Samantha Markle tried to go after Doria Ragland for ‘cashing in’ on the wedding

Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

There were so many theatrics going into the royal wedding, it’s difficult to even summarize what was real and what wasn’t. Here’s something that was real: members of the Markle family showed their asses for months, doing the most to profit from Meghan’s wedding. They did so in the most negative ways possible, by denigrating Meghan publicly, over and over. They did so with the help of British media outlets, many of which paid the Markles for their “exclusives.” Then when everything reached a crescendo with Thomas Markle calling up TMZ on a daily basis, suddenly British media outlets feigned innocence and outrage on behalf of Meghan and Harry. Suddenly, the Markles were sellouts and terrible people.

So it’s my hope that this is the beginning of the end for all of these rogue relatives. They’ll still try to get attention, of course, because their connection to Meghan is literally the only thing they have. But it’s my hope that the melodrama from the British tabloids in particular starts to wane. We all know these people are trash: don’t give them the time of day.

With that in mind, Samantha Grant – Meghan’s half-sister – tweeted “Even Doria cashed in talking to Oprah and some of the first photos out there only she could have had.” Samantha is out in the cold and coming after Doria Ragland, who did nothing but behave with grace and dignity as her ex-husband’s trashy kids embarrassed and shamed her daughter. Besides, it doesn’t seem like Doria even gave that interview to Oprah anyway. Also: Samantha has been making money off of Meghan for a year and a half now. She’s disgusting.

And finally, you know how no one really knows if Thomas Markle actually did have a medical emergency? Yeah, well he was out getting a frappuccino on Monday.

Meghan Markle’s father might’ve missed his daughter’s wedding with Prince Harry, but he wasn’t missing his Starbucks while on the mend … broken hearts be damned. The Duchess’ dad, Thomas Markle, was in Rosarito, Mexico Monday stopping off at a Starbucks drive-thru — and seemingly walking away with a Frappuccino in hand, whipped cream and all. Mind you … Thomas just underwent heart surgery last week.

Now, we’re not doctors or anything … but for whatever reason, it doesn’t seem like a good idea to slurp up one of Bucks’ sweetest, calorie-packed beverages on the heels of a heart procedure — not to mention a very recent heart attack, too. That’s just us, though. Maybe he’s just celebrating the fact that Meghan’s wedding went off without a hitch, despite the fact he couldn’t be there. Consolation caffeine hits the spot, apparently.

[From TMZ]

I’ll say it: I don’t believe anything Thomas Markle has claimed at this point. I don’t believe him about his reasoning for setting up those photos. I don’t believe him about his heart situation. I don’t believe him about anything. I hope Meghan cuts them all off (as it sounds she like did long ago).

Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Official Wedding Photographs of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex

Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News.

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  1. Betsy says:

    I wouldn’t have any problem with Doria speaking with Oprah at some point. The Palace would talk to her about their limits, and she seems like a classy adult woman who isn’t out there for the fame thirst. She is the mother of an American woman married into the British Royal Family. That’s a neat story.

    And a one time interview with Oprah would be a heck of a lot different than rando relatives calling up random media outlets.

  2. Zapp Brannigan says:

    Going after Doria, who has conducted herself with dignity and poise, is a jab to get a reaction where nothing else worked. I hope both Meghan and Doria ignore this nonsense from Samantha.

    Also big yep, the dad is lying, being pictured slurping down an icy frap after heart surgery is classic.

    • Lahdidahbaby says:

      I so agree! Hell, he was pictured buying a Happy Meal at McDonald’s the very same week as his alleged surgery. I don’t believe a thing that guy says. He’s hardwired to TMZ and he didn’t pick up when Meghan called him just days before her wedding, when his attention-getting antics were causing her so much unnecessary angst while she had the world’s eyes on her.

      That whole side of Meghan’s family is crap, and it’s quite clear that Meghan benefitted well from Doria’s influence, her quiet grace and good judgment as Meghan was growing up.

    • lucy2 says:

      I agree – it’s also jealousy, as everyone commented on how lovely Doria was, and how poised and graceful she’s been about it all, and all the photos and tv time. Samantha is jealous she didn’t get to have her undeserved moment in the spotlight.

