Leo DiCaprio made gross faces on a yacht in Antibes with his 21-year-old girlfriend

Leonardo DiCaprio has breakfast with new girlfriend Camille Morrone in Antibes

I thought Leonardo DiCaprio was going to be tethered to Los Angeles throughout the summer for filming on Once Upon a Time In Hollywood, the Quentin Tarantino movie about the Manson Family murders. Leo and Brad Pitt already started filming weeks ago in LA, but Leo has spent the week in the south of France. Leo has been on a yacht for the most part in and around Antibes. He’s not yachting alone, of course. He brought his 21-year-old girlfriend Camila Morrone. He brought Camilla’s mother, 42-year-old Lucila Sola, as well. Plus there are various friends, I would assume some of the B-team of the Wolf Pack. And yes, I just wanted to remind everyone again that Leo is a year older than his girlfriend’s mother.

These photos are of Leo and Camilla enjoying breakfast a few days ago. I don’t know why Leo is pulling faces, but I suspect he’s doing it to be funny? Maybe he saw the paparazzi and decided to give them some funny photos. The photo agency noted that at this breakfast, Leo gave Camilla a gift: a pretty necklace, which her mom helped her put on. Camilla also posted some ‘grams where she was showing off her new gift too (see below). She’s pretty, but her face reminds me of both Alicia Vikander and Emily Ratajkowski? Like, in the IGs, she reminds me of Emily but in the candid yacht photos, she reminds me of Vikander.

Leonardo DiCaprio has breakfast with new girlfriend Camille Morrone in Antibes

Leonardo DiCaprio has breakfast with new girlfriend Camille Morrone in Antibes


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  1. Nancy says:

    Aww, is that his daughter, how cute. Oops read the article, It’s his little girlfriend with mom. He was bored with sisters. Am I shaming him? Yep 🙈🙉

    • WingKingdom says:

      I’m 100% with you. He is gross.

    • Lolo86lf says:

      Her mother is 2 years younger than him.

    • Alexandria says:

      Since he is 44 I would not be surprised if he dates the gf’s future daughter in future.

      • ChillyWilly says:

        Lol!! It could and probably will happen! He’s such a dirty old skeezer. Ick.

      • Raina says:

        As long as he’d never desire boning his (fictional) actual daughter like some Orange dude I know, no harm, no foul.
        I’ve dated a gaggle of idiots, especially in my 20s, I could do worse than Leo and a yacht. Make all the faces you want, Leo


      • HyacinthBuckey says:

        He’s from. She needs all the present she can squeeze out of him. She’ll be yachting more next year. The pic of the necklace is on the driveway to Hotel Du Cap!

    • lovesot says:

      That gf of his was born the YEAR Titanic came out.

      Thank gawd she’s just a beard.

      They’ve all been since the 1995 Interview mag piece.

    • aenflex says:

      He likes young models. It’s no secret to us, them, or anybody. Haven’t heard a scandal involving him yet, aside from his choice of unsavory usual suspect friends. He’s no more gross than anyone else that has a type that doesn’t conform to societal norms. I am not certain, but it’s fair to say he isn’t fooling these women with pillow talk and paper promises; they know what they’ve signed up for. They’re getting exposure, these young models. I don’t see the problem with him. He’s old, they’re young, it’s a mutual agreement. If it were a woman with young men, I’d feel the same way.

      • Wisca says:

        It IS a societal norm for wealthy or powerful men to date much younger women. In fact, it’s a cliche.

      • Nancy says:

        When he brings his girl and her mother along for the ride, it seems a little kinky to me. But whatever makes your boat float. I’m so glad I am and had a “normal” mom. OMG, my mother would have told that boy what color the sky really was! But you’re right, the Hollywood elite are going to do as they please no matter what the townspeople think anyway!

      • Trashaddict says:

        Yawn. I have better things to think about. And talk about.

      • minx says:

        Yeah, he’s not married, nobody is being exploited, I don’t care who he sleeps with.

      • Nancy says:

        Well Miss minx, you should care 😜. That could be your daughter and you. Hey, maybe it’s a good idea, you could be set for life!!!

    • Brian Brown says:

      So gross. Both of them. All of them. What the hell would you think is charming or attractive about a man that only dates women who were toddlers or not even born while he was an adult? She’s gross. He’s gross. The mom is gross. JUST GROSS.

      • Rescue Cat says:

        To be fair I don’t you can conflate 44 year old and his current GF with 27 year old Leo and a toddler. It’s not the same thing.

  2. BaBaDook says:

    Leo is so gross to me

  3. Melania says:

    He’s gross.

