Taylor Swift & Joe Alwyn have ‘vowed to keep their relationship to themselves’

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As we discussed last week, Taylor Swift did NOT spend the Taymerica holiday in Rhode Island. Back in the day, Taylor would host HUGE parties for the Fourth of July at her massive Rhode Island mansion. But since the Tiddlebanging of 2016, Tay has tried to be more low-key, and thus, Taymerica was canceled. She spent this year’s Independence Day holiday on a break from her Reputation Tour, in Turks and Caicos with Joe Alwyn. Obviously, New Snake still has many of the same tricks as Old Snake, thus there were tons of photos from her vacation with Handsome Joe:

And because she can’t help but underline the point, Us Weekly has an exclusive about how Taylor is SO PRIVATE now. You wouldn’t even believe how private she is as you’re looking through those photos of her frolicking on the beach with Joe Alwyn.

Everything has changed. Taylor Swift has a newfound appreciation for keeping her relationship private, thanks to her significant other, Joe Alwyn.

“Joe has really showed her a different lifestyle and the value of privacy,” a source exclusively reveals in the newest issue of Us Weekly, on newsstands tomorrow. “She’s the happiest she’s ever been.”

Taylor has learned from the past — and has taken it a step further by committing to keeping things low-key. Swift and the Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk star, 27, have, according to the source, “vowed to keep their relationship to themselves. They’ve done everything they can to keep it that way.”

That idea was evident on July 4, when she skipped her usual Independence Day party and the pair quietly retreated to Turks and Caicos for a romantic vacation where they went for walks on the beach and snorkeled in the ocean. “They seemed genuinely happy,” an onlooker told Us. “They were always smiling and close to each other, but kept to themselves.”

Swift will be in good company for the remaining dates of her Reputation tour, as Alwyn will be joining her as she travels cross-country. “He’s very supportive of her career,” the source tells Us, “and wants to be there every step of the way. Taylor is so much happier without her personal life in the open. She credits Joe for that and realizes how much better off she is.”

[From Us Weekly]

I keep thinking back to Tom Hiddleston and the International Tiddlebanging Tour. It was so much fun and so ridiculous, obviously. But was it such a learning experience? Was it SO different than her previous relationships? The difference between Tom versus Conor Kennedy or Harry Styles or Calvin Harris or Jake Gyllenhaal was that Tom was all-in and completely down to be pap’d. He was down with the Tiddlebanging Tour. The other guys wilted in the spotlight and grew uncomfortable with pap strolls and leaks to Us Weekly about their love. This is just my opinion: it’s not that this is a brand new Taylor, it’s that Tom was so different from her other boyfriends, and she’s now retreated back to what worked before. The Joe Alwyn relationship reminds me a bit about how she approached the Calvin Harris relationship in particular.

Also: I think Joe Alwyn and Michelle Williams should make a movie together where they both play Civil War-era ghosts.

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  1. beatrixkiddo says:

    He looks so young.

  2. DesertReal says:

    Keep their relationship to themselves…except for singing about it and going on pap strolls.
    Got it.

    • Anatha. A says:

      And the weekly updates her PR gives to tabloids about every detail. Like how he is travelling with her, what they do, where they spent their time and so on.

    • mtam says:

      @Anatha. A
      And planning outfits for those pap trolls… Like a while back with the “dark jeans and nikes” joe wore while hiking with her for some reason—which coincided with the release of her song “Delicate” a lil while later.

      and now this, with the american flag inspired swimwear during the 4th of July holiday, but wearing it in turks and caicos?—makes total sense when you’re not celebrating the holiday cause you’re in another country, but you know that ppl in america who’ll see this pap stroll will.

      Yeah, so private.

  3. Lightpurple says:

    If you want to keep your relationship so private, just shut up about it, Taylor.

  4. kate says:

    So.very.private. Much.privacy.y’all.

  5. TaraT3 says:

    Lol – she tells her fans all about him when she meets them and then they scurrying off to tumblr to tell everyone else what she said. This era of no pap strolls, no interviews, etc is just killing her.

  6. Queenb says:

    Taylor didnt really have a choice. It was THE talking point of her career. I dont think it really has anything to do with the guy at all.

