Jenna Fischer didn’t watch A Quiet Place, couldn’t see John and Emily in peril

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Jenna Fischer, who unsuccessfully tried to make towel fashion happen last month, shared a sweet story about how her TV hubby, John Krasinski (aka Jim), changed her recent date night plans with her real-life sweetie.

During an interview with People, Jenna gave an unexpected reason as to why she’s avoided seeing John’s latest movie, A Quiet Place. Jenna said she was out with her husband, Lee Kirk, when she had second thoughts about buying a ticket to the film.

“My husband and I were there, and we were ready to buy a ticket, and I got scared. I like scary movies, but this is so weird. I was so scared to see John and Emily [Blunt] in peril, because they are my real friends. I got scared. And so, I’m trying to gear up. And I think I need to go see it during the day.”

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I think that’s so cute. Also cute is Jenna attempting some sort of British/Australian accent for People. It’s just how she entertains her kids when she reads them stories. I also think it’s great that she and John have had a lasting friendship since their days together on The Office. Back in 2015, John told Glamour that he and Jenna were still the best of friends, stating, “I see Jenna all the time. I love her husband, Lee, and their kids are amazing, so we get together a bunch.”

I wonder if Jenna and the gorgeous Oliver Hudson are going to forge as close of a friendship as she and John have. They’re on their way, as their sitcom Splitting Up Together has been picked up for a second season by ABC. I can totally see that happening, as they both are so darn likable.

ABC TCA Winter 2018 Party

ABC TCA Winter 2018 Party

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  1. Lexter says:

    Jenna’s character in Blades of Glory and Oliver Hudson from Scream Queens – make a film about them together! Would watch.

  2. Slowsnow says:

    I looked up who her husband was and found out that he directed The Giant Mechanical Man.

    Let me tell you that that film made me cry my eyeballs out. Just talking about it… Ahhhhhh.

  3. Nicole says:

    So glad they have a solid friendship and that it extended to their families. Cute

  4. Lucy2 says:

    I didn’t realize they were still so close, that’s really nice.
    I like Jenna a lot, but I haven’t seen her new show yet. Any good? I saw that it got renewed.

    • elimaeby says:

      I find it to be cute escapism. Nothing terribly deep, but as Corey said, both she and Oliver are incredibly likeable and watchable. And the kids on the show aren’t annoying, which is always a plus for me (I hate overly-precocious children in shows). Worth a glance when you’ve run out of your staples.

    • LooseSeal says:

      I gotta put in a plug for that show too. She and Oliver Hudson are ADORABLE! Either could become a charicature so easily, but the writing is good and both the actors are so genuine and generous with each other, they feel like real people and you root for them. In fact, I like this pairing even more than Jim and Pam (to be fair I never thought Jim deserved Pam 😂)

  5. G6 says:

    Queue John saying something obnoxious about how, you know we’re just acting right? and btw were not that close in real life… in 3,2,1

  6. APo says:

    @ G6: Does he do that about his office co-stars? Or specifically Jenna? I’m curious. Thou protest too much might come to mind…