US: Jennifer Garner doesn’t want her kids around Ben Affleck’s girlfriend, Lindsay

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Jennifer Garner is promoting her new show on HBO, Camping. (Which is incidentally written and produced by Jennifer Konner and Lena Dunham, who just broke up as business partners.) It’s premiering October 14th, and a teaser trailer has just been released (that’s below). It looks like it relies on quirky characters in a fish out of water setting, with Garner playing the type A lead. There’s nothing in the trailer that makes me want to watch it, but I didn’t particularly like Girls and am not a fan of Dunham’s work. It will surely find an audience.

As we saw earlier this week, Garner is covering the new issue of US Magazine. In US’ first posts about the print article they focused on Garner’s new life without Ben Affleck and they include a little subtle shade hinting that he’s still drinking and she’s not happy about that. US saved the better quotes for a separate article because they’re clever. Remember that US was one of the first outlets to call Affleck out for the timeline of his relationship with Lindsay Shookus. They had Garner’s side of the affair, which reportedly started up three years ago, along with the fact that Shookus was married and had just had a baby when she began seeing Affleck. Well now US claims that Garner doesn’t want Shookus around her kids at all and that Affleck is respecting that. Remember the story that Shookus has her own place in LA despite the fact that Affleck has a huge mansion not far from his old compound with Garner? I bet this has something to do with that.

“Jen doesn’t want the kids around Lindsay or having her in their lives. She has many reasons,” a source exclusively reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly.

One of reasons [Garner] does not want the Saturday Night Live producer around her kids is “the fact that Ben had an affair with her.”

However, the exes are keeping the peace. According to the insider, “Ben understands and has honored her request.”

“They’re good friends,” the source adds. “She wants him to be honest and he usually is. She tends to find out about things, and Ben is very open with her. They both want what’s best for the kids and have made a commitment to see that through.”

[From US Magazine]

Damn. Garner has the final say and that’s how it is. I don’t blame her for putting her foot down, but it’s interesting that we’re hearing about it, isn’t it?

This weeks Star has an hilarious cover suggesting that both Garner and Lindsay Shookus are pregnant. The article doesn’t actually say they are, just that they look a little pregnant from some angles oh and did you hear that Ben spent the night at Jen’s house? Maybe they got up to something, but if that was the case there would be reconciliation and “Ben has changed” stories. Instead we just get hints that he’s still not sober and the news that Lindsay is barred from spending time with Ben’s kids.

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Here’s the teaser trailer for Camping!

Shookus Instagrammed this two days ago.

The real deal

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  1. Natalia says:

    Remember when a lot of the talk was what a doormat she was? I never believed that. They had problems because he’s an addict and she wouldn’t put up with it. I’ve never understood the Garner hate. I hope he is respecting this wish. He will always have to struggle to make good choices. Those kids have a long way to age 18 and will Lindsay still be around? Ha!

    • Toc says:

      There are too many people out there that still put Ben as Garner’s victim, saying that she got pregnant to make him marry her, as if men still get married with women for that. I think he tried to be better for some time, failled miserably and she kept putting up with that till she reached her limit. The way she was looking happy and smiling right after the news about their separation were announced, make me think that was her decision, not his and he went back to Shookus because he can’t stay single and staying with the nanny would be quite disgusting and destroy his relationship with his children.

      • KB says:

        A lot of men and women get married because of unexpected pregnancies. But unless she poked holes in a condom, they are both responsible for the pregnancy.

      • KB, thank you! Too many people out here don’t seem to want to admit that the responsibility for birth control is on both partners, and that one of the possible outcomes of sex is a baby. It’s on both of them.

      • stacey says:

        Well her birth control seem to work just fine during her previous marriage…

        It is on her if she lied to him and stopped taking her birth control in order to get pregnant. That also happens a lot too… I wouldn’t call that “unexpected”…well maybe it was unexpected to Ben…

    • Mia4s says:

      Doormat? No. But she had three children with an unfaithful addict. Forgive me if I don’t applaud her planning skills or self-respect.

      The reality is if Lindsay is sticking around, at some point the kids will meet her. That cannot be put off forever. There’s no good way to do it and the “pretend she’s not there” way is not going to end well either. Three years is not nothing…I’m not so sure she’s going away. And let’s face it; the two daughters are certainly old enough that they already know about “daddy’s special friend”.

      • mela says:

        I agree. She is being a control freak and delaying the inevitable. No wonder he divorced her.

