Angelina Jolie went on a UNHCR trip to Mosul, Iraq while Brad was visiting the kids

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Angelina Jolie spent much of the past week being vilified by some selective readings of an apparently unsealed judge’s order. I still have questions as to why the judge’s order wasn’t sealed, considering everything about Brad Pitt and Angelina’s divorce and custody war has been sealed for almost a year and a half. But the fact of the matter is that outlets did get their hands on the judge’s order, which is the temporary arrangement the judge has made until Angelina and Brad’s lawyers go back into court in August.

In case anyone is interested in reading the entire order, you can see the document here – as it turns out, People Magazine was pretty thorough in how they described the visitation schedule, but my problem was always with how the information was framed. Most outlets went with “Angelina in danger of losing custody!” When the reality of the order is that it reveals that after two years, Brad is still not allowed to see his kids without supervision.

Since we got to hear “sources close to Brad” tell People Magazine all about how he’s “doing great” and “spending time with the kids,” I guess Angelina thought it would be a good moment to remind everyone that she’s doing okay too. A source told People: “Angie is doing great and is focussing on her work. She’s doing a UN mission this weekend for World Refugee Day. The children are proud of their mom. She teaches them to focus on others not on their own troubles.” The source also says that because Brad is legally required to spend time with the children in London this weekend, she planned a solo trip ahead of World Refugee Day. That trip? West Mosul, Iraq, which was liberated from ISIS control last year. She spent all day Saturday spending time with refugees (and people who had been living under ISIS). Angelina made some public statements while on the ground, including this:

“This is the worst devastation I have seen in all my years working with UNHCR,” Jolie said. “People here have lost everything: their homes are destroyed. They are destitute. They have no medicine for their children, and many have no running water or basic services. They are still surrounded by bodies in the rubble. After the unimaginable trauma of the occupation, they are now trying to rebuild their homes, often with little or no assistance.”

“I recognize the great sacrifices made in the liberation of Mosul. I hope there will be a continued commitment to rebuilding and stabilizing the whole of the city. And I call on the international community not to forget Mosul, and not to turn their attention away from its people. We have learnt in Iraq before and elsewhere in the region the dangers of leaving a void. It is also what the families and survivors deserve.”

[From People]

I’m including a video of her touring the wreckage left behind, and some photos too. Walking through the city, it looks like she’s wearing some kind of flak vest – perhaps there are concerns of unexploded bombs in the area. All I know is that she’s brave as hell and this short video was devastating.

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  1. MrsBump says:

    Angelina is an amazing woman without any doubt but i do wonder what good these celebrity visits do? Do we really need celebrities to raise awareness of humanitarian disasters of this proportion? Is there an increase in donation after these visits? Sometimes it feels as if the celebrity benefits more than those he/she is there to help.
    On top of that, have we forgotten that the US invasion contributed massively to the destruction of iraq and to the breakdown of law and order that ultimately led to the formation of ISIS? To me, seeing an American actress visiting refugee camps feels a little jarring.
    As awful as Trump is, it feels as if Bush got away with much worse. This man has the blood of hundreds of thousands on his hands, yet he’s now depicted as the bumbling grandpa, who’s mates with Michelle Obama. When will America hold him accountable for his crimes?

    • C. Remm says:

      “”She’s doing a UN mission this weekend for World Refugee Day.”"


      “”UNHCR Special Envoy Angelina Jolie Visits Mosul”"

      She is not there as a celebrity or an American actress.

      • MrsBump says:

        She is both an American and a celebrity. Being a UN special envoy doesn’t magically erase this.
        I suppose she is sent there to raise awareness, yet it is mostly celebrity sites/gossip magazines that will report on this trip and instead of focusing on the plight of the refugees, they’ll simply be used as the backdrop to her and brad’s divorce. So what is the point?
        Im not blaming Angelina, i’m sure she is putting her heart into it, and it’s a win-win situation for her if she gets good press and the charity gets some money out if it. The ethics of this is a little more disturbing for the reasons i mentioned above and also because we shouldn’t need celebrities to be charitable.