  4. Erinn says:

    I know it’s immature or whatever, but this genuinely made me chuckle. This is probably the most relatable I’ve found him.

  5. Mia4s says:

    Now, now, his daughter was probably upset because she missed nap time and he was pulling faces like any good Dad to entertain…

    ….oh. Right. 🙄

  6. Crumbs says:

    I think she looks like Brie Larson. God, how awkward to be older than the mom of the girl you’re dating. Leooooooo, why?!

    • Nancy says:

      Haha, I think Mr. Leo here has an entirely different definition of “dating!” It doesn’t appear as though it bothers the mother/daughter team much. Big pay days and lot of gifts. I wouldn’t call his faces funny, he looks ugly. He’s going to turn into Nicholson, a fat old man on yachts with young ladies. At least Jack did date women closer to his age at one point. *Leo had dinner with LeBron and Al Pacino the other day* It’s as though he has two entirely different personas.*

      • InquisitiveNewt says:

        Narcissists go for the younger end of the scale because they expect (and need) their partner to mirror them. A reflection of their true age and gradual decay is absolutely catastrophic for their infinitely fragile image. Their partner is not a true partner, of course – merely an adjunct to the way in which they *need* to be seen.
        Expect Di Caprio’s girlfriends to always hover around the 18-22 mark whilst there’s breath in his body. Unfortunately there’ll always be someone stupid, naive or calculating enough to occupy the space.

    • SK says:

      I see Eva Longoria

      Also she looks uncomfortable

  7. Snarky says:

    Those faces are exactly what I think of him.

    • ichsi says:

      BAHAHAHAHA true though.
      She’s pretty but bland in this IG friendly, porn-star-body with a nondescript face way. And he’s just gross.

    • magnoliarose says:

      Lol. I thought maybe he was thinking about his life and had a visceral reaction to all the realizations about how pathetic he looks with such a young “girlfriend”.

  8. Rescue Cat says:

    Leo has a lot in common with James Woods.

  9. girl_ninja says:

    She could be his child. Grow up Leo.

    • Lolo86lf says:

      He doesn’t see it the way we do. He thinks dating a woman less than half his age is great. To him it is an honor to be seen with a beautiful 21-year old woman. It attests to his male prowess and pride, that’s it; this is of his “pride and prowess”.

      • Mia4s says:

        “ It attests to his male prowess and pride”

        That’s exactly what he thinks….when really it comes across as more likely that he has little to offer in personality or “prowess” (that’s certainly long been the whisper). So he needs these essentially transactional relationships to keep up appearances. It’s kind of pathetic at this point. I mean, I laugh when people talk about Tom Cruise “dating” and now I laugh when people talk about Leo “dating”.

      • Christin says:

        This makes me think of the 1980s Thorn Birds scene where Stanwyck’s character cries to the younger priest how she still feels young inside an aging body.

        Reality is that these much younger datemates only highlight how older the other person looks. If he were with a 40 year old, he might look younger by comparison.

      • aenflex says:

        If I had no desire to settle down, and had the ability to have sex or a fling with anyone I found attractive, anyone that made me feel young, vital and desired, I’d do it, too. Why does he have to date his age group? Why do I? Why does anyone? Provided it’s consenual, of course, and free from pretense, what’s the big deal?

    • Brian Brown says:

      Barbara Stanwyck and Richard Chamberlain. Babs was the best! Such a powerful scene too. She was always so great in her performances.

  10. kate says:

    Leo is dating a BRUNETTE??!!

    • Lolo86lf says:

      He will make an exception when the brunette is quite gorgeous won’t he?

    • saho says:

      She was blond when he met her, she colored her hair this spring 🙂 She’ll get dumped soon.

      • Miss M says:

        As a blonde, she reminds me of Gisele.
        I think it is ta combination of her hair “texture” with the waves and how she poses.

  11. Michael says:

    I’m all for living the good single life while you can, but he is ridiculous. Would it hurt him so much to get at least a 30-something girlfriend? It’s like he can’t relate to women his own age and that is sad. What does he talk to a 21 year old about anyway?

  12. Runcmc says:

    This reminds me of that Jack Nickolson/Diane Keaton movie. Somethings Gotta Give, maybe? Maybe at the end of summer the new gossip will be that Leo ended up with her mom 😂

  13. Adrien says:

    I hope this is a phase like Clooney and Beatty before settling down and in the end Leo and Kate Winslet will be together. Because c’mon guys, Ned Rocknroll, seriously?

