Rihanna looked like a fancy baked potato in Poiret at the UK ‘Ocean’s Eight’ premiere

The European Premiere of Ocean’s 8 held at the Cineworld Leicester Square

It’s been said by many people that with Rihanna’s face and body, she could pretty much wear a sack and she would still look amazing. Rihanna decided to test out that theory at last night’s London premiere of Ocean’s 8. Rihanna wore a dress from Poiret (or POIRET, if we’re supposed to capitalize every letter?) which is actually made from metallic yarn, apparently. What it looks like is that someone made a fancy baked potato with gold foil and she wore the foil after she ate the baked potato. The dress doesn’t fit, it’s not flattering, and I bet she couldn’t even sit down in it. But still… she does look good. I mean, she’s Rihanna. She really can wear anything.

The European Premiere of Ocean’s 8 held at the Cineworld Leicester Square

Sandra Bullock looks amazing in a striped, shiny Zuhair Murad. I had been thinking that Sandy was kind of phoning it in for the premieres and press tour, but she looks great here. Sandy also arrived with her boyfriend, Bryan Randall, but they didn’t walk the carpet together.

Sandra Bullock seen arriving at the London Premiere of Oceans 8

Ocean's 8 premiere in London

OH MY GOD, Sarah Paulson, what are you doing?? This is Valentino and it is simply a tablecloth from the 1950s. There’s absolutely nothing redeeming about this at all. I’m actually embarrassed for her.

The European Premiere of Ocean’s 8 held at the Cineworld Leicester Square

Cate Blanchett in Louis Vuitton. This is too wintery for a June premiere, even if it is in London. That being said, if she wore this to a November premiere, I would adore it. I will call her my Grey Swan.

The European Premiere of Ocean’s 8 held at the Cineworld Leicester Square

Mindy Kaling was my goth princess in Alberta Ferretti. Love it.

The European Premiere of Ocean’s 8 held at the Cineworld Leicester Square

Helena Bonham Carter in Vivienne Westwood, of course. She looked like she was having a ball in most of these photos.

Ocean's 8 UK film premiere

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Cannibell says:

    Sandra Bullock’s dress has pockets! Even if it weren’t the best one on its own (the potato & the bridesmaid layer cake weren’t exactly contenders), that alone makes it a winner.

    • AnnaKist says:

      Ha! Pockets! My sister recently gave me three pairs of very nice trousers (in fabulous condition) that she no longer wears. I went to my very best friend’s granddaughter’s first birthday on Sunday and wore a pair. Later, I rang my sister to tell her, and how good they looked with my velvet jacket, but that I couldn’t understand why the manufacturer went to all the bother of making them look like they had false pockets, when it would have been easier (and more ractical!) to just include pockets. There was a rather long pause. “They did have pockets”, she said. “I had my dressmaker take them out…” Aaaargh!

      • Clare says:

        I even had a seamstress remove pockets from some of my work/suit trousers – I feel like it gives a cleaner line and I would t out anything in those pockets, anyway as they’d look lump/bulky with the smallest thing in there. I’ve got pockets on my jacket and coat for my phone, credit card etc.

        For what it’s worth, to me, men’s suits/formal trousers look equally off with things in the pockets. Shrug

      • AnnaKist says:

        You’re right Clare. I tend to put flat things in my trouser pockets, or just…my hands. Admittedly, mine are not business/corporate trousers, but more the very neat casual, or jeans. Isn’t it funny how some men can really pull off a suit – elegant, neat, smooth, no bulges (!), even though they’re probably carrying their wn bits and pieces? I was talking about this with some of the male members of my family, and opined that more men should carry bags, because some have as much paraphernalia as women to cart around. My bother, the very involved and hands-on grandfather, reaches under the table and says, “What? You mean like this?”, as he held up a very nice, navy leather (bulging) messenger bag. I’ve seen a few men in the city with nice proper man bags, but most men tend to hand over their stuff to their lady to shove in her bag.