      • Joy says:

        @MrsBump I suggest you read up on some of Angelina’s work with PSVI , KIND etc. These are JUST two of her initiatives where actual work gets done. And read what people who have worked with Angelina have to say about her work beyond the pictures and stuff we get to see. I’ve followed Angelina for years, and there’s stuff I learn about frequently that I hadn’t heard before regarding the work she does. And what k-peace said. I know fans who donate to UNHCR in her name. Also her trip is being covered by actual news media. The tabloid angle & narratives is inevitable unfortunately , but that just means a wider audience will read about this & seek to get educated perhaps or criticise her like you ofcourse.

      • MrsBump says:

        Joy – may i suggest you read up on the factors that have contributed to the mosul disaster? This is bigger than Angelina.
        However if by reading gossip blogs/ following celebrities you’ve learn about world current affairs, then that’s all good. I find watching CNN incredibly frustrating, its mostly commentary on news items, rather than news itself, with very little focus on the rest of the world.
        I’m not american, so we typically get this information from our news/newspapers.

      • Joy says:

        @MrsBump I’m pretty well educated on the factors that have contributed to this mess, and know very well it’s larger than Angelina Jolie. Nor do I get my news/education from gossip sites. This site ( and only on occasion) and Lainey are the only sites I visit, and Angelina the only celebrity I follow. I was merely responding to your comments about what’s the point she’s just an actress. I do not watch CNN, nor am I American.

      • Derrière says:

        @MrsBump, Why wouldn’t Angelina be able to even attempt to help these people? Celebrities, and hell normal people, aren’t able to deter wars and devastation, but perhaps, when these people have been forgotten, they can help bring awareness and rebuild.

        Being American has nothing to do with her personal convictions. Perhaps because she is American, Angelina feels an even greater duty to help.

      • Song says:

        When someone attacks CNN they are usually a Trump supporter.

    • K-Peace says:

      Well, speaking for myself: I’m sitting here thinking “Ugh this is going to be another difficult lousy day” (I’m almost 7 months pregnant and have had severe “morning” sickness for most of the day throughout my whole pregnancy and it hasn’t let up at all yet). But then seeing that video put things into perspective and now I am researching where would be the best place I can donate some money to, to help these people and/or others in the world dealing with similar circumstances. So she did accomplish opening one person’s eyes and getting them to want to try to help in one small way, and I can’t imagine I’m the only one. Whatever her reason for going, I tip my hat to her.

    • Wilma says:

      Angelina lobbies governments for help in the shape of laws, resources and money. Ofcourse government officials love get photo ops with her and then in exchange they have to listen and pay attention to her stories of visiting these places. She also raises awareness with the general public and if we think after seeing this that Mosul needs help maybe we’ll donate money or remember that we want compassionate politicians next time we’re voting.

    • Ladykeller says:

      Her visit will raise awareness. She is a celebrity and news outlets and viewers will focus on what she is doing. I think a lot of people who might just turn the channel when they see more destruction and devastation in the middle East will stop and watch if they see her.

    • Leigh says:

      Calling attention to this plight is of upmost importance, but Jolie has been doing more than that for years. And it’s not just gossip sites covering this work, if you watched the video you’ll see if was posted by AP. Shitting on her for her years of humanitarian work, just because she’s also a famous actress, is pretty damn low.

    • Ennie says:

      Angelina is an actress, she has said that she is over paid and has used her money and fame to help a little. Other singers/ artists have done so as Ricky Martin or the famous audrey Hepburn or even Diana Spencer. Who are/ were are they? Still, because of their notoriety more people know about this issues, not just “aware” people. just I really, as a regular Person, would Not hear or particularly search for news about Mosul. I have enough reading about the CA families that are looking for asylum in the US which are being separated at the border. That is closer to me. AJ, doing this helps us to remember of these tragedies, and hopefully donate to the UNCHR or enlighten more people. I have donated to UNICEF in the past. I am considering doing an international donation this year.
      Even when people complain about these good deeds, we need to remember that if the countries are stables and there is no violence, war, etc., people will not easily leave their homes to seek a safer life elsewhere.

