Why did Duchess Meghan’s Goat dress have such maternity-wear vibes?

The Prince of Wales' 70th Birthday Patronage Celebration

I wrote yesterday’s story about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s first postnuptial engagement pretty quickly, because I wanted to get the photos out as soon as they came in. My first thought was “ew” because I really didn’t like her Goat dress. Now that I’ve had to time to really look through the high-res images from the palace garden party… yeah, I’m still saying “ew.” I will say this: my first thought was that she’s channeling the Duchess of Cambridge, like she was full-on styled by Kate. But on second thought, I just think it’s a not-great ensemble and Kate probably wouldn’t wear this. Kate would have bought this dress, then taken it to someone to get the sheer sleeves redone in lace, then she would have chosen a super-frilly hat to go with it. Let’s be honest.

Now, all that being said… I’m actually astonished by how NOT GOOD this dress is! The way it’s cut at the waist is terrible. The sleeves are awful. And it retails at GOAT for $450. Would you spend $450 on this? No. Most of you wouldn’t. Other style notes: Meghan wore a custom Philip Treacy hat, which is actually the best part of the ensemble. The pumps are by Tamara Mellon and they are not great (but not awful either). Her clutch is Wilbur & Gussie and her earrings are Vanessa Tugendhaft. Apparently, it’s also a big deal that she wore pantyhose. This is maybe – ?? – the first time she’s worn pantyhose for a royal engagement. They’re way too light. They make her look like a nurse!! But like an old-fashioned nurse.

Meghan also had a giggle when a bee tried to get some ginger. Harry made a lovely little speech at the garden party to honor Prince Charles months ahead of his 70th birthday, and the bee attack comes around the 5-minute mark.

Here’s a nice video of Meghan interacting with people at the garden party, and some close-ups of her rings.

Here’s another video where you can just see how Meghan interacts with people, including her in-laws. I have to say… Camilla already seems quite fond of Meghan. Charles does too. Meghan still doesn’t really know where to go and what to do, but Harry seems to helping her quite a bit. And more than anything, Meghan seems truly KEEN to learn and to talk to people and to enjoy herself. It’s nice to see.

Some of you suggested that Meghan is already pregnant. You know what? My mom said that too, that she thinks Meg is already knocked up. This is the dress for it. And yes, Harry and Meg are very tactile. I think he needs that.

The Prince of Wales' 70th Birthday Patronage Celebration

The Prince of Wales' 70th Birthday Patronage Celebration

The Prince of Wales' 70th Birthday Patronage Celebration

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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  1. Joy says:

    I don’t think she’s pregnant yet. I think she’s a very slim girl with a square torso. And she’s not sure how to dress for said torso.

  2. Becks1 says:


    If she is pregnant, then in all likelihood she is barely pregnant (like 6 weeks, 8 weeks or so). If she was farther along than that, she ran the risk of actually showing at the wedding, since you never know how your body will react to a pregnancy and when you start showing (I didn’t gain weight until 12 weeks really with either of mine and didn’t “pop” until 20 weeks, but everyone is so different.)

    I don’t think she got that dress because it is cut to allow for a belly.

    One theory I’ve read is that she WANTS to be pregnant, so she’s purposely wearing clothes a little big and wearing dresses that do disguise the belly a bit (like this one) so that when she becomes pregnant and is still wearing clothes that are a little big, it wont be immediately obvious and people wont suddenly assume she’s pregnant. Like she’s basically dressing now as if she is in her first trimester to allow for “wiggle room” when she does become pregnant.

  3. Alissa says:

    I agree that the dress is awful. It almost seems like the pantyhose is meant to mimic the sheer on the arms. I also don’t understand why a woman with such a nice figure keeps wearing these dresses that are almost fit it but then kind of bulky and not quite fitted. Not that she needs to go with skin tight bodycon, but you can have a fitted dress look like it actually fits you. I felt the same way about the wedding dress, can’t help it.

