Emmy Rossum & Stephanie Beatriz respond to Kim K calling anorexia a compliment

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Earlier this week, Kim Kardashian revealed that she was down to 119 pounds. She also posted an Instagram story video in which her sisters marveled how skinny she was. Kendall said “I’m really concerned, I don’t think you’re eating.” Kim’s response was to thank her, which is stupid enough. The fact that she prompted them to repeat themselves then posted the video where she thanked them for expressing concern was of course worse. Outlets and other celebrities rightfully called her out for it. ET Online has details of actresses Emmy Rossum and Stephanie Beatriz’s responses. Beatriz has been open about her body image and issues with disordered eating. She posted how hard Kim’s video was for her to see. Rossum responded that she also got compliments at her lowest weight and that it messed with her head. Here are their Instagram stories, thanks to ET Online: (I’m not going to reprint the text in these as I assume you can see it. Please go to ET Online if you need to read it and can’t see the images.)





This last post from Rossum really hit home for me:

ET Online also points us to this dose of reality from British TV presenter Jameela Jamil who started the “I Weigh” movement and has an Instagram page dedicated to raising awareness of body image issues. This was powerful.

Sometimes I have a healthy outlook about my body and sometimes I beat myself up over gaining three pounds. (Don’t @ me! I’m being honest.) I try to imagine what I would tell a friend instead of my default response to myself that I should do better, but I can’t always do this. So I needed to hear this, that we are more than our weight, and that our accomplishments count more. It does matter when celebrities act like an eating disorder is a compliment instead of a mental health issue and a nightmare. It shouldn’t be anyone’s aspiration to look like they’re suffering.




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  1. JOANA says:

    What can you expect from Kardashian Klan?This and More to come.

  2. shirurusu says:

    Wow these posts are great! When I was at my skinniest I was also in the middle of an awful relationship, in the middle of an eating disorder, and totally stressed and depressed over a shit job. And people kept complimenting me as well on how great I looked and it was probably the one good thing people said about me at the time, or that I experienced about myself at the time, and that fact unfortunately spurred it on. Better to be healthy and happy now for sure!

    • minx says:

      Same. I was in my 20s, wracked with anxiety and panic attacks, and for once in my life I couldn’t eat. I cringe when I see those pictures.

    • a reader says:

      Exactly me… As my marriage fell apart I became wrapped up in the depths of an eating disorder. I was the smallest I’d ever been in my life, I was terrible mentally ill with the disorder, and I was complimented ALL THE TIME!! It does a real number on you…. because you’re already struggling, and then you think wow everyone thinks I look so great and I’m getting treated so differently (by both men and women) and I just HAVE to keep up the disordered eating in order to stay this small…. It’s a vicious cycle.

      Looking back I can see it clearly. My ED was a survival tactic used to get me through the breakdown of my marriage. I had something I could focus on and control and I could pour all my energy into it. Yes I got super small, size 6, but when I got to that size I was nothing but bones, boobs, and butt. It was terribly unhealthy and society rewarded me for putting myself through hell. I now have a thyroid disorder that was likely brought on by years of the ED. It’s not worth it, folks. Treat yourself with kindness… instead of striving for “skinny” or small, strive to be the best version of yourself that you can be, whatever size that may be.

      • BengalCat😻 says:

        My bff recently brought out pics of us from college and her husband, who I’ve known for 20 years didn’t recognize me. It was sobering and sad to see bc at that time i was getting lots of compliments and lots of male attention. I’m in my forties and still struggle with body image issues, but it has gotten better! Thanks to all of you for sharing your stories, lets start loving ourselves more!! We ARE worthy ❤

    • tealily says:

      Yup, me too. I was in a deep depression that it took over a year to recover from. I didn’t enjoy any of the things that used to bring me pleasure… food, friends, music, films, etc. I wasn’t interested in eating. But no one could stop telling me how great I looked.

      It’s nice to read this positive exchange between these two women.

