Lauren Conrad is delusional, thinks Ryan Gosling made a pass at her


What would you do if Ryan Gosling hit on you? Would you A) Run straight over to your D-list boyfriend and whine about it or B) Take your clothes off and whisper “Take me, now, Ryan Gosling!”? If your answer was B, congratulations, you’re normal. If your answer was A, then you suck Lauren Conrad. According to Radar, Lauren Conrad was complaining to her boyfriend Kyle Howard that Ryan Gosling was trying to hit on her. Radar even has Lauren saying “Who does he think he is?” Uh… Lauren, honey, who do you think you are? That’s not all, though. Apparently, Kyle and his D-lister buddies got their panties in a wad and started chanting something about going to find Gosling to beat him up. Douchebags.

File this under one of the more bizarre conversations we’ve overheard:
Lauren Conrad and boyfriend Kyle Howard were whipping themselves into a frenzy Thursday night at Deluxe, where we just happened to be an earwitness.

Lauren claims that Ryan Gosling tried to hit on her and she told Kyle, “Who does he think he is? I’m with you. I would never…” At that point we couldn’t stop listening and Kyle said: “I know baby, if I was there I would have set him straight.”

But sadly, that wasn’t the end of it. Kyle then started chatting with a friend and suddenly there was testosterone in the air, and a lot of it. “Let’s go find Ryan Gosling. Let’s beat him up,” one of them said. And yes, it was funny that they kept calling him “Ryan Gosling” instead of just Ryan.

Of course we have no idea if Ryan Gosling did hit on Lauren, we only know what we heard. And there are many who would say if he did hit on her she should be flattered!

[From Radar]

“Suddenly there was testosterone in the air, and a lot of it.” Why do I think Ryan Gosling could have taken Kyle Howard and all of his little friends with very little effort? Oh, right. Because Ryan is awesome. And lovely. I can’t even imagine the audacity of someone complaining because Ryan Gosling might have hit on her. But, you know, I even doubt that. Ryan does seem to have pretty good taste in women, so it’s possible he just asked LC if she knew where the bathroom was and she was all “Oh my God, gross! I have a boyfriend, you know!” What a twit. Instead of wasting any more time on LC and Kyle, let’s just think about how lovely Ryan is…mmm…

Here’s Lauren Conrad leving Bar Delux in Hollywood last night. She looks like the type that’s easily grossed out, doesn’t she? Images thanks to BauerGriffinOnline and Images thanks to INF Photo..

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  1. Annie says:

    Sandra Bullock. Rachel McAdams.

    ………………….LC!? Oh PLEASE. I doubt he’d downgrade that dramatically.

  2. Enonymous says:

    Meh! on this story and Meh! on Ryan Gosling (which I had to Google because I did not know who he was and I actually did see the Notebook movie).

  3. Wench. says:

    He did The Bullock?

    Nice job, Sir, nice job.

    I only found Ryan recently (Lars and the Real Girl) and just get weak at the knees when it comes to Lauren.

    Am I the only one who finds her stunning?

    Either way, I believe this to be a fairly pointless post. But still, the ‘Lars’ film is awesome. But half of that is because I have a neighbour who has EIGHT (I kid you not) of those dolls.

  4. jess says:

    ryan gosling is gross. so is his nose job

  5. Ned says:

    What happened to the possible Natalie Portman- Ryan getting together thing?

    As for Lauren Conrad who is not even an actress, I guess too many things went to her head.

  6. Ray says:

    Yeah, his nose job is pretty weird.

  7. HS says:


    Lauren Conrad is an IDIOT.

    I’m here for you Ryan- right here…. 😀

    He was FREAKING AWESOME in ‘Believer’.

  8. danielle says:

    I do think Ryan Gosling is pretty hot. I also think Lauren Conrad is pretty, but from what I’ve heard, both boring and vapid. So, yeah, hard to imagine him hitting on her – seems like he likes cool, smart, down to earth chicks.

  9. Aleksa says:

    I don´t think he´s that hot…If I made a pass at me, I would turn him down, but I wouldn´t make a big deal of it…Tha´t makes her look like she was bragging. Still, if this guy is considered such a babe magnet, good for her not to succumb because she has a boyfriend!

  10. Michelle says:

    I’m glad she is off The Hills. She is so self-righteous, and is BLAH. Her boyfriend is fuglyBLAH. Delusional indeed!

  11. Michelle says:

    As for Ryan’s nose, watch the Notebook’s love scenes. You won’t be looking at his nose! His body is ripped to perfection-yummy beyond words.

  12. Ophelia says:

    “Delusional” is misspelled in the header link thing.

    And eww I can’t stand that chick. I love Ryan Gosling, he seems really bright and he’s a really talented actor. I’ve never seen the Notebook, cos I hate movies like that, but I’ve seen a lot of others (Lars, Fracture, Murder by Numbers, etc).