    • Elisa says:

      Judging from all the recent pics, it’s her thing to wear clothes one size too big – so maybe she is indeed pregnant or planning ahead to hide a pregnancy in the beginning?
      If not, it’s a pity because it makes her look sloppy and not properly styled.
      IMO she is stunning and has a great figure.

    • BSeve Up says:

      I think that she will struggle a bit as her body type isn’t suited for the sort of dowdy clothes often required (whose is, really!). She can really pull off pretty sexy looks – very short skirts (like, micro-mini), plunging V necklines, skinny strapped tops – all things that she won’t really get away with now.

      Basically, for those who always think Kate looks “matronly” – Meghan and her stylists are likely to run up against this too.

      • BSeve Up says:

        And that’s even with Kate’s very small waist and longer torso (and extra height).

        My point is – I think we’ll see a few of these dull dresses until they either figure out how far to push things, or just do what most other young aristos do and look oddly square at certain events.

      • Betsy says:

        Many women look good in these styles. Just not, in general, “sexy.” And that’s okay too.

      • Honey says:

        Two things:

        1. I think she does need to take her body type more into consideration if she doesn’t already.

        2. I think she looks nice here. I think people are simply used to seeing her in more uptempo, colorful clothing that have more of an edgy contemporary feel whereas what she wore to the garden party is really more retro 80s channeled through an Edwardian prism. She’s honestly wearing a version of dresses that used to be around in the 80s. It takes you aback a bit when you first she her because the change is styling is so abrupt but I think she is southern bell-mint julip-upper crust English garden party ready.

        I’m calling it a good day for her. According to the DM, her heels were 4.5 inches. To stand around in those, press flesh doing the PR thing for I don’t how long, then to sashay off with her honey at the end can only be thought of as a victory.

    • AV says:

      That’s the conclusion I made re: the hose as well. She wore hose to the Anzac Day Dawn Service and they looked fine, but pantyhose always look horrible and are hella obvious to me (They are mandatory for women in my fam, too).

  4. Becks1 says:

    I will say too that the more I see the dress, the more I like it. My first thought was “oh its a total Kate dress” but Meghan wasn’t going to wear something interesting and daring at her first official royal event, and not at an event at BP honoring her FIL, the prince of wales, who just shelled out an enormous sum of money for her wedding where she WAS the star. She purposely is dressing to blend in and look dull.

    That’s my theory, at any rate, lol. Her hat and hair looked great and in different lights the hose are better.

    • Beluga says:

      She’s dressing for the occasion, deliberately not rocking the boat and still finding her feet a bit in the garden party setting. The hat is great though.

      When it comes to more informal engagements and charity visits, I think we’ll see more of Meghan’s pre-wedding style (trousers!)

    • Millennial says:

      I thought she looked great, I was surprised at all the hate for a very non-descript dress. After making a big splash at the wedding, she very likely chose something pretty standard to not make it all about her. I think it looks fine – totally appropriate for a garden party. Geez Louise.

    • MVC says:

      What do people expect her to wear to a tea garden party? Especially being her first event. She looked good and classy. I actually don’t think she’s going to change her style that much.

      • CityGirl says:

        My thoughts too! It’s a formal affair, much more so than any of the other types of events we’ve seen them do as a couple. To me, not that I know anything about a formal garden party, it looks like a nice, conservative, semi-formal party dress for an outdoor, formal event.
        With regards to the stockings, I’ve too heard that they are supposed to wear them. Maybe so for the more formal occassions and if so, I think that even though the stockings are lighter than her skin tone, they do match tonally to her arms in the sheer sleeves of the dress. I think that’s why she was trying to accomplish.

      • MCV says:

        People are hyping the girl too much. She’s not going to be Rihanna.

      • minx says:

        I think Meghan is going to hew pretty closely to what royal women are expected to wear. She strikes me as a person who is eager to please and to fit in. I definitely don’t see her being a royal fashionista. She may have a few wardrobe tweaks later, but for now I think we’ll see her in pretty, somewhat simple clothes. I just hope now that she’s settled she will get things tailored well for her figure.

