Are Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson getting married in less than a month?

Ariana Grande recently got her sixth tattoo for Pete Davidson, the word Pete on her ring finger, and he has a similar number of tattoos for her. (I couldn’t figure exactly how many in the three minutes I tried.) They have at least four matching tattoos, one of which is the number 8418, which was the badge number of Pete’s hero dad, a firefighter who died in the World Trade Center on 9/11. Pete gave Ariana his dad’s firefighter badge pendant, which is sweet, and defended his decision when someone questioned him about it.

Later, when people pointed out that Pete’s ex, Cazzie David, used to wear that pendant, he said that he gave her a replica and that Ariana has the real one.

Fans flocked to David’s Instagram and pointed out that the Davidson’s ex, whom he dated for two years before calling it quits in May, is seemingly wearing the necklace in a photo posted in December 2017.

“Same chain he gave to Ariana his dads fire department one 👀,” one user wrote in the comments of David’s photo of herself at the beach with a friend.

A second person commented, “welp the there the same necklace.”

“The same necklace Pete gave Ariana 💀💀🤡,” another fan replied.

Amid the fan speculation, Davidson revealed that the necklace he gave David was actually a replica of his father’s badge.

“@iamcharicehughes actually i didn’t give that to my ex. yes she had one but it was a replica,” he replied to a fan who said called giving the necklace to both women “ridiculous.”

“i had a bunch of replicas made,” he continued. “my sister and grandpa also have one. the one that ari has is the one my dad actually died in and the one [he] wore his entire career and the one i’ve worn for 17 years. i’ve actually never taken it off other than for snl or work. so it means a lot of me. hope this helps. please learn to be nicer and not to assume the worst in people. it’s a terrible way to live. much love.”

[From US Magazine]

There’s speculation that Ariana and Pete are going to pull a Beyonce and Jay-Z and get married on a date that’s significant to them, which would of course be August fourth of this year, coinciding with Pete’s late dad’s badge number. Considering how crazy they are about each other, and the fact that they got engaged less than a month after they started dating, I don’t think this is out of the question. [via Dlisted! They have more details]

I have yogurts in my fridge I still plan to eat which are older than this relationship. Of course they should wait a minute and get to know each other better, I doubt they’ve spent a night apart since they got together, but you know they’re not going to do that. They’re going to get married, they’ll Instagram the whole thing, and it will be fun to watch. They’ll last longer than Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries probably, at least they’re living together first, but they’re going to have a reality check at some point. Given how open they’ve been on social media, I think we’ll know exactly when that happens, if only because they’ll stop posting so often.

On the topic of love and making relationships love last I want to recommend a podcast I listened to over the weekend called The Good Life which interviewed the author of The Four Noble Truths of Love, Susan Piver. If you’ve studied Buddhism or are Buddhist you might not find it as fascinating as I did but she blew my mind a few times. She said that relationships suffer the closer we get to someone because we start to think of them as part of us. We treat ourselves like crap and we’re hard on ourselves so we tend to do the same to our partners. (Abusive situations are different.) There’s so much more wisdom in that episode.

Anyway I want Pete and Ariana to last, they clearly adore each other, and hope they wait at least until next year to make it official. They still won’t be out of the honeymoon phase but at least they’ll have some perspective by then.

Ariana posted this clip of Pete watching her perform “God is a Woman,” her new single. (The video is here, she’s wearing body paint so maybe it’s not suitable for work or around little kids. It’s catchy I like it. My favorite part is at 1:37!) He stares at her intently and then gulps afterwards like he’s nervous. He looks really tired.




Photos of Ariana in the blue and white jacket are from 6/29. The photos where she’s wearing jeans(!) are from 7/11 and the ones where she’s wearing a flannel shirt over a tube top are from yesterday, 6/16. Credit: Backgrid

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  1. Case says:

    They seem happy and our country is a horrible mess. I say let them celebrate their love however they want, even if that means getting married after two months dating lol. Sometimes when you know you know.

    • Cali says:

      Yes, they are both annoying, but I actually think they’re cute too and just really happy celebrating their love AND we have other things to worry about :-(….

  2. HK9 says:

    They have enough money to get married in a month and enough money to pay the lawyers to get them out. It looks like it will be a fun starter marriage.

  3. Lucy2 says:


  4. Jane says:

    He looks totally out of it. The two other people in the video looked like they were having a good time and he seemed bored out of his mind. I didn’t even see him blink!