      That last photo of the whole family is so beautiful!

    • Where'sMyTiara says:


      Random aside about the photos – I love that the Queen chose a light green outfit and that it coordinates with Doria’s. Classy and fun, and a sweet subliminal way to welcome Doria into the fold as well.

      No wonder Samantha is chewing the scenery!

  3. Whatabout says:

    It looks like he’s handing the drink to someone else and isn’t driving? Getting a stent can mean you are in and out of the hospital fairly quickly. You can even feel really great right after.

    With that said I don’t think he ever planned on going to the wedding in the first place. He probably put off the procedure for awhile.

  4. Shannon says:

    Ugh, that family (other than Doria and Meghan, obvs) makes me want to puke.

  5. Juls says:

    Doria looks amazing. Thomas is trash and his kids are clearly fruit of the poisonous tree ( Meghan excluded obviously) Doria was their stepmother and they probably never accepted her or their half-sister that came out of Doria’s marriage to their father. Sometimes blended families just mix like oil and water. It happens.

    • Sophia's side eye says:

      I’m sure it didn’t help that Samantha used to refer to Doria as the maid, as per her own mother. That Samantha has been rotten to her core her whole life. It doesn’t surprise me that she and Meghan were never close, I’m sure there was a lot of jealousy coming from Sam, even though she was eighteen when Meghan was born.

      Doria is such a beauty, and a class act, Meghan is lucky to have her. They seem to be a lot alike.

      • Lorelei says:

        It is astonishing to me that not one of the Markles has the self-awareness to see how trashy and awful they are showing themselves to be to the world.

      • Sophia's side eye says:

        Lorelei, I feel like Thomas sets the example. I didn’t at first, when he wasn’t talking at all, but now that he’s got tmz on speed dial I can only think he was biding his time. He tried to make the entire wedding about himself. That family is trashy, there are a few who are saying nice things about Meghan, but they’re still all talking to the press. They give me such second hand embarrassment.

        Maybe it’s our reality tv culture here in the US. So many are willing to embarrass themselves for money, fame or attention.

  6. Lisa says:

    I can only imagine what a 25 year old Doria had to go through with Samantha at 18. The best thing to do is ignore them.

    • Lilly says:

      I’ve also thought about how young Doria was when she met Meghan’s dad and how little judgement I had at 24/25. My young,self radar for men lead to some poor choices. I like to think after that I also went on to be smarter and a good mom.

  7. Imqrious2 says:

    Time to dump the trash! Can we please not give anymore column space to these worthless relatives? Fire needs air, stop giving oxygen to these dumpster fire relatives, please!

    Lovey Doria (thanks OP from yesterday, I’m using this from now on! 😊) is the one person who would NEVER sell out her daughter. SHE is one I would like to hear from, that’s it!

    Thanks to all of you at Celebitchy, for the fantastic wedding coverage! I loved live Tweeting and reading here over the weekend!! BIG hugs to you for all your hard work!

    • Curryong says:

      Yes, absolutely! I’ve loved reading everything about the wedding on here too. As for Samantha, words fail me! She spent the day on the wedding with a TV crew in her home. Her own partner stated that ‘she is earning big bucks’. She will probably deny it as she’s denied some of her other nasty statements.
      I don’t think the Oprah interview is going ahead. However Doria’s dignity and grace is a thousand miles away from Samantha’s behaviour over the last year and a half. I just hope that eventually the trashy tabloids will forget about the deranged half sibling and concentrate on Harry and Meghan.

  8. Sherry says:

    1. Everyone should just ignore Meghan’s family from this point on – except for Doria. I love Doria and want to see her doing well.

    2. I think Thomas Markle had some kind of stent procedure. Judging from his size and his choice of food, it isn’t hard to believe his arteries are clogged and needing some help. That said, my late father had this procedure done and if memory serves, it was a day procedure and he was home in 24 hours. It’s not like when my father had bypass surgery and was in the hospital and recovery for two weeks.

    It’s also not inconceivable that someone has this procedure and keeps doing the things that got them in this clogged artery position in the first place. Most people want quick fixes and keep living their lives as they please instead of making real changes to their lifestyle.

    I see it all the time.