    • Mira says:

      This is my theory too. She knew all eyes would be on her and her outfit so I think she chose something that wouldn’t draw too much attention away from the event itself.

      I don’t like the sheer part and I’m against pantyhose in principle – they always make me feel like some horrible sea monster is trying to eat my legs – but she is very beautiful, isn’t she.

    • Green Girl says:

      I agree that this outfit was very much her way to blend in and to not pull focus from Charles on his day. I just wish the dress didn’t look so unpolished. To my untrained eye, it just doesn’t seem to fit right on her.

    • Sophia's side eye says:

      I think she looks perfect for the event. And still some people were complaining about the way she walked! This woman knows the world is watching and is acting accordingly. Why should she put herself out there so she can be attacked more? SMH

      • g says:

        What’s the SMH for? You guys constantly attack Kate. Get used to the same happening to Meghan. Shrugs.

      • Natalie S. says:

        People were pretty nice to Kate right after the wedding. I remember that crocheted shawl in the “candid” supermarket pictures. I thought that was so staged but the comments were mostly about Kate and Will being a young married couple.

        It feels like people are waiting to puncture some pr balloon about Meghan. No comments here about Remember Diana.

      • Sophia's side eye says:

        G, I do not attack Kate at all, never have, so I hope you don’t think you’re holding some moral high ground over me. You’re basically saying it’s okay for you to attack Meghan because some people attack Kate. Lol Hypocrite.

  5. Jessica says:

    No and no. She’s the slimmest I’ve ever seen and the outfit was conservative and appropriate. If that means channeling Kate than whatever.

  6. MousyB says:

    Her stomach looks completely flat in this dress lol Also Meghan will likely dress more conservative from now on, while this dress is not my favorite I still think she looks lovely.

    • minx says:

      Yeah, agree on a pregnancy…I have no idea if she is, I don’t know how anyone could know unless they were in Meghan and Harry’s bedroom. As far as the dress, she’s finding her way. Her hair and makeup were a win, especially her hair.

    • magnoliarose says:

      I don’t think all of her styles will be conservative from now on but I do think she will for these kinds of occasions until she finds her own comfort level. I feel as if it will take a year to get comfortable and self assured. But I hate this dress.
      There are many other things she could have chosen for a garden party I would have loved but this is just blah and cut weirdly. It isn’t flattering.

  7. Jess... says:

    I dislike the dress more today than I did yesterday. Yesterday I made a lot of excuses because I like Meghan, but the more I look at pictures, the more I dislike her dress.
    A pity, cause her hair, make up, hat and shoes were good

  8. Digital Unicorn says:

    Am generally not a fan of colour blocking and as I said yesterday I don’t mind the outfit, its just the colour of the tights that get me and they match the sheer part of the top.

    Just noticed Cam’s choker, she really does know how to bring the bling bling and hat game to events like this.

  9. CidyKitty says:

    The dress, the pantyhose..terrible…girl… we are rooting for you. Although like, her fashion is probably going to be pretty bad for at least the first few years since she cant really wear anything she could before, so she has to get used to it enough to start making her own decisions. As far as her being pregnant goes, while I dont think she is, it wouldnt be a surprise either, ya know??

  10. CooCooCatchoo says:

    Well… that might be the reasoning behind the ill-fitting wedding dresses. Less fitted to hide a tiny bump?

  11. shelly says:

    I quite like the back view of the dress, she really does have a lovely pair of legs too. As for the general look of what she’s wearing, it’s basically her work uniform.

    Don’t frighten the horses is the general rule of thumb, but I guess the internet fashion mavens, no doubt slobbing around in stained leggings, will lay into her for not turning up dressed like Katy Perry on acid.

  12. MI6 says:

    I thought she looked very pretty, actually. I love how affectionate they are together.
    I suspected maybe that’s why the wedding dress wasn’t as tailored as it could’ve been…

    • Nancy says:

      She looked fine. It’s though people just want to knock her off of her pedestal over some pantyhose. She literally just got married and already the watchers want to see that baby bump. All little girls want to princesses……if they only knew how under the microscope they’d be, maybe they’d wish to be a doctor or scientist…..lol

  13. C-Shell says:

    I know I’m absolutely in the minority here (possibly a minority of one), but I liked her styling, the dress/hat/stilettos, even the hose/tights that match the sleeves. Only someone as slim as Meghan could get away with the dress. Admittedly, it doesn’t flatter her shape particularly, but for the occasion I think it was just right.

