Gross misogynist Stefano Gabbana claims Selena Gomez is ‘so ugly’

Dolce & Gabbana Show in Pretoria Square

I honestly don’t understand why women and men even wear Dolce & Gabbana at this point. If John Galliano rightly had to spend a few years in Fashion Jail for his anti-semitic comments, then why is it that Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce haven’t really faced any kind of career-ending consequences for their many awful transgressions? Women still wear D&G all the time, even though Dolce & Gabbana said awful things about children conceived via IVF (they called those children “synthetic babies”), and they’ve also claimed that sexual harassment is no big deal and that “political correctness is fake.” When people criticized them for dressing the fascists of the Trump administration, they were downright gleeful about the criticism, like they were parched famewhores looking for a quick hit of publicity.

My point? Dolce & Gabbana should have been canceled years ago. But they still exist, and they still fancy themselves provocateurs. The most recent provocation is Stefano Gabbana calling Selena Gomez “ugly.”

Italian designer Stefano Gabbana has a reputation for controversial, unfiltered and downright scathing remarks on social media. The co-founder of high-fashion label Dolce & Gabbana (which has been mired in its own slew of controversy surrounding anti-IVF and homophobic comments made by both Gabbana and business partner Domenico Dolce) made a nasty, completely unprovoked remark about Selena Gomez on Instagram attacking her appearance. And the singer’s passionate legions of Selenators have already run to her defense.

As first pointed out by Instagram account Diet Prada, Gabbana, 55, commented on post on The Catwalk Italia’s Instagram feed showing a five-split photo of Gomez in different red dresses prompting fans to pick their favorites in the comments.

Gabbana, 55, appeared to write “è proprio brutta,” on the photo, which roughly translates to “She’s so ugly.”

[From People]

Just cancel them. They’ve been over for years. They’re terrible old men who think that they’re being brilliantly controversial by proclaiming their sh-tty, misogynistic, homophobic thoughts far and wide. They’re over.

WE Day California 2018

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  1. NameChange says:

    I wonder if he would have called her ugly if her last name wasn’t Gomez? He needs to be canceled. Yesterday. His gross homophobic (self-loathing?) comments were enough to cancel him. His alignment with the Trumps was the icing on the cancelation cake. This is the cherry on top. Cancel him already.

    • JAC says:

      Is racism towards latinos the same in Europe? We mostly don’t classify them as a separate race they way people do in the States. I dpubt this was racism, it was probably just plain old sexism.

      • Milla says:

        I don’t know what’s in his head, but no, Latinos are mostly seen as white. Or just people of South America.

        Those guys were always problematic. They can dress Melania, cos they aren’t Americans and they have business to run. But ivf comments started and then they turned into compete idiots.

      • Addison says:

        As a Latina, yes Latinos are seen as a different race. If you are brown skinned people who are hateful classify all as “Mexican”. Because that seems to be the only Latin country that they know of. When a light skinned Latin person speaks Spanish some people are just shocked.

        As far as D&G. I don’t know what they looked like when younger but at this point in there lives they are not attractive and they look gay to me. I may be wrong but that is what is seems like.

        Selena is beautiful and seems like a very nice person and that makes her even more beautiful.

      • Milla says:


        In Europe? The only thing i know is that men think all latin women look like supermodels.

        I don’t know if this dude was being racist or just hates beautiful women, but he got the attention he wanted. Also, i have no idea if there’s any diversity in DG ads or on runway shows. I just don’t follow them. Ivf comment was enough for me.

        Selena is gorgeous. Mic drop.

      • magnoliarose says:

        It is a different history and not even comparable much of it because of proximity.

      • iseepinkelefants says:

        As an American with a Spanish last name living in Paris, no there isn’t any hate towards South Americans. Ya’ll really reaching. This isn’t American, people don’t call Mexicans, Mexican in a derogatory manner. There is no such thing. Stop looking at Europe through an American lense. Nobody cares here if you’re Brazilian, Mexican, Colombian, whatever. At the very least at least they know to call them by their names instead of lumping them all into “South American”.

        But how you gonna call someone out for racism and then blast in with homophobia? “he looks gay”. And? He is gay. I don’t know what the [homophobic] point was to him “looking gay”. Girl bye.

