Elle Fanning Instagrams photos of ‘mom’ Angelina Jolie on ‘Maleficent 2’ set

It's bring your mom to work day on the #Maleficent2 set!!!!! ✌🏼

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Angelina Jolie is in England right now, working on Maleficent 2. Her costar for this film (and the first one) is Elle Fanning, a certified Millennial who enjoys social media and all of those Millennial things. I get the feeling that Angelina doesn’t really “get” all of that, but it’s my dream that Elle Fanning somehow convinces Angelina to get a Twitter and Instagram account and Elle teaches Jolie how to use them. I would love to see Jolie tweet out some sh-t on a regular basis, come on! But in the meantime, we just have to make do with some Jolie “guest appearances” on Elle’s Instagram.

Elle posted these two IGs on Tuesday, obviously near their set trailers. How funny is Angelina?? I mean, full Maleficent makeup, wearing THE HORNS, but pairing the horns with a tiny pair of sunglasses and a white robe. And the peace sign, OMG. Angelina might be… uncool. I can’t believe I’m saying that, but is it true? Angelina also posed behind Elle with her horns in another cute IG. They’re adorable. Remember, Angelina once said that the first time she met Elle, Elle jumped on her and hugged her and squeezed her and “it was like being attacked by a thousand cute, gorgeous bunnies.” They have a really sweet vibe together – I’m not saying mother/daughter, but definitely big sister/little sister. Elle needs to tell her big sis that she’s a massive dork.

Meanwhile, in People Magazine’s write-up of these IGs, they mention this:

Jolie’s return to the live-action Disney villainess marks her first onscreen appearance since her 2015 role in By the Sea. The family-friendly set is filled with kids as Jolie’s brood — Maddox, 16, Pax, 14, Zahara 13, Shiloh, 12, and 9-year-old twins Knox and Vivenne — are all doing their work in a school trailer.

[From People]

Cough cough cough cough cough Brad Pitt cough cough. So Angelina’s six kids are clearly with her in England, and they’ve been with her this whole time. So what was with all of Brad’s drama last week??

Ultimate Photobomb #Maleficent2

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Photos courtesy of WENN, Elle’s Instagram.

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  1. Aiobhan Targaryen says:

    This is so cute. I like when Angelina shows her playful side.

    Angelina’s comment sections would be in shambles if she ever did decide to join twitter or any social media page- even if someone else was running it.

    • SilverUnicorn says:

      I totally agree with that.
      No social media, please. I’ve had a Twitter account for nearly 10 years now and I keep it open only for promotional reasons. If I was as famous as Jolie, I wouldn’t bother to open one.
      Comments directed at her would be in the number of thousands and mostly vitriolic. Heck no.

      About the IG pics, they’re cute and lovely!

    • KBB says:

      Social media is so pedestrian. I don’t want to see A-listers on it. It’s a medium for people like the Kardashian’s and real celebs who have stuff to hawk like Reese Witherspoon. I still hate that Nicole Kidman joined Instagram lol

      • teacakes says:

        The only circumstance in which a celeb having instagram doesn’t make me cringe, is if they don’t post every other day, keep their love lives and children off it and don’t use it to shill products (or at least not often). Which is damn near impossible these days but Kirsten Dunst has a pretty great instagram that fits all those criteria. I’m also fine with some of the more activist celebs having it, I guess.

        And of course, if you’re famous enough, social media is redundant. People like Winona Ryder and Angelina don’t have any because lbr they are iconic enough not to need it, and it’s probably not the way they like to communicate. I mean, if your media outlet of choice is the New York Times, or you are the most-searched actress on Netflix despite no social media presence, you don’t need to be chasing likes. The same goes for younger A-listers like Emma Stone, Jlaw, Scarlett Johansson etc.

    • teacakes says:

      The only circumstance in which I see her using social media would be if she was doing it to promote her humanitarian work projects. But even then, the risk of abuse is way too high.

  2. Sam says:

    That’s really cute 🙂 And I liked Maleficent, so I’ll definitely watch the sequel.

  3. minx says:

    Aw, that’s sweet.

  4. Sullivan says:

    This is pretty adorable.

  5. Maya says:

    They look so cute together and I cannot wait for the sequel.

    Angelina and the Michelle Freaking Pfieffer is the same movie and potentially against each other is freaking awesome.

    Now Chiwetal is also confirmed as potential love interest for Maleficent.

    So excited beyond words.

    As for Brad’s pr games – the truth will always come out…..

    • Carrie1 says:

      Ohhh that sounds really good. I’ve never seen these movies, but will do now.

      I love this. AJ gets so much crap from others, this is wonderful. I knew she was a dork. She’s always been. She’s a good egg.

      • Joy says:

        Angelina is a dork, she’s very cute and it’s always lovely seeing that side of her. There’s a really cute video of her voicing Tigress for one of the Kung fu panda films and she’s adorable. I’m excited about Maleficent, great cast and it’s great we fans get to see her acting after so long.

        I’m with @Aiobhan above, her comments section would be a mess, so no thanks to social media as a fan and I’m sure she’s well aware. She’s said she isn’t very savvy about such things, when talking about her phone and how she uses it if i’m remembering correctly? I can’t imagine what it’s like being famous on SM, especially when there’s so much vitriol out there directed at you. But cute pics and hope Elle and Joachim keep us updated on IG occasionally.

      • KBB says:

        Lol didn’t she say her and Brad couldn’t figure out how to order something on Amazon? I imagine there’d be a lot of accidental tweets and public stuff meant for DM.

      • Veronica T says:

        I like that AJ is a dork and doesn’t seem to care! That is what makes people cool- being who they are!

