Sophia Bush didn’t ‘actually really want’ to marry Chad Michael Murray in 2005


I was too old for One Tree Hill – I don’t think I’ve ever watched it? But I’m generally aware that there were a lot of scandals and gossip around the cast members. At one point, Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray got married – they were something like the TV-version and precursor to K-Stew & R-Pattz. People shipped their characters and people were happy that Bush and Murray were together in real life. The marriage was short-lived though. Murray and Bush divorced within five months of getting married, but only after Bush tried to get the sh-t annulled because of “fraud.” That happened in 2005-06. Anyway, all of these years later, Bush is still being asked about what went down. She was being interviewed by Andy Cohen on his SiriusXM show, and this is what she said about it:

“Everybody’s been 22 and stupid…It was not a thing I actually really wanted to do,” the actress said, talking about the marriage.

“I don’t understand because if you didn’t want to get married, how do you get to the point of being, like, talked into it?” Cohen asked.

“Because how do you let everybody down,” Bush said. “And how do you- what’s the fight and when you have bosses telling you that you’re the only person who gets a person to work on time and 200 people either get to see their kids at night or they don’t because our days start on time. Life is always loaded. What the public knows ever is never- it’s not the tip of the iceberg. Hilarie [Burton] and I used to laugh and we were like, ‘If we had a behind-the-scenes show, the drama would be so much f–king better than the drama that the writers write.’ I get why you ask, but it’s like, people won’t let it go.”

[From E! News]

I get what she was saying – she was 22, on a wildly successful show and in a relationship with a guy who had some issues. She was told by everyone that marrying the guy would be great for her career, great for the show, great for the fandom. But she didn’t listen to the voice in her head that it was all going to end in disaster. Fair enough. But Chad Michael Murray had some sh-t to say about this:

In a statement to PEOPLE, Murray’s rep said the “story is ludicrous. Chad conducts himself in a completely professional manner and would never marry for any reason but love. Thirteen years since his divorce from Sophia, he has a very happy family life with his wife and children. He has completely moved on and doesn’t feel the need to engage in this type of behavior.”

[From People]

Overreact much? Good God, when was the last time anyone even mentioned Chad Michael Murray? He must have a Google Alert and his “spokesperson” (who is just CMM in a wig) is prepared to issue statements at a moment’s notice, because he really doesn’t have a lot going on.

Anyway, Sophia was like “whatever, dude” about her ex-husband too. She tweeted this:

I feel for her. She made a mistake when she was 22 and if she ever dares mention that mistake 13 years later, that mistake issues a bitchy statement. Poor Sophia.

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  1. Lucy2 says:

    That set sounded like a really horrible, horrible place. I’m sure it seemed like a dream job for many young actors, but the reality was quite different.
    I watched the first 2 years or so, but then lost interest. Sophia seems like a really nice person, I’ve remained a fan of hers. I hope she’s happy and doing well. CMM on the other hand, no.

  2. Darla says:

    I watched this once in a while, but not much. I didn’t care for it. What burned me was that the OC was cancelled after its 4th and arguably best season, while this isht show went on seemingly forever.

  3. KNy says:

    I never watched this show but I remember the TWoP thread for it was something like “Finding Chad Wives Since 2003.” It always made me laugh so hard.

    • cf86713 says:

      Which is rather ironic considering Sophia hooked up with about every guy on the show.

  4. Mia4s says:

    Isn’t he the one who was engaged to the high school student? Yeah….

    I think he was just so so happy to have his name mentioned in public again he had to comment. “I’m still famous!…Sort of!” 🙄

  5. Kitty says:

    I watched this show when it first came on when I was 14, I followed it until the sixth season I think, outgrew it I guess. Although I never knew about the actors or all the on set drama at the time. Chads statement was ridiculous, not sure what to say about it really. It doesn’t make what she said any less true. Didn’t he cheat on her with Paris Hilton and a high school student

    • Darla says:

      He cheated on her with Paris Hilton, not sure about the hs girl. Wouldn’t be shocked.

      • holly hobby says:

        HS girl was an extra on set and yeah he was still married to Sophia at the time that came out. I don’t know how I remember that. I never watched an episode in my life but Sophia got it right. Real life onset stories were more interesting than the made up one.

        She also talked about decking that pervert exec producer when he touched her. So yeah I’m a fan.