    • Mia4s says:

      Titanic was a fictional movie and Leo has literally never ever ever been even a tiny bit like Jack Dawson. Like not even for a micro second, no matter how much women of a certain generation try to pretend. Time to move on. Don’t worry, your heart will go on. 😁

      Clooney married a woman 17 years younger and Beatty married a woman 21 years younger. I have no doubt Leo would be repulsed at your suggestion of marrying a woman his own age with (ewww) children! 😏

  14. Catherine says:

    So Leo and the mom are the same age? Or is he a year older than the mom?

    • Mia4s says:

      He’s a year older. A few more “girlfriends” down is he road he will be a LOT older than their mothers.

      I mean….it might be less gross if I believed he was actually into any of them. But the relationships are bizarrely asexual seeming. No passion, no sex appeal. Even casual celeb hookups you can get a sense through photos that yeah…they are hot together and having fun. Leo and his pieces? Not so much.

      And isn’t it funny how he’s super under the radar until one of these “relationships” and we see photos all the time. Almost like it is planned. Hmmm.

      • billypilgrim says:

        You hoo Leo, it’s 2018 why don’t come out of the closet already.

        And bring Lucas with chew.

      • magnoliarose says:

        Leo DiCap’s ability to jump start careers is highly overrated these days. She’s getting press but it comes with a lot of side eyes and eye rolls.

      • lovesot says:


        THIS. leo is rock hudson of the 21st century.

        poor lukas

    • Brian Brown says:

      Y’all really think he is gay? I don’t see it. Idk. I just think he’s immature and gross.

  15. HelloSunshine says:

    I was going to ask what she gets out of this but I guess a necklace and now people know her name. That wouldn’t have been enough to get 21 year old me to bang a gross 40 something year old man but to each their own I suppose

    • Dutch says:

      A necklace given to her on a luxury yacht in the South of France, plus whatever other perks come with being Leo’s bedmate. Sure beats slinging coffee or some entry level career job.

    • Bee says:

      I read her name at the top and have forgotten it already. All she’s getting from this is added to a running list of “Sub 25 chicks that briefly dated Leo DiCaprio”.

  16. AG-UK says:

    The mother is dating Al Pacino who is 35 years or so older than her?

  17. Shirurusu says:

    I will never really understand how he can both be close friends with Kate Winslet, and be dating so many women of eh… so little substance. Is that mean? I mean it’s just models and very young women who live their lives on yachts. I think he’s gross and I really wonder how their friendship has lasted this long. Does Kate secretly think he’s a creep? Or just forgive him everything? Just speculating because i quite like Kate, and she’s obviously not in the least responsible for his repulsive behaviour, i just dont see how she can be fine with it either

    • becoo says:

      We will never know, but I think people definitely judge their friends and family members in secret, so KW may well think her friend a fool and may even have spoken to him about it to no avail.

      There are some complex emotions at play in platonic and familial relationships because you want what’s best for the person, but at the same time, you don’t want to stifle their autonomy as a person or overstep the boundary as their friend because that friendship wouldn’t last long. This is why it’s common for friends to accept their friends’ failings even when they wouldn’t necessarily accept the same behavior in a romantic partner.

    • Anon33 says:

      Because Kate Winslet is just as much of an asshole as he is.

  18. becoo says:

    Perhaps he had a moment of self-awareness and gagged at the realization of how gross he was. But it’s unlikely.

  19. Amelie says:

    Ugh, he’s such a caricature, he’s the new George Clooney/Jack Nicholson.

    I will forever love Blake Lively for dumping him when she realized Ryan Reynolds was a much better option. I get the feeling he doesn’t get dumped very often.

    • magnoliarose says:

      No, he doesn’t get dumped. The contracts just expire.

    • lovesot says:

      Lets just say Clooney and Dicaprio share one thing in common when it comes to sexuality.

    • Nancy says:

      That’s another minus for Leo: putting Blake Lively on the map. I can still see them riding their bikes together. Oh my eyes!!

      • magnoliarose says:

        Has he stopped the bike rides? I don’t follow his false narratives anymore. They have become so ridiculous.

      • Dee says:

        HA1 I remember seeing him rides bikes with Giselle in NYC. All I remember thinking is: Oh she has beautiful skin but kinda normal otherwise. Think Leo had a hood on. No surprise there either.

  20. Bishg says:

    I checked out her IG and a few months back (when they started dating) she was blonde and VERY similar to Hailey Baldwin. They also have a few pictures together where they joke about being twins. She’s a stunning girl but she has no business dating a +40 year old.

  21. Chaine says:

    She definitely looks like she’s embarrassed to be there. He had his first Oscar nomination before she was even born.

