Duchess Meghan wears a chic Roland Mouret for Day 2 of the Irish royal tour

Royal Tour day 2

Here are some photos of Day 2 of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s tour of the Republic of Ireland. Day 2 is today, Wednesday. One of the first things on their agenda today was a meeting and photo-op with Irish President Michael Higgins and his glorious Bernese mountain dogs. The dogs are named Brod and Sioda (Pride and Silk) and they got lots of pats and ear scratches from Meghan and Harry. They also visited and rang the Peace Bell, which was given to note the 10th anniversary of the Belfast Agreement (aka The Good Friday Accord).

For the first part of Wednesday’s activities, Meghan wore this Roland Mouret dress in a shade I’ll call… muted camouflage? I don’t know, it’s sort of a pale beige/grey. It’s a weird shade, but not unpleasant. It suits her coloring too – it’s just dark enough to NOT wash her out. I love the skirt length and I’m fine with “signature boatneck.” I absolutely adore the tote bag and black heels.

Royal Tour day 2

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Embed from Getty Images

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  1. Milla says:

    Drop dead gorgeous. Apart from the bag. It’s big and the gold metal is off… But the dress hair face… Wow!
    Now the suit and bw look please. It’s fashion dream

    • Clare says:

      I feel like it’s cheesy that she’s trying so damn hard to have a ‘signature’ look with that neckline – especially as the strapless bras she’s wearing always look a little bit off!

      Her face, as ever, is exquisite

      • Gigi LaMoore says:

        Why is it cheesy to wear a style that she likes and feels comfortable in? Although she is a thin woman, she has a figure (like most of us) where certain styles look best due to her dimensions.

    • LadyMTL says:

      I like the look overall but I’m not crazy about the bust area; those darts annoy me, lol. She herself is gorgeous as usual, but from the waist up the dress itself isn’t working for me.

      • Jan90067 says:

        It’s not a great dress IMO. I don’t think you should be able to see the outline of her strapless bra under a dress. Either it should be lined there, built into the dress, or the dress shoucd be a schooch looser. Not a fan of the extra drapey material on the side, or the taupe color. Sad to say it’s a “miss” for me.

        From the collarbones up, gorgeous though!

      • KiddV says:

        I think it’s the built-in bra that’s throwing it off. There needs to be a different way of doing it without showing the outline.

        I love the dress, though. Even the color. And I’m fine with her boatneck obsession, it widens her top to give her less of a square shape, more triangle. She has great shoulders, she should show them off. I’m always jealous of women with wide shoulders.

      • KiddV, yes! I wish I had wider shoulders, it’s very attractive to me. Meghan’s wider shoulders and long neck make her look so graceful. JMO

      • Nikki says:

        I think she’s gorgeous and has a great figure, but I’m not a fan of this dress. Agree on the darts being unattractive. I am not a huge fan of boat necks, so I hope she doesn’t continue to favor them as a trademark. Lastly, I don’t find the huge fabric swag in front attractive. I’m afraid it just makes me think of a giant skin tag swaying in front of her. (Sorry.) But all the other outfits on her trip so far have thrilled me: the teal-ish top and skirt was my favorite, and the pantsuit was pretty fab too. Enjoying all the fashion coverage!

    • Lilly says:

      I love this too. I like that she plans to allow others to shine in their brighter colors. I’m sure there is lots of communication on what will be worn and the president’s wife wore a lovely dress.

      • JanetDR says:

        This color (putty?) is good on her though! So was the olive. I would look like death warmed over…

    • PrincessK says:

      Yes! Drop dead gorgeous, no other woman in the royal family gets close….designers must be falling over themselves rushing to her door.

    • arianna says:

      I disagree, terrible fitting dress, too tight across the chest, wrong color, and just not a pretty dress. FInd someone who can fit her body, otherwise just more ill-fitting dresses.

      Kate found someone who can fit her body perfectly, surely Meghan can do the same.

  2. Mel M says:

    Those heels!! Also loved the black ones she wore to the garden party.

  3. Zapp Brannigan says:

    Love her Fendi bag but it feels move office work, if that makes sense.
    Do yourselves a favour today and google “michael d higgins dogs” you are in for a treat!

    • Clare says:

      Yesssss to the doggos ❤️❤️❤️

    • BlueSky says:

      That’s probably why I like the bag so much. Perfect for work

    • PunkPrincessPhD says:

      I absolutely need Miggeldy to win a 2nd term bc his dogs are amazing! (Also, a poet president is much needed in the current state of the world)

      • Jamie says:

        I thought he said he wasn’t going to run for a second term? That’s great that he changed his mind!