  14. Natalia says:

    The chest padding in the top photo is what I was talking about the other day with regard to her wedding dress. This chest look is exactly what that dress needed.

  15. Originaltessa says:

    She has long legs and a square torso. She’s super thin right now. If she were to wear tighter clothes, I think it would show her body too much, which isn’t exactly hourglass at the moment. She’s 10-15 lbs lighter than she was on Suits, which for her frame is significant. I think the loose fit gives the illusion of soft curves that really aren’t there.

  16. teehee says:

    I actually first was really impressed– not because of the dress itself but by HER– she totally has the charm and radiance to pull that off and its MILES bette than Kate even on her best day.
    I am SO EXCITED to finally have a royal I enjoy following and looking up to. Kate is SO BORING.
    I didnt see Kate when I saw this dress. I saw a very typical style dress worn by a princess, especially when she just started to define her princess style. Diana had a hard time at first too. But it really reminds me more of Diana than of Kate. (ala this early outing https://princessdianabookboutique.wordpress.com/2015/06/17/) She refined the style eventually.

    Just please, please, stay away from buttons….

  17. Annie says:

    Meghan has a job now as a member of the royal family. One duty is to dress in the way the Queen believes is appropriate. I look at the way she is dressed as I do any professional. Perhaps this isn’t what she, herself, would choose to wear but it’s appropriate for her “job”.

  18. Anna nuttall says:

    There were so theories going around how she might be in the very early stage of pregnancy judging by how Prince Harry and Meghan keep looking at each other whenever children was mentioned during the wedding. Quite a few people keep mentioning it.
    What do you guys think of that?

    • Beluga says:

      I think if she were actually pregnant, they wouldn’t have been that obvious in the middle of their wedding ceremony that was broadcast around the world.

      I think they’re excited at the prospect of starting a family, but I don’t think we’ll have another royal baby by next February.

    • Becks1 says:

      I think if someone kept alluding to sex in front of my parents (and millions and millions of TV viewers) I’d probably giggle a bit too, lol.

    • Maddy says:

      Definitely quite possible. As she is 36, and so fertility could be an issue, they may have started trying a bit before the wedding. My parents did that (mum was 35) and she ended up being two months pregnant at the wedding as she got knocked up within the week!

    • Green Girl says:

      If she is, then she’s lucky she wasn’t feeling queasy while walking down the aisle! (I know, I know, every pregnancy is different, blahblahblah.)

      I do think they are ready to start a family right away. And I agree with Becks – I would start giggling in this situation, too.

  19. Anne says:

    She is pregnant. I knew it when I saw her in her ill fitted wedding dress. Yesterday dress was also horrible, esp around neck and wirst (unfinished). White pantyhose? Really? I mean really? She is 4 years girl?

  20. jferber says:

    I agree, Nancy Says. Meghan has broken through so many barriers to be a part of the royal family. She’s bi-racial, older than Harry, divorced, an American and an actress. I think she’ll bring a lot of good, new energy to the family and tackle human rights issues, including feminism and gay rights. She’s a breath of fresh air and all people want to do is dissect her clothes. I get that people do that with the royals, but I have such high hopes for her and Harry as a team and I believe they will eclipse William in purposefulness on the world stage (yes, William has set a low bar). In other words, I think they will be world players in humanitarian causes the way Harry’s mother Diana was. I think they’ll be the people’s royalty, as she was. Having said all that, I sure do hope she’s pregnant or will be soon.

    • Alexandria says:

      I joked with hubby that the Queen was meh and cool about everything but had a fainting spell once Harry said she was American lol

    • LAK says:

      Most of those barriers were broken as long ago as the 1940s.