      • Rosalee says:

        I have a photo of my 24 year old self at 105lbs I look like a bobble head. My mother constantly told me she weighed 98 lbs at my age. I was eating two celery sticks and a boiled egg every second day. On other days I would drink black coffee and chew gum and ice, I smoked and jogged, not at the same time, on the weekends I would cheat a bit with friends. I lost more weight. Long story but I tripped while jogging and bashed my head, so my friends rushed me to the hospital. A doctor had a nice long discussion with me about my weight or lack thereof, at this time I was hovering around 100 lbs on a 5 ft 4 inch frame. He looked me in the eye and said your mother lied. After it sunk in I left the hospital and did a Scarlett O’Hara..

    • Yes says:

      When I was depressed I could t swallow food- I called it the “look good feel bad” weight loss method. Why couldn’t I feel self love unless I was gaunt? It was the early 90s and skinny was IT. Today women own a variety of genetic body types and all styles FINALLY. I don’t own a scale,I dress to please ME. IM 50 but should have had Self acceptance very second of my life.

      • Nat says:

        I hear you Yes. People don’t understand that depression & anxiety not only kill your appetite but melt the muscle & fat off your bones as well. I’m currently in the midst of a year+ family trauma. At first I lost so much weight I took to wearing only dresses. Now that I’ve managed to get a bit of a hold on the situation I’ve put on some pounds. My husband thinks it’s sexy but I’m pouring out of my clothes. My three kiddos have told me ‘Mama you look good!’ I want to model a healthy body for my children. Ironically I model for charities devoted to helping children & at my current weight I would not be capable of slipping into the sample sizes sent out. It’s such a mindfuuhccahk! Sending so much love out to all of you!

    • Susan Moseley says:

      Same. I was in a bad relationship and eating one zone bar a day (that is 210 calories btw). My stomach hurt constantly from hunger but I refused to eat. I also got compliments on how great I looked and OMG how did you do it? Um, by being depressed and not eating? I got down to a size 6 and I am 5’9″.
      It sucked. I got out of the relationship and gained weight. Now am a size 14. More than I would have liked to but I refuse to go back to that life of judging myself every day.

    • shirurusu says:

      Lots of love to everyone in this post! Thank you for sharing! It’s making me reflect on how seldom I got complimented for anything other than my looks in my 20s, achievements, grades, being a decent person, being a conscientious good worker… no it was all about how I fit into a stupid coat (or not). I definitely formed an opinion of myself tied to how much I weighed and not much else. Which in hind sight is shallow but kind of understandable. It also helps me understand why I had such shit self esteem back then, if I could never acknowledge that I was good at anything other than dieting, and I wasn’t even good enough at that half the time. What a stupid yardstick to have for yourself really, and one I would never have used to judge my friends with. Debilitating. Soul crushing. I’m so glad I’m not in that period of my life anymore but honestly it lasted far too long! Wish everyone well and happy travels into the future 🙂

  3. C says:

    The self worth of many people is tied to a number that doesn’t show muscle mass, cardiovascular health, or other measures of wellness.

    I wish I could say I was beyond that, but I weigh myself every morning and it totally affects my mood for the entirety of the day.

    • Laura says:

      One of the best things I ever did for my mental health was to ban all scales from my house. I haven’t owned a scale in about 7 years and it’s helped me feel better about myself and not concentrate so much on the number. I did get a wake-up call when I went to the doctor last year and was at the heaviest I’ve ever been. Moving to a city with crap public transport and no sidewalks will do that to you. Now I eat better and am being more active (before I get home because once the bra comes off, I do not go back outside) so I’m getting back into my pre-move clothes.

      We all have our own journey to go on and I wish you good health and happiness on yours.

    • Faithmobile says:

      Once I tried to hide my mother’s scale and she went apesh*t. I gave it back but I never forgot that moment. Growing up with a mother with an ED has taken it’s toll. I always made a point of eating whatever I wanted as a rebellion against her manic eating rules. But now I’m overweight from two pregnancies and the disdain I feel from her (she called me whale, whilst I was 7 months pregnant) has destroyed our relationship. EDs destroy everything they touch. I will never allow a scale in my house. I’m working on getting fit for me and am very conscious not to pass on a negative body image to my daughter.