  4. OriginalLala says:

    this is just a random observation but she looks like she is wearing one of those stick on bras that have no back that are all over those DIY instagram videos…which makes me laugh because my cousin tried making one and it was a hilarious fail

    Kaiser – She also wore a suit (!!) to meet some football players, very profesh!

    • Jane says:

      Loving the business casual style

      • Milla says:

        Its not casual at all, it is elegant with business, but there’s nothing casual. It is well composed and I’m in love.

        Also can we stop the bra talks… Again. Please, leave women and their boobs alone.

    • Noodles says:

      I love that dress and the neckline but I agree about the bra. I also have small breasts and have bra issues when I try to go strapless so I can sympathise. Maybe she would be better with no bra… or maybe not.

  5. IlsaLund says:

    Beautiful dress….she nails it. I covet those shoes.

  6. Amelia says:

    She looks beautiful and happy. Don’t love this look up top though. The problem with a signiture boatneck is hiding the bra straps. She looks like she’s wearing a tight strapless bra or shape wear, and the fabric of the dress over top clings badly and makes her look lumpy where she isn’t. Quite possibly looks better in person and just doesn’t photograph well? Even said loving her this tour so far!

    • Veronica says:

      I don’t like the frill on the front of the dress – very unnecessary. And the darts on top? Ugh. For this kind of money, these clothes are not very thoughtfully made.
      I do like the pantsuit. It isn’t flashy, but she looks really great in it! This is what she should be aiming for. Workmanlike clothes, nothing flashy. Leave the bespoke for once or twice a year.

      • minx says:

        Yeah, that extra fabric does nothing for me. Love the color on her, love the overall look. A little tight on top. She’s beautiful.

  7. NYC_girl says:

    Strapless bras never did me and my 36As any favors. One drawback of that boatneck, which I always loved.

    • Alexandria says:

      I wear nipple stickers most of the time. I rarely wear bras. Love boatnecks though I only have one piece. But your top can’t be too tight or they would be quite obvious. Most of my clothes are not skin tight.

  8. Observer22 says:

    The dress is nice (and the long sleeve version of the dress she wore the day before she got married), but it’s way too tight on her. I guess someone else in the family got the memo on buying the same dress is different colors.

    • Nancy says:

      Yep. I hate to critique because then I get critiqued for critiquing!! It does appear to me as well that as of late, all of her dresses seem to resemble each other, drab colors, too tight on the bust. She likes that neckline but I hope she switches it up. I’d take the bag away from her, I love it, kinda big for her, but whatever. Can’t say one bad thing about the shoes or the dog. Kickass. *just took a look at Harry. Meghan really needs to burn all of his blue suits. Not his color…at all*

      • Olive says:

        I love the blue suits on Harry. Blue goes so nicely with his orange hair and beard!

      • Nancy says:

        Just goes to show you @Olive, we all have different opinions. Every time I see that cheap looking blue suit on him, I want to toss my phone across the room! I further think the blue clashes terribly with his hair. Maybe dark, dark blue. I guess men aren’t called out as loudly as women for their choices. I’ve noticed his clothes don’t even seem properly pressed. Oh well, everybody is looking at Meghan anyway! She is probably happy some ladies out here think he is a hottie!!

  9. Rainbow says:

    Lovely! But perhaps too tight at the bodice when you can see the outline of her bra and the fabric is pulling at the armpits.

    • Betsy says:

      Yikes! I hadn’t noticed that! But you’re right. Not a great fit.

      • Redgrl says:

        I actually like the colour & the coordinating black. But there is some strange squishy boobage going on – I guess because the top doesn’t fit properly coupled with a bad strapless bra?

      • Anna nuttall says:

        I think she noticed as well – hence why I think she changed into the suit. Unless it was planned all along, but yeah someone must had a word in her ears about it.

    • Milla says:

      Her husband is sixth in line. She can wear tighter clothes. Its very elegant and business savvy.

    • B n A fan says:

      Beautiful MM, just beautiful dress, beautiful everything except the one fault I found was, GIVE one inch on the bust area would be A perfect fit. Mm is finding her style IMO, SO HAPPY for her. She has been getting so much flack for everything she wears, but she will prevail. I believe so much of the criticism is because of her background. Lots of people believe she does not belong where she is, but she’s showing them she belongs next to her husband.

      • Rainbow says:

        Yes, just a little give on the bust area would have been better.

        Still, she looks great. Everything else is beautiful.

  10. Digital Unicorn says:

    Those dogs!!!!!!!! Plus i love her dress – she has upped her style game and seems to be going for the classic lines, me likey.

