Sarah Paulson is going to quit Twitter: It’s ‘the meanest place on earth’


Ocean’s 8 hits theaters this weekend, and I’m looking forward to it. The movie hasn’t even been released yet, but it’s brought me happiness already thanks to great interviews with star Sarah Paulson, whom I adore. Sarah is on the cover of Bustle’s digital issue and talks about her career, social media, Ryan Murphy (of course) and the new movie.

Of her muse/artist relationship with Ryan, she acknowledged that “for a long time, nobody could get between Ryan and Jessica Lange.” She also admitted that she felt that Jessica was Ryan’s queen, “and she probably still is for him.” She goes on to say that she’s very happy to be part of his acting “family,” noting that while Ryan loves his actors, “It’s like he’s got 50 children, and he tends to all of us remarkably well.” Too bad Ryan couldn’t find a part for Sarah on his latest series, Pose. That show is magic.

Sarah has found a new “family” with her Ocean’s 8 co-stars. She talked about the group text the women of the cast – including Sandra Bullock, Rihanna and Mindy Kaling – used to joke around (apparently Anne Hathaway is the “meme queen” of the group), stay in touch and swap emojis. The actresses really seemed to develop a bond, playing the old “What are you wearing?” game before a press event, something Sarah pointed out was “a very typical girlfriends thing to do.” Here’s more of what she had to say:

On haters comparing Ocean’s 8 to the Ghostbusters remake:
“We sort of delude ourselves into thinking we have some semblance of control or some idea about how things are gonna go, and we just don’t. At the end of the day, I bet you those girls had a f—king ball making Ghostbusters, and so who gives a f—k if anybody saw the movie?…I had a f—king blast, and I made seven new friends.”

On not bristling at being considered a character actress:
“I don’t think my career has anything to do with the way I look, good, bad, or otherwise. If someone likes my face, they hate my face, they think it’s weird, they think it’s crooked, they think it’s fat, they think it’s skinny — whatever they think, I don’t think I’m getting jobs predicated on my attractiveness or lack of attractiveness.”

On where she keeps all of her awards:
“I keep [the Emmy] on a shelf that is in very close proximity to my eye-line when I wake up in the morning, I have them all there—I keep the Golden Globe there and the SAG there and the Critics Choice award there and the TCA award. I need to be reminded that it actually happened.”

On cutting ties with Twitter:
“I think I’m gonna get off [Twitter] very, very soon…[It’s] the meanest place on earth.”

[From Bustle]

I personally think HuffPo and YouTube are meaner places, but other than that, I’m with you, Sarah. And if you don’t think she’s being truthful about the fun she had working on Ocean’s 8, check out this interview from yesterday’s Today Show featuring Sarah and her O8 co-star Cate Blanchett. If you wanted to learn anything about the movie, look elsewhere. These two (who’d previously worked together on the film Carol) are giggly, funny and charming and I would love to hang out with them.



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  1. lower-case deb says:

    i have a twitter account which i don’t tell anyone the username of, because i only follow to read and rarely to comment. in it i folow only animal twitter (like cats/dogs/baby animal gifs), illustrator’s illustration only accounts, food photography twitter, history twitter (maps, rural museums, illuminated manuscripts), and the local traffic and earthquake updates.

    whenever i got stressed out i go to twitter.

    • IMUCU says:


      That’s exactly what I do with Reddit. There are some really good de-stressing subreddits out there with some nice people in them. 🙂

      • lower-case deb says:

        i’ve never been brave enough to wade through reddit except for stuff that my friends recommend. mostly nowadays i read the AMAs, because at least there they do moderate the tone.

        any recs i should check out?

    • Carrie1 says:

      Yep. I use it for farms now. Paulson is right. It is mean.

