Mila Kunis: Social media ‘took an ugly turn,’ now it’s just people being loud & nasty

Cosmopolitan August 2018 Cover_NS

This denim jumpsuit, OMG. How ‘80s. Mila Kunis and this fug jumpsuit cover the August issue of Cosmopolitan, likely to promote The Spy Who Dumped Me, which comes out August 3rd. I keep seeing the ads for that movie and I think it looks… okay. Mila and Kate McKinnon are clearly the “stars” and Justin Theroux (as “the spy”) just sort of looks like a filler. Anyway, Mila chats with Cosmo about social media, tabloid rumors and her longterm professional goals. There’s not a lot about her personal life, which I kind of like – I don’t need to be reminded of the fact that she’s with Ashton Kutcher and they have two kids together. Some highlights:

On social media—and why she doesn’t participate: “I was so late to that train. I remember at some point my roommate was like, “You know, there’s a thing called Facebook,” and I was like, “What is this Facebook? Who’s gonna poke each other? That’s just weird.” And then Ashton and I reconnected and started talking. He used to be incredibly forward-thinking with social media, when the intent was to connect to people. But it took an ugly turn and became all about who can be the loudest, who can be the angriest and the most negative. Then it’s just not a fun game to play.”

On rumors about herself that run in the tabloids: “I don’t read anything about myself. I genuinely don’t know what’s written about me…other than I know that I’m pregnant about once a year and my husband and I are getting a divorce once a year. I know this because I go down the grocery store aisle, and I see it on the cover of magazines and I’m like, Oh boy, okay!… The only thing that’s upsetting is my parents and my grandparents sometimes get confused… At one point when I was pregnant, [the tabloids] said that I had an emergency and was rushed to the hospital, and my face was on the cover. The amount of stress that caused my family, nobody will understand. Although my dad is always very hopeful that the pregnancies are true. He’s always like, “Is there really another?””

On her ultimate dream as a producer and an actor: “I just sat down three days ago to write out my dream in five years. And I realized very quickly that I didn’t dream big enough. And so I’ve been thinking about it for the past few days, like, What is my grand f**king dream for myself? I just want to be happy. I know that sounds incredibly lame, but I never want to stop learning or being challenged, and I never want to stop challenging my partner. I think that those things will always lead to some form of success.”

[From Cosmopolitan]

I believe that Mila Kunis actually does her own grocery shopping and that she sees the covers of tabloids. What I don’t believe is that she’s recently seen a tabloid cover with her face on it, because – and I could be wrong? – Mila and Ashton aren’t really “tabloid cover” worthy at this point. They’ve been settled down for several years now and while there is gossip about them, usually it’s just dumb sh-t that is really obviously false. That being said, I looked it up to see if I could find the tabloid cover story she referenced here, about her being rushed to the hospital – it was from OK! Magazine in 2014, during her first pregnancy. That must have sucked for her and her family, and that kind of speculation is especially gross about pregnant women.

As for her hatred of social media… eh. I’m not on Facebook or Instagram (but I’m on Twitter!), but from what I’ve seen, social media is what you make of it. Some people want to sit around and scream at everybody else. Other people are just funny or cool or narcissistic on social media.

Cosmopolitan Aug '18 - Mila Kunis

Photos courtesy of Kai Z Feng for Cosmopolitan, sent via promotional email.

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  1. Tania says:

    On Wednesday, and because I’m stuck in this weird place of being Indigenous and Canadian, we didn’t “celebrate” the 4th much like I didn’t celebrate the 1st in Canada. So we just hung out at home and I scrolled twitter and read all the #secondcivilwar tweets. My husband came in because I was laughing so loud and nonstop at some that tears were coming down my face. So, social media, much like life, is what you make of it.

    The only patriotic thing I did that day was say, “F**k trump” to some dude at the grocery store who had the audacity to wear a trump shirt like he was something special.

  2. Milla says:

    On a superficial note… What the heck is that jumpsuit? Those buttons seem to be misplaced. Whyyy?

    • IMUCU says:

      Lol, and it looks a bit difficult to put on/take off :-p.

      • jwoolman says:

        IMUCU- my first thought is always “how fast can you get out of it to use the toilet?”. Sometimes there isn’t a lot of time for various reasons….

        My second thought is “can you sit down comfortably in it?”.

  3. Dietcokehead says:

    Social media is the devil. It’s mostly people seeing who can out-nasty the rest of the pack and nit-picking apart every tiny little thing. You couldn’t pay me to be on Twitter.

    • Milla says:

      I only have Instagram. I wouldn’t be able to read Twitter without getting into arguments. And Facebook is full of nasty crap. Instagram is pretty photos and quotes, lots of pets and fashion and music. All i need.

      • Millenial says:

        Instagram can be a happy place as long you can separate peoples best moments being presented as their day-to-day and stay away from all the insta-models selling skinny teas and whatever.

      • Dietcokehead says:

        Instagram works for me because my profile is private and I only follow people I actually know. It helps me avoid the “influencers” with their thinly-disguised adverts and the nasty, negative stuff as well.

      • Milla says:

        I follow hashtags, so my feed is really ok.
        I don’t follow any celebrity. It’s all very simple and clean, staying away from politics to save my sanity and just enjoying photos of people who seem interesting.
        Instagram is easier to filter. If it changes, I’ll live in dark ages before social networks.

