Duchess Kate & Duchess Meghan attended Wimbledon together on Saturday

Royals at Wimbledon 2018 Men's Semi Final

Two duchesses arrived for Wimbledon’s Championship Saturday early. Part of that was because Saturday’s activities started earlier this year, as the Men’s semifinal between Novak Djokovic and Rafa Nadal still had to finish, and the club scheduled Rafa and Novak to go BEFORE Serena Williams v. Angelique Kerber. The other reason why the Duchess of Sussex and Duchess of Cambridge arrived early? They did a little meet and greet with some of the ball kids. In this video, you can actually see the two duchesses in full-length, better than any of the photos from inside Center Court.

So, they arrived together and they sat together and they watched two hours of Nadal v. Djokovic (Djokovic won, 10-8 in the fifth), and then they watched Serena v. Angelique. The presence of the two duchesses added to the glamorous atmosphere, honestly. Also in attendance: Anna Wintour, Lewis Hamilton, Olivia Munn, Martina Navratilova, Billie Jean King (who sat behind the duchesses in the Royal Box) and many more. I think a lot of people came out because they expected Serena to win her 24th singles Slam title. She did not. She was defeated soundly by Kerber. Kerber played brilliantly, and Serena played like she was nervous and rusty all of a sudden. I was gutted for Serena and happy for Kerber.

As for the duchesses, in the cutaways I saw throughout the two matches, they seemed to be chatting and quite friendly. Kate wore a light, patterned Jenny Packham dress and Meghan wore a trousered ensemble from Ralph Lauren. I loved Meg’s outfit, but I read all of your tweets about it – some of you thought that Meghan looked too much like one of the linespeople at Wimbledon. I see your point, but let me say this: it’s possible she was theme-dressing, which is what Kate does all the time. I also just liked Meghan’s ensemble overall – the billowy trousers and the striped blouse made her look like she docked her yacht on the coast and just came to Wimbledon for the day. (Also: we’ll have photos & coverage of William & Kate at the men’s final in tomorrow’s coverage.)

As for Serena, she cried a little bit in her runner-up speech and I cried a little bit too. I think Meghan got choked up during her friend’s speech.

Royals at Wimbledon 2018 Men's Semi Final

Royals at Wimbledon 2018 Men's Semi Final

Royals at Wimbledon 2018 Men's Semi Final

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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  1. Jess says:

    I loved seeing them chatting and having a good time! They really look like they get along very well, and I’m happy that’s the case.

    As for their outfits, I like that they both were dressed in a style that’s true to themselves. Kate’s dress is very on theme, as per usual, and she looked good and relaxed. I would’ve liked it better with different shoes and if she had worn her hair in a ponytail, but she looks great.

    Meghan looks great too! My complains? The hem of the pants (I know it was sold like that and not that it was long just for her) but I hate when pants pool at the feet. I also would’ve changed the color of the bag and shoes (black doesn’t add anything to this outfit).

    But in general, they looked good, they had a good time and I’m all for that!

    • Jan90067 says:

      I agree. Both looked fantastic. Kate looked great, but I would’ve liked a red shoe and bag with this dress instead of bone/blush. Same with Meg….or any pop of color. AND HEM THE PANTS! I know it’s supposed to be “chic” to pool on the ground, but ugh, the dirt/germs you’re dragging home! That s my only quibble.

      Love that the messy bun is back!

    • Rhys says:

      Love Meg’s chic and crisp ensemble! Loved the messy bun and there makeup. She was a modern perfection. Kate was nice but her usual cross between mumsy and girly.

      • PodyPo says:

        Somehow, IMO, aside my personal opinion of the messy bun trend, it Conflicts with a crisp shirt and pants.

      • Marianne says:

        Yes to Meghan’s messy bun; she’s keeping it real. Yes to Kate’s outfit. Not 100% in support of Meg’s white pants but that isn’t the worst of it. What i really dislike is the striped shirt. it overwhelms her (as do the pants), isn’t really her colours, and frankly, looks like something a more poorly paid legal assistant would wear. Her clothes on Suits were better than this.

        That said, I love it that she’s experimenting, and hope she continues to do so forever. It can’t simply be boatneck tops for the next 50 years. So i’d rather see some misses then a lovely predictability forever more.

        And lastly, i really hope these two get along and will do so always. Sadly, whether it’s because of how she’s portrayed, Kate seems to lack for depth. (but we don’t know her and i almost wonder if she suffers from anxiety) By contrast to what we perceive about Kate, Meghan seems like a savvy person. She is older, more wordly having worked and travelled, and she seems genuinely committed to charitable work. However, as potentially different as they may be, they are in it together and i think that as allies, they can make a bigger difference than if there is pointless competition or worse, actual feuding. Plus, it would be fun to see them having fun together.

      • girl_ninja says:

        The clothing is not tax payer funded Prince Charles buys the clothing for his daughters-in-law. Prunce Charles runs the The Duchy of Cornwall and the duchy provides funding and staff resources to assist with the Dartmoor Hill Farm Project.

      • Mrs.Krabapple says:

        Re: Charles’ money. Most comes from the Duchy of Cornwall. King Edward III created this private entity to benefit his son, and then the male heir to the throne ever since. So while it’s technically “private,” it is only “private” in the sense that England allowed its king to just take land and assets, and forever gift them to his heirs as a personal benefit. It’s not corruption, because back then a king couldn’t be held to any kind of ethical standard. But don’t kid ourselves that this is somehow Charles’ own money.

        Charles also receives tax money to cover property services, travel, communications, the maintenance of Clarence House, and to upkeep his offices in St. James’s Palace, which includes the Households of William and Harry.

    • Original Jenns says:

      Agree with Mumzy, in the beginning of the video, when we see them walking in from behind, you can see Meghan’s pants are just above the floor, not touching. Perfect fashion length. They must slip down a bit like she said – adjust should have been at the waist. And for once I like the messy bun with the crisp clean clothing lines. That’s how you loosen them uo. I think Meghan wears her clothes for non formal events with an eye for a dramatic pop, like her collar semi up here. I like it, i think it’s left over from her Hollywood days (such a long time ago hahaha, I know).

    • himmiefan says:

      I agree. They both looked lovely. Meghan’s pants should have been a tad shorter, but she’s still a rookie, so I’ll give her a pass. Meghan did look a bit nervous, and I would too. I think she was looking to Kate for guidance, particularly since Kate is the senior royal. All in all, they did great, and I’m sure KP will put them together more.

    • RoyalBree says:

      I loved Kate’s dress — until I noticed the tennis ball theme. That brought its perfection down a notch. And sorry, Meghan is back to baggy clothes that don’t fit again. The shirt is ill fitting and too big. And those pants are dreadful, despite supposedly being in style. Nice that Kate and Meghan seem to get along well.

      • liriel says:

        Their relationship is all that matters. I still like Kate’s dress and the fact she was enjoying herself. Meghan is back to baggy clothes, I hate the pants, it might be just my taste. She could bring some California vibe matched with being a royal but it didn’t happen. Her face is gorgeous and I love her messy bun.

  2. MM says:

    Meghan’s trousers were unfortunately much too long and dragging on the ground and that is such a shame when they are $1500 silk trousers. It was a cute outfit though.

    Kate’s dress was also really cute. The polka dots looked like little tennis balls.

  3. Elisabeth says:

    I also read they got there early because they had lunch in the club before the start of play. So they spent most of the day together. They seemed to really get along, which was very nice to see! It didn’t look fake or forced at all, just natural and friendly. I loved the video of them leaving, how they’re talking to each other as they’re getting into their cars.