    The Fail has shots of them meeting the dogs – one is looking up at Harry with its tongue out. hahaha

  11. Becks1 says:

    She is really nailing her looks on this tour. That dress is amazing.

    I will also say, that seeing her most recent appearances, I appreciate the parade of neutral dresses from a few weeks ago more, because I was worried she was going to start wearing all beige/neutral couture to every event, for the rest of eternity, and she clearly did not plan on doing that. So I appreciate the Prada and Givenchy etc a lot more knowing they weren’t signaling her duchess style to come (at least not completely.)

    These looks are the ones I was expecting to see her wear – chic, stylish, and juuuuust trendy enough to be fresh, but not super trendy – and just really pretty. She’s really nailing it like I said.

    • Bluthfan says:

      I agree. She has really stepped up the fashion game and is wowing with these outfits. I love that Meghan looks modern and fresh which is a breath of fresh air to the stodgy RF.

  12. Stacey says:

    I love a boatneck, but it’s getting a bit old. Mix it up a bit, maybe? Add a necklace? The bag is stunning, but it’s too big for her tiny frame. Love her shoes. All of them.

    • Eliza says:

      Yesterday I said i hope this tour is not a boatneck parade.

      They’re cute, but boring.

  13. Millenial says:

    I liked the other two outfits very much. This one was just okay for me. This is the second time I’ve seen her in a dress with that flounce of extra fabric in the front and I’m kinda “meh” about that as a design feature.

    But overall, I love her style. Love that she’s wearing essentially fancy business clothes. Coat dress after coat dress gets super boring, so it’s nice to see someone who knows how to wear clothes that aren’t coat dresses.

  14. Lindy79 says:

    DOGS!!!!! and Miggledy Higgins, love him!

    Love these pictures

  15. Somegirl says:

    She looks beautiful, and I actually really like the dress, except for the darting on the breasts. My initial thought was “nipple tassels!” because the darting to me looks like nipple tassels under fabric. It’s obviously upon closer inspection the darting, but that’s not the first impression you want.

    I love those doggies!!!

  16. Barrett says:

    Love the silhouette, drab color!

  17. Enn says:

    This is a total miss for me – too ill fitted. Yesterday’s looks were beautiful!

  18. Natalia says:

    Yes, those dogs!! And Higgins’ obvious love for them and they him. (Googled photos)

    Dress is ok but too tight. Love the business look. Bag and sjoes are great.

  19. Spittair says:

    Her looks are fabulous. And I really like the boatneck. As someone with small boobs as well, it’s a smart choice when you want to balance out your proportions. And her face and makeup are divine as always.

  20. kate says:

    Oh, Meghan looks great in Ireland. But I don’t think I will ever look at a Mouret dress without thinking of her wedding dress. I SO wanted RM to do one of the wedding dresses. That would have been great but it wasn’t meant to be, I guess.

  21. manda says:

    I think that dress is terrible. Why the weird thing in front? It pulls the whole thing down. It does not look good at all. And what the hell is she doing with a regular purse? I thought it was clutches all the way (which I would lose in like 5 seconds….)

  22. Mego says:

    She is absolutely divine and she wore a trouser suit today! We’re back to these classy business outfits that she nails. Gorgeous gorgeous human being who radiates genuine happiness.

  23. Mellie says:

    Love this, just beautiful! The doggies look like big sweeties too.

  24. May says:

    The teal outfit was beautiful, but this one is a tragedy in the bust area (and it must be seriously uncomfortable as well).

  25. V+C says:

    I love those dogs and her look! I couldn’t pull off that color, but she can and love the hemline. Also, Harry looks super proud of her.

    • Whynot says:

      You can see how much he loves her by the way he’s looking at her in that pic. Besides being proud of her, he looks as if he’s imagining what they will be doing between the sheets later on, lol. *Swoon

  26. PlayItAgain says:

    Wow, gorgeous. She’s killing it fashion-wise this trip. Loved that trouser suit, as well. And that bag is fabulous.

  27. MellyMel says:

    She’s seriously killing it on this trip! I’m loving everything she’s worn so far! Also dogs!!

  28. Eileen says:

    I think she’s killing it this week-very impressive! Now this is how you do a visit to allied nations

  29. Jfromfla says:

    I’m loving her outfits these past two days, however, I’m confused about the bra issues, one moment it looks like she’s got boobs the next, not so much!

  30. Shambles says:

    She’s a truly gorgeous woman. Her bag game is on point on this tour. And look how much her husband loves her. Omg omg omg. That is all.