  4. SilverUnicorn says:

    It kept messing with my head too.

    I had anorexia for +10 years since I was 14 and the fact everyone was telling me how good I was looking messed up with my head. It went so bad that I was force-fed for months because severely underweight, after a stint at the hospital where my internal organs had nearly defaulted.

    At this day, after more than 20 years, I cannot look at myself in the mirror as I fear to plunge into the ED again. I always continued to see myself as fat.
    When your perception is screwed, it continues to be.
    Kardashian is an idiot. Sorry.

    • HelloSunshine says:

      Yep. Everyone telling me how good I looked when I was literally surviving on cigarettes and a dried ramen packet really messed with my head in college and kept my disorder going because I couldn’t disappoint people, right? I felt like total garbage and had an ambulance called on me more than once but I “looked great” 🙁

    • Cee says:

      Therapy. It’s the only way for us to keep the body dysmorphia at bay. I still struggle – some days I see myself slim enough, other days I see myself so inflated and fat. I sometimes wonder if I will ever see myself as I am and not through my skewed perception.

      • HelloSunshine says:

        Therapy helped me immensely. And motherhood. I was really afraid of how I would feel about my body after a baby but having my son helped me see the bigger picture. I still have bad days, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to stop having those sometimes. I hope that everyone on this thread knows that they’re worth so much more than any number on a scale could portray and that they are beautiful ❤️

      • Agenbiter says:

        And putting on muscle mass (hill walking and a little weight training for me). I didn’t start until after menopause, so that is possible. Muscle raises your metabolism and greatly changes your sense of self for the better.

  5. Original Jenns says:

    I’m guessing KKW’s response will be something about #feminism. Especially since her last clap back to Tyson Beckford was so classy. I hope she lost a lot of fans over it, although I wish a sponsor or two would have announced dropping her over it.

    • Clare says:

      Kim K is a twat but Tyson Beckford was also a huge arsehole in that scenario. He went on her profile to body shame her. That is disgusting. The K’s are trash, sure, but we don’t need to support men who go around judging and shaming women’s bodies like it’s their damn right to. Men like Beckford need to take a seat and stfu instead. Beckford and Kim can both fuck off.

      • girl_ninja says:

        Agree completely. He’s a douche.

      • tracking says:


      • Original Jenns says:

        I absolutely agree his messages were garbage, but Kim’s response implied the only reason he didn’t like it was because he was gay. He’s not come out, and that’s a pretty narcissistic thought process. She should be shamed for that one. If she had ignored it or come up with an empowering statement, he’d be getting rightly sh*t on.

      • josephine says:

        I just wish more men (and women, for that matter) would come out and say that natural bodies are the best. There seems to be almost an assumption now that everyone needs a little nip and tuck, let alone the extreme surgeries that abound. I find the distortion caused by so many procedures to be a little sickening, to be honest.

      • Lkaye says:

        Tyson was wrong in what he said, but being gay is not an insult. She is dead wrong

  6. Birdix says:

    I love that quote about accomplishment not correlating to weight. And I totally relate—I was already scrawny in my teens and 20s and yet when I dropped down during a tough period, I got so many compliments.
    And yet—this is the Kardashians’ MO, right? Their particular goal and accomplishment is getting attention, which leads to $…

    • Trashaddict says:

      I didn’t know Jameela before (I’m an old fart), but now I’m definitely a fan.

  7. Chaine says:

    I do not keep a scale in my house and I try not to look when the weigh me at the doctors office.

    • minx says:

      I did that for years, even through an entire pregnancy. I had no idea what I weighed.

    • Cee says:

      I tried doing that and it set me off. I gained weight. Now I only step on the scales once a week just to keep an eye on things and prevent gaining 5 kilos in less than a month. It also helps me to adjust my behaviour and eating patterns.

    • Hotsauceinmybag says:

      Same! I thought I was the only one who does that. I grew up with no scale in my house (although my mom hasn’t full on admitted it, I think she may have had an eating disorder when she was younger, or at the very least, a very contentious food-exercise-self-image relationship) as mom had banned scales and calorie counting at home.