    As for the clothes, I thought they both looked exactly like themselves, in a way that was quite charming. Kate was Kate, down to the hair and boring shoes, and Meghan was Meghan, down to the hair and too-long pants! They didn’t match and they didn’t need to. The whole thing was lovely (except Serena losing).

  4. Nancy says:

    They both look nice. For those who were debating the height issue….just read an article that claims Meghan is 5’6 and Harry is 6’1. She likes to keep the difference in height minimized in photos. This is why she wore very high heels on the grass, which a lot of us were questioning. The heels help in photos as it doesn’t appear she is always looking up to him. Article further states Kate is 5’10 and William 6’3, so she has the “iuxury?” of wearing flats standing next to him.

    • Nic919 says:

      When they are sitting heels don’t matter and you see about a two inch difference in the shoulder height. There isn’t a four inch height difference between them regardless of whatever height they claim to be.

      • MrsBump says:

        Im not sure pictures of them sitting down is a good measure of height difference, one could simply have much longer legs than the other.
        In any case, who really cares? Being a little shorter is hardly a negative.

      • Nancy says:

        Meghan cares @MrsBump. According to what I read anyway. She wants to avoid an unbalanced look in photos. If you notice she tries to create the illusion of height with her clothing. It’s not like you and I at a family picnic. They live in a different world, where symmetrical photos are important. Personally, I don’t care, her face is so pretty, that’s what I focus on. Never in a million years did I envision myself as a royal watcher, but spending a lot of time at home got me more involved.

      • MrsBump says:

        @Nancy – that’s a good point. Now that i think back, in some of the group pictures Meghan did disappear a little next to will, Kate and Harry. But there is really only so much she can do, and wearing too long pants isn’t the way to go, unless she wants to divert attention onto the bad fit instead of her shorter stature, which seems pretty silly

      • babypeanut says:

        Sitting height can mean very little. I once sat next to a cute, flirty guy at a baseball game, and it wasn’t until we stood up for the 7th inning stretch that I realized he barely reached my shoulder.

    • Maren says:

      There is no way Meghan is 5ft6in, nor is Kate 5ft10. Height is always exaggerated. Meghan is tiny, I think 5ft 3 or 4 inches and Kate is at least 5 inches taller so I put her at 5ft8in. When both are wearing similar heels, Meghan barely comes up to Kate’s nose.

      • Nancy says:

        Yeah we had the great height debate on here last week. People were insisting MM was 5’7. That’s the reason I posted this morning after reading the article. I don’t think she’s 5’3, but 5’5 is believable. Kate is tall, I agree about 5’8. No official records are ever correct. Like when women drop a few pounds on their driver’s license or Tom Cruise adds a few inches….to his height! LOL…..@babypeanut, that’s funny. You were probably getting ready for digits and end up with a little guy! He might have been nice.

      • Aurelia says:

        Michelle Obama and kate were photographed next to each other in london. Both were wearing heels. Kate in her usual 4 inch spikes. Michele is 5.11 ft and kate was at least 3 inchs or possibly 4 inchs shorter than her. So she would be 5.8 at the most, even 5.7 ft.

        Nicole Kidman has also been photographed next to kate wearing 2 inch kitten heels. Kate was in her 4 inchers and came up 2 inchs shorter than nicole. I would put kate at 5.7/5.8 ft max and meghan at 5.4 ft. Trust me, I know height, I am 5.11 ft.

      • liriel says:

        I agree that Kate is around 5″8 and Meghan is definitely and visibly shorter. Apparently when we wake up we’re a bit taller so Kate might push it to 5″9, not more. Definitely no where near 5″10.
        With Will, Harry, Meghan and Kate, Meghan can’t really anything to be close in height to them. Harry and William are so tall, Kate is tall for her sex yet still wears high heels.

  5. BossB says:

    Loved how relaxed they both looked at this events. It seemed genuine. Outfits & makeup were on point….but I wish Meg would have hemmed her pants a bit more.

  6. minx says:

    I’m a sucker for a crisp blue and white striped shirt, although personally I wouldn’t wear long sleeves and then roll them up because I would be fussing with them. That’s just me. And the pants were just too long.
    Both women looked happy and pretty. It was a treat to see them together.

  7. babypeanut says:

    Love it! I absolutely love it. This is what I hoped for, and I dislike all the competitive articles out there. Kate could use another close friend, and even though Meghan is catching on quick, she might appreciate some pointers.

    They look like they’re relaxed and enjoying each other, and that’s a good indicator of how their relationship will follow. Can’t wait to see their kids hanging out in a few years. And I truly hope there won’t be stories pitting their children against each other.

  8. Anna nuttall says:

    It seem like they can finally put the ‘duchesses’ rivalry to bed. They got on fine, they seem to enjoys each other company. Can the paper finally give it a rest.

  9. TeamAwesome says:

    I know RL showed the pants dragging the floor on the model, but the model wasn’t walking around on grass. They could still skim the ground, not pool around her feet. Also, I’m not sure about the pairing of white and cream.

    Kate absolutely looks thrilled to be out with her cool new SIL sans hubs and kids. I want them to grab Serena and go for margaritas or something.

  10. Dietcokehead says:

    They looked appropriate for the occasion and happy, and I see no reason to nitpick either lady’s appearance.

    • IlsaLund says:

      Thank you. They both looked comfortable and seemed to be enjoying themselves. Both outfits were lovely. The nitpicking that goes on is ridiculous.

    • PodyPo says:

      Oh but fashion nitpicking is a fun pastime for some of us. No harm meant to either woman and I, at least, hope never to make character judgements of either of them. Just eyeballing the fashion for fun. 😁

      • Dietcokehead says:

        But they aren’t dolls. They are living, breathing humans and we shouldn’t treat them as our dress-up objects.

      • minx says:

        I enjoy the fashion chit chat. I need it as an antidote to the rest of the news.

      • PodyPo says:

        Yes they are humans and I doubt they read here. It’s a small price to pay for the luxury they enjoy. We’re all judged on our physical appearance all day every day without such compensating benefits. Read about it. It’s human nature basics. Maybe judgements of Everyday Janes are not published in the news but it happens all the time anyway.

        A bit of harmless eye candy. I comment when I like their outfits, too.

      • magnoliarose says:

        In this world atmosphere, I think nitpicking fashion is harmless and fun. It isn’t that deep. Their job is to be on display so we are *arms folded* giving our opinions.

      • Nikki says:

        They fly on private jets, go to Africa on holiday, and have bespoke designer outfits which cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. I live on a tight budget and shop at thrift shops. It’s FUN to think how I’d dress if I were in her shoes, and it’s also fun to read other people’s opinions. I’m actually learning more about accessorizing from everyone’s comments here. None of us would ever say these things to their face, so for goodness sake don’t start shaming us for fashion critiques on Celebitchy!

      • liriel says:

        Yep, especially the comments about the clothes aren’t hurtful. We critisize the clothes, their fit. Not to mention those who agree to join the firm knew what they were signed into. It’s a fraction of what got in return.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      Kate does not present any value to the public other than her hair/clothing/obsession with being thin. Has she ever had a real career? No. Does she have any ideas on improving people’s lives? No. Has she dedicated herself to charity work like some other royals? No. Is she particularly intelligent? No. All she ever presented to the world, to justify her income at British taxpayers’ expense, is how she looks. So people are gonna comment on how she looks.

      • liriel says:

        Frankly, don’t blame just Kate. William is more at fault and the firm. I totally believe that if the firm wanted to push them to work Kate would show up. We always critisize women. Frankly, we have fashion discussion and no one cares about Harry or William because what can we say about their fashion style?