  31. magnoliarose says:

    The photos from the visit are adorable. I like that she was aware that an older woman wearing heels was going down the stairs. It always makes me nervous when my grandmother wears heels and goes down the stairs. Her heels aren’t high anymore but still, I always check and hold her arm.
    Overall I like the look. I like the design touches and I like the boatnecks. I don’t mind them on her since they look good and flatter her. For her proportions, they work. If it becomes her signature I will understand why.

  32. Bitsy says:

    Stunning. This khakay (khaki and gray) color looks really good on olive tone skin and not too formal for daytime either. And as I’ve stated before, her face is so exquisite it makes up for any other bad styling. As for the too being too tight…I don’t think it is, actually. I think Megs is really really boxy and her bust-to-waist-to-hip proportions are not hourglass. So if it isn’t super fitted up top, you get the wedding dress fit that looks slightly loose. If it is too drapey, it weighs downs her waist and hips and she looks too boyish. Tight bust and waist fitted clothes give her a more feminine figure. So I get it. She looks amazing.
    Am I the only one who thinks Harry resembles Thomas Markle the more he ages and balds? The nose and forehead….very similiar.

  33. Sage says:

    Boat neck accentuates her wide torso. She needs v neck neckline. That dress is a miss as it does nothing for her figure.

    • Nancy says:

      Concur. A boat neck accentuates the clavicle, which I’m guessing is why she wears them. I won’t wear that neckline, it’s uncomfortable on me. I don’t find it a flattering look on too many women. She obviously disagrees, so I imagine we will see this look frequently. She has a great figure, but has to figure out how to dress it up to her advantage. So far the pant suits look the best as she appears more modern than matronly.

  34. Smee says:

    I think she looks stunning – sophisticated, elegant and modern. The boat neck is very flattering on her.

    My only criticism is the VBL – Visible Bra Line. For the $ she is spending, a sewn-in undergarment should be possible (while still maintaining modesty). It would make the look completely polished.

  35. Other Renee says:

    Why is she carrying these huge bags everywhere?? What on earth could she possibly need to tote around in there?

  36. TyrantDestroyed says:

    I love the bottom of this dress but the top looks very unfortunate. The rest of the look seems profesional to me.

  37. Cerys says:

    The dress isn’t great. The gathered material at the side is bulky and the bust area is awful. For such an expensive dress, you would think it could be designed to accommodate a woman’s bra. Maybe it would have better to buy a size bigger. Meghan, herself, looked wonderful. The hair, shoes and bag were all spot-on.
    I think it’s nice that she is adopting a more business-like look to her clothes. It is more in keeping with the approach taken by some of the more stylish European royals.

  38. Merrit says:

    Yikes the bodice is way too tight.

  39. Lexa says:

    This one was a miss for me. I like the skirt of the dress, but hate that colo and the fit up top.

  40. MeghanNotMarkle says:

    Those go on darts are really unfortunate. For the money they’re spending on these outfits you’d think they’d be structurally sound. Kate has the same problem, though. Really poor tailoring. I love the concept of this dress but the execution in the bust is once again a big failure.

  41. hogtowngooner says:

    Aaaahhh I love the puppehs!

    She looks amazing. She’s killing it on this tour.

  42. RoyalBree says:

    This dress is indeed chic and totally my style — I’d wear it in a second if I could afford it. But all I can focus on is her bra. Gahhh! The dress is way too tight, so tight you can almost figure out the designer of the bra! It makes me want to laugh at all the people who were defending her ill-fitting wedding dress, saying how she prefers loose clothing. You just need to look at her fashion history to know that’s not true. This dress is a complete fail b/c of the visible bra. Her body is not a standard size, bust through hips, and she really needs dresses to be custom fit. Maybe that’s why separates look better on her — she can get different sizes. Her black pantsuit is a total win!

  43. Erin says:

    I think I’m just getting old and tacky, because no matter how gorgeous she looks–and she generally does–I always think, “That coulda used a necklace. Or a bracelet.” I think the minimal-to-no jewelry look is kinda flat sometimes.

  44. Katebush says:

    I agree with Royalbree this dress does away with the theory that she prefers clothes to skim her body rather than be skin tight.

    Thai dress is too tight in the bodice area but aside from that I like it. Not sure why she needed the $5,000+ bag though? Is it just to complete the ‘I’m going to work’ look?

  45. PodyPo says:

    Off shoulder – check. Asymmetrical hem – check. Her signature looks? This could be great but the undergarment situation ruins it, and it’s again so trendy that it will look dated soon and limit rewearing opportunities. And that flap of fabric on the side is just wrong. The other looks the past days have been stellar, but this one leaves me disappointed. And it’s very costly, with the bag being outrageously expensive.