Page Six: Dr. Neri Oxman is still loved up with her billionaire hedge-fund boyfriend

Neri Oxman rocks all black and carries "The Voyager Record'' while heading to class at MIT

It’s been about two months since Brad Pitt’s team rolled out his “relationship” with Neri Oxman, the beautiful genius unicorn who was supposed to be his one true love. While sources took pains to say that whatever Neri and Brad were doing was in its early stages, it was clear that there was a concerted effort to push the stories of their new romance and “roll it out,” much like George Clooney did in his early days of dating then-Amal Alamuddin. The only problem? I don’t think Dr. Oxman is playing along anymore. She’s apparently still with her billionaire boyfriend.

Brad who? Rock-star MIT professor Neri Oxman — who was reportedly being wooed by Brad Pitt — is still going strong with billionaire hedge funder Bill Ackman. Noted architect/designer Oxman made a trip to Paris last weekend to see her activist investor beau Ackman compete in the Finance Cup — the tennis tournament in which former pro and top college players working full-time in finance face off.

We hear alluring Oxman sat courtside cheering on her boyfriend, and that the pair seemed very much in love. The two were openly affectionate and later attended a party for the tournament as a couple. Joked one source, “Bill won his match, and has won the girl. Brad Pitt will need to up his tennis game — and his educational degrees — if he wants such a super impressive, and highly intellectual woman.”

Ackman played in a doubles match with US teammate Jonathan Canter, once ranked No. 36 in the world. (Ackman and Canter beat a strong team of former Italian juniors doubles champ Alfredo Caturano and former pro Rupert de Laszlo.)

…Either way, Oxman was by his side at a party later at L’Arc, where she cheerfully posed for pics with Ackman, Gardell, Appel and further guests Walter Dolhare of Wells Fargo Securities, Deutsche Bank’s Jan Olssen, HSBC Nordic Private Banking head Tobias Hildebrand and Agnes Bradbury of the Bradbury Group at Keller Williams.

[From Page Six]

I honestly didn’t know that “finance guys making their own tennis tournament for themselves” was a thing, but that’s sort of cool. Now I want to know if Neri Oxman and Bill Ackman plan on going to the US Open. She’ll probably have classes to teach, right? Maybe they’ll travel to Wimbledon for a little vacation.

As for Brad… well, he was still hyping his thing with Neri in a People Magazine article yesterday. In an article all about how Brad feels great these days and how he blames Angelina for the fact that his kids don’t want to see him, People noted this: “The Okja executive producer was last seen in April with MIT professor Neri Oxman. ‘He has spent more time with Neri, but isn’t in a relationship with her,’ the source explains. ‘He seems very fascinated by her.’” Oh well.

Brad Pitt arrives for the "Okja" premiere in New York City

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  1. Lisa Stensson says:

    Nothing burger lol 😉

  2. Lucy2 says:

    I’ve said from day one it wasn’t legit. One meeting, a few planted stories, and Brad had himself a positive news cycle for a while, didn’t he? Gross. I’m only surprised she didn’t put a stop to it right away.

    • citney says:

      “Rock Star” associate professor (she is not a full professor) Oxman is a lot like Amal, she never met a camera she didn’t pose for.

      Poor Brad, he was shot down by Oxman while he was still trying to make people think every woman in the world was after him… IF.

  3. tracking says:

    He likes her, but she prefers the well educated billionaire without the baggage. Of course, she’s a smart woman.

    • Cherry says:

      I love Page Six’ ‘source’. ‘Brad Pitt will need to up his tennis game — and his educational degrees — if he wants such a super impressive, and highly intellectual woman.’ THANK YOU FOR POINTING OUT THE OBVIOUS, source. As if a beautiful MIT professor would go for a twice-divorced alcoholic father of six.

    • citney says:


      Oxman was the woman in the middle of the divorce of Ackerman and his wife. The Ackerman’s also have teenage children.

