Pink and Carey Hart’s daughter got $100 for pulling her own tooth out


Of all the things I thought would bring me grief as a parent, I had no idea one would be my children’s teeth. There are two challenges to baby tooth loss: the first is getting the tooth out and the second is how much cash they get for it. It turns out, famous couples face these same challenges, only to wildly different outcomes in the case of Pink and Carey Hart’s daughter, Willow. According to an Instagram Carey posted last week, he and Willow settled on her pulling out her own tooth to the tune of $100:

First thing’s first: I’m willing to bet a similar “C-note” that that tooth was hanging on by a thread and that Willow was not in there with pliers on a rooted bicuspid. I remember trying to convince my kids how easy it would be to get a tooth out, although I don’t remember it coming down to haggling. Some of those suckers can be pretty stubborn – both the teeth and the kids – so who knows, maybe Carey was at his wits end with it.

But that price tag! OMG. Tooth Fairy compensation is a highly debated topic in the parental world. It’s funny because most people balk at giving kids large sums of money but then, like everything else it gets competitive. All of a sudden, you’re worried about being known as the Tooth Cheapskate. The comments on Carey’s post were surprisingly positive. Most people felt, rightly, that it’s their cash, they can give to their kids however they want. To me, Carey’s caption reads more like it was a bet and a one-time thing. I don’t have a big problem with this but I do think it is a weird thing to brag about on social media. Kids yanking a tooth out isn’t that extraordinary and when you attach that kind of price tag to it, it sounds out of touch. Then again, my kids got and lost their teeth early. In my son’s case, he lost his first tooth at three. Since none of their peers were even thinking of the Tooth Fairy at that point, I got to set my own price – one quarter. And I never raised it. We just heard that all of my daughter’s adult teeth are fully in, so I never have to worry about the tooth fairy again. Who told us that? The orthodontist who is putting her braces on today, one month before my son gets his off. See?! These flipping teeth!

Beach party!!!!

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  1. damejudi says:

    Just here to say the “beach party” IG pic is the cutest thing ever!

  2. Beth says:

    I need a molar pulled. If my parents would pay me big bucks, I’d try to do it myself

  3. Birdix says:

    Oh man, I guess I’m a tooth cheapskate—going rate at our house is between $2 and $5.

  4. Kitty says:

    My five year old is in kindergarten and absolutely idolizes the kids that have teeth lost. She was born late in the year and a lot of the kids in her class have teeth gone before her. She got so impatient with her first wiggly one that she ended up hauling it out herself, it was very bloody. Luckily she didn’t damage anything,…she’s always doing these hardcore things lol

  5. magnoliarose says:

    What is up with Pink constantly showing her daughter to the world? 100 dollars is ridiculous for a child her age for something that happens anyway.

    Tooth loss is an event and my children get really excited so we do put a dollar under their pillows. We wrap the tooth, together with salt and put it under their pillow. When they are asleep we take the tooth and replace it with the coin. They love those coins and think they are extra special because they aren’t the regular paper dollars.

    • Esmom says:

      Aw, love the gold coin idea. I also think $100 is excessive for a kid that age, even if it was a one time thing. I wonder if she even grasps how much it is.

      A FB friend, who loves to show off his wealth in the most tone deaf and obnoxious ways, posted a photos of him giving his son $100 for holding his breath under water for a certain amount of time and it made me feel kinda sad for the kid. I hope he doesn’t end up like his dad, thinking that money is the only thing that matters

    • outoftheshadows says:

      What is the salt for?

    • LadyT says:

      I gave $2-$5. In case you weren’t aware the tooth fairy gives that little bit more to kids that have been very, very good about toothbrushing. Also I sprayed the bills with a bit of hairspray and a sprinkling of glitter to make them *special* but unharmed.

    • otaku fairy says:

      Imagine the fauxrage if Beyoncé did this for Blue Ivy. And unlike the art gala, this wasn’t even for charity.

  6. Jessica says:

    It kind of sounded to me like they are trying to teach her money budgeting while on tour with mom. Who knows. Husband and I are huge fans of this family.

  7. Other Renee says:

    I taped $1 to the wall over my daughter’s head and in the morning I’d hear her exclaim, “My money!” excitedly. It was adorable.

    Personally I think $100 is excessive and ridiculous, and their bragging about being able to drop $100 for a tooth feels a bit show-offy. I really like this family so I feel kind of badly criticizing them but hey, that’s how I feel.

  8. Jess says:

    I wouldn’t pay that much but 100 bucks is totally worth me not having to pull a tooth! I cannot stand the feeling of yanking a tooth from it’s final string and hearing that POP, ugh ugh ugh it gives me chills😂 my daughter slipped and knocked out a few of her front teeth so I got lucky there, even though that event was one of the most traumatizing things I’ve ever seen, but now she doesn’t think it’s a big deal to pull her own teeth out, score for me!

  9. DSW says:

    Let’s hope this kid doesn’t do what some kid I read about on Reddit did. The Reddit kid kept getting large sums of money from his parents for losing baby teeth. When he ran out of baby teeth to lose, he somehow managed to wiggle out two permanent teeth, because he wanted to keep the cash flowing. The person who shared the story was a the dentist who saw him when his parents brought him in after he wiggled out the permanent teeth.

  10. Imara219 says:

    Ugh, I have a 13 mo so we are still trying to get baby teeth in but I absolutely can not possibly see handling teeth pulling. I hated it when I went through it. We didn’t do the tooth fairy thing and I can’t see doing it with my son.

  11. FauxHart says:

    It’s a joke between Carey and Willow. He’s been trying to get her to let him pull her tooth out for ages and she said no. So i read it as “yeah dad, one time only, do your worst.”

    I don’t think they gave her a hundred bucks just for pulling her own tooth out.