    • Peeking in says:

      Does anyone know what pictures Samantha Grant is talking about? Are there other pics out here that weren’t officially released from behind the scenes?
      Samatha had no credibility with me since I found out she changed her name back to Markle as soon as Meghan and Harry’s relationship became public. Trashy Sammy.

      • Peg says:

        She is talking out of her ass as usual.

      • Ellaus says:

        This woman is poisonous, but I suppose she is talking about pictures of Meghan’s early years, childhood, with her half siblings and father…. Pictures a mother would have at home…
        Just lies, and more lies to tarnish Doria…

        I still don’t know how Lovely Doria ® could be in the same room as this people… I do not think she would be giving any interview, even to to Oprah, because the backlash would be huge after all the privacy requests from Harry and Meghan…..
        Maybe in some years… (I’m hoping)

        Anyway… This people are trash, and giving them coverage is just putting wind under their wings, and cash in her pockets.

  9. Ratsy Pomona says:

    Ugh, this Samantha woman is such a vile, envious, duplicitous woman.

    To add a bit more icing to this jealousy cake, she’s changed her last name from Grant to Markle, gotten a tan and lip injections, and darkened her hair. I couldn’t imaging who she’s trying to emulate.

    I hope that she and the rest of the Markles are continued to be paid dust.

  10. Melania says:

    This Samantha person is so awful. A vulture indeed.

  11. Mousy B says:

    I really cant with these people – hopefully this is one of the last articles we see related to them and they crawl back into the hole they came from

  12. minx says:

    I believe nothing from Thomas and the rest of his trashy family.

  13. Toot says:

    Yeah, Thomas has been a let down, I know to Meghan. He always claims how much he loves Meghan, but I never understood why he didn’t release a statement condemning his children for all the mess they said about their sister, especially Samantha since she was always claiming she just spoke with him.

    Thomas was scheduled to be at the wedding because his name was still in the program, and not Charles because this mess went down so close to the wedding, so no conspiracy theory about he was never supposed to be there.

    Also, I see his buddies at TMZ are being shady towards him. Not surprised, but I never understood why he would talk to them anyway after being quiet for so long.

  14. BJ says:

    Oprah spending time with Doria doesn’t mean she’s going to do an interview with her.

  15. Mia4s says:

    If there is an interview it was done with full palace approval, otherwise there is no way Oprah would have made the guest list.

    The Markels are amateurs dealing with the utterly horrendous British media. They took money and ran their mouths and the media got headlines; but public support and sentiment stayed with Harry and Meghan. So now it is in the British media’s best interests to through the Markels under the bus. Good riddance.

    Depending on the procedure it is possible her father would be up and around. But if he’s out drinking frappachino a few days later? Well health is not his priority and they won’t have to worry about him for much longer.

  16. Elisa says:

    In the pics on the DM page he is carrying a plastic bag marked ‘personal possessions’. So I guess he indeed was in the hospital (or it’s a clever prop).

  17. NoShame says:

    The tabs and this family are just the worst. That coffee run photo was obviously staged for TMZ.
    And then having the audacity to come for a woman who has been nothing but graceful.
    I just….can’t.

    These people are undignified and thirsty AF…as are all the media outlets who happily made them famous and then feigned outrage at the thirstiness they helped facilitate.

    How ironic that the white side of the family is shady trash. I’m sure the sexist, racist tabs went hard for black mom first so they could be all “Ah Ha, black people don’t deserve to be part of the royal family!!!”

    And she didn’t bite. Seriously, Meghan and Doria are now actually the classiest members of the entire royal family. Haha!!

  18. HeyThere! says:

    Doria and Meghan are wonderful people! Keep taking that high road and let these idiots humiliate themselves!!! They will fade out soon. Everyone knows they are garbage humans.

  19. Christin says:

    If her father made up the hospitalization claims, that is a cruel level of attention seeking.

    If he didn’t want to deal with the scrutiny of attending the wedding, that’s one thing. But this ongoing phone call/photo opp deal with a tabloid site is baffling.

    I don’t think we’ve heard the last of him or the half-sister.