    • Audi says:

      Sandy’s look is one of my favorites of 2018 and her man is HOT.

  2. Dtab says:

    I adore Sarah Paulson and think her attitude carries off any luck (even a table cloth).

    My imaginary bestie Sandra looks amazing :)

    • Cdnkitty says:

      All I can think is that Sarah Paulson is the most comfortable one there. So comfy in that tablecloth dress thing.

  3. Dorothy#1 says:

    Helena is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen! I just love her.

    Also Sandra’s hair looks amazing!

    • Snazzy says:

      yes love the hair!

    • AnnaKist says:

      I love Helena. For me, she can do no wrong.

      • Loren says:

        All the dresses are bad, except for Helena B.C. Her dress looks most flattering. Helena looks great.
        Rhianna dress looks like gold crumpled wrapping paper or cooked,baked on aluminium foil.
        The Bigfoot blouse on Cate Blanchett (who can usually do no wrong ) is a terrible. that blouse,top is Wrong. Good pants though.
        Sandra Bullock is gorgeous , but the outfit,dress,pantsuit, robe thingy…NO!
        Sarah Paulson.. Pink party-paper streamer wrap dress, NO.

        The rest bad.
        Rhianna stunning. Her makeup flawless, her skin amazing. Beauty, Beauty, Beauty.

      • Pandakeeper says:

        I love Sandra’s hair soo much! I wonder if it’s all hers? Or if she has extension help. If she does, it’s the most natural I’ve seen.

  4. tracking says:

    Sandra, Cate B, and Helena BC all look fab. The bodice of Rihanna’s dress is too close to wardrobe malfunction for my taste.

    • Milla says:

      Yup. Riri lost it, she needs new stylist.
      I love Helena. She’s unique. And Sarah looks so pretty.

  5. Darla says:

    I guess I am weird – I think Sandra’s outfit is worse than Rihanna’s.

  6. minx says:

    Agree, I would be completely on board with Cate’s look in the fall.
    Rihanna—I did start to roll my eyes at the baked potato look…and then as usual with her the more I looked at it the more I liked it. She’s so stunning and poses with such attitude she makes anything work.

    • Kitten says:

      She makes it work, always. That being said, lately RiRi’s been looking a bit sad to me? Or maybe this is just her *serious high fashion face* that she reserves for the RC? IDK…regardless, she looks amazing here.

  7. Spikey says:

    Even if Rihanna can wear anything, she looks fantastic in the dress! Yes, it’s a bit tight in the boobs department, but it makes her look very… statuesque. Like a Botticelli Venus, emerging from a golden pond. I totally love it.

  8. manda says:

    I love sandra bullock’s hair so much

  9. Slowsnow says:

    Sandra Bullock looks aggravated in this press tour.
    And her beach hair look, to me, seems so uninspired and artificial.
    Her outfit is very “The Last Showman”.

    • Darla says:

      She really does. She has looked very unhappy in the pics I’ve seen. Maybe just bad shots, I dunno.

  10. Tig says:

    Love Rhi’s makeup, but the dress is awful. It most definitely is wearing her, and is about to leave her, for that matter. I get liking a dress so much that you talk yourself into wearing it, so maybe that’s what happened here.
    The rest look fine. Have yet to see the movie-glad it’s doing well.

  11. Lucy2 says:

    Rihanna is gorgeous but I don’t love the dress.
    Cate’s look is really fun though, but I agree it’s not very summery. Her fashion in the movie was fun as well.

  12. ofofoc says:

    sarah paulson’s dress is tres tragic!

  13. Other Renee says:

    Sandra looks gorgeous but angry.

    Sarah looks like Little Bo Peep who spilled a bottle of Pepto Bismol all over herself. Just NO.

  14. Alarmjaguar says:

    Seeing the movie tonight with a bunch of work friends. Am looking forward to it

  15. Lynnie says:

    Idk for a movie that’s set in the met a lot of their “high fashion” looks on the red carpet have been missing the mark spectacularly

  16. Jane says:

    Screw all the awful clothes the ladies are wearing… I’m looking at Sandra’s boyfriend, Bryan Randall. Gawwddd, he’s gorgeous.

