show & while they are waiting for comment from both Thomas Markle & Kensington Palace, it is believed the Royal family will blame the paparazzi, not Thomas Markle. He had good intentions here..he most likely was trying to manage the interest in him and it was awkward. Did he sell photos of Meghan to the press? No. Grant interviews to the press? No. Give the guy a break. It was clumsy. And foolish but there was no ill intent here.

    • Maum says:

      Are you serious? From a British perspective, there is no interest at him at all. Not from the general public anyway.
      No-one even knows (or knew) what he looks like and no-one cares about his pre-wedding routine.
      Did you notice the press stalking Michael Middleton when Kate got married? and thanks to his wife and daughters it’s not like he wasn’t known to the general public.

      This wasn’t clumsy and foolish, it was attention-seeking and totally embarrassing for his daugher.
      Talk about allowing her to enjoy the runup to her wedding. She must be sitting in her room tearing her hair out.

      • Purplehazeforever says:

        I doubt she’s tearing her hair out..
        It’s embarrassing yes but staging photos is not the same as what as her half sister or half brother have done. He hasn’t sold any photos of Meghan or stories of Meghan to the press…he stages photos of himself… himself…looking at a book, looking at articles of Prince Harry & his daughter & getting fitted for the wedding. There were so many articles circulating he wasn’t even invited because the Markle side was so shady…maybe this was done in response to that…who knows. Was it a bad idea? Yes. But just because you’re ready to throw the book at him doesn’t mean I will.

      • Tonya says:


      • Tonya says:

        Purplehaze, he travelled to CA with his photographer in tow to purchase flowers & a card & then place them on Doria’s porch…The same porch Doria was later photographed collecting the card & looking at the flowers…

        What he did involving himself is on him…to involve Doria in the drama…conniving…

        Thomas Sr. (along with Thomas Jr., Vonnie, Thomas’ sons & ex-wife, let’s just say-> most of the Markles) are vile people…

      • Masamf says:

        It is bad bad bad, it is bad. If it was me, this wedding would be ruined for me, period. But I still think the guy was taken advantage of, I still have tons of questions with no answers. Meghan must be beside herself!!!

    • Canadian Becks says:

      How revisionist are some people ….we’ve gone from “No, the photos are not staged- he wouldn’t do that to her” to this.

      How would you know whether there is or is not ill intent.

      The siblings did what they did out in the open, and he did what he did undercover. If this had not been exposed, how much more would he have agreed to do? Maybe he even already had deals hammered out such that he would provide whatever he could safely get away with.

      It’s better to have your enemies show themselves than have a unknown viper in the nest.

      • LAK says:

        It’s the same way goalposts kept moving as the relationship progressed.

      • Lindy says:

        His her father not her enemy he didn’t sell her out he set up staged pics of himself not her, I’m sure he regrets the embarrassment he has caused her. I do wonder if she has much of a relationship with her father since the advice to dad on how to handle the paps came from the step sister.

      • notasugarhere says:

        He’s made a really stupid move, including if he lied to his daughter and future in-laws about it.

      • Tonya says:

        Canadian Becks & Lak. I agree 100%…reading the comments …I continually shake my head how that “goal post keeps moving”…

        The Markles (Tom Sr, Tom Jr & Vonnie) are all opportunists… & people wonder why Meghan ‘cut out & off many of them’ … Vonnie’s response to this ‘set up’ (that she finally revealed she ‘set up’) has flip flopped so much…smh

        Relatives that LOVE you don’t abuse you…

        THANK GOD FOR DORIA!!!!!

      • Nicole says:

        LAK SPOT ON.

      • Nic919 says:

        Part of the issue is that he didn’t tell Meghan what he did so KP looked foolish issuing letters to leave him alone. But it’s not like the royals don’t use the paps for their own purposes when they want to. They just want to control when they use them. When they don’t want pictures shown they launch lawsuits.

      • Purplehazeforever says:

        The goalposts don’t keep moving…I don’t jump to conclusions without knowing the facts and try to give people the benefit of doubt. I barely comment on these posts and the ones I have was to point out was Meghan did have a relationship with her father, she stated in interviews so I wasn’t sure why so many people on this site assumed he wasn’t invited to the wedding. Did you ever think he staged the photos in response to that? Rather than give an interview, he chose to stage photos to show he was invited? Yes, it’s embarrassing but they are photos of himself. He only makes himself look foolish. He’s not telling stories about Meghan.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Lindy if he is the type of person who would regret the embarrassment this caused Meghan, he wouldn’t have done it in the first place.

      • KBB says:

        @Purplehaze I would give him the benefit of the doubt if he hadn’t involved Doria. He dragged paparazzi to her front porch. Maybe it started as him trying to manage the paparazzi or let people know he was invited, but somewhere along the way he got a taste for fame and money and ended up dragging Doria into it and humiliating Meghan. I don’t think he is mean-spirited like his other kids, but he is certainly as selfish and self-serving.

    • Shannon says:

      Right? I’m failing to see the big deal here. As someone who just yesterday watched as her 74-year-old father struggle for 20 minutes just to get from the car to the door of a restaurant, maybe 10 feet, I find this sad. I don’t know his condition health-wise or their relationship, but this all sounds rather innocent to me. He didn’t talk about her or sell pictures of her, he let someone take some pictures of him doing random, innocuous things which is his right, and he probably wanted to stop being hounded. No apparently he’s no longer going to the wedding and has just suffered a heart attack? Her half-siblings are awful, but for now I am going to cut this guy a break.

  17. E says:

    The whole family, apart from the Mother, is an embarrassment. You would expect better from your own father and it makes a mockery of his own daughter- who’s going to have a hard time in the Royal Family regardless. If I were Meghan, I would disinvite him from the wedding entirely.

    • Jayna says:

      This. At the very least, he would not be walking me down the aisle. I have a feeling she won’t disinvite him because then that will become a big story on her wedding day, that he’s not there. But I I would certainly not have him walking me down the aisle if he were my father. He betrayed Meghan.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Jayna, I feel the same way. I don’t care if the announcement has already been made, I would not want my father walking me down the aisle days after pulling this BS. He used his daughter to make $$ for himself and that is unforgivable. They could easily just have Doria walk her down the aisle, or she could walk down herself. If the palace is insisting on something more “traditional,” then freaking William can do it. But I would be nauseated at the sight of my father right now if I were Meghan, and this week should be a fun and exciting one for her, not upsetting.

      • Keepitreal says:

        Exactly! He waits till the week before to pull this mess?!

  18. Laura says:

    Point out Pippa but conveniently ignore Meghan and her yoga (and merching) pap walks or her buying flowers in Kensington pap walk…

    • anika says:

      Hah this.. But I’m okay with both. Just don’t cry privacy – and please hire some PR people to do the hustling for you.

      • milky says:

        ^ This! I think it’s fine that Meghan did her pap walks, but I didn’t like the hypocrisy. They were crying privacy whilst she was out doing her pap walks lol.

    • CharlieCanada says:

      I agree 100%. Do all the pap strolls and setups you want, but don’t cry privacy, and don’t have KP cry privacy. That is hypocrisy, just as bad as the Fail’s hypocrisy in calling out Markle Sr. for his pap setups, but gobbling up Pippa and Meghan’s.

    • passerby says:

      I’ m just guessing here, but perhaps Pippa was pointed out because SHE is a *family member* of someone marrying into the royal family. Kinda like Meghans’ father and half siblings… Meghan is the one actually getting married, so maybe it’s ok for her to do pap walks. It is HER relationship.

    • PrincessK says:

      What is all this about Meghan’s pap walks? She was doing yoga in Canada and shopping in High St. Ken lots of times before she was papped. She was just doing her normal routine, not staged at all.

  19. Maum says:

    That side of the family makes the Middleton look discreet and dignified… 🙂

    Actually saying that they have been a lot more discreet, haven’t they? I wonder if they got bored of the attention or got told off.

    If the latter I feel super sorry for Meghan- imagine the pressure on her.

    • LAK says:

      The Middletons toned it down once George was born.

      Ramped it up again for Pippa’s wedding and honeymoon.

    • Nic919 says:

      Pippa still gets “found” by the paps on a weekly basis, especially since she announced her pregnancy. And her honeymoon and post honeymoon activities were constantly tracked by them as well.

      The only one who is actually discreet is Mike, because he managed to see his new grandson without a DM photo showing up. The rest of them still get “papped” fairly often.

  20. Lucy says:

    I mean, at least he’s not purposely and blatantly trying to damage Meghan or stop the wedding, like her half-siblings.

  21. blue says:

    As others may see it as shady but to me, it was a very calculated and smart moves on his part. He was giving the British tabloids what they want but he controlled the narrative. The dad was like, well you want pictures of me so I’m giving you pictures and pay me for those.
    Serve them right for digging and publishing negative stories about Meghan Markle. Leave the woman alone, no one deserves to be treated that way.

    • Maum says:

      Well he staged pictures in an internet cafe… when was the last time anyone set foot in an internet cafe- and to look at pictures of his own daughter.


      • Shannon says:

        Doesn’t he live in Mexico? It’s been a few years, but the last time I was there internet cafes were extremely common.

    • Jayna says:

      Smart move? LOL The guy is shady as the day is long and not terribly smart. They were so obviously set up that he has been found out and humiliated his daughter a week before his big day. You’re right. She doesn’t deserve to be treated that way — by her father.

      • blue says:

        I said he’s smart as in he controlled how he want the pictures to look, the narrative. I do think anyone will be doing the same things if you’re being hounded for that “one” picture. Might as well give it to them but on your own term. It’s a differences story if he’s selling out information about his daughter, this is just pictures.

  22. Lexter says:

    Haha! I think it’s hilarious and would high 5 anyone in my family if they did this to me. It’s endearing and sweet while being such a funny move

    • Shannon says:

      Riiight? I could see myself now on the phone with my dad like, “Yeah, daddy, get that cash!” I mean, seriously, it’s pictures of HIM doing nothing at all embarrassing. If you don’t get control over who takes pictures of you, what DO you get control over? I cannot see how this is such a big deal. Although, to be fair, I’d probably make a terrible royal LOL

    • PrincessK says:

      I agree her father was trying to take control of his own images, but I would like to know who introduced him to the very well known, and described as ‘ruthless’, paparazzi photographer who took the pictures.

  23. Lila says:

    I have to say if Thomas Markle was my father, he would be disinvited to the wedding for the fake photo scam. How embarrassing was that?

  24. Guest says:

    Her father’s sht for doing this. I wonder if she originally didn’t want her father there but was forced to change her mind. Oh well now people see who he really is. Hopefully she won’t be forced to invite him to anything else ie christenings.

  25. Marnie says:

    Meghan also had those “candid” Yoga pap walks, I don’t think she would really be that upset about this. At the end of the day, most people in the public eye do that. The embarrassing thing is that he got caught, but that doesn’t make him any worse than anyone else.