  20. Lala says:

    My bff had that heart procedure that Thomas Markle SUPPOSEDLY did last week…done in March…and she’s 40…I know that you can’t use a blanket template for everyone…but I can say, without a SHADOW of a doubt…that a week after having that procedure…you are NOT walking around buying Fraps with whip cream…you just had your chest sliced open…the ONLY thing you want to do…is…breath and live…I call BS on his heart surgery story…he didn’t want to be involved in the madhouse that was the Royal Wedding …didn’t want to be on his best behavior while millions of eyes were on him…and, let’s keep it real…Didn’t want to have Doria’s…WITHERING SIDE-EYE…eating him up every chance she got…and I don’t blame him for having THAT stance…I blame him for how he carried THAT STANCE OUT! It’s rarely WHAT you do…it’s usually…HOW YOU DO IT!

    • Ghaia says:

      Lala. Sorry but then your friend had a different operation. No chest needs to be cut open for putting stents in. That is the beauty of this operation. You can be up and moving a day or few days later. Still I don’t know any doctor who would recommend any 10 hour flight to any patient who just had stets put in.

    • Linda says:

      Stents are put in by catheter. There is no slicing open. With stents you are up and about and home the next day. My husband had valve replacement open heart surgery. Then you are sliced open and you are in hospital and ICU for days.

  21. Digital Unicorn says:

    Pot meet Kettle! She’s angling for a free trip to England – the Fail has already reported that the new Duke and Duchess will be visiting Mexico at some point soon (at the end of their honeymoon) and that Thomas has already planned a trip to the UK so she’s trying to get an invite for herself. Am pretty sure that the palace/Chuck paid for Doria’s transport costs and they would have paid for his – the unhinged one is after some cash now that the media are going to ignoring her.

    As for his heart surgery, I don’t know what to make of that but I’m inclined to think it was a ruse to hide from the press. If he was in hosp then am sure there would have been a leak coming from there about him – the fact that there was NOTHING to prove he was in hosp is very suspicious. He’s proven that what he says can’t be trusted – this is all about him trying to get sympathy, to change the narrative around the fact that he embarrassed his daughter in front of the world and that he never ever had any intention of going to her wedding. If I were in Meghan’s shoes I would cut him out just like the half siblings and to hell with what the press and everyone else said – he will continue to humiliate her and sell her out to TMZ.

    • Amelie says:

      A hospital in Mexico confirmed he did go when he had the chest pains the first time but that he wanted to be released and in doing so, it released the hospital from any obligation (meaning he couldn’t sue them because he discharged himself against their recommendation). I don’t think a hospital would lie about that. However, we haven’t heard any confirmation from any hospital that he had any kind of operation so I’m side eyeing that.

      • Lady D says:

        A hospital should never confirm someone’s operation. Not yours, mine, his or anyone’s.

      • marjiscott says:

        Ok, so as a former nurse, this is the way it works as far as hospitals work ( in the U.S.) There is no release of any information at all due to the HIPPA act here.
        I have to say though, don’t know about Mexico.It sounds like This man went AMA (against medical advice) Here, that means Insurance will not cover your stay, you are 100 per cent responsible for the cost.
        Often also, IF he chose to do that, some doctors will drop you as a patient.
        Why didn’t his children come?
        Don’t think the stent procedure for these reasons was truthful . Although, I too have seen patients eating all manner of junk when they have been told not to.

  22. Goldengirllover34 says:

    I don’t believe anything Thomas says. He reminds me so much of my cousin’s father who is nothing more than a glorified sperm donor. Did something similar for her wedding. She did not want to invite him bc she knew he wouldn’t be there for her (because he never was) but invited him to walk her down the aisle because people guilted her and said that she should give him the chance. She confided in me that she was prepared for him not to show up which was shocking at the time. But guess what, the day of the wedding he called her and said he couldn’t wait to see her and then no one ever heard from him again. Did not show up. No call, no show. My cousin was already prepared for this nonsense and had her mom walk her down the aisle (the person she already wanted).

    When people consistently show you their ass you prepare and she did not skip a beat. Also it shut everyone up who kept trying to force her to have a relationship with him. They finally realized that he is completely selfish and cut him off.

