Were Meghan Markle’s wedding-day Cartier jewelry pieces bought or loaned?

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The new Duchess of Sussex wore some notable pieces of jewelry on her wedding day. Of course people were obsessed with the Queen Mary Diamond Bandeau tiara which came straight from the Queen’s jewelry vault. Of course people were interested and moved by the fact that Prince Harry gave Meghan his mother’s large aquamarine ring after the wedding ceremony. Of course people wanted to see the simple Welsh gold wedding band that Harry put on Meghan’s finger. But I was also interested in the other pieces of jewelry Meghan wore: namely, the bracelet during the wedding ceremony, and the two pairs of earrings she wore, one pair for the wedding ceremony and one pair for the post-reception party. As it turns out, all of those pieces were Cartier.

When she walked down the aisle to marry Prince Harry in St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle on May 19, Meghan accessorized her boatneck Givenchy Haute Couture gown with two other diamond pieces by Cartier. For her earrings, the new duchess went with a pair of simple white gold and diamond studs, and on her right arm, she wore a 10.11 carat bracelet constructed with over 150 individual diamonds, valued at $155,000.

To complement her silk open back gown created by Stella McCartney Meghan wore a pair of 18-karat white gold Cartier chandelier earrings, which retail for $68,000 according to Cartier’s website (each set has a total of 1.89 carats of diamonds).

[From People]

One of the little factoids I remember about Kate Middleton’s wedding was that her parents gave her a pair of diamond earrings, which she wore on her wedding day. I thought that was such a thoughtful gift from her parents. I bring that up because… I still don’t know if these Cartier pieces are now Meghan’s or if she borrowed them. Did Cartier lend them to her? Are they pieces from the Queen’s collection which the Queen let her borrow? I don’t think the latter is the case at all – the Cartier pieces seem to be newer pieces, so either Cartier loaned those pieces to Meghan or someone bought them. Did she buy them? Did Harry? Did Charles? I want to know.

The newly married Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, leaving Windsor Castle after their wedding to attend an evening reception at Frogmore House, hosted by the Prince of Wales

The newly married Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, leaving Windsor Castle after their wedding to attend an evening reception at Frogmore House, hosted by the Prince of Wales

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are married in St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle

Photos courtesy of Alexi Lubomirski for Kensington Palace, Pacific Coast News and WENN.

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  1. LAK says:

    The Cartier studs worn with wedding dress are her personal pieces. She wore them during the engagement period. Can’t recall which engagement specifically, but they are definitely repeats.

    ETA: Google says she wore them at an Invictus event in London in April. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5641477/Prince-Harry-Meghan-Markle-arrive-Invictus-Games-reception.html

    • LizLemonGotMarried (aka The Hufflepuff Liz Lemon) says:

      LAK, I thought you were referencing the ex and the current with “which engagement” and I was simultaneously dying and horrified at the shade. Then I realized you were referring to public engagements and I felt like an idiot.

    • Spicecake38 says:

      If I had the $$$ to throw at a pair of earrings the ones she wore with her wedding gown are perfect IMO.She invested very well with the purchase of those stud earrings-simple,elegant,timeless,just like Meghan. I have some lovely pieces of jewelry too,and I always always gravitate to stud earrings and large yet simple rings and I always only wear one.So to me Meghan not only looked elegant she also really looked like she stayed true to her personal sense of style.I can’t even comment on any of these Royal posts guys because you’ve all said it all since Saturday.I really really like them both,even my husband thought it a touching ceremony and that the bride looks timeless and classic Hooray 😁 for them!

      • savu says:

        I LOVED the wedding studs. Timeless and classic, but just different enough to be modern and unique. I’d buy them in a heartbeat!

      • Snappyfish says:

        Now I could be wrong but I thought the earrings she wore during the wedding matched the necklace her mother wore and I thought it sweet and poignant. I am now scouring photos to prove myself right (hopefully)

    • Ellaus says:

      And the Cartier bracelet and bight earribgs cannot be a loan. She is not allowed to accept loans, presents or freebies. So anything she wears from now on is bought. It is said Charles gave Kate a bracelet as a present, maybe he was equally génerous with Meghan. Maybe she bought herself the earrings.

  2. Lorelei says:

    Is this the kind of thing that we will eventually learn? Does the palace address things like this? Or will we never know…

  3. Astrid says:

    I’m finally getting the jewelry porn thing! My god I’d love to be decked out for a fabulous wedding! Have I been hiding under a rock?