        3 years is not a fling and what if they end up getting married? Better for the kids if they feel good about her, encourage Lindsay to bond with them and care about them because they will eventually be with Lindsay and Ben half the time. On the other hand, maybe the children hate her already. I’m sure the older ones know she broke up their parents marriage.

        Jennifer is still hung up on Ben and bitter. Otherwise, she would accept the reality of the situation and encourage the children to be comfortable around their dad’s girlfriend because she doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Also, I doubt Jen will EVER date but if she does – I’d expect her to equally wait over 3 years to introduce him to the kids.

        Whether the kids and Jen like it or not, they are going to have to accept this part of their Dad’s life. There are lousy situations in life that we have no choice but to accept and overcome. Jen is one of those women who will never recover from their divorce and harp about it the rest of her life.

      • LadyT says:

        Applaud her? No, some of her decisions got her in this situation. BUT I’ll save the blame for the unfaithful addict.
        As for “pretending Lindsay is not there”, no again. I think Jen’s just wanting Ben to compartmentalize his life for now. When he’s with the kids, the focus is on his children only. The other hours in the day are his business, but not secret either.

      • kaylee says:

        It takes two to make a marriage work, it also takes two to make a marriage fail. Blame is shared equally here by Ben and Garner. Her failures are less obvious than his but they’re there.

        Garner is still trying to control Ben’s life. Speculating here but this is probably what drove him to his anti-marriage behaviors in the first place. Jen is going to have to learn that Ben is (1) not her problem anymore, (2) not her responsibility anymore, and (3) is allowed to live his life according to what HE thinks is best. How are they to move forward as separate individuals if she is trying to control his every move? This is just more proof that Jen’s #1 priority is controlling and monitoring Ben. It’s sad that after all that he’s done to her, her life still revolves around his.

      • Jenfan says:

        Some of the comments here about how she is trying to control him and the kids should be allowed to be with LS etc are really out of line. If this was a situation without addiction issues with Ben ( and what looks like probably with LS as well) – then yes your right she should stay out of it – even if just died t like her because LS helped end her marriage. But there are real safety concerns her – Ben can’t stay on the wagon and this woman at the very least enables his behavior.

      • pam says:

        There is no proof that Ben’s gf enables his drinking. In fact she attended meetings with him. Garner stans are desperate to blame all of Ben’s problems on her.

      • A says:

        @pam, ironic, considering people are perfectly wiling to put all of Ben’s problems on Jennifer as well. I mean, saying that Garner “drove him to his anti-marriage stance”? Really? Are we at that point where we’re going to say that a woman trying to making a relationship work so that her children can have a father in some capacity is “controlling”? Good lord, do some of you even hear what you sound like?

        Regardless of how you feel about Garner having three children w/ the man, she is well within her rights, as a parent, to decide who her children are allowed to spend time with. She is perfectly entitled to expect that Ben Affleck is spending time with her children and focusing his attentions on them, rather than splitting them between his children and his girlfriend. There is a time and a place for them to realize that their father has moved on and what the realities of that situation is and how to get comfortable with it. But considering that Ben Affleck has his issues, I don’t think it’s a wholly bad idea to expect that he focus on one thing at a time like being a parent who is present and attentive, especially considering his children are still fairly young. They have plenty of time to adjust down the road.

      • KB says:

        I cannot stand Jennifer Garner, but the idea that she is equally responsible for the failure of their marriage is laughably absurd. He was an alcoholic philanderer, FFS. She tried to forgive him and work past his transgressions, and he didn’t want to be married to her anymore.

      • Lady D says:

        @A, “she is well within her rights, as a parent, to decide who her children are allowed to spend time with.” So is he. Well within his rights. Those children belong to both equally whether she likes it or not. He’s in a 50/50 state, and it’s her word about his drinking in a court. She cannot keep their children from his partner forever, no matter how hard she clings to her fantasy.

      • VirgiliaCoriolanus says:

        I honestly just can’t feel bad for Jen G because of this. It is not like Ben hid his issues before they met.



        No, we don’t know the full story or the nitty gritty of how he truly felt/acted…but girl you playing with fire and acting like you’re shocked that you got burned.

      • Detritus says:

        Uh, kaylee, that’s bullsh*t.

        It takes is person not working or not being invested for a marriage to fail.
        Dont contribute to nonsense that encourages women to put in more emotional labor and stay with idiots. If you have an idiot, and he (or she) is not putting in the effort, it’s not your fault it failed.