      Oxman, herself, has baggage. Her history of being the woman in the middle of divorces makes the allegations against Angie during Brad’s divorce seem ludicrous.

    • Carmen says:

      Isn’t she supposed to be a Ph.D.? Why would she want that dimwit, other than he’s good for scoring a few headlines (if headlines were what she was after)?

  4. CAYUUTEE says:

    Does he know that he almost in his 60s? No one talks about Brad Pitt anymore. Why is he trying hard to stay relevant?

  5. Maya says:

    Let’s see – an admitted alcoholic with 6 enstranged children or a billionaire? I would chose Bill as well.

    • SNAP says:

      Word! ^^^

    • DearWhitePeople says:

      For ONCE an educated civilian woman DOES NOT leave a stable relationship to fawn & fall all over a “celebrity”. Plus, is Brad still married, but “estranged”? I’m single and would never consider stepping into a pre-divorce post decree custody mess!

      • citney says:

        I am not trying to defend Pitt, but Oxman has been with Ackerman before he ever divorced his wife. Ackerman’s divorce only now became final, that is the reason for Oxman and Ackerman “coming out” as a couple in Paris.

    • Milla says:

      Same. I also don’t think there was anything more than friendship if that…

    • Cherry says:


    • BorderMollie says:

      I’d only add that most billionaires carry quite a lot of relationship baggage, so dunno if this one’s much of an improvement over Brad.

    • siri says:

      This billionaire has three kids, had an affair with a French woman that actually lead to his divorce in 2017, and is one of the greediest, most egomaniac persons Wall Street has ever seen. I’m sure I would not want this guy.

      • Cookiejar says:

        He’s still probably smarter than Pitt. and let’s face it, women her (my) age will not date if they stick to guys without baggage, unless they date 18 year olds.

        Most guys will have had a divorce, kids, and anything within that mix.

  6. Hazel says:

    She’s in her 40s without a child possibly because she didn’t want one. It’s too much probably for her to go from 0 – 6. Or… maybe it was just a gossip that both parties benefited from and therefore they didn’t feel the need to deny it.

    • ORIGINAL T.C. says:

      I can’t remember if any of the articles said Oxman was contacted for her feedback. She might have been flattered or thought it was beneath her to address such an obviously stupid story of her leaving her well educated billionaire boyfriend for a pretty actor in the middle of a divorce and custody battle.

      • citney says:

        @Original T.C.

        Oxman didn’t mind being in the middle of Ackerman’s divorce and MONEY battle with his wife.

        I’m sure Oxman was flattered, she loves attention.

  7. Mia4s says:

    The quote from the source belongs in the Celebitchy hall of fame. The shade!!

    Even better if she was the source, after he used her for a round of good publicity. I mean, she was getting papped FFS.

  8. LaraK says:

    Well it’s hard to top Angie’s UNwork so he found someone comparable to point To with the press. But not surprised it was all lies.

  9. Veronica S. says:

    Sounds like she got a look at why Angelina ran and got out early, tbh.

  10. arlene says:

    I wonder if she at least got her f*** on with him.

    • Hmm says:

      Gross. Do your balls hang low can you throw em over your shoulder like a soldier? His are hanging real low like the old fart he is.

      • themummy says:

        Hmm, that is really ageist and awful of you. My husband is the same age as Pitt (54). I’m 40. I think my husband is still amazingly sexy. And freaking gorgeous. It’s rude to call people “old farts” at all, but it’s also absurd when you are talking about people in their 50s.

      • Hmm says:

        Guess what? I don’t care. if Brad Pitt is trying to sell himself as some hot young thang I feel it’s okay to call him out on his old age. The man and his team need a reality check.

  11. K says:

    “Brad will have to up his educational degrees”- hah! This is what made me roll my eyes the most about this whole sham. Neri Oxman is an MIT professor and an honest to god intellectual. Brad Pitt is an uneducated idiot. Sure, he has this architecture hobby, but she couldn’t be more out of his league. She’s the real thing; he is playing dress up.

