Taylor Swift hung out backstage with Adele & JK Rowling at her London concert

I’ve always wondered if Taylor Swift keeps some kind of shortlist of people who she will never, ever piss off. There are few stars or celebrities of Taylor’s caliber, and only a handful of pop stars at Taylor’s level of fame. And she tends to not piss off those people. The list includes: Rihanna, Beyonce and Adele. The fandoms may argue, but those women never beef with each other. In fact, I think Taylor admires Adele and Beyonce so much that she copies both women at various times.

Anyway, Taylor’s Snake Tour (real name: the Reputation Tour) made a stop in London, where she did two concerts at Wembley Stadium. She had guest appearances, on stage, by Niall Horan, Robbie Williams, Shawn Mendes and Selena Gomez. Apparently, she had some special celebrity guests in attendance at the concerts too – JK Rowling and Adele. I’m shocked that Adele went to Taylor’s concert! While Adele and Taylor are respectful of each other and all of that, I simply can’t believe that Adele would spend her downtime singing along to “Look What You Made Me Do.” But Adele went there. Taylor took polaroids and then posted an IG of the polaroids.

Incidentally, it was revealed a few days ago that Adele is currently working on a new album too. That seems soon! We had to wait so long for 25, and I honestly thought Adele would end up getting pregnant again and it would be, like, five years before she released another album. We still have to wait a while though – sources claim that Adele’s targeting a Christmas 2019 release. Which seems really far away.

Taylor Swift performs on stage at the BBC's The Biggest Weekend in Swansea

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Instagram.

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  1. Plum says:

    I still can’t get over how Taylor’s “World Tour” only includes like 6 dates in UK/Ireland and she totally ignores the rest of Europe, South America, etc.

    For someone who wants to be the same level as Adele or Beyoncé (who can sell out consecutive dates in freaking Lisbon), she sure likes to ignore some of the world’s big markets… even Ariana, Katy and Demi do better in Europe. I genuinely don’t get why Taylor ignores her international fanbase.

    • So cool says:

      She can’t sell her only concerts in Europe, in UK and Ireland. There was article about it. She gave so much free tickets that her fans was so angry. They buy tickets for hundreds of pounds and she gave hundreds be of free tickets to people who doesn’t give a sh*t about it. Her time asked them to not talk and post on SM about this free tickets, but they ofcourse did it 😉 She isn’t so popular outside USA that her fans want us to believe. I’m from Europe and everyone know Adele, Beyonce or Rihanna. But only some crazy 12 yo fans know who she is. Not even one of her song from this album was a bit here. I was travelling last 10 months and only public radio I heard her song was radio for Americans soldiers and family on Okinawa 🙂 and if she come back to country, only Americans will need to deal with her singing. You deserve it after choosing Trump. 🙂

      • Molly says:

        *After Russia tampered with our elections and our country was stolen by Trump.

        But the rest I totally agree with, haha.

      • Plum says:

        I mean, I’m from Europe so I’m perfectly aware she isn’t very big here. She’s perceived as an act for children, not as a pop star ot even as a ‘critically acclaimed’ Grammy-winning artist… you could say Kanye was right because that scandal was the thing that did make her famous here 🐍
        I’m only surprised that Taylor doesn’t even try to break the international market yet still presents herself as “the biggest pop star in the world” .

        I used to be convinced that her move from country to mainstream pop (1989) to trash pop (reputation) was all about her wanting the type of international career the likes of Adele, Beyonce, or Ed Sheeran have… and she failed. I’m sure she could be bigger in Europe if she tried to promote her stuff here, but it’s as if she simply doesn’t give a damn and only cares about the American and Anglo-Saxon market. Utterly bizarre… or maybe she is indeed an (anglo) white supremacist.

    • Aud says:

      No, you deserve her for choosing Brexit. o_O

      • Ergh says:

        Only 26% of the UK voted for Brexit. We didn’t chose it. The Tory party are making a power grab and using it as an excuse to destroy the NHS and millions of lives, amongst a thousand other horrific things.

  2. Jay says:

    I like Adele but I’ve been off the JK train for a long while now. That woman is so clueless when it comes to matters of race and I’m done with it.

  3. Loopy says:

    I remember an awards show,I think Golden Globes where Adele won over her and she gave the shadiest expression.

  4. Jaii says:

    That makes two times then, as she was papped leaving the LA show too .. I was at Wembley night one , absolutely amazing , my only complaint is I would have swapped Niall for Robbie with Angels on Night 2 !

  5. Lucy says:

    That’s funny, I’ve always thought she kind of hated Adele. Good to know I was wrong. But yeah, I agree that Taylor knows better than to beef with any of those women.

    • jammypants says:

      I think envy is the better word. But like with all stars, she needs their vicinity and association to others to elevate herself.

  6. Bethie says:

    Wow, that’s, like, my ideal sleepover lineup.

  7. diana says:


  8. NotSoSocialButterfly says:

    I thought she was Leann Slimes in the photo with Adele.

    *Whinnies, scrapes hoof on ground*