  7. Jay says:

    I know I’m being mean but he is so strange looking. Ah well, different strokes, someone for everyone, etc.

    • Jen says:

      I think he is one of those guys that has a lot of presence in person. like a guy who really knows how to f

  8. Tiffany says:

    Swifty, this disappoints me.

    I am disappointed. Not mad, just disappointed.

  9. tw says:

    Until they break up and then she relentlessly smears him so she can make a buck.

  10. Jadedone says:

    “Civil war era ghosts” i dont get it?

  11. meh says:

    “Taylor Swift & Joe Alwyn have ‘vowed to keep their relationship to themselves’”

    then how would we know….never mind

  12. Nev says:

    The ghost comment. So funny.

  13. Nikki says:

    Can we –deep sigh–please keep Tom out of this? It’s been a little while now since they have both broken up and moved on. Taylor now needs to tell people she’s ‘private’–but Tom is just private. I don’t see or hear much of him in the news unless he’s promoting a movie or *maybe* taking his adorable dog out for a walk.

    • Lightpurple says:

      Two years. It has been over for almost two years.

    • kate says:

      I think Tom will always be associated with Miss Forever 13. Jake Gyllehall and Taylor broke up a long time ago but he’s still brought up in relation to Taylor every so often, and their love affair was not nearly as public or cringe-worthy as the Tiddlesbanging of 2016.

      • Millenial says:

        I honestly think people would have forgotten about Jake if she hadn’t wrote so many truly epic songs about their breakup. People are still asking Maggie Gyllenhaal about the damn scarf from “All to Well.”

      • Case says:

        She wrote nearly an entire album about Jake though, if I recall correctly (it’s hard to keep track of what songs are about who — I like her music but god as a person she drives me mad). The fact that she made such a big, dramatic deal about that relationship in her songs only added to the rumors surrounding her relationship with Jake, even if they weren’t pap’d quite as often.

    • Babs says:

      Tom willingly let the privacy ship sail without him that day on that shore. He is forever cursed now. That’s just the way it is, things will never be the saaame. That’s just the way it is, oh yeah.
      Pastry Swan Tom chose his fate.

      • so cool says:

        You’re too dramatic. He was very private before Snake and is private after. After all her RS you can see who is a famew*ore. She is using all her private life to sell music. From her cats to BF. Did you saw Jack G. making pap walks like she is doing all the time? She can’t live outside spotlight.
        And how Hiddles lost his private life? We know shit about his life. He can has wife and 2 kinds by now. He is doing everything to be boring for paps and it works. He is private and is in spotlight only when he is promoting movies. It was always like that. In june he was at Con in Seattle and some fan asks him, when he will come back to SM and post photos of his dog. Hiddles said that his dog is a part of his private life and he won’t post about private life. Dude one time thought that it is ok to be like some celebs and be more pap friendly with Snake. He taste it, he saw media circous and decided he doesn’t like it. It’s all.

      • Babs says:

        Nah, you are dramatic with those book you’re writing. I’m just being funny because I’m amused at all the denial. You think he is stupid and didn’t know what a Taylor Swift is? Or you think he was forced into that relationship roll-out? The whole thing just hilariously backfired and now he will be forever associated with that hilarious debacle. End of.

    • Jen says:


      Tom is just private? Don’t know about that. He’s an actor that most people wouldn’t know outside of marvel. She is one of the biggest celebrities in the world-whether you are a fan or not this IS the case. Whether you like her or not she is one of the biggest selling artists of the last several decades. She is famous in a way that will permeate for years to come.

      There are people whose job it is to literally follow taylor swift around. So yes, there is pics of her vacation and none of Toms.

      I think this whole thing is pretty sexist.

      • so cool says:

        Sexist – yeah make her a victim one more time. She can be a big star, but stars bigger than her can have private life. She is making a pap strolls with all her BF, singing about her RS, putting her cats in commercial and IG all the time, etc. and you call me sexist? She is doing it bcs she loves it, so stop making her a victim of cruel media, GP and ex BF.
        And this link is stupid in this place – he has normal private life now and she is calling paps. You can denying all you want, but it a true and people are seeing it.