        That’s not even getting into abuse and other toxic power dynamics.

      • serena says:

        @mela no wonder he divorced her? Are you serious? He’s and addict who cheated with multiple women while married and with 3 kids, there is NO excuse for that.
        If anything SHE should have divorced him sooner.

      • Natalia says:

        Thank you A, KB, Detritus and Serena. I am absolutely appalled that any female here would think Jennifer Garner is controlling over an addict. FFS.

        One cannot control an addict. To assert that one can is utterly ridiculous. One can only insist that the addict comply with laws and court orders that protect minor children against an alcoholic or addict parent.

    • Peggy says:

      I don’t think she’s a doormat. I think she’s an extreme enabler. There’s a difference.

  2. Babs says:

    OMG the Star cover. Burn this. Bump watch is so gross and uncalled for.

    • Beth says:

      Burn it now! It really is terrible that if a womans stomach isn’t flat as a board, people say it must be a baby bump

    • Original Jenns says:

      Exactly – I’d hate to think how many times I’ve been “pregnant” in photos. I will say they picked the perfect photo of Ben for that scene. Bravo.

      • Shelly says:

        I wish people followed men around with cameras and highlighted their “bumps” after eating pasta, it’s such a gross double standard.

  3. Tiffany says:

    You know, I am liking Garner more and more lately.

    • anna2222222 says:

      Me too! I liked Alias okay, but the way she’s handled her split with Ben has really made me respect Jen.
      Also, if my relationship broke down due to a partners substance abuse and infidelity, I would be reluctant to allow my children to be exposed to the third party, at least for a while.

      • KB says:

        Right? She’s only human. I think it’s good that Ben is respecting her wishes, at least for the time being. He did her wrong and I think he knows that. She’s gone out of her way to accommodate him during their separation and divorce, save for the occasional tabloid leak about when his affair started, etc. She could have made things a lot more difficult for him. I’m glad he seems to know to pick his battles.

  4. Esmom says:

    The dueling pregnancies story is one of the crazier ones I’ve seen lately. Never change, Star Mag.

    Is “the real deal” the city or the man? I’m curious what city that is, too.

    As for Ben drinking, I just read a really interesting article in the Atlantic about how total abstinence isn’t necessary effective for most people in their quest to curb their addictions and that more and more professionals are working with patients to moderate their drinking vs end it completely. Not saying that’s what Ben should be doing but I though it was an interesting contrast to the age-old AA wisdom that being “on the wagon” is an all or nothing proposition.

    • a reader says:

      Considering AA’s success rate is less than 10% I see no issues with teaching alcoholics to moderate. It’s a much more realistic approach than total abstinence.

    • anna2222222 says:

      What was the article in the Atlantic you mentioned?

      • Marietta81 says:

        Here’s the thing about addicts…they are just that, addicts. I should know I am one. Trying to tell an addict it’s ok to drink a couple every now and again is not good. I’ve been sober for 12 years plus. Addicts can’t control the drinking, it always gets out of hand. When I relapsed I told myself I wasn’t an alcoholic and it’s ok to have a couple every once in a while, except my brain doesn’t work that way. Your mind takes over and craves more. The urges become almost uncontrollable. So you make a decision, go through the withdrawals and focus on not having it, forever. Because you know you will feel better, be in control and not so depressed. I’m not in AA. I have done smart recovery, another program that doesn’t focus so much on the God aspect. Teaches you how to live with your cravings and addiction. Whatever works for each person is different but I personally don’t know that that method would work for “addicts”.

    • magnoliarose says:

      It seems alcoholism’s cure is most likely as individual as the alcoholic. It makes sense that what is right for one isn’t necessarily so for others.

  5. Lady D says:

    If Ben doesn’t like it, he can take her to court. He’s a rich white male in Hollywood. He will get what he wants. I also think after 3+ years, it’s time she met his kids. Is Jen ready to wait 3+ years to introduce her new man to the kids?

  6. Paperclip468 says:

    He can live his personal life away from the kids as he chooses, as can his GF. My feeling is that he doesn’t drink or allow himself to be intoxicated around the kids because she’d pull his visitation. Likely part of the custody aggreement. However, I’m not really convinced Garner doesn`t want the kids around the GF because of the affair. If she knows he’s still drinking and that his GF is ok with that, I’d lean more toward that being the real reason. Just speculation.