  26. Maria says:

    I think this has been blown way out of proportion. What’s so harmful about what he did? A few harmless pap pics. He is miles above his older children by far. They are busy writing letters, giving interviews, and complaining. And I’m thinking maybe he needs the money. I’m still wiling to give him the benefit of the doubt.

    • LAK says:

      Given that the royals cut off anyone who leaks no matter how innocuous the leak, do you think this man is going to be welcomed in the future?

      It’s too late to disinvite him, but in the long-term?

      • notasugarhere says:

        I think long term, he’s made his bed. We still don’t have the full story here, but what we have doesn’t look good. Even if he was doing this to get them off his back, he chose to do it. If in future he went the route of the half-siblings, selling stories about being denied access to his grandkids, etc.? He’d more likely be cut off completely, not placated.

        That’d be an incredibly tough road for H+M to walk, but sometimes you have to cut people out of your life completely for the sake of your sanity. The tabloids would keep running to him, paying him, and publishing. If he takes the bait, it will be after it was made clear to him (from H+M) that they’ll never change their minds. Along the lines of Prince Philip and Fergie.

      • Tourmaline says:

        I think Meghan was ALREADY highly wary of her father before this was revealed. It speaks volumes that he is not meeting Harry until right before the wedding. They’ve been engaged for six months.

      • Masamf says:

        Its not too late to disinvite him or for him to disinvite himself. He did something stupid so he, like everybody else has to face some consequences. He should self disinvite.

      • PrincessK says:

        Yes, I was wondering why they left it so late for him to meet Harry? This could be part of the problem. There should have been some authorised pictures of him and Harry and Meghan weeks before.

  27. thaisajs says:

    Poor Meghan. It’s not like the Windsors are especially smart or without drama but man, this is next level.

  28. ickythump says:

    I think Harry will be really annoyed at this stupid stunt cos he hates the tabloids…..the issue would be one of trust….if the guy is willing to work with the paps to take some stupid-ass pictures before his daughter is even a member of the BRF (especially when Harry has asked the press to leave her family alone) what else will he do further down the line? Harry guards his privacy so much he doesn’t need someone coming into the family who might sell out a few secrets if he needs the dosh, even if its just where they are going on holiday. I’m sure he’s blotted his copy book big time with Harry by doing this and Meghan will be embarrassed and possibly annoyed too. He wont be entering the inner circle any time soon – ” I think hel be on the first plane back to the USA after the wedding is over.

    • Maum says:

      Exactly- the issue is courting the press. That’s the problem.

      Anything can be forgiven. But staging one’s own private pap photoshoot? Big no no.

      And the fact that he feels he’s ‘worthy’ of that photoshoot? Also big no no.

    • Masamf says:

      In a way, if he doesn’t attend the wedding, this was a bullet dodged. I still think he was set up, but again he should have known better. If he was set up, it means he is very gullible and if he is that gullible, imagine how much he would have spilled post wedding. Stay in Mexico and thats the end of the story.

  29. Natalie S. says:

    Meghan might need that two month honeymoon in Africa after all this.

  30. Luisa says:

    Good god. I feel sorry for Meghan, how embarrassing for her. And he’s supposed to walk her down the aisle. Tough situation to be in. This will be used against her and that’s not fair. Of course it was not a good move for H&M to pick a fight with the tabloids. Kind of naive on Harry’s part.

    Anybody think this was always going to be the real story all along? Say if the paparazzo was connected to the DM in some way, make a “deal” with Mr Markle, but make sure to set it up where it can be caught on cctv, and then “uncover” it in an “investigation”? Bigger, more humiliating story.

    • Canadian Becks says:

      Then Thomas is either very naive, very stupid, or very greedy.

      Once he made the choice to get into bed with any pap, he started on a very, very slippery slope, with only one direction to go.

      He has put so much power into that guy’s hands. Future arm-twisting, coercion, black-mail, even covertly-firmed undercover set-ups, a la Sarah Ferguson.

    • imqrious2 says:

      Wouldn’t surprise me at all, from that racist rag. Just another dog-whistle for feeding the hatred.

  31. LoriLogan says:

    It’s not too late to disinvite him! Please, please, please don’t let him into the heart of your big day. I imagine he’d have a micro camera or some way to film inside the ceremony and sell it. Poor Meg.

  32. Tess says:

    Goodness gracious, I feel bad for her, then I remember she cut them out of her life for a reason. Good on ya Megan and keep it up, keep refining your picker and keep toxicity and stress out of your life. Unfortunately you can’t cut the RF out of your life and they are equally toxic so best wishes with that.

  33. Suze says:

    People will extend a lot of sympathy to Meghan herself, provided she reacts with dignity in public. As she has up to this point, which is good for her. Hopefully she can enjoy her wedding and ignore the noise. Give dad a beer and send him to a corner for the night.

    She has a long public road in front of her. This nonsense will recede like everything else.

    The bigger warning to Meghan’s family and to Harry is that the DM has deep pockets and lots of contacts. I wouldn’t go to war with them or get into bed with them. You will eventually lose.

    • PrincessK says:

      I still believe that DM will eventually get coming to it what it deserves, a lot of people think DM has crossed the line in spreading hate too many times. DM thinks because its rolling in money that it cannot be touched…think again….

  34. Magdalene says:

    I remember when people were shading Meghan that it’s awful she is only close to her mother and not any other member of her family so she must be awful. So now we know why she has kept them at arm’s length.
    I am also happy it’s not her black family acting up, the media especially Daily mail would have said this is why Harry is wrong marrying a biracial. For all the “Straight outta Compton” headlines from DM as a shade for her mother being black and it turns out its the white side of family that ghetto, go figure.

    • Tonya says:

      White Privilege keeps the Markles in the ‘spotlight’ even after they continue to do & say things that discredit them… It’s not new nor surprising to me…

    • MissMarierose says:

      oh my gosh! Can you imagine the reaction the press would have if it were her mother’s side of the family acting up? I cringed just thinking about it.

  35. A says:

    It’s not as if royals don’t stage photo ops all the time. Not for money obviously, but certainly to control their own narrative. Remember Diana going to visit her friends who had been sources for Andrew Morton’s book and she was photographed hugging them? Or the Queen stepping out for dinner with Princess Alexandra and Princess Anne? Or the years Katie Keen spent calling the paps? Mr. Markle just had the tough luck of getting caught. There are no loyalties in tabloid journalism. The DM smelled blood and pounced.

  36. aquarius64 says:

    I bet Kensington Palace and the Queen will demand that Tom Sr publicly apologizes himself and not hide behind his kids. He risks an ugly public reception when he arrives to the UK and this won’t die down until he does. If he backs out of the wedding without saying a word it makes him more spineless.

    • imqrious2 says:

      The Queen can “demand” all she wants, but as he’s an American citizen, he doesn’t have to do squat. IF he wants to stay in his daughter’s life, THEN he may, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. And even if he does, it’s DONE… the damage is done. How much do you think they will trust him with anything, anytime, once this breach came out? How will they ever be sure he won’t call the paps again, perhaps when visiting a grandchild?

      Nah… I don’t see him being a figure in her life much at all after this wedding. This is a one and done. Once trust is breeched like this, how can you trust them not to do it again?

    • SheBug says:

      I think the Queen wants to stay as far away from Meghan’s family squabbles as possible. I think this is messier than anyone thought it would be going in.

  37. Mela says:

    How embarrassing. He totally sold out his daughter to make money off some pap pics. So obviously staged..not to mention he is a complete slob

    I wonder how Harry feels with the Markle’s airing their dirty laundry out. I’m sure its getting to him as well and has to make him look at Megan a little differently..sad for her, The Markles seem hell bent on ruining this for her and that includes her loser dad selling pap pics

    • harla says:

      I don’t think it’s making him look at her differently at all, why should it? I think if anything it’s making him more protective of her and glad that he will be able to “give” her a better family environment.

      • Carrie1 says:

        Yep. Harry is a decent man and I’ve noticed how respectful he is with women he cares about or women generally.

        This isn’t Meghan’s fault.

        I feel sorry for her father a bit. But mostly for Meghan. I sincerely hope she enjoys her wedding day.

    • Jayna says:

      I think it makes him more protective of Meghan if anything, not look at her differently. He loves her for the person she is.

      I imagine he is furious at his future father-in-law and what he has put his daughter through, using her for her celebrity and upcoming marriage, instead of being a protective father worrying about her because of his two trashy older children selling continual stories to gossip mags and sites. A father is supposed to love and protect his daughter, no matter the age, not pull stunts for money . Furious is the word I would use in Harry’s state of mind and he embarrassed Harry as well because he was complaining about the media’s treatment of her parents. And Harry will now never look at her father the same as far as having any kind of decent relationship.

    • mela says:

      I mean, they are in too deep to cancel the wedding but I don’t know ….it doesn’t reflect well on Harry and his family.

      Megan comes from a total trashy family, there’s no denying that.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Mela what are you talking about? How on earth does this reflect poorly on Harry and his family? It doesn’t even reflect poorly on Meghan — the only people who look bad are her father and her half-siblings who are pulling this crap. They are clearly disgusting people but that has nothing to do with Meghan.

        Cancel the wedding? Are you kidding? Harry and Meghan love each other and all this will do is make Harry very wary of his FIL and more protective of Meghan.

      • Tonya says:

        Thank you Lorelei…I’m usually ambivalent about most matters but on this I’m supporting Meghan 100%…

      • mela says:

        I think it puts a lot of pressure on Harry in regards to his choice in a wife…not saying it’s right..

        I like Megan but I think if I was in Harry’s position, and my future husband’s family is behaving like this- I’d really be wondering if this is a family I’d want to merge with and it’s not the most becoming behavior from inlaws – the fighting, the fake pics, the drama…

        I think her family is a huge embarrassment to her and her boyfriend

      • morrigan01 says:

        mela, Stop. Harry clearly already knew about Meghan’s family situation when he said – *publicly* – that the Royal Family was the family Meghan never had. And then he refused to walk that statement back when the press (via Sam Markle) threw a fit over it.

        He clearly knew what was up with her family, and none of this is likely all that surprising to him. In fact, it makes it more clear why he never met her father in the two years they’ve been together AND that Doria was the only family member invited to the closing ceremony of the Invictus Games.

        Harry isn’t blindsided by her family’s trashy antics. He clearly knew what was up before he “chose” Meghan, And he “chose” her anyway.

      • mela says:

        I don’t mean it in that is right…it’s that is reality and her Dad is totally screwing her over, embarrassing her in front of her future in laws and the world.

        I think she or a close associate gave some legitimate quotes to US Weekly.

        I think it’s becoming clear she has not been close to her father for these very reasons and he often makes poor decisions that are not in her favor.