      • Sojaschnitzel says:

        I’d say that quite the opposite of racism against latinos is the case in europe. If anything, all things latin are associated with a cliché of endless sun and laughter and vacation and dancing in the streets and having a good time and very very beautiful people. Well, the part about the beautiful people seems to be true 😀 Latin women are simly gorgeous, and I think Selena Gomez is one of the most beautiful I have seen so far.

  2. Kitty says:

    He must have been craving some attention to say something like that.

    • Lisa Stensson says:

      exactly… any press is good press?Well ..until it’s Not 🙁 yuck!

    • Aren says:

      Selena is the highest paid instagram user, and the celebrity with the biggest following (or she was a couple of years ago). He knew who he was going for.

    • Sherry says:

      I don’t know if he’s craving attention. I follow that same Instagram account and they have 1.4 million followers. Some of the photos get thousands of comments. Most of them are thumbs up or down, or saying whether they like dress 1, 2 ,3, 4 or 5 or Yes or No.

      He was just giving his (rude) opinion, but he was among 8,000 others giving their opinion on that one post. Same with a similar post of Kate Moss the day before. Out of 2700 comments, the Daily Mail showcased that he said, “No” on Kate’s leg-baring outfit.

      I don’t think he was calling up the press and saying, “Check out my pithy comments on The Cat Walk Italia’s Instagram account.”

  3. Loopy says:

    Isn’t that strange..arent they gay? Where does the homophobia come from?

    • Cee says:

      Gays can be homophobic, too. Many suppressed groups can internalize the things used to attack them.

      • Veronica S. says:

        A lot of it has roots in gendered thinking, too. “Straight” gays have a history of treating more effeminate gay men and butch lesbians like deviants. It’s also why trans and bi/pansexuals get so much shit – they challenge the traditional gender structure.

    • Lyla says:

      Self-hate. I actually know a gay Mexican who loves Mike Pence. I mean…that’s just mind boggling. The uptick in Grindr in greater at republican conventions than democrats.

    • Veronica S. says:

      Lol. Gay white cis-men are still white cis men. They bring a notorious amount of prejudice into the LGBT+ movement. They have no problem respecting homosexuality if it benefits them and not caring for it anywhere else.

    • Lydia says:

      You also have women who are super proud because “I’m not like the other girls.”

  4. Darla says:

    I did cancel them. This is particularly gross though. FTR, Selena is not ugly at all, quite the opposite, but….he is.

  5. minx says:

    He has no room to talk about someone’s looks.

    • Beth says:

      Yeah, he’s definitely not a looker

    • Bazoo says:

      He must not own a mirror.

    • Isabelle says:

      It is usually the un-attractive ones that bash women’s looks. Fat/overweight men and less than average in looks. Insecure and broken on the inside.

      • Tvtg says:

        So damn true

      • Clairej says:

        Yes so true! Two of the grossest men I know somehow think they are supermodels and so vocal about how a woman should look – which is very thin and gorgeous. These are the kind of men that Emily Ratizksoqiqi appeals too – they are her bread and butter. They both make my skin crawl.

  6. Fifi says:

    gross pigs. That’s all I have to say.

  7. Mia4s says:

    Does…does he not like money or something? Even if you’re thinking things like this, who says them?! You have shareholders. Retire and go die in a hole please and thank you.

  8. LeaTheFrench says:

    This is something my 3.5-year-old son could say to one of his playmates. That’s how sophisticated Gabbana’s train of thoughts is.

  9. Eric says:

    Nothing funny about this thread except where it said that women and men wear D&G.
    I’ve never known any man nor met one that wears D&G. And I live in an urban area.

    • Lala says:

      I can co-sign on that one…don’t know a woman either….

    • Anastasia says:

      Yep. Also an urban dweller here. Also don’t know anyone who wears D&G. Or even likes it.

    • magnoliarose says:

      Some might wonder if they are laundering for the Italian mafia since Italian fashion is famous for their mafia ties. I don’t know anyone who has worn D&G since the 90s.

    • Apalapa says:

      There was an issue where one of the men from the new cast of Netflix Queer Eye wore DandG and people dragged him for it. He said he had not known of their comments.

      Also my friend is part Neapolitan and she loved them as a child and teen and her first major fashion gift from her mom five years ago was a beautiful D and G dress. With certain dresses I can see the glamour of Italy. But their bigotry ruins it.