      I only get weighed for annual doctors visits and try to avoid looking at the number. There’s a scale at my gym but not really fussed to ever use it.

      I can often tell how much I’ve gained (or lost) by the way my clothes fit me. Been a solid US 6/8 size for several years now… This method works for me but I get that it’s not for everyone.

      • minx says:

        Yes, for me clothes are a better indicator. And I just generally can feel it if I’ve gained or lost.

  8. me says:

    I really think they intentionally put out that “anorexia” video knowing damn well it would get them A LOT of attention. They are very calculating. They have a show to promote remember !

    • Alisha says:

      That is how this family operates, to do and say gross things for attention. Kim knew what she was doing with that homophobic tweet as well. There is no low they will not stoop to.

      • Harryg says:

        I think they own Yahoo now, since ever day there’s some senseless “article” about them. “Kim Cut Her Toenails” and so on. Incredibly irritating.
        I wish we didn’t have to hear of them EVER.

    • lucy2 says:

      Everything they do is for attention, so I’d say your theory is 100% correct.

  9. JeanGrey says:

    I remember when I was 19 and went through a tough heartbreak and losing way too much weight over it, because my feelings are in my stomach and I can’t eat when I’m feeling sick to my stomach over being betrayed. I am 5’8″ and probably went down to like 120lbs over it. And I remember all of my ethnic, Black and Brown friends asking me if I was ok because I looked sick and they were very concerned for me. And during that same era, my older White boss stopping in his tracks to tell me about how fantastic I looked and asking me what my secret was…. And some other white folks I knew telling me similar. I realized then how culture plays a part in how we view ourselves. I am Latina and was raised to appreciate thicker figures as well, so I too was very uncomfortable with how much weight I lost and made it a point to gain my weight back. I didn’t care that some people though I looked “fantastic” that way.

  10. Cee says:

    Weight is important to those of us who have suffered, and continue to, an eating disorder. Yes, I know ice cream is a miracle in my mouth, but I still watch out for it. I still care about my weight because it is one of the mechanisms I use to stay healthy and prevent a spike in my ED. A stable, healthy weight keeps me sane.

    119lbs for someone like KK, with her height and frame, is not skinny. What’s troublesome is how easy it is for some women to glamorize a dangerous behaviour. It is also dangerous to pretend to know KK’s regimen and fitness. Maybe Rossum looked gaunt at 119 lbs because she’s tall. I would also look gaunt if I weighed less than 53 kilos, but that’s not my ideal weight either.

    I don’t want to defend KK or her sisters, but I found both aspects of the conversation dangerous. Let’s just stop talking about weight. Let’s also stop pretending models and actresses’ weights are not important in their line of work.

  11. girl_ninja says:

    I appreciate both women for sharing about their struggles. It’s not easy being a woman, nevermind a woman in entertainment. Being judged and critiqued is tough. I just can’t with the Kardashians.

  12. Kim says:

    In all fairness, both of these women are MUCH taller than Kim K.

    Emmy is 5’8”, and Kim is what 5’1” or 5’2” – huge difference in how 119 would be on a petite vs non-petite woman. I’m 5’2” and the lowest I have been was 123 lb. I was working out and watching how many calories I was in-taking (still a healthy level) and well within a healthy BMI.

    That being said, I don’t think the whole “Thank you for saying I look anorexic” is either appropriate or healthy. Personally I think it was all scripted for publicity.

    • Cee says:

      Yeah, both sides are wrong. You can’t compare a petite woman to someone tall enough to pass for a model. Their weights will always look different.

    • annabanana says:

      Yeah they can’t compare their 119lbs to Kim’s 119 lbs because Kim is not skinny at all. I’m 5’5 and 115 I’m not skinny and definitely not norexic looking. 119 lbs for someone who is Emmys height is really skinny but for Kim it’s not at all.

      • fran says:

        The only way she can be 119lbs is if they injected helium in her lips, boobs and ass cheeks. THAT WOMAN IS A WALKING LIE!

    • minx says:

      Kim is short and curvy and has implants, so I doubt she will ever look anorexic.

      • Agenbiter says:

        Then why do you think her sisters said that …?

