Jennifer Lawrence is allegedly dating an art gallery director named Cooke Maroney

London photocall for 'Red Sparrow'

Wow, we haven’t even talked about Jennifer Lawrence in nearly three months! That just shows that she’s perfectly capable of going dark and staying out of the news when she wants. J-Law did garner a few headlines last week when she came out to the BAM Gala to present her ex-boyfriend (and mother! director) Darren Aronofsky an award. Reportedly, J-Law and D-Aron were perfectly polite to each other. But they’re obviously not going to get back together. She’s over him. She’s dating someone new: an art gallery director named… (drumroll please)…. Cooke Maroney. Which sounds like a euphemism for something dirty.

Jennifer Lawrence has a new secret boyfriend, Page Six has exclusively learned. “The Hunger Games” star has been quietly dating a dashing New York art gallerist named Cooke Maroney.

Mystery man Maroney works as a director at New York’s venerable Gladstone Gallery, which reps artists including Lena Dunham‘s dad, Carroll Dunham, as well as Richard Prince, Anish Kapoor, Ugo Rondinone and Bjork’s ex, Matthew Barney. We hear that Lawrence and Maroney were introduced by J.Law’s BFF, Laura Simpson. A source told Page Six of Lawrence and her new beau: “They met through Jen’s friend Laura … The relationship has been going on a few weeks. But they have been very private and careful not to be seen together.”

Sources say mysterious Maroney is 33. He’s known to be seen at high-end art openings around town and formerly worked at the famed Gagosian gallery.

[From Page Six]

Are you feeling it? I am not, but I find the whole “Hollywood actress dating an art dealer/insider” thing to be a weird trend. I already said that I think that Vito Schnabel is nothing more than a high-end gigolo, and… well, I guess I should stop there. I mean, I’m happy that Jennifer isn’t dating someone twenty years older than her, or someone who yells at her or acts like an a–hole. We’ll see. Mostly I’m suspicious of him because I don’t believe Jennifer has a good “picker.”

Cooke Maroney is the guy on the left in this photo. He’s cute, but… I don’t know, not my type. He looks like a Wall Street bro, right?

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  1. Anguishedcorn says:

    The guy in the middle looks like a young George Hamilton. Go for him instead!

  2. Jane says:

    I was hoping for the guy in the middle! The guy on the left???? I don’t know. There is something about his eyes that makes me not want to trust him.

  3. WMGDtoo says:

    Page six.. LOL

    I don’t believe it; but who knows. I just don’t see her as being artsy or that deep. But everyone has different sides to them.

  4. Rapunzel says:

    Guy in the middle is the tasty dish. Guy on the right is the side you ignore because it is gross. Guy on the left is the side you eat even though it’s blah because it’s there.

  5. Melania says:

    I like her. I’m sorry for that guy, he’ll be besieged by paps now

  6. QueenB says:

    He does look like a bro. Jennifer always seems like such a mess and she is problematic. So maybe all those douchebags are soul mates.

  7. ZeeAh says:

    In my country a young art gallerist is universally an heir/rich kid/trust funder. Is it the same in the US or no?

    • FLORC says:

      It’s not that diff err rent here in the states, but there are exceptions. It’s not a universal guarantee they’re wealthy.

    • QueenB says:

      How else would it work? In general art is becoming even more exclusionary.

    • Ceb says:

      If he’s just a dealer for Gladstone, that doesn’t automatically make him wealthy. He’s not the owner. That said, the “art world” is just as full of bros as finance is. After finishing grad school, I did the NYC gallery thing for a bit and watched as the guys all landed representation and the women struggled. It’s just another bro culture filled with name dropping, chest bumps, and sexism.

      Not to say there aren’t some wonderful, thoughtful, interesting people running galleries and making work.

    • Slowsnow says:

      Not always. In this case, like @Ceb pointed out, he is not a gallerist but an art director at Barbara Gladstone gallery which is a very well established “older” gallery. You have about everything everywhere. Many friends of mine opened galleries in Paris (successful ones, that sell to the major art museums) without a penny in the bank. That’s why many galleries close, because it’s hard to have cash flow.
      I worked in 3 different kinds of galleries and the only one where there was the heir/hedge fund kind of people was a horrible experience that led me to move on. It is still an incredibly macho culture, sexist and money driven. Artists now have to become like the collectors and not the other way round: they “have” to wear Prada, talk like Wall Street investors etc. Quite sad. But it’s not in all galleries like this. It depends on the roster of collectors the gallery has and the kind of art it sells. Unfortunately, that’s the tendency.
      But it’s also a good thing that art gets involved with cinema and dance etc. It is an artistic wold and it is good that big money is invested in visual arts. Madonna, Brad Pitt, Di Caprio, they all collect good art.