  17. Anastasia says:

    I don’t know, I kind of like Sarah’s dress. I love things that are different.

    And I just saw Ocean’s 8 last night. It was SO GOOD! I haven’t seen any of the other Ocean movies, but I couldn’t resist an all-woman one.

    In the film, they have Helena Bonham Carter dress like she actually does in real life, which I loved! Ha!

  18. Right says:

    Sandy ❤️. Her outfit just stole my heart.

  19. ASHBY says:

    Sandra looks stunning, I can’t believe she is 53 years old, AMAZING.

    Rihanna’s dress is awful, especially the fit around the chest, she has a beautiful face and one of the best swaggers around, but her clothing choices are often not great.

    Sarah’s Paulson dress is one of the top 5 ugliest things I have probably ever seen, terrible styling, the whole thing.

    Sarah also gets on my nerves, trying hard to justify her romance with a much older partner, I don’t agree with it when Jack Nicholson does it, so why would I when anybody else does it.

    Mindy looks very nice, Helena has a gorgeous face and Kate’s outfit would work really well in winter.

  20. Janie says:

    Good grief! They all look so overdone and awful! Tacky!

  21. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Poor SP lol. Tablecloth, cupcake liners, kitchen valences… she’s comfortable though. Can never have too much HBC. And there’s only one thing that drives me bonkers…toes hanging over shoes. Imo, a foot’s entirety should reside within a shoe’s borders…not outside of or on top of lol. BONKERS.

  22. Sage says:

    Rihanna wore a trash bag designed dress and is still stunning!

  23. Tessy says:

    I think they all got together and decided to have a contest to see who could look the silliest. I don’t like any of those outfits. And I find Sandra quite unrecognizable these days, she’s veering off into Kidman territory.

  24. Pandy says:

    I would kill to have Sandra’s dress.

    • smcollins says:

      I would kill to have her hair. Definite hair envy happening over here.

      • Ankhel says:

        She looks so good with waves.

        Talking about hair, one of HBC’s snakes… coils…I mean tendrils, appears to be searching
        her molars for a little snack. Proper hair nourishment is always important, people.

  25. OlaRae says:

    I adore Rihanna, Cate Blanchett, and HBC. I definitely don’t know what Paulson is doing. I like her, but nothing she did was flattering. From the makeup to the shoes. Awful.

  26. taxi says:

    Mindy needs a slip! Without it, this is Frederick’s of Hollywood cheap looking. Wish Sandra’d comb her hair & lose the r.b-f.

  27. Anna says:

    Rihanna’s dress is stunning and so is she. Love it. And the “cape” lining being darker makes her tiny waist look so defined. Love it!

  28. Henny In My Hand says:

    Rihanna has the most beautiful features. She always looks stunning and confident! I can’t think of anyone else who could pull off that dress, but she makes it work.

  29. Anare says:

    Two things. Helena Bonham Carter looks fantastic. She’s so crazy cool. Sandra Bullock’s man is hot AF. Wow. 😍

  30. Katebush says:

    I saw the movie last night and while I really enjoyed it I was distracted by the work Sandra has had done to her face and the amount of makeup she had on. It was kinda caked on.

    • Other Renee says:

      KateBush, it wasn’t just Sandra’s makeup that was caked on. Cate looked like she was bathing in makeup. The movie was ok. Something about it left me feeling flat. There was no charm to it. Not in the film or in the relationships between any of the characters. The heist was planned and carried out with only one minor hiccup. Yawn. I had no reason to like any of these women. Sandra and Cate were dull and emotionless. I heard they’re complaining that the critics are mostly male and that’s the reason for the lukewarm reviews. Um no. That’s because the movie is mediocre and forgettable.

  31. raincoaster says:

    I just love that Poiret still exists, even if this would cause The Master to roll over in his grave.