      • Mrs.Krabapple says:

        liriel – I agree that William is lazy and more at fault, as Kate would do whatever William tells her. But as you say, we don’t see photos of his as much because what can you say about his style, so that’s why I don’t have an opportunity to criticize William as often.

  11. Elaine says:

    They both look great and I love that Meghan seems to crack everyone up and is a relaxing force! Hope to see these two out together more.

  12. merrit says:

    Kate looks good, though the hair needs a few inches chopped off. She’s found her style and has stayed true to it. MM’s pants are ridiculous – she looks like she’s melting into the ground. She reminds me of a kid in a candy store – she is so excited about wearing designer clothing that she doesn’t even bother trying it on or getting it tailored properly or removing tags.

  13. Flying fish says:

    Serena will be back. She won Wimbledon many times before and she’ll do it again.
    Meghan’s pants were too long, we’ve seen that before. Why spend that much money on an item of clothing just to mop the floor with it…’someone should teach her the form.’
    Kate was being Kate in her physical appearance.

  14. Snowflake says:

    They both looked nice. Personally i like Meghan’s style better. To me, Kate dresses older than her age.

  15. Belluga says:

    I love Meghan’s look, it’s very chic, but like others have said, I wish the trousers were skimming the floor rather than dragging across it.

    I don’t think the nude shoes work with Kate’s outfit, but her dress is nice and summery.

    And they looked like they were getting on, which is fantastic!

  16. Rainbow says:

    They both looked summery and pretty.

    Kate looks put together and relaxed and it’s nice to see she’s not dieting herself skinny after Louis’s birth.

    Just wish Meghan’s trousers weren’t 2-3 inches long. She really needs to invest in a seamstress. Contrary to what many people have said that this is the “style” of palazzos, no it isn’t. The hems should be grazing the floor, not form a puddle at her feet.

    • PodyPo says:

      No, the fashion mavens are wearing them this length. It’s a fad.

      Remember huge shoulder pads a la Dynasty, and how awkward they look to us now?

      Just like extremely distressed denim and sheer dresses, some fads need to be avoided by publicly scrutinized women like Meghan in her new role.

    • magnoliarose says:

      Yes, it is a trend. They were made to be worn like that even if they aren’t everyone’s style. I am mixed about it. I confess to doing it too sometimes but I like it more for formal trousers. I couldn’t wear them day to day chasing after pets and children without landing myself in the ER.

    • notasugarhere says:

      This long is a trend. Maxima, Letizia, Charlene, Victoria, Mary are other royal ladies who have all worn them like this.

      • Rainbow says:

        Yes but the hems pooling on the ground and a couple of inches long? Letizia would never. She has worn Palazzo pants and wore them properly. Same for Maxima. She looks a hot mess sometimes but her clothes always fit and none dragged on the floor.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Yes, all of them have done this. Mary takes it so far as to have her gowns made 3-4 inches too long so that fabric drags on the ground in front of her and trips her up. Maxima and Charlene in the same jumpsuit, but additionally with different pairs trousers. Why I have no idea, but I have no idea why Letizia wore those terrible black leather capri pants last year and was praised for it.

  17. MrsBump says:

    Both of them looked lovely and true to their own personal style. Kate’s look is a little old fashioned, maybe boring but still timeless.
    I like the idea of Meghan’s outfit more than its execution. It felt a teeny tiny bit try hard with the too long trousers. I know they are uber fashionable at the moment, but in a few years when that trend is forgotten, people will be looking at those pictures and wonder why the duchess’s pants were unhemmed. But thats a small negative, i loved seeing them together, finally putting at rest all those nasty Kate hates Meghan nonsense.

  18. 76May says:

    Love seeing them together! Reminds me of when Princess Diana and Fergie became friends for awhile. But this will be lovely- their friendship won’t end sadly the way things did for the other two.

    AND, they looked beautiful in their outfits and so happy! Long live Kate and Meghan.

  19. Annie says:

    Once again I love the idea of Meghan’s outfit, but don’t love the execution. Her pants were too long and the shirt was tucked weirdly because it was flat on her lower stomach and folded out awkwardly in the middle of her torso. I saw a photo from the side and it looked noticeably strange.

    In other news, did anyone else see the Daily Mail article that said that Meghan has spent more than $200,000 (about 155,000 pounds) on clothing and accessories since the wedding? I am rooting for Meghan, but that number is shocking. I get that she’s building a wardrobe etc, but it’s only been TWO months!!

    • MrsBump says:

      I agree the number is shockingly high, especially as it was compared to Kate’s complete 2016 (i think) tally, but i also felt it was unfair to include jewelry she’s received from the queen or harry in the count. Unless Harry also purchased it out of the Duchy of Cornwall budget.
      Still i think she should reign in the spending, it’s only her first year, and tax payers won’t think that she’s building a wardrobe or how many engagements she’s done, they’ll see a spendthrift.
      She’s so beautiful, she doesn’t need couture/high end designers to shine.

    • Rainbow says:

      They included some jewelry in that article so I don’t think it’s 100% accurate, but the clothes leave no question as to the spending.

      Take the “tour” in Ireland. For less than 10 hours of work, she spent upwards of $30K on four outfits. The optics do not look good.

      People would say she can recycle them, and that’s true. But again the question is, does she really NEED to dress only in clothes that cost $1000 and more? She can get many wears out of a $300 dress as much as a Givenchy outfit. But as she started wearing expensive clothes right away, I doubt she’d be scaling back to wear mid-range brands next year. Some of her outfits didn’t get positive feedback either, so she either invests in a seamstress to get her clothes re-fitted or she just buys new clothes again.

      As I’ve said before, she went from Aritzia to Givenchy/Dior/Prada right away. That is a huge leap to make in terms of all that spending and all things couture/luxury as soon she became a royal. She wants to build an image, but she has to be careful about what image she might end up having.

      • PodyPo says:

        IMO she can’t or won’t recycle if she keeps choosing Uber trendy items. True classics can be recycled, but expensive fads are a questionable choice. Off the rack fads would be better, if she has to go trendy.

      • MrsBump says:

        I’m perplexed that someone as smart as Meghan doesn’t see that she’s setting herself up for, in this case, rather justified criticism.
        The humanitarian angle of her PR strategy has created different expectations of her, so the amounts racked up is a little jarring with how she was sold to us. I think she’s too media savvy ( she did run a blog afterall) not to be reading her own press, so perhaps she just doesn’t care? Or maybe she believes that the number of engagements will put to bed any criticism? If so, then that’s a rather unwise strategy, as the same number of engagements can be done wearing less pricier items, like Letizia does and the public isn’t that easily fooled.
        I think perhaps the very expensive clothes give her the confidence that she’s suitably dressed for the occasion, and that as her confidence level increases, she may not need to rely on that crutch anymore. Ive noticed that she no longer needs to hold hands with harry as much, i know many here think it’s cute and newly wed like, but i felt it was because she needed the reassurance.

      • liriel says:

        MrsBumb I agree! PR wise she should know better. So far nothing humanitarian. All about expensive outfits. Too expensive.

      • Wowsers says:

        Rainbow, I agree. Look, the DM is always going to hate on her for something. Why make it so easy for them? For every Saint (Kate) they need a villain and “Meghan Antionette” just rolls off the tongue a bit too easily.

      • minx says:

        Agree with everyone, MM needs to mix it up. She’s slender and pretty and could wear many less expensive outfits and still look wonderful.
        Worse, some of the high priced outfits have not been worth it at all—either too trendy, ill fitting or just ugly.