    • Blackcoffee says:

      MrsBump, she actually promotes interventionist policies – has a long history of it (look at Serbia and Libya) – the same policies that create refugee crises. Her current take on foreign policy is evident in her op-ed with McCain and her pr work for NATO so she’s still an interventionist. It’s quite contradictory considering she sees herself as a refugee advocate.

      • SKF says:

        It’s a tough world. I studied human rights including humanitarianism at university and it is such a heartbreaking subject. One essay we were asked to research and write was about whether intervention works and if so, how? If not, what are the alternatives? I was determined to prove that of course we should intervene. We should intervene to stop atrocities whenever possible. However, I researched and researched and researched and researched and I honestly couldn’t find an example of it working and not creating worse problems instead (WWII, which was a unique situation, discluded). It was incredibly depressing but it is true. Destabilising a government – even a terrible one – and starting warfare is one of the worst things you can do – even when people are suffering. If you take out a government a big issue is withdrawal – what happens when you withdraw your troops? We’ve seen this most recently in Afghanistan and Iraq – both disasters. At the end of the day, the most basic form of humanitarian work – which is the provision of basic aid – is often the most effective; as disappointing as that is and as impotent as it seems. It is so hard to support that though when you see people dying, being tortured, starved, raped and murdered. I understand her kneejerk reaction to want intervention – most vulnerable communities she works with are begging for it. Humans are terrible, awful, destructive beings so much of the time. I honestly don’t know what the answers are.

      • Zondie says:

        @SKF you are correct to point out that there are no easy answers and that intervention often has unexpected consequences. Nothing is ever as simple as our emotions would demand

      • Blackcoffee says:

        Great post, SKF. I totally agree. Thanks for sharing.

    • aang says:

      I agree. I don’t suddenly care more because an actress said I should.

    • Lydia says:

      I bet some people reading just this Celebitchy article learned something new about the crisis. Instead of asking if it is helpful, why not spread more awareness yourself?

    • Myrtle says:

      Yes, it seems we do “need celebrities to raise awareness of humanitarian disasters of this proportion”. Someone with the power and the wisdom to say, on camera: “The only answer is to end the conflicts that are forcing people to leave their homes.” War is not the answer. More bombing is not the answer. Peace is the answer. Peace.

    • Moonpie says:

      Western secret services paid those ISIS-fighters. Later then the USA invaded Iraq because George W believed in an “axis of evil”. Meanwhile ISIS still prevailed and is still very much alive.
      And now Angie does completely ignore her own coutnries part in these events and of course the world shall pay for everything.
      Meanwhile the US is looking for military reasons to stay in both near and middle east and keep the wars going. Syria is a similar heap of rubble and Yemen is even worse as Saudi Arabia is bombing Yemen because Yemen is “the wrong kind of islamic” from a Saudi point of view. Not that the UN nor the US nor Angie would mention that.

  2. crogirl says:

    It was listed as a sealed document. His lawyer probably leaked it to the press or someone bribed the clerk when Brad was papped smiling exiting the judges office. Appaling because he was the one saying she has no self regulating mechanism and attacked her for filing the previous s&o which revealed the names of children therapists etc. Well this order does the same, even worse, and he doesn’t seem to mind.

  3. Anniefannie says:

    This would smell of a PR fix if, while I don’t follow AJ that closely I do recall she’s always done something in recognition of World refugee day. I can’t imagine that the UN would approve of her mission if it didn’t result in a positive outcome of some sort. It is shocking to see the total destruction of Mosel with no apparent rebuilding efforts. With Americans short attention supply I’m less than shocked that we participated in their destruction w/o participating in active rebuilding efforts, shameful. Not a huge AJ fan but I appreciate her efforts to shine
    a light ( those kids playing in rubble broke my heart)

    • Joy says:

      * Sigh* Yes because Angelina could arrange a mission in the space of plus minus 48 hours for PR to a place that is pretty much still dangerous (there was an attack earlier in the week) and Filippo Grandi and the UN would let her put many lives at risk. This trip will have been planned well in advance, the logistics on this would have been huge ie security, translators etc. It’s clear it was planned to coincide with Eid and World Refugee day. Angelina has been doing this work for 17 years now and is pretty consistent & does something to mark World Refugee every year (as you noted). I understand cynicism in general, but I wish common sense would prevail at times and you hadn’t felt the need to even state the PR stuff right off the bat.