        Hopefully she just cuts him out of her life forever after this. How can she ever trust her father again after he pulled such a stupid stunt the week of her wedding? People like her siblings and father you keep far away from what is important to you because they will destroy it

      • morrigan01 says:

        mela, I will agree with this. I think that Meghan probably loves her dad, and has likely helped him, but is also quite aware of the type of person he is. But, unlike her half-siblings who she didn’t grow up with and therefor had no emotional attachment to and so it was easy to cut their toxicity out of her life, she probably didn’t want to do that with her dad. Even know, I think she would find a way to forgive him for this stuff.

        However, I don’t see Harry or the RF being that way about it. And she’s going to have to bite the bullet and cut ties now. The man went and talked to TMZ before informing his daughter about this. He can’t be trusted or given any real access to anything. He’s unreliable. Maybe she can visit him sometimes, but he will never be welcomed to visit her anymore, not at any official way at at least.

      • Masamf says:

        @Mela, are we talking about Harry who played naked biliary in Vegas? Are we talking about Harry ‘ family aka his father, the wealthy PoW who resold presents (gifted to him) on the black market? Are we talking about Harry whose uncle still was involved and accused of pedophilia? Is this the Harry that should cancel the wedding to Meghan because of her “horrible” father (according to you) because he staged pictures of himself?

    • PrincessK says:

      I am sure Harry will be more upset with the media than with the foolish Markles. The gutter media are to blame for all of this.

  38. Canadian Becks says:

    The younger William was known for being highly suspicious- even planting false stories amongst his acquaintances to oust any potential leakers amongst his circle.

    Presumably Kate passed every test, but even she had some close calls with that Boxing Day tennis shot by Tanna. She was basically forced to sue Tanna as a sign of her trustworthiness. She’s lucky that did not blow up in her face.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Perhaps Mummy Carole placated him with cheese on toast and another freebie trip to Mustique.

      • Maria says:

        @Nota, LOL. Mama Carole to the rescue! Some people would say the Middletons are the most dysfunctional of all. You asked about Mike upthread? Maybe he is running PP on his own. There is a rumour that he and Carole are leading separate lives. Don’t know whether that’s true.

  39. duchesschicana says:

    How do we know he didnt run those pap pictures by Meghan and Harry how do we not know they are ok with this? london is quite expenive even if they apy for his hotel and flight.

    hmmm honestly would you all be doing the same thing if were in his situation?Hw. is alder and can be tacen advabtage of , You cant say you wouldnt be tempted even a little. That is a lot of money to be tempted by and they were just internet cafe pics. Though if it was really staged, I would have asked for more flatering pic, Somehow i doubt he did it without Meghan or somebody knowing even though the palace will probably deny that she or anyone connected to the palace knowing. Those are just my thoughts I mean I hope he cleared thngs with her, what the harm if he cleared things with her?

    I seem to remember the Middleton clan trying to profit tooo selling british decorations and princess thems ahead of the wedding like kate didnt know what they were doing either…. I remember vaguely a rumor Kate and the Middletons were aslo accepting gifts.

    If I was in the positions of the Middletons and Markles I just might try to cash in too, of course if everyone is ok without hurting anybody, though at a more crafty level, I’m just being honest

    with that this close we got to palace knowing of this and postbble M was in the know from the get go

    Palace backs Meghan Markle’s father in ‘staged’ paparazzi picture row

    • Jayna says:

      Give me a break. Meghan and Harry didn’t sanction this. No, my family would never do this to me before the biggest day of my life where I’m already nervous, and especially not with really horrible cheesy photos that are obvious and humiliate me. And they were average people, not worth a fortune.

      And yes, I would have been paying for their fight and hotel room, or I would call myself a cheap, horrible daughter for having money and making my parents come to my event they probably don’t want to be at and pay their way. Of course Harry and Meghan are footing the bill for them for this extravaganza being filmed for TV.

      • duchesschicana says:

        I went to London with flight and hotel using reward points didnt have to really pay for my flight to london or hotels , but had to spend quite a few grand onother things london isnt cheap even if someone were to pay for his flight and hotel i. would imagine his expense is more that that ., but then again he gets into the palaces and whatnot for free i imageine

    • homeslice says:

      There is absolutely no way MM okayed her father doing this, unless she is completely stupid and tacky…and I don’t get either vibe from her. Why in the world would she want her father to look like a looney laughing stock the week before her wedding??

    • LAK says:

      Homeslice / Jayna: This is the palace doing damage control after the fact. It’s interesting that they went with the broadsheets rather than tabloids.

      • duchesschicana says:

        Found It interesting that they even bothered to leave some sort of commentat all see as how there is a new story left and right

      • PrincessK says:

        He may walk her down the aisle in the end.

  40. Guest says:

    I hope when the wedding is over meghan thinks long and hard if it’s worth having her father in her life.

  41. Claire says:

    This whole wedding has become a trashy reality show. I’m embarrassed for the RF. They’ve had their issues like any family but this is stooping to a whole other level of tacky. I do wonder if Harry questions his decision to move forward with Meghan so quickly.

    • YankLynn says:

      Claire, you can’t honestly be claiming that the royal family has no tacky or embarrassing history and that a picture of a Dad reading a picture book about Britian is as horrifying as any of the borderline criminal or really appalling things from say just about any prince you want to pick – Charles, Andrew, or even your beloved Kate’s Uncle Gary say. Even a “staged” picture of Dad getting measured doesn’t approach criminality. How should we compare the tackiness of that against say Kate’s Uncle punching his wife in the face ? Certainly I had a big sigh and shook my head at the staging revelations but to claim that these are a “whole other level” of tacky just invites others to swamp you with examples a whole lot tackier from the royal family. I’m not sure that’s a challenge you want to put out on Celebitchy !

      • Claire says:

        I don’t have a beloved uncle Gary. What I wrote is my opinion. Are we not allowed to have a difference of opinion? The RF privacy was hacked in some circumstances but other than Diana and Charles no one came out like Meghan’s family has. It’s a whole other level of tacky. Typical American Kardashian’s trash. Maybe people are so used to it. Swamp me!!!

      • A says:

        @Claire, I mean, Prince Andrew is under some notorious suspicion of consorting with call girls and underage escorts and Jeffrey Epstein and Russian billionaires, Fergie was caught getting her toes sucked, Edward and Sophie were caught getting scammed, those pictures of Princess Alexandra having sex in a field, Louis Mountbatten and his wife’s colourful personal lives….I could go on describing all sorts of trashy things the BRF has gotten up to that they then implore the press to not print. I would argue that getting caught reading a book in a cafe is rather mild.

      • kiddo says:

        I believe “Nazi collaboration” scores a bit higher on the trash-scale than “pap baiting.”

    • Tonya says:

      Claire, I’m confused…how is this Meghan’s fault?

      Meghan’s past is stella compared to Harry & the BRF…A family that is has reaped its wealth exploiting, colonizing & oppressing people…A family who has had open relations with known racists, Nazis, pedophiles, etc… ???

      • Claire says:

        Lol well dig up the people who did that. This is 2018.

      • Guest says:

        Yeah because this is so awful. Nothing compared to nazis and pedophiles, then the back handed racist comments from over the years from the beloved royal family. 🙄

      • Nic919 says:

        The Queen had to pull some serious strings to shut down the media when it came out that Andrew associated with convicted pedophile Epstein (who also associated with the orange one). That is far worse than anything Thomas Markle has done.

      • notasugarhere says:

        HM doubled down on that by giving Andrew a “promotion” at the same time. She made it clear she’d use whatever it took to protect her Andrew.

        We’ll see what happens when Charles becomes king. Andrew is still tied to the UK because of Counsellor of State requirements, so they cannot ship him off to Switzerland. I can see Charles trying to find a way to remove him from doing royal engagements and getting him off the Sovereign Grant though.

    • lobbit says:

      LOL idk I’m not sure anything is going to top that interview Diana gave outlining the demise of her marriage in cringeworthy detail or Charles being caught on tape (jokingly) wishing he could be Camilla’s tampon or Fergie getting papped with her toes in her lover’s mouth or the time the Countess of Wessex got caught shit talking her in laws or when her business partner implied that he could act as a pimp for their high end clients or that time Harry showed up to a party dressed as a Nazi or when Princess’ Anne’s first husband had a lovechild or when Prince William drunkenly groped a woman’s breast or when Prince Andrew was accused accepting bribes…

      I mean, what Meghan’s dad did was pretty embarrassing for her, but on a scale of bribery to extramarital toe sucking? I’m not sure it rates at all.

      • SheBug says:

        Eugenie was right there with Fergs and her boyfriend, too. Fergie brought her toddler with her! Like you know she had a nanny or au pair and could’ve left the kids with her.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Claire: yes, Meghan’s family is trash, but that has absolutely NOTHING whatsoever to do with the BRF. They have never even met any of the Markles, who live thousands of miles away, and likely never will. Meghan is the only one joining the RF and she has handled everything discreetly and with dignity. By all accounts she is very well liked by the Queen, Charles & Camilla, William & Kate, etc.

      ETA: everyone is responding to you by listing all of the scandals that Harry’s family has been involved in, which is fair. However, even if the Windsors were perfect in every way without a single scandal or negative headline ever, it STILL wouldn’t matter that the Markles are awful. Meghan is nothing like any of them and she wisely cut off contact with them years ago.

      By the way, your ignorant comment about Americans tells everyone here all we need to know about you. We are certainly not all “typical” like the Kardashians but you already know that. You just wanted to say something bitchy and insulting, which says more about you than about any American.

    • Bitsy says:

      Very few families can beat the RF in tacky, gauche, displays of drama and Megs has nothing to worry about. Fergie topless on a boat with her daughters getting her toes sucked takes every cake. Diana dating married men is a close second. Pedophile Andrew is criminal and tried to sell photos of Will at University. Tampon Charles is actually at the bottom of the totem pole in tackiness, which is surprising. Meg actually makes these people look good. Her family fits right in with them and she chose the high road which is why Harry chose her. He’s used to the drama and obviously wanted someone more virtuous. She has nothing to be ashamed of compared to those royal clowns.

  42. vicsy says:

    So embarrassing. I feel bad for Harry and his family – can’t believe I’m saying that. I really rooted for MM and would love to see her work for important causes through BRF but this is just a fiasco. Makes you think that Harry had no real idea what he was stepping into… Honeymoon stage is one thing – when they were dating in secret with no repercussions, but this is a reality show and a real embarrassment to his family and to her. I honestly doubt that he knew the scope of the awful relationships and drama in her family – he did not even meet her father! Can’t imagine why they went with such a costly, highly publicized wedding with so many negative spins and hijackings of the narrative.

    • Guest says:

      Lol, the royal family has their awful skeletons that are worse then this that include nazis, mistresses, and rumors that involve pedos. Harry flashed his goodies for the whole world and dressed as a nazi. So if he’s second guessing himself and blaming her that shows more on him then her. Sophie went through t awful press before the wedding with pictures, queen maximas father was banned from her wedding because of his shady past. Royal family’s from all over the world have awful skeletons.

