Prince Harry & Duchess Meghan shared a sweet & sweaty kiss at the polo match

Harry Meghan Sentebale polo

Here are more photos from Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s appearance at the polo match on Thursday. I was more focused on the fashion and misspelling Sentebale (SeNTeBaLe) a million times yesterday, so I didn’t get a chance to talk about The Kiss. The Royal Kiss. The Sweaty Polo Kiss. The Spontaneous Kiss. The kiss that showed me that Meghan not only enjoys Prince Harry in his military uniform, she also enjoys him in his polo gear, when he’s all sweaty and horsey. The kiss happened when Meg was trying to hand out the polo trophy. There’s video of the kiss (it lasted one second).

So there you go. Harry and Meghan are clearly still hot for each other and right after this, they went home and had sweaty polo sex and now she’s pregnant with a polo baby.

Meanwhile, we’re still talking about Meghan’s trashy relatives, because of course we are. The Sun just reported that the BBC and ITV have decided that no member of the Markle clan should appear on any of their reality shows. Which makes sense, especially given that Samantha Grant/Markle is already signed up for Celebrity Big Brother. As for how Meghan and the royals are handling her family’s constant embarrassing behavior, Katie Nicholl at Vanity Fair has some thoughts.

The way Vanity Fair’s Katie Nicholl, author of Harry: Life, Loss, and Love, sees it, the Palace is unlikely to shift its “no comment is the best comment” strategy. “I think they will ride this one out,” Nicholl said, predicting that “eventually the Markles will run out of things to say.” That’s not to say she doesn’t think the situation is challenging—Nicholl reports, however, that Harry and Meghan have the Palace’s full backing. “It is damaging. It’s not the sort of narrative the royal family—particularly Harry and Meghan—wants, but I understand the Queen has been very supportive of Meghan’s situation. On top of everything else Meghan is having to cope with—getting to grips with her new life and her new role, for starters—it must be very painful and difficult for her to have to watch her dad sell her out to the tabloid press. I’m told she’s surprised and very disappointed. The one thing she always told her dad was not to talk to the press.”

At this point, Meghan does not feel comfortable speaking to her father, Nicholl says, though it is possible she will change her feelings about this in the future. “The strategy thus far has been to stay quiet, and not to dignify anything the Markles say with a response. It might be that at some point, the Palace reaches out to Thomas Markle to try and forge some sort of reconciliation, but they will only do that with Meghan’s blessing. At the moment, she is standing firm that she can’t speak to her father, for fear anything she says might be leaked.” The Meghan-Thomas relationship is, according to Nicholl, on extremely thin ice: “Their relationship is hanging by a thread. His actions hint at a desperate man who wants to make amends, and maybe Meghan will be able to forgive him in time and recover their relationship.“

The waiting strategy could ultimately end up working out pretty well, though. As Nicholl notes, at a certain point, Thomas and Samantha—especially as they are reportedly no longer in contact with Meghan—might just . . . no longer gain the same traction. “Thomas Markle is at risk of losing his currency . . . The more he says, the less impact what he’s saying has, and the fact that he’s estranged from Meghan dilutes his value further. I think he’s also at risk of losing credibility and, when that happens, people will care far less about what he’s saying.”

[From Vanity Fair]

All of which is what I’ve said and what many of us have said: the best course of action for Meghan right now is to not speak to her father and not give anyone in the Markle family access. It’s taking longer than I thought it would for British outlets to realize that Thomas and Samantha don’t have any information, but it will happen at some point.

Harry Meghan Sentebale polo

Prince Harry plays in the Sentebale ISPS Handa Polo Cup

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Betsy says:

    These two are so cute. And I know there was a whole thread yesterday about the dress, but I love it so with it’s shades of Claire McCardell.

    • LahdidahBaby says:

      Yes, I adore this dress and think she looks wonderful — hair, make-up, dress, shoes. Perfection!

      The kiss made my day, Clearly, I have no life.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Lol. It made mine too. I kept trying to recreate it with my husband and he looked at me funny. I am joking but it was so cute and gave me fuzzies.

  2. Malachite says:

    Yes!!!! Hot, steamy, public kissing! I was lusting for a Meghan article today and kept refreshing the page and got one! Thanks!

    Also “pregnant with a polo-baby” cracked me the f*** up!