      I don’t interact much tho nor do I share personal stuff. But farmers make wee videos, natural geographic is fantastic, history people are awesome and interesting as are all the art and museum accounts worldwide. I use it to try to keep up with world events with legit news and orgs like UN, WHO, but mostly for quality of life and happy stuff. I have an illness and will never be able to see or do most things I can via twitter. I only use my first name, never used a photo of myself, and avoid extremists, people who like to fight, etc. Exception has been MeToo…. I needed that and despite it making me cry for 2 years it seems it’s been healing I needed and couldn’t get anywhere else probably. Lifetime of abuse is hard to heal. Been working on it for 30 years. Twitter has safe resources if you work it right and keep boundaries tight.

      Recently there’s been pushback from many on twitter towards others who join their conversations. I’m seeing a lot of tweets stating people adding negative comments will be bLocked. Also twitter itself is cracking down on hate speech and bullying. It fails in lots of ways but they’re trying. One day I’ll likley ditch it as I think I’m nearly over it but it’s been a huge help for a few things.

      A tip, and I think lots of people do this, is to block anyone who follows for no reason. Eg. No apparent genuine interests aligned or if they’re hateful, porn, malicious, trump supporter etc. I block A LOT sometimes softly, sometimes hard permanent block. It messes up my algorithm and timeline otherwise, it’s generally nothing personal but I’m not interested in a fan club or random promoter piggy backing for PR. Also check to see if you’re on any lists you don’t like. If so, remove yourself and block the list maker. A lot of feminists and MeToo people get targeted hate because some creep puts them on a list which triggers a mean bot harassing every time they tweet something. A journalist shared that tip.

      Facebook tho… I was on there for one year approx. when it was early days and left soon after. Never regretted leaving FB.

      • lower-case deb says:

        i’m obsessed with obscure-facts twitter and paws-twitter, and some amazing nature artists. i follow a paleao-bryozoan twitter to try to thicken my resolve against trypophobia, for some bizarre reason. and the handler of the Museum of English Rural Life is a hoot with the “absolute unit” meme. gave me the lols for days.

        i, like you, took one spin on facebook and never regretted leaving it. life is too short!

        and wishing you all the best!!

      • Carrie1 says:

        Omg the MERL absolute units are hysterical 😂

        Wish you all the best too! Sounds like you follow some fascinating niches too. Twitter is a great educator and fun too sometimes

    • IMUCU says:


      If you make a reddit account, you can subscribe to specific subreddits and then you will only see the content from those — helps decrease the wading-through to find what you like. My favorite subreddit is r/aww for cute, happy content; then there are offsprings of that one if you happen to like cats more than dogs, prefer golden retrievers the most, love happy cows or derpy animals, etc. I also like r/ilikthebred (silly poetry put to cuteness), r/awwducational, r/earthporn, r/educationalgifs, r/science, r/mildlyinteresting, r/wholesomememes, r/todayilearned, r/askreddit, etc. — my subscribe list is quite long at this point! Since you like history there is r/historyporn (and r/fakehistoryporn, lol). Probably anything you are interested in there is a sub for, just type into Google “Reddit” or “r/” with the topic. Also, some subs can have quite strict rules (and vigilant moderators) about being mean or trolling depending on the sub you visit. Anyway, happy browsing! 🙂 

      • lower-case deb says:

        yay!! they are all so up my alley! thank you so much.
        i hope they’ll allow me to lurk… and just enjoy the glorious posts!

    • Moe says:

      I love this woman xxxx

  2. Jillian says:

    I deleted my Twitter, best decision I’ve ever made. Go for it

    • elimaeby says:

      I’m a comic and was told by many of my comic friends that I could in no way get rid of Twitter, that it was career suicide. I still did. I regret nothing.

    • tealily says:

      I so briefly had a Twitter account that I forget I ever did. I do not regret deleting it.

  3. Lala says:

    I LOVED their characters in “Carol”…heck, I would have much preferred to see a movie about THEIR relationship than anything else they showcased in the movie (which is a fave)…She and Cate have MAGNIFICENT chemistry…they bring out the kid in each other….and if you have a friend that makes you giddy with silliness…you are a VERY LUCKY PERSON!

