Olivia Munn: Aaron Rodgers’ family stood on his shoulders & threw dirt in his face


Olivia Munn and Aaron Rodgers dated for three years, which I think is longer than anyone expected them to. Their relationship ended last year and now Aaron is dating Danica Patrick. The cloud that hovered over Olivia and Aaron’s relationship throughout was the fact that Aaron was not in communication with his family. This dynamic had the spotlight shined on it when Aaron’s brother, Jordan, brought it up as a contestant on The Bachelorette. Not only did they broach the subject, someone made the terribly dramatic decision to leave an empty chair for Aaron during the televised dinner, painting the family as the victims. The most offensive thing about all of this dirty laundry being aired was that most people were ready to put all the blame on Olivia for the family’s fissure. There was a theory that because Jordan had cheated on Olivia’s friend Brittany Farrar, Olivia had it in for the Rodgers. This was the least misogynistic of the theories. The rest were all cherchez la femme. For her part, Olivia stayed away from the topic until now. While on Andy Cohen Live, Olivia said that the rift predated her relationship with Aaron and that there is a chance it was based on the men’s jealousy of Aaron’s success. Not only does she hint at a reason, she all said she did all she could to help repair it.

Olivia Munn broke her silence on Aaron Rodgers’ family drama on Wednesday during an interview on Andy Cohen Live.

“He hadn’t spoken to the parents and one brother for like eight months before we started dating,” she told the Radio Andy host.

In fact, Munn told the Bravo star she actually encouraged Aaron to have an “honest conversation” with his parents while she was still on The Newsroom.

“They had a nice conversation and then they started coming out my first year when I was in Green Bay in 2014,” the actress said.

Munn said she met Aaron’s parents. Ed and Darla Rodgers, “a couple of times” and that she was “friendly” with Jordan. She did not say whether she met Aaron’s other brother Luke. However, she indicated that the drama continued.

“I just think it’s really important to try to mend things in a family and I encouraged that,” she said. “But at the end of the day, I mean, um.”
“It was out of your control,” Cohen said.

Munn also seemed to defend her ex and his role in the family fallout.
“I do believe that family and fame and success can be really complicated if their dreams are connected to your success,” she said.

Munn went on to explain that none of her family members work in the entertainment industry or have a desire to be famous. Aaron’s family, however, is heavily involved in sports. His father played football and is a sports chiropractor while Jordan played football at Vanderbilt University. After graduating, Jordan was signed to the Jacksonville Jaguars, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Miami Dolphins but was released by all three teams. He is now a sports network analyst for the SEC Network.

“They’re all in sports and Aaron is one of the best if not the best quarterback to ever play the game,” Munn explained. “Their work has a direct connection to what he does. At the end of the day, there’s a lot of complications. I don’t think either side of the road is clean, but I do think it’s not OK when you try to stand on someone’s shoulders and then throw dirt in their face, which is what they did for him.”

The actress added that it was “just really important to always be there and to encourage and be supportive.” She also suggested that the two tried not to bring the drama home.

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Unpopular opinion but I am going to back Olivia 100% here. And yes, it’s personal. I’ve been in her shoes every step of the way. I walked into a dysfunctional family dynamic. I did all I could to keep the lines of communication open, to try to revitalize the relationship and in the end, I was and am blamed for all of it. Cherchez la femme. Ultimately, I realized that by fighting for the toxic members of the family, I was actively not supporting my husband in one of the hardest decision he’s ever had to make. I’ll even back Olivia in talking about it now because honestly, it sucks to know everyone sees you as the villain (the family in question doesn’t know I work for CB so my admission here will not change anything).

I think Olivia is likely on to something with the jealousy theory. In what little I have read about the Rodgers family, their comments have always seemed a bit off. They say they just want everything to be fine but at the same time, there was always some underlying guilt trip and ambiguous suggestions that Aaron has “always been like this.” They all seem to think Aaron owes them something for his talent. Aaron has yet to comment on Oliva’s interview and I doubt he will. I want to believe he sees it as her right to clear her name. Honestly, I think the next comment we get will be from the family and it will be as passive-aggressive and faux-concerned as the rest.