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      I feel like he was watching someone who was openly admiring Ariana, and didn’t like it one bit- also thinking about how he will have to deal with that every day they are together.

      • Jane says:

        There is something seriously wrong here. I’m not a doctor, but I feel he has some personality disorder or serious drug problem going on.

      • Aren says:

        @Jane, if I recall correctly, he has been open about having mental health issues. Same as Ariana, so I guess they have that in common too.

      • Alissa says:

        @Jane I believe he has bipolar disorder and also has struggled with addiction. my understanding is he’s been pretty open and honest with his struggles.

      • whitecat says:

        actually he has Borderline Personality Disorder.

  5. Jess says:

    My only problem is that if this was anyone else (Selena, Taylor), they would be crucified instead.

    • j says:

      selena and taylor are both insufferable, milquetoast nothings. they are silent when we need them, and unbearably present when we don’t. ariana has depth, character, talent, and most of all intelligence on issues of equality and female empowerment (in my opinion). i think she’s a good force for women, particularly young women. look at this new song – god is a woman? to release this song at this point in time and history takes a kind of fearlessness that, as a 33 year old, i could only hope to have.

  6. Tiffany says:

    I can’t determine Ariana’s style, and I don’t think Ariana can either

    • OG Cleo says:

      I call it “sexy baby chic”

      • Nichole says:

        I adore that she’s not self conscious at ALL about wearing something that literally nobody else on planet earth would ever want to replicate. Zero ****s given. That’s honestly refreshing!

  7. OG Cleo says:

    I could care less about what these two end up doing; they’re wealthy and a quickie marriage and divorce will be a blip in their careers. What irritates me is that so many people look at this like it’s “relationship goals” or true love and that if they love each other, why not go ahead and get married. Marriage needs a LOT more than just love to work. Hopefully this rash of quick engagements doesn’t start some kind of trend.

  8. Mia4s says:

    OK, I’m going to go there; the focus on his Dad is getting weird. I’m 100% for honouring a lost parent through including their name on the wedding invitation, family photo displays, and after the marriage the naming of a child. Of course. That’s all lovely. But I’ve heard more about the father than about what they actually love about each other and why they want to spend the rest of their lives together. And giving his medallion (certainly a precious thing) to a women you’ve dated for, what, 3 months? It’s just another aspect of this that doesn’t feel healthy.

    Oh well, as you say. Lots of money so it should be a relatively smooth starter marriage. It could last a year if they keep getting attention. Less if enough people lose interest. Bieber’s wedding will draw focus. Sigh….pregnancy will be the solution to that loss of attention I assume? 🙄

    • Amelie says:

      I mean his father perished on 9/11. That’s pretty traumatic, you can’t argue with that. I didn’t know this about Pete until he started dating Ariana but it seems he has mentioned it a lot in interviews. He was 7 when he lost his father and it profoundly affected him. I don’t think you should yell at him for talking about it. If anything, it’s probably healthier to talk about than to not talk about it. I was 13 on 9/11 and while I lost no one close to me, I still remember the terror and the confusion following those days. It was the first time I realized just how truly evil humans can be. I had anxiety attacks for months every time I heard a plane in the sky after 9/11, convinced it was going to crash on top of my house and kill me and my family (I grew up in Westchester County and my mom worked in Manhattan at the time). It didn’t help our house was under the flight path of 4 major airports (JFK, Laguardia, Newark, and local Westchester County airport). Maybe you don’t get it if you didn’t grow up in the NYC tri-state area… But as a fellow New Yorker I can’t fault him for talking about it. I still haven’t been able to go to the 9/11 museum down at the memorial (which I have been to). To me it would be like visiting a former concentration camp (which I have done).

      I do find it a little alarming he gave Ariana his father’s original badge number but I doubt she is going to refuse to give it back to him if he ever asked her to return it (like if they broke up). They’re moving fast but they’re young and stupid. Let them learn from their mistakes, they aren’t harming anyone, except for being annoying on social media.

      • Mia4s says:

        @Amelie where did I even once in my post argue that it wasn’t traumatic or that he can’t talk about it? Seriously, where? It’s completely healthy to talk about it: but it feels here like it’s being used as a crutch in a relationship because they don’t know each other yet. Oh, they’re not rushing, we are meanies because we don’t understand their “connection”. But then they are going to break up and that connection based on something (understandably) very important to him will have meant…what exactly? Marriage is the mundane, not the huge moments. Rooting a marriage in big trauma is a recipe for disaster.

