Sarah Paulson: If people think it’s strange I love a spectacular person that’s their problem


As an acting nerd, I’d really rather hear more about the lovely Sarah Paulson’s professional career, but it seems people can’t get enough about the 43-year-old actress’ relationship with 75-year-old Holland Taylor. Sarah, who is about to grace us with her presence on the big screen in Oceans 8, is the covergirl on Modern Luxury’s June issues.

Sarah has never been one to get typecast, partially thanks to her serving as Ryan Murphy’s muse. She’s played conjoined twins, Marcia Clark and made for a convincing Geraldine Page on Feud. She’s also about to play the wicked Nurse Ratched for Ryan’s latest Netflix endeavor. Outside of working with Ryan, Sarah has had a hand in comedy. It seems there’s not a role she hasn’t taken on.

Sarah loves to take on new challenges and transform herself for her craft, telling the magazine, “The more I can look in the mirror and not recognize myself, the more excited I am.” Sarah also talks about the concept of beauty in Hollywood, her own muse (the revelation of which makes me love her even more), and, of course, Holland.

Sarah on beauty: “We’re constantly faced with all these ideas of beauty—things that Hollywood puts out there for us to gobble up. It’s very powerful when I look in the mirror and the first thing I’m thinking isn’t, ‘Are you pretty? Are you going to appeal to someone?’ I can work much more freely when I don’t have to concern myself with my looks.”

On her muse, Carol Burnett, who went from comedy to Annie villain Miss Hannigan: “The knowledge that she had been on something else that I watched that was so different, and then here she was playing this mean lady at the orphanage…it was just a wild connective tissue where I thought, ‘Oh, my god. This is something that people do.’ And the moment I knew you could do it for a living, I never really thought about doing anything else.”

On her 12 Years a Slave role: “Likability has never been a word that has resonated with me. I’m interested in playing human beings. And I have yet to meet a human being that was uncomplicated in this life.”

On her relationship with Holland Taylor: “If anyone wants to spend any time thinking I’m strange for loving the most spectacular person on the planet, then that’s their problem. I’m doing just fine.”

On getting older in Hollywood: “If being older means the kind of roles that I’m getting to play now because of all the ups and downs and hills and valleys preceding it, I say bring it on. Every once in a while, I’ll go, ‘Wow. That’s seven years shy of 50.’ That’s the big five-oh. But then I go, ‘Stop running seven years down the road. You have no idea what your life will look like and where you’ll be.’ And that’s just what makes life so sweet. You cross your fingers, take a deep breath and jump. And that’s really all you can do.”

[From Modern Luxury/Philadelphia Style]

I really love Sarah’s body of work, and am looking forward to her future projects. Fortunately, we won’t have to wait too much longer for Oceans 8, which hits theaters on June 8. And, as much as I am 100% supportive of Sarah and Holland’s relationship, I feel like Sarah is having to spend far too much time defending her union, especially after she’s been rather outspoken about paying no mind to the haters. Trust me, I have been in the position of having to defend my dating choices in the past (also a May/December thing, so I really can relate), but I’ll be glad when we can all focus on her work.

Okay, rant over. Please enjoy watching Sarah getting the crap scared out of her (again) last week, courtesy of Ellen DeGeneres. There are also photos from the Oceans 8 photocall in New York, where she is looking elegant in a silk blouse and skirt from Michael Kors’ Fall 2018 collection. The cast look like they’re having fun here, which makes me even more excited for the movie.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

"Ocean's 8" Photo Call

photos: Modern Luxury,, Getty Images. The title is a paraphrase of Sarah’s quote as the full line would not fit

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  1. SM says:

    For me, it’s not the sex of her partner but the age difference. If this would have been a man and a woman we would be side-eyeing the hell out of this relationship. But anyhow, I agree, her work speaks for itself and picking her brain about her process would be much more compelling rather that sniffing around her private life.

    • Kitty says:

      Agreed. I think if this was an older man and younger woman, people would be judge as hell. As long as it’s consensual and no one is getting taken advantage of, I’m all for it. I could care less about celeb personal lives, it’s the work that matter…unless they are scummy perverts lol

      • Astrid says:


      • TrixC says:

        Not sure I agree, there are plenty of hetero couples with a similar age gap where the male partner is older and it often goes unremarked, unless they get together when the female partner is very young. For example Harrison Ford and Callista Flockhart, Alec Baldwin and Hilaria, Richard Gere and his current wife.

    • aang says:

      They are both old enough to know what they really want so good for them. The only thing that is a little weirs is how much they look alike. Like mother and daughter or if they were closer in age they would totally look like sisters.

  2. LittleWing says:

    Who are these people attacking her and Holland? Because I don’t see it. Maybe that’s a reflection of the sites i go to, but I always read positive things about them. Concern trolling age difference is goofy when the younger partner is of a certain age herself. Get over it, cupcake.

  3. tracking says:

    Right on!

  4. notafan says:

    Is it me or does the top of her dress on the magazine cover look weirdly photoshopped? Look at the neckline and the strap on the right.