  4. Becks1 says:

    She has worn the ceremony earrings before (remember there was a lot of talk about how she should not have worn expensive earrings like that to an event?)

    There is a popular theory (that is probably true) that Charles gave Kate a diamond bracelet for a wedding gift. If so, then my guess is that the bracelet Meghan wore is also a gift from Charles. I would not be surprised if the ceremony earrings and reception earrings were also gifts (maybe ceremony earrings a Christmas gift from Harry and reception earrings a wedding gift.)

    Meghan may have bought them herself of course.

    I don’t think royals borrow things, do they?

    • Aloe Vera says:

      That was my thought, royals don’t borrow items.

    • Green Girl says:

      “I don’t think royals borrow things, do they?”

      MTE, Becks. I mean, of course Meghan and Kate will borrow pieces from the Queen’s vault. But it’s one thing to borrow something from QEII’s collection (can you even imagine?!) and another to borrow an item from a company. I thought the royal family couldn’t accept freebies and so on, and I would assume that would extend to borrowing items from companies.

      • LAK says:

        There is absolutely no rule to accept the Queen’s loaners.

        Diana borrowed the Spencer family tiara from her brother, and Fergie borrowed her tiara from Garrard’s which was subsequently purchased for her.

        As the Queen’s vault is so extensive, it’s ridiculous that one would borrow from outside, but there is no rule forbidding any of the ladies from borrowing from a friend or their family.

      • Becks1 says:

        Yeah I know they can borrow from the queen and such, and I guess no one says they “cant” borrow from companies, but I would be very surprised if Meghan borrowed jewelry for her wedding, since it seems like borrowing from private companies isn’t really done anymore, even if it was done 30 years ago.

      • Onerous says:

        How does the lending from the Queen to the other royals work? Does the Queen select an assortment for them to choose from, as she sees fit? I would assume that no one has full reign except the Queen herself. But I know that Camilla has worn tiaras that were once the Queen’s favorites, but are likely too heavy now. Did she loan them to Camilla because she wants to see them worn?

        I need to know the jewelry protocol, lol! Like, at tiara events where Meghan and Kate are in attendance, does Meghan’s have to be smaller than Kate’s? Is there size protocol?

      • Bridget says:

        Camilla’s go-to tiara wasn’t a favorite of the Queen, and hadn’t been worn in a long time. QE2 has several tiaras that are major pieces, that are exclusively her use and will eventually be passed down for Camilla’s use when the queen passes. And yes, this is all at QE2’s discretion, though it’s likely that some input is taken from the wearer. She has a pretty significant jewel vault, and there are a lot of pieces that date to Queen Mary that haven’t been worn much or at all since she passed. You can see why, when you look at the Work QE2 has commissioned for herself – she has pretty terrible taste in jewels.

      • Onerous says:

        Bridget – Her go-to was the Queen Mother’s right? That kind of lacy looking one that’s quite large?

        But she’s worn the Fringe Tiara, hasn’t she? Or am I imagining that?

      • LAK says:

        Camilla primarily wears the Queenmother’s jewellery that was inherited by Charles and or wears pieces with a strong association to the Queen mother.

        There is no tiara-size-according-to-status protocol. You wear whatever you have or can borrow. If it turns out that you have a Mantua of a tiara vs the Queen’s more discreet-sized tiara, so be it.

      • Bridget says:

        I really don’t think Camilla has ever worn the Fringe.

        And while there isn’t a size ‘rule’ (the Cambridge Lovers Knot is pretty substantially sized) I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Camilla is given access to larger pieces, as the Princess of Wales. Plus, she pulls them off. I find it interesting that QE2 adheres to the idea of one wearer of a tiara per generation. While all the royal houses have big gun pieces reserved for the Queen, you usually see other pieces worn by multiple pieces.

        Queen Mary had a LOT of jewelry, and wore tiaras to a lot of places (reportedly even including dinner at home) so she had a lot of smaller pieces as well as the big guns.

      • LAK says:

        Camilla wears The Dehli Durbar, The Greville and her own Cubitt-Shand family tiara.

        I don’t think she suits her family tiara. Her hair is too big for it. She suits the big tiaras.

      • Bridget says:

        Yep, the Greville was the one I referenced. And I love it on her, she somehow carries off that massive wall of diamonds.

    • Eliza says:

      Crown Princess Mary of Denmark borrows a tiara from a jeweler. The laurel looking one. She’s used it several times.