  23. KNy says:

    OMG she talked to Oprah! Oprah – a guest at the wedding and, well, OPRAH! Please. I think most Americans put Oprah in a different category than TMZ.

    One odd feeling I have after all is this is that Charles is now – weirdly – my favorite.

  24. Giddy says:

    Okay, up to now I’ve been able to ignore witchy, bitchy Samantha. But now she’s going after Doria? Doria, who has more class in one raised eyebrow than Samantha has ever known? Samantha needs to zip it. This is a woman who is estranged from her own mother and daughter, both of whom say she has hated Meghan for years out of jealousy. Samantha is jealous, the ridiculous father is thoughtless, and that whole family is clueless. They need to accept defeat and leave Doria and Meghan alone.

  25. ChrissyMS says:

    I am not sure if Doria and Megan are really all that close…I mean obviously they are mother and daughter but probably don’t spend a tonne of time together but she is the definition of acting with grace, dignity and good naturedness in this incredibly unique situation. Why shouldn’t she sit down with Oprah? She isn’t a royal. Why shouldn’t she benefit from this is some way? Samantha conducted herself poorly and now she is lashing out and is she had just behaved herself and kept her mouth shut, she would be in a better position then she is now.

    • Lala says:

      In the day in age…with technology…you don’t have to see your loved one all the time to be closer than close with them…they’re VERY close…you can just look at them and see that…or listen to their words regarding each other…Meghan was raised by her Mama wholly after the age of 6…and it OBVIOUSLY was a VERY positive thing for them both…when you have a foundation like that…it’s pretty much unbreakable

      • Jayna says:

        What’s sad about the way her dad turned out is that Meghan spoke in the past glowingly about her father. She obviously spent a lot of time with him. She said she was on his TV sets all the time when she was young. She said even though her parents separated and eventually divorced, that her dad would come over to her mom’s house all the time and that he and her mom were very friendly. I understand the Vanity Fair article was Meghan painting a picture about herself and her family in a positive light leading up to the engagement announcement, but I don’t believe anything she said was untrue about her father. She just left out a lot of the negative stuff.

        “Markle says, “What’s so incredible, you know, is that my parents split up when I was two, [but] I never saw them fight. We would still take vacations together. My dad would come on Sundays to drop me off, and we’d watch Jeopardy! eating dinner on TV trays, the three of us. . . . We were still so close-knit.”

    • Lahdidahbaby says:

      It is said often that Meghan is very close with her mother (who calls Meghan “Flower”). I tend to believe that.

    • Annie says:

      Well they have been living in different countries for the past decade. Meghan has been based in Toronto and Doria in LA. Also, Meghan is in her 30s and seems very independent, it’s only natural that she’s had her own life away from her parents. I consider myself very close with my mother, but due to distance, work etc. we only see each other every third month or so at the most.

  26. Always Lurking says:

    That trashy Samantha wants to hurt Meghan and that’s why she is going after her mother.
    Doria is such a classy woman and will probably ignore that evil Samantha.

    I read somewhere there isn’t any interview! Hmmm
    I really hope Doria doesn’t sit down with Oprah for an interview. I know there is interest in hearing her side of the story but I do hope she doesn’t do it, as it will attract more media attention and every single of her words will be twisted to make Meghan look bad.

    Having said that, I loved that wedding so much. The duke and duchess of Sussex looked beautiful, happy and in so in love with each other. The wedding was such a beautiful event and really brought many people from different background together.

    I wish the married couple all the best.

  27. KBB says:

    Meghan got all of her intelligence from her mom, didn’t she? Her dad’s side of the family seems so dumb. If she had the same mom as this woman, there is no way she would have gone to Northwestern.

  28. kate says:

    There is something truly unhinged about Samantha, like “the MI6 should keep on eye on that crazy racist white woman” unhinged.

    • Skylark says:

      Yep, there’s definitely something not right about her, deeper than just all the obvious, surface things that aren’t right about her. Some mental health issues, I’d guess. Not that that’s remotely an excuse for her being a galloping, jealous bitch from hell, just saying that she seems to have some serious disconnect with reality.

      If Doria does do a sit down with Oprah, I’m sure it will be as serene, dignified, graceful and impressive as everything else about her.