    • PeggingOut says:

      That was my first thought as well. Jen knows that LS doesn’t hold a strict line against enabling his drinking…..and why expose the kids ds to that hot mess? Jen has to support the healthiest possible relationship with the kids and their dad, but she doesn’t have to support that baggage.

      • Avery says:

        I completely agree and who here honestly believes that LIndsay is the only woman Ben is sleeping with. He was a cheater for years and now all of a sudden he is faithful to one woman…please. There are always more and if Jen opens up the door to LS – Ben will try to push it with others.

        LIke someone said if he wanted to he could fight it and he is not doing that so he agrees with it.

      • mela says:

        She married that hot mess, had kids with that hot mess and seemed to be fine with her kids around the hot mess until he wanted to be with Lindsay, not her. If he is so awful, she should get full custody and be done with it instead of pretending she is the court appointed therapist/monitor for Ben.LOL. So this shows me Jennifer is being spiteful and selfish. She is clearly threatened by Lindsay still.

        If Jen is truly motivated by doing what is best for her children, then she should be civil, friendly and generous not jealous, spiteful and demanding with Ben and Lindsay. She will not help her children adjust and be happy if she persists in this power game.

        No matter how much Jen would like to punish Lindsay and Ben, she cannot keep her children away from their father and his life forever. If her concerns are her children, she should want them to be loved by their future step family (because that seems where this may be going).

      • A says:

        @mela, except she isn’t keeping her children away from their father. She’s simply expecting that their father be present and active and behave as a father should, and not as a man who is committed to prioritizing his addictions at any given time. Alcoholism is not a joke. You don’t have to be a “horrible person” in order to affect the people you love with your alcoholism, and it is rarely, if ever, as clear cut as just being a “hot mess” 24/7.

    • LadyT says:

      It’s up to Ben not to drink around the kids whether Lindsay is there or not. I fail to see your viewpoint. I just think it’s Jen’s preference that when he has the kids, girlfriend is not around. She’s not a secret- there’s just primary focus on father/children time and separate girlfriend time for now. It’s not difficult. And if they can respect each other’s wishes while co-parenting I think that’s great. As things progress they can hash out a new plan.

  7. Kealeen says:

    I despise both Lena Dunham and ‘Girls,’ but I can’t not watch a comedy with Brett Gelman, Bridget Everett, and DAVID TENNANT.

    • magnoliarose says:

      I know. David Tennant had me since Broadchurch and Jessica Jones. I will watch at least 2 episodes for him.
      I hated Girls. I watched a handful of shows and decided-Nyet.

  8. Bridget says:

    This kind of direct line in the sand (publicly) isn’t really Jen’s style. She’s usually a total pro when it comes to creating an image. Either this is bogus or something’s going on.

    • crogirl says:

      I agree, it’s weird and it doesn’t make her look good.
      From everything people write about custody in California it’s not her decision.

      • Bridget says:

        With regards to new significant others, it’s possible that it was written in their custody agreement. But I also don’t see her bringing it up here aside from generally not wanting her kids around her ex-husband’s mistress.

  9. Grace2 says:

    Pregnant?? Gmafb both look pretty trim around the middle to me but headlines like this are what keeps the tabs in business I guess. I think Garner is actually looking even leaner than usual – due to her heavy training for the upcoming film? What I don’t get is how she managed to trim inches elsewhere but added to her bust line?? Seriously her breasts look bigger than when she was pregnant. Hmmmm

    • Lady D says:

      I thought it was just me thinking she looked larger in the bust. To be fair, she rarely shows it, so maybe it’s just hot weather clothing making the difference, or better posture?

  10. kaylee says:

    It’s US magazine, it’s trash. Hypothetically speaking as if it’s true, Jen is at some point going to have to move on with her life. She seems to be stuck in the past when it comes to Ben. If she’s going to restrict Ben from introducing his serious gf of years to the kids, then he is going to do the same when/if she ever gets another man. It’s all very petty and childish and control-freak behavior. She’s still trying to control him/everything and they are divorced, so she needs to accept that this is happening. As far as his sobriety, if she doesn’t trust him with the kids then she needs to tell the court that and they can determine custody arrangements. Holding it over his head and monitoring him? Living in the past yet again, playing the role of Ben’s mommy and sober coach. You’d think she would be tired of that by now but Lainey is right: she’ll never really let go when it comes to Ben.