      I know it’s a different court but I think it’s not forbidden. Just not encouraged.

      • Bridget says:

        The Danes don’t have nearly as many tiaras in their collections in the first place. You will see a very occasional loan of a tiara from a jeweler (as with the Midnight tiara, and I think Queen Rania Of Jordan has done it as well) but it’s with wearers who don’t have the same breadth of a collection.

  5. Capepopsie says:

    I love the aquamarine ring and I think it suits her so well!

  6. nnire says:

    Was the bracelet Diana’s as well? My royal obsessed mother seems to think so, anyway!

  7. Jello says:

    I’m more interested in the deal Sparkle’s got going with Birks. Meg wore 12,000 dollar earrings to her rehearsal from Birks, Mama Doria wore all Birks jewellery at the wedding and her bestie Jessica also wore 4 grand worth of Birks jewellery at the wedding. There’s definitely some sort of deal going on between Birks and Sparkle (via Jessica possibly). Not British so I don’t know, but isn’t that somehow verboten?

    • kiddo says:

      Jessica Mulroney is her stylist. Jessica Mulroney is also a stylist for Birks.
      I’d say it’s all just easier for Jessica Mulroney this way.

    • Jenna says:

      I think she had some sort of unofficial relationship with Birks, especially during Suits. I remember her writing about them on the Tig, I think it was the stackable rings post.

      I like them, they’re a good company and source sustainable metals and cruelty-free Canadian diamonds.

    • MagpieSassyPants says:

      I wondered the same after seeing those earrings, which I honestly thought were a bit inappropriate for daytime, and I like Meghan very much, I just thought it was bad optics to wear them the day before the wedding. That being said, it seems Meghan isn’t afraid to wear jewelry like Kate seems to be, which is wonderful for this Magpie!

      The Birks earrings I think she may have purchased, possibly at a discount via Jessica. The Cartier studs are much pricier, and I think they were a gift from Charles or Harry. I think the bracelet and larger earrings are a gift from Charles.

  8. aaa says:

    I definitely don’t think that Meghan got married in jewelry borrowed from a jeweler, I even doubt if it is a loan from the Queen or another royal. IMO the jewelry is hers, who knows how it was acquired, i.e., she purchased them or they were a gift, but I think it is her property.

    • Lahdidahbaby says:

      I love thinking that the diamond bracelet was a gift from Charles, since he gifted Kate a similar one for her wedding.

  9. PlayItAgain says:

    All I know is that tiara is one of the prettiest things I’ve ever seen. Gorgeous.

    • MousieBrown says:

      I loved it! With the simple gown, that tiara and the elaborate veil were perfection.

    • minx says:

      There are some tiaras that look gaudy or overdone but that one was perfection. The size was just right for Meghan, she looked stunning.

      • LAK says:

        Queen Mary had a really good eye for jewellery design. Ditto Queen Alexandra and Prince Albert. Actually, i’ll throw in David and Diana too.

        They received and or purchased alot of jewellery and tended to design, redesign them or improve upon them. It’s rare to see any of their pieces that is bad.

        The current Queen has a tin eye for jewellery design. Every piece she designs is not just bad, it’s hideous.

        Disclaimer: by *design* i mean that the designs they pick from the range presented to them by their jewellery makers / designers NOT that they themselves put come up with the actual designs.

      • Onerous says:

        @LAK -I’ve often wondered about this – the Queen seems dismissive of/not interested in the jewelry.

        On the other hand, I recall in a documentary, Charles walking down a portrait gallery and in almost every portrait he pointed out what jewels the people were wearing. He seemed not only knowledgeable but interested in them.

        Although we know he and Diana had a tense marriage – I’ve often wondered if he didn’t foster her rather large collection.

      • LAK says:

        Dammit autocorrect / predictive text!!

        Onerous: Charles loves a bejewelled woman. He isn’t cheap at all, has good eye. He showered both Camilla AND Diana with jewels. And he gave Kate a beautiful bracelet and earrings that she wore often in her early marriage. I wager he’s done the same for M.


        I think the recent documentary about the Queen’s coronation made it very clear how much she isn’t interested in jewels. She was both dismissive and utterly uninterested in design, history etc

        She’s like her daughter Anne…dogs and horses.

      • minx says:

        LAK—I do recall seeing that about TQ. Jewelry is defintiely not her thing.