  6. xdanix says:

    Didn’t he cheat on her with Paris Hilton? I mean, even if she wanted to be married to him before that, I can’t imagine that wouldn’t have ruined any and all memories! And then shortly after their divorce he went on to get engaged… to an 18 year old high school senior who was an extra on the show. Ick.

    • MissM says:

      Yup and Sophia found out about it after they were already married which is why she filed for an anullment on the grounds of fraud. Apparently the only reason why she didn’t list infidelity on the divorce papers was to allow him to save face. Then he went on to get engaged to a high schooler he met on the set of the show…
      I had hoped that he grew up in the last 13 years but that statement tells me that he is the same douchy frat bro he was back then.

    • Pilar says:

      He cheated on Sophia with Paris. But he also cheated on his girlfriend before Sophia, one of the foster sisters ( Erin) with Sophia.

  7. VirgiliaCoriolanus says:

    I keep hearing he cheated on her with Paris Hilton. BARF. I buy that he is a giant douche though. I was too young to have watched the show as it was going…..but I saw him in stuff like A Cinderella Story, etc. I did watch One Tree Hill a few years ago, and it’s a common theme with him–he’s a pretentious douche in everything he’s in.

    Sophia has taken the high road and it’s amazing to me that he won’t just shut up because she could put him on blast.

    • Myriam says:

      I follow Sophia on Instagram. She is living her best life. I doubt she would give two f***s about him to ever put him on blast, regardless of his responses

    • cf86713 says:

      Sure she has she’s the one who keeps mentioning him before today he never mentioned her.

  8. perplexed says:

    I don’t think she meant ill-will but I wonder if this was the part of the statement he was reacting to: ” when you have bosses telling you that you’re the only person who gets a person to work on time and 200 people either get to see their kids at night or they don’t because our days start on time.” (Well, that, and that that she didn’t actually want to marry him but since was only 22 when she made the mistake I find it understandable she’d say this).

    I have no idea what he was like during that period in his life, but that part of the statement seems to suggest he couldn’t get to work on time and marrying him would help him sort out his responsibilities? All I know is I wanted to know more gossip after reading that. Although he’s lucky she seemed to discreetly suggest he wasn’t showing up to work on time, not that she regrets marrying him for cheating on her. The former sounds more benign.

    • VirgiliaCoriolanus says:

      When I went to church, I knew more than a few people who felt that getting married was a sign of maturity. Consequently, you had emotionally immature guys who were ultimately too selfish (not selfish in general) to be married, getting married and having kids. When you are in your mid twenties, then it’s ok to maybe buy a Wii and then eat ramen for the next two months to pay for it. Not when you have 3 kids and your wife is washing clothes by hand because you supposedly can’t afford to fix your washing machine.

    • Bridget says:

      She’s saying that she had to manage him, and that she was pressured to stay with him because of that – it would make a huge difference not only on her job, but the jobs of all of the cast and crew.

      And I think CMM is just thrilled to have someone talk about him.

      • perplexed says:

        Ok, thanks. That’s what I kind of figured she was saying, but I wasn’t sure if I was imagining it. You interpreted it better than me in your own words.

      • Bridget says:

        Sometimes it’s hard to read transcripts like this!

    • tealily says:

      The thing is, that was probably true. And it was over a decade ago. I can’t imagine being mad about that statement if I was CMM, at least not publicly. Presumably he’s done a lot of growing up since then. If he was going to make a statement, that should have been it.

  9. Jess says:

    So Chad proves he’s still a douchebag and she made the right call leaving him. He would’ve been better off saying nothing, or something like “I’ve matured and grown over the years and regret my behavior on set and in my previous marriage, I wish Sophia the best”. But no he had to say something snarky, my god he must be hell to live with and I imagine his ego is through the roof, what an idiot, lol

    • tealily says:

      Exactly this! I commented on the thread above before I read this, but that is exactly what he should have said if he felt like he needed to comment.

  10. Suz says:

    I lived in Wilmington, NC when the show was filming and Sophia and I had a few friends in common. She was so nice and warm and I think she’s doing great things for causes that matter to her.