  6. Goats on the Roof says:

    Tiny sunglasses are not cute on anyone.

  7. smcollins says:

    Cute pics. If anyone is capable of bringing out someone’s lighter, goofier side it’s that big ray of sunshine Elle Fanning.

  8. Lucy says:

    Those are some great shots! They’re both so funny (and I kind of love their choices in sunglasses, even if I wouldn’t wear those myself).

    • Alexandria says:

      Don’t think I’ve seen Angie wearing small shades recently. Me thinks they are Elle’s and she asked Angie to wear them for some goofy fun or they swapped shades for fun. Angie seems to prefer big shades and aviators. Anyway cute pictures.

      • KBB says:

        I agree small shades have never been her thing. And she doesn’t exactly experiment with fashion, so I’m guessing they’re Elle’s also.

  9. Roxie says:

    Love the photos, they are beyond adorable! Hope Elle posts more

  10. Millenial says:

    The Brad stuff is interesting. I was under the impression they had joint physical custody, or at least frequent visitations if not equal 50/50… guess not (and if not, why not, after this much time has passed…). I don’t think she’d be allowed to have all six of them there if he had any court-ordered physical custody arrangements. So that’s very….interesting. Maybe someone with more legal knowledge can explain.

  11. BJ says:

    Last week I said the kids were already in England because I saw pics of Shiloh and Pax at Legoland so I was confused about the Brad post.If he didn’t want her to take kids to England,he should have filed papers with the court BEFORE they went to England.Unless a tabloid just made up the story.IDK

    • tracking says:

      The report was that he blocked her from taking all six kids overseas for the duration of the shoot. Since he has shared legal custody, he can do that. So it is likely they’ll each have the kids for periods of time, whether all six together, a series of swaps, or some combination of the two.

    • KBB says:

      The Brad story referred to several months at a time, like the whole summer. The kids were always going to go to London for a bit. It’ll be interesting to see (if we would ever even know) if they fly back to Los Angeles.

      I’m curious if all of them have been there the whole time. Was it just a coincidence that Knox and Shiloh were the only ones photographed at the airport and Legoland or did they come out before the others?

  12. Ai says:

    The children are old enough to voice who they want to stay with. I believe the Judge or authorities working on this case are going with what is best for the children and taking this into consideration. As much as the media and other ppl. try to make this Angelina vs Brad, it is more Brad and the children. I do believe Brad messed-up with his children. Rebuilding trust and relationship will take time, therapy and his doing what is best for his kids; not himself. It is this last bit… the children are old enough to see his media plays…surely he has to know how it comes across…

    • Hmm says:

      Sorry to say it doesn’t seem like he cares to rebuild anything with them. He could’ve flew to London to be with Shiloh Jolie Pitt for her b-day but was photographed in la looking like a hot mess. He and his team should just shhhh about the situation because Angelina has custody and that’s he doesn’t see them much.. I think that’s obvious now.

      • tracking says:

        Since it seems Jolie had her for her birthday per the custody agreement, why would Pitt fly to London? They don’t seem to have a good enough relationship to celebrate anything jointly as a family, especially after the latest custody disagreement, so he likely wouldn’t have even been able to see her. Surely he’ll make a fuss when he does. This is a man who built a skate park for her at his home.

      • crogirl says:

        When the park was built it was their home so they both built it for the kids. Since the separation he’s been all about himself.

  13. Jhg says:


  14. Who ARE These People? says:

    From what others have posted, they have joint custody in terms of decision-making, but not joint physical custody. The children live with her full-time and he has visits, which may or may not be supervised at this point.

  15. Jana says:

    It smiles?

  16. Patty says:

    I can’t wait to begrudgingly watch this on an airplane

  17. Mary says:

    Had no idea they were making a sequel. I thought the first one was pretty disappointing.

    • tracking says:

      I agree, but maybe they’ll have a stronger script and director this time. They already have a stronger supporting cast. AJ is great in the lead role, hope Elle F plays it less ditsy this time. Her ‘lovable twit’ characterization in the first one was off-putting.

  18. Des says:

    OMG, can you imagine what the Angelina insta account would look like? Wasn’t Brad majorly into photography too? I bet the kids all have amazing candids of themselves throughout their childhood.

  19. Lala says:

    Maleficent…had one of the BEST love stories I have seen on the screen…and that was between Angelina and Elle’s characters…the love between a Mama and her child…because THAT’S what it ultimately came down too…so THIS does not surprise me…their chemistry and affection went beyond acting..and you could see that on screen…and off…

  20. Adorable says:

    I’m a huge Angie fan,but Nooooo to social media!..I enjoy “The mystery”that surrounds her(even if we think we know everything about her).Besides she’s one of the few A-list who doesn’t need it to stay relevant.

  21. Shessy says:

    Not typical Jolie at all, must be really desperate for attention.

  22. Xilco8 says:

    Angie’s not desperate for anything.

  23. saltandpepper says:

    Angie’s gorgeous.

  24. Wyatt says:

    I want her wings to grow back, she was bad flying around😄

  25. JENNIFER says:

    Take notes, Brad. THIS is how you do it. Showing a glimpse of having fun at work on someone else’s (NOT a love interest!) social media. Not sending sources running to the press to whine and moan about poor Brad and that meanie head Angelina. She’s promoting her work and subtly maintaining her image at the same time in a really adorable way.

  26. meh says:

    For real, she looks like Blade in those small sunglasses!!!

  27. Hmm says:

    He skipped out on shilohs birthday too. I’m totally confused at how they sold him as being the best dad ever and he ends up being complete trash.