      • Nancy says:

        They said it because they love to kiss her giant buttock for giving them ten years of paychecks for living their pathetic lives on air. None of them, including Kim would be known world wide had it not been for that GD tape of her and Ray J. Had the same tape with the same participants occurred in 2018, it would have been an entirely different situation. Damn Ryan Seacrest.

      • minx says:

        Lol because they lie every time they open their mouths? Because they are trying to pump up some silly storyline?

  13. Wooley says:

    Everyone uses that quote from Kate Moss but the full thing is “but that never works anyways” or something of the sort

    • IMUCU says:

      I still really dislike how the quote is usually used. I had the daughter (in her 20s, a little younger than me at the time) of the doctor I worked for say that quote to me one time when I told her to help herself to the food in the office (because it was Xmas time and patients were bringing in lots of different things). It was the first time I had met her and it really rubbed me the wrong way right away. I just couldn’t believe that was a philosophy anyone wanted to tout.

    • Veronica S. says:

      Except that it’s still implying that her level of thinness is more satisfying than eating, even with that second part attached. Compounded with her own history of drug use and anorexia, it was a grossly inappropriate and irresponsible thing to say. It’s been latched onto by pro-ED communities like crazy as a result.

  14. Lindy says:

    Yeah. At my skinniest, I was going through an absolutely vicious divorce as a newly-single mom, with an ex whom I left when he was arrested for hitting me (and yes, the shame I feel at letting it get to that point before leaving is something I still carry with me despite 5 years of therapy). I was exhausted, burning the candle at both ends, desperately trying to reinvent my career in a new field, and using all my energy to stay calm and serene for my little boy.

    I weighed 105 (I’m 5’3″) and sometimes skipped meals myself, either to be sure my son had enough or because my anxiety was so bad I gagged when I tried to eat. And people kept joking about “the divorce diet” and telling me that getting so thin was the “silver lining” of the divorce.

    The idea that KK would say these things grosses me out. It’s hardly surprising, but still really really really gross. I’m glad some celebs are calling her out.

  15. Ib says:

    My life has become absorbed, in the last 3 weeks, with exercise and healthy eating and losing weight. I actually am fine with how my body looks already -150% fine!- but I suddenly my clothes just barely don’t fit and I don’t have the money or patience or time to replace them. I gained 3-4 pounds on a few weeks vacation from work (I had a beer and a dessert with every lunch and dinner, and wine before dinner, and ice cream as a snack, etc. I never take vacation and I was in Maine!)
    If I can just lose 3lbs, the top zippers of my work skirts will close…I hadn’t been exercising for the 2months before my vacation, so now I am trying to exercise again. I’ve started BBG circuits (adapted to suit my body and my physio’s recommendations) and combining that 20-40min on the treadmill powerwalking at max incline. Because I’m conscious of energy for workouts, I’m eating more meals/food on average than I was before, but all veggies & protein. My weight isn’t budging although this is the most focused I’ve ever been on maintaining healthy diet and exercise. As a natural consequence of exercising after work instead of happy hour, and needing my body to feel good to exercise well, my alcohol consumption is way down too. AND YET The persistent lack of any bodily change though is driving me insane. I buy everything on eBay but I still HATE shopping in any form and truly do not have the money to spare on clothes atm. The last time I lost some weight I started running, with intervals, but that messed up my knee and so I can’t take the same strategy now and I don’t have financial means to do other types of cardio.
    1) any advice, Celebitchy??
    2) I hate how I am fixated on a few pounds but it’s because of my clothes problem, is this unhealthy?

    • greenmonster says:

      Could dancing work for you as cardio? Just putting on your favorite music and dance? That works for me. It might not be as good as running, but it works for a lot of muscle groups and it’s fun.

    • Tosca says:

      I think it is completely understandable to want to fit into your clothes – I do the same exact thing. In fact I’m doing that right now! If you are like me, the reason you still aren’t losing those stubborn few pounds is because when you ramp up you exercise regimen, your body also adds muscle. So, you probably lost some fat but also gained some muscle while you tone your body. Your weight will stay the same. You just have to keep it up longer. Eventually your body stops adding so much muscle (if you keep the workouts at a similar level) – but the fat continues to burn off!