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  1. A says:

    I don’t think yours is an unpopular opinion at all. I think you’re quite right. Olivia did her best, but the truth is this isn’t her circus and she isn’t obligated to mend fences here. I think Aaron’s family is immature and incapable of being happy about his success without feeling like they too are owed opportunities based on that success and not their own merit. They blamed her to deflect from their own problems and that’s not fair to Olivia in the slightest.

    • Esmom says:

      I agree with everything you said. His brother, in particular, seems like the most petty and entitled of the bunch and my heart goes out to Aaron. And Olivia, although their behavior isn’t as hurtful to her as to him, I’m sure. I always liked them as a couple and think it’s sweet she tried to intervene.

      • minx says:

        My daughter is a huge Bachelor/Bachelorette fan so I sometimes watch it with her. Jordan Rodgers was an incredible douche.

    • Danielle says:

      Why are women supposed to be the keepers of family relationships anyway? My boyfriend has a rocky relationship with most of his family, and everyone acts like I should try to urge him to reconcile. Why? It’s his family. I would never discourage him from seeing them, but if he doesn’t want to, why should I fight that battle?

      • audfhauio says:

        @Danielle – because sexism

      • M says:

        omg I thought that was only a brown thing

      • GreenTurtle says:

        No, M. Unfortunately, this is pretty universal, in my experience.

      • Esmom says:

        Good question, Danielle. When I met my husband, his brother and mom had been estranged for years and things were rocky between his dad and mom, who were divorced. When we got engaged, his mom said to me “finally, someone who can bring the family back together.” I was (politely) like “um, not my job.” I was shocked and really unhappy that she put those expectations on me. We’re both white, btw.

      • mint says:

        Exactly! Also not everyone is lucky enough to have good parents/ a good family. So people are entitled to walk away from toxic relationships.

      • Aria Sen says:

        It’s definitely an unfair expectation, but it’s because women are perceived as nurturing and empathetic. Men aren’t generally wired to see the nuances, so the family hopes the s.o can bridge the communication gap.

  2. M says:

    She looks fabulous!

    • Lirko says:

      Yes..yes she does. I know she catches a lot of flack for “Japanese potatoes”, etc, but, the girl glows. She is (IMO) a real beauty.

  3. LizLemonGotMarried (aka The Hufflepuff Liz Lemon) says:

    Gah, that green suit! I must have it!

    She has every right to clarify-people pinned that estrangement on her. Total bs.

  4. Jay says:

    I’m with her on this.

  5. Tania says:

    I believe her too. My husband is the most successful member of his family and he rarely talks to or visits his family. In all my family dysfunction, we’re incredibly close and always in each other’s business. I’ve tried to keep the in-laws in the loop of our life but I also know I have to respect his choice not to be close to them. After a few incidents recently I no longer push him and don’t keep in contact with them as I used to. It’s not something I’m used to but as he tells me, not every family can be like yours.

    • HelloSunshine says:

      Same for me. The Rodgers situation made me sad because I could relate so much. I went to college and never moved back home (no other sib graduated/all live either with or near my mom) and they hate it. Any time there was an argument, they’d throw it in my face that I left for college, got a degree and found somewhere to live that I love that isn’t my hometown like it was a bad thing. Much like your husband, I stopped trying and we have a very distant relationship. My life is better for it lol

      • Léna says:

        That’s so sad to think your family is mad because your find your own happiness!

      • Tiffany :) says:

        My BF was told by his family after he got a scholarship to a well regarded out-of-state school, “What? You think your better than us? You should stay in town and have children. It was good enough for the rest of your family!”

        I couldn’t believe that they viewed getting an education as a betrayal. He never visits his hometown anymore. His parents come out here to see him.

  6. TQ says:

    Glad she’s speaking up on this. The media placing blame on her always seemed to be coming from a very misogynist place, and frankly also had very ‘Dragon Lady’ stereotype undertones to me.

    But I remain convinced that the split from his family had to do with his sexuality — perhaps because the family saw him coming out as the end of the lucrative money train. I also believe they are quite conservative. If all that is in fact true, I really hope he’ll feel empowered to come out publicly eventually.