    • Jan90067 says:

      As long as it doesn’t come out swinging it’s polo mallet, I’m sure Meghan won’t mind! 😊.

      Just seeing this pic yesterday made me smile. I love these two.

    • Milla says:

      Hope he showered before any baby making, cos yuck, he played freaking polo with horses during heatwave.

  3. babypeanut says:

    One of the few times I remember seeing heat between Diana and Charles was when she presented him with a polo trophy, and he pulled her in for a kiss. It’s the only time I ever found Charles hot, and Diana was blushing up a storm.

  4. perplexed says:

    The back of his head is rivalling the front of Wiliam’s….

  5. Zapp Brannigan says:

    She is breaking protocol again! That podium is too low and as a Duchess she should be elevated and breathing more rarefied air, I hope this does not bring about the end of the monarchy.

    On a less sarcastic note they are very cute together, may they have many years of happiness.

  6. notasugarhere says:

    The other thread postings were going wonky.

    violet to answer your funding question. Once Charles is king, Charles, Camilla, Harry, and Meghan’s royal roles will be funded out of the Sovereign Grant not the Duchy of Cornwall. Queen, formerly Prince Philip, Andrew, Edward, Sophie, Anne, Gloucesters, Princess Alexandra are funded out of the Sovereign Grant now.

    • Tina says:

      Duchy of Lancaster too. HM provides much less information about Lancaster than Charles does about Cornwall.

  7. Citresse says:

    Why is there luggage at their feet?

    • MaryContrary says:

      His polo equipment is in the green bag.

    • Adee says:

      Meghan always either has a clutch or a full on bag, I always wonder what she carries in them. Make up? documents? I doubt she needs to carry identification at this point. Lol

      • notasugarhere says:

        So do HM, Sophie, Anne, etc.

        In her bag the Queen carries a lipstick, hankie, money for church, and a compact given to her by Prince Philip as a wedding gift. This was revealed as part of her Jubilee year celebrations. Sophie has similar things, including mini items of makeup. She let a little girl go through her purse during an event a couple of years ago.

      • Enn says:

        I’m guessing she doesn’t need keys like I do, but tissues, phone, lip balm, sunglasses case, breath mints. Maybe tampons or extra Bobby pins/hair ties?

      • minx says:

        I can definitely see carrying small makeup items for freshing up. Altoids. Baby wipes maybe? Chapstick.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Her little J Crew bag was cute. Probably lipstick, mints, tissue and Mace. What every woman on the go needs.

        But um minx. Why baby wipes? Whatchoo gettin’ at?

      • Heather says:

        In my purse: keys (which she probably doesn’t need), chapstick, tissues, hand sanitizer, breath mints (Ice breakers duos, love ’em), compact, phone, 2 tampons, small note pad I received for donating to St Jude’s, a pen and a small pair of scissors (never know when you need to open something). I imagine hers is something along those lines. My purse isn’t a tote, but it’s definitely not a clutch and it’s definitely not filled. I just like the hand bag look.

      • minx says:

        magnoliarose—lol, just meant wipes for greasy and dirty hands…not for a baby’s bottom. Yet!

      • magnoliarose says:

        Lol Hmmm I thought it was some kind of hidden psychic power you may possess. Thought maybe you knew something. 😉

  8. SlightlyAnonny says:

    Best things about the kiss:
    He initiated it.
    He totally initiated because other dude did the double cheek kiss of Meghan first which you can’t see in the clip. It was like, “oh you think you get to kiss my wife in public? Well I REALLY get to kiss my wife in public.”

    It was cute.

    • Alexandria says:

      Hahahaha! I was like how come the other dude looked like he wanted to kiss her too

    • notasugarhere says:

      “other dude” is professional polo player and model Ignacio (Nacho) Figueras. He and Harry have been friends for years, he was at their wedding, and he often plays in Sentebale fund raising polo matches. He posted the kiss picture on his instagram (nachofigueras) with a cute note. He’s married to a former model and they have four kids.

      • magnoliarose says:

        He is also the smoker in the Ralph Lauren ads and has been for years. He was on 60 minutes several years ago and he came off very charming.

    • RoyalSparkle says:


      Ha Ha a totally steamy Prince/ess Henry Sussex, giving the world a glimpse …!
      The Duchess was turning to her Prince but the other player wanted a kiss with the trophy.