    • minx says:

      I’ve always found Garner irritating, with her pap walks, super mommy stuff, “Garner girls,” her enabling of Affleck. Okay, I am sympathetic to her concern for her kids, not exposing them to certain things, etc. However, she needs to end this, it’s dragging on far too long. BA is not coming back, he’s moved on, he’s entitled to live his life and Garner isn’t Mrs. Affleck anymore.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Agreed. For me, it has always been the constant pap strolling. The other things irritate me too but the pap strolling is just over the top.

  11. Ang says:

    I do not find Lindsay attractive in anyway, it’s the odd structure of her face. I think it’s funny that Ben and her are even a couple. Damn this divorce is taking them forever.

  12. Carolnr says:

    Alleged reports from reliable news are that Ben is respecting her wishes. Also someone who claims to know about Lindsay & Ben’s relationship said that Ben was keeping his children’s life separate from their relationship. They also said that Lindsay would never be seen in church with Ben if he took the kids separately ( which he has when Jen was working).
    For all the dirt that Jen probably has & knows about Ben(& Lindsay), i think that is very little to ask for along with his sobriety when with their children.
    If Ben did agree to this, there should be no issue!

  13. Meggles says:

    Her style in the bottom photo is fantastic.

  14. raya says:

    Yeah, no. Jen isn’t the first woman whose husband left her for his mistress, and she won’t be the last. (My dad’s mistress has been my stepmother for 20+ years.) Trying to pretend that Ben and LS aren’t serious, or that LS doesn’t exist or shouldn’t exist in their kids’ lives, isn’t realistic or healthy and lends more credibility to those who claim that despite appearances Jen hasn’t actually moved on. Makes her look obsessed with Ben and that looks bad. P.S. X17 seems to think that LS gave up her house and moved into Ben’s.

  15. pam says:

    Ehhhh something tells me that even if Ben were dating some totally innocent woman for more than a year (and not his mistress from during his marriage) Jen still wouldn’t ever want her around the kids. That would make the split real. The way I see it, the whole thing is still in a state of limbo. Nothing has been finalized, the kids haven’t met SOs, etc. Jen can still pretend that she’s going to be Mrs. Ben Affleck forever and the only woman in the kids’ lives. I still think that Jen would take him back in an instant largely because of what Lainey has asserted over the years about her.

    • minx says:

      Yes, exactly.

    • VirgiliaCoriolanus says:

      Personally, I think Jen is probably a very nice lady, who does her best to be a good mom, good friend, good neighbor, etc.

      But I honestly feel like she’s THAT woman who would feel pride in being the First/Only Mrs. Batfleck. As in–if Ben never remarries, she’ll always be that number one woman when it comes to the future family events. If he ever remarries, then her focus will shift to being the “first Mrs.”, the mother of the kids.

      I think she will (privately) lose her shit if Ben marries Lindsay.

      Personally–from not paying TOO much attention to Ben/Lindsay…I think she is good for him. In the sense that I think she is there for the ride and she isn’t there to make Ben be sober, etc. As in if he acts a fool with her, then she’s gonna go tell him CYA! and go back to NY for a few weeks and tell him to call her when he’s got his shit together. I think she most likely accepts Ben for who he is at the moment, and isn’t interested in “fixing” him.

  16. Electric Tuba says:

    Lindsey herself is a mother. If this goody two shoes wants to continue to drag her children and Ben in front of the paps and air out all her dirty laundry that’s on her. But I don’t like the implications that this Lindsey person is a bad mom who can’t be around Jens kids. Frankly if Ben and Jen fell off the face of the earth for a while I’d be thankful. I just don’t care about their mistakes as humans they are highly unlikeable and completely grating. Jens voice is so irritating and naturally nagging I rush to mute Capital One commercials.

  17. andrea says:

    A big part of a divorce is building separate lives. With that comes the realization that your ex-spouse will eventually have other people in his/her life (and that you will have them in yours). It is unreasonable (and unhealthy) for Jen to expect to get approval of Ben’s relationships before he introduces someone to the kids, and vice versa. She’s going to have to learn to trust his judgment regarding how he lives his life, as I’m assuming she expects him to have for her. This is a control issue and about Jen’s hurt feelings.

    I agree with the poster above: it wouldn’t matter who the woman was, Jen doesn’t want the kids meeting anyone. She’s still in Mrs. Affleck mode. That’s not healthy or wise. The whole situation is effed and I don’t think whatever mediation or therapy they’re doing is working.