    That’s all I came to say.

  5. jferber says:

    It’s not the age difference. It’s that she’s unapologetic and no-nonsense about her love life with another woman. If people don’t like it, well, that’s too damn bad for them. I really liked Sarah’s work in Carol and the movie about Sarah Palin, Game Change. She’s a versatile actress. Live your life, Sarah, and don’t let the bastards get you down (I forgot the Latin phrase).

  6. L84Tea says:

    This has nothing to do with the actual article, but am I the only one who thinks Sarah Paulson looks like she could be sisters with Adele? They look strikingly similar to me!

    • Yathink says:

      Never saw it before but now you mention it, yes there is a strong similarity there.

  7. IsaidwhatIsaid says:

    They are both consenting adults. I don’t see a problem.

  8. Theodora says:

    She seems to be the only person concerned about her relationship. I didn’t know and I didn’t care who she dated until she spoke about it in her interviews. I still don’t care, except that she sounds ridiculous mentioning her relationship in each and every interview when nobody asks her about it. Methinks she believes it makes her sound more interesting or edgier. It doesn’t.

    • Una says:

      Yeah. She seems to defend the relationship all the time but where are the attackers? Maybe Sarah feels like she is attacked because people are ask her about it now.

  9. DP says:

    I wonder if she were paired with a famous actor in his seventies if people would question it as much… Harrison Ford, Martin Sheen, even Jack Nicholson (who’s even older)? Seems like a double standard to me.

    • Pamela says:

      I think any time there is that much of an age difference, it gets at least *noticed*. We are always commenting on this site about the Leos of the world. But in this case, I think the fact that it is 2 women makes it more “unique”. Not so much in a homophobic way…but we are so used to seeing older men with super young women. And that makes her situation stand out a bit more. It is not like she is 18 with a 75 year old, she is a grown ass woman. And she is in love…more power to them. But I do understand a bit why people ask her about it, it is not something we see as often.

  10. stinky says:

    why cant I look that cute w/ short hair – why???

  11. savu says:

    My partner and I are 18 years apart, it always makes me happy and more comfortable to see relationships with age gaps just as big or bigger. My dad threatened to disown me and our co-workers made our lives hell with judgment. Everything is fine now, 2.5 years later, but it’s always nicer to have good company!

  12. aerohead21 says:

    She probably feels like talking about it more simply because her star is rising and it’s getting asked about it more. I like the way she answers and I’m glad she’s talking about it. I also like how no one cares she’s dating another female…just the age gap. Good for her standing up for herself here!

  13. Summer says:

    I think it’s weird, and I don’t feel bad saying it. I would say the same if it were a male/female relationship or male/male. I personally think significant age differences, especially when one person is already elderly and vulnerable (physically and emotionally), deserve a side-eye. Usually one person has questionable motives — whether it’s money, or a fetish, or a power complex.

    They are consenting adults, so I don’t expect them to break up on my behalf, or apologize to the public. I hope their love endures for both their sake, but the initial hook-up gives me pause. I don’t want either of them to be left heartbroken by this relationship.

    Also, I find it very hypocritical that we are side-eying Hugh Grant and Alec Baldwin yesterday for their romances and see nothing amiss here. So much picking and choosing in celeb gossip lately!

  14. V says:

    I feel so bad for Sarah, and that she constantly needs to defend her relationship. Seriously, people go around saying “love is love” but then turn around and say, “oh wait, except if your love looks like: x, y, z, then I’m judging you for it.” Ugh.

    I’m probably taking this personally, and anytime there is a story about an age-gap relationship, it just seems to bring out so much ire in people. My husband is 26 years older than me. We have been together 15 years, and it’s our 10 wedding anniversary this year!

    People are so quick to judge on appearances. He is the love of my life, and I couldn’t ask for a better partner. But we’ve gotten the side-eye, and rude comments too. Sometimes, society is horrid.

  15. SunnyT34 says:

    I don’t think anyone cares about her live life. Honestly, she is the only one who speaks about it! Maybe she wants the extra attention so brings it up? Lady, get over yourself, no one cares you are in love with an elderly lady! 😝

    • Allie says:

      She’s not bringing it up. It’s an interview in which she is being asked questions. The person interviewing her is the one bringing it up.

  16. adastraperaspera says:

    Holland Taylor is one of the people I would choose for a dream dinner party. Amazing woman.

  17. GMonkey says:

    I haven’t really heard much criticism. I think that it’s a little different than the typical Hollywood May/December relationships because Sarah Paulson was already a “mature adult” when they got together. Typically the older partner is a man with a predilection for hooking up with a series of much younger women. A lot of times there’s a major power-play involved. The man is more established than the young starlet or model that he “dates.” Those circumstances smack of creepiness.

    Holland Taylor doesn’t have the reputation of Leo DiCaprio or Jack Nicholson.

    I’m happy that they are happy. I’m 44 and just cannot imagine it for myself, but there are people who like all sorts of things I don’t and probably a whole bunch who turn their noses up to my choices.