    • joanne says:

      he publicly identifies as heterosexual by dating only women. i think it’s gross to speculate on someone’s else’s sexuality when you have no 1st hand knowledge. this is a gossip site so gossip away about him but don’t use his sexuality as fodder. speculating that he may come out demeans him by insinuating he feels that he must be hidden till then.

      • Brittany says:

        This is a harsh comment.
        The OP is pointing out an opinion about him that is believed by many people in the country, not just on this website.
        And yes, there have been many former or anonymous current professional athletes who have commented on the fact that to be publicly gay would adversely affect their career.

      • KathNitenDay says:

        Uh ever heard of a beard? TQ may very well have first hand knowledge. You have no idea. Also hop off the high horse. This site used to be fun but now about 5 comments deep on every thread is someone correcting another for some social faux paus or perceived dig at someone..
        I think you’re reaching here. Rumors have followed Rogers for years.. Perhaps there’s some truth there.

      • minx says:

        Of course he would feel like he must stay hidden—it’s the NFL!

      • Switchpretty says:

        Totally agree with Joanne.

        How Aaron identifies is none of our business. If he’s publicly dating then he is dating women and it’s disgusting and tremendously homophobic to be speculating otherwise just because he doesn’t fit some tremendous sexist ideals of what footballers/men should be like.

        Let’s just end these “bearding” assumptions right now.

      • Switchpretty says:

        Totally with you Joanne. Many lgbtq folks have been bullied into coming out or have been suicidal because of the pressure to come out on other people’s terms. People refuse to realize how detrimental this is to the mental health of the lgbtq community!

        This practice to “gossip” about someone’s sexuality is dangerous. Let people represent how they choose to and let them choose to come out (or not) when the decide, not you.

      • Switchpretty says:

        Totally with you Joanne. Many lgbtq folks have been bullied into coming out or have been suicidal because of the pressure to come out on other people’s terms. People refuse to realize how detrimental this is to the mental health of the lgbtq community!

        This practice to “gossip” about someone’s sexuality is dangerous. Let people represent how they choose to and let them choose to come out (or not) when they decide, not you.

      • A says:

        @Joanne where does he publicly state he is a heterosexual in as many words? He publicly dates women, who are his opposite sex. But that is no confirmation that he is a heterosexual, simply confirmation that he dates women publicly. You can date women publicly and still be gay or be bi. Choosing to not be open about the fact doesn’t make you straight, and saying as much is an incredibly rude thing to do. Straight is not the default.

        Those rumours exist. He has done nothing to openly dispute them. Point me to an interview where he said “I am not gay, I am straight and only date the opposite sex.” Until that happens, discussing the RUMOURS of his personal life is not off limits.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        TQ, the first paragraph of the article you posted advises people to take it with a grain of salt. Not a good source. It’s disrespectful to other human beings to question their sexuality.

      • Rainey says:

        Great comments , Joanne. If he ever came out, I’d applaud him. But since he has actually said, no, he’s not gay, I’ll take him at his word. Relying on, and repeating, inaccurate stories from gossip sites is just wrong.

    • K-Peace says:

      I agree TQ. I read all about Rodgers’ past relationship with Kevin, his live-in “assistant” and am convinced that Rodgers is gay (or I guess possibly bi), and that the family feud is linked to his sexuality.

      • joanne says:

        nothing in my comment was harsh. i am saying that we should respect how any person identifies sexually. even if he is biologically gay, if he identifies as a heterosexual, that’s what he is. i love gossiping about people and their actions and behaviour. sexuality is off limits to me unless the person brings it up. as to those talking about a beard, reaching much? what advantage would that be to Olivia. that’s totally demeaning her as a person. as you said, this site is normally fun but there is opposition to anyone holding a different opinion.

      • A says:

        “even if he is biologically gay” There’s no such thing. The term for that is just “gay.” As I said in my previous comment, heterosexuality is not the default, and presuming as much about people is wrong. Even when they choose to only date the opposite sex publicly, that is no proof that he is heterosexual.