    • Sage says:

      I don’t feel bad for Harry.
      He dated Meghan for what a year before he proposed? He knew her family was tacky and low rent. They have been selling her out since the news broke of the relationship. They both know what they are walking into. Harry is joining a dysfunctional family and Meghan is joining dysfunctional family…

      • Bea says:

        So by your logic Harry and Meghan should’ve put aside their feelings and delay their life together because of her awful family? Delaying a proposal was never going to stop the Markle family train wreck. Meghan’s family antics are no fault of hers or Harry.

  43. Sage says:

    This is all so hilarious…and embarrassing for Meghan.

  44. ladida says:

    Meh, it’s not embarrassing. By all accounts, he is struggling financially and I read they paid him over 100K. Most people wouldn’t turn down that kind of money especially when all he had to do was read a book about England and look at a few pictures. I don’t condone it but I don’t fault him either, and I don’t think Meghan should be embarrassed. Just look at Trump, this is nowhere near as embarrassing as our own president. That said, maybe if Meghan bought him a nice house, made him sign a non-disclosure agreement and paid him off, he wouldn’t have done this. There are ways to deal with these problems, uncle Gary was dealt with. It’s weird that Meghan and Harry have all this money but her dad is still struggling. I’m not saying it’s right, but rich people have handlers to solve these problems. Let’s be real, the royals are MEGA rich, they can throw more than a few peanuts her dad’s way, just look at Middleton Manor.

    • Guest says:

      I wouldn’t give the markel family sh!t. Let them wallow in their own mess. Meghan should cut them all off after the wedding and focus on her husband and whatever family they have.

      • ladida says:

        In normal circumstances I would agree with you because often with these types of people “it’s never enough,” but from a PR/legal standpoint there is a solution. She’s a public figure and she needs to get that sh*t under control. This goes back to Kaiser’s multiple accurate criticisms of Kensington PR.

      • mela says:

        they need to sign NDA’s and get paid off.

        I think her famliy is all making a buck off her and ruining her image.

        she needs to get control of this buy giving them money and shuttin them up. Surprised her rich royal husband to be hasn’t assisted her in this with his deep pockets

      • notasugarhere says:

        mela, that wouldn’t stop certain people; they’d just keep threatening to come back and demand more money or else. She was right to cut off ties with these people years ago. Heck Diana’s brother made money off of her for years, especially after her death, including exhibits of her childhood memorabilia.

    • kiddo says:

      My mother doesn’t have much money but she would NEVER do this. I’m hardly rich, but I’d never do this to a family member.

      Funny that “well, it was for lots of money, so it’s not so bad” is an excuse so many people here aren’t embarrassed to have.

  45. Lorelei says:

    I feel so, so sorry for Meghan. Her trashy siblings were awful but they were so blatant about it that all it did was show us exactly why Meghan hadn’t had anything to do with them in years.

    But her dad? Ouch. I never thought he was actually going to walk her down the aisle, but it looks like he is, and this is going to be awkward as hell for Meghan. On what is supposed to be one of the happiest days of her life.

    Mostly it just makes me sad that he gave the tabloids and the Meghan-haters a ton of ammunition that will be used against her (unfairly) for years to come. She should be able to enjoy this week so much, but instead her father pulls this nonsense. It’s just sad.

  46. lobbit says:

    I mean I feel bad for Meghan but only because her paternal family members refuse to do what’s in her best interest, and it has to hurt quite badly to have a family that doesn’t have your back.

    But at the same time, I think the hand wringing over this is getting to be a bit ridiculous. Peter Phillips sold his wedding pictures for 500k – he did this without the Queen’s consent or knowledge. I don’t see how this is any different. Phillips wasn’t sent to the tower over his photos, and I don’t think Meghan’s dad should be either. I don’t think Meghan should cut him out of her life unless doing so is what’s best for her mental and emotional health.

  47. SheBug says:

    Didn’t he go bankrupt fairly recently? I can’t hate on a retiree who can no longer even afford to live in the US in the same way I can hate on his oldest son and daughter.

    This whole thing is such a fucking mess. They should’ve had a plan about how to deal with her awful family before announcing the engagement.

  48. Mari With An I says:

    UPDATE….he is not going to the wedding and suffered a heart ailment six days ago per TMZ! Maybe her mom will walk her down the aisle!

    • Guest says:

      I think her mom should. I have a feeling that article out months ago was true and she wanted that. Maybe someone put a stop to it because you know “tradition”

      As for her dad, I hope he finds peace and gets his health on track. He can use that 130,000 dollars to hopefully fix his life.

      • Bea says:

        You really believe Thomas Sr. pocketed $130K? Try again. The photographer who took the pictures and then sold them to the tabloids is the one who’s laughing all the way to the bank. I think Meghan’s father couldn’t handle pressure and f-cked up. It’s a shame that he couldn’t rise to the occasion for Meghan’s sake.

      • mela says:

        Yeah, I think he was willing to sell out his daughter for way less than $130K.

    • notasugarhere says:

      We’ll have to wait for any official announcement before believing what TMZ publishes.

      If he does stay away there are multiple choices. Doria could walk her down the aisle. Charles could like he did with Alexandra Knatchbull, which was done because of a scandal related to her father. Or Harry and Meghan could walk down the aisle together like Haakon and Mette-Marit of Norway. Any of those would work and all would make good PR fodder.

      • loislane says:

        I like the idea of Harry and Meghan walking down the aisle together. That sounds romantic and perfect for them… And the better choice imo.

    • Veronica T says:

      Why didn’t she go see him if he had a heart attack? If they are close enough that he was going to walk her down the aisle, why aren’t they close enough that she would be concerned that he had a fricking heart attack!

      Many, many things about this family don’t add up. They are looking like the Kardashians, except the Kardashians do seem to at least be nice to each other.

      • mela says:

        I think that is a lie. If he had a heart attack, he would be looking very sickly. He just looks like a slob.

        I think the heart attack is either BS from him or the RF excuse to cover for Megan.

        Nobody deserves what her father and siblings have done to her

      • kate says:

        I doubt he had a heart attack. And the Kardashians are the worst, a bunch of black-culture stealing famew**s.

      • kelsey says:

        He was seen carrying a bucket of chicken a couple of days ago – a week after his “heart attack.” No one who has had a heart attack is eating KFC a week after.

        More likely than not he bailed because he was embarrassed and didn’t want to have to look Meghan in the eye.

  49. HeyThere! says:

    Damn, I really feel for MM!! The wedding is in days…ugh. It’s crappy of him to do. It was painfully obvious the pics were staged. This might make things a hair awkward in a day or so…

  50. Cali says:

    TMZ is claiming that he’s not attending the wedding now because he doesn’t want to embarrass her further. I feel for her. What a mess. I wonder who’ll walk her down the aisle now. 🙁

    • Sage says:

      OMG…so much drama!!

    • Sage says:

      OMG…so much drama!!

    • LAK says:

      The DM is reporting it too.

      • HeyThere! says:

        Okay. My heart just broke for MM a little. Ugh. Now he isn’t going…to his daughters wedding. I can’t imagine the stress Meghan is under. Hugs to her. You can’t pick your family…but you can marry a prince and move to another country to avoid them!!

      • Rhys says:

        @HeyThere! “You can’t pick your family…but you can marry a prince and move to another country to avoid them!! ” – except, of course, now she can’t escape the prince’s family.

      • LAK says:

        Rhys: LOL!!

    • mela says:

      Wow so he sells out his daughter, stages paparazzi pictures behind her back and humilates her then is going to BAIL on her wedding as he pockets the $100K from the photo shoot?

      What a piece of work. I highly doubt he was planning on ever making it to London in the first place!

      • Lorelei says:

        I doubt that he bailed…my guess would be that he was pressured by Meghan to not attend and the agreed upon official story is the “heart condition.” In any case, poor Meghan.

    • ladida says:

      Just a very sad situation.

    • lobbit says:

      This doesn’t help her at all, though. Bailing on the wedding just ramps up all the drama.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      I really feel for her, by pulling out he truly has embarrassed her in front of the whole world. The pap shots would have been forgotten about but this, am really sad for her. I would also be concerned about his mental health as well as his physical – he’s clearly someone who struggles with pressure.

      I hope big sister and the Fail are pleased with themselves, they’ve just ruined a wedding and likely damaged the father/daughter relationship. I sympathise with her father as he was put in a position with all the media attention that he couldn’t cope with and took advice from that idiot half sister who got what she wanted – to ruin Meghan’s wedding day just because she could.

      Am sure they will all put on smiles and get on with it but if I were in Meghan’s shoe’s I would be devastated and so angry at my interfering siblings. Everyone can see why she has nothing to do with them.

      • harla says:

        I noticed that Samantha looked pretty smug this morning while admitting that she coached her father into agreeing to these photos. I imagine she’s pretty proud of herself for causing all the embarrassment and disappointment her half-sister is going through.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        For what its worth I think it will either be her mother or Chuck that walks her down the aisle. I can see Chuck offering.

      • Skylark says:

        @Digital Unicorn – I think you’ve nailed it on all counts.

        I feel so sad for both Meghan and her father that they’re surrounded by such grimly nasty toxicity. Those grifting step-siblings are pure poison.

      • Nic919 says:

        I feel bad for her. This is a mess and while the photos really weren’t that big of a deal, this will be. The DM showed that Charles and Camilla took the chopper to KP instead of Clarence House so hopefully they are providing support too.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Her half-sister having a hand in this doesn’t surprise me, and I’ll bet she’s loving the latest IED she’s jealously imploded in her younger half-sister’s life.

        Doria could walk her down the aisle. Charles could too and he might love it, since we’ve always read he wanted a daughter. He walked one of his goddaughters down the aisle recently after a scandal involving her father. Harry could meet Meghan at the car, help her out, wave to the crowd, and they walk together. Nobody “giving her away”. That would involve someone (Charles, William) escorting Doria from the car and to her seat first.

      • Rhys says:

        @notasugarhere – it would be absolutely beautiful if Harry and Meghan walk to the altar together! That would be the sign of a modern couple. Nobody’s giving anyone away. Two mature people are committing to one another.

      • kelsey says:

        Yes to all these replies. This isn’t my wedding and I don’t know any of these people but I am shaking in rage at these selfish Markle douchebags who are doing their best to try and ruin the wedding. Meghan’s relationship with her dad was already shaky and now it is probably irreparably harmed. Her dad pulling out is overshadowing everything else about the wedding.

        I hope either Doria walks her down the aisle or Meghan walks alone.

        To add insult to injury, the Dooley cousins arrived in London courtesy of Good Morning Britain and are going to be guest commentators for the wedding. None of these people have seen Meghan in over 20 years. What expert commentary can they possibly offer? This is all about embarrassing Meghan and waving her trash relatives in her face on what should be the happiest day of her life.

      • Carrie1 says:

        Yes that’s what I’ve been thinking. He was sabotaged. This is so sad.

