Queen Elizabeth is doing more events this year, at 92, than she did last year

2018 Investec Derby Festival - Derby Day

One of my favorite things about the Queen is that someone convinced her to invest in a few pairs of Transitions lens. Seriously – she wore the same pair of glasses for the 2018 Investec Derby Festival at Epsom Racecourse, and each time she was photographed, her Transitions lens were a different dark shade, depending on the sunlight. The Queen paired her Transitions with a lovely lilac coat, a gigantic (and drool-worthy) amethyst and diamond brooch and a floral dress. Queen Liz wasn’t there to f–k around and shake hands though – she was there for the horses and just the horses. These pics are from Saturday (June 2nd).

The Queen basically does every event in Great Britain which involves horses or racing. She also does a multitude of other events, because why would a 92 year old woman slow down, ever? As it turns out, the Queen has done more events in the first five months of 2018 than she did in the same time period last year. SHE’S 92.

She celebrated her 92nd birthday in April, but it seems the Queen has no intention of slowing down just yet. The monarch has increased her workload by 25 per cent, a new study reveals, with her eldest son Prince Charles clocking up the most engagements in 2018 so far. Research conducted by Write Royalty shows the sprightly nonagenarian has already completed a mind-boggling 125 engagements since January.

The report, based on Court Circular information, shows that Prince Charles topped the list of the busiest royals with 83 engagements in May alone, closely followed by Princess Anne, Prince Edward and Prince Andrew. In fifth place is the Queen, followed by the Countess of Wessex, Prince William, the Duchess of Cornwall, the Duke of Gloucester and the Duke of Kent.

Prince Harry did not make the top ten, having been busy planning his wedding, and neither did the Duchess of Cambridge who recently welcomed her third child, Prince Louis. Charles, 69, has had a busy few months with royal tours of Italy and Greece, totalling 83 engagements in May and counting. According to Write Royalty’s Patricia Treble, the Queen’s increased workload could be down to the debilitating cold that forced her to cancel a series of engagements over the same period last year. May proved to be the busiest month of 2018 so far, accounting for 400 engagements, Treble notes.

[From The Daily Mail]

I also think there’s another factor here – Philip’s health is obviously failing, and he’s in and out of the hospital with some regularity now. He retired from most of his patronages and much of public life last year as well. I think the Queen is just trying to keep busy because she doesn’t want to focus so much on what’s going on with Philip – it’s her way of trying not to spend all day, every day worrying about him. But it still says a lot – and nothing good – about the younger royals being consistently outworked by the Queen (92), Charles (69, turning 70 in November), and Anne (67).

Investec Derby Day

2018 Investec Derby Festival - Derby Day

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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24 Responses to “Queen Elizabeth is doing more events this year, at 92, than she did last year”

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  1. Coz' says:

    She looks like she’s about to enter the Matrix and I love it!

  2. Digital Unicorn says:

    Hahahaha – i love the shot of her in the sunglasses with the b!tch face.

    ITA the figures from the older generation only serve to highlight how lazy the younger and fitter generation really are. She’s still doing the same as they are not and someone has to keep the machine going.

  3. homeslice says:

    I noticed the pictures from the horse races she looked happier and smiled more than at the royal wedding lol. Girl loves her horses!

  4. minx says:

    She’s so active and engaged…I should be the same at 92, knock on wood.

  5. Jan90067 (aka Imqrious2) says:

    While I admire TQ for having an insane amount of duty and service, I’m sorry, but her going to the races, and counting it as “work” is such BS. And yes, same with the young set going to film premieres.

    • whatever says:

      …and going to church weekly.

      Also, Harry and Meghan’s wedding is also on the CC so that mean’s it’s an official engagement. I find that so ridiculous, how can going to a relative’s wedding count as work!?. BS ‘work’ indeed.

    • minx says:

      No argument from me, I think all of their so-called “work” is BS.

    • LAK says:

      The Queen has an actual job description unlike the rest. As head of state she has to read and sign off on every single piece of govt business that is delivered to her desk everyday (except Christmas day). She has weekly audiences with PM, receives ambassadors / heads of state, deals with commonwealth in a very intimate way (see dismissal of Australian PM 1975).