      I hope that’s helpful! I know it’s really frustrating. I’m with you.

    • Wooley says:

      I’d switch the circuits for straight weight lifting…barbell squats will help

    • minx says:

      This sounds like such a cliche, but I have to exercise in a semi-enjoyable way. Or at least a way that I don’t hate. I had a gym membership and I can’t tell you how much I hated it, so I rarely went. I also never enjoyed yoga. But I love to bicycle, I love to swim, so this summer I am doing both. I feel good after I exercise those ways. I also lift small weights when I’m home watching TV, do a lot of stretching. My advice would be to listen to what works for you, try to find something that you’ll stick with.

      • Nancy says:

        minx, I have read and agree with all of your posts. I too, never use a scale and use my clothing as indicator of loss or gain. So sorry about those panic attacks. Hope they’re forever in the past. When these women talk so glibly about weight, as if it’s some sort of game, it is very dangerous. If they hadn’t taken to the knife, they all would have weight issues. Sad and ridiculous. It’s nice to read real people’s comments on how they deal with the never ending judgment of a woman by her size. Unbelievable in 2018. *Swimming is the best exercise ever! We all swim, even my two year old!*

      • minx says:

        Thanks Nancy, the panic attacks are much better, maybe once every few years or so. Swimming is wonderful!

      • Nancy says:

        One of my sisters had those attacks and I know it was a nightmare for her. She took klonopin on a short term basis and it helped her. She couldn’t sleep and those allowed her to rest. She was afraid of addiction so she was very good at taking them on an as needed basis. I swear almost everyone I know is diagnosed with anxiety. Sucks.

    • Veronica S. says:

      I think you may want to be cautious in how you fixate on it, but being aware of your weight and addressing weight gain isn’t necessarily UNhealthy. That’s how you catch sliding into bad eating habits that could cause weight fluctuation later. Excessive weight gain is what compelled me into going to the doctor, which is how I found out that I had the double whammy of a thyroid/GI disorder. What you need to watch out for is intrusive thoughts. If you find yourself even considering skipping a meal or making yourself purge, even in passing, or if you start berating yourself with disgust at having eaten, those are precursors to disorders.

      As for your physical weight loss, you need to have more patience. Sustainable weight loss is about 3-4 pounds a month, and even less than that if you’re actively building muscle.

    • Canadiancutie says:

      High intensity interval training a few times a week combined with weight training. Also cut out any sugar and any drinks with calories. Eat instead of drink your calories. No alcohol either. You also need to figure out how many calories you are eating a day. You can’t lose weight if you are taking in more that what your body needs. I know this sounds strict and it is. It’s not for everybody.

  16. Original Jenns says:

    I was in my late 20s when I went through some stress. And then some more. It felt like I was living on eggshells because I desperately wanted my relationship to work. As it became more healthy, so did I. But there was a period of time I rarely ate and I lost so much weight. In clothing I looked great. But underneath I was bones and fragile. It’s a horrible monster and it’s nothing to take as a compliment. It’s sad that this message is being broadcast into so many impressionable minds. I love the Jameela Jamil insta post. While I’ll probably always work to look my best, I need to remember it’s not the most important part of me by far.

  17. Murphy says:

    There’s no way she’s 119 anyway, she just thought that was a good sounding number. So she’s making shit up for her image and hurting other people as collateral damage

  18. lucy2 says:

    A round of applause to Emmy, Beatriz, and Jameela. I’m happy there are women like them in the public eye, willing to speak out with common sense and positivity.

    Plus they all work on shows that are really great.

  19. LT says:

    My mother has an eating disorder that has been masked in various ways – and it was tough growing up with her. No matter how thin I was at any point in my life, she had been thinner (she is about 5’8 and was 103 pounds at her lowest). While she didn’t try to push me to be thinner, she made a point of saying how she preferred “straight up and down” figures (even though I am an hourglass) and would talk with pride about how little she ate to lose weight. I don’t think she realized that she was sending me a negative message – she was very proud of herself for being so thin and it never occurred to her that her discipline and obsession could impact me. I thought I was overweight and big boned until I got out of my house and realized her idea of “normal” was totally messed up and that it wasn’t terribly healthy to lose baby weight by eating nothing but cans of chickpeas or bags of cabbage.