      • A says:

        The fact that he pulled out of the wedding kind of makes me think that he did have somewhat good intentions after all. I’m 100% inclined to think that he wouldn’t have cared one whit about the paparazzi, but clearly the other Markles couldn’t be trusted to keep their mouth shut and he was swayed.

        I’m hoping that this creates some backlash in Meghan’s favour. I would also be very impressed if Charles walked her down the aisle, but I doubt it would happen.

  51. whatever1 says:

    It makes you wonder how much money Meghan made from those numerous staged pap walks in Toronto, where she made sure any Harry related jewelry was visible to the cameras? If he dad made $100k from his staged pictures then Meghan must have made a hell of a lot more from hers. Let’s get real here, ALL of them have disregarded KP/Harry’s plea for privacy and made some cash off the back of the Royals.

    • Karen says:

      I don’t think Megan would have jeopardized her relationship for pap money. Too much at stake.

      • whatever1 says:

        Her father and the rest of the Markle clan seem as dumb as a box of rocks which is why this has blow up in their faces. But a former actress like Meghan who has probably sold staged pap pics of herself for a quick buck even before meeting Harry wouldn’t be so dumb about it. I’m sure she would have made sure all her all the i’s were dotted and t’s crossed so she wouldn’t end up in similar situation her dad currently find’s himself in. I just don’t believe she wasn’t paid for her obviously staged pap pics.

  52. Chisey says:

    Just saw her dad’s not coming after all. So dramatic – I wonder if that was her call or his. In the article he was adamant that it wasn’t for money, it was because the paparazzi kept taking pics of him buying beer and he wanted to counter the negative image. What a mess, poor Meghan.

    • harla says:

      I just saw this too, gosh my heart bleeds for Meghan! What should be the happiest day of her life is turning into a nightmare due to her family.

    • Lahdidahbaby says:

      This whole story has a tragic tinge to it now. I can’t imagine how Meghan will feel on her wedding day.

      • Elaine says:

        Yes. Meghan is very strong, but this would test the strongest of women. I am genuinely sorry her Father has pulled out.

        Ultimately this bad press will pass. But to miss his Daughter’s big day…

        She is up there, marrying the man she loves, BECAUSE of the good parenting both he and Doria provided. He loved her, cherished her, taught her to respect herself.

        I hope he can, in some way, still take part in her happiness. Pictures be da*ned. Love is all that matters.

        Hot tip: The Royal family have scandals of their own. They are no angels and are NO ONE to judge :-/

    • Carmen says:

      Or maybe it was the BRF’s call?

  53. kate says:

    So much drama, so much trashiness, right out in the open. Meghan’s mom has been nothing but a class act since the beginning. She deserves to walk with her daughter on her big day.

  54. Cher says:

    Now her Father is out out altogether. Her Mother should be the one walking her down the isle and that’s that.

  55. Amelie says:

    Ugh this is just terribly sad all around. I don’t believe her dad was coming from a vindictive place when he agreed to this (as he did nothing to provide images of Harry and Meghan to the paps and he hasn’t granted any interviews). But he clearly wanted the paparazzi to leave him alone and I guess he thought posing for these controlled cheesy photo ops would get them to leave him alone and portray him as a “loving” father. I could see him being influenced by his daughter Samantha. “She didn’t invite me or my brother to the wedding because she hates us but you should do this and change the narrative of our family. The media keeps attacking us for no reason!” And this is probably the least embarrassing thing a member of the soon to be royal (Meghan) has done. But I just feel bad for her.

    Honestly I think it would be great if either Doria walks her down the aisle or if she walks herself down the aisle. She doesn’t need anyone to give her away. Someone upthread mentioned Prince Charles acting as a substitute and I see no issue with that either. I think Charles would be honored if Meghan asked him.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Or Harry and Meghan could walk together. That is how the Crown Prince of Norway and his bride arranged things.

      • Violet says:

        @notasugarhere – I think that’s the best idea yet. Very modern and strikes a real note of independence from family history, whoever’s family!

      • ladida says:

        Great idea! When I was a child (before I realized how western weddings worked), I actually thought the bride and groom walked down the aisle together. I had only gone to Asian weddings up to that point, so they are totally different. Why the hell not? People get so worked up about the silliest things, like who cares really? All I care about is the dress tho.

      • Carrie1 says:

        I love this idea and hope they do it! They’re both grown adults. It makes perfect sense.

    • KBB says:

      But even now her father is talking to TMZ. The Markle’s cannot help themselves. On top of making his own statements rather than letting her handle it how she wanted, he told them that he had a heart attack, but checked himself out of the hospital because he still wanted to go to the wedding.

      If her interests were his primary concern, why not just use the heart issue as the official reason for why he was backing out? It was right there for the taking, but instead he’s using it to lionize himself. Not even a heart attack was going to stop father of the year from being at his daughter’s wedding. But poor pathetic Dad feels so bad about the photos that he is sacrificing his deep desire to attend the wedding so he won’t embarrass her. He has just made it 10x worse for her, and I would not be surprised if this little stunt has caught her and Kensington Palace completely off guard.

      I’m guessing the people that hate her will claim that heartless Meghan is so cold she rescinded his invitation and that’s the real reason he isn’t going. And she will only have her father to thank for that.

      • Carrie1 says:

        It’s possible he is an alcoholic. Plus he’s old now and has had a hard life. All of those things compromise cognitive abilities. This is heartbreaking for him and for Meghan.

      • PrincessK says:

        I also think that he may have a drink problem.

  56. homeslice says:

    For crying out loud she should just walk the aisle by herself.

    • Sofija says:

      I agree with you. My father died one year before my wedding, it was very hard day so I decided to walk together with my husband. We walked together and our priest said that this was the best decision. Meghan should walk alone or with Harry. She is 36 years old woman and honestly nobody needs to “give her away”. Forgive my bad english.

  57. Cher says:

    I get the feeling that Meghan’s Father did not want to be front and center. He likes living his secluded lifestyle and maybe this was way to much for him??? He intentionally sabotaged and set this whole thing up to avoid any further limelight.

    • KBB says:

      For somebody who doesn’t like the spotlight he has sure managed to trip and fall into it an awful lot.

      Less than a week before her wedding and he is grabbing headlines left and right. I’d get one photo op, but this guy went to his ex-wife’s house with flowers, FFS. Look! Today he is exercising! Today he is reading about their wedding! Today he is looking at an England picture book! Today he is being measured for his tux! And now he’s talking to TMZ? I think he likes the attention just as much as the brother and sister.

  58. TheOtherSam says:

    How did TMZ get the 1st scoop on Dad Markle’s decision not to attend? Did they have him on speed dial all along? I feel so sorry for Meghan, and all this so close to her wedding day when she’s stressed enough. I see her nephews and ex-sister-in-law landed at Heathrow today for their “commenting” gig next weekend. Nice.

    Charles could walk her but William might be more appropriate here. Or she could just walk herself. She does have a grown nephew (one of the Markles, believe it or not-the one who’s sister is an attorney) with whom she is close supposedly and who might attend, maybe he could step in.

    • notasugarhere says:

      I think Charles would love to get the nod here.

      While I like the symbolism of her walking by herself, I think that would be nerve-wracking. All the people outside, the cameras, the big gown. Having someone’s arm to hold during that might help.

      • homeslice says:

        I don’t know, I would be shocked if Charles walked her.
        For me the best thing would be for her to be alone and Harry meet her halfway.

        If you put replacements in, it’s just a reminder of who is left out.

        I wonder if they both wish they just did a low key thing with this wedding. MM had to know her family was a hot mess, and he is just the “spare”…

      • notasugarhere says:

        Or it would indicate Charles welcome in a fatherly role in her life, embracing his new DIL, etc.

        Harry was always going to have a big wedding, as he will be a senior royal for decades. Having the divorced, bi-racial bride hidden away in the registry office is a non starter. This is really the smallest version they could get away with for PR reasons.

      • Violet says:

        @Notasugar – I think my vote would go to William. The father of the groom doubling as the father of the bride even nominally seems awkward; I think it’s less awkward for the best man to do so. William doing it would also indicate the family is standing by her and something about the peer-to-peer image seems kind of appealing to me.

      • ladida says:

        I have a question, why can’t her mom walk her down the aisle? Is that not allowed in Christian weddings? Why does it have to be a man?

      • Veronica T says:

        800 guests?? 30 million in security paid for by taxpayers? This is the smallest wedding they could manage??
        I bet lots of folks could have figured out a way to give the 6th in line and a divorced woman a smaller, more intimate and much much classier wedding.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Letizia of Spain was divorced, yet they married in a large Catholic ceremony attended by 1700 people. The world progresses, evolves, and modernizes. Even at times, the Catholic Church.

        Charles and Camilla had 800 at their wedding blessing. He was a widower, she was divorced, and they had 800 at their event. The former Archbishop of Canterbury was the one urging them to marry. The Church of England has nothing against divorced people and nothing against marrying them in large religious ceremonies. Why you continue to is interesting to say the least.

        His wedding – to anyone – was always going to be a large event, and for the BRF, 600 is a small number. By having it at Windsor the security is much less than it would have been in London. As has been stated many times here and elsewhere.

      • A says:

        @Veronica T, I’m sure others have pointed this out, but Harry is Charles’s second son, and Charles is the Prince of Wales. He was always going to have a big wedding. Asking why he gets one is like asking why Princess Margaret got a large wedding, or why Princess Anne got a large wedding.

        If Lady Louise were to have as big of a to-do as Harry, then yes, question the burden on the tax payer, by all means. Heck, I’d question it for Princess Beatrice or Eugenie. But Harry’s position in line has very little to do with this.

    • FLORC says:

      TMZ gets the scoop because TMZ has contact….. ugh…..
      This all seems shady. And could be worse behind the scenes. I’m suspecting he got called out and was uninvited. Whatever else we are told is to save what little is left of an image.

  59. Beluga says:

    And everyone was up in arms that Harry hadn’t met her father before the engagement and about his comment about ‘the family she never had’…

    What with all of the fuss about questioning who was going to walk her down the aisle, I get the impression that to start with she might not have wanted him to, but was persuaded to. There were murmurings that she wanted her mother to walk her, but wasn’t allowed to.

    • Tonya says:

      Beluga, I find it interesting that there would be an issue with Doria walking Meghan down the aisle…I recall reading somewhere that Queen Victoria walked her baby girl down the aisle at her wedding. Albert had died…but historians can enlighten me if I have misspeak…

      • LAK says:

        Queen Victoria is not the standard we want to use especially regarding Beatrice who she sacrificed on the altar of her grief for Albert.

        Poor Beatrice had a secret relationship before her engagement and when she told Victoria, she was shunned. Victoria refused to speak to her for 6mths and only agreed to the wedding if Beatrice and her husband lived at Windsor and never sort any outside activities that took them away from Victoria.

        Walking Beatrice down the aisle was one more sign of her control of her.