  10. Cee says:

    What an ass. You can not find Selena attractive but that doesn’t give you the right to comment on it. Beauty is subjective. I don’t find her particularly attractive, but she’s not ugly by any means. And commenting on it is rude AF.

    • minx says:

      I think she’s a cute girl. But men like this have a very narrow defintion of beauty—like anyone cares. We’re not living our lives to get the stamp of approval from douchebags like him.

  11. Veronica S. says:

    They’re just gross assholes. I’m not surprised that they don’t think sexual harassment is a problem considering how many of their “fashion” spreads utilize gang rape as a theme.

  12. Malificent says:

    Selena should repost the dress photo, but replace her head with Gabbana’s, as he is so much more attractive than she is.

  13. Embee says:

    D&G has been gauche and ubiquitous for years, just like its founders.

  14. Sweet Dee says:

    I’m sick of the word “cancel”. It seems like we’re “cancelling” someone every other day here. It’s such a childish term

    • Rachel in August says:

      And how about “legit”? I legit wanted to do this, I legit wanted to do that, ugh. The words legitimately or legitimate really are legal terms, not some cool millennial-speak. It sounds ridiculous when used improperly, much like the word sick to mean something awesome or cool. That being said, I’ve never bought ANYthing D&G and never would. Just a couple of arrogant snobs who’ve vastly overestimated their place in this world.

      • Amelie says:

        Well if we’re going to criticize slang words we hate I hate woke and lit! The first time I saw woke I was like what in the world… In a few years the people who used “lit” will be so embarrassed and it will be seen as so cheesy like “off the hook” or “off the chain” which I think was cool for about two minutes in the early 2000s.

      • K-Peace says:

        Oh I’m so glad to hear other people say how much they hate the slang words “woke”, “legit”, “sick”, & “lit”. There are quite a few, but the one I hate the most is “shook”. “I’m so shook right now!”; “That left her shook!”–UGHHHHH!!!!

    • eto says:

      I love when people take words from AAVE, overuse them, and run them into the ground 😀

      • Lynnie says:

        Lol honestly tho. I see “wig” and “snatched” following the same path sadly

      • magnoliarose says:

        Every generation has their slang. I use plenty. I like it sometimes. “Extra” was fun while it lasted because it really did get to the point. RIP overused slang words.

    • Lydia says:


  15. AngelaH says:

    So what if she is ugly?

    I see ugly men everywhere. They get to be successful and stars and nobody comments on their ugliness because that isn’t why they exist. WOMEN DONT EXIST TO LOOK PRETTY! Ugly people deserve success and fame and whatever else they want and work hard for. Ugly people exist. And yet some people find them attractive because they are more than just their looks. I’m sick of people being insulted for their looks. It is gross and demeaning and hateful. And it is especially used to tear down women. I am so tired of being enraged all the time. Women get to be ugly or hairy or overweight or tall or short or have bad hair or whatever else is fine for men in the looks department but deserving of being shut away in an attic for women.

    Let’s shut the disgusting men away in attics and life would be so amazing!

    • rabbitgirl says:

      Agreed, although I don’t think she is ugly. But even if she was, who the hell cares that he thinks so? Do I need to sit down and list every ugly person I have ever met or dated? Is this necessary? And what if what I think is ugly is attractive to someone else? I could be entirely ugly by my own standards but be seen as attractive by someone else. Why do we need to declare our verdict – a subjective verdict at that – and target a young (and very sick young woman) with it? What purpose does it serve? And BTW, has he looked in a mirror. Come on dude, Gomez is not model material, but hell, neither are most women in the world. At least Gomez is attractive. He has no room to talk frankly.

      • AngelaH says:

        I don’t think she’s ugly either, for the record. And if I did, I wouldn’t be calling her out in a public way. I know that it has been this way for a long time, but I’m so sick of people being held up as an example just because they are beautiful. I appreciate beauty in this world. I really do. But I also appreciate talent. I’m sick of mediocre shows, movies and music because all the actors have to be beautiful above all. Usually according to a very narrow standard of beauty. I’m just angry and frustrated lately. All the time. And this idea that you can insult a woman by calling her ugly is gross. He has revealed just how empty and hateful he is inside because the worst thing he can say about her is she’s ugly. Meanwhile, he is truly ugly inside and out.

  16. Shelley says:

    I wish I had enough money to stop buying them! Can’t hurt them much since I never helped them. People who actually can afford to wear their crap need to step up to the plate.