    • AnotherDayAnother says:

      When I went through divorce counselling, I was advised that it is best for kids not to get involved in the parents’ post-divorce dating (meeting the boy/girlfriends) until they were serious enough to be contemplating marriage. The constant in and out was emotionally damaging to the kids by getting attached and then being separated from people so closely associated with their intimate family unit. Ben, through his PR, has been consistent to say he is not ready to think about marriage to Lindsey.

      It’s possible that Jen AND Ben have reached an agreement that NEITHER will introduce anyone to their kids until it gets to the point of potential marriage to protect their kids from that harm. I think that is wise on both parts – notwithstanding the addiction issues that are interwoven in this situation specifically.

      • Lady D says:

        Then why put out a story that makes her look like a jealous, insecure, and scorned woman who can’t move on? I wonder who is responsible for this tidbit of gossip?

  18. rita says:

    Oh please. This pettiness is just making it harder for everyone involved. I’m sure that when (IF) Jen decides to date again, she won’t be consulting Ben as to when she introduces him to the kids. This is Jen refusing to let go of Ben. She’s still trying to control his life, still trying to fix him and using the kids to do it. Not cool.

    • CatFoodJunkie says:

      Interestingly, do we ever see pics of LS with HER kid ? I haven’t. Seems like it’s just a no kids kinda relationship.

  19. laura says:

    Of course Jen doesn’t want the kids to meet Lindsay. What if they decide that they actually LIKE her? That would crush Jen to pieces. It would mean that not only has Ben moved on, but the kids have moved on in their lives as well. It would mean that it was finally time for Jen to move on, too. No, as long as they don’t know her, Jen can maintain the status quo as the perpetual victim and wronged party.

  20. teetee says:

    We all know that it doesn’t matter who Ben is dating or for how long or how serious it is, Jen’s not going to want her to meet the kids. She’s still clinging to Ben and will until her dying days and all of this just proves it. She will fight to always have an excuse not to finalize the divorce. He’s going to have to file for bifurcation.

  21. Carolnr says:

    Right now Lindsay Shookus is a girlfriend who reports claim repeatedly that Ben is not ready to get engaged let alone married ( especially since he is not LEGALLY divorced) l think then & only then will that dynamic change! The report also claims that they have remained FRIENDS for their children. This is the same couple that recently took their children to see Hello Dolly with Victor Garber, (who officiated their wedding & is Violet’s godfather) & later split up to do their own obligations. I think they are great parents to their children & must get along for them ( not that it is easy)
    Right now, Ben can see his children as he wants as long as he is sober. She is encouraging him to be a good father.

    • JoJo says:

      Yes, tabloid media “reports” claim this, but that doesn’t mean it’s true. Of course Affleck doesn’t want to push stories that he’s ready to get married again right now – specifically BECAUSE his divorce isn’t finalized. He’s probably trying to keep things as low-drama as possible with Garner. And while he has serious demons, I do think he tries to avoid purposely hurting his kids (yes, I realize that’s laughable), and confirming marriage plans in the media before they’ve even met Lindsay would certainly hurt them.

      Let’s face it. They’ve been together (probably off and on) for about 5 years if you believe the affair timeline. This is a serious relationship, regardless of what the tabloid media says or what Ben’s PR puts out there for damage control, and I have no doubt they discuss marriage. Whether it will happen, who knows.

  22. Tallia says:

    Is there any truth to the rumor BA fathered LS child? The timing of everything is so weird.

  23. Loca says:

    I knew it had something to do with Lindsay. I really feel like Jennifer does not want to let Ben go. He is just the father of the kids at this point. They are not getting back together. Jennifer needs to let this go its not healthy for her when she is doing alot of positive things on her life. Hopefully things smooth over once she has a boyfriend but she sounds like the ex wife from hell.

    • Birdy says:

      I think this has come from Lindsay’s camp. She spends a lot of time in la or on set with him. So whenever she is not working her job or has her kid (which doesn’t seem to be a 50/50 agreement), she is traipsing off to wherever he is. She is the one commuting and compromising and what is she getting from him in return? Her rep took a beating and she is known as the other woman. Ben is not stepping up and pushing forward with the divorce and Lindsay is pissed. I think she really wants to marry him – if only to legitimize the affair and access to the lifestyle that can be the only draw of bloated, drunk Affleck who whilst working, hasn’t had a hit since 2014. They have been together years but he won’t even live with her – I mean, how serious can he be about her? He uses the kids of the excuse and now Lindsay gets her pr to play ‘let’s make it the ex wife’s fault’ and not that he is unwilling to actually commit to her. Problem for her is that I think ben loves that jen is the lead parent and he will take her side to keep himself comfortable with her doing all the parental heavy lifting so if Lindsay is trying to use the kids to make her look bad, he will not be impressed. I mean, could you honestly see him willing to change his life to accommodate the kids in a 50/50 split? He is way too selfish for that.