  4. Hmmm says:

    The other thing is he has to travel to London and Angelina doesn’t have to go out of her way to take the kids back to LA. After everything that’s come out about this situation I am sure Pitt was trying to force Angelina to stay in La even tho she signed on for Maleficent long before he signed on for tarantinos freak fest movie- I guess the judge agreed that the kids should go with their mother and Brad has to travel to see them.

    • KBB says:

      Angelina has to make travel arrangements for them to go to Los Angeles at the end of July and in August.

      • Hmmm says:

        Yes, that’s IF everything works out with the supervised visits in London. Even then he’ll only have them for 10 hrs a day for a week and they’ll be back with her in London. + He’ll only have 1-3 of the kids. Weird situation for someone who claims to be innocent. 🙄

      • Whatnow says:

        @KBB I imagine her making those plans for the children to travel to LA is contingent on how well things are going with Brad’s visit with the children in London.

        I’m wondering what will happen if upon questioning by the doctor / therapist after the kids visit with Brad, if they are found to be upset or in some manner traumatized having been alone with their father if AJ lawyers have to go to court, or if the judge is informed of this if he will want to meet with everybody again.

        I want the children to have had a successful visit with their father but if not I think it’s time to say what really is going on here because the plane incident if that traumatic as to impact their lives two years later but yet no charges or arrests made the big picture is something has been going on far longer than just the plane incident.

        Brad is a wealthy well known white man so it seems out of Step for someone like him to be punished so harshly with non visits / supervised visits.

        Is it possible that one of the children used their cell phone to tape the incident on the plane? Could it be that what was shown although not breaking the law was just scary as crap and the judge had concerns?

        All conjecture on my part but just some questions that I have and wondered if anyone had input or answers for me

      • Katherine says:

        “Those plans for the children to travel to LA is contingent on how well things are going with Brad’s visit with the children in London.”

        No.The order is set. If there is to be a chnage then you have to go back to court and ask for an amended order which I am sure would be opposed. The order is pretty clear.

      • KBB says:

        @Hmm No, when they’re in LA they are unsupervised overnight visits. It says he can arrange for them to stay at the DeMille house with proper security and childcare or with him or he can take them to Santa Barbara. I guess they/he has a place there?

        @Whatnow I really don’t think Angelina would put up with any kind of sustained emotional or physical abuse towards the children. I think her handling of this shows that she is just absolutely no nonsense. She always said he was a great father before the plane incident and I have no reason to disbelieve her.

        Some have suggested that his lawyers may have advised him to keep a monitor present so that there would be no doubt that he is not abusive/incompetent with them until a permanent custody agreement is worked out. I don’t know if that is the case or not. This schedule seems like reunification to me, like they are re-establishing his relationship with the kids.

        It seems to me he has not had a lot of time with them over the last two years. Whether that’s because he was tiptoeing around Angelina out of fear she’d go public with whatever he did or because the kids didn’t want to see him, who knows.

        I’m guessing they’ll end up splitting custody if that’s what he attempts to get. The judge seems pretty adamant that he be in their lives and that he is not a danger to them.

    • JENNIFER says:

      Yes and I’m so glad he didn’t muck up AJ’s production in London. Now we just have to wait and see what he’ll try to do to get under her skin next time. There will be a next time, mark my words.

    • lissanne says:

      Why would Brad want to force Angelina to stay in LA? If she’s working that’s good for everyone. Plus when the divorce happens, her income from the film will be part of the division of assets from their short marriage.