      • Maren says:

        As a new family member living off the taxpayers, Meghan is shockingly unconcerned as to how she is spending their money. Bespoke outfit after bespoke. 30k for Ireland. Wow!
        But hey, if the taxpayers are ok with it, I can’t complain!

      • Addie says:

        Taxpayers are not okay with it, but they can’t opt out of paying for the royals.

    • Rhys says:

      I saw thdon’t article but I was under the impression that Meg has been out and about doing public event much more than Kate was during her first years. If Kate wouldn’t have had a baby this year would she be doing all these events? I highly doubt that. Meghan is actually working! It makes total sense that she needs a wardrobe although if I were her I would slip in a few budget pieces here and there or something she had gotten years ago. Two hundred grand just looks bad no matter the explanation.

      • MrsBump says:

        But is the price justified? If she wants to endear herself to the citizens of her adopted country (minus the daily mail populace) she would do well to attend the same number of events in less pricey clothing. Couture isnt always a necessity, even Kate realized that early on, which makes me think that she’s a lot more media savvy than i initially thought.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Yeah she needs to include some off the rack items and she needs to make sure to repeat. I think she made some mistakes with some of the purchases so we won’t see them again.
        None of them pay full price for anything. That is a scandal in the making but it is the truth. They are very creative in their accounting. Is anyone really going to ask for financial forensics?

      • Rhys says:

        @MrsBump not sure what goes through Meg’s mind. Is she thirsty to finally get her hands on loads of designers pieces? Or did she look around herself and noticing the maids wearing last year Chanel decided that JCrew just wouldn’t do for a duchess? Or did Harry convince her that it’s totally normal to spend that much?
        No idea.

      • liriel says:

        I agree with MrsBumb and Magnoliarose. She already has so many lovely clothes, she doesn’t need another uber expensive outfit. She needs to think about the firm!

      • Nic919 says:

        Kate had a 1,500 dolce and Gabbana bag at yesterday’s event when she would have hundreds of bags she could have used at this point for a tennis match. Why is Meghan the sole focus here? Kate has spent millions already with very little work to show and she should be thinking of the firm as well.

      • magnoliarose says:

        I think the DM is driving the narrative gleefully.
        D and G are a terrible brand to rep at all. They are bigots and misogynists. And they aren’t British. I await that criticism.

      • MrsBump says:

        @Nic – kate has been repeated raked over hot coal (and deservedly so) for her spending. Surely you are not new to this site.

        As a previously working woman and self proclaimed humanitarian, a little more self awareness was expected of Meghan, perhaps?

      • worldsgonebananas says:

        haha @Nic19, Spending 150k in a few months is totally fine, but Kate spending 105k for her first whole year was completely outrageousss. Actually, forget Kate’s first-year married in, Meghan has already spent more than Kate did during the last couple of years – 2016/2017. In the end, it doesn’t really matter how many engagements each Duchess does neither does the building a wardrobe narrative. The amount spent in such a short time is ridiculous.

        The mental gymnastics are hilarious to read, though….so carry on. The Kate vs Meghan comments on here are amusing.
        So many excuses for Meghan being a spendthrift when Kate gets dragged all the time. They both should receive a fair amount of criticism when it comes to the amount they are spending. At this rate, Meghan will have spent half a million/maybe more in her first year. But that’s completely okay, right?
        The two gifts come up to around 22k, so even if you take that amount off, it’s still a lot for 2 months.
        Before anyone comes at me, I’m just doing the exact same thing you all do on the Kate related posts. If it’s totally okay to count Kate’s expenses, it should be the same way for Meghan. After all, they are both using taxpayers money.
        Of course Kate has spent millions over the years… Meghan will also spend millions more in the years ahead. That’s how Royalty works.

      • Addie says:

        Both women spend far too much on clothes. It just isn’t necessary and an outrageous waste and misuse of public money. The Duchy belongs to the public when all is said and done. Small and published budgets need to be given to the royal women undertaking royal duties and that’s it. They’re not models, they just have to turn up to do something simple for an hour or so and go home. Kate’s a spendthrift and Meghan’s going nuts with the credit card. It’s intolerable if your hard-earned money has to go to this.

    • Meeeee says:

      Kate uses the d&g purse for years and, in fact wore, it again on sunday, day after day.

  20. HeyThere! says:

    Serena is amazing. GOAT, male or female. I really, really wanted her to win. As a new mom myself, so many people put moms in a box. You have to only be a mom. Well guess what? I’m always a mom no matter what I’m doing. We aren’t allowed to be sexual, have hobbies that don’t involved kids, work outside the house without criticism. While Dads get to do anything without being asked “oh hey, who has your kids right now?!” Lol Okay, I’m just rambling but really she is amazing. She will be back if that’s what she chooses because she can do whatever makes her happy. Much love for the GOAT.

    Oh yeah, watched the video of Meg walking in and looked at Instagram pics. Her pants weren’t to long that she couldn’t walk. When she would stop they seemed to pool. Weird. Either way I loved her outfit but same as everyone else with the pants.

  21. AnotherDirtyMartini says:

    I’m so glad to see this! Something good. I hope they continue to have outings together.

  22. Maria says:

    They both looked relaxed and happy to be in each other’s company. Kate looked great, curvy and the dress was nice. Meghan looked fine but those pants were way too long. I’d be afraid to trip and break my neck. Otherwise, they looked better without their husbands for once. Have been watching Suits Season 7 since it just came on Netflix. Meghan haslost quite a bit of weight since then.

  23. PodyPo says:

    I think Meghan’s outfit was good in concept but fell down in execution. I think she is trying too hard to be a fashion icon. She follows trends and they do not necessarily look good on her nor photograph well. The pooling pants were impractical. Just a teeny bit shorter would’ve been good. But Beckham styles them this way and fashion girls follow. Which is cool for fashion girls but not for Meghan. She’s in the awful position of being scrutinized by British citizens who are not necessarily fashion conscious. And it probably outraged viewers to see her dragging expensive silk pants like a mop all over the field, no matter who paid for them. Optics are, unfortunately, important. White pants like the black ones she wore last week would’ve been perfect (big shirt, slim pants is a better fashion mix) with ankle laced espadrille *dreaded* wedges for walking on grass. I know she shouldn’t wear flats when appearing with Kate.

    The messy bun hair will always just look messy and unkempt, to me, in photographs. I have wildly curly hair so ladies, don’t get on me about how her hair is her heritage and can’t be controlled. I sympathize with the issues a bit. But I’m not a public figure being photographed. She tamed it well a few times last week. Would have love to see that sleek ponytail here with this outfit.

    The popped collar on the shirt and the J. Crew treatment on the rolled up sleeves, again, might be trendy but just look messy in photos.

    I wonder if Meghan thought that in exchange for all she left behind to take on her new life, that a compensating aspect (one of them, love for Harry or humanitarianism notwithstanding, I’m just looking at fashion now) would be to become a fashion icon on the world stage.

    As much as I loathe Melanie the Uncaring, she does a better job of knowing (or her stylist does) how to dress fashionably most of the time and still look pleasing and show well in photos to the masses (aside from that yellow monstrosity on Friday). Remember, pleasing the populace in these types of positions is fairly important in order to stay relevant.

    Sorry for the book-length post. I really want to see Meghan succeed. So far we haven’t seen any work, like speeches, etc. and so all we have is fashion and looks.

    • liriel says:

      This! I like the bun though. I agree on Melania though. Wimbledon is Kate’s element, Meghan was happy chatting with Kate, otherwise actressy and a bit nervous. It’s normal.