      • Stacey says:

        Interesting point!

        I think Ben hides behind Jen/kids because that keeps Lindsay at arm length. I think he is used to compartmentalizing his life between family and partying/dating so long because of the affair that he doesn’t want to have a family life with Lindsay. He probably cheats on Lindsay occasionally so he doesn’t want to live with her full time. Mentioned above- he cheated for years and now we’re supposed to believe he’s a one woman man? Yeah right

  24. Carolnr says:

    Ben has allegedly respected Jen’s wishes that their children are kept separate from his relationship with Lindsay. If reports are true, Ben obviously is not fighting this decision & they are in AGREEMENT. I don’t see the correlation of her wanting him back and not wanting Lindsay around their children….

  25. Going back several partners, jennifers birth control worked just fine. She knew Ben was an alcoholic and a gambler before she ever dated him…now if Prince Wiliam and Prince Harry can get along with Camila, then Jennifers kids can get along with Lindsay. I say she is clinging.

  26. Stephie says:

    I would ask the same if I were in Jen’s shoes. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ben chose Lindsey because she drinks heavily too. So Ben hears no more nagging from his significant other and he can be himself. Regardless, I wouldn’t allow my kids anywhere near her BUT it would have nothing to do with the affair…only for safety purposes. Ben has a long road ahead for Jen to be able to trust him and his choices. None of us know if his drinking has put his kids in danger in the past. There’s a reason Jen is asking and kudos to Ben for not rocking that boat.

    • mela says:

      Why are we assuming she drinks heavily? There’s no evidence of that.

      Kind of a double standard here…Jen was married to Ben for 10 years (and has said divorce was not what she wanted) and that didn’t turn her into a drug addict / drunk ?

      so why do you think it means Lindsay is an addict / drunk too?

      • JoJo says:

        Have to agree with this. Let’s stick to facts, what we know of them anyway. There’s no evidence Lindsay is an alcoholic or “heavy drinker.” Yep, she lives in NYC, she works at SNL – I have no doubt there’s alcohol in her lifestyle. And … there’s nothing inherently wrong with that. Yeah, there’s something wrong if she’s encouraging or enabling Ben’s drinking, but simply being someone who drinks in her own life is not problematic on its own. Are we supposed to believe that in their 10 years of marriage, Garner never drank around him – out at dinner, on vacations, etc.?

  27. nancy says:

    Can’t imagine being so hung up on a man that I’d let him make a fool of me like Jen has. The divorce isn’t even final but he’s sharing two homes with a girlfriend. I’m starting to believe that what Lainey has said all along–that Jen will never, ever really leave him–is true and Jen’s content to live as sister-wives with Lindsay. They each get a piece of him but not all of him. I have nothing but pity for the women and children involved and fail to see what is so special about Ben Affleck that women allow him to make them look like total chumps.

  28. CK says:

    I’m usually forever Team Jen, but absent some compelling safety reason, I can’t back Jen on this. I’ve personally seen what happens when the ex tries to leverage interactions between the kids and the new significant other and it is never pretty. You’re basically asking your ex to split up his/her life between the kids/new bae and that’s just a recipe for resentment. No, Ben shouldn’t take the kids out drinking with Lindsay, but if he’s serious or comfortable enough introducing his kids to her, he shouldn’t be barred from doing so. Ben isn’t fighting right now, but if things take a serious turn and she continues this way, things will get messy.

    • nancy says:

      Yep, and he’s already chosen LS over the kids a couple of times. No one is going to win in the end if this continues.

    • VirgiliaCoriolanus says:

      I agree that it for the kids, it’s probably best that they aren’t intro’d to every person mom/dad dates.

      However….in terms of custody situations, that’s honestly just not a hill you can die on. First…we have no idea how much time Ben has the kids or what Lindsay’s role is in their relationship. To me, she seems to have her own life, her own thing. I am not a fan of anyone involved, but I can see Ben getting/staying serious with her.

