“Steve Trevor is apparently coming back for ‘Wonder Woman 2′?” links

Um, how is Steve Trevor going to be in the next Wonder Woman movie? [Pajiba]
Beyonce & Jay-Z apparently secretly renewed their vows. [Dlisted]
Evangeline Lilly’s sleeves are no bueno. [Go Fug Yourself]
Here’s Lainey’s take on the Brangelina custody drama. [LaineyGossip]
Gwyneth Paltrow: Only peasants are bridezillas. [Wonderwall]
Here’s the first look at Tim Burton’s Dumbo. [Buzzfeed]
Below Deck recap – something about a bitch buffet? [Reality Tea]
Christina Aguilera watches people cover her music. [OMG Blog]
Haim fired their agent, for a very good reason. [Jezebel]
It’s curtains on The Batfleck. [Looper]

"Wonder Woman" Los Angeles Premiere

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  1. Lynnie says:

    I’m not mad at Steve Trevor coming back cuz more Chris Pine 😍😍😍, and honestly WW could’ve taken care of that plane with all the bombs herself.

    I don’t really get renewing your vows especially if the marriage isn’t all that old to begin with.

    Gwyneth Paltrow is an idiot. Full stop.

    Idk Burton was redoing Dumbo 😱 I’m gonna have to check it out.

    I’m not surprised Aguilera watched covers of her work, and I suspect more musicians do than they let on.

    Warner Brothers should just leave Batman alone for awhile. In fact, they need to chill on the new DC projects until they finally figure out what they want.

    • Babs says:

      God knows I’m a fan of Bey and respect Jay as an artist but that couple brand is getting old, especially when it’s been proved and proved and proven that nothing in the world can make him honor those vows. I liked how they turned the elevator scandal in their favor and into money because that was not easy, but don’t get carried away, once a cheater always a cheater and I’m afraid Bey will end up really looking like a fool. She gave him her best years. I wish she would jump at Lebron or Julius and call it a day (yeah I know they are married men but you get the idea). I hope I’m dead wrong because they have small kids and I root for families to stay together but not at any cost, and there’s something very fishy here.

      • minx says:

        Agree. The “couples brand” only works if people buy you as a reasonably happy (not necessarily perfect) couple. If there’s a lot of gossip (Beckhams) how can you sell yourselves as a brand? It’s like that HGTV couple who split but thought they were still going to keep their show, and no surprise, they didn’t.

      • Milla says:

        That whole brand thing is made up to make women look foolish. I do not think highly.of jay but i do think bey is far more talented and better than we get to see. Cos with the brand thing, they have to look like equals.
        Is all that money worth it?

      • trh says:

        Isn’t it as likely that Beyonce’ is exactly as talented as her performances indicate, and therefore less talented than you believe her to be?

    • Anners says:

      Love this recap and agree.

      A word on Paltrow – how can you say you’re so deeply uninterested in wedding plans (because busy…with what?!) and then in the next sentence say that your girlfriends are as excited as you are and keep sending you dress pics. I mean, that doesn’t make her a bridezilla, sure, but feigning contempt for it all makes her look peasanty.

  2. Darla says:

    I bet it has to do with the multi verse. He’s probably from a different earth. But that’s just a guess. Either way I’m glad Pine is back for this one.

  3. Miss Melissa says:

    Those of us who watched the Linda Carter TV show know that they did a similar time jump with the same cast. The first season was set during the war with Steve Trevor played by Lyle Waggoner.

    The later season (on another network) was set in the 70s with Steve Trevor, Jr. played by Lyle Waggoner. It was the original Steve’s son or something.

    I’m sure it’s the same. Grandson or nephew or somesuch.

    Waiting for that Lynda Carter cameo, tho.

  4. paddingtonjr says:

    The 2nd season of the Wonder Woman tv show took place in the 70s while the 1st season took place in the 40s. The “Steve Trevor” character was a “Jr.” in the 2nd season but played by the same actor. Perhaps Chris Pine will be Steve Trevor, Jr. or III in the 2nd film.

  5. BorderMollie says:

    Wedding vow renewals often indicate trouble in paradise in my experience. Like overcompensation. Hmm.

    Every leak about the new WW movie sounds bad. I didn’t like the first one very much, the acting was especially bad, so will probably skip it.

  6. Reece says:

    As long as Johnny Depp isn’t in it. I’m there for Dumbo.
    They needed a break from each other a LONG time ago.

  7. Va Va Kaboom says:

    I wish Haim had included which performer was paid 10x more. Getting your music on the radio has no value when you’re already on it. If the performer is on par with them then it’s a gross display of sexism. If not, then of course they should get more money, especially if they draw in more concert goers than Haim.

  8. Dee Kay says:

    As long as they don’t have Steve Trevor die again in the 80s, I’m good with this. But we see WW being sad over Steve in the 2010s, so no matter what, I feel like I’m gonna be sad at the end of WW2. Either Steve died in 1918 or he dies sometime between the 80s and the 2010s.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    Maybe a flashback will have Steve, but I keep hoping she had his son after the war.

  10. minx says:

    Gal Gadot looks yowza! in that dress.

  11. detritus says:

    No LeBron cheating stories? I mean the source is sketchy af but it’s juiiicy

  12. detritus says:

    No LeBron cheating stories? I mean the source is sketchy af but it’s juiiicy

  13. Grant says:

    I’m glad he’s back! He and Gal have great chemistry.

  14. Caramelcookie says:

    He’s hot on screen but quite sleazy sounding (with his hookups) irl. They have great chemistry on screen. WW 1 had a america-police-the-world storyline but maybe the second will be better.

  15. holly hobby says:

    Yay to Chris Pine/Steve Trevor!