      • Tonya says:

        Thanks Lak, after I read your comment it clicked…

      • notasugarhere says:

        With that type of controlling relationship? Strange that is the one Sarah focused on for the naming of their daughters.

      • LAK says:

        Nota: given how Victoria used Beatrice it’s surprising that she grew up relatively normal. Albert died when Beatrice was 4yrs old. Victoria took to her bed with Beatrice as her comfort blanket and refused to let her go for the rest of her life. Beatrice slept in the same bed as Victoria for the rest of Victoria’s natural life, and was always within eyeshot of her mother.

        Frankly, Beatrice having a secret liaison right under her mother’s nose shows a level of cunning and ingenuity. And rather than be happy that she was engaged, Victoria threw a hissyfit about Beatrice’s betrayal as she saw it and refused to speak to her for 6mths despite insisting Beatrice remain by her side as per normal.

        And then relenting on condition that the bridal couple remain at Windsor with Victoria and the only jobs they could undertake were the maintenance of Windsor and or any other homes they happen to be residing at any given moment. Always by Victoria’s side.

        I think Sarah interpreted their relationship as one of love rather than obsessively controlling. In a wierd way, Sarah’s obsession with her own daughters to extent that she parties with them reflects the earlier relationship sans the negative reality of the Victoria-Beatrice relationship.

      • notasugarhere says:

        With your excellent explanation, the naming of the girls seems prophetic.

    • TheOtherSam says:

      @Beluga that’s what I believe as well, that she wanted Doria to do it but the Palace nixed it and insisted she ask her dad. So this is what happens when outsiders interfere with someone’s wedding plans; if she’d been allowed to do as she wished to begin with none of this would be happening.

      Even with recent developments I bet they still insist that a male accompany her down the aisle, for ‘optics’ and all (must maintain that traditional status quo, can’t upset the traditionalists too much, “we aren’t Scandanavia” etc). So much pressure on her personal day.

  60. Evie says:

    I still don’t see what Thomas Markle did that was so terrible. So he worked with a pap to have pictures taken of himself doing ordinary, mundane things. Big deal. Is it tacky, yes? But The Royal Family, the Middletons, the Kardashians all cash in and stage and sell photos and manage to monetize their events.

    If Thomas Markle was getting paid to dish about Meghan and Harry and leak tidbits about the wedding, it would be a different story. He has not said one word about Meghan or Harry or sold any stories about them. He worked with a pap to sell pictures of himself. The real idiots here are the tabloids who bought these cheesy photos and published them. I also don’t believe that Markle Sr. got $100K for the photos — the pap who took the pics might have sold them for that and given him a percentage but that’s about it.

    Sorry, but the BRF has done far worse. It was only a couple of years ago that Harry was pictured partying in Las Vegas naked in a hotel suite with his hands covering his crown jewels. And let’s not forget that Harry also famously wore a Nazi uniform to a party in 2005. That was much bigger and insulting gaffe than Thomas Markle’s stunt.

    Fact is, the paps were following Thomas Markle around at first and taking photos — like the one of him at a Home Depot checkout countr buying a toilet, which was pretty tacky. Thomas Markle is not going to the wedding. That should make everyone happy. Best thing to do is just let the story die and move on. I hope the news about his “heart attack” is just just a bad attempt at a cover story. Because other than this, he’s been leading a low key life.

    • KBB says:

      He has made it 10x worse by backing out like this. It would have been an embarrassing blip on the radar, but he has decided to throw a wrench in the whole thing. And he tacked a heart attack on for good measure. The DM is saying he never actually sought medical attention for his “heart attack” and that the news of him backing out completely blindsided Meghan. He didn’t even tell her himself, he told TMZ.

      • Evie says:

        @KBB: We don’t really know if he backed out on his own or was pressured by the Royal Family. Any way you look at it; it stinks for both he and Meghan. I agree she doesn’t need the unnecessary stress and I’m sure Markle, Sr. is very embarrassed by his own actions. Now he suffers the consequences of his stupidity. She posted a very nice tribute to him on her Instagram for Father’s Day 2016, so they obviously had a warm relationship.

        Regardless of having worked as a lighting man, Thomas Markle is not very PR savvy. I don’t believe he’s malicious or greedy. He’s kept his mouth shut and was living a low key life. I take everything the tabloids like the Daily Mail say, with a large block of salt; they get so much wrong. How do they know that Thomas Markle didn’t speak to Meghan? I hope for both their sakes, they did speak in person to at least clear the air.
        Hopefully, time will heal the wounds. TBH, I wouldn’t be surprised if he has heart problems as he’s 73 and doesn’t look to be in the best shape.

    • violet says:

      @Evie – I’m sorry, the whole point is that this is way too much like the Kardashians and way too little like serious monarchy, and the other serious point is that he embarrassed not only Meghan but Harry, who shortly before this pleaded with the press to leave Mr. Markle in peace. Meghan’s father made Harry look like a fool.

      It is a big deal – the Middletons I do not think ever did anything quite this crass before Kate’s wedding to William, let alone the week before the same man was to walk her down the aisle of Westminster Abbey. They were also already rich people in their own right.

      Meghan needs to cut herself loose from this group and I think she is savvy enough to know that and probably had to cope also with Harry’s anger at being made a fool of by his father in law one week before the wedding.

      This is not supposed to be the Kardashians – that’s the whole point. Once royals become like Kardashians, the monarchy is over.

      • KBB says:

        Harry hates the tabloids. I’m sure he is blaming them for this rather than Meghan. Given his comments about being the family she never had and that press release admonishing the press, I think he feels like Meghan’s protector. I doubt he is angry with her over this. Maybe humiliated, but not angry. His press people are probably quietly fuming though.

      • loislane says:

        I think you actually have no idea how this is causing anticipation for this wedding. This kind of stories is what is making monarchy relevant in today society. Meghan is becoming this huge thing people are interested in ‘what will she do, wear, talk to, befriend, ditch”
        Record audience on Saturday to see how all this play out.
        Major focus on the monarchy, which would die a slow death if just for will and kate.
        Society thrives on drama. So monarchy needs the drama.

      • Guest says:

        As bad as this is, this nothing new. The royal family has had their share of embarrassment. Sophie before her wedding was on the sun with scandals. Fergie tried to sell Andrew out for money. Andrew was caught in a scandal with underage girls. Then there is the scandal with Princess Alexandra, the queens cousin, I can go and on but there’s a lot. Needless to say this is a small blip on the embarrassment radar for the royal family.

      • lobbit says:

        LOL the British Royal family is the UK’s longest running soap opera – they’ve had had plenty of scandals over the years, but I guess their wealth makes it easy to ignore all of that. For Harry to show any anger toward Meghan at all would be indecent. She’s not responsible for any of this. Was Harry responsible for his relative showing up to meet Meghan for the first time with racist iconography pinned to her dress? No, he wasn’t. She is not responsible for her father’s actions any more than harry is for his family’s.

      • Evie says:

        Lots of members of the BRF have acted just as trashy and greedy as the Kardashians and the Markles. The difference is, the Royal Family has the power to sweep a lot of their pecadilloes under the rug. Case in point Prince Andrew allegedly cavorting with a 17 year old in an orgy set up by his pal Jeffrey Epstein. The Palace worked overtime to quash that story. Sarah Ferguson and Sophie, Countess of Wessex were both involved in scandals involving them accepting lots of cash in exchange to access to the Royal Family….

        No, Meghan is not responsible for her father’s actions. But she probably should have had a sit down with the Palace courtiers and Press Office to devise a strategy. They could have coached her Father on what to do and say. The letter from Kensington Palace to the paps asking them to back off bothering her father, was never going to have any effect since, KP holds no sway in America. To me, the most horrific part of this mess is that he listened to his older daughter Samantha who is just toxic and greedy. And yet all the news outlets keep putting her on. They should all just ignore the Markle family.

      • KBB says:

        @Evie I’m wondering if maybe Meghan confronted her dad about the staged photos and he denied being involved. I mean they were so obviously staged, but maybe he actually convinced her that they were just hounding him and she felt protective? It makes no sense to me why KP would issue that statement unless they were truly in the dark about his involvement. It would explain his bailing on the wedding a little more if he had lied to her. Otherwise they could have easily played this off as a naive mistake. I go back and forth on whether her dad is just a hapless doofus or a scheming jerk. Either way he has failed Meghan so tremendously this week I struggle to have any sympathy for him at all.

        If I were Meghan and Harry, I’d be keeping a list of all the outlets that give air time to those Markle snakes, and I’d make sure they never had access to anything I had press control over.

      • noway says:

        Okay instead of gossip sites I went to CNN. They may be fake news according to a certain cheeto, but I think they are a true news organization. Although this story does make good gossip, I think what he did isn’t really that bad. He didn’t have pap photos of her or say bad things about her. He just tried to make himself look a little better per the suggestion of guess who, the crazy half-sister. He may have been paid, but we don’t know for sure. Samantha, Meghan’s terrible half sister, did the only decent thing I have ever seen her do for Meghan in the media, by taking full credit for the thing. For some wacky reason I believe her, even though I haven’t believed anything she has said in the media till now. Now, according to CNN Harry and Meghan are very worried about him.

  61. Chisey says:

    I hadn’t realized the news of the dad not coming was broken by TMZ. What a mess, I can’t imagine it would come out this way if it was Meghan’s call. The decent thing to do would be to call her up and talk it out and, if he really felt too humiliated to come, let the palace release it in whatever way they thought best. They probably could have come up with something anodyne about his health that would minimize scandal. To do it through TMZ is just…*sigh*. I hope he at least had the decency to tell her himself instead of letting it come through the trashiest tabloid there is (IMO). I was prepared to believe he’d just wanted to make some money and was outplayed by the paparazzi, but telling TMZ he’s not going to the wedding is just such an unkind thing to do. Thank goodness Meghan has her mom.

  62. hsa says:

    This was all staged so Meghan could get a little sympathy.

    • Guest says:


    • Sage says:

      Sympathy? More like humiliation.

    • Bee says:

      More like, staged so her shady family could cash yet another cheque. He probably had no intention of going, ever.

    • Violet says:

      @hsa – “all staged” – by whom?! The royal family? Harry? Meghan herself? She doesn’t need sympathy, she was already doing fine so far as I could tell – the public seem to like her, her poll ratings have allegedly passed Harry’s, she’s already made a good impression on the family.

      No, this is just bad character. Mr. Markle should not in any way be excused for this. The half-sibs, yeah, there’s no real love there, but she is his daughter, he should have starved before doing this to her. No decent father would have agreed to do it.

      • Veronica T says:

        Could you link to the polls showing Meghan is more popular than Harry? I haven’t seen anything like that.

      • KBB says:
        The headline for this article was that Meghan had surpassed Harry in the popularity polls, but when you click on the article, the headline is different. I think it is actually that her unfavorability rating is lower. 40% view her favorably, 40% are neutral or have never heard of her, and 19% view her unfavorably. Prince Harry’s favorability rating is 71%, his unfavorability isn’t included but I’m guessing it’s higher because most people know him and would have an opinion.