    • Mirage says:

      She doesn’t need Brad Pitt to shine.

    • Themummer says:

      I get what you’re saying, but that doesn’t always mean anything. I have two masters degrees and my PhD (comparative lit and translation). I am fluent in three languages other than English. My husband has a high school diploma and went to a tech school for a year. He makes WAY, WAY more money than I do and he’s the smartest person I know. We don’t spend time discussing literature, because that’s my specialized field, but in any topic outside of that? He has me beat any day of the week. I just wanted to point out that formal education isn’t always a giant space between people.

      • Lorrena Elliott says:


      • Darla says:

        oh mummer, your post makes me sad. girl, no.

      • Darla says:

        This? So you agree her husband is way smarter than her in every subject, even though she has two masters and a ph..d? this isn’t about formal education or whether people without it can be smart, of course they can! But her post made me sad.

  12. Pilar says:

    This whole thing just makes brad seem incredibly desperate. It seems his PR team invented this grand romance because they possibly went on a few dates or maybe just met to talk about architecture or whatever. This is kinda pathetic.

    • Jess says:

      Totally agree, Pilar. Brad is looking desperate all around these days.

    • Carmen says:

      I bet you a dollar to a donut hole that now the tabloids will be running cover stories about how Jennifer can’t wait to be a doting stepmother to Brad’s kids once he gets custody.

  13. Corrine says:

    So you’re Brad Pitt?

    That don’t impress me much

  14. BJ says:

    I don’t believe he has ever even had a date with this lady.He probably chatted with her in a room full of people.Which tabloid first leaked this story? I know one tabloid claimed she was meeting the kids. Yet she has a whole other man, LOL.

    • Hmmm says:

      His team really wanted it for him and they ended up making a jackasshole out of him as they usually do. Losers.

    • lucy2 says:

      That’s what I’ve been saying from the beginning. I think they met once, someone shared the picture, and his team saw an opportunity.
      If they really had been dating, someone somewhere would have taken a photo. The first photo of him out with his new post-Angelina girlfriend would be worth serious $$.

  15. QueenB says:

    “Finance Cup — the tennis tournament in which former pro and top college players working full-time in finance face off.”

    I cant imagine a worse place on earth.

  16. Hmmm says:

    Brad Pitt’s team is a damn embarrassment

    • citney says:


      Pitt’s henchmen are really desperate. I almost feel sorry for Pitt.

      • Carmen says:

        Damned if I do. The way he’s been backstabbing the mother of his children is despicable. He’s a rancid POS and he deserves every bad thing he’s got coming to him.

  17. Lala says:

    She “Curved” the HECK outta him!

  18. Fiona says:

    Bill Ackman is a serial cheater and a d-bag. Doesn’t make neri look smart being involved with him. He has multiple “girlfriends”.

  19. Lofi says:

    I just watched something about Bill on Netflix and oddly I left thinking Brad Pitt is a bit of a downgrade Neri.

  20. Sage says:

    I’m embarrassed for him. He should have secured the relationship before he stated bragging about her.🤭

  21. Sage says:

    I’m embarrassed for him. He should have secured the relationship before he stated bragging about her.🤭

  22. siri says:

    I think this was just PR, nothing else. I checked out Oxman’s twitter- full of intellectual discourse with mostly herself. I don’t think Brad would ever be with a woman like this. He might find her interesting for a moment orr two, but I do believe he is too grounded for that type. From her side I doubt there ever was any personal interest.

  23. Ange says:

    This whole article sounds weird. Was it an Oxman plant to promote herself after she got some attention for BP? Especially with her boyfriend’s whole divorce shadiness it certainly couldn’t hurt for her to sound amazing right now. It just seems a little too self congratulatory.

  24. Bobafelty says:

    I’m a professor, where is my billionaire boyfriend?