Prince Harry laughed at the idea of having five kids, thinks that’s ‘too many’

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex in Ireland

Here are some extra photos from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s magical Day 2 in Ireland. I haven’t looked at all of the British tabloid coverage, but it feels like Meghan and Harry have been pretty well-received, and that people are excited to meet them. It’s not, like, a Beatlemania situation, but it feels like weren’t any gaffes and this was just a low-key, low-stress way for them to knock out their first royal tour.

My only criticism is that I was expecting more photos of Harry and Meghan gazing at each other longingly in the middle of an event. She’s very good at gazing at him, but he seems to put on his “all-business prince” face out in public now. But surely they wait until they get back to the hotel (or wherever) and then they can gaze at each other all night long? Seriously, get to the baby-making! That’s what Irish people have been saying to them for the entire trip too:

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle know they want to start a family, but don’t expect them to have a big brood! The royal brushed off a suggestion that he should follow in the footsteps of a well wisher in Ireland — and have five children.

As the couple greeted fans in Dublin, Elaine Adam-Stewart, 43, told Harry, “My husband also has red hair and he gave me five children — when are you and Meghan going to get going?”

Harry saw the funny side, Adam-Stewart tells PEOPLE. “He laughed and said ‘five children? — too many.’ ”

[From People]

Not to get too judgy but *taps watch* Meghan is 36 years old! She’ll be 37 in less than a month! GET TO IT. That being said, many of you think that Meghan is already giving off pregnancy vibes. I mean, it wouldn’t surprise me if she was knocked up already, but honestly, some people thought she was already pregnant during the wedding (my mom was one of those people). My theory is that she’ll get pregnant right away (if she isn’t already) and then maybe – HUGE MAYBE – they’ll think about having another kid when she’s about 40. What I’m saying is that I wouldn’t be surprised if they just had one!

Also: a kid pulled Meghan’s hair and Harry was seen playfully “scolding” the child.

Sussex Ireland day 2

Sussex Ireland day 2

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Astrid says:

    I enjoy gazing at the two of them gazing at each other. They look so happy together

  2. Jane says:

    The little boy touching Meghan’s hair was the cutest thing!

    Unfortunately even adults still do it to black women.

    • IlsaLund says:

      Lol….my daughter complains about this all the time. She’s gotten good at telling her young adult friends do not touch my hair. She cracks me up with the stories she tells.

    • VirgiliaCoriolanus says:

      Toddler grabbing hair is pretty normal, imo.

      I think Meghan and Harry are definitely trying. Yea, there are fertility treatments, etc blah blah but why would you want to go down that route if you don’t have to? Honestly, if I was Meghan and wanted to have more than one kid, I’d just get it over with, lol.

      • AG-UK says:

        I had to go down that route as after 2 years nada ziltch. no reason just it didn’t happen you think you spend all those years NOT trying to get pregnant and when you want to sometimes it doesn’t work. Hopefully she won’t have that issue but hey you never know.

      • Masamf says:

        Huh? @Virgiliacoriolanus, how do you know there ARE fertility treatments? Maybe they’re just trying or maybe they aren’t trying at all. Who says every 30 something woman can’t conceive naturally and can only go the IVF route?

    • Olenna says:

      From the video, it looks like little man was trying to get her attention rather than just messing with her hair. He nudged her, he tried to touch her face, even tried to blow a kiss (sorta, LOL!). That’s why he got a lecture from PH.

    • magnoliarose says:

      Children yank on my hair a lot. I think because it is long they can get a good handful and pull.
      Toddlers are fascinated by hair and touching anything interesting looking to them. I have had earrings pulled out of my ear. My youngest presses their lips on mine to get lipstick on their lips or pulls on my fake eyelashes if I have them on. Necklaces? Forget it.

      Black women with locs or braids should be given permission to slap away other people’s hands. It happens to Asian women with long hair too.

    • ccx says:

      He pulled on her hair. All kids to that, that’s why so many new mothers cut their hair short.

    • Humbugged says:

      There was also a pic of another kid pulling Harry’s beard

  3. Seraphina says:

    Five kids is not too much when you have a slew of help and the tax payers helping fund them. But Harry is correct!!!! 5 is a lot to handle. And they look so good together!!

  4. Noodles says:

    The more I look at her in that suit, the more I like it. Maybe they’ll have two babies close together. I can’t imagine they’ll stop at one.

  5. Jane says:

    One set of twins and one set of triplets easy.

    We can start the gofund me or get volunteers to carry the kids.