      • Evie says:

        @lak: ,,I think the recent documentary about the Queen’s coronation made it very clear how much she isn’t interested in jewels. She was both dismissive and utterly uninterested in design, history etc>>

        Which is the height of irony considering the Queen’s jewelry collection, LOL!


        I can’t blame her for that; I have dogs and horses myself BUT I also love my jewelry! Loved Meghan’s pieces at the wedding. Diana’s aquamarine ring did look too big for her though, Meghan is very fine boned and delicate. Not that I think that should stop her from wearing it, mind you. It reminded me of another Elizabeth’s massive jewelry collection: Elizabeth Taylor. Liz Taylor loved big gaudy jewelry and although she was only 5’4″ had large hands and fingers – and was buxom, as well so she could carry off the larger jewelry. Meghan looks dainty.

  10. Tiddlesbored says:

    Royals cannot wear borrowed clothes or jewelry. Either they own them, are family jewels or family gifts. I think all royal families have strict rules on that.

  11. Fishface says:

    Maybe they were a gift from Amal and George – which would explain the seating arrangements. I’m not serious btw

  12. Tea Bags, baby! says:

    I think basically she’s blowing all her actress money. Like she never has to worry again theoretically, Prince Harry has a large personal fortune, and she made so much money on Suits, so she can really just spend it if she wants. I wonder if she gets like, syndication money, or something.

    • duchess of hazard says:

      @Tea Bags, baby!

      Yeah, I think once you hit the magical 100th episode, the syndication money comes in.

    • Onerous says:

      I just had this wonderance – generally when couples get serious they have all kinds of discussions about finances, etc. How does that go when you’re marrying into the BRF?

      And then we hear that Harry hurt his arm changing a lightbulb for Meghan – I mean, I’m sure there are people for that? But how is that handled – they live in a private residence in a palace – what are the maintenance rules. Eugenie was just given a cottage at Kensington – do they pay to live there? Every question begets more questions, lol.

      • LAK says:

        Onerous, it remains as Downton Abbey as you imagine.

      • Tea Bags, baby! says:

        I imagine it’s just easier to just change a bulb on your own then to ring someone to change it. Like I would be so embarrassed to do that. I don’t think they have servants hanging near them 24/7 like back in the day because that would just be weird, always having someone in your apartment. Especially for Meghan, who didn’t have a household staff before coming to the UK. I bet like the cleaning etc. come through Kensington every day at a certain time and that’s it.

      • Onerous says:

        @Tea Bags – I agree – but then you also consider the historical significance of the residences themselves – like, do they just trust anyone to undo the fixtures and replace the bulbs? These are the things I wonder, lol.

  13. Harla says:

    The royals have many friends who are quite wealthy and seem to enjoy giving the ladies of the family jewelry as wedding gifts. As I recall the ruby necklace Kate wore with the black velvet gown not long after her wedding, was from a “family friend”.


    However, since Meghan wore the bracelet during the ceremony and the earrings for the evening reception leads me to believe that they were a gift from Charles and wearing them so prominently was a sweet gesture.

    • Becks1 says:

      That’s one of my all time favorite Kate looks. I wish she had pulled her hair back to show off that necklace, but her hair looks great so whatever.

      I don’t think we’ve seen the necklace again have we?

      Makes you wonder what other jewelry she got for a wedding gift (and now Meghan.)

      • Imqrious2 says:

        Same here. LOVED that necklace. You know, perhaps it can be turned into a sweet tiara for Charlotte when she’s a bit older, and needs a “starter” model 😊

      • Harla says:

        I agree Imqrious2, I’ve often thought that this necklace would make a stunning tiara! I wonder why we haven’t seen it since this wearing? Kate’s had ample opportunities to wear it but instead borrows pieces from HM.

  14. Zondie says:

    Her jewelry looked perfect with the clean lines of that dress. And that gorgeous aquamarine ring really flattered her.

  15. KBB says:

    I have so many questions about Diana’s jewelry collection. I’ve seen a few articles saying Harry gave Meghan Diana’s ring, but that doesn’t mean actually gifted, correct? If something were to happen and they divorced, the ring stays with Harry and William, right? And while they’re married is it just hers, or does it stay with Diana’s collection? I’ve read Diana’s jewelry went to William and Harry, was it divided up with each son getting certain pieces or do they jointly own it all?

    • Imqrious2 says:

      It would depend on how they have it set up: outright gift, or stays in the family in case of divorce or death.

    • MousieBrown says:

      If he gives it as a gift, it’s hers. Just like Diana owned her engagement ring.