      • Amelie says:

        Well this is the first I’ve heard the media bring up his dad and his dad’s badge so I’m not sure where else it’s been talked about and how it has been used as a crutch in their relationship. And out of the most traumatic events love can bloom and can survive. I’ve read a few stories of how some Boston marathon bombing survivors found love in their recovery (one with the nurse who cared for him, one with the firefighter who saved her).

        I have a friend who is still going strong with her boyfriend after her first date with him which was the day after Trump was elected (and they both live in DC where politics is the main thing). They bonded over the fact how devastated they were! They now live together and will probably get married. The election was pretty traumatic for a lot of us.

        Shania Twain married the husband of her ex-husband’ s mistress! People fall in love for all sorts of reasons and experiencing a traumatic episode can actually be the catalyst.

        I have no idea if Pete and Ariana will last. They are rebounding with each other, that much is clear so there doesn’t seem to be much of a future there. But I don’t see how their relationship revolves around Pete’s father’s death.

    • C says:

      My dad’s death is a huge part of my life. Pete was old enough to be truly traumatized beyond what the rest of us felt for 9/11, too. I get to lightly remember every year my dad’s death anniversary, but he has it pretty heavy every. Single. Year. And it was such a traumatic event for the world.

      As was her Manchester concert. I’ve always figured this was a huge backbone to their relationship… And your know what? I think it’s beautiful that they can find love through such horrible events. What they’ve been through… So few people in the planet understand.

      I absolutely think this is real, and even if they get divorced down the line I’m sure they’ll always respect this thing that’s brought them together.

      And I loooove Cazzie David and was sad they broke up lol

      • Mia4s says:

        I’m sorry about your Dad. Truly, because I have that loss in my life too.

        But this? “I’ve always figured this was a huge backbone to their relationship”…

        Is a disaster waiting to happen. Marriage is about the mundane moments, not the big moments. Big moments are easy and full of distraction. Honouring and acknowledging trauma is one thing, dwelling in it as a basis for a marriage is troubling to say the least. It’s not his father’s nor the victims of Manchester’s purpose to provide the foundation for any part of their relationship.

      • me says:

        @ C

        My dad’s death is also a very HUGE part of my life. When my dad died my life got completely flipped upside down and still isn’t the same and never will be. Only those who have gone through something so traumatic would understand the devastation. I feel for Pete in that regard.

      • C says:

        @MIA Just because it wouldn’t work for you doesn’t mean it can’t for others. Sharing something like that is probably huge catharsis for them, and yes, is very healthy to relate to that. I’m sorry you see marriage as mundane too.

        My dad committed suicide which is an incredibly alienating way to lose a parent. No one wants to talk about it with you. People are awkward when they learn about it. They rush you to “move on” because it makes _them_ uncomfortable. I felt alone most of my life. I was even diagnosed with BPD at 18 because the alienation and sadness was driving me crazy. (I work hard on my mental health so it’s not a problem in my life, side note).

        But I met my husband at a conference one weekend and we hit it off. We kept in touch after I flew back home, and 2 weeks later he proposed on Slack 😂 I said yes and we were married about a year later… Another year later and we have an amazing baby, just bought our first house, and had an awesome dance party in the kitchen this morning. Marriage isn’t mundane. And you can rush into it. We’ve never fought, and my heart has never felt safer with someone.

        I’m not a “trust your gut” person cause that’s totally irresponsible, but you totally can connect with people quickly and it not be bad. Could be a best friend, could be romantic. Happens all the time and it’s wonderful 🙂

      • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

        I’m very sorry for your loss, and I agree with everything you have said.

      • Mia4s says:

        @C, at no point did I say “marriage” was mundane…but it is having contentment in the mundane moments that builds a lasting relationship. Big, exciting, important things are not the day to day and….oh forget it. I see now that some people need these two to be OK because of the narrative their “shared connection” has created. OK, fine. I’m sure they will have a long and hap…oof, sorry, no I just can’t finish that. Hope springs eternal though. I just hope no one takes it too personally when this ends. And don’t make the movie too soon or you’ll end up with that Boston bombing movie where the couple had broken up before it was even released. I’ll leave it there and see everyone in the breakup post soon enough. 😂

      • Amelie says:

        @Mia: “Honouring and acknowledging trauma is one thing, dwelling in it as a basis for a marriage is troubling to say the least. It’s not his father’s nor the victims of Manchester’s purpose to provide the foundation for any part of their relationship.”