        Also, why would it be demeaning to Olivia if she were a beard? By all accounts, even if that is true, she seems to have had a genuine relationship with Aaron Rodgers, even if it wasn’t necessarily the romantic one. She looked out for him, tried to reconcile him with his family, kept quiet in the face of a lot of disdain, and has done nothing but support him.

        “there is opposition to anyone holding a different opinion” There are people who disagree with you. There will always be people who disagree with you, in all corners of the world. No one is stopping you from holding your opinions and expressing them, which you are ultimately free to do. But that doesn’t mean that your opinions aren’t going to engender disagreement. That’s just the way the world works.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Just need to point out: it is VERY common for celebs to have live-in platonic assistants. I wouldn’t base your judgement solely on that factor. Entourage wasn’t far off in this regard.

      • Rainey says:

        K-Peace, where did you “read all about it”? Gossip sites?

        Do you know that Kevin is married to a woman? That’s going pretty far to “cover” for Aaron, don’tcha think?

      • noway says:

        in this case heterosexuality is the default. Why, because Aaron Rogers is publicly showing his relationships with women- Olivia Munn- 3 years and now Danica. I could maybe see your point if he didn’t show any relationships publicly at all, but he is showing women and not men- you are choosing to believe something he has not acknowledged by either his words or actions just gossip.

        Second, it’s the default based purely on statistics roughly 94% of Americans say they are heterosexual. Psychologist claim at the lowest 90% of people are heterosexual – this adding in some people who won’t admit their sexuality to anyone. The more obvious scenario or default position based on likelihood in our population would be heterosexual for all.

  7. PoodleMama says:

    I believe her. I was always shocked by the Rodgers family’s willingness to go to the press about their issues. It speaks to a certain amount of fame whore-ness. And let’s be real Jordan’s affiliation with Aaron is probably one of the main reasons he was able to both win the bachelorette and get his current sports commentator position. The sad truth is that family can in fact get jealous of others success and that can put a lot of strain on the relationship.

    • Esmom says:

      It’s just crazy (and heartbreaking) to imagine a family being so jealous of another’s success. As someone said above, it seems like his family is very immature.

      • Carrie1 says:

        There’s a lot of psych research on this. It’s not fun reading. It’s not that uncommon tho which is shocking to me.

        My concern when a third party talks about these matters publicly is that it causes more pain. It’s also interference, even if she believes she means well and she’s not hurting them, she definitely isn’t helping talking about this publicly. That’s why psych professionals have confidentiality with their clients… also she’s not a family member.

        I don’t know the answer for sure, but I’d prefer if she could clear her name without going into details about his family and him. He can talk about this, but she really shouldn’t be in this much detail.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I agree, Carrie1. I imagine that her comments will probably cause more issues for Aaron and his family.

  8. Lala says:

    First of all…I would ROCK EVERY OUTFIT THAT’S SHOWCASED IN THIS ENTRY!!!! Secondly…I’m GLAD she came out and said this…because his family to me, make the Markles look like amateurs!!!!

  9. KeWest says:

    I have no idea why Olivia would get the blame over her then boyfriend not talking to his family.

    It’s between them.

    • minx says:

      Easier to blame some Hollywood hussy than to look at their own dysfunction.

    • India Rose says:

      I’m with Hecate on this one. It’s also easier to blame the daughter-in-law for estrangement in the family than to admit your son doesn’t want to communicate with you.

      When my husband clearly stated to his mother what boundaries she needed to respect in order for him to stay in contact, she steamrolled right over them. Here’s one example: sending a postcard to my husband’s work saying, “Are you okay? Please call me!!” To. His. Work.

      When he disengaged, she blamed me. She’s the victim, I’m the villian. Even though their issues go way back before I was ever in the picture. It sucks. It’s been a tremendous strain on our marriage, trying to figure out how to deal with her. My husband and I have both gone to lots of therapy to work through guilt and our own stuff.

      Ultimately, his mother has narcissistic personality disorder and we can’t fix that. She’s responsible for staying in treatment and managing her own behavior. Until then, she blames me.