  17. Valerie says:

    Basta, faccia brutta. Nobody asked for your opinion.

  18. rabbitgirl says:

    Why, why do artists whose work I love have to be total douches IRL? I love his designs. My god, he is a genius. But then he opens his mouth and I want to throttle him. Can’t he just go somewhere and quietly sew up stuff for me to enjoy without ever having to hear his toxic opinions? Same with Galliano. Why? Just shut up, for the love of all things pretty!!! STFU!

  19. Brittany says:

    Any man, gay or straight, who calls a woman ugly is, in my opinion, a misogynist.
    One of my good friends dated a real piece of work a few years ago who called one of her friends “fugly.” Huge red flag to me and I told her so. Thankfully she dumped him and is now happily married to a lovely man and has 2 kids!

  20. Lizzie says:

    selena gomez is empirically attractive. it isn’t a matter of debate. he’s an asshole.

    • Mark says:

      I don’t find her attractive, but it’s still very rude to come out and say it in the public eye. She’s probably nothing like the models he sees in the fashion world, and she’s more like an average person, but I’m sure he’s seen plenty of those in his life too. The comment was uncalled for.

    • Henny In My Hand says:

      She may not be a supermodel, but he who looks like a discarded pizza crust should not cast judgement.

  21. Tw says:

    Selena could buy and sell this schmuck.

  22. cd3 says:

    Opinions are like assholes… everyone has one… doesn’t mean we want to see or hear yours!

    This was a clear attention grab – he could easily have said NOTHING about her appearance, or could have framed his comments very differently .

    • Rachel in August says:

      Room temperature, at best, IQ in play here. Like anyone wanted to here his crass opinion. He’ll take a bashing for this, and I hope a good one.

  23. Lydia says:

    Really dumb women wear this brand.

  24. HeyThere! says:

    An older white man calling a calling a young lady ugly so that everyone on planet Earth can see it??? Get a life, dude. Seriously, there is no need for this.

  25. Anastasia says:

    What a fart sniffer.

  26. AsIf says:

    in the embedded tweet there’s a picture of the comment he made on Instagram – it says “She’s so ugly” (English) but he wrote “è proprio brutta” (Italian). did they photoshop the comment, so everyone can understand? weird

  27. Ash says:

    I modeled in Europe in my early 20’s. I was in Milan for fashion week. I had a last minute casting at D&G bc they had a model drop out for whatever reason. I remember this like it was yesterday and it’s been 20 years! I walk in to this giant fashion house scared to pieces bc they were such a huge deal! I hand my card (a paper card then!!) to them as they’re piecing last bits of show together. They didnt even look at me, they didn’t keep the card which is totally standard, they gave it right back to me and said “here’s this back”
    It was so mortifying and I tried to keep the tears down till I least got out on the street. They could have smiled and just said “thanks!” Never will I ever (not that they’re missing much of my money!) buy anything by them for the rest of my life. They are pigs.

  28. JR says:

    Was he just being sarcastic? I mean… she’s so far from ugly and looks so beautiful in all those red dresses. (My vote = sarcasm and he’s enjoying all the silly banter that doesn’t affect his business one bit)

  29. Ladykeller says:

    No. She is cute as a button. You are ugly on the inside and outside.

  30. Aenna says:

    she’s super cute, He looks like a bleached out turd….he should STFU.

  31. Henny In My Hand says:

    She may not be a supermodel, but he who looks like a discarded pizza crust should not cast judgement.

  32. Billiam says:

    She’s not cute, and has no discernible talent, but it’s still quite inappropriate to say something like this so publicly.

  33. serena says:

    They’re idiots (among all the other things). Why would you ever insult someone like that? It’s not edgy, it just makes you look bad. Also, Selena is beautiful so I don’t know what the hell he’s talking about.

  34. Jenna says:

    She’s not really known for her looks, but she looks fine. I don’t think she’s trying to be a model. Isn’t she supposed to be a singer/actress? Let her be the way she is. I don’t see why her appearance is any of his business.

  35. eri says:

    i read in hear everyday headlines comments, who ccontain insults, so because he said what he thinks of her apperance is gross?? why who wrote “gross” is better tha Gabbana, or everyone who leave insults on an instagram account. he like everyone in here said his opinion.