  9. Jess says:

    The best part of this was seeing the pics of Charles and Diana kissing at polo. I had completely forgotten about it

  10. Valiantly Varnished says:

    I love that Harry was the one who pulled her in for a kiss. Meghan gets so much crap about being “touchy-feely” when Harry is really touchy-feely too. I love how affectionate and connected he is with her. It’s sweet.

    • Anners says:

      Me too! I love that he initiated it so that a) those who need reminding will see that he loves her and b) no one can go off on her re breaching protocol. They are adorable and I’m glad they are happy

      • minx says:

        So there are actually people that think he doesn’t love her? I wonder why they think he went through that whole wedding thing—to say nothing of enduring the shitshow of her goofball relatives. THAT’S love.

      • keis says:

        @minx, some of the anti-Meghan ppl believe that now he is married he ‘realizes’ he made a mistake, and she knows it, so she’s being clingy and he doesn’t like it. And then there’s the crazies who thought that Meghan had some sort of blackmail on the royal family and that’s why he married her.

    • InquisitiveNewt says:

      Predictably, she got grief from the Daily Heil for putting her hand in her pocket. (Hands in the pocketses! The end of the world is nigh!) Beforehand, she touched his arm/hand too much. He smiles and kisses her and they claim he’s miserable. The Wail’s BTL Meghan feed is one giant psychotic break.

      • minx says:

        “Daily Heil”—dying.
        I’m American, I venture onto DM infrequently. One of the many things that struck me as hilarious was the way they pad their stories with incredibly detailed descriptions of clothing that is right on the page and WE CAN SEE. “So-and-so wore shiny black ankle boots with five inch heels, a trim black knee length skirt that she topped it with a black-and-white long sleeved striped sweater. She carried a large black tote that had gold handles and red rose accents.” Yes, we have EYES you dipshits!

  11. Starryfish29 says:

    The best part of this is Nacho Figueras trying really hard to hand Harry the trophy, and Harry really not caring one whit about the Trophy. He was otherwise occupied lol.

  12. Sash says:

    Love them giving us what we want!

  13. Swack says:

    “they went home and had sweaty polo sex and now she’s pregnant with a polo baby.” Thank you for making my day!

  14. Reese says:

    They are so sweet! Love the photo can’t stand the bloody dress! How hard is it to find a nice summer dress to wear to a polo match when you have access to that much cash?!?

    • notasugarhere says:

      Queen Letizia wore a long-sleeve, higher neck, button down denim dress yesterday to an event at a music school. I don’t see people complaining her outfit was too hot or not summery enough.

      • minx says:

        There wasn’t a post about Letizia here, AFAIK. I had to look up the pictures of her and I’ll go on record saying it looked too hot and not summery enough—although I’m not sure if the weather was as hot where she was. I don’t care for this dark denim look in the middle of summer, even if it’s not true denim it still has the look. Letizia usually looks fabulous.

      • notasugarhere says:

        If they’re professionally dressed and they themselves appear comfortable, I’m not seeing the problem. To me this is a warm weather dress based on the neckline and no sleeves.

        Pointing out that many people, maybe not you minx but plenty of others, are criticizing her for things lots of other royals do. “She’s wearing sunglasses, take her to the tower” “she is carrying a hat, throw her out” “Her trousers are too long” when four other royal ladies wear them like that too, etc.

      • minx says:

        I said yesterday I liked the shape and silouhette of Meghan’s dress, I just don’t like that dark denim look in summer at all, even if it’s fashion forward. That’s not to say she didn’t look beautiful because of course she did.

      • Reese says:

        Sorry did I miss the post about the Queens fug dress? Can I go nowhere to comment on it?
        This is a beautiful pic of MM in an unfortunate fugly dress. The minute somebody says they don’t like something she wears it gets blown out of proportion.
        People can comment that they simply just don’t like a particular look on her. I would prefer something more bright and summery. I imagine after saying this the sun will still rise tomorrow. Just a hunch.

      • notasugarhere says:

        To you it might be an unattractive dress. To me it is a pretty, flattering summer dress in a fun fabric. All opinions welcome.

      • Masamf says:

        @Nota, not just Leti but Harry was in jeans AND a jacket FFS. Yet no peeps from nobody but Meghan is being dragged and tarred through the city streets; go figure.

      • notasugarhere says:

        +1 Masamf. Business as usual eh?