      I read somewhere that she left her jewelry to her sons with them to decide how they handle it.

  16. Laura says:

    Although I think the wedding, jewellery and bride were all beautiful, does anyone else think the obscene amount of money spent on this event was kind of obnoxious considering the vast amount of poverty in this world, including the UK? There are people who work full-time yet still struggle to provide the basics for themselves and their families. There are people who are sick but cannot afford proper care or medicine. People who are struggling out on the streets. Etc, etc. But here we are fawning over a woman who claims to be a humanitarian yet wore two dresses worth approximately ten years’ worth of pay for the average person in the UK?! Really?!

    I’m not saying people shouldn’t have weddings or nice things but I don’t really understand why, as a society, we idolize and obsess over the ultra-wealthy (such as the royals who do not do anything even remotely close to something worth the millions they receive from tax payers)…these ultra-rich people are held up as somehow “better” than the rest of us – why? Because they have a lot of money? Is one’s value held in their material wealth? It seems that it is – and increases with one’s level of celebrity.

    I am sure some people will think I am jealous or being sour about the wedding. I am neither. I am simply curious as to why there needs to be such massive attention given to royals/celebrities when they do not really do a lot to aid humanity, beyond displaying their immense wealth/resources, show up in expensive clothing/cars/jewellery to charitable events, etc. My respect and admiration goes to ordinary people doing their jobs (such as the oncologist working hard to treat cancer patients, the bus driver working to get people to where they need to go, the garbage collector ensuring the trash makes it to the landfill, etc) without receiving ridiculous sums of money/privilege or shoving their lifestyles in the faces of those who do not have as much as them.

    There is just something gross about the worship of the super wealthy/famous.

    • KBB says:

      I mean this in the nicest way possible but, why are you here if you find the lifestyles of royals and celebrities so gross? This site is about celebrities and their lives. If you want to read about oncologists and garbage collectors, this is not the place to do it.

      As for why other people enjoy reading about it, because it’s an escape. Why do I want to read about the stressful lives of others when I’ve got enough stress of my own? Life is stressful enough, a mental break from that is good and healthy, IMO. If I spent my free time reading about cancer and garbage collectors, I think I’d be pretty miserable. It is nice to decompress. I read celebrity gossip for the same reason I watch fictional TV and movies over only watching documentaries about the environment, Syria, and starving children.

    • Sunny says:

      I have no quarrel with this. Events cost money. And that money eventually goes to the economy in the form of goods and employment. Think of the thousands of people who were employed for the event and who got money and how they will spend that money. To put it in perspective Trumps inauguration was $90 million and Obama’s was $170 million. Even the annual super bowl and events surrounding it cost those cities lots of money. Mardi Gras celebration costs in the neighborhood of $100 million yearly. Fortunately it brings in about 5 times that in revenue. I’m sure the city of Windsor benefited from this event, financially and it likely added to it’s reputation on the world stage. It’s estimated that it will inject $500 million to Britain’s economy.

  17. Lainey says:

    My money’s on Charles. He is said to have bought Kate a big set of jewelry as well for her wedding. The big emerald earrings she has worn a couple of times are said to be part of the set he bought her. So I wouldnt be surprised if he did it for Meghan as well.

    • JustBitchy says:

      This. Charles knows ladies like jewels. Look at Cam! Bless her bejeweled soul. Her Grace Meghan is not shy about wearing fine jewelers – even pre wedding. Kate is always wearing very common pieces likely from cheap WorkSky Willy. Kiki McDonough is for the masses. If you are going to go with jewelry go big/real/rare. Have fewer quality pieces.

      • LAK says:

        The two people from whom Kate purchases her jewels have said that Kate buys her own jewellery. It’s lost in the noise about everything else. William’s contribution appears to be Kate’s black Amex and even that is really Charles’s gift!!!

      • Guestt says:

        I don’t remember Meghan wearing fine jewellery worth thousands of pounds a pop (5k plus) before her engagement/pre Harry days. If she was doing this before then I would say they are her own pieces. But it’s more likely her new Cartier pieces were gifts from Harry and now Charles.

        As for Diana’s personal pieces… if anything were to happen, I guess Harry or Wills would want her jewellery back, no? Kate’s worn a lot of Diana’s jewellery, so it is nice that Harry’s wife will be wearing her pieces too.