      1. Nationality: Philip (Greek, married in 1947) Marina (Greek, married in 1934), Brigitte (Danish, married in 1972), Marie Christine (German, married in 1978), Autumn (Canadian, married in 2008), Gary (New Zealand, married in 2004), Sylvana (Canadian, married in 2008)

      2. Older bride: Alice Gloucester (35yrs old at the time of her marriage in 1935), Sophie Wessex (36yrs old at the time of her marriage in 1999)

      2b. Older than her husband: Kate Cambridge(by 6mths)

      3. Divorcee: Marie Christine (married in 1978) and Camilla (married in 2005). Not forgetting that Anne and Charles are also divorced and on 2nd marriages.

      4. Acting: Sophie Windsor (married in 2009) . Remains a professional actress.

      5. Race: Joy Lascelles (married 1999), Gary Lewis (married in 2004).

      Religion: Philip and Marina (Greek Orthodox), Marie Christine, Autumn, Camilla (Catholic)

  21. TheOriginalMia says:

    She looked lovely and appropriate yesterday.

    I doubt she’s pregnant when she has Invictus coming up in 6 months. There’s no way she’ll want to be pregnant and traveling by plane to Australia. It’s gonna happen, but later in the year.

  22. Jayna says:

    It didn’t. Everybody is nuts. It was a lovely, appropriate dress for a lawn party. It doesn’t even enter my mind that she’s pregnant. They have a lot on their plate, renovating their new apartment they are moving into from his smaller apartment, etc.

    I do think she will be pregnant by the end of the year, but getting pregnant and trying to take on being a royal and having a relationship and renovating homes. People make pregnancy so romantic, I don’t find it so brand new married. Morning sickness, being out there trying to hit the ground running with duties. What I find romantic is them having time to themselves as newlyweds while embracing her new role. Give them some months, guys, for heaven’s sake.

  23. Beluga says:

    I love how affectionate she and Harry are, but also how affectionate Charles and Camilla were with both of them! I really hope they’ll be close.

    Next stop, getting her on a few engagements with Sophie (who looked absolutely gorgeous at Chelsea)!

  24. Yeahright says:

    I hate everything about her outfit.
    It looks like she’s playing dress up. Not a good look for her at all.
    Blech. We have zero to look forward to if she’s going to be Kate 2.0

  25. Cerys says:

    I couldn’t honestly say I was mad about the dress and the rest of the outfit. However she will need a bit of time to develop her own style etc for royal duties. At least, the dress was a suitable length and not likely to get blown about in the wind.

  26. OChar says:

    The 2nd photo from the bottom (her standing with Camilla) her stomach appears to be very flat, so I don’t know about this dress being used to hide a bump. Everyone likes different things, I personally think Meghan looks lovely.

  27. HelloSunshine says:

    I thought she was at the wedding, especially when babies were mentioned and the way Harry looked at her like he had a massive and adorable secret lol

  28. Alexandria says:

    Never mind Meghan (still heart you), look at Harry bidding Charles and Cam goodbye. So sweet.

  29. Vava says:

    I laughed at Kaiser’s comment on how Kate would alter this dress and hat. LOL!!!!

    Although I’m not fan of this dress, it’s mostly because of the color. I would look like death wearing that. I think some different shoes would have helped, maybe something with a design element, metallic, or pattern. I am impressed anyone could wear stilettos on the grass because I’d be sinking in with each step.

    I don’t think she’s pregnant.

  30. Maria says:

    I thought she looked elegant. The dress was a bit loose but I think it is due to weight loss. The hose was meant to match with the sleeves so I have no problem with it. She slouches a bit though, shoulders back, stand up straight! Now I sound like @minx, LOL.
    I guess I must be the only one who loved Camilla’s outfit. I thought it much better than the wedding outfit which was meh.

  31. Feebee says:

    I don’t hate the dress but I hate the hose. I think she might take a while for her to find her ‘royal occasion’ style. Things like garden parties as opposed to visiting youth centers or things like that. She has her own style but she has that extra consideration now and it’s miles away from what’s she used to.