    My fiancé’s ex had a horrible eating disorder that left her hospitalized and almost killed her. I do not know what messages she inadvertently conveyed to her daughter about her body image. Her history and my mother’s issues have made me hyper aware of how I communicate about my body to my fiancé’s daughter and my own daughter. We talk about strength and giving our bodies what they need to do the things we want to do. Of course I struggle with body image like everyone, but I try to keep my messages realistic and positive. It’s not always easy – and sometimes he only thing that keeps from saying “Ugh – I feel fat” is knowing these girls are listening.

  20. perplexed says:

    I don’t think Kim K should have said it, but I also think some people think like her.

  21. AmyB says:

    As if I need another reason to hate the Kardashians, and the unrealistic and unhealthy messages they promote to women. I too suffered from anorexia for all of my twenties at 5 8″ getting down to 80 some lbs. at my lowest. Through years of therapy and inpatient treatment, I slowly recovered. Any woman trying to glorify an eating disorder is misinformed or just down right stupid. Kim K should know better. Then again, I believe she shouldn’t be given the platform she is given for women to look up to; she has surgery and cosmetic procedures to look the way she does — she doesn’t even resemble her former self. I applaud anyone calling her out on being irresponsible about this message — nothing GOOD about anorexia KIM! This disease kills and destroys lives. Is that something you really want to promote? UGH

  22. Nicegirl says:

    I suffered from anorexia in my past and have a tendency to veer into that territory; thanks to everyone for sharing and support. Love CB so much!! We have the best commenters!!!

  23. Nancy says:

    It makes me happy whenever someone calls out these narcissistic freaks. It isn’t as easy to clapback on two women with sincere, honest thoughts about the reality of weight. To act up so ridiculously a week before that pathetic show begins yet again, shows how shallow these Kardashian women are. Wish more celebs would speak up against them.

  24. AA says:

    I’m another short person (5’2″) chiming in to say that I think Kim K. is the same height, and 119 pounds on someone who is 5’2″ is not anorexic. I agree she should not be happy they called her that, but according to the dr’s office charts (which I know they are ridiculous) that is about what someone this height is supposed to weigh. The “skinniest” I’ve ever been as an adult was 123 pounds and some people thought I looked too skinny. To maintain that, I had to exercise like a maniac and eat next to nothing. My body “naturally” wants to weigh about 137 pounds, which is what I maintain at if I exercise reasonably and eat moderately. It’s very different for someone 5’8″.

    • Veronica S. says:

      You don’t have to be severely underweight to be anorexic. If you’re losing weight by abstaining form proper calorie intake, using appetite suppressants/laxatives, overexercising, etc., those are all signs of ED. These disorders refer to a pattern of toxic thoughts and behaviors, not a specific weight or body type. If people with eating disorders walked around being the perfect image of their symptomology, people wouldn’t be able to get away with it long enough without intervention.

  25. Jessica says:

    I don’t think this is fair to Kim. I am 5’1 (1/2) lol and I was 119-123 for a long time until I had children. I didn’t look sick or gaunt because I have a small curvy frame like Kim’s. I also think the you look anorexic thing was in their weird way of being sarcastic or joking my sisters always mess with me for wanting to maintain my small frame and they say things like that too after I while in my sarcasm I’m like well thanks yes I’m anorexic goodbye leave me and my skinny life alone lol but it is never taken in seriousness like everyone is blowing this up to be. Just my two cents *shrug*

  26. Chrissy says:

    The Kardashians just need to go away. And, really, we need to stop paying attention to them. Please consider not writing or reporting on them. Please consider convincing the other sites you are friendly with to do the same. They bring nothing, NOTHING, of value to humanity. They are all greed and stupidity. Enough is enough.

    Let’s all stop keeping up with them.