      • morrigan01 says:

        It was staged by Samantha Markle. She’s taking the blame for all of this on TV and twitter, saying she herself set it all up. And I’m actually inclined to believe her. 1. Because the pictures were so obviously set-ups and not candids and Samantha isn’t media savvy at all in how shit like pap walks work and 2. Samantha Markle has already shown she has no shame when it comes to trying to make a buck. So her pimping out her own father to make money isn’t a stretch.

        The only reasons she’s admitting to it all is because they got caught out now, and if Thomas Sr. doesn’t go to the wedding, that cuts Samantha off from having any real Royal connection once the wedding is over.

  63. violet says:

    Well and a good thing, too. I’m sure no heart attack was involved and the word simply came down from the Palace and probably Meghan herself that this time a line had been crossed that made it impossible for him to walk her down that aisle without people smirking. It’s enough.

    • KBB says:

      I think they’d have a statement prepared if that were the case. And he isn’t actually using the heart attack as the reason he isn’t going. He said he still planned on going after he had the heart attack. Or “heart attack” because according to the DM he never went to the hospital. I think he made it up so people would feel sorry for him.

    • cee says:

      No one discharges oneself from the hospital after a heart attack, especially at a given age like Markle Sr. He’s making it worse.

  64. kate says:

    And I tought the Middle-class Middleton were bad… The Markles are certainly giving them a run for their money, uh?

    • Guest says:

      It just shows why she cut off that part of her family. Harry got a lot of heat for saying his family is the family she never had. Guess it makes a lot of sense now.

    • KBB says:

      The Markle’s are infinitely worse. The brother’s ex-wife and sons just arrived in London. They’ll be doing interviews during the wedding. 🙄

      • Violet says:

        @KBB – nooooo!

      • homeslice says:

        I know, I saw that. These people have zero class and no shame…

      • notasugarhere says:

        Diana’s brother hired himself out to do commentary for royal weddings (Andrew and Sarah? Edward and Sophie?). He also spent 20 years charging admission to Althorp to view Diana’s childhood belongings.

    • ladida says:

      The Middletons are just richer. Gary is a wife beating drug addict and James Middleton’s marshmallow interviews were tacky AF and remember the stripper cousin? If Carol hadn’t had everyone on lockdown the Middletons would have gone way farther in embarrassing kate.

      • Canadian Becks says:

        James Middleton crowed to his classmates that his sister was going to be the Queen of England – Carole shut that one down pretty quick.

      • PrincessK says:

        And don’t forget that James Middleton went bankrupt for far far much more than Meghan’s parents. But if you are white and posh and you go bankrupt that seems to be OK. But if you are ordinary working class you get vilified.

  65. Mary says:

    Meghan had zero issue with being on the cover of Vanity Fair, discussing her relationship and posting instagram photos of bananas spooning. The man probably did not want to go. Give him a break. I am sure his daughter will be fine. She knew what she was doing getting into this situation.

    • LAK says:

      The Vanity Fair cover + interview were approved by the Palace. Fairly common knowledge confirmed by the royal reporters.

      • Veronica T says:

        Yes, but did Kate ever do an interview like that, we are in love, blah blah blah, love love love. Did Kate ever put spooning bananas online? Meghan is an opportunist, just like her father, so how can she be angry at him?

      • LAK says:

        Veronica T: Kate was before social media so she used the next best thing. Hello magazine which frequently had exclusives on Kate with covers that proclaimed her the best option for William.

        They also had a pap on speed dial and frequented pap heavy clubs and places and wouldn’t use the secret exits / entrances that would help her avoid them. Her picture was in the papers frequently.

        And a month before the engagement, vanity fair did a similar profile on her which was also sanctioned by SJP.

      • A says:

        @Veronica T, Kate didn’t do interviews because they’re not her style. But her and her sister have absolutely been featured in magazines. Pippa has especially profited off of her association with Kate. You think someone would pay her for her advice on how to throw a party if she weren’t the Duchess of Cambridge’s sister? Please.

    • lobbit says:

      Why on earth would she have a problem with posing for Vanity Fair? How does discussing her relationship as part of an obviously controlled media strategy relate to her father bowing out of this wedding?

    • Violet says:

      @Mary – if he didn’t want to go, why not skip the pap stuff and just plead ill health?! Why humiliate her and Harry to get out of going?

      I agree about the Vanity Fair article, btw – I thought that was ill-judged and it did make her look like she was taking advantage of the relationship to build up her public profile. But it was her making decisions about her life not having something done to her, and it wasn’t attached to making her intended look like a fool, and the worst that could have happened was that the relationship fizzled.

      This is her father showing how little he cares for her. That’s the awful thing, to me, and comes right after just released articles talking about how close they are and how supportive of him she has always been. It makes everything look suspect. I think this is far more in the line of real PR damage than that Vanity Fair cover, which lots of people liked.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Or it makes it even more sad for her, if she has been supportive of him for years. He turns around and does this to her at the urging of her jealous half-sister.

    • chisey says:

      I don’t think anyone expects when they ask their dad to walk them down the aisle that he will up and bail the week before the wedding because he was caught staging paparazzi photos. If she saw that coming, she’d have to be nostradamus. I imagine she knew she would get additional media scrutiny, but it’s a big jump from expecting scrutiny to expecting your own dad to let you down like this.

    • Natalie S says:

      It was clear by the time of the VF profile that Harry and Meghan were serious so what monetary opportunity did she gain by being on the cover of VF? She was going to be world famous anyway, wealthy through marriage and never have to hustle again.

      Thomas Markle wanted to make some money through his daughter’s connections and even his ex-wife, while Meghan took a risk through her admittedly friendly profile to help her and Harry face the then upcoming questions from the media on who Harry was dating.

  66. MoAnne says:

    Her family is truly awful. They’ve shown they’re willing to sell her out for a few bucks. I think she should never be criticized again when it comes to her family. It’s obvious why she wants nothing to do with them. With family like that, who needs enemies?

  67. Millennial says:

    All I can say is poor Meghan, my heart goes out to her. I hope for her that she can ignore all this awfulness and just enjoy her wedding day. Lots of us are rooting for you, Meghan!

  68. vicsy says:

    Just read that her mom quit her job, this entire thing is just a whole farce of bad timing – makes me think the press in the UK is really not in her favor (pretty sure Doria quit a few weeks ago at least and not today)… Poor Meghan, poor Harry. Feel very sorry for both of them.

    • Guest says:

      It said she quit her job to open her own practice. Which is understandable since it would give her more freedom.

      • vicsy says:

        Yeah, it’s still very bad timing when framed next to the dad looking to monetize on the wedding. Stanning MM aside, I believe we all can acknowledge it’s not a great day for her and the press is definitely telling a very specific story that MM and Harry lost control of.

      • LAK says:

        Vicsy: adding to your thought, i think this is part of the media’s revenge after Harry was so aggressive and threatening throughout the relationship.

        IPSO received so many threatening letters over this relationship that an opportunity to get back at him and MM is a golden opportunity and they are running with it.

  69. Guest says:

    Now the dailymail is saying Meghan is pleading with her dad to walk her down the aisle. Don’t know how true this is, but her dad really caused a mess for his daughter. Meghan needs to cut him out her life. Her dads family and the media aren’t going to stop until there is nothing left. Weddings have been canceled for less, so let’s see how strong harry and Meghans relationship is.

    • KBB says:

      This will bring them closer together, IMO. I think Harry likes playing White Knight and feeling protective of her, and he loves demonizing the press. Meghan probably loves feeling like someone truly has her back, given that her shady family keeps selling her out. Match made in heaven!

      They’re working hard to frame her dad in a sympathetic light, implying he’s not well from the pressure, so I don’t think she’ll be cutting him out of her life. Maybe she’ll keep him at arms length, but she seems to feel a lot of loyalty towards him if the DM’s story is actually coming from her.

    • Jayna says:

      NO way is she begging her father to walk her down the aisle. I think she’s probably relieved he’s not coming, but I think the plan for him to walk her down the aisle was probably already off. She’s almost 37 and has been married. She doesn’t need a parent to walk her down the aisle. My friend divorced in her 30s and remarried at 39,. She wore a beautiful wedding gown but walked herself down the aisle with no parent the second time.

      • KBB says:

        So do you think the DM is just making it up or that KP is pushing this angle to make her more sympathetic? It’s possible she doesn’t want people accusing her of disinviting him so they’re putting this out there.

        It’s a royal wedding that will be watched by millions of people, so it’s not some run of the mill divorcee getting remarried. They already announced he was doing it, so whether she wanted it for sentimental reasons or just moral support, she did want it.

    • Carrie1 says:

      I really don’t like seeing the push for Meghan to cut out her Dad. He is OLD. He lives in Mexico… it looks like he probably maybe drinks regularly. She has always spoken highly of him as no small part in building her confidence, supporting her emotionally at least… he may be naive about his other kids, who are horrible clearly. Or he’s caught between his kids! In any case, I hope that quietly he and Meghan can talk occasionally and keep it quiet. The man is in a tough spot .. half his kids are shit. He’s probably not knowing who is safe to speak with about anything now himself.

      • Evie says:

        While working with the paps to stage those photos was stupid and tacky, Markle, Sr. has not said one word about Meghan or Harry or sold any stories. Other than the staged photos, he’s been flying under the radar. Markle, Sr. reminds me of Hyacinth Bucket’s brother-in-law Onslow in the British comedy “Keeping Up Appearances.”

        I read the Daily Mail article and they included a day-by-day, hour-by-hour of his comings and goings — including his trips to MacDonald’s and KFC; driving to his apartment in California and driving to Doria’s to drop off a card and flowers last week. It’s obvious from the description, that the paps have been following him relentlessly in the run-up to the wedding. The DM also staked out his apartment in Mexico because they reported he hasn’t left the apartment since last Thursday night.

        I’m sorry Meghan has to deal with this days before her wedding, but she probably could have avoided these issues by talking with her Dad and coaching him beforehand. Thomas Markle is probably too embarrassed to show up in London. So staying away is likely best for all concerned.

    • M.A.F. says:

      Did the Dad cause the mess or was it her sh*tty a$$ half siblings? I’m leaning towards the latter.

      • morrigan01 says:

        Supposedly, Samantha Markle has been on tv and twitter taking the blame, saying she was the one who negotiated and set up the pictures for her father to take. The new question is, if it’s true, they clearly got paid, though Samantha is saying her father didn’t get any money for it.

        And honestly, the pictures were so badly staged and so obviously staged, I am willing to believe she DID orchestrate it all. That woman isn’t savvy in the slightest.

        So it’s looking like Samantha was the one who took the money for the pics. So it’s looking like Samantha more or less pimped her father out to make some money off him, as well as trying to make money off her sister as well.

  70. cee says:

    I have a newfound respect for Mama Middleton and the way she restrained her family from doing what the Markles are doing.