  6. Becks1 says:

    I think she will get pregnant after the Australia/Fiji tour (assuming everything goes well and she is able to get pregnant as soon as she decides she wants to, which may not happen).

    I don’t mind the lack of “gazing” lol because I think it is clear that Harry adores her. The way he holds her hand, puts his hand on her, etc. He’s so proud and happy that he is the one married to her.

  7. Honey says:

    I think they should wait a year. They have a big enough curve as it is with so much to absorb, integrate and sort out before adding a baby or pregnancy into the mix. In waiting, they might also find out that they really don’t want kids like the rest of us childless couples.

    Frankly, can you imagine the wall to wall Markle coverage of them bloviating about nonsensical stuff like petitioning the Queen and even Parliament because Meg won’t let them see the baby? We just got over the wedding trauma. Give us a minute before the baby-mama drama starts. Please. 😁

    • Jane says:

      Maybe it would be best to get all the Markle drama out of the way in the first two years.

      Instead of dragging it on.

      H&M don’t look like the type of people who wait.

    • LadyMTL says:

      They haven’t even been married for two months yet and we’re already being fed this “must have babies nowwww” narrative? Sigh. I agree that they should wait a few more months at least, if for no other reason than to give Meghan some time to adjust to her new life. It’s got to be crazy enough trying to adapt as it is, never mind adding a pregnancy into the mix.

    • magnoliarose says:

      It would mean a year of speculation and Meghan doesn’t get to have the same luxuries others would be given. She gets no breaks or understanding. If she and Harry had no children she would be called” the villain who refused his wishes” and photo after photo of him looking adorable with children would be splashed all over the place. Can’t you see it? His Secret Sorrow or Harry’s Childless Empty Existence or something. If she isn’t pregnant soon then it will be she’s too old. Their Private Struggle! They would be forever on the brink of divorce according to the papers and it would ALWAYS be her fault.
      I think having the baby early gives her more goodwill and space to breathe. It isn’t fair but she married into this so it is part of the package. It is part of the flipside.

      • Nancy says:

        The pressure isn’t on them to produce an heir. She’s in her late 30′s, so doesn’t have the luxury of time if she wants to have a couple kids. Or she could be like me and have them young, youngish and OMG I’m 39, thought I was in menopause!! Hahaha

      • magnoliarose says:

        Nancy you scared me with this twins at 39 thing. lol YIKES!
        My brood is already large and potentially growing already by 39 with twins I would have a professional sports team.

        You know how it is though. Aristocrats are genetically programmed to procreate. They can’t help themselves. Their child would still be an heir of sorts and another set of grandchildren for Charles. And don’t forget Diana’s legacy.

      • Nancy says:

        I know. I am a twin born of a twin. So much for skipping generations. We didn’t know at first. Then my brother. Oh gosh, two months already. I just burst into tears for no reason other than seeing his face in my mind. Damn hormones. But, then @minx posted something and I started laughing so hard I almost woke my girl up!! Life is a tricky little game, isn’t it. We wanted one while in college and will end up with five. I’m happy. We have the resources to provide for our family. I’m blessed. BUT, the kitchen is closed.

      • Honey says:

        @MagnoliaRose, I love those potential headlines. Are you writing for the tabloids and gossip rags on the side. Lol.

      • Nancy says:

        @Honey: Sadly or not so sadly, Mags isn’t writing for the rags. She was responding to me. A twin of a twin going to have twins… age 39! Hand to God. I love my life. I love my kids, hubby too! @minx, thank you. Baby 47 avatar is everything. How sweet. You are living proof that things people say don’t happen, really do. Guess I’m in that category as well. Night All

    • Whynot says:

      At her age, if they want more than one child, it’s prudent to start ASAP. I got married at 38, had no difficulty having one right away but after multiple miscarriages and fertility treatments, was unable to have another kid. I was lucky to have no trouble conceiving but many do. I know a woman just a year older than Megan and they had to use donor eggs.

      It’s possible but much more unlikely to have a child naturally, or even by IVF (with your own “current” eggs) at or after 40. People don’t realize this because of all the celebs having babies up to their fifties even. Like that twat Tinsley Mortimer, they likely froze eggs when they were younger. They will be lucky to have two children and I hope they do, if that is what they want. She has time for two if there are no complications and she starts now, otherwise I predict one child only.