        William doesn’t gift her anything? Do we know that for sure? I like that Harry’s been buying Meghan jewellery, but if Wills never does the same for Kate… it’s a little weird. He doesn’t have to gift her everything (it’s nice to have the money to buy your own fine jewellery), although a few personal pieces gifted here and there are romantic.

      • Enn says:

        I was a jeweler for a dozen years and mix high and low. For instance, I wear my antique Old Mine cut solitaire and matched eternity wedding bands with a brass cuff I found at a flea market.

        Don’t get me wrong, if I had princess money I’d own quite a bit of Cartier and Van Cleef, but I don’t judge how people mix their pieces. Jewelry should be fun.

      • Tourmaline says:

        Yeah I don’t think Willy is forking out for Kate’s jewels, even those boring Kiki McDonough gems she has in every color. He seems like a cheapy guy who is reluctant to touch his own money (i.e. the funds he inherited from Diana, etc.). I always remember when he and Kate were dating and he whined about how he couldn’t afford a vacation to some people who had a Mustique home and they immediately arranged for him to go and stay in their villa…

      • LAK says:

        Guestt: Let me rephrase my comment vis a vis William: with exception of one item, all the jewellery that Kate has worn in public, including during the dating years, has been purchased by her or gifts from family and friends.

        As a wife, the media keeps implying that William gave her various pieces of jewellery, and each time the jeweller has publicly stated that the piece under discussion was purchased by Kate herself or it was purchased/ gifted to the Middletons to pass along to Kate. That includes all the pieces that were said to be push presents.

        The one item is her Cartier watch.

  18. Muprhy says:

    All of her wedding jewelry was beautiful.

  19. Violet says:

    I noticed the bracelet during the ceremony and my guess is also with Charles and/or Harry, who logically figure Meghan will need significant pieces for state dinners home and abroad. Tiaras are a different matter, the Queen has many she can lend and not every evening gown event requires a tiara, either. But a few good pieces of her own are probably necessary and as wedding gifts she can keep them no matter what. I have seen Kate in diamond necklaces and bracelets that were said to be on loan from the Queen; ditto Diana in her heyday. But Diana also got a fabulous sapphire set as a wedding gift from one of the Arab nations, the Saudis I think, and those were her own to keep, no? So those may yet make an appearance.

    Minority opinion here on the aqua, though: I still think it too big for Meghan’s hand and although the stone itself is gorgeous, I just can’t hang with the size and proportion to hand.

    And on the subject of wealth, I read this morning that the E-Type Jaguar that they sped to the reception in, is valued at $350,000 – zero carbon emissions, LED headlights, battery/electric powered, yes, I get it, but . . . holy moly – $350K!

    • LAK says:

      £ not $. That puts it at nearly $500K.

      Charles has quite the classic car collection.

      • Violet says:

        @LAK – Yikes – I didn’t even think of the £ to $ thing!

      • Evie says:

        Yep and Wills should be nicer to Charles, LOL! After Saturday’s nuptials, it looks like Charles and Harry are now quite chummy :-)

    • what's inside says:

      I am hoping that we see the suite that was given to Diana from the Sultan of Oman. It was stunning.

      • Evie says:

        I’m a sapphire girl myself, and I seriously covet the sapphires gifted to Diana by the Sultan of Oman. I wonder if Wills or Harry got them?

  20. Taxi says:

    One of the TV commentators from either BBC or CBS said Meghan’s Cartier bracelet was a gift from Charles.

  21. tearose11 says:

    Yup, must be a gift from Charles, the bracelet. Maybe the long Cartier earrings which match the bracelet, are a gift from Harry or someone else? Could have been something given to her during the engagement as well.
    Def. not borrowed, the BRF doesn’t borrow jewellry unlike the Danes.

  22. khaveman says:

    I thought that diamond bracelet went perfectly with the style of the tiara. Gorgeous.

  23. Egla says:

    This family has a ton of jewelery at their disposal. Why don’t they use all those they have but keep buying new ones ( I mean for the big ones like big necklaces and big earrings). As for her I think she was gifted them and I hope she uses as many as possible. What’s the point of having the chance and not using them. I for one like that Camilla uses big pieces and carries them so good. Kate seems like a little girl with big stones on her. She looks like she is carrying a burden. She doesn’t seem to enjoy jewelery at all.
    I am not very found of the jewelery I can afford as it is the supper cheap one and it’s mostly ugly and fake looking but I have a couple of pieces that were gifted to me and I use them often. If I could I would be dripping in diamonds in an elegant way of course lol.