  32. Lizabeth says:

    I don’t think she’s pregnant or if she is, I don’t think that explains her clothing choices. I have a “rectangular” figure like Meghan and a long (low) waist like Kate. Both waist issues can make it hard to find clothes that fit at the bust and hips that don’t look off at the waist. Kate, whose waist is fairly small compared to her hips but IS quite low, often chooses styles that give her an artificially high waist to the point a regular-waisted garment sometimes looks like an empire-waisted one on Kate. So far, some of Meghan’s clothes are cinched in at the waist but then seem too large everywhere else. Both women can afford bespoke outfits or extreme tailoring of off the rack clothes. I can’t. I find that fit and flare styles that skim the waist area work best (I’d say both Meghan’s wedding dresses fall into that category but seem to have helped pregnancy rumors along. I think the sleeve fit issue was due to heavy material and raglan sleeves, not a loose pregnancy fit.) Horizontal lines up top (like the bateau neck of the ceremony wedding dress) also make the waist look smaller. I think horizontal details AT the waist are risky (like the seaming on this dress as well as most belts) Rather than creating the look of a narrow waist, those details make the waist look wider in the case of a rectangular figure or in the case of a low waist, kind of ridiculous because those details fall too close to the bust. (We’ve seen Kate wear a belt just below her bust, for example.) Still, I generally like this outfit for Meghan’s first royal engagement. Unless she’s wearing trousers which I do like (but please no jeggings!) Meghan’s royal event outfits may end up sometimes looking like Kate’s because both women are dealing with waist issues, not because Meghan is “copying” Kate.

  33. ks says:

    I guess I stand alone but I think she looks lovely.

  34. Marigold says:

    She wore a very form fitting dress the night before her wedding. She isn’t pregnant. She just needs a tailor. Why would she even be entertaining maternity clothes at this point? They’d look ridiculous.

  35. spidee!!! says:

    I fail to see anything maternityish about this dress, but then I’m not looking for it!

  36. YankLynn says:

    I loved how polished her hairstyle was — all the haters of wispy side pieces were ecstatic right ? I thought the hat looked cute on her and since she couldn’t wear sunglasses I know I’d have been glad for a bit of a brim over my eyes. The up close shots make the dress look prettier I think but its probably just a matter of some things we like and would wear outselves and some things we don’t like. My standard for Meghan is pretty much gonna be — did her skirt fly up to her nose in front of a horde of people more than once ? If not, you’re doing good girlfriend.

    Also I took the giggling and eyeing each other at the ceremony more as “yep TONIGHT we’re getting started on that whole baby thing !”

  37. M.A.F. says:

    I hate those stockings even more now. And no, I don’t think she is pregnant. The way the dress is cut with that line/oval thing right above the belly/below the breasts gives the dress a certain shape.

  38. Violet says:

    Poor Meghan, now everyone is going to be staring at her midsection and assessing the clothes for maternity vibes.

    She didn’t look remotely pregnant to me, she clearly doesn’t like tight clothing. Doesn’t mean she couldn’t be 4-6 weeks along but you wouldn’t see anything then, anyway. I’ve never seen anyone with a bump at 6 weeks along – many people lose appetite and some weight in the very early bit of the first trimester (I did). I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if they threw away the contraception a month before the wedding to get a head start. But if that’s the case even if she did catch right away, it wouldn’t be showing in this or any other dress.

    Btw, the dress on my home TV last night (we have BBC in NY and they covered the event) registered the dress as the palest of blush color, not flat beige or cream. Still think it was pretty and correct and she looked delightful.

  39. Muprhy says:

    She erred on the side of wearing something super safe–I can’t really say I blame her so I don’t hate the dress. But yes the hat is the best part of the outfit.
    And yes its very clear that Charles and Camilla already really like her. You NEVER see Charles smile anywhere near Kate.

  40. Zondie says:

    I like the dress the shoes and the hat. Even the pantyhose look fine. She looks lovely. So does Camilla- that dress is gorgeous! It looks like Wedgewood pottery.