  5. Hoopjumper says:

    This is a wonderful thing she has done. I imagine in situations like this, she has to be careful to avoid alienating anyone politically, but I generally believe the phrase “international community” is unhelpful because it lacks all specificity. For anyone who has done research into how we as civilians can contribute to Mosul’s rebuilding, please share. I am considering a donation to UNHCR, but would be interested in other options.

  6. BJ says:

    These UNHCR trips are planned weeks,if not months, in advance.She has mentioned that before, years ago. So I wish people on other sites would stop with this nonsense that she decided to to go to Iraq AFTER the custody case leak.

    • Zizi says:

      I still think it’s a pr move on part to change the narrative on the bad press she has received.

      • lower-case deb says:

        we can also argue that it has been one long PR move for 17 years now, because we know all her life it’s always one bad press after another.

      • Sophie says:

        @zizi she has been relentlessly villified in the press for two decades. Last week was no different. She gets on with raising her kids, living her life & getting on with her work.

      • Hoping says:

        Zizi, but she has been doing this mission for years, in every moment of her adult life, good and bad ones. And to make a move like the one you are suggesting requires a miserable heart that I think she has proved she has not. I really cannot believe that someone who is so committed would exploit Syrians’ tragedy to avoid personal bad press.

      • Zizi says:

        It’s just coconvenient that after bad press she decides to go on a humanitarian trip. Or we we not allowed to criticize her or have a different opinion about her on this site.

      • Maya says:

        Yeah so she “knew” someone would leak the documents so she preplanned World Refugees Day and got hundreds of people involved just for publicity….

        Man some people just don’t have common sense.

      • Song says:

        How? You have JUST BEEN TOLD that these are PLANNED WEEKS IN ADVANCE. That is the *PROOF* that it has nothing to do with post leak pr. Haters are not logical. And she has been involved with the UN as a Special Envoy for ALMOST TWO DECADES.

      • Song says:

        Um ZizI “It’s just coconvenient that after bad press she decides to go on a humanitarian trip.”

        Are you really this dense? Did you not read the posts above? The humanitarian trip was planned WEEKS before this. Wtf is wrong with people that they lack cognitive as well as comprehension ability. Criticizing is one thing. Using LOGIC and COMMON SENSE is another.

      • minx says:

        You can criticize her but you’ve been shown that the trip was planned long ago. So, there’s that.

      • Hoping says:

        @zizi. Of course you can criticize her. The fact that different people are then politely criticizing your opinion does not mean that your opinion is not legitimate. It shows that there is a convergence in believing that the idea that someone would go to one of the most dangerous places on earth just to avoid bad press sounds very… unlikely. That the trip was planned in advance or not does not change this.

      • KBB says:

        I don’t think this trip is a PR move related to their custody case. Her whole thing is refugees, why wouldn’t she do something for World Refugee Day? Especially if she has always done something for it, as others have said.

      • shocked and appalled says:

        Zizi, I worked for two UN agencies, and will tell you for sure that the UN does not organize or change missions to help celebrities with their P.R. They are generally planned months in advance. They are organized for purposes related to need/UN objectives, not to help the special envoy with their personal lives. To suggest otherwise is absurd.

    • Katherine says:

      I would normally agree but this trip may have already been set for another UNHCR rep to take. Easy enough to substitute people.

      In any event, so glad to see effort being made for this devastated city.People should go and sewrch for the history of this once amazing city.

  7. JennyJazzhands says:

    Maybe someone can help me understand what Brad still having monitored visits has to do with the judge’s orders regarding not monitoring the kids phone calls, etc.
    It keeps being said as if it negates everything the judge said or warned or whatever.

    • Katherine says:

      The experts present for these visits are being used as faciliators to help either Brad or the kids should they need help communicating, understanding the situation, etc. This isn’t about Brad needing to be monitored cause he’s not safe with his kids. If the judge thought the kids couldn’t be alone with Brad he wouldn’t have set forth this plan which calls for Brad alone with the kids in a very short time. Nor would the judge have threatened to change primary custody if the visits aren’t working out. No judge who felt there was any safety factor vis a vis the parent or felt the parent needed “monitoring” in a way that some are implying would have discussed a total reversal of custody.