    • GreenTurtle says:

      Women get blamed for this shit a lot. My “favorite”- They also get blamed when a male athlete isn’t thriving. What? Tom Brady’s not playing well? Must be evil Gisele. Tony Romo’s playing got worse when he happened to be dating Jessica Simpson?? She’s a succubus trying to destroy his greatness! Oh, the talents of so many great men brought low by our vaginas… 🙄

      • Rainey says:

        Yes, Olivia got that from packer fans. Then Aaron famously told them to R E L A X and they ran the table into the playoffs. Fans are ridiculous. Me included.

      • Emily says:

        Women are scapegoats for men’s decisions and behaviour all the time (see the Ariana-Mac situation). In my life I’ve been blamed for my boyfriend, now Husband, not partying anymore and for his drinking. Guys are usually pretty happy to let you take the fall to if it means they can avoid a tough conversation.

  10. Carrie1 says:

    I’m glad she took the opportunity to clear her own name. Family is in pain and this may not help that… ugh.

    Love her clothes in these photos. I enjoyed her on the Newsroom tv show but don’t know much about her beyond that.

  11. heh says:

    “Aaron Rodgers’ family stood on his shoulders & threw dirt in his face”
    IDK why but just picturing this statement as a literal action is funny AF.

    • Chaine says:

      I read the header literally and thought I was going to hear that his family put him though some kind of bizarre conservative Xian conversion therapy or a shaming ritual…

    • Goodtogo says:

      LOL you made me spew my coffee out. Best comment on this thread!

  12. Zak says:

    She has a right to defend herself.

  13. Catmom says:

    I really miss her old face before the “potatoes.” Also, she was so good on the newsroom.

  14. Kitten says:

    “Aaron is one of the best if not the best quarterback to ever play the game,”

    LOL I take it she doesn’t watch a lot of football.

    • minx says:

      That killed me too.

    • Danielle says:

      Haha, that’s what I thought!

    • Lala says:

      I’m a Chicago Bear fan…(because…I’m from Chicago…NOT because of their playing since 1985)…and the Green Bay Packers are OUR ARCH ENEMIES…over the last couple of years I have personally watch Rodgers do things that I did not think could be DONE on the field…and for the last TWO years…he’s basically done them by himself…because his team and his coach…LAWD! So I have NO PROBLEM with what Munn stated about Rodgers…none at all…

    • Rainey says:

      kitten, minx, Danielle: you obviously don’t know football. Aaron Rodgers is commonly acknowledged as one of the best QBs ever. Check the stats. At the end of his career, it’s very possible he’ll be the best ever. Always debatable, but when even bear fans are admitting it….

    • Guest says:

      Aaron Rodgers is easily arguably the most talented player in the NFL based upon his raw abilities, overall stats, and how he mostly carries the entire Packer team on his back nearly every year. And, no, I am not a Packers fan but I love football and he deserves the acknowledgement. Googling Rodgers best QB ever brings up the some of the numerous times this has been brought up as a valid point of discussion.

  15. Lizzie says:

    She’s 100% right. There were some fame whores in that relationship and remarkably it wasn’t the actress. The Rogers men are just furious they aren’t as talented or famous like their Aaron and don’t think he is using his talent to elevate them enough. And Aaron Rogers isn’t exactly camera shy himself….but leave it to a bunch of dude bros to blame it all on the girlfriend!

  16. Svea says:

    IMO the family’s behavior is very trashy—Aaron included because he is letting Olivia take the fall for his mess.

    • HelloSunshine says:

      I struggle with this because I understand where he’s coming from on just never commenting on the situation because it fuels the fire with people like this but I also can’t imagine not saying anything when someone is talking like that about my spouse. It’s a tough situation to be in for Aaron and Olivia

  17. bella says:

    I think she broached this subject with true diplomacy! This is how to do pr. She definitely knows how to discuss a hot topic in a very non-personal, and non-threatening way, so kudos to her. She looks beautiful all the time, but I do not like any of the outfits, as I am not a print person. I love thigh-hi boots, but not with that dress! Those do not go with the dress at all!