      • Tee says:

        Love the dress , it is beautiful, good for summer and other seasons of the year! I love her style and confidence. Haters will always find something wrong, I call them “The Samanthas” they will always find something to criticise about Meghan.

    • Carrie1 says:

      I keep trying to figure out how she manages to find time to buy or choose clothing given her schedule and all the life changes. As a result, I’m giving her lots of slack on clothing. Waiting a year.

      • Jan90067 says:

        I’m sure she does a lot of shopping online, like Net-a-Porter (which has designer clothing). Doesn’t Kate shop on that too? She could also be calling designers and getting them to come to her with sketches (for the bespoke items) or call and say she wants X dress, but with Y fabric, and Z sleeves etc.

        Or her buddy Jessica could be sending things… we don’t know 😊

      • minx says:

        IMO since the Irish trip she has been on a roll. I don’t know if she came to realize on her own what was flattering for her, or if she consulted with someone, or she has a tailor more readily available, but I see a nice upswing in her style. It’s like someone told her she is slender, young and beautiful and she should play that up. I said downthread that her silhouettes have been really great lately. I don’t need to wait a year, I think she’s finding her style right now.

    • Penelope says:

      Reese, ITA.

      Didn’t care for the dress–something lighter & more summery would have been better–or the nude heels for that matter.

    • minx says:

      One thing I’m liking is that Meghan is upping her game on the silhouettes and fit of her clothes. After the bedspread dress, and the shirt dress, she is flattering her figure with generally well-fitted, modern, sleek clothes. Or when she goes for a fuller look, like this, she is picking belted dresses that aren’t drowning her. I’m not a fan of the fabric on this dress but she at least kept it simple.

    • Scram says:

      Came across this on Tumblr. My point in posting it isn’t to talk you out of your opinion, but to say that seasonal dressing is not the one true way. People dress according to their tastes. I doubt it’s hard to find a summer (I assume you mean light, airy, and/or bright) dress she, and those other ladies photographed this month, didn’t want one.

      • Reese says:

        Again, put up the post of any of those women in those fug dresses and I’ll comment on them. Not sure what your point is beside the fact that it bugs you when somebody says they don’t like what MM is wearing and you feel the need to defend it.

      • Scram says:

        @Reese I stated quite clearly that I wasn’t interested in changing your opinion. I couldn’t care less about whether or not you like denim dresses. The point of my comment was to spark a larger discussion about seasonal dressing and what people deem appropriate, but it’s clear you’re uninterested in doing so.

        Do not ever accuse me of being in my feelings over some random celeb on the internet. This is mindless distraction. I’m curious, but I’m not invested. There’s other crap going on.

      • magnoliarose says:

        I am not one to go with seasonal theme dressing or think colors belong in certain seasons. I think the idea is a little old fashioned. Everyone has their own taste but I like it when people mix it up.

      • Scram says:

        The comments about Meghan made me check out my own clothes and those of people around me and I don’t see many seasonal dressers. People go with makes them comfortable and happy. Whatever season an item is meant for I usually get it in a neutral or fall color because those are the shades I’m drawn to the most. I don’t believe in firm rules for these kinds of things.

        I do think it’s good for royals to mix it up since they’re meant to be seen regularly, but for everyone else it doesn’t matter. Most of it is dictated by the fashion industry anyway. If designers put out floral dresses you’ll probably cave and buy one eventually, but if they suddenly decided we should all be wearing black in the summer we’d see an increase in that in closets.

    • Olive says:

      the dress was from a summer line. it IS a summer dress.

  15. Case says:

    They have such a beautiful connection and look so in love. They make me happy.

    “Pregnant with a polo baby” made me laugh out loud.

  16. minx says:

    They’re adorable.

  17. fortune100 says:

    Freckles!!! I find her to be so pretty. ❤️

  18. minx says:

    I agree about starving the Markle gossip beast. Best to just ignore them and their media opportunities will wither away when they offer no new information. It’s sad think Meghan can’t even make a phone call or email because it will be used as a money making scam, but there we are.

  19. Fluffy Princess says:

    This was all kinds of hotness!! And I am here for it, 100%! Harry loves his Meghan, and it’s awesome! Harry knows what a picture like that will do — it races around the world in an instant and strictly from a PR move–it’s a good one. And to all those naysayers, saying Harry is realizing he made a mistake, and divorce is already imminent–that’s a big middle finger to you.

