Bristol Palin is joining the cast of MTV’s ‘Teen Mom OG’, which makes sense

I sometimes wonder about Bristol Palin’s finances. Is that a random thing to think about? I know it is, but I can’t help it – how does she pay for her life? She apparently has a part-time job at a doctor’s office, she has three kids now and she recently split from her husband Dakota Meyer. I’m sure she gets child support or some kind of financial support from Dakota and maybe Levi, but really… I just wonder about her finances. As I was looking through her Instagram, I clocked the IG above, which is a paid advertisement. So she’s making some income from social media advertising too. And now this: she’ll be getting a check from MTV. Bristol is joining the cast of Teen Mom OG.

The folks who produce ‘Teen Mom’ know what sells … because TMZ has learned Bristol Palin is joining “Teen Mom OG.” Production sources tell us, Sarah Palin’s daughter has signed on as a regular on the show. It appears she’s helping to fill the void left by another famous cast member — Farrah Abraham — who was fired for being way too difficult. She disputes that, and says she got the axe because she was a porn star.

As you know, Bristol — now 27 — has 3 kids and was famously engaged to Levi Johnston. She eventually married Dakota Meyer, whom she’s in the process of divorcing. She was 17 when her first kid, Tripp, was born.

Bristol will join cast members Amber Portwood, McKenzie McKee, Maci Bookout and Catelynn Lowell. The season fires up on MTV this Fall.

[From TMZ]

Incidentally, I’ve often wondered about the finances of the Teen Mom cast too – apparently, their salaries vary depending on their likeability and fame, but on average, they’re making between $75K to $200K a year. My guess is that Bristol would be a big “get” for MTV and they would probably give her a bigger paycheck than the rest of the cast. And really, this is all the Palin family has ever wanted: reality show stardom. If Sarah Palin could have figured out how to do a Real Housewives of Wasilla, she would have done it.

Incase you’re wondering which child is my favorite 🤗😘 (JOKING!)

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  1. kate says:

    Imagine if Malia… nevermind.

  2. Muffy says:

    Any children with Meyer are entitled to his benefits, and I assume he’s getting some form of government benefits for injuries/PTSD. This may not be cash benefits (although it could be) but I’m sure Bristol doesn’t have to worry about health insurance, for example.

    • Melissa says:

      Dependents of veterans *may* be eligible for some insurance programs offered through VA adjacent sources…but it is not free. They will pay for the coverage. Veterans themselves are not necessarily entitled to free care-they may pay deductibles at the VA same as anywhere else, depending on their level of service connected disabilities and level of income. Source: married to a veteran with PTSD, we have dependents, and I’ve worked at a VA Medical Center for 21 years now. Dependents can be eligible for certain other benefits, like the GI Bill.

  3. Shelly says:

    Don’t the fathers have to agree to let their kids be on the show. This is going to be a mess! Proof that abstinence only is dumb social policy. Dumb women with kids

  4. Millenial says:

    I think her and Dakota are low-key back together? Or at least off and on “it’s complicated” status. He’s posted pictures of her on his Instagram. I can’t imagine he was thrilled with this Teen Mom news though. He doesn’t seem like the type to want cameras around his kids.

    • Purrrr says:

      I think they’ve reconciled. After I saw this news yesterday I creeped her Insta and she has a few posts with him where she’s wearing her rings. Though, the suspense of are they together/are they not would really make for a good season…

      • Marlene says:

        They did reconcile for a little bit, but now the divorce seems to be back on. She very recently changed her name back to Bristol Palin on her IG (previously Meyer), and he removed ‘husband’ from his bio.

  5. Astrid says:

    Wow, I had no idea a “teen mothers” could get so much money for a TV show. Maybe I should have thought my options through when i was younger (sarcasm of course!)

  6. Bridget says:

    Blech. No thanks.

  7. Veronica S. says:

    Considering how trashy a lot of the women on that series are, she’ll be right at home, I suppose.

    As for her finances…she’s working “part time,” but considering how she likely got that job, I think we can assume she’s being compensated far better than most. Because she’s privileged, despite her claims otherwise.

  8. Sherry says:

    She’ll rack in the cash from getting more followers. I just checked on Instagram and she’s got a measly (for a celeb) 150K followers compared to some of the cast members. One of the teen moms has 4M followers (I had to look up their names, because I don’t watch). Followers = CA$H

    I agree. If the Palins could have a reality show that people actually wanted to watch, they’d love it.

  9. Lucky says:

    I’m confused. MTV just fired another cast member for voicing hateful, homophobic views. Why would they hire one that has done the same?

  10. Wood Dragon says:

    It’s all about the grift with the Palins. Her father literally responded to an inquiry with “What’s in it for us?”
    That and exploiting her underage children for $$.
    Wish they’d go away. But they keep coming back like an aggressive cancer.