  27. KidV says:

    Kim is tiny small boned woman. 119 isn’t too skinny. I’m 5’7″, small boned and I still look chunky at 119. If I’m working out and muscular 115 is good, but I hate working out so 110 is perfect for me.

    • Betsy says:

      There is no way you look “chunky” at 119 lbs and 5’7”. You do not look chunky.

      • KidV says:

        LOL. Yes, I do. And squishy. I’m VERY small boned. At 110 my collar bones don’t protrude, nor do my wrists look like they’re going to break, I don’t have knobby knees. I look athletic. 10 lbs extra and look like I’ve been on an alcohol and cake binge, very puffy and squishy.

        I don’t starve myself, I eat around 2000 cals a day, I just eat keto.

      • aenflex says:

        I’m five feet six with a very small frame. Unfortunately I don’t wear weight well at all. Any extra beyond 117 balls up and looks pouchy and dimpled on me. It is possible, depending on phenotype.

  28. HeyThere! says:

    My mother grew up obsessing over hardly eating. She would comment on how much I ate and managed to still be very thin. I eat healthy so it helps. She didn’t have any muscle and was so unhealthy looking. She’s the same way now. I’m an adult and she’s still always on some weird diet and I refuse. I don’t need a diet. Eat sensible and working out works for me. I know for others it’s not that simple, I am lucky. I had two babies back to back so I’m trying to back my muscle and strength. I was lucky and didn’t gain much weight at all. Oh, my dad loves to tell stories about how thin my mom use to be…?! It’s awlward for everyone. I also have so many friends who have such an obsession with counting calories and have horrible relationships with food. I just can’t be one of those people. It consumes their whole life and it looks horrible. I’m always so sad for them. I mean sure, I have been more thin than I am now, but I also just had two babies and am refusing to kill my self workout to ‘snap back’. That shit needs to stop. It’s bad for everyone.

  29. K says:

    Throw out your scale and quit fussing over numbers (yours and those of other people.) Think about nourishment, how you FEEL, if your body is operating efficiently, not some arbitrary number on a scale. That number doesn’t give a fuck about you.

    Other people can’t look at you and calculate your exact weight, and I promise 99% of people aren’t really thinking about it (they’re busy worrying about their own problems.) Scales only give you a number to obsess over or feel like you’re battling, when, if you actually reflect on it, you know before weighing in when you are carrying excess weight (or not enough) to feel healthy, because you live in your body and know how your clothes fit. YOU KNOW when you don’t have any energy or feel weak or bloated or are starting to get stronger or breathe differently. You know when you’ve consumed something that hurts your body more than it helps it, and you have the freedom to make a different choice next time. Get familiar with your body and be kind to it– it’s your only essential possession in the whole world! Still, you’re never going to adore every single part of it or one day feel that you’ve attained perfection. Sorry. That’s a childish fantasy, fed by companies trying to capitalize on your insecurities. They prey on our fears of not being as hot as someone else, when there’s usually little that can be done about that. There will always be someone else who is younger and maybe hotter in certain ways…c’est la vie. I guarantee that “hotter” person also has insecurities and pain.

    You’ll be living with this body until you die, and hopefully that’s a long time. Focus on your favorite features, work on being an INTERESTING and LOVING person, eat food that provides nutrients, flavor and energy, drink mostly water, seek out quiet moments sometimes and sleep deeply, exercise to keep your body limber and endorphins flowing, not because some jerk once had an opinion about your uniquely imperfect, but beautiful body or someone like Kim K. wanted you to be envious of her body, due to extreme self-obsorption. Be well.

  30. Sam H x says:

    Tyson Beckford left a comment under a pic of her. Body shaming isn’t cool at all. Her weak af clap back wrapped up in homophobia was a really sh*ty thing to say.

    She accepts the compliment of being called anorexic and then acts salty because of a body shaming comment. Her attitude towards body positivity are effed up.

    Seeing her support this racist af president should have been the nail in the coffin for her career and the homophobic remark. I know she was dragged over it on Twitter.

  31. tw says:

    AND, Kim weighs less because she had the fat suctioned out of her GIANT FAKE ASS.