Sarah Silverman still has a lot of love for Louis CK & Al Franken


June is GQ’s Comedy Issue, and they put together a great cover of Sarah Silverman, Issa Rae and Kate McKinnon. I haven’t covered the McKinnon and Rae profiles because while I love both of those women, their interviews were pretty boring. I say that with all of the love in the world, but Kate McKinnon-in-real-life is one of the most boring people in the world. Issa isn’t boring as much as she is completely normal and she doesn’t gossip about other people. But Sarah Silverman? Silverman likes to gossip. She likes to talk about other people. Which is why she used her GQ profile to cape for Al Franken and Aziz Ansari. Sigh… you can read Silverman’s full GQ piece here. Some highlights:

On topical comedy: “Comedy by nature is not at all evergreen. So if you’re doing it right, you look back at your old stuff and you’re horrified…I’m horrified by it, and I can’t erase it. I can only be changed by it and move on.”

On Louis C.K.: “Life is complicated. Love is even more complicated. But you can’t not do it. I don’t have some definitive sound bite or nutshell of how I feel about it, even to myself. But I’m also okay with that…He’s my brother, so it’s hard. I may not have a very clear perspective on it, but I’m trying to.”

On Al Franken: “He and [his wife] Franni are devastated. I understand that I may have cognitive distortion, because I love him so much. But all I can say is, and he may not be excited about this, but he has no sexuality. I believe in my heart of hearts he never copped a feel…I’ve worked with him for years. I’m so sad that he got bullied into resigning, because all he loved in this world was being a senator. I’ve never met a more pure person.”

On Aziz Ansari: “I was just like, ‘Gross, I don’t wanna know that about Aziz!’ Hopefully he’s dealing with things, looking inward, and will blossom from it.”

She doesn’t want to attack people: “If we can leave people with just their defenses down, not because we’re going to attack them, but just be a little bit more open, I feel like that’s a good thing.”

[From GQ]

This is Silverman’s new branding, the “nice girl, being gentle and doing educational comedy” thing. It honestly leaves me cold. At this point, we need more rage-filled comedy from women in particular. There’s a lot to be angry about, from the utter bullsh-t of toxic masculinity to the Sex-Predator Boys Club of comedy to the state of this country right now. I’ll paraphrase Roxane Gay: Michelle Obama’s “when they go low, we go high” works well for her and who she is, but the rest of us have every right to be full of rage, to yell at Deplorable trolls and to f–k some sh-t up.

As for what Silverman says about her sex-predator friends… I’ve believed for months now that Louis CK will be able to make a comeback at some point, and this is a good illustration why. Sarah Silverman and all of Louis’s comedy buddies will open him back with open arms when the time comes, because they simply don’t want to think about all of the women he preyed on in the comedy world, all of the women he exposed himself to, all of the women he harassed. They don’t want to cancel him, so they won’t. I’m more disturbed by what she says about Al Franken though, and how his victims are basically liars because SHE doesn’t see him as a sexual person. The Aziz Ansari mess… I can’t believe I’m saying this, but out of everyone, Amy Schumer had the best “take” on Aziz. Silverman just leaves me cold about all of this.


Photos by Martin Schoeller for GQ, courtesy of promotional GQ email.

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  1. jasper says:

    she may have a lot of love for louis, but I have none for her.

  2. NoShame says:

    Louis CK has no more right to a comeback than Harvey Weinstein.

    As a woman, I just can’t imagine sitting in a meeting and then suddenly deciding this would be a great time to start masturbating in front of people. I can’t even imagine doing that in front of my closest friends.

    Not only did Louis CK think this was totally OK, but he then spent years trying to silence the women who had to suffer through his grossness.

    He should be totally cancelled. Forever and always. Silverman really needs to reassess her thoughts on all of this before she too gets cancelled.

  3. Chaine says:

    she’s so sad for him because “all he loved in this world was being a senator”??? Hey, I bet Roy Moore really loved being a judge, too, and Harvey Weinstein really loved being a producer, and Bill Cosby really loved being an actor. I’m not crying for any of them, and I’m not crying for Al “Harmless Asexual According to Women He Hasn’t Molested” Franken, either.

  4. Betsy says:

    Al Franken is not remotely in the same category as Louis C.K.

    • smee says:

      ITA! In fact, he rolled over too quickly. I think the accusations were manufactured bc he was asking hard questions in the Senate and they needed him to go. Total hatchet job.

      I’ve paid $ to see LCK live, he’s very talented and hilarious, but he needs to admit he has mental problems, not just a sexual problems, and get treatment for them. Until then, I’ve got no time for him.

      The story about Aziz basically showed what a persistent, entitled sex creep he was/is. The verdict is still out on him. Hopefully, this experience scared the shiz out of him and he changes his way with women…..we’ll see.

    • QueenB says:

      Please dont go all Matt Damon on this.

    • wood dragon says:

      Al Franken got run out on a rail and should have received the investigation/hearing he requested. He let expediency rule for the sake of the party when they should have given him a fair hearing. His case may have been the exception to the rash of horrible examples that were all over the place then.

  5. Frosty says:

    Luckily, I don’t give a damn what Silverman thinks.

  6. Anon33 says:

    I’ve always had a strong sense that something was off with this one. Now Confirmed!

  7. lunchcoma says:

    What a mess. I am okay with her answer on Louis, because I th ik no it’s okay to step back when you’re not objective. I have no patience for her comments on Al Franken. Men grope women for many reasons, and sexuality manifests in many ways (how on earth does she feel she’s in a position to assess that anyway?). I also cringe at the use of bullying. The man was a Senator, not a fourth grader, and people were on him to resign over the course of a few days, not berating him or harassing him.

    I haven’t had a lot of patience with the comedy world for awhile now, and this doesn’t help.

  8. Werty says:

    Three is 1 extra hand…

  9. Nebby says:

    I don’t think she defending Louis actions but I didn’t read her full interview yet. Its hard to break off the feelings to someone you’ve grown close to. There are people in my life who’ve done horrible things, I’ve cut them off but there’s still some love there.

    As for Franken I would have preferred he waited for an investigation to conclude, but it was the same month Roy Moore was running for senate so he had to go.

    • Carol says:

      I agree @nebby. Sometimes people that we love do horrible things. Its hard sometimes to stop loving them. Life is complex

  10. QueenB says:

    There is a difference between being nice and gentle and apologizin predators.

    There were multiple sources saying we didnt hear about more women in the Ansari case. Guess we never will after that reception. No wonder not more came forward.
    Also nice take on that, Sarah…

    Instead of “I dont want to know that” how about. “I dont want this thing to happen to any woman”?

  11. Kyra Wegman says:

    the photoshop on the cover is just strange, not comedy-funny.

  12. No Doubtful says:

    That is a crazy cover!

    CK will return to rave reviews, open arms and an even bigger career. It’s just a little bump in the road for him…unfortunately.