    • zinjojo says:

      I really don’t think I’d pull Melania into a discussion about appropriate fashion. I agree with the Washington Post’s Robin Givhan that after the “I really don’t care…” jacket nothing else she wears again has any relevance. She told us exactly what she’s about with that. And when she wore stilettos to go visit victims of Hurricane Harvey. Hardly appropriate for the events.

      The two duchesses looked great yesterday, both reflecting their own personal styles; just wish Meghan would hem her pants.

    • magnoliarose says:

      I think Kate was blandly overdressed and I think Meghan looked good as far as an idea but her outfit needed a little tweaking.
      I actually would have liked for them to look more cohesive fashion wise while still maintaining their own personalities. They don’t look like they are going to the same event together. Hopefully as they spend more time together and get to know each other they can get the optics down a little better. It is just a small thing in an otherwise good PR event.
      I think Meghan’s outfit would have looked better with a cream fitted t-shirt and similar pants with a belt. Or the same shirt with the pants tailored just little more for her tiny frame. I never love her in head to toe looser looks. I like the messy bun but feel messy buns look better with streamlined fashions for photographs unless the person has the liberty to dress in a more individual style and can go for it.
      That is just being critical on my part though.
      On the good side Meghan looked glowy as usual and Kate looked healthy and fit. She always looks better with a little weight on her. They seem familiar and they like each other. Not super close homegirls or anything but warmly getting to know each other.

    • Patty says:

      She (Meghan) has always dressed like this. I used to follow Meghan’s Instagram and read The Tig. Her last few outfits have been her style / what she likes. I also don’t think she’s necessarily a sober thrift; she has been wearing designer clothes for a long time now (at least since Suits starting airing). And her casual style has always been a little hit or miss. Probably begins she does like to try new things. I will say this, she always looks comfortable in her clothes and I’ve yet to get the impression that the clothes are wearing her.

      It’s also my understanding that her clothes aren’t taxpayer funded……

    • Mego says:

      Huge Meghan fan however this outfit dissapointed me and I thought Kate looked much more polished and together in contrast and Kate’s fashion oftem makes me want to throw chairs. The collar on Meghan’s shirt didn’t appear to be tucked under properly in the back, the shirt looked too large and the messy bun didn’t look so good to me. I appreciate the fashion forwardness of the outfit but overall it just didn’t appeal to me. As for not wearing her hat due to some stupid rule for the royal box – Princess Michael of Kent doesn’t think the rule applies to her so I wish Meghan boldly and proudly plopped it on her head.

      I had to laugh at some old photo’s that were unearthed of Diana and Fergie at Wimbleton and Diana was wearing a suit with this dreaful pleated skirt 😏

  24. ChillyWilly says:

    Aw, this is nice to see! I hope these two are friends. I don’t like them being pitted against each other. It’s petty and misogynistic. They both also look fantastic! Love Meg’s shirt.

  25. Alexandria says:

    I think both looked lovely and safe, not spectacularly killing it, a bit meh, but lovely. I give extra points to Meghan for wearing pants, that was a nice surprise. Her outfit looked better in motion.

  26. LORENA says:

    They both look great and seem to genuinely enjoy each other’s company. They look very relaxed, probably because they both love tennis

    Honest question, why does Prince Charles have to buy their clothes? I don’t know much about royal stuff, sorry!

    • Rainbow says:

      Official events are paid for by the public, and that includes their clothes. William and Kate, and now Harry and Meghan get a budget out of Charles’s income from the Duchy of Cornwall. They say the money is only for official work but as Charles and the royals are deliberately shady and secretive about what they really spend the money on, it’s likely they spend taxpayers’ money for private expenses as well.

      It’s how royals stay rich: mooch freebies from other rich people and try to get out of spending their own money as much as possible, and then ask the government for an increase in allowance for “renovations” and “extra staff”.

    • Enough Already says:

      Their husbands aren’t fabulously wealthy. And they’re cheap lol.

      • babypeanut says:

        Surely they’re close to fabulously wealthy considering they never spend a dime of their own money.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Exactly. JFK Jr was worth about the same if that gives anyone an idea of how not billionaires they are. They just get a lot of perks from others with serious wealth like the Duke of Westminister and private plane rides. William may as well own a stake in it.

      • Enough Already says:

        The boys are wealthy compared to us but even $35-45M doesn’t go far if you’re living like an honest to goodness royal with two homes and a family of five. The money would be gone in well under ten years with no way to replenish it. This is why royals always scrounge for freebies and happily teade access for perks. Billionaires pick up the tab in order to be seen with them. Just ask Charles. The grandkids will get a decent chunk of change when Liz and Phil pass on. The royals have a long history of leaving their fortune to their grandchildren, not their children.

      • Rhys says:

        babypeanut- “cheap” is my exact impression of what Will must be like. He has been pictured wearing the same couple of belts since I don’t know when. Kate never been photographed wearing anything expensive until after she got married and Prince Charles started picking up the check. Even her jewelry is either borrowed from the Crown or obtained (probably on a deep discount) from the same brand (Kiki). I highly doubt that Will ever really treated her to anything special. And 30 mil is no chimp change, sorry to point it out. Considering all the freebees and perks he is getting he could easily afford being generous.

  27. liriel says:

    I think Wimbledon is Kate’s element. She looks great as usual, summery, happy, chatty. She seems to get along with Meghan, great to see. I didn’t like Meghan’s outfit, I’d say either keep the shirt or the pants (too long of course) but it’s not the most flattering look. Kate’s dress is just summery and lovely. I’d definitely wear Kate’s outfit but not Meghan’s.
    Also aside from the “girl team, chatting, laughing” Meghan was very self-aware, Kate was just enjoying the occasion while Meghan was actressy and not chill as I’d expect.
    But overall nice!

  28. Ms. Turtle says:

    As a fan of both of them, I was so happy to see them together, looking like themselves (Kate in a dress & nude shoes, Meghan in trousers and messy bun!) and looking friendly. I have a real problem with Kate fans griping about Meghan’s spending or clothing choices and Meghan’s fans always calling Kate boring. These two women came from normal backgrounds and are rising to the scrutiny of marrying into the royal family while trying to meet their husbands’ wishes of how they present themselves (I still believe Kate follows Will’s lead and wishes not to try to outshine him like his mother did his father). Let’s celebrate two women who showed up together just as they are.

    • PodyPo says:

      Kate IS boring and Meghan IS spending wildly and making some questionable fashion choices. I am not a fan or otherwise of either woman, just observing. But I’m not willing to celebrate anyone just for showing up to Wimbledon. Need more substance, please, then maybe…

      • Cafe Lady says:

        Meghan, is rich she’s buying clothes for her new life. Its her money to spend.

      • Sam says:

        How is she spending wilding?
        I don’t read DM articles but made a point of reading those spending ones and they counted her engagement rings and wedding dresses,counted items twice,counted items she bought with her own money,items she’s owned before Harry,items that were given to her like the pearl earrings(which they don’t even know the price of) and Cartier set.Counted items they don’t even know the price and of which they keep changing the price tag and making it higher.an item they previously priced as £3000 went up to £18000. How sway?

      • MrsBump says:

        @cafelady – as someone explained above in more details, the duchesses are spending tax payers’ money

      • magnoliarose says:

        I believe it. The numbers are just so high and knowing enough about fashion it didn’t seem right to me. They are trying to start a narrative it seems.

      • Sam says:

        @Magnoliarose yeah its obvious what they are doing because the prices keeps changing and keeps getting bumped up.Her wimbledon shirt cost £68 last time and the British media (daily express) priced it as £600.
        I mean I do agree she need more midranged priced clothes but she’s only seen there for less than 3 months and most of her engagements have been formal so IMO the criticisms of her clothes or her not recycling is way too early.