      • Cran says:

        I enjoy Twitter much more than I thought I would. I follow a lot of political stuff and it can wear you down. Initially I had one account but it became too much noise. I now have one main and two sub accounts to manage my interests.

        I love the curated country accounts with a different curator each week. They are wonderful. The Malaysian one is hysterical. Each tweet is a mix of languages. One curator from Iceland did live video answering questions for several hours. The Irish one was 🔥🔥🔥 just a few weeks prior to the amendment vote.

        Also David Simon’s Twitter is 💯

    • Esmom says:

      I actually find Twitter to be smarter and more civil than Facebook. I saw the disinformation on FB that some of my friends mindlessly shared and it enraged me. I feel like on Twitter people tend to try to be more informed. It’s not without its trolls but I feel like people do a better job of calling them out than they do on FB.

      As for IG, I’ve ended up filling my feed with adorable foster kittens. Very soothing and heartwarming.

  4. smcollins says:

    I agree with what she’s saying about social media, especially Facebook (I’m not on Twitter but I’ve read enough stories about Twitter “wars” and bullying that I’m not really interested). No matter how positive a post may be you can always count on the trolls coming in to stir up trouble and doing they’re absolute best to suck all of the positivity and fun right out of it. The comment sections of news stories, especially about Trump, are now overrun with bots and trolls. I don’t go on that much anymore but when I do I tend to stick to just looking at the funny things or photos my friends post. It really has become a toxic environment in a lot of ways.

  5. grabbyhands says:

    He used to be incredibly forward-thinking with social media, when the intent was to connect to people. But it took an ugly turn and became all about who can be the loudest, who can be the angriest and the most negative. Then it’s just not a fun game to play.”

    Uhhh, it has been this way since day one, it’s just that it is worse now and headed lower thank to the US having elected a man who uses it like a spiteful 10 year old.

  6. Melania says:

    Mila is completely right about social media.

    • Squirrelgirl says:

      She’s right to an extent. I think if she were on social media as herself she would absolutely see the worst side of it and see a lot of the nasty stuff. But for me who doesn’t get attention on my social media because I rarely post I can always find a big laugh when someone posts a good what the fluff challenge.

  7. Lillian says:

    I deleted my Twitter and it was a huge relief. I’m never ever going back.

    Facebook comes and goes but I want to deactivate for good.

    I sometimes look at my past posts on Tumblr, it’s fun.

    Social Media is so cruel.

  8. TJ says:

    Is her head superimposed on someone else’s body in that last pic or is it just weird? I for real don’t think that’s her.

    • Pandy says:

      Right? She’s like 5’2″ or something and her legs are elongated way too much. And does she have lice? Hand in her hair in both shots.

  9. SJhere says:

    I don’t understand why so many people are so active on social media.
    There are the ones like the Katdashians who make their living being everywhere, etc.
    Not for me at all. And I do agree that lots of people go on just to be nasty or start an arguement.

  10. Lisa says:

    I don’t think the internet has ever been a cuddly utopia, but I feel it has gotten worse. And it’s become so ubiquitous, I think it spills over into parts of our lives that it shouldn’t.

  11. Annabel says:

    Totally with Mila on this. I like Instagram, because it’s easy to avoid drama over there, but Twitter and Facebook are bot-infested trash fires at this point. Also, let’s be clear here: without Twitter, there would be no President Trump.

  12. Caroline says:

    Twitter can be a sewer for sure, but for the most part you can curate your feed to show things that won’t upset you, connect with people from all over the world who share your ideals, and block the nasty ones that try to bring you down.

    I’ve been on Twitter for 7 or 8 years, and have met at least a dozen people IRL around the world or here when they travel to Chicago. 99% of the time they are great. I am even going to a wedding for one of the guys I connected with this Fall!

    Meanwhile, FB continues to be a huge dumpster fire of bad opinions from your supposed “friends” and algo-driven ads and psy-ops to drive you to vote against your own interest. No thanks.

  13. bella says:

    I think she looks gorgeous here, and I love the 80’s jumpsuit. The 80’s/90’s fashion is very trendy right now!

  14. ladida says:

    I agree with her. Even though I personally don’t engage, it’s all over my newsfeed. I know people are fired up right now (as they should be), but we live in such a loud crass world already. My solution is to greatly limit facebook and reserve my instagram strictly for close family and friends.

  15. Yes Doubtful says:

    This is so true…the internet has so many people who are just plain vicious…and usually for no reason. I try hard to avoid the comment section of yahoo or any news outlet because it has the most racist and vile people.

  16. Rescue Cat says:

    In keeping with the spirit of the article, Mila thought Black Swan was the summit her career when it was actually the peak.

  17. aqdgsbh says:

    Social media depends on who you follow. If you’re a dumb, shallow person, then that’s what you’re going to find on it.

    • Urwrong says:

      No social media is not just about who you follow. For example, I follow the New York Times. The New York Times is great. But guess what? There are awful miserable trolls that comment on those posts. I don’t have a way to filter them out – unless I stop following the New York Times and I am not going to do that. Sure I’m not actively following trolls, but they still show up in my feed.