Nicole Scherzinger and her ‘tennis boy-toy’ Grigor Dimitrov are still together

Nicole Scherzinger and boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov hold hands as they leave Club 55 in Saint Tropez and board a water taxi together

As many of you know – and certainly all of my Twitter followers know – I’ve increasingly turned to tennis & tennis gossip to decompress from the fiery insanity of American politics. I’ve become obsessed with the minutiae of tennis beefs and tennis romances and all of that. So I’ve been following Grigor Dimitrov’s relationship with Nicole Scherzinger. I know many of you won’t care about this, BUT I CARE. I CARE VERY DEEPLY. Please don’t make me write about politics again today! Just let me write about tennis peeps!

Grigor Dimitrov was an up-and-coming tennis player when he allegedly dated Serena Williams for about a week, many years ago. Many believe that Serena’s now-infamous comment about “the guy with the black heart” was about none other than Dimitrov. Why the shade? Because Dimitrov went from Serena to Maria Sharapova. Dimitrov and Sharapova were actually engaged for a time, but they split back in 2016 (-ish). Ever since then, he’s been with Nicole Scherzinger. There was recently an Us Weekly story about how they might have broken up, but as you can see in these photos… they’re still together.

Grigor went out in the FIRST ROUND of Wimbledon several weeks ago, and he’s basically been on a yacht ever since. The yacht is currently around Saint-Tropez. I actually don’t think Nicole has been with him the entire time? I think she just got on the yacht this weekend, maybe, and then they decided to pose for these super-natural and super-sexy photos. Incidentally, Grigor is 27 years old and Nicole is 40. He’s often characterized as her “tennis boy-toy,” but for what it’s worth, Dimitrov is a mildly big deal in tennis. He’s never won a Slam, but he’s a top 10 player and he won the tournament in Cincinnati last year, as well as the 2017 ATP World Tour Final title. He’s not just a good-looking dude with a sugar mama. But he might be the dude with the black heart (who likes older women).

Nicole Scherzinger and boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov have fun showering and launching themselves off a yacht into the sea in Saint Tropez

Nicole Scherzinger and boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov have fun showering and launching themselves off a yacht into the sea in Saint Tropez

Nicole Scherzinger and boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov have fun showering and launching themselves off a yacht into the sea in Saint Tropez

Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News.

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  1. Clare says:

    Downgrade from Lewis Hamilton who picked up his 64th(?) Grand Prix this week. I do like Nicole though – she’s sustained a career out of appearing in yogurt commercials and not much else. Gotta respect that.

  2. Anilla says:

    Very fitting couple really. Both ace talents that have failed miserably to capitalise on those talents properly within their fields.

    • Kaiser says:

      I agree that Dimitrov fails to capitalize, but is Nicole really that talented at anything?

      • Tanesha86 says:

        She’s actually a very talented singer, the woman has serious pipes. Her career just went stagnant after she left the Pussycat Dolls and tried to fly solo.

      • dave says:

        I am a Nicole Truther! Yes Kaiser she is extremely talented vocal wise. Like @tanesha said. She has serious pipes. Youtube her performance of the Phantom of the Opera and Don’t Cry for Me Argentina! She just makes very very horrible career choices.

  3. Branca says:

    I wish we had stories about Rafa…

  4. Ashley says:

    Grigor seems to be balding 🤭😢

  5. ladida says:

    They are a hot couple

  6. ClaireB says:

    I totally need a tennis gossip weekly round-up, at least. And it must include my favorite sketchy tennis player, Alexandr Dolgopolov, who has some insane natural talent, but also the insane idea that he can be some sort of hip hop DJ as well? And now an interior designer?

    And I’m sure Andy Murray’s not doing anything gossip-worthy, but maybe he’s brought his daughter out?

    We could get into international football gossip too, with the players we fell for during the World Cup.

    Because I am avoiding the hell out of Real News, for Orange Reasons.

    • Kaiser says:

      Andy Murray’s not doing anything & I honestly don’t pay attention to Dolgopolov. But I would totally do a feature of weekly tennis gossip, especially if I could focus on the Argentinians.

  7. jenna says:

    Thats pretty much the age difference between Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. Does anyone ever call him a name?-do they even notice? Probably not. EVeryone just carries on wetting themselves over that couple

  8. SK says:

    He doesn’t look hot at all but this is the first I’ve seen on him – perhaps better when not dishevelled on a boat?

  9. ZGB says:

    she’s actually the one who looks sexy. She has a hot bod!!