      • Rainbow says:

        Sam – the Daily Mail got it wrong the first time. The shirt they quoted was cheaper from what Meghan wore. The shirts look similar but not the same. The cheaper one is from the Polo line and was made of different fabric. Even the stripes were different, sky blue vs navy blue on Meghan’s.

        Meghan wore the $600 Ralph Lauren Collection shirt that DM included in the correction.

        Here’s the Polo shirt that DM put (wrongly):


        Here’s the actual shirt ($600) that Meghan wore:


      • Sam says:

        @rainbow erm…the Ramsey ralph lauren polo shirt was the one all of the fashion blogs not just Meghans were listing as yesterday’s top

  29. Ladykeller says:

    It’s nice to see them getting along so well. I think they genuinely get along as Kate is it that good of an actress, it usually shows when she is not comfortable. I think it’s good for Kate to have a female friend that isn’t her mother or sister or one of her staff.

    I hope the press will wake up and realize that it’s the 21st century and women don’t have to be pitted against each other. We can live our lives and find happiness while still supporting one another.

    • MrsBump says:

      It’s very unfair to say that Kate’s only friends are her family or her staff. No one knows who she hangs out with, she is very rarely papped out and about, even with her sister, and if her friends are members of the British aristo they are unlikely to go to the papers to brag about it.
      On the other hand, Meghan’s friends are mostly celebrities who have a social media presence and easily recognisable. Look at the last polo match, a huge deal was made of Serena’s presence, but the press barely paid attention to the people Kate was talking to when she went to cheer her husband because they are unknown to the public

    • i says:

      I mean, it’s the 21st century and we still have a monarchy. The pitting against each other is supremely antiquated but, then again, so is the monarchy. They’ll exist as long as the other with, maybe, the monarchy going first.

  30. aquarius64 says:

    Let’s not forget Kate has sunk some serious funds into her wardrobe, courtesy of Charles. If tax dollars are going to the clothes, and a government report backs that up, you have an argument. Neither woman should be required to wear the equivalent of K Mart for events. As to inappropriate, cross legs on Meghan vs Kate’s slit gowns and Marilyn moments at engagements.

    • Addie says:

      Not going to happen. Charles gives something like £4 million pounds per year to Harry and William to live their lives. Charles did itemise W+K expenses initially but there was a public outcry with the costs ie extravagant. So he hid them under ‘other Duchy household expenses’. And technically and legally, the Duchy income is for the heir apparent NOT for the sons of the heir apparent. The Queen should be paying for W+H. It’s all dodgy, all dishonest. Also, the Queen and Charles are exempt from Freedom of Information Act – they lobbied for that – so they are above the law. Scoundrels.

  31. Lightpurple says:

    What would be a great picture of two Goddesses is sadly blocked by the two duchesses in front of them

  32. Enn says:

    I’ve been looking forward to this post and comments! Personally I loved both looks and I thought they looked relaxed and chatty. I know I’m a broken record, but I want them to be friends. They’re in the family business and it will just go more smoothly for both of them if they’re friendly, and eventually their children will be cousins and it would be nice for them to get along well.

    I would wear Kate’s dress for work. I wish I could pull off the trousers (I actually own a blue and white J Crew button down similar to Meg’s). Unfortunately, I have short legs and that style makes me look dumpy. Overall, I’d be happy to see more events with just the two of them working together.

  33. Emmy says:

    I really hope Kate will keep the weight on this time. She looks so much healthier. Slim yet curvy, and it really suits her.

    Regarding her outfit, it was okay. That’s all we should expect from Kate at this point. She has never been a style queen, not in her pre-royal days, not as a young Duchess, and not now after almost a decade in the royal family. Her wardrobe consists of frumpy coat dresses, nude pumps, striped shirts, spray-on jeggings and bland summer dresses like this one. She doesn’t have an eye for fashion and she’s not the kind of person who enjoys exploring more innovative looks. She will continue to wear boring stuff, just like she will probably continue to do a mediocre job with her engagements and patronages.

    Meghan’s outfit is more exciting, I love the palazzo pants and the trilby hat for Wimbledon. I do wish her pants were shorter though. Much has been said about her messy buns, but on this occasion I really like it. It’s a daytime sport event, not a state dinner.

  34. KiddV says:

    They both look gorgeous. I love Meghan’s outfit. I’m a RL fan and that’s more my style. I like the pooling pants and the messy bun.

    Kate looks like Kate. The dress fits her amazingly, she has the right amount of post-baby-fat on her right now and it looks good. I also like her thin athletic figure too, though.

    I like that they get along. I remember photos of Diana and Fergie and they always looked like they were up to mischief when they were together. I don’t get that with these two, they seem more professional.

    I hope this is a trend, the two of them working together.

  35. Malachite says:

    I read the Daily Mail article as well comparing Meghan’s spending to Kate’s. It was an unfair comparison as they compared it to Kate’s clothing spending in 2016-17. Better to have compared their spending in the months after she married William.

    With that said, I am a bit horrified by Meghan’s spend thrift ways. I enjoy reading about her very much and like her as far as I can tell as a follower of her events. But I think she needs to scale back A LOT and think of the taxpayers funding her sartorial budget.

  36. Patty says:

    She looked nothing like a line judge. People can be really daft. Like there were no similarities between her outfit and what line judges wear: color, print, style, etc were all different.

    • Rhys says:

      Patty – most people do not get understated elegance. Meg looked divine – chic, modern, crisp. Like a younger version of Katharine Hepburn. Kate had a cutesy dress on, her usual theme dressing (stylized tennis balls? eyeroll) and frills.

  37. sage says:

    I actually like Kate’s bespoke Jenny Packham dress and her bag. Meghan and Emma Watson both in RL trousers could have used some tailoring on the length.

    The DM article on Meghan outfit costs is misleading. They don’t know if the jewellery is privately purchased or previously owned but they included it anyway. They included the cost of her heels that she wore twice with each outfit.

  38. Nina says:

    The pants were too long. I know Victoria Beckham wears pants like this, but I do not think it is practical honestly to have your pants dragging on the ground at a sporting event.

  39. Jane says:

    Her bloody father has been talking again does he never learn

  40. Betsy says:

    The non-matching whites in Meghan’s dress makes my eye twitch, though as ever my hat is off to women who can wear white pants. I’m like Pigpen and would attract smears and clouds and generally look like filth walking.

    Kate’s dress is pleasant.

    I will pay both of these women money to find hairstyles that will allow them to stop fussing with their hair incessantly. It looks so immature and insecure.

  41. Claire says:

    I saw Emma Watson there. I always thought she and Harry would have made a great match. Right age, both English and she’s a class act.

    • Emmy says:

      I’m not sure what would really be in it for Emma, though. She’s already very high profile, has tons of money, is involved with charities/organizations of her own, etc. If I was her I would be very reluctant to enter that royal fishbowl existence with tons of protocol.

      I think there’s a reason why most current princes have married unknown women from the middle class (Meghan was a celebrity, but not a major one). In this day and age, with the intense scrutiny of the media, I think most aristo/celebrity women would shy away from marrying a prince. They already have ritzy lives, with the freedom to do as they please.

    • Antonym says:

      I thought Emma was a good bit younger, no?

    • worldsgonebananas says:

      Emma publicly stated that she didn’t want anything to do with him Lol! She’s a feminist so the whole Princess thing probably doesn’t sit well with her. Emma is independently very wealthy, has a high profile, she does a lot for various charities, so I don’t see why she would entertain Harry, tbh. There were some rumours floating around that she called him a bit “dim” or something. Not sure how true they were though.