        So many things wrong with this sentence but I’m not going to try to change your mind. Just please stop talking about how you think you know how trauma affects everyone or how you think Pete and Ariana are dealing with it and how that affects their relationship. You have no idea and neither do I.

      • whitecat says:

        @Mia, Considering Pete has BPD, trauma is a HUGE DEAL. I don’t think it’s fair to judge someone based on the way they process their traumas and emotions. Actually now that I think of it, his dad’s death in 9/11 when he was 7, probably had a huuuuuuge impact in his fears of abandonment/trauma, which are all big factors in developing BPD.

    • BorderMollie says:

      It does feel very much like their using this relationship and these big, dramatic acts of love as a crutch/distraction from actually dealing with the issues, and they’ve both admitted to many, in their lives. I like them both very much, so I hope they find that crucial balance.

  9. Shambles says:

    They both look like all the drugs. She’s a tiny person, so the bloat on her is noticeable. He… well, no explanation needed. I hope they’re okay.

    • C says:

      People can do drugs and it not be a problem… Sometimes you just want to explore your mind and the world in new ways. It’s not a big deal if they’re not hurting themselves or anyone else.

      • Shambles says:

        I only hope they’re okay. I didn’t say they’re awful people or that it automatically has to be an issue. I used to smoke pot every day, and only stopped because I had to, legally. I’ve expeiemented with LSD, DMT, etc. I understand the idea of drugs to expand your consciousness well. But there are also drugs you can overdose on and that can harm your organs, like cocaine. It’s okay to hope someone is okay if it seems like they might be experimenting with these kinds of drugs, especially when there’s mental illness involved on both sides and they’re both behaving erratically (getting engaged after a month). They absolutely could be hurting themselves, so there’s no harm in hoping everything is alright. But yes, it could absolutely be due to medication. I am only speculating based on the fact that they both look high most of the time.

      • elle says:

        Yeah, but likely not a person who struggles with addiction.

    • Otaku Fairy... says:

      That could possibly also be due to any meds she’s currently on.
      @C: I agree with you.

  10. tw says:

    I have serious questions and need serious answers. How long is her real hair? Why is she wearing thigh high boots and a flannel in NYC heat and humidity? I almost passed out yesterday when I got in a 1 train with no A/C.

    • Snowflake says:

      Idk, I’ve never seen her without the fake hair. Stupid to wear boots and a flannel shirt with shorts. Jmo

  11. Christina S. says:

    Yolo right? To be that young and dumb again ahhh. I remember many years ago Renee Zellweger married Kenny Chesney and like 3 months later she had it annulled. Of course we don’t forget Britney and Jason Alexander or Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries. Sometimes when there’s a lot of passion people confuse that with love and then when that flame dies out and nothing’s left they realize the mistake they made. I feel these two are having an intense rebound relationship. I don’t think it’ll last, but I’m not one to intervene and tell them no don’t do it. Everyone makes stupid relationship mistakes and everyone rushes a relationship at least once in their life, so I say let these two be. On a side note. Have y’all heard her new song, “God is a woman”? I think it’s nice and the video is really neat too. I’m slowly becoming a fan again. That donut incident when she was with her last guy kind of made her seem like a jerk, but I think she was just following what her boyfriend was doing blindly. Young people tend to be assholes sometimes. I think the Manchester bombing changed her a lot. Sometimes life has a way of humbling us even if it’s sadly tragic.

    • Otaku Fairy... says:

      “God is a Woman” has quickly become my #1 favorite Ariana Grande music video. The images are beautiful, and I love the fact that religious people were having a hissy fit about it on youtube. MRAs and religious males seemed the most triggered by it, whether they were 16 or 60, while there were actually some religious women/girls trying to tell them to calm down. Plus she threw in semi-nudity and sexual metaphor, so that added to some of the screaming.
      I’m also loving the way she turned some scripture into a feminist statement! That said, if Beyoncé had done this song and this video, it would have been 10x the controversy and even some feminists would be getting pissy about it.

  12. ks says:

    There is no doubt in my mind that they will get married on August 4.


    It’s the perfect romantic ending.

    (For some crazy reason, I’m on their side.)

    • C says:

      I’m with you 🙂 I think it’s beautiful and I like them both more. Go figure lol

    • Moneypenny424 says:

      Yep, I was coming to say that is clearly the day they are getting married.