  41. Lucy says:

    Yeah, still don’t love the outfit but she’s smiling so bright that I don’t even mind it that much. Her whole head does look fantastic, though (well, duh), and I agree that, all in all, it looked like she was enjoying herself.

  42. ickythump says:

    She is dressing like the Duchess of Sussex at a Garden party – very appropriate, and respectful – it was for Prince Charles’ birthday after all, she wont want to take the spotlight off him when the party was to celebrate his achievements. However, I think once she has found her feet and feels more confident in her new role then she might make bolder choices (I’d love to see her in jewel tones – and some amazing jewels for that matter). She is stunning, I think we will see her in some show-stoppers in the not too distant future – and I don’t think she’s pregnant – I think she might want to concentrate on her new role and enjoy some time as a newly wed with Harry before becoming a mother.

  43. Claire says:

    The dress is quite pretty. It just doesn’t suit her. In other words the dress is wearing her. I think she has a difficult body to style given her thickness through the torso and she’s not that tall.

  44. themummy says:

    I thought she was knocked up, too, but then I started thinking that if she hadn’t had alcohol (champagne?) at her receptions, that would have been noticed. And nothing stays quiet, even at private receptions.

  45. Sparkly says:

    I think she’s dressed appropriately, although I don’t like the weird waist on the dress and the nylons are horrible. I do think she was trying to match the arms, but such light tights really only work if you’re trying for a schoolgirl look.

    I don’t think she would risk getting pregnant before the wedding. Firstly, she lost weight for the occasion (or maybe from the stress), and I don’t think she would risk morning sickness during the big day — OR, as someone above mentioned, the appearance of a shotgun wedding. I did enjoy that look between them at the mention of children, and it’s been no secret that Harry wants to be a father. I think they’ve discussed it and have a plan to start, maybe even right away or perhaps whenever they finally honeymoon.

  46. Keepitreal says:

    I thought she looked lovely; really don’t understand the international meltdown over her tights. I think she deliberately wanted the shade to match her dress and ensemble, not her skin tone.

  47. homeslice says:

    I doubt she’s pregnant. My 2 cents is she wants to really shine on her first tour. Being pregnant limits some activities and clothing, plus you could be sick. I think next year, perhaps.
    However, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was…lol.

  48. Case says:

    I thought that at first, but I honestly think it’s just her build. She’s a really fit, slim woman but as others have said, her torso is wide so dresses don’t nip in like you’d expect on a slender person.

    She’s so stunning, she makes anything look good. I think this is a nice, safe choice for her first outing as Duchess Meghan. She and Harry look so happy. I love them.

  49. Shannon says:

    I love her laugh. I saw an interview on some night time talk show from 2013 on youtube the other day and she’s got a wonderful laugh, and she laughs often – I heard it in the above video as well. She seems fun! As for pregnant? I suppose it’s possible but I kind of doubt it. *shrug* time will tell I suppose

  50. Jenns says:

    What happened to the article about Meghan and Harry leaving the wedding reception early? I clicked on it about an hour ago, and it went to a broken page. Work in progress post?

  51. Sage says:

    Meghan has similar shape to Catherine Zeta Jones. She should dress for her shape and not what looks good on models with long torsos.
    I think the dress is bland and ill fitting.

  52. maxine ducamp says:

    If there is one reason why I wouldn’t want to marry a royal, it would be having to wear pantyhose (tights to the Brits, I believe). They are the hideous instruments of Satan and always look hideous to me. Plus they are so damned uncomfortable in the summer. I don’t mind opaque colored tights in the fall/winter, but nude pantyhose can just please go away forever.

    Also, I said it in the post about the fit of Meghan’s wedding dress and I’ll repeat it here. I wouldn’t be surprised if Meghan, like many brides, lost a bit of weight due to stress in the run-up to the wedding. She was already thin, so it wouldn’t take more than a few lbs. to affect how her clothing fits. And I feel for the poor women if people are already assessing the state of her midsection for a “baby bump” 5 minutes after the wedding. Heaven forbid she has a burrito belly one day.