      • meagle says:

        It depends on your genes. For a lot of women, pregnancy after 35 is not difficult. My grandmother had my aunt and mother at 41 and 43 respectively, my mother had me at 45 and my sister at 47. Two of my 40+ friends just got pregnant naturally within the first 2 months of trying. That’s not to say it’s easy for everyone–definitely not. But the whole narrative of you better start trying in your early thirties because after that it’s very unlikely is based on dubious science that’s been pushed hard by a lot of male “fertility experts”, and it bothers me a little–a woman should have children only when she really wants them, not because she’s obsessing over when exactly her “window” will close. It’s much better not to have kids than to have them and not want them.

      • minx says:

        I had a baby at 39, miscarriage at 44, the baby girl in my avatar at 47. You never know.

      • Whynot says:

        @Ladida. Thank you. I was totally the same way. Having kids wasn’t a huge priority for me so I get where you’re coming from. But once I had her, I reeeaaaally wanted another. My pregnancy was an amazing time for my marriage as my husband was so extra attentive and sweet.

        Of course everyone has a story, including my mother, of this person or that who had a kid anywhere between 42-47. But when you’re living it, it feels pretty hopeless. Yes it can happen for sure (a few people I know have had kids at 41/42) but science says the odds are against you. I just like to get it out there for people who really know for sure they really want children.

        @Minx: Thanks for sharing. That gives me a bit of hope.

  8. April May says:

    She was drinking champagne on Tuesday night, so not pregnant just yet. I think they’ll have two and be done with it.

  9. Giddy says:

    Harry is so cute with children. The way he playfully lectured that little boy reminds me of last year when he kept stealing that little girl’s popcorn after she took some of his. He is going to be so much fun to watch when he’s a Dad.

    • Dixiebells says:

      That popcorn video is my fave. I remember all these articles that he didn’t know she was stealing because he was talking to the person on the other side, and I’m like of course he did. And to me he just stayed relaxed and let her steal away. He has a certain comfortable energy that not everyone has around kids and I think he will be a great dad too.

  10. tw says:

    I love them. Post away! My only complaint is the boat neck. I know, most people love it, but I’m just not sold on it. Other than that, bring it on! I can’t get enough of these two.

  11. Pam says:

    Is it just me, or did the NATO summit and World cup completely overshadow their tour?

    • perplexed says:

      I think the World Cup definitely did. With England having made it to the semi-finals, all I had been seeing is “it’s coming home.” I saw pictures of the English fans in Hyde Park, and that was one huge crowd.

      I’ve been seeing more about the England coach’s waistcoat than Meghan’s fashion.

    • Vogue says:

      According to one royal reporter, their trip to Ireland only got a passing mention in the British press. That is understandable with everything going on this week with politics, Brexit, Nato, World cup.

      Their trip might have gotten more coverage on a slow news day, but other important events overshadowed it.

    • Belluga says:

      NATO, the World Cup, the Tory party carnage, Trump’s visit, Wimbledon… There’s been a bit going on this week!

  12. Zip says:

    Yes, lets put some pressure on a woman to have babies because that is what we are entitled to!

    • me says:

      Well what are we worth other than the ability to carry children right? God forbid we focus on what charities Meghan is going to work with or maybe the fact that they may decide NOT to have kids? Or even adopt? Who knows.

    • Ms. Blake says:

      Thank you for this. If they want to have children, good for them. If they don’t, also good for them. Why the expectation and pressure? This is not the 1500s. This is a constitutional monarchy so it’s not as if they are ruling the country and feel they must have an heir, male or otherwise, to cement their power. Plus, Harry, Meghan and and their children won’t be in the front running for reigning monarch anyway. What if they decide to adopt? GASP!

  13. Millenial says:

    I hope they have an easy time of it (getting pregnant). I was just talking to my hairdresser yesterday and we both had an easy peasy time getting pregnant in our late 20′s, but now we are both 30-31 and it took us each about a year to get pregnant with #2 (with me having one loss). And that’s still pretty young! So frustrating to spend literal decades avoiding getting pregnant for it to be so hard now.

    • AmunetMaat says:

      Getting pregnant at 34 was so difficult. It took a year to happen, started trying at 33 and was honestly baffled that it was so hard. If their goal is to have little ones, she should at least start trying right away.

    • Whynot says:

      So sorry for your loss. I hope you were able to have another but even if not yet, trust you have many years to do so. I’ve learned over the past few years after dealing with three myself, that miscarriages are so much more common at any age than people think. Most people go on to have a healthy child. I’m over 40 now so that is my issue but at your age, I’m sure it will happen. Good luck to you!