    • Ankhel says:

      Oh, this. That’s a beach cover up. With thigh high suede boots. WTF? I like her other outfits though.

    • minx says:

      Yeah, the cover up is pretty, definitely not with those boots.

  18. Reed says:

    Aaron’s parents could be a bit psycho and overbearing? They are Right Wing Christian Fundies, that kind of crazy spills over into every part of life.

    • Rainey says:

      His dad is also a conspiracy theorist and climate change denier. Aaron gave an interview last year about evolving his views of Christianity….

      Team Aaron.

  19. Jenny says:

    Though I’m not a fan of Olivia Munn because I think she did my fellow countryman Joel Kinnaman dirty and there was some overlap when she left him for Aaron I do think she’s right here. AR’s family seems beyond f-d up. And I feel really sorry for him. I think he should just cut his losses and disown them. They don’t deserve to have a relationship with a son they treat like dirt. I can absolutely believe they tried to stand on his shoulders only to kick dirt in his face. I applaud her for speaking her truth after all the BS they spewed about her while she was in that relationship.

  20. SJhere says:

    IMO, his family has always tried to used him.
    He is the most successful person in that family. The Dad and Brother have both used their connection to him to gain money/jobs/attention. Rotten people.

    I don’t care for one minute what Aaron Rogers sexuality is. None of my business ever.

    I do care that the Paps/tabloids have been dumping on Olivia claiming “it’s all her fault, she’s turning him against us.” What a huge load of horseshit! Good for her for speaking up for herself.

    Now, just my .02 …. Years ago in my life, after I was the caregiver for each parent for years as they declined, when the passed I went back to school and worked 60 hours a week for 3-4 years to support myself. 2/3 siblings did nothing but ask me for $$. Never a call asking how I was. Finally, finally I just hit the end of the line. No more money or f***s left to give either.

    Hard deeply heartbreaking truth…just because they are born siblings doesn’t mean they give a s**t.
    Aaron has every right to keep his privacy, and enjoy his own life. He owes them Nothing!

  21. Rebecca says:

    I feel for her also. My husband comes from a highly dysfunctional family. He was abused in every way as a child and his family is an act as if everything is normal and don’t talk about it family. There were family members constantly asking my husband to do things for them and were experts at making him feel guilty when he didn’t. He feels guilt easily because of what happened in the past with the abuse. I am the bad guy because I finally got my husband to distance himself from that. He has a large family and now he only communicates with two of his brothers and does not speak to the rest of his family. He does not talk to the members who abused him and those who continued to use him. It’s all my fault. However, I’m kind of proud of that. He’s in a much better place now.

    Aron Rodgers could have spoke up to defend Olivia, but he never did. She’s in a better place now that she is not dating him.

  22. Guest says:

    I think Olivia should stay out of it at this point because Aaron does not discuss it in detail in public and I doubt Olivia knows the current state of his family dynamic.

  23. RuddyZooKeeper says:

    The Rogers parents seem to have a “you owe us” mentality. I grant you that professional athletes are not created in a vacuum. Parents and family make sometimes extreme sacrifices for almost literally the first 15-20 years of that kid’s life for that level of excellence and success to happen. The money, miles, time … I’m betting Aaron’s parents have been dangling that guilt trip over his head since before puberty. “After all we’ve done for you!” kind of talk. I hear it at ball fields all the time and I cringe. There’s a point when those kids evolve from looking like a source of pride to a trophy then to a meal ticket. I think this is less about jealousy and more about payback for what is “owed.”

  24. SJhere says:

    Just reading the above comments … Boy, I gotta truly 100% agree with the person who said Rogers has pretty much carried the entire team on his back. Yup! He is the team.

    I’m in MN and, my sweet Lord, I would be thrilled to have a top level QB like Aaron Rogers in good health, take the field for us. The Vikes not 1 damn SB win in the history of the team.

    A lot of NFL teams have 1-2 players that are carrying the team.

  25. Cee says:

    I learned the hard way not to meddle but to support my partner/friend. I can’t be a bridge towards communication when both parties feel wronged by the other, especially if I’m not even part of the family (or a blood member).