    • ZeeAh says:

      Thanks for all your answers! So the answer seems to be: most likely, but possibly not. Very interesting learning about how it seems to work where you are.

    • Sara says:

      I work in a history museum, but notice that the biggest art museum (not gallery) in my town is full of trust fund kids who get the jobs cuz mom and dad donate a lot to the museum. Always a large turnover rate. For profit gallery may be different.

  8. Darla says:

    Very Chris Martin. Hoult remains the only hot guy she’s been with publically. Could just be one meh pic though.

  9. Una says:

    Hot take; I believe women with “bad pickers” are just assholes themselves. At some point you have to take responsibility of your life. It is like a friend complaining about their crazy/asshole exes. If all of them are assholes, chances are you are the asshole.

    • Nicole says:

      I agree with this. At some point it’s not just the guy (or girl) you pick but who you are. And we’ve seen JLaw be a hot mess especially these last 2-3 years.

    • KatieK says:

      I love the way that people are assuming this guy is an asshole from one picture – and therefore, by extension, J-Law must be an asshole too (despite the fact that her friend circles in Hollywood – Harrelson, Stone etc – all seem good guys and girls). Maybe some suspension of judgment might be in order?

      • Una says:

        You are absolutely right. I am sorry if that came off as me believing he is an asshole. I don’t know anything about him. I was more reacting to “bad picker” thing. It is used a lot to deflect responsibility. Like as if men fall into women’s lap and women don’t get a say about it. Again, you are right, he may be a good person. I hope that he is.

      • Nicole says:

        Eh her circle includes Amy “I’m offended you’re offended by my racism” Schumer, Lena “I have to be the center of every conversation” Dunham, Aziz “I’m sorry I’m pressured you into a sexual encounter” Ansari and Emma who didn’t want to take accountability for taking a role that was completely whitewashed. Not exactly the best circle of people.
        Regardless Jen’s not terrible but she hasn’t been remotely likeable in recent years and Uma’s point was that it may not be a “bad picker” but that like may attract like. It’s not a leap to assume based on past relationships that she does not attract the most stable or best people to date.

      • Bridget says:

        The company he’s keeping in that pic does NOT speak well of him.

      • lucy2 says:

        Yeah, I think people are being pretty judgemental about someone we know nothing about. This may even be a false rumor, and this guy’s getting dragged for nothing.

      • Erinn says:

        I find it funny because to me, he looks the least like an asshole out of the three.

    • Otaku fairy says:

      I think it has more to do with the fact that men who are Great AND woke AND hot AND interesting or successful all at once are more of an exception than a rule . Find a woman who’s never dated, worked with, or befriended someone who has said or done something problematic and you’ve found a prize. I can’t even name one.

  10. Loris says:

    I’m very curious to see Jlaw in the movie about Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos. I’m reading the book and I’m speechless.

  11. Millenial says:

    Well, at least he’s age appropriate.

  12. PHD gossip says:

    When I read this on page six, I assumed she has a new, older, married lover and her team planted this as a distraction.

  13. Veronica S. says:

    Eh, honestly, all three guys in that picture are pretty good looking. The one in the middle is the standout, but I wouldn’t immediately shrug off the rest. I’m assuming he comes from a fairly wealthy background to be a gallery seller that young, which may work out for her. He’s on her le level economically without having all the industry drama around him.

    also: lol anish kapoor that guy is a dick

  14. Loopy says:

    The guy in the middle dated Mary Kate Olsen then dumped her for Paris Hilton but that was a million years ago.

  15. elle says:

    He looks like a combo of Robert Pattinson and Tobey Maguire.

  16. Amelie says:

    We should give her props for him being age appropriate!

  17. brooksie says:

    There are pictures of them out together on The Daily Mail and he looks like a completely different person…