  14. Pam says:

    Perplexed, I laughed out so loud at the waist coat. You’re so right. People weren’t concerned about Meghan’s 7 clothes change in 24 hours, all they were talking about was the England Coach’s waist coat. I was in my office till 9.30pm watching the match and even on CNN international, we never saw Harry and Megan even once, it was Trump and his tantrums at NATO and Croatia vs England. We kept cheering for Croatia. Lol.

  15. Amelie says:

    There was also a report of a little boy playing with Harry’s beard. Kids just seem to gravitate towards them!

    There’s a video I saw on Twitter of Meghan wearing her black Emilia Wickstead dress and Harry arriving at some event. They’re holding hands and before entering the event Meghan looks off to the side and sees a young boy that Harry did not see. She lets go of his hand to walk over and shake the little boy’s hand (he was all dressed up to meet them) and Harry turns around to realize that he missed the boy. She is very aware of her surroundings, I thought it was a really cute moment. If they do decide to have kids, they’ll be great parents.

  16. Enn says:

    As a 40 year old woman I hate speculation about pregnancy. So many of my friends had trouble trying to conceive or were ultimately unable, and had to grieve lost pregnancies privately while clueless people asked “so when are you going to have a baby already?”

    I get that H&M will have to deal with it from the press and public, but I cringe at it.

    • Maria says:

      I agree. My son and DIL have had two miscarriages and now she is 42. They hate being asked. Fortunately they are ok with not having kids.
      And Princess Stephanie 9f Lux has been married for 6 years and the press is always tummy watching. Must be hard for them.

      • notasugarhere says:

        She stated they weren’t going to try for at least the first three years, re-stated that again recently that they’re happy as they are and not rushing to have kids. She is the youngest of 8 kids and her own mother had her at 43. Stephanie has another decade before her niece would need to be moved to Lux and trained as the heir after her father, Felix.

      • Maria says:

        @Nota. I know what they said about waiting to have children, but that doesn’t stop the press from asking. Now they are going to London in the fall to “study”. Feeling is that there are more fertility specialists there. Nothing wrong if they want to wait or not want kids at all, people should just stop talking about it.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Going to London for fertility treatments – when they claim to be ardent Opus Dei level Catholics – isn’t an option. And if it was, going to London would be a mistake. No one notices them anywhere else in Europe, but going to a fertility clinic in London they’d be noticed.

  17. ladida says:

    Time will tell! They might just have one in a year or so. I am only a few years younger than Meghan, even if I get married I probably will be about her age when I do. I still will want at least a year of freedom with the hubby before the diapers and sleepless nights.

    • Whynot says:

      Not to scare you but I got married later and had a kid at 38. After that, multiple miscarriages and fertility treatments but no more luck due to older, non viable eggs. Luckily I had no fertility issues or I likely may not have been able to have even one.

      Just a stranger’s opinion but in my experience, I wouldn’t wait. A few months is fine but every month is precious time and I hate it but after 35 your clock is ticking. After 40 a woman’s fertility declines rapidly. I’m living proof. If you happen to have trouble conceiving (fingers crossed you don’t) it’s best to start as early as possible.

      • ladida says:

        I’m so sorry for your loss, I heard that fertility treatments can be a big roller coaster. Thanks for sharing your story with me. I would have had kids years ago had I met the right partner. Since I’m single now, I’m prepared that it may or may not happen for me. That said, I still would not prioritize babies over marriage. I know that it’s largely up to God and we have very little control, despite our best intentions, but I still want a year of peaceful marriage and co-habitation before bringing a baby into the picture. I’m willing to risk it but that’s just me.

  18. Original Jenns says:

    Ugh, as someone who probably won’t get to have biological children (I’d be thrilled with just one), my heart would be ripped up having well wishes ask “when are you going to get going?” Maybe I’m just sensitive, but I feel very tired of everyone in a woman’s womb these days. Unless a woman chooses to share her story, I have no interest in baby watch because I know how painful it can be. I honestly hope that she has an easy conception and healthy baby because the comments and speculation would suck even more if otherwise!

    My boss, who I am not close to, just asked me when would it be my turn (a coworker is gearing up for maternity leave), and out of surprise I responded, oh I’m trying, but he doesn’t know yet so don’t say anything. No idea where that came from, but I made things uncomfortable enough that there was a quick subject change :)

    • Coz' says:

      @Originals Jenns I feel you and completely agree. It is both rude and insensitive.
      I can’t understand how people dare ask the question. It doesn’t matter if the person is a celebrity or royalty : it doesn’t give you the right to invade their privacy