  11. La says:

    I like the backsplash in her kitchen. That’s about all I got.

    • ChipnSticks says:

      The kitchen looks beautiful. Someone had to pay for that; whatever her hustle is, she must be doing well.

  12. Lightpurple says:

    All the kids are home? Where were they? Two of them are under 3 and the oldest is 10. They weren’t off at college. What’s in that tea?

  13. Bridget says:

    She made a lot of money on the speaking circuit, I would imagine, as well as her reality show. She appears to live fairly reasonably so I’m guessing that the money has gone far. I find it interesting that MTV is going in this direction (supposedly they’re also adding someone from one of their other shows). Sounds like Teen Mom is losing steam once again, though after Farrah, Bristol will be a dream to work work. Which doesn’t say much, because after Farrah, a feral cat would be preferable.

  14. Pam says:

    Um, doesn’t she seem a little to old for this show? She’s 27 for goodness sakes!

    • Olive says:

      she’s joining the cast of Teen Mom OG, most of those women are just a few years younger than her. OG keeps up with the same group of teen moms years later, even if they’re not teens anymore.

      is MTV even still making new episodes of teen mom featuring actual pregnant teens anymore??

  15. philomena says:

    What is that thing she is wearing?

  16. babypeanut says:

    What has she done to her poor nose?

  17. Clare says:

    Great, give another hateful homophobic white woman a huge platform and means to connect with impressionable young viewers, so she can poison them with her shitty opinions and hypocritical nonsense. Ugh

  18. JayneBirkenB says:

    I feel badly for Tripp, he’s 10-11 now, if the show progresses he (and his friends) will be aware that Mommy is on TV because she had a kid at 17. All while he is an awkward tween with a loser father and fame-whore mother.

  19. Vinot says:

    Teen Moms have notorious contracts that only increase significantly after the first or second season. I see why you would think that they would shill out more money for British Petroleum, but that would put them in a bind contract-wise with Briana De Jesus and any one else who joins the cast. I’m guessing Bristle got $20,000 tops (standard for first season TM pay), and she’s doing this for fame/increased ad revenue. What, like she’d ever actually get a job?

  20. Indiana Joanna says:

    I forgot how dim Sarah is when I watched a You Tube segment about Sacha Baron Cohen tricking her into saying some stupid things. But she always says stupid things. And her voice, my God, she’s moron.

    And yes, all this family wants is to be on a continuous loop of reality TV shows.

  21. Vinot says:

    The fandom is in an uproar, and all I can say is she better bring it with the drama. Those TM fans will rip her and anyone she films with apart. I want family BBQ brawls, arrest records and drunk IG lives, and I want them now.

  22. Relli80 says:

    Bristol is interesting as watching beige paint dry.

  23. D says:


  24. PBAN says:

    The baby is cute.

  25. girl_ninja says:

    Hawking laxative tea…awesome.

  26. Laura says:

    Well, at least Bristol’s plastic surgery made her prettier versus Farrah’s surgical mess.

    I really dislike these kinds of shows because I think they glamorize teen pregnancy, which is not good for younger, impressionable viewers who might see teen pregnancy as a legit way to earn money/become famous.

    • Lex says:

      The enticing money/fame aspects are very troubling but all the women on this show are such trainwrecks – noone would be envious of their lives… broken families, drug addiction, mental health issues, kids w health problems, custody battles, ex baby daddies with new kids w 3 other women… a giant mess!

  27. Ernestine says:

    go away.

  28. Naomi11 says:

    I for one will never watch this show if this twit is on.

  29. Patty says:

    I don’t understand why she’s being added. And she’s damn near thirty. She was a teen mom a decade ago. This is so dumb.

    • Andrea says:

      Teen Mom OG is the spin off of 16 and pregnant and follows the teens and their children into adulthood.

  30. Naomi11 says:

    What MTV may or may not realize is that when you get the daughter, you automatically get her psycho mother as well. #WILLNEVAWATCHTMOGEVAAGAIN

  31. Norman Garza says:

    With homophobe and racist Bristol Palin getting a role on Teen Mom OG replacing one who was accused of likewise actions and with talks in the works for Lindsay Lohan with a mile long wrap sheet getting a reality show on MTV; it can best be said that gone are the days of Lauren Conrad and people with actual ambition and talent.

  32. Nancy says:

    This reality show is beyond awful. Glad to hear the porn star was axed. The girls started out innocently enough and now all of them are just terrible. Most are on second and third marriages. This seems to be perfect for Palin who doesn’t seem to do anything but make babies. Praise the universe that her mother didn’t sneak into the WH with McCain. What a disaster she is. Like mother, like daughter, with mom being the bigger hypocrite.

  33. Naomi11 says:

    I am officially boycotting MTV.. Shame on them. They have no morals or standards.