      • Carmen says:

        They should not require assistance with communication or understanding the situation after almost two years, and if they do, something is definitely off.

      • Carmen says:

        You still don’t get it, LadyT. If the visits were going well the court would have lifted the supervision order months ago. Why didn’t they?

      • Carmen says:

        Sorry, I’m not buying it. I worked in child welfare for over 30 years. The court only continues supervision if they think a parent can’t handle unsupervised visits, and the court will have a lot of questions as to why a parent can’t handle unsupervised visits after almost two years. And please don’t give me that canard about the judges know everything about what’s best for the kids. I’ve seen too many situations where a judge ordered a child returned to a parent, with calamitous results afterwards.

    • roses says:

      This is very true about the courts, it’s truly not a system that protects kids, there are too many horror stories out there to provide it and 2 years of supervised visitation is far too extensive for anyone if there was not any type of issue.

  8. Sophie says:

    The entire document is very different to the narrative the biased press have been peddling. Context is everything!

  9. CAYUUTEE says:

    I like that the court is ordering this. Angelina needs a break. She had to for 6 kids while he was drunk, kicking rocks. I have never seen him out with 6 kids by himself. Haaahh! Have fun Brad. Now you are forced to care others and not just for yourself.

    On another topic, I was looking through old photos of him with the kids and I noticed that there’s not a lot of photos of Brad and Maddox. Also, the only photos of him and Zahara spending quality time with each other are the ones in the park when she was a toddler.

    • MousieBrown says:

      She doesn’t take them out by herself – some pictures show the nannies although they’re probably not meant to.

      If Brad wasn’t in London, who would be with the kids during this already-planned trip to Mosul?

      • Hmmm says:

        People magazine says they are with the heir godparents. Brad can only spend 4 hrs with them.

        Cayuute, look up the last photos of him and Vivienne Jolie Pitt. The kid is dragging behind hugging herself while he doesn’t seem to care or notice. That kid is always clinging to Angelina when out and about but daddy dearest couldn’t hold her hand?

  10. Whatnow says:

    Question if Brad has the children for about 10 hours a day then where are they sleeping and who is caring for them during the other 14 hours of each day?

    And if he has just 1 to three children at a time then is that why there is a schedule July and August visit? meaning it takes at least two visits to see all the kids versus more visits because he’s doing so great with them?

    If he’s only allowed 1 – 3 children at a time what if only one child goes each time so he’s only ended up seeing two children total for July or August verses 4-6. who gets to pick which children go and how many at one time (1,2, or 3?)

  11. Mego says:

    Good for her – she is very articulate.

  12. Maya says:

    I have seen the document and it says clearly that the document is sealed.

    And the leaked sealed documents also have the official stamp from Brad’s solicitors.

    I still think Brad’s team leaked selective portions to wreck Angelina’s image.

    Hope his reputation gets destroyed when the truth comes out.

    • Neil says:

      Same here. A certain blogspot even showed a picture of the redacted document; any words one wants to hang a pet theory on is buried behind a wide swath of black ink.

    • Carmen says:

      His reputation isn’t all that great now. He’s coming off more and more like a petulant, spiteful man-baby who’s incensed that his almost-ex wife is doing fine without him, and who is chasing any kind of tabloid publicity to prove he’s still in the game.

    • Katherine says:

      “I have seen the document and it says clearly that the document is sealed”

      Do you mean you’ve seen the docket that lists the document? Cause the document itself does not indicate it’s sealed.

      The entire document, that is the order signed by the judge, is available and was available to the media who reported on it. So not sure what was selectively leaked. We have no definitive answer as to whether the Court order was leaked or not. We have differing evidence on this issue.