    This whole situation sucks and I feel very sorry for her.

    • PrincessK says:

      Yes, now we know why Carole Middleton stopped family members from attending her daughters weddings, she even barred her brother’s wife.

  71. ennie says:

    I think is better for him not to attend if he wants to continue living a quiet life in Mexico. The pics that already are out of him,and the latter pics are more than enough.
    There are lots of US expats living calmly and comfortably, but being at that wedding would be calling too much attention upon himself. This pics thing hopefully will be the last.
    I hope he gets to see her and get in touch later. Everything will be alright.

    • KBB says:

      I think it’s a lot worse if he doesn’t go. If he shows up and walks her down the aisle the attention will die down a lot quicker than if he bails. I can already imagine all the stories about Meghan’s heartbreak and her bittersweet wedding day. It’ll be a part of the story about their wedding forever if he doesn’t show up.

      • Tourmaline says:

        Agree. I think about Jackie/JFKs wedding and the heartbreak of her dad Jack Bouvier collapsing drunk hours before the wedding and needing to have her stepdad walk her down the aisle last minute. And there are other royal examples such as Maxima in the Netherlands crying during the tango played during her wedding because her father couldn’t attend due to his role in a brutal dictatorship. It casts a shadow not just on the day but on everyone’s memory of the day.

  72. mela says:

    I hope Megan keeps her future children far away from the Markles. If they will sell out their own sister / daughter, they will sell out her future children as well.

  73. Jenn says:

    Omg the sister seems unable to contain her happiness at orchestrating this.
    Jealousy is SO ugly.
    I feel so bad for Meghan Markle.

    • PrincessK says:

      The half sibling sister is totally consumed with jealously and sadly the gutter press are helping her fuel it.

  74. Maria says:

    Sad if he indeed had a heart attack. A worry for Meghan on her big day. I hope Charles does the honours especially as he is close to Harry.

  75. ninjacat says:

    In time, this father drama will be a blip, and everyone will remember a beautiful wedding and radiant couple. The Royals play the long game. People/life can be messy, and no one knows the future. Meghan may not have fully realized how weak her father is, but I think she had an inkling. He’s not a bad person, just weak. Weak people act out of fear, which manifests in all kinds of dumb, hurtful ways. It also makes a lot of work for other people (to clean up their messes).

    My niece’s mum threw a fit for some ridiculous reason and left town the morning of her daughter’s wedding. No mum there, just dad – my brother. It was heartbreaking at the time, but my niece had a lovely wedding. And I never think about that woman now or what she did. I don’t wish her any ill either, because she has to live with herself. There’s no way that’s any fun.

    My mother once told me, “Be kind to dumb animals.” I didn’t understand this for many years. But it is definitely sage advice.

    • A says:

      @ninjacat, this is very lovely. I think the same. I think that by the end of the wedding day, all of this will be a distant, unhappy memory and people will wonder what the fuss was all about

    • PrincessK says:

      I hope so too. I will be in Windsor on Friday to do a recce to find the best spot along the route. I am trying to not let all this stop me from being excited.

  76. jeanne says:

    i think prince charles should walk her down the aisle if she doesn’t feel comofortable by herself or with her mom. he doesn’t have a daughter and i know he’s walked other women down the aisle. it would show solidarity with his son and his bride and, if anything, charles knows how to be dignified. that man would show everyone how it’s done with a haughty “just test me boos, smirk at my daughter in law” face

  77. Tourmaline says:

    Honestly I put some blame on the Kensington Palace PR staff. They are supposedly top drawer professionals doing PR for some of the most visible people in the world—they didn’t note LONG AGO that Thomas Markle’s “pap snaps” were set ups???? This is a huge PR disaster mere days ahead of the royal wedding. They should have nipped this in the bud and either a) brought TM into the fold–ensconced him in one of Charles’s cottages or something to stabilize him and protect him from view weeks before the wedding or b) Never said he was coming in the first place.

    • KBB says:

      This is what I’m confused about. Anyone could see those photos were staged. He was being “measured for his tux” outdoors, FFS. He carried on with the photo ops for weeks, up until this weekend when he dropped off the flowers. Did they not try and get him to stop?

      And why would they release that statement when he was so obviously in on it? Did he lie to them and deny it? Were they trying to wrangle control of the situation and discourage outlets from publishing the photos?

    • E says:

      Well-said, Tourmaline. As someone who works in communications/PR, this is poor PR management from Kensington Palace.

    • PrincessK says:

      Yes, that would have been the best way, it could have calmed his nerves down and I am sure Doria could have helped because they are supposed to be on good terms.

  78. virginfangirl says:

    Her father and her half-siblings (on her fathers side) seem like train wrecks. I dated/lived with a guy through most of my twenties whose family was a drama filled mess, so I feel for Harry as it was extremely stressful & difficult on me to deal with them. Maybe I’m just tainted from my own bad experience, but I think she should just distances herself from them.

    • Bee says:

      It’s no surprise her father’s choices have been suspect, when it sounds like he’s had that bitter jealous toxic half-sister in his ear. He should have gone to London a fortnight ago, chilled out in a nice apartment, got a suit made by the finest there is, walk her down the aisle, and then be allowed to fade back to the obscurity he desires. The media making tempting offers and the freaky family surrounding him put end to that.

  79. Guest says:

    Her dad is still talking to TMZ. He’s still having chest pains and he may go to the hospital. At this point I think TMZ is paying him. Ugh…

    • KBB says:

      He also told them that she hasn’t gotten in touch with him since the news broke that he wasn’t going. He obviously did not warn her or tell her directly that he was bailing.

      KP is pushing the story that Meghan is concerned and heartbroken, but him saying she hasn’t reached out completely undermines that. Does he really not see how much harm he is doing when he opens his mouth? And why hasn’t KP muzzled him yet?!

  80. Mads says:

    Something is off about this. A photo op would not set them into a panic, not after dealing with Pippa for years. Something else is going on.

    • G says:

      Highly doubt they are in a panic. This is really not a big deal compared to scandals the brf have gone through. Plus the public loves a royal wedding and Harry’s will be the last big one for awhile. It sucks for meghan and probably very sad and hurtful. I have seen a lot of sympathy on Twitter for her and one of the royal Correspondents said they imagine Meghan will have the British public will support her during this.

  81. Racer1 says:

    Does anyone have the receipts on why he wasnt in London weeks ago? I’d also like to know why her stylist has been there since the 1st but not her mum or dad?

    • morrigan01 says:

      Uh, her mom has a JOB. She works. She can’t just drop everything and head over to London, which is 5000 miles away at any old time. In the states, you usually only get two vacation weeks a year, standard (not counting National Holidays).

      I don’t know how it is in any other country, but a 3-week vacation is only something people who actually OWN a business can do.

      Her stylist, meanwhile, is, you know, on Meghan’s payroll. Styling Meghan is her JOB. SO she flew in to do work.

      As for her dad, well. Considering everything he’s done lately, including allowing Samantha to use him to try and shake Meghan down for cash, I think it’s becoming increasingly clear that she was wary of her dad and likely talking to him and trying to get prepared first. In hindsight, it a damn good thing he and Harry never met face to face. He probably would have sold any info or things Harry said to him, just like he is now with continuing to give TMZ updates over his oh-I-totally-had-one-even-if-I-was-spotted-at-McDonald-and-KFC-on-the-day-I-said-I-had-one-heart-attack “condition.” Seems he’s able to update TMZ about this stuff first and not, you know, his DAUGHTER. That whole side of her family (her father’s side) are looking more and more like a bunch of grifters. No wonder Doria divorced his ass and got her baby away from these people as best she could.

    • Cher says:

      Allegedly, Doria just quit her job, so her employment status is no longer an issue. With all this mess, she should be by her daughter’s side right comforting her. Someone get her on a plane!
      Kensington Palace must be in tizzy, poor Jason!!!

      • morrigan01 says:

        Are the people saying she quit her job the same people who said she did an interview with Oprah, which turned out to not be true? (Oprah’s people flat out denied it when asked).

        When it comes to the tabloids, I don’t trust them wrt news about Doria at all. They’ve been disparaging her and trying to embarrass her from day one, especially with all the blatantly racist talk about her dreadlocks and living in Compton (when she actually lives in View Park-Windsor Hills). So no, until I hear she quit her job from a REAL news outlet, I have no reason to think otherwise that she’s still working and probably can’t fly out until midweek likely, at the earliest.

  82. Wetzi says:

    Harry pushing this marriage makes so much sense. He is in saviour mode and he wants to stick it to all the nay sayers. He wnats to save her from her horrible family, he wants to proof everyone wrong. Yeah won´t work out but hey it´s fun.

    Her s#tty family. What trashshow I bet the royal family told him to wait and to know her and her family better, but all the hate Meghan got from the press and the rasists made him go into saviour mode. Asking her to marry him after such a short long-distance relationship without having met her family or even lived together makes so much sense now.

    Oh the memories, when i was 17 i thought about running away with my then bf. Everyone hated him, my parents, my friends. It was us againt the world. God, i wanted him so bad. Harry is in this phase now.

    I give it 5 years maximum. Harry may try to work it out a little longer just to avoid all the “i told you so”.

    • C. Remm says:

      I’m so sorry, but Harry is 33 and Meghan 36, they cannot be compared to you at 17.
      Queen Letizia is divorced and allegedly had an abortion. Sophia of Sweden was allegedy a hostess. Queen Maximas father played an important role in the regime of Jorge Rafael Videla and was excluded from her wedding. Mette-Marit brought a child into the marriage to Haakon of Norway. So please, stop pretending that Meghan is just sooooo awful and that Harry doesn’t know what he wants.

      I have read statements like yours several times on twitter and it’s getting so boring.

      Harry knew exactly what qualifications the woman he wants to share his life with has to have. It’s the same with George Clooney choosing Amal. It’s because they can move in these circles, they don’t start fangirling when they meet somebody like Barack Obama. They are not easily intimidated.

    • Natalie S. says:

      Or Meghan is a financially independent grown woman who had already saved herself from her Markle relations.

      By marrying Harry, the tabloid press allowed her relations a way to get to Meghan. Harry isn’t saving her, instead until the press stop exploiting this, Harry’s fame has basically reconnected Meghan with her terrible family.

      Maybe they are two people who fell in love and now they’re dealing with the obstacles.

  83. Tessa says:

    According to BIs he was pushed into it by the DM – he refused and was blackmailed by another pap. DM got salty an exposed it.

  84. Lynn London says:

    Thomas Markle was never intended to be at the wedding. The paps pictures were staged with the help of Kensington palace to give credence to the events of yesterday . This entire debacle was staged from the get go. Had Thomas been invited and expected to attend his presence in London would have been seen far earlier in order to get acquainted with Protocol. You do not attend a royal wedding on the day of…. there are months of prep involved. Note….. he had no input even at the engagement. This debacle is a ruse to explain away his absence on Saturday.