    BTW, as a joke, do you think anyone in the BRF has said, “YAAAAAAAAS Queen!!” to QEII? Cuz that would be awesome! 😉

    • notasugarhere says:

      They might have as they’re known for liking silly jokes. There was a funny story (true or not) years ago about W&H setting up HM’s new personal cell phone message. “Hey wassup! This is Liz. Sorry I’m away from the throne. For a hotline to Philip, press one. For Charles, press two. And for the corgis, press three.”

      • Fluffy Princess says:

        I love, love, love this story! But would be disappointed if I pushed three and didn’t get the Corgis! 🙂 I do like that they love silly jokes and things, because even they must get bored with all the “properness.”

      • magnoliarose says:

        I am choosing to believe it because it makes me happy. 🙂

  20. Jordan Kay says:

    I don’t understand how people can read so much into a quick kiss between a couple married 2 mths ago. Or that Figueras wanted to kiss her too. I like M and H a lot but this is just exaggerated.

    • TeamAwesome says:

      It passed quickly in the video, sure, but given our current hell scape, can’t we have a little fun with a sweet little kiss between some of our favorite newlyweds? Also, as mentioned above, this is excellent PR and a lovely show of feelings, made up protocols be damned.

      • magnoliarose says:

        I know right. Hells scape. Dystopian Nightmare. Colossal Daily Mindflux. We live in this so we need happy light stories about positive things.

  21. ann carter says:

    So there you go. Harry and Meghan are clearly still hot for each other and right after this, they went home and had sweaty polo sex and now she’s pregnant with a polo baby.

    between this and CIVIL WAR GHOST description of michelle williams you’ve made me LOL LOTS today. Thnx. >_<

  22. RoyalBree says:

    OMG, I love this dress more than I can say (except of course the price tag). Megs is finally starting to get her fit and sihouette right. This dress is incredibly flattering to her boyish figure. Just look at that shapely silhouette! I hope she is on a roll, and doesn’t go back to her earlier mistakes, like that god-awful yellow sack or displaying her bra. BTW, I almost laughed out loud when I saw that yesterday Queen Letizia was also wearing a dark denim dress! The new royal look for summer?

  23. IlsaLund says:

    That kiss was too cute…love the public PDA.

    Also, Meghan is using her style power to do some good:

    How Meghan Markle’s Jeans Are Helping to Save a Welsh Town

    • magnoliarose says:

      What a great story. THIS is what I like to read about. Fashion can seem frivolous but it doesn’t have to be. I have purchased two things I saw her have. I have too many pairs of jeans as it is but I like the idea of helping a small company.

    • FluffyPrincess says:

      I love this! I hope it continues to grow and all 400 get their jobs back. Perhaps Meghan will wear something of theirs on occasion to keep the interest up! It wouldn’t be hard, as the jeans are really great looking. Shoot, how amazing would it be in real life, if you wore your favorite jeans/flattering pair of jeans a couple of times of year in public and a town could have a bit of a revival?

  24. Sparkly says:

    Aw, they’re too cute. I’m glad to see a little PDA. Maybe that’ll shut the protocol police up.

    Thomas Markle never had credibility to lose.

  25. paddingtonjr says:

    These two prove that living well is the best revenge! They are so in love and not afraid to show it, which is great to see, especially with all the chaos going on in the world in general and with her family in particular. Go get it, Meg and Harry!

  26. Snowflake says:

    They’re so cute together! This going to last imo

  27. aquarius64 says:

    I love seeing this picture!! It shows the love is there.

    As for the Markles, the networks realize they are opening themselves up to Kensington Palace lawsuits by putting them on their shows. The network running Celebrity Big Brother has not confirmed that Samantha is on the show, as the Sun story stated. Also, the network could lose access to the royals themselves. Sam is in damage control by claiming she is not going to talk about Meghan. She’s afraid she won’t get into the CBB house.

    • The things Samantha says are just bizarre. Talking about Meghan is her one and only, tenuous claim to fame, why else would they have her on the show? lol

      • aquarius64 says:

        Celebrity Big Brother is in danger of being cancelled and putting Sam on the show is jumping the shark – a desperate ploy to get ratings. The showrunners may have second thoughts if public backlash is strong.

  28. Lanne says:

    Good god. Another Markle interview. Now Ingrid Seward is begging Meghan to contact her dad. Someone please write an article about abusive parents for a major paper!!!