      Her public events are usually the ceremonial aspects of her job that the president, if we had one, would undertake. With her doing that job, the PM can concentrate on the actual executive branch of govt.

      The charity events + private-public events like the races are PR to keep the monarchy going. Those she can undertake without publicity but as learnt by her predecessors, she has to be seen in public. This aspect has been going on for over 500yrs+

      The rest of the family are engaging in no 3 part of her job description.

  6. Linda says:

    Why give Harry a pass. He had a wedding but the queen has a lot going on too

  7. Aes says:

    I noticed the Queen did not walk the length of the church aisle at Harry’s recent wedding. At the the time, I interpreted it as a sign of her declining energy.

    I was wrong, apparently.

  8. Mego says:

    I really love this woman. A very authentic and sincere person who takes her duty very seriously. It takes a certain character to rise above scandal and frivolity that often goes with this kind of celebrity life but she did so with aplomb her entire life. Remarkable.

  9. All About Eve says:

    Where are all the Harry fans who always claim that Harry works harder than his brother?! I’m still failing to see the great work ethic that Harry supposedly has!

    The numbers show the younger royals are still not picking up the slack, and they have been shown time & time again to be collectively lazy. Can’t wait to see what excuses their apologists come up with this time!

    • Cerys says:

      Harry is almost as lazy as William. He gets away with it more because he comes across as more likeable and friendly.

    • Enny says:

      No, Harry doesn’t get a pass. I don’t think his work on Invictus counts toward his engagement total, but still, he obviously is not “keen” to be a working royal at the moment. I’m hoping that Meghan’s work ethic (at least, so far) will inspire him to do more. Because I do like the little rascal, I can’t help it – but, clearly, he’s pushing that “working royal” envelope a bit too far, and his goofy grin and general gingerliciousness can only generate so much goodwill…

  10. Becks1 says:

    Wow. Charles with 83 events in may alone!! Goodness.

    William should be ashamed. He’s #7 on that list?? Even accounting for some time off around Louis’s birth, its still outrageous.

    I am surprised that Harry’s numbers are so low. I feel like we saw him a lot this winter/spring. I hope he steps it up.

  11. Zondie says:

    I can’t get past the Kate/William maternity/paternity leave because it’s not logical. “Leave” does not exist in absence of “work.” And looking at their numbers, I can tell you they wouldn’t have accrued any leave at my place of employment. I had three kids too and I worked. The. Whole. Damned. Time.

  12. Bread and Circuses says:

    The lady in the mint green outfit looks lovely too!

  13. Tig says:

    I watched Epsom, and she does love the horses. Believe it or not, staying engaged, as long as one is physically able, is such a boon to the elderly. And I am sure Phillip’s health issues are pressing on her as well. She’s prob after the royal planner(?) to sign her up for more!
    And a question for the CB royal jewelry experts- it seems as though most of the broaches the Queen wears are rather large. Are most of them then of more recent vintage? Does she ever wear broaches (other than ceremonial)that are from, say from the Art Deco/Art Nouveau eras? TX in advance!

    • LAK says:

      Majority of her brooches are from the Art deco/ Art noveau / Victorian eras. Actually, most of her jewels are from then and beyond.

      The reason being that she’s not interested in jewellery and therefore rarely purchases or commissions new pieces. Her commissions are ugly. Best not remembered. New pieces tend to be items gifted by countries / organisations that she has visited and usually a visual symbol of said country / organisation.

      On the other hand, the 3 generations before her were magpies about jewellery. Her mother was often gifted jewellery by her father, but it was her grandmother, Queen Mary, and her great-grandmother, Queen Alexandra who were the true family magpies. They were always buying, designing, commissioning jewellery. The bulk of the Queen’s collection comes from their jewellery spree.

      Not forgetting that Albert gifted Victoria alot of jewellery too. He designed and commissioned lots of pieces. Plus Victoria inherited alot of jewellery from her mother, the Duchess of Kent.

      If you want to know more about the Queens’ jewellery collection, these are the blogs to dive into. Look out for Queens Alexandra and Mary for the period that you are interested in.


      Ps: the particular brooch above belonged to Queen Victoria’s mother, the Duchess of Kent.

      Here is more info about it: http://queensjewelvault.blogspot.com/2012/06/kent-amethyst-demi-parure.html