  29. Pix says:

    This woman is pathetic. She changed her name to cash in on her sister’s relationship. It’s disgusting. They are all so gross.

  30. Avery says:

    I am so glad her father wasn’t there. It was exactly how it was suppose to be – with the woman that has been by her side and loved her this entire time.
    Going after Daria just shows them for what they really are. She will continue to hold her head high and rise above it all.

  31. aquarius64 says:

    Tom Sr isn’t not getting a visit to Buckingham Palace until 1) he stops talking to TMZ; 2) he cuts Sam and Jr out his life for good; 3) he faces the BRF and answer for his role in Pap-gate; and 4) apologize to the queen. Sam is raging because apparently Tom Sr is not going to be given a family coat of arms.

  32. Other Renee says:

    The witch is angling for Thomas to get an invite so that she can accompany him. “You can’t expect him to travel alone in his condition!” she will say. Even if he did manage to get invited (which won’t happen), there’s no way she’d get to go too. What an evil witch.

  33. Insomniac says:

    Ugh. If I were Doria I’d just send these losers extra-large copies of the wedding photo with her and the British royal family. All those pictures of her being escorted by Charles must have had Samantha spitting nails.

  34. tw says:

    Doria has handled everything with class and grace. She’s beautiful, has a close relationship with her daughter, is a social worker and yoga teacher. How and I mean HOW was she married to that guy? She is that friend we all have who is amazing but somehow ends up with a bozo.

    • Skylark says:

      Ah well, let’s not assume he was always like this. Life can screw up good people. I’ve seen a lot of really nice things said about him by people who knew him back when he was working in tv. A drama teacher at one of Meghan’s schools said he was a really kind but quite shy man, always volunteering his services for the school’s productions but preferring to stay in the background. And while he’s made a right pig’s ear of things, wedding-wise, I’m sure there’s a better – albeit a bit hapless and possibly easily led – man in there than the one who’s made an embarrassing arse of himself on the international stage.

  35. Annie says:

    I empathize with Meghan. My dad’s side of the family are practically strangers. My mom got pregnant at the age of 21 and had not known my dad for more than a few months. Their relationship ended when I was very young and I was raised mostly by my hardworking, kind and intelligent mom. I have an okay relationship with my dad, we talk occasionally, but his relatives are impossible to be around. None of them have their lives together. Lots of drinking, fights, bad mouthing each other, snide remarks about me and my mother, benefit scrounging etc. I feel no connection and have just distanced myself completely.

    I imagine that’s what Meghan has done as well. Sometimes your flesh and blood can feel like aliens from a different planet. It must feel bizarre to hear Samantha talk about her, when they probably haven’t spoken for years. Samantha has no clue what’s going on in Meghan’s head or private life, she’s not an insider at all. They’re strangers.

  36. Lulu says:

    As a Brit I don’t like hearing from Carole and mike and I don’t want to hear from doria, nor do I want to pay for her to live at Kensington palace. Meghan is now a Brit and represents Britain, Oprah is american and panders to an American audience doing an interview with o would be unacceptable. The vast majority of people here swing between indifference and dislike, this will not help her daughter in any way shape or form. I like doria but I’ll lose all respect if she starts giving interviews.

  37. tearose11 says:

    Doria is far too dignified to say anything about the loser Markles. Also if she does speak to Oprah, so what? At least it’s Oprah, and not TMZ. I highly doubt she will say anything controversial and make her daughter look bad, unlike her father who is an idiot.

  38. Peg says:

    Sunday’s NY Times, did a few articles and front page about the wedding.
    Not much was said about her dysfunctional family.
    Described her dress, not as a fairy tale dress, but a dress made for a woman, and she wore the dress, it did not wear her.