      It may be helpful to remember that the order filed back in February 2017 which allowed for sealing of documents did not allow for holding any court hearings in private or sealing those court hearings. Parties could still ask permission of the court to seal documents used at those hearings but that order clearly stated that any court hearings were to be public with public announcements as to the date, time and location of such hearings. That Feb 2017 order also required that the public be admitted to any court hearings wherever they were conducted. So if any of the public or media attended the hearings they could have learned the court’s ruling from attending. Judges often give their rulings orally in open court and then ask the parties to come up with a written order with all the rulings included. Either Brad’s legal team was the only team submitting a proposed order encompassing all the court’s rulings which Judge Ouderkirk signed or that was the proffered order the judge agreed with and so he signed that one.

      Since this hearing was supposed to be public not sure why any order that followed it would be sealed unless the order included sensitive information one or both of the parties requested be sealed and the court approved that sealing.

      • Hmmm says:

        It was most definitly leaked by Pitt’s team and the entire doc doesn’t make Angelina look bad at all. It sure does make him look bad tho. There is no way he didn’t harm his children when after 2 years he’s still has to have supervised visitation. It was a big mistake leaking misleading headlines because of course some people were going to look for the truth. The truth is not good for Brad Pitt’s image.

    • Blackcoffee says:

      I don’t think anything was leaked by Pitt’s team. Some lawyer was explaining how media outlets (from CNN to DM and blog sites) could have gotten their hands on it and he said certain types of court orders are filed publicly with the court under CA law. The judge’s order definitely wasn’t a sealed one, which is why media outlets could get a copy from the court.

  13. AnneC says:

    We need a large contingent of celebrities, lawmakers, concerned citizens down on the Texas border fighting, screaming and demonstrating against the trump administration’s inhumane separation of children and parents. We have a crisis in our own country.

    • Ennie says:

      In that aspect Aj needs to thread lightly. She is a representative and has on her shoulders part of the UNCHR image, she can’t declare herself openly against a government, but has to be diplomatic on how she criticises certain practices. Is is of the UNCHR concern, as international seekers of refuge. She already is/ was doing her part by having a foundatio or helping one that cares for unacompannied immigrant children in the US. They offer
      Legal counsel as well, I read abou it a few years ago. It is one of her local charities. IMO, she needs to be careful due to the state of politics in the US right now. Her image has unfaily already taken a few hits with all this divirce brouhaha.

    • Lydia says:

      Why don’t you start organizing?

  14. minx says:

    It’s always good to see her, and always good to see her calling attention to worthwhile causes.

  15. another Nina says:

    Honestly, I couldn’t watch the video through the end because it is really devastating. I have nothing but respect for Angelina for bringing the awareness to the desperate consequences of the war in Iraq…

  16. KNick says:

    I’m SO BORED with both of them, their divorce and their issues. I used to love them together, loved the whole image they “sold us” for over a decade of a happy, open, loving family and loved up couple, only to end in a big mess, anger, selfishness on both sides, parent alienation, parent arguments constantly and bickering about every little thing….I always thought they would end up splitting up one day, it is Hollywood after all, but I bought into their love and affection (helping each other through death, illness, creating a family together) and thought they would be DIFFERENT, would be kinder to each other and just go on their merry way (ironic it is Gwyneth Paltrow that has the perfect divorce). But turns out, they are not much different than a suburban family going through a nasty divorce…JUST LIKE US…and it is boring me….I am bored with both of them, disappointed in both of them really, not the admirable couple I initially thought them to me.

    • Carmen says:

      Wel, there is an easy remedy for that — don’t click on any articles about them.

    • KBB says:

      I think their love and passion for each other was very real and that’s why it has all gone down in flames. Divorces only get this bitter when an enormous amount of love turns to hate. I think some of the stuff we’ve seen is beneath them, but they are human and prone to the same emotions and failures as all of us.

      Gwyneth was able to have a civil divorce because her husband became more like a brother or roommate, that was never going to happen with Brad and Angelina.

    • Cleo2 says:

      Really @knick?

      When “I’m so bored,” of a subject, I usually don’t click on said topic and write novellas.