      I’m rooting for them too!

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:


      Be done with the pain, embrace the beauty in life.

  13. Sarah says:

    I feel legitimate sympathy discomfort whenever I see her clothing…ugh!

    As far as these two go: his behavior is typical of Borderlines, but not sure what her excuse is. 😬

  14. Queenb says:

    Pete, just because the date looks special because of your dad doesnt mean you have to marry then. It is also super weird for someone like Ariana who never met the guy.

    Its his decision but I would never give something like that away. Then agin I also wouldnt be engaged in such a short time, especially in their professions.

  15. minx says:

    He doesn’t look well at all.

  16. Jonathan says:

    He said the same shit about Cazzie David being the only girl in the world for him. Then he dumped her.

  17. Rocio says:

    She Is Curious (Orange)

  18. Nancy says:

    I was going to blast her for detailing every second of this relationship that will eventually embarrass her when it’s over. Then I read @Amelie’s comment above. It does seem Pete will be in his own private hell for the rest of his life, having lost his dad on 9/11. Just the memory saddens me, can’t imagine how a child losing a parent could work through this. I’m going to root for them. She seems a bit dim-witted, but maybe together they will mature and he can find peace.

  19. bacondonut says:

    ah to be young, dumb, rich and in lurve. i give them 2 more months of sunshine

  20. DIRTNAP says:

    Let us not forget the all-too-recent example of Frances Bean Cobain gifting her now-ex with Daddy’s MTV Unplugged guitar. When they divorced, the court decreed that the guitar was legally the ex’s property and now she won’t get that piece of her father back. Like Pete, she was head over heels in love once too.

  21. Magpie1 says:

    Honestly, some of my friend’s parents met like this, married within a month and have been together ever since and are about to celebrate 30 years of marriage. I also know a couple who got married after 10 years (!!!) of dating and then he dumped her right after she gave birth to their first child…sooo.. you never know

    • me says:

      You have to think of it this way…your friend’s parents come from a different generation where divorce was really seen as taboo. Even if they hated the person they were married to they would just “stick it out”. Now a days it’s way different. There is less stigma with divorce. If you aren’t happy, you end things. Not too many stick around and stay unhappy (with the exception of some cultures where it’s still very taboo).

      • Magpie1 says:

        My friends parents are in their 50s (married at 20, been together for 30 years), it’s not like they are in their 70s. If you are 50 that means your youth was in the 80s and 90s, which is not a very conservative era…

  22. Lazy af rn says:

    Pete has totally ruined streetwear for me. His style is beyond tryhard and nothing fits properly. Ughhh he making such a mess out of Pleausures that I don’t even wanna buy from the brand anymore. Just trash fits.
    Ari got all confused w her fashion sense…I just wanna sneak and revamp their closet

    • elle says:

      In that bottom pic, he looks like a guy skeeving on his little sister’s tween friend while taking them to a boy band concert.

  23. Grant says:

    I love her. Yes, I am a 30 year old gay man. Yes, I have the musical inclinations of a 12 year old girl. No, I am not ashamed. But I’ll be gosh-darned if I didn’t enjoy the heck out of God is a woman. That video is so cool and I appreciate the fact that we now have a legit pop diva capable of serving VOCALS like we did in the 90’s with Whitney, Mariah, and Celine, and in the aughts with Xtina. I mean, that choir outro at the end!!! I read somewhere that it isn’t actually a choir, just her voice layered over and over. Incredible!!!

    • C says:

      Dammit, this little baby troll doll is making me like her 🤦😂 I actually am finding her look to not be so abrasive either haha And now you’ve convinced me to watch her new video 🤦

  24. Lyla says:

    Idk how she can stand to wear those boots in the nyc heat & humidity.

  25. ocjulia says:

    Oh, these crazy kids. I wish them well.

  26. Littlefishmom says:

    I’m sick of these two already.

  27. Marshamellows says:

    Can we talk about Ariana’s permanent fake tan/culturally ambiguous coloring and does Pete know she is actually a whiter than white girl? I’m more worried about what her bed sheets look like, constantly covered in brown spray tan stains.

    • Jennicuhh says:

      Ariana is Italian. Her coloring is very legitimate for people of Italian descent.

  28. Marshamellows says:

    Her color is all make up and tan… I know it’s crazy, fooled me. Look it up. Mind blown. She is not naturally brown, but is dressing up to look more Italian.