      The question is whether or not Jennifer (allegedly..which I think this story was just pulled out of their ass bc it’s a huge DUH) doesn’t want the kids around her because Ben leaves the parenting to the nanny or Lindsay (I doubt the latter) OR it’s because she was his alleged mistress. And sorry, but after a certain period of time–it’s not about the adult’s shit…it’s about the kids.

  29. artistsnow says:


    My husband left me almost two years ago after 27 years of marriage. He moved on immediately. I have NO desire to meet ‘this woman’, to know her name, where she lives, or any detail whatsoever. I am happier now without him. But our separation began because of ME. He was too much of a coward or too dense or who knows what to actually ever TELL me what was wrong. I thought the issues were all my fault.

    It is VERY complicated. But I am definitely happier without him and at the same time absolutely devastated. My life has ended as I knew it and this woman came into his life so soon and he has involved himself with her COMPLETELY.

    In order for me to carry on, to keep raising our daughter, to keep on going, I have to REMOVE this relationship from my life. I see him, all the time, but we are not friends. I need years. YEARS before I will want to even begin to open my heart up to his new love.

    Fortunately our daughter is 19. She has already met this woman because my ex had major surgery. But it was awful for both of us. For the life of me, I cannot even imagine what Jennifer Garner has to go through.

  30. ashley says:

    This is actually very convenient for Ben. He barely spends time with his kids now, and if they can’t be around LS and Ben doesn’t feel like parenting (does he ever?), he can just make plans with LS and then pin it on her when Jen complains. He’s always allowed to get his way, no one ever pushes him or holds him accountable. He must be great in bed or something to have these otherwise intelligent women falling all over themselves to do stuff for him and save him.

    I doubt LS wants to play mommy to his kids anyway. I can’t see her begging him to meet them, honestly. She’s probably relieved that Jen doesn’t want her around them. Imagine if they asked her pointed questions about her relationship with their dad? She’d maybe feel bad or guilty. Now thanks to Jen she doesn’t have to worry about that and can just have fun, play house and take vacays with Ben…

  31. D says:

    Well duh Lindsey could’ve gotten a divorce along with Ben and then started shagging instead she was a low key down low shady phuck buddy drank bish who wasn’t even #2-that spot was reserved for the nanny. Sorry #3 you’re banned for life we allllll learned from Leanne #thankyouverylittleLeanne #goodforsomethingafterall

  32. stacey says:

    This is really about Jen being bitter and controlling while she still can. When the divorce is final, Jen will have little to no say in who Ben has around the kids. Which Jen knows, which is why she’s dragging it out like this. This is a pathetic attempt to sabotage Ben and Lindsay’s relationship. I think Jen is also mad because Ben just whisked Lindsay off to a vacation in puerto rico. There are photos of them as of July 22 there together.

    Jen is using the children has a weapon against Ben (and his girlfriend).

    Get your own life, Jen.

  33. angry bird says:

    I wouldn’t want my children around Lindsay either.
    I don’t have children, but still…

    • JoJo says:

      Yeah, but this is life during & after divorce. A huge percentage of marriages/divorces involve infidelity. It does suck, but unless that person poses some kind of clear danger to the kids, you can’t prevent it from happening simply because you don’t like it.

      • Carolnr says:

        I think you can if your spouse is a public figure or celebrity & there are alot of skeletons in his/her closet. Everything can be negotiable then & especially in Hollywood!
        But i would bet their children know all about Lindsay & probably do not want to meet her & Ben is abiding by their wishes, not Jen’s……

  34. AnotherDayAnother says:

    2-17-17 US Mag headline – Jennifer Garner to File for Divorce from Ben Affleck Nearly Two Years After Announcing Split: I believe there was a discussion on this site about why that was out there.
    2-26-17 Ben flew home from rehab to attend the Oscars
    3-14-17 Ben Affleck announces on his Facebook he has completed a stay in rehab
    4-15-17 Filed for divorce.
    Sunday, he was video’d with a black bag that looked a bit like a bottle.
    So, she has used USMag in the past to seemingly send a message. Maybe that was what this was. She needs him to know she is serious about the line in the sand for access.

    • JoJo says:

      Yes, it seemed like US was a “go to” outlet for her in past years, just like it appeared Ben used to use E!, etc. But at the time of that article you cited (Feb. 2017), US was still independently owned. Soon after, in March, it was bought by AMI, which also owns The National Enquirer, OK!, Radar, etc., and AMI laid off a bunch of US’s staff/writers. Many people view the publication differently now, considering its ownership, so i think it’s questionable whether she’d use it today.