  22. Jane says:

    Dude looks older than 43, (I had to look up his age) and his girlfriend in the white hoodie picture looks about 18. Geez…

  23. Jay says:

    God he’s so gross.

  24. Anon33 says:

    Do. Not. Get.
    He is not cute. His body is flabby and underdeveloped. He has a group of friends he calls the “pussy posse.” Every role he has played since the departed, he has played exactly the same.
    Do. Not. Get.

  25. Ramona Q. says:

    She described her own photo as chic? Boo.

  26. Charfromdarock says:

    Kate’s daughter will soon be in Leo’s target age group.

  27. Theodora says:

    I love Leo as an actor, he is the ultimate dedicated professional in love with his calling and career. The passion of his life is acting, not family or children or his image.

    Regarding his personal life, as long as gorgeous 20 year olds want to date him, why not? Probably he doesn’t want a family or a cohabitation LTR, so it makes sense that he chooses women from the “I just wanna have fun” group – early 20s.

  28. Spicecake38 says:

    He’s making that face because she just told him her real age is 25…

  29. Toc says:

    Well, at least he is openly gross lol. How many HW actors get a wife for the photos and red carpets and have the cute family for articles while they keep chaisingg young women? His gfs know what they are getting. Exposition and a 2 years relationship hwne he will jump to the next. But the fact that her mother is younger than him makes everything more gross.

    • Jegede says:


      The recent one here was Una Healy and Ben Foden who had the ‘ideal’ marriage. He was a true man.
      Only to be outed this week, to have been pretty much banging every thing that moved before the honeymoon sheets were cool.

      Dicaprio’s biggest crime is that he doesn’t play the 2face game with his personal life.
      He knows what he is and so do the girls.
      A-rod is declaring love & stability for J-Lo ,while sneaking around with various young things in Miami.

      • sert says:

        He has known her since she was 9-10 years old. Being openly gross doesn’t take the filth away from that fact.

        I think my problem with him is that he seems to dance around the law in many aspects of his life. In this and with his enviromental work mainly. And yet he is never called out for it.

  30. Veronica S. says:

    I’m sorry, but like…there is no amount of money. Not even for millions. He’s decades past his prime.

  31. lovesot says:

    his youngest beard yet.

    • bears says:

      I just nearly pee’d myself. If there were medals for winning comment sections on the internet, you’d get the gold.

  32. bears says:

    What a disgusting piece of crap. I feel like I’ve made this comment multiple times today.

  33. Rescue Cat says:

    I couldn’t any photos of Leo on her instagram page. Interesting.

  34. Tennis says:

    What’s wrong with Leo? He’s not married, he has no kids, he’s not fooling around with married women. He’s living his life how he wants. If he wants to date younger women then that’s his right. Those women have choices and they choose to be with him. Nothing gross about him or his lifestyle.

    • Fifi says:

      Yeah. It’s encouraging other men to idolise this “dream”.
      So yes, it’s harmful to me personally.
      Won’t pay to see one of his movies again.

  35. KidV says:

    There is no way I would have “dated” a 44 yr old man when I was 21. I thought it was gross when a friend of mine dated a 30 yr old (they eventually married and are very happy), but I just couldn’t wrap my head around it.

  36. Eddy says:

    Not even in my wildest dream I can ever taste 21 years old and a yacht.

    Yes I am happily married guy with three kids.

    I envy you Leo!!

    • Fifi says:

      I’m sure your wife would be pleased to know that you envy him. I’m sure your kids – especially daughter/s would respect you for wanting to date someone their age when they’re 18-21.

      I would be disgusted to have you as a father.

      • Janaya says:

        If you don’t think that most men, despite denying it to their wives, lust after younger women then you are woefully ignorant.

    • magnoliarose says:

      So much wrong with this. So the fact that she is young is what counts but not what kind of person she is? Only infantile pathetic men with nothing to offer chase very young women. They do it so they won’t ever be confronted with their shortcomings and usually have weak fragile egos. There is no better way to advertise to the world that a guy is a shallow wastebasket with some serious issues. Give me a man who seeks his equal. That is sexy. Not this Freudian man child mess.
      I tend to think they probably suck in the boudoir and would be called out by a woman with experience.

  37. Jillybean says:

    Her mom, Lucila Sola, dated Al Pacino for the past few years… Al is 39 years older than Lucila… so it doesn’t seem like anyone is bothered by any age gap!

  38. 76May says:

    Gross. Will he never go away?

  39. Andrea says:

    Leo & brad
    come out of the closet!!!…