      That said, comments like yours are oh so predictably shady and passive aggressive. Slamming the dissolution of their relationship and comparing it to other random uncouplings. WhoTF does that? That would mean you’d have to assume the personalities, proclivities, mental well being and health, interpersonal relationships and 1001 other things are the same for you to compare. How does one compare a couple gradually growing apart and bizarrely morphing into siblings with a tumultuous breakup due to presumed addiction and substance abuse which caused violence or threats of violence against children?

      It’s weird and very strange how the usual suspects as they’re called sometimes, try to pretend ‘the incident,’ drug/alcohol modified 12 step therapy and ongoing rehabilitative family therapy never happened…that they jst split like the family goop or the bicoastal Aniston-Theroux’s because they ‘grew apart,’ and yet you know that’s a lie.

      Personally, i think the need some misogynist women have to declare the Jolie-Pitt split uneventful and run of the mill,is all to wag an accusatory finger at Jolie. To somehow ‘BOTH-SIDES’ the blow-up, and make her equally responsible for the end of their relationship as we knew it.

      Except everyone who can read knows that’s a crock.

      Next you’ll be comparing Ike and Tina Turner’s split to Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan.

  17. A Croatian says:

    My apologies. I have always secretly thought Angelina’s work is just for show. I can not believe she went here so quickly. I believe it is still very dangerous.
    My respect to you, Angelina.

    • Carmen says:

      Why would you think her work is just for show? She’s been dedicated to this for over 15 years now. These trips are planned weeks in advance. The logistics are daunting.

    • Ennie says:

      You should read how she came up to work with UNCHR. It is inspiring.
      Theres is a book that she wrote that is called “notes from my travels”. She said that she started getting invilved and how the experience made her put her own problems into perspective. doing things for others changed her life. She doesn’t think of herself as an actress, acting is something she can do , be well paid and still give her time and space to participate in UNCHR.

      • Katherine says:

        It is a very inspiring story. It’s also a great lesson for those who think that one person can’t make a difference or that they wouldn’t be of any help. Angie thought those things herself but that didn’t stop her. She forged ahead and did what she felt she could one step at a time and look what happened.

  18. Weirswalker says:

    With over 400 million in the bank, how can she even walk among the rubble ? Give me a break. She could be financing rescue and recovery efforts and providing food and housing. How much do you need to live on Angie ?

    • Carmen says:

      Why is her bank account anyone else’s business? How much have you donated? I thought not.

    • KBB says:

      She is wealthy but there is no way she has $400 million in the bank. She’s got maybe a third of that and it isn’t cash just sitting in a bank somewhere. Even if she gave every penny she had, it wouldn’t be a drop in the bucket.

      Rebuilding Iraq and Syria will cost trillions of dollars. Only a coalition of wealthy countries can do that kind of work and the citizens of those countries have to care enough to want their countries to help, which is where she comes in, trying to bring awareness to the situation.

    • Lydia says:

      She’s given lots to charities (both in the US and abroad).

      But I guess you give every spare dime you have to charity. What are your favourite charities?

  19. Mary says:

    JUSTICE! Happy Father’s Day Brad

  20. cora says:

    There is this sad thing in general, where people get labeled and they are called their profession. Angelina is not an actress, she is a person who WORKS as an actress and also as a Special Envoy. I saw Ashton Kutcher the other day in congress, you should see it. He said that people told him “to stick to his day job” so he told congress that is why I’m here, because my day job is as CEO of this technology company. His software is saving children from sexual slavery. WHen you call a person “he is just an….” you are minimizing and dehumanizing them. If I becom an actress, all my work, my brain, etc will just be dismissed?, it’s awful.

  21. Coco for puffs says:

    Brads team did the leak. He has been leaking since last fall. He leaked the story about the Dr. and used her without remorse. I guess she was down. He asked Paltrow to help him
    Out with the Superhero stunt with HW. He sits around waiting for paps to watch him be reunited with his kids . For real who rides a bike to see their kids if they want one private one day after the leak about the summer schedule. He is sick and obsessed with taking Angie down. His latest story was in People and it was pathetic to say the least. He is damaging his own relationship with his kids not her.