    • Peach says:

      Peg, I think that’s what set off this latest round of rage from Samantha. I think the positive wedding coverage set her off. All the lovely comments about how much in love Harry looked and how beautiful Meghan was but the real kicker was all the glowing comments about Doria. No matter how folks felt about Meghan, the RF, the wedding, the universal opinion was that Doria was the very picture of dignity and class. I think Samantha expected more coverage about her dad’s absence and maybe even about herself. It just didn’t happen. No one cared about her. And the only time her dad’s absence was mentioned it was more about how great Charles did stepping in and making both Meghan AND Doria feel welcomed. I think as she sat there watching Doria walking arm in arm with Charles and then the royal pictures with Doria right there with the Queen and three future kings she got more angry and even more bitter. Doria was just “the maid” to her after all. To see Doria so beloved while she and her family are pretty much reviled enraged her but it’s all her own fault. She showed the world exactly who she is and Doria showed who she is and the world responded accordingly and accurately.

  39. Peach says:

    Samantha Markle has been living off Social Security/Disability while collecting “big money” (her bf’s words) selling out Meghan the past year. So add welfare fraud to her many offenses. People are tweeting out the number to the Social Security Administration encouraging folks to report her. Not only is she a whole new level of a$$hole she’s just plain stupid. Bragging to the world about the thousands of dollars she’s raking in for interviews and book deals while still collecting monthly checks of tax payer’s money. Her karma boomerang is about to come for her and it’s going to hurt.

  40. gingersnaps says:

    There is already snarky article on the Telegraph titled “let’s cling on to why we like Meghan Markle if only for dear old Harry’s sake” and another article by trashy piers morgan on the daily fail bashing Meghan for being a feminist. Meghan’s guests have also been subjected to articles about how they don’t have any class for posting about the wedding and reception on social media, such a hypocrite some people are.

  41. Jess says:

    Doria is a queen, Meghan is a princess, and the rest of the Markles are trash.

  42. what's inside says:

    Meghan does not belong to the Markle family anymore. It is right there in the marriage vows.

  43. paddingtonjr says:

    Ugh! If Doria wanted to “cash in”, she has had several opportunities, but there has not even been a hint of her using her daughter’s influence. She is interesting and I’m sure many people would like to hear her story. And I think many people would tune in to a one-off interview with Oprah, who is well-respected and is at least friendly enough with the family to get an invite to the wedding. KP could control the interview and I can’t picture Doria gossiping or telling tales out of school. The reality is Meghan, and by extension, her parents, are part of British history and people are curious.

  44. mk says:

    If Meghan’s half siblings were calling Meghan’s mom “the maid” all of these years, it must strike a very heavy blow to see Meghan and her mom being accepted warmly into the arms of royalty. They must be so pissed!

  45. Elisse says:

    Could not agree more. With regard to Oprah, she met Doria a couple weeks back. No interview has taken place. However, it will happen and Harry and Meg will have to see and approve of it before it airs. However, no one knows if she’ll be paid for it and I have a feeling she won’t. I guarantee Doria has never sold a photo. If anything she supplied them to Meg’s PR rep at Meghan’s request as the media was trying to get to know her. Samantha Markle is delusional at best. She dyed her hair to look like Meghan. Sam changed her last name back to Markle also. I’ve never been a Meghan fan but Samatha makes me like Meghan more and more. I can’t imagine my family selling me out to tabloids. It is so disgusting and vile.

  46. britt mezher says:

    In Australia we would basically call Thomas Markle Sr and his children a pile of bogans. Similar to what you all call utter trailer trash…

    I feel so sorry for Meghan having to put up with this crap.

  47. Svea says:

    Given that sister Sam has MS she probably has huge medical bills/expenses. Not that it excuses her loathsomeness, but money, when you don’t have enough is a powerful motivator.
    As for Dad, he was much more than a sperm donor and I give him more of a pass. He was an involved parent. Meghan says she spent every afternoon after school on the set of Married With Children with him (!) for ten years. (Ed O’Neill and Katey Sagal watched her grow up! Hear they are both very kind people.) Her Dad paid for her private schooling and I’m sure college. His love and attention is what drove Sister Sam crazy with jealousy.
    I don’t think he had any idea what the Royals are all about and spent too much time talking not to Meghan but to those half siblings of hers. Meanwhile he was being stalked by the paps so he tried to control the narrative. The palace and Meghan should have educated him and prepared him. He’ll calm down once the worldwind subsides.
    I wish they’d go away and I have no desire to see Doria being interviewed now. I like my image of her from the wedding. The Middletons don’t do interviews. Maybe down the road when the couple have really settled in.