    • Addie says:

      No, I don’t think so. Emma is pretty intelligent, forthright and makes her own decisions. She’s independently wealthy (real money), famous in her own right and has a great career that she controls. Harry hasn’t anything to offer her except losing her identity and being controlled. He loves celebrity culture and was always chasing it.

  42. Jess says:

    Loved Meghan’s entire look and hated Kate’s. So sad about Serena but it just shows how amazing she is that we all expected her to win wimbledon ten months after she nearly died. She’s still the GOAT.

  43. tmbg says:

    I loved Meghan’s outfit except for the length of the pants, and Kate’s hair was turning me green with envy. I want that kind of volume! It looks incredibly healthy.

  44. paddingtonjr says:

    I think they both look good and I hope they are becoming friends; they are the only two people in the world who can understand what they’re going through so they could be an incredible support for each other. I have liked much of Meghan has worn in the past 2 months, but I can see where a concern about money, especially K&M’s spending on clothing can become an issue. The modern RFs depend on optics and public goodwill and the public wants them to be in touch and sympathize with their subjects, not be the glamorous, Dynasty-esque fashion plates of the 1980s. CP Victoria and Queen Letizia are two good examples: they dress well for their figures and roles, can look professional or glamorous, and don’t seem to spend tens of thousands of dollars a month.

    Having mostly great, mid-to-high-price classic separates and a few slightly lower-priced trendy pieces would work well for Meghan and show that she is in touch with the public. Whether she or Charles are paying for her clothes, she does need to decide what her image will be: princess in a high tower or humanitarian duchess. Kate has shown what her image is and the public can accept it or not. Neither is going to be the next Diana and that’s fine.

    • Emmy says:

      Exactly. Regarding Victoria, she often wears separates which can be combined in a number of ways, and she relies on accessories to make each outfit special even though it’s a rewear.

      Meghan could do well in showcasing some up-and-coming British or Commonwealth designers that are not in the couture price range. If the money spent on her clothes could generate customers for young designers and stimulate the economy, that would be good. When she wears Givenchy or Dior, very few people can afford to be inspired by her, and promoting a French brand doesn’t really benefit Britain (even though Waight Keller is British).

      • paddingtonjr says:

        Maybe Meghan could become patron of a fashion designer or training program, similar to Sophie and the London College of Fashion. Meghan has a great figure and look so she could really do wonders for British/Commonwealth designers and clothing industry. She could use those designers for basics and then add a trendy and/or high-end purse or other accessory to make it truly her own.

    • A says:

      Letizia is Queen and Victoria is the Crown Princess. Dressing like a fashion plate is not Victoria’s style, it never has been. And Letizia has stepped up MASSIVELY since she became Queen. Compare her fashion from when she was Princess of Asturias to now, and there’s a world of difference for the better.

      Meghan needs to re-assess at some point. I already mentioned down thread that she could do really well dressing herself with even a fraction of her budget right now. She has before, she could do it again.

  45. Racer1 says:

    Kate looked nice and its good she’s keeping some weight on. But the other one…..so many people said she would “slay” in the style department once she came on the scene and I’m just not seeing it. What we know is her habits are reminiscent of new money, spend it all on high end designers but nothing looks tailored or authentic to the person wearing it. Yesterday her clothes did not match. The top was blue and white and the pants were cream. Her collar was neither up nor down in the back, pants too long and sweeping the floor. The messy bun is not chic, its messy. She literally had 3 stings of hair, 1, 2, 3, hanging from the side of her head. The look was not classic or polished.

  46. Pam says:

    Does Meghan read celebitchy? For the first time, even Meghan Stans on this have accepted the fact that raking up hundreds of thousands of pounds in expensive clothes in the name of building up her duchess wardrobe in less than 3 months will eventually bite her in the face. When someone gave an example of Letizia who was given $70,000 per year for her wardrobe, people on this site still defended Megan saying she was more prestigious than Queen Letizia, an actual Queen of Spain. I was shocked at the length people would go to defend her even the face of good reasoning. It’s in Meghan’s best interest to really cut down on her expensive wardrobe. She can look good in less expensive stuff.

    • Rhys says:

      Of course, she does. This and probably Lainey’s. She is very aware of her image and always has been. That doesn’t mean that she’s going to turn down an opportunity of expensive shopping. It’s one thing to be a successful actress and wear Aritzia and occasional Lauren. It’s a whole other matter to be able to pick from Dior, Chanel and Givenchy. Unless one came from the Gates family, everyone is a Cinderella when it comes to royal family.

    • Racer1 says:

      Surely she could have worn a garment she already owned to the christening? Does anyone have the receipts on clothing she had when she was a celebrity? She walked red carpets, had designer friends and millions in the bank before marriage. Why does everything have to be new and custom all the time.

      • Claire says:

        She’s not in it for the long haul. I give it five years. May as well rack it up while she can.

      • worldsgonebananas says:

        Celebs receive many freebies, but I don’t know if Meghan was able to keep the red carpet outfits? One thing people are forgetting is that her own style isn’t the same as the Rachel Zane character. RZ regularly wore designer head to toe, Meghan in her personal life (from pics that i’ve seen on google) didn’t. Her looks were more casual from mid-range labels with high-end accessories mixed in.

    • A says:

      You’re absolutely right @Pam. The clothing budget is inching higher, and it’s nagl. I’ll accept it on the basis that she’s newly married, and it’s her first year, but some of the pieces that she’s wearing she could have easily managed with something high street and nowhere near as designer as she does right now.

      Meghan is a lovely, creative person. She would do a good job dressing well even with a quarter of the budget she’s spending right now. I really hope she cuts down because the backlash is coming and it’s going to be bad. Kate will always have her defenders because she’s the wife of the heir-to-the-heir. Meghan is the spare’s wife, and to me, questions of money and budget are more sobering and serious criticism. Not to mention, it’s easily avoidable.

  47. notasugarhere says:

    Tidbit from the DM.

    “Prince Philip has become a godfather again at the age of 97. On Thursday he flew by helicopter to Romsey Abbey, Hampshire, to attend the christening of the child of Thomas and Alexandra Hooper, daughter of Earl Mountbatten – grandson of Philip’s uncle Lord Louis Mountbatten. The christening on Friday, at which the Duke of Edinburgh was made a godparent, took place while the Queen was entertaining President Trump at Windsor Castle.”

    Paid his own way for the trip for those who might ask.

  48. Pam says:

    Surprised Prince Philip went for that christening but couldn’t attend that of his great grandson Louis.

  49. A says:

    All I came here to say is that I ship it. I ship it. I don’t care if that’s ridiculous, but I do. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

  50. wisdomheaven says:

    I liked Meghan’s outfit, but not Kate’s which looked like something Camilla would wear. I much preferred Kate’s look today which was fabulous.

    I so tire of these complaints that Meghan looks “actressy” since folks only say that because she has an acting background and she could act the exact same way, but have been a lawyer and people would not say she is actressy. Meghan acted like any normal person, just talking and enjoying herself.

    I am so very sad about Serena, but it was clear from the first match in the first set that she just wasn’t there. Kerber played so much better. Serena had so many unforced errors and just didn’t go after points. It was sad to watch her just phone it in, almost. I know she didn’t but it was tough to watch. I know she will rally though!

    There was SOOO much focus on Meghan. The camera zoomed in on her so much throughout the matches (I watched live), the commentators all kept mentioning her, they had mini features talking about her, the wedding and even the wedding cake designer who made cakes for the ESPN broadcast too. People also kept shouting her name too. Few women, even top A-List actresses, are under that much scrutiny and attention. For all of the perks the BRF ladies have, I don’t know if its worth it for the hyper critique the married-ins deal with. IMO Meghan gets it worse than other recent royal brides. The tabloids have not given her the same grace period and have been attacking her constantly for everything. Even how she sits! The thinly veiled racism (sometimes not) and the all out classism and xenophobia is gross.