      • MI6 says:

        I do not think the word “permeate” means what you think it means.
        And what’s really sexist is using men to sell your “music.”

      • jammypants says:

        If she’s the biggest in the world, why can’t she even sell out stadiums in the UK and Ireland? I’d like to see her try anywhere in South America, Asia, the Middle East. Oh right no one gives a rat’s ass about her in those places. And quite clearly her only targets are white, English speaking countries. Biggest star in the world 😂

    • magnoliarose says:

      The sad truth is that it badly damaged his career. Whoever thought it was a good idea should never work in the entertainment industry again. Tom was on a wave and he was becoming a thing until he hooked up with Swift. It is a shame because he is a talented actor and has loads of charisma.

  14. Red says:

    It’s the same rollout just without doing interviews. Pap strolls, friends talking about how happy she is, inside sources, songs about how he is the love of her life, crediting the guy for making her the happiest she’s ever been. The exact same thing.

    She is crazy rich. You don’t think she could have found a found an island without fans/paps? When celebrities are papped, they usually wanted to be seen.

  15. Ann says:

    HAHAHAHA the last line of this article made me laugh out loud! Joe and Michelle as civil war ghosts is spot on.

  16. Case says:

    So private that she basically dedicated an entire album how JOE is the greatest guy ever and all those other guys who came before him are losers because JOE is #1. Lol okay Taylor.

    He really is meant to play a ghost, isn’t he?

    • Dara says:

      Don’t forget Taylor pointing to him in front of an entire stadium full of screaming fans during “his” song. Made easier because he’s standing where everyone can see him. Yes, very private.

  17. ZFC says:

    I’m sorry, it’s hard to read sarcasm, you were being sarcastic right? Or did you finally drink the rest of her Koolaid?

  18. mtam says:

    two things… We all know she can hide from paps if she wants (she’s even willing to walk backwards or crabwalk for it) But somehow she gets papped in turks and caicos and! is not mad about it? Yeah this isnt “privacy”

    Second, the body language! in all the pics is Taylor all over him and it seems so forced.

    Like those pics where they’re “casually” walking down the beach. First you know the paps are right in front of them, so they pretend like they’re looking at something interesting far off in the distance—except they didn’t coordinate right and are both looking in opposite directions lol. Supes casual y’all.

    She also like runs to him to “hold his hand” except and he just holds it there stiff and limp, with his fingers tight together, while she tries desperately to cling to his fingers in order to appear “so in love”—like, forget it, dude doesn’t even wanna hold your hand.

    I don’t know a relationship that’s faking intimacy as much as this one atm.

    • Lightpurple says:

      She also had a red and white striped bathing suit in one set of pictures to go with his blue shorts because Taymerica!

      • mtam says:

        Lol yeah! i noticed that too.

        Cause you know, when i’m on vacation thousands of miles away from my home country, i coordinate my outfits to a patriotic holiday from there that i’m “not celebrating”

      • jammypants says:

        I don’t think she can do anything without dropping cryptic clues. Girl is exhausting. And it’s not lost on Tom fans her team repeatedly use the term “low key” ironically.

  19. Justme says:

    He has a movie whose trailer has just dropped: The Favourite. There may be a correlation between this and beach walks.

    • Justme says:

      Actually he now has TWO trailers which have dropped – Mary Queen of Scots as well.

      • Dara says:

        Three – Operation Finale trailer a few weeks ago.

        If I see any of the films he is in, it will be because of the other people involved – Oscar Isaac, Olivia Colman, Margot Robbie, etc. – not him.

  20. Pirate Dread says:

    Oh. She must have a new girlfriend she is actually keeping private.

  21. Shannon says:

    I only looked at the E! photos. I see nothing wrong with them. Tbh she’s obviously not COMPLETELY private, but she surely is more private than she used to be. I don’t see the bfd, she’s only doing what virtually every other celebrity does at least occasionally. I don’t listen to her much anymore, I used to quite a bit. But I do feel like she gets needlessly torn apart here for some of the silliest reasons imo. Anyway, in the E! photos she’s looking great, and he looks cuter than I usually think he is.