    I remember when I FIRST saw Sarah in “Down With Love” in 2003…and I thought even then…She’s got…”IT”!!!! A chameleon who can act their tookus off and knows how to play the game…she’ll be working for as long as she lives!!! And I ADORE THAT ORANGE DRESS!!!!

    • Tiffany says:

      She and David Hyde Pierce should have had their own film after that. They were just spectacular.

    • Pandakeeper says:

      I remember that film, when Ewan McGregor was still hot. I remember thinking she worked the fashion (60’s) so well and was much more alluring that Renee’ was.

  4. JeanGrey says:

    I never had a Twitter account because i knew back then what people just seem to be discovering now. Everyone has access to you and too many people you dont know can reply to you. From my understanding, it’s not like FB and IG where you can keep yourself private and only surround yourself with people of your own choosing. I keep all of my social media on a tight leash. I dont even interact in comment sections on FB or IG because everyone has something to say over your opinion and there are way too many trolls who start shot for no reason and can stalk your profile. Nope. I’m kind of over social media in general and keep it simple by posting an innocuous pic here and there or share a news story that’s not too polarizing because even though I’ve unfollowed and deleted a bunch of Trumpsters, there are a lot of people (including myself) who don’t want to see that orange orangutan as little as possible.

    • SilverUnicorn says:

      Twitter is also private too.
      You choose ‘protect my tweets’ and you interact only with your crowd.

      And there is a feature that blocks people whom you are not following from sending private messages to you. One of the reasons why my Twitter account is way a lot bigger than my Facebook account, especially after receiving death threats and Facebook did nothing.

  5. Linda says:

    I deleted my facebook 3 years ago. I got threatened for an opinion by someone who turned out to be having a mental breakdown. My blood pressure has been good since I quit.

    • justcrimmles says:

      Here lately I’ve become a big fan of a couple of groups on Facebook, but in my own little area of it sometimes stresses me out. I deactivate maybe once a year, but there are still people I want to stay in touch with, and Facebook is the simplest method. But I get it, I recently had an issue with one of my cousins, who is an unhinged trump supporter (who thinks he’s some kind of independent thinker, no dude, you’re rethuglican 100%.) We argued, I unfriended him, he blocked me, then a couple of weeks after, I saw his kid unfriended me, too 🙄 and this is just a few reasons I avoid that side of the family.

    • NeoCleo says:

      Same here. I don’t miss it.

  6. SilverUnicorn says:

    I used to think the same about social media in general. However, Twitter was a safe line for many people in disadvantaged situations. I could have info about an online friend who ODed in 2011 through Twitter: she survived and since then we became best friends in the following years.
    It’s not all bad on social media (plus, Paulson should also think of the many LGBT+ people who find representation and validation through Twitter or Facebook)

    • justcrimmles says:

      Glad your friend is ok! Sometimes social media is a conduit for good things 🙂

  7. Lizzie says:

    i’ve loved her since jack and jill. so happy her career has exploded!

  8. Cupcake says:

    I wish more celebrities would follow her lead. Hopefully the pendulum will swing away from TMI as more people take a step back.

  9. Mina says:

    Murphy might have not included Sarah Paulson in Pose, but that’s because he’s the show Ratchet with her as the protagonist, and it looks pretty interesting.

  10. Rori says:

    I know she didn’t mean any harm or shade with her comment about the female Ghostbusters remake, but I’m so annoyed that people still talk about that movie like it was a flop — just because a bunch of thin-skinned, basement-dwelling misogynistic manchildren did their best to tank the film (and apparently they ultimately succeeded in some ways as their efforts clearly garnered lasting attention). The film did just fine.

  11. Annabel says:

    I used to really like Twitter, but lately it’s seemed to me to be kind of a cesspool. I’m sure a lot of positive things and friendships have come about through Twitter, but let’s be clear here, without Twitter we wouldn’t have a President Trump.

  12. Cara says:

    She is so cool. Love her lots!!!

  13. Pandakeeper says:

    I LOVE these pics of her!! Her make-up is perfection and she looks like she’s having fun and so comfortable! She’s such an attractive actor/woman, but she doesn’t usually photograph too well.