  13. nelly says:

    What’s up with her nails? Just horrible. Not classy at all.

  14. wow says:

    Is this Ryan the one who’s married to Scarlette Jo- however its spelled?

  15. Because I Say So says:

    @ Wow: you’re thinking of Ryan Reynolds. Totally different dude.

  16. Liz says:

    b. b. for the love of god, b. but then again I also think Ryan Gosling is the cat’s meow, so that could be influencing things a bit.

  17. jennifer says:

    Hmm…Ryan Reynolds or Ryan Gosling? Two hot Canadian actors. How to choose? I’d love to have that dilemma in real life… 😉

    BTW I’d go for Gosling. Much more down to earth & much more talented. But still, what a fun dilemma…LOL

    @ Wench – I don’t find her STUNNING, but I do think she’s a very pretty girl. But that’s all she has going for her, IMO.

  18. Rachel says:

    Dear God LC should be so lucky to have Ryan Gosling hit on her… She has got to be the biggest freaking idiot alive!Does anyone even still give a crap about her?!

  19. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    I’m not sure if it’s a nose job. I remember him being on some kids shows about a dozen years ago on Canadian TV. He was a skinny kid, maybe the proportions seem off because he’s bulked up.

    Whether he did or did not make eyes, I’m not sure why he would be expected to know the intricate details of the dating life of ‘Has-Blah the Also-Ran’ and ‘That Monchichi-Looking Thug’ on her arm.

    Cheque, please.

  20. Sister Mary Francis says:

    her outfit sucks ass in these photos.

  21. Cassie says:

    I personally think Lauren is a really pretty girl. And if Ryan did hit on her, that just shows that she is beautiful and gets a lot of attention from the guys even when she’s out with her bf. Ryan’s intensions weren’t very seriuos i guess… 😛

  22. Jas says:

    I will say, take me now, this is my room key. Its a major compliment. Has the dull-lard ever since MTV BEST Kiss or note book or half nelson… I am sure the Dull-lard’s boyfriend would love to get some LOVE LESSON and ACTING LESSONS from Mr GOSSING.This Dude is gonna get an Oscar one and that is for sure… more over boring Brad and Grand George…WE WANT RYAN GOSLING IN MORE MOVIES. Actually, I dont believe this story this dude can have ANY A-LIST including Jennifer Aniston…cos he loves a smart sexy, talented ladies…not uneducated, vanilla famewhore’s. Lc must have been high and made up the story …she wishes and He would def not tapp that ar$e

  23. Jas says:

    LC is ordinary looking and I hope she dissappears from the Gossip world Fast.In my opinion she is totally boring and I dont see the point of the HILLS…I think gossip sites should start a LC ban.Why promote people who have zero talent and are on the Z-List. Ryan was in the some Hercules TV show and then I saw him in the NOTE BOOK and I could not believe it…its is hot hot hot…but also very smart and cool musician… so when he hooked up with Sandra and McAdams…it was all good…cos I love those talented ladies actually Sandra is one of my top 10 Fav actress and this list also includes Katherine Hepburn so its a good list.

  24. Henny Penny says:

    For supposedly having a background in fashion, this girl looks retched.

  25. sarcra says:

    Isn’t Radar Online affiliated with Star or something like that? I know they’re the ones Kate G’s d-bag brother goes to exclusively.

    She is definitely not in Ryan Gosling’s league, but I still love LC. What’s so wrong about being loyal to your boyfriend? This story sounds highly exaggerated as it is.

  26. Gistine says:

    She thinks she should be famous.

    She thinks people give an eff about her vapid existence.

    She WISHES Ryan Gosling hit on her!

    Her time is just about up and I am so glad because I think she sucks balls.

    She could at least be humble, but she has to be a dumb slag.

  27. Annabelle says:

    Ryan Gosling in the notebook… HELLO!!
    He’s hot stuff.

    She’s pretty too though. Don’t know anything about her though!

  28. spiceh says:

    Lol…this girl is so delusional. I think she’s a year younger than me (23?), yet she has so many wrinkles around her eyes in close up shots and always wear so much make up.

  29. Kelly says:

    She is quite pretty and its very possible Ryan hit on her. Why not? He doesn’t like pretty girls. Anyways, good for her for turning him down with her having a bf in all, even though her bf is fugly as hell

  30. TimM says:

    Even if he did try to hit on her…just decline and move on. Why wallow in it?

  31. nipmerymn says:

    Thanks for writing, I very much liked

  32. marin says:

    ryan reminds me of eddie veddar: deep and senstive, cool and funny. he is my ideal.
    she is insecure. she wanted her boyfriend to feel threatened.
    she should not be in the same sentence as he.