  11. heh says:

    “who is just CMM in a wig”


  12. Emily says:

    I watched THE ENTIRE 10 seasons right after my third was born (as a teenager I wanted to watch it, but it was before the days of DVR and OnDemand, when you had to remember when a show was on and watch it then). As a result I became kind of obsessed and read a lot about the show. It sounded like a crazy place to work – all the romance drama, they never knew when/if they’d be renewed. Then all those stories about the sexual harrassment came out. And Chad Michael sounds like THE WOOOOOOORST from the beginning. One of those “I’m just a complicated artist” types.

  13. Amelie says:

    I watched the first season of this show and was pretty hooked and I think I watched a bit of the second. But I eventually lost interest, I guess I could always binge watch on Netflix (if the show is available there). I remember when Sophia and Chad got married and then got divorced what seems like a nanosecond later. I thought the rumors at the time were that he cheated on her not very long after they got married which explains why Sophia picked “fraud” as the reason. He then went on to date an OTC extra for awhile who was only 18 I believe when they started dating which seriously skeeved me out.

    I’ve always liked Sophia and I hope she gets her happy ending.

    • Myriam says:

      I was obsessed with OTH. I actually preferred it more than the OC (couldn’t relate to the characters). I used to post on this OTH forum (ahh, my young years lol) and the rumors/behind-the-scenes stuff I would hear was crazy. I also distinctly remembered hearing that Chad got his 18 year old girlfriend pregnant. I think it was announced on E News after they announced the engagement, and then poof, never heard about the pregnancy anymore. Skeevy to the core! I used to watch the show and feel so bad for Sophia, especially when she would have to act with the extra in the scene.

  14. Bc says:

    Goodness, has it been 13 years since? OTH was my fave show in uni, I feel so old now, wow, back then I couldn’t imagine a world where any other TV show could eclipse OTH , Prison Break and 24, but time is a magic wand and here we are with me nearly having forgotten this show existed. It was such a well written show and the soundtrack of each episode, wow, good times. I liked Chad’s character with the Blonde so it was a surprise to find out he married Brooke irl. I liked Brooke’s character towards the end. I can’t imagine being married at 22, now that I’m older but I remember flings in my 20s, including my first real heartbreak where I felt it was do or die kinda relationships. Like I could risk it all. If a person wronged me, I’d be first to apologize. Weird times. Thank God for time. Wow, these two just took me way back.

  15. Linds says:

    I loved this show so much when I was in high school, and I was a diehard Brucas fan (Brooke + Lucas = Sophia and CMM’s characters.) I loved that they were together in real life and on the show. When they divorced and the show broke their characters up, I was devestated and didn’t even really want to watch it anymore. I was always Team Sophia though – Chad did her dirty and looks like he hasn’t matured much since.

  16. Grant says:

    I love Sophia, and I loved Brooke Davis on OTH. I really liked her and Lucas together too, but you could tell that CMM was a totally egomaniacal asshat back then. Apparently he still is today.

  17. elle says:

    I only know of them through celebrity gossip and was surprised to see these pictures. I thought he was better looking. Not that he’s ugly, just plain.

  18. Snap Happy says:

    I seriously loved OTH. I thought the rumor was he was shooting that movie with Paris Hilton and she called him on the phone. He thought the phone was hung up and started bragging about Paris. Sophia heard him tho and that ended it. Everything I’ve read about her makes her seem like an intelligent, caring person. She was engaged to the actor who played her husband in the last season. Austin? Unfortunatly, they broke up in real life. He was a cutie.

  19. Henny In My Hand says:

    I’m just here chuckling at “CMM in a wig”

  20. cf86713 says:

    She sounds rather bitter to me. Still talking about a guy she divorced years ago. I mean before today he never mentioned her.

    Yeah he effed up but honestly how are you going to blame the showrunners for why you chose to marry the guy. You still divorced him 5 months later is calling off the wedding that much worse? Just admit you married the wrong dude you aren’t the first or last.

    I get why CMM responded I mean its one thing to call him out for being unfaithful but to question his professionalism that could affect whether he gets hired or not.

    And it wasn’t a secret he was a dog there were rumors for years (since his guest stint on Dawson’s Creek) so I don’t get how she was clueless.

    • CairinaCat says:

      Wow you’re sure invested in this
      I think CMM Google alerts worked again and here he is lol!
      Are you wearing the wig?

    • Patty says:

      Agreed. It was 13 years ago! It’s time for everyone to move on.

  21. AnotherDirtyMartini says:

    He always looked like a dick. He actually reminds me, looks only, of a blonde Clay Aiken, post-idol.