    • so cool says:

      See the problem is, she and her fans paint her like someone so much better than other celebs, but she is playing the same PR game. And it is so annoing for people.She is making pap strolls with her OF, but she think that she is better that other celebs, because she is pretending she didn’t call paps and she is wearing some Ethel Kennedy bikini, not like this Kardashian wh*res. But she is selling all her private life last 10 years, like them.

  22. meg says:

    I remember a story about ed sheeran being terrified of pissing taylor off, I bet being ‘friends’ with her is stressful as she’s so controlling and IMO a narcissist-you are there to serve her needs never the other way around. calling a tabloid to talk about how private you are-taylor really thinks we’re all stupid. I still can’t believe how forced her ‘girl squad’ was. like bringing along your one black friend to prove your not racist.

  23. Miss M says:

    She is completely rewriting history.
    She has never been private, always setting up shots to introduce her new relationship or when no one remembers she exists.
    When she was “dating” Tom to get back at Harris, she was probably fed up that Tom was being interviewed or followed by paps and not answering anything about her. It was no longer about Taylor alone, people cared more about Tom and her ego got hurt. Tom has been very private in all his social media for a while just using it to promote his work. What Taylor did?! Deleted all her personal life from her social media to rebuild with the focus on her work. So yeah it was not unknown Joel that showed her what privacy looks like.
    After two years, she cannot let go of Tom. It says everything I need to know about their relationship.

    • I find this whole “privacy” narrative is very petty, and very much about Tom. Their whole relationship was completely Taylor’s M.O., not Tom’s. He was definitely down for some of it, but judging from the way he’s always comported himself all the crazy publicity was not his idea. JMO

      • MI6 says:

        You’re right. He was down with being with her for God knows what unknown reason. My theory is that he believed she really liked him and truly didn’t know her M.O. His PR rep tried to warn him and he went in headfirst anyway to see where it would go. She used him and threw him away. AND wrote a song about it. Disgusting.
        He avoids being papped in his private life and always has. He even politely turns down fans when he doesn’t want to take selfies.
        THAT’S privacy, 🐍

  24. jammypants says:

    I think she “retreated” after Tiddles because she got exposed as a snake on Snapchat. I don’t think she’d walk away in so much shame if that didn’t happen.

    Her PR made sure we knew she was happy not hiding anymore and being out in the open living life not caring when she dated Tom. She hated how private Calvin was. Now she’s spinning it as she wants her privacy thanks to Handsome Joe. Girl please.

  25. so cool says:

    When I saw Toe pap photos for “oh so private” vacation I knew it is just beginning. In few days we had 2 pap walks, boring interview where Snake was pretending she is a mature artist and this Tree raport in media. I bet in few days she will has new music video. She is always using her RS to generate interest in her videos. But now she has problem bcs GP don’t care about her Lovestory with walking oatmeal Joe (seriously this dude is so boring and average – he has a body of 12 yo, face of old serial killer and smile like joker). So I predict music video in few days, then more and more pap walks of this”so private and not fake at all” Toe. At the end of the year she will be milking this RS like crazy. Old Tay Tay will be back. She need to be in spotlight after toure and made campane for Grammy. Maybe some engage ring? And then end of Toe – she need drama to made next album.

  26. virginfangirl says:

    Them holding hands reminds me of the Trumps, except she is reaching for his instead of the other way around.

    • mtam says:

      Lol! He doesn’t even attempt to bend his fingers in order to feign interest in holding her hand at all. Or maybe he can’t ’cause she’s grasping it for dear life

  27. so cool says:

    And Tay Tay please, close your mouth just one time. On that Harper cover she looks like Napoleon Dynamite. I can’t unsee it.

  28. Parigo says:

    This is the first time I thought Joe was attractive. He looks super young though and will probably be one of those rare dudes that are sexier in middle age.

    She was the most private with Calvin.

  29. Yes Doubtful says:

    He looks like he could star in one of those awful Twilight movies.

    So private yet she wrote an album about him and there are pap pics everywhere. Yeah…private…right.

    I guess those pictures confirm that she didn’t get butt implants. Will someone please help her pick out a flattering bikini….