    • tmbg says:

      I could never live that nightmare, even for love. They strip away all of your individuality and you’re treated like something in a Petri dish.

    • notasugarhere says:

      There are a couple of new bashing articles out from traditional royal reporters, plus one from someone who says they’ll divorce and at least Meghan will be interesting again as a single mother.

      This is more than just heir vs. spare, heir wife vs. spare’s wife type of treatment.

      • Jane says:

        It’s actually pretty routine when Fergie was married to Andrew they even did a poll of whether the public would rather have sex with her or a goat and continually fat shamed her her nickname was duchess of pork

      • Jane says:

        It’s actually pretty routine when Fergie was married to Andrew they even did a poll of whether the public would rather have sex with her or a goat and continually fat shamed her her nickname was duchess of pork

      • notasugarhere says:

        I was around for the Fergie vs. Diana years from the beginning. This is different, very different.

      • violet says:

        @Notasugarhere – As I’m still a bit new by comparison with many other posters – who are “traditional reporters” – are they well known names I should recognize? I do know who Ingrid Seward of Majesty is, and of course Andrew Morton, but that’s it. Are these reporters whose only job is the royals, and for what papers? I would like to see the articles.

        Who on earth would say that about a divorce and Meghan being more interesting as a single mother? That’s a pretty vile thing to say and doesn’t take into consideration impact on a child of divorce – I assume this couldn’t have been in a respectable paper?!

    • Addie says:

      Mostly agree with you, wisdomheaven, though I think the reason Meghan will not get the same grace period that Kate did is BECAUSE of Kate’s lack of anything approaching work for years. The public was told she was the best educated, a breath of fresh air, would hit the ground running. And… nothing. So, it’s a once bitten, twice shy kind of thing going on here I think, rather than being racially motivated. It wouldn’t have mattered if Harry married a blue-eyed blonde, the same thinking would have applied. The best thing Meghan could do would be to rein in the spending and use the couture sparingly, and get to work on the areas she professes to care about. Kate took forever to get started because she’s not interested in service and William isn’t either, so it’s no use looking to them as a yardstick. They put things off for as long as possible. Meghan and Harry don’t have that mindset, so the PR tells us. So get on with it.

    • liriel says:

      I agree. It was clear Serena isn’t at her top form and frankly I’m not sure she’ll be. I think pregnancy was a true hardship. What Federer can do (he lost), Serena maybe can’t. Kerber was just superior.
      As for Meghan, we had tennis legends at Wimbledon and the cameras didn’t show them which is disrespectful.
      I totally see if all the scrutinity is worth it. After all you give up a lot and have to be 100% game all the time. The worst part is that getting married is probably the biggest and best day and thing about being a royal. After that it’s a scrutinity and even if you tried you can’t top that. I mean companies can go from 0 to millions to billions but Meghan can be a great asset to the Firm and can feel fulfilled but let’s not kid outself, she won’t be able to be even like Amal Clooney. The firm is conservative.
      Having said that Meghan might suffer from racism but everyone withing the firm was critisized heavily for not major issues.

  51. Tw says:

    I find the “messy bun” comments slightly racist. That’s her hair people. And tendrils are not “messy”. Get over it. She looks gorgeous. Only complaint is the trouser length.

    • MissM says:

      I wear my hair like that all the time, it’s a messy bun. She has chemically straightened hair, it’s not like she wears it natural and people are saying that it looks bad. Meghan likes the California cool style and the wispy messy bun goes with that. Quit race baiting.

    • Mego says:

      Sometimes I think they look really nice but constant hair touching bugs me. Kate does it too.

    • liriel says:

      MissM I agree. People are looking for racism even if it’s not there! Like some purposefully want this be all about racism and are self-masochististic about it!
      I wear my hair like that, my hair is messy, frizzy and I’m pale, too pale (sick-looking pale).
      Frankly I enjoy messy bun because it’s better than wearing a helmet. Helmet hair is seen at the weddings all the time, hair that doesn’t move at all and looks stiff. Messy is way way better and on purpose. I think messy bun is cute.

  52. Velvet Elvis says:

    Idk if it’s me or the lighting but does Meghan have a bunch of gray hair at her part?

  53. Littlefishmom says:

    Love it. They look great!

  54. Peg says:

    Meghan blocked her father’s number otherwise, it would be this number is not in service.
    Kensington Palace is not replying to his texts, how hard is for him to realize that they pulled up the moat around the palace.
    And now he is using his health, to paint his daughter in the worst light, and not taking responsibility for manipulations.
    Thomas appears to be a bombastic bully. “I’m the only Markle that matters” “I want to visit BP and meet the Queen”
    He can’t send her a wedding present because he don’t know her address, wonder if Doria also blocked him on her phone.
    Worrying about the length of Meghan’s skirts, you’re in no position to talk about anyone’s style.

  55. liriel says:

    They get along great we’ll see what happens with Meghan – possibly pregnancy, we know they want a family. I think the firm is very conservative and proceeds with caution. Royal approval from Queen for Meghan, the trip, the next one Wimbledon, casual outing. They didn’t want her to speak at any event and I think they’ll use her in smaller doses that they could. I think they approach is conservative and I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all. She could show up to nice events every single day for 3 weeks straight because it’s kind of what people who work do every time and it wouldn’t be a too much burden for her compared to filming suits (grueling long hours etc) but they don’t want overexposure, too many headlines. It’s all about balance. It’s also worth noting that Meghan’s case so far shows that you can do only as much as the firm allows you to. I’m pretty sure she’d be up for more, she’s still probably feeling “high” after becoming a royal and is an extrovert. (Although I do admit her nerves are sometimes visible so even for an experienced actress it’s not easy). No Meghan’s fault nor the firm.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Royals pick their own schedules, as royals and courtiers have said for years. Meghan chose to do 28 engagements before their wedding, Kate did 5. At two months post wedding, I’m not getting worried about Meghan’s work ethic.

      • liriel says:

        They have advisors though and Meghan can’t just randomly choose anything. If she could I’d a bit angry that she wasn’t doing more charity work yet I’m not. I’m not dissing her work ethic, I’m just saying that she’s doing fine but she’s not putting much work as we hoped and I partially blame the firm for that, not Meghan. We’ll see what’s next.
        Peg: I’m curious, they should let her speak because it’s her forte.

  56. Peg says:

    Maybe they will let her speak when they go to the Mandela Exhibition on Tuesday.

  57. ladida says:

    Again, I don’t think they’re friends nor foes. DM highlighted the couple of times they chatted to each other during the game, but most of the cutaways showed them sitting quietly. They left in separate cars so what does that tell you? Mostly, seeing the clips of their double outing made me realize how privileged they are.

  58. Lilly says:

    Both looking lovely, but I do adore Meghan’s look and prefer it. Chic and classic American style. I’m so glad that messy bun has stuck around too.

  59. MeghanNotMarkle says:

    I already commented about this on another thread but I think the white shirt and cream pants were a huge miss. Like her cream dress and white-white hat at Ascot. They clash and bring the whole thing down. The pooling fabric at her feet proves that trendy doesn’t always mean it looks good. Kate looked meh as always. She’s nothing if not predictable.

    I was more into photos of Bendysticks Cumbersnatch and Tom Hiddleston. Some sharp dressed men were at Wimbledon.