  53. Lis says:

    this dress would have been stunning in a teal or moss green, imo

    that said, I think she looks pretty

  54. joannie says:

    I get Wallace Simpson vibes from her. Similar facial appearance.

  55. Mrs,Krabapple says:

    I’m going to squawk about my pet peeve again: how to wear a hat. Meghan has a very wide-brimmed hat, yet she’s squinting in the sunlight. This (squinting) shouldn’t happen. Does she not understand how hats work? I ranted about this in the wedding photos too — so many women slap the hat on the side of their heads, or tilted at an extreme angle, just to look fashionable. But to me, it only makes it look like they’re ignorant of what hats are and how they work. You know how we laugh at fashions from long ago? I think future generations will look at this “fashion” and think “wow, people were stupid back then.”

    Other than the hat, I actually don’t mind her look. I hate the panty hose, but that’s a minor thing.

  56. justanothergossiper says:

    Meghan has said in the past that she likes a monochromatic look. I think that’s why the tights are so light. I don’t know if she will change that in the future. I think she will.

  57. Starryfish says:

    I put the odds that she’s already preggers at 1%. She’s just not wearing a skintight dress. I fully expect she’ll be preggers by the end of the year or early next year though, because quite frankly Harry constantly looks like he’s itching to skip off and work on making some babies with her. So far her style MO seems to be veering more traditional for events where Charles or the Queen are present, and doing more of her more relaxed thing out on engagements where they are meeting the public. This event was literally in the queen’s backyard, and was in honor of her FIL the future king, of course she whipped out he pantyhose and clutch.

  58. Misty says:

    I think she probably wasn’t eating much leading up to the wedding between nerves and her crazy ass relatives and lost a little more weight than expected in a short amount of time, so some of her fitted clothes look looser than they should.

  59. Anna says:

    I think the dress and ensemble are lovely on her and a perfect choice for the occasion and also, in design, a nod to her wedding dress design and palette, reminding viewers visually that she is just married and “on honeymoon” so to speak, very bridal style.

  60. MeghanNotMarkle says:

    After the week she had in the run up to the wedding I’m loath to say anything about the fit of her clothes. Is this particular dress great? No, but I think it’s the overall blerghy nature of the whole thing than the fit for me. It looks like an unfinished canvas, especially the sleeves. But this wasn’t an event for the new duke and duchess so I think it’s appropriately blergh and not overshadowing the man of the day.

    I honestly couldn’t care less if she’s preggo or not. If they are then great, if they aren’t then great. I certainly can’t cast stones as I wasn’t married when I got pregnant with my first and third babies. And it’s also none of my business. *shrug*

  61. Jayne Birkinb says:

    The dress is very 1994 Vera Wang. Nancy Kerrigan would have worn that dress back in the day.

    Garden parties with royals are not known for daring royal dresses, FWIW.

  62. BILLYPILGRIM says:

    I love Harry’s voice.
    That’s my take away.

  63. rabbitgirl says:

    I don’t think she is preggers. It’s just a bad cut at the top. But she is so pretty and so graceful. She is giving me Grace Kelly vibes, no?

  64. Mia C says:

    Yeah, it’s not good. I guess people are spoiled by Kate’s style now. I never thought Kate had much style until now, because I was comparing her to Diana but that’s so unfair. The Diana’s and Jackie O’s only come along once in a generation. We’re just not going to see that Jackie O/Diana level wow factor again perhaps in my lifetime. I guess that’s why when you get a meteor like either of those two you have to cherish it.
    –So Meghan will chart her own course but it’s not going to be as the style icon of the century. Maybe she’ll be happier that way.

  65. Starlight says:

    Meghan is a year older than Kate – cripes the older woman three years off forty in August – her outfit is appropriate – if she isn’t pregnant now she soon will be the clock is ticking

  66. Lboogi says:

    I do think her already being knocked up could help explain the lack of tailoring on her wedding dress